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Anonymous 63855

If sexbots became available in your lifetime, would you get one?

How realistic would it have to be? Totally human in looks? Sentient or just capable of giving an illusion of it (like a chatbot)?

Would robot bfs be a solution for femcels? A robot will never reject you, abuse you, watch porn, believe women are inferior, cheat on you etc.

Anonymous 63856

I doubt I'll ever have enough spare income to finance a robotic servant but if I did it would have to be in the shape of a young boy

Anonymous 63858

I genuinely hope I can live long enough for realistic robot bfs. I want to have that cute submissive asian boy toy I could never have irl.

Anonymous 63863

Dildos are very basic sexbots, but they are good at their jobs.
>Sentient or just capable of giving an illusion of it
I don't want a thinking bot bf unless it's a real AI. Simulacra wouldn't feel right.
>A robot will never reject you, abuse you, watch porn
imo a high end sexbot would emulate those behaviours to mimic the "real thing", at least until you unplug him and shove him back in the box

Are cute asian boys hard to procure in your region?

Anonymous 63868

>robot bf will never watch porn
>hook him up to the wifi to download software update
>AI immediately takes in the entire internet, in a millisecond consumes 800 petabytes of pornography

Anonymous 63872

Yes, but only like first post anon said and there is a NSFW filter so as to prevent >>63868 and keep him pure.
The sex stuff should be able to be taught to him little by little, and I will have to cover his eyes in order to be able to have sex with him without him ever knowing anything about it due to the lack of vision.

There, the perfect boyfriend.

Anonymous 63874


At first I thought no but thinking about it I wouldn't mind having one around as a companion sometimes. I wish we had more media about female human/male robot relationships or general qt AI male representation. Seems like most AI is female (Lil Miquela, Microsoft Tay, Sophia, etc).

Anonymous 63880

No as I despise the idea of high tech AI/robots that are meant to replace actual humans. Just invest in some sextoys instead and/or just stay away from men.

Anonymous 63893

Robo catboy bf is the only correct answer
I actually remember reading somewhere that research on self learning AI has hit a wall, so something like Sophia is as close as we're going to get to sentient AI with our current technology. This was a couple of years ago though so maybe things have changed now. Either way I'm keeping my fingers crossed ;;

Anonymous 63894


>do i want robo bf or robo gf…hmmm

absolutely, tho. he washes my hair n makes me tea. massages, cleans…i hope i live to see it!!

Anonymous 63920

eset bf.jpg

I like robots that look like robots. I would buy the ESET robot.

>sentient or just capable of giving an illusion of it

I'd be down for a relationship with a sentient robot, but that wouldn't be "my robot." That's a metal person. Chatbot intelligence is plenty.

Anonymous 63922

>became available in your lifetime

sigh, I'm sure it is impossible
yes, science seemingly develops far more quickly than, say, 50 years ago, but…

Anonymous 63923


I don't even care if the robot does the chores, even sex is secondary, I just want to hug and hold something human-shaped. And have ordinary boring conversations with someone who doesn't think I'm weird or hate me. Imagine being able to love something without having to fear that it secretly hates you and sees you as inferior. Even if that things isn't truly alive and it's just an illusion, it would feel nice.

Anonymous 63939


>Do you want breakfast in bed?

Anonymous 63940

The terminators before skynet remodeled them looked a lot more cute.

Anonymous 63942


Agreed, though this is my favorite model.
However T-1000 would be the best in bed
since he can shape-shift into anything.

Anonymous 63961


>tfw you'll never hunt john connor together with qt robot bf

Anonymous 63964


if i were to have a custom sexbot, I would want it to look like some final fantasy boy. my current fixation is noctis from ffxv, but I'd like the bot to go to maintenance often for cosmetic changes if I want a different anime moid to fuck.

while I don't mind sentience, I would like it to stop me from self harming whenever I get urges and remind me to eat. Maybe discourage dangerous behavior, but for the most part I don't want it to argue with me

Anonymous 63965

tempting. however, i do intend on marrying a moid eventually for that DINK power. besides that i think it would open up a lot of ethical concerns…like what is the lifespan on them? are they self aware? what happens to your husbando-bot if you die? is it destroyed, refurbished? what? essentially chobits-tier ethical anxieties would open up. gotta admit it is tempting though.

Anonymous 63973

Life probably won't let me live long enough to witness active space exploration but I hope it lets me live long enough to explore robot dicks.

Anonymous 63982

I don't want a sexbot.
But a Robot boyfriend sounds super nice. Someone who loves you and looks exactly how you wished and will allways be there for you.
I would not have the fear that he would leave me or that he would stop loving me.

But at the same time I would feel horrible for that poor Robot who has to life with me and who has to watch me die.

So I would not have one.
I know it is stupid but i can't help it.

Anonymous 63985

what the hell man

Anonymous 63994

>If sexbots became available in your lifetime, would you get one?
Fuck yeah, I can't wait for a sexbot or even better, some kind of a sex-centered virtual reality where I can live up my fantasies.

>How realistic would it have to be?

If I wanted a realistic man I would just go and get a real one. Give me a perfect soft skinned anime boy. >>63964 and >>63977 know where it's at.

Anonymous 63997

You just described a pet.

Anonymous 64006


…….How young

Anonymous 64012


>If sexbots became available in your lifetime, would you get one?
A robot and not just a emotionless sexdoll, Yes, yes, yes and yes
>How realistic would it have to be? Totally human in looks?
I would be fine if it didnt look human, something like the robots from Warframe. But I probably end up with a human looking robot. Because I realized just now they don't have mouths :(
>Sentient or just capable of giving an illusion of it (like a chatbot)?
I kind of would like it to be sapient, but ideally if it can help around the apartment I would be fine with limited dialog options. Actually now I think about it I would be okay with no voice options and if it just beeps.

Anonymous 64013


I find the sex dolls, especially the men ones, that are available now a bit uncanny.

Anonymous 64014

I think if you went for ones trying to look less realistic you'd probably be in for a better experience. Unless that's the only type you like, then guess you're like me and we're both fucked.

Anonymous 64015

The face is actually a lot better quality than I expected would be available for a male sex doll.

Anonymous 64016

Wow Death Stranding has great graphics

Anonymous 64022

Then I had to witness him die and I don't want that ether haha.
I get too attached to things. I think I would not be able to see him as a machine. More than a person, even if he would only be a programm.

I think there is a difference between the love for a pet and the love for a partner.
I am just not that good at describing it.

Anonymous 64023

Based and shotapilled

Anonymous 64037

i don't get the point of sex dolls. it's just a more elaborate dakimakura but heavy and with less choice in graphics. if the robot bf doesn't have a human-like intelligence it's not appealing. unlike men, women aren't cumbrains. we want a partner, not a humping pillow.

Anonymous 64042


speak for yourself. I would love a realistic looking sex doll if it could just move. moaning sounds would be a bonus. it's the lack of movement that makes them unappealing because it would be like fucking a corpse.

Anonymous 64140

Warframes aren't robots, they're meat puppets.

Exactly, female dolls still sell because it's the guy doing all the work. But with a male doll all you could do is cowgirl, and they're seriously heavy.

It's pretty much my number one fantasy to have a robot boyfriend but there's no way it's happening in my lifetime… I wonder if even full sensory vr could happen in my lifetime.

Anonymous 64145

VR sickness is like sea sickness, it goes away with more exposure.

Anonymous 64146


I want my android to look like a kpop boy. He doesn't have to be sentient, he just needs to be loyal and innocent. I also wouldn't mind if he was a bit dumb. He could just be a house-robot or smth. It would be cute if he was into gardening. We could have conversations about plants, you know. Just domestic stuff. I would introduce him to my family and we could eat dinner together. At night he would fuck me with his huge robot dick.

Anonymous 64159

I think his leg is broken.

Anonymous 65279

Where have you been all my life?

Anonymous 70099

Tom Cat A.jpg

Like, "anime" young boy, right..?

Anonymous 70102

Anonymous 70231


based shota sister

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