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Christmas Anonymous 6455

What are you getting for your loved ones this year? Let's help each other find the perfect gift!

Anonymous 6456


I'm thinking about getting my dad something with his favorite football team logo on (he is very passionate about said team), I'm eyeing this big mug with this gel thingie that freezes and keeps the bevarage inside colder for long periods of time (I want one for myself also kek), for my mom I was thinking about a book or a special notebook, she usually likes stuff like that cause she's a professor but I am not sure, and I have no idea what to gift my bf; he's an artist but I feel like I already gave him too many sketchbooks (he only used like two because I gave him so many lol), also he loves mugs and figurines as well but I also gave him a lot of these and he said he currently doesn't have much space in his room to keep it.

Anonymous 6457

you don't have to use a photo to reply…

Anonymous 6458

my fiance and i get eachother stuff all the time, so we'll probably go out to dinner. last year i proposed to him so i am not sure what will top that, probably gonna go to the same restaurant.

Anonymous 6459


orly, anon. Don't you say.

I just like using random cute pics on my posts. You must be pretty bored to nitpicky such bullshit.

Anonymous 6460

agreed, I really like picture replies, it adds a little more to threads than just blocks of text, plus that image is cute, Anon!

Anonymous 6461

IDK what they're complaining about it's an image board and that is a very cute and fitting image

Anonymous 6462

I'm miserly, I don't like Christmas because I don't like having to buy gifts for people. There, I said it.

I wish I could change that about myself.

Anonymous 6463

Buying presents for men is so diffucult. My bf always gets me incredible, personal gifts and mine are so lame. Any time I look up ideas it's always terrible suggestions like scarves, watches, wallets, man perfume and silly little gadget toys. They're so impersonal.

I hate Christmas.

Anonymous 6464


My mom is easy to shop for because she likes lots of music boxes n stuff I like so it's kinda like shopping for myself which makes it less stressful. My sister is also easy to shop for because she likes foxes and is a general weeb. Basically everyone but my dad is easy to shop for(he hates pretty much everything if it isn't super expensive).

I got new kittens so I'm giving them cute collars and toys to play with . I have Christmas all planned out but idk what to get my dad tbh. He's so picky but I'm not gonna blow several hundred on him to please his ass. I'll probably just get him something nice and if he doesn't like it he can suck it up. Or I just won't get him anything.

What's everyone's favorite part of Christmas? Anyone have any traditions they do every year? Every year my bird climbs into the Christmas tree and plays in it or else it just doesn't feel complete. Or one of my cats knocks it down. One of those two has to happen or it just doesn't feel like Christmas.

Anonymous 6465


Now that I am all grown up, I think my favorite part of Christmas is food. I am not religious at all so I don't care much for the Holiday's meaning or anything. Oh, also, the pretty lights!

Anonymous 6466

Geez am I really the only fuckup that loathes the holidays? Well, I will be spending Christmas probably again drinking wine and consuming other goods while spending it dissociating in the Hypermall.

Hope you have fun though, my cuties.

Anonymous 6467


same anon as >>6465, and I am usually meh for Christmas (aside from what I mentioned), but I really hate New Year's celebrations. They are usually so artificial and I don't like to look back on my fuck ups lol

Anonymous 6468

New years make me feel like shit, I usually take a bit of medicine and crash in bed until the afternoon of the first day of the new year. I don't have to be social with anyone I dislike and think too much about the bad shit that happened during the year (because I tend to focus on the bad aspects instead of the good ones), sadly.

I couldn't really care about Xmas tho.

Anonymous 7957

What is everyone getting their moms? My mom keeps saying she doesn't want anything but this is the first year I have a job so I want to get her something.

Anonymous 7962

I really hate New Year's Eve, it's my birthday and makes me feel insignificant as hell. Even when I was younger I just felt awful on my birthday. My parents don't remember by birthday and my friends do but it just feels so empty.

I just hate celebrations in general, I like the public holiday part of it but not so much the celebratory part of it.

Anonymous 7974

Maybe this will be a silly suggestion, but you could try to celebrate your birthday on a different day. I remember a classmate who was born on December 25th and would always celebrate it on the 15th or something, and most people didn't even know his birthday was on Christmas. If it is important to you maybe you could try that.

Anonymous 7982

Christmas really makes me feel like a selfish piece of shit because I never know what to get anyone, especially my parents. I'm not ok with just getting them nice things- I want the gifts to be thoughtful and meaningful. But I can never think of anything so I usually just end up getting them meaningless shit. And it makes me feel terrible.

I swear dads are the hardest people to shop for when you're broke. Because my dad has very expensive hobbies and he treats himself throughout the year so he usually has everything covered, and he isn't very sentimental. He likes more practical gifts. But he buys himself all the things he needs, so when xmas rolls around I'm kind of at a loss. Every time I come up with what I think will be a great gift, I go look around his house and he has it already.

Idk man. Time is running out and I have no shopping done.

Anonymous 7994


All my friends are going on a trip but me because my mom is lousy just wants me home. I really want to go but also the plane tickets keep getting higher and higher! So I decided so I can feel less guilty about not being able to come, I was going to mail them all a gift… but I don't know what to get them!!!

Anyone know any hidden or rare deals on amazon or ebay? or some other third site?
I was thinking about getting them something skincare related, since I don't really know shit about makeup, ultimately, I want them to have something useful!
pic related they're going to a legal state :( I'm bummed, but also really bummed i'mma be left out

Anonymous 8024

I really like Christmas a lot. Probably one of my favorite holidays, and I prefer it over my birthday cause not all the attention is on you lol – everyone gets gifts!
But gift giving can be really tricky; I still have to get gifts for my sister, mom, dad, secret santa, and close friend. I know what to get my sister but everyone else…idk.
Also, does anyone feel a sense of guilt after receiving gifts? I like getting gifts but at the same time I feel like I don't deserve it. I have trouble saying thank you and get really awkward. I wanna give a big thanks and act really excited but I can't show it.

Anonymous 8025


>does anyone feel a sense of guilt after receiving gifts?
I do, Anon! I find present-giving really fun (finding and buying cool things that someone may like is my way of spending without remorse) but receiving makes me feel guilty because I feel obligued to return an equally expensive or cool gift.
I mean, I know I don't have to but it's kind of a moral need or something -anyone else feels this way?

Anonymous 8027

I know that feel, anon. I've always had guilt after receiving gifts even on occasions when they're to be expected. It just makes me feel shitty for reasons I've yet to work out in therapy. Could be that mom was abusive growing up.

Anyway, I'm getting this for my half-sister because she loves Pusheen and its supposed to arrive in the mail today: https://www.heychickadee.com/collections/pusheenthecat/products/super-pusheenicorn-musical-plush-toy?variant=48820256786

Anonymous 8029


Off the top of my head, most of these things you can get under $20..


>Mug Cake mixture
>a cute pillow
>Fragrances from VS or B&BW
>Cute/Cozy socks
>Nice tea, coffee or chocolate
>A cute succulent
>A funko pop, if they're into that
>Bath bomb or "soothing" body wash
>Nail polish or manicure set

There's also a lot of Pusheen stuff on Amazon for under $20 or just about if they're into cats or cute stuff.

Anonymous 8043


On years when my mom says she doesn't want anything I tried to get her things I've heard her talk about needing or that she has been unsatisfied with. For example one year I got her a set of expensive sheets because a few months earlier a pair had gotten a hole in them, another year I got her a toaster because ours was old and icky, and one time on her birthday I bought her a bunch of Advil, silver cleaner, and large ziploc baggies because those things are expensive and she uses them a lot. Not everyone would do this of course, but maybe it'll give yu some ideas.

Anonymous 8044

Christmas used to be my favorite holiday but I keep finding myself spending it alone and sad. I buy a ton of gifts for my friends and no one ever gets me anything. My family has stopped getting me anything. I almost hate it. Every year I have a glimmer of hope that it'll be better this time but it's crushed.

Anonymous 8045


I want to hug you anon, holy shit.

Anonymous 8058

I got my mom one of those DNA ancestry kits. She loves history and she once tracked down her dad's estranged sister before she died so that they could meet, so I thought it would be nice for her. Plus my mom is quite olive-skinned, and her mom was even darker, as they have Italian ancestry, so it'd be interesting to see how much Italian heritage she has. I also got her a little sign for the garden.

My dad is notoriously difficult to buy for, so I asked my mom what he needed. She said he needed a new washbag, which is kind of a boring gift, so I decided to go a little more high-end and get him a fancy one. I like buying games for him and my brother as Christmas gifts because it makes something for us to all do together, so I've also got him a board game as a joint-gift for my brother. I also got my brother a DVD he asked for, as well as a couple of records. I do like buying gifts, it feels nice to personalise and tailor them.

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