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Is it me or... Anonymous 65217

There has been an increase in persuasion rhetoric for convincing heterosexual miners into becoming lesbian and/or dating women, despite the fact that they are specifically talking about topics related to dating men?

Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I feel like it isn't always appropriate to talk about it when there is zero mention about lesbian dating.

Anonymous 65221

I noticed too and it seems to me it started around the same time I saw the man hate go up another level, which started around the same time the Gender Critical subreddit got banned. So I think we just got some political lesbians browsing the site trying to convince us to join them.

Anonymous 65222

>Not that there is anything wrong with it

There is. Predatory lesbians are less dangerous than men, but that doesn't make their wheedling attempts at sexual coercion acceptable.

Anonymous 65223

Yes, they are very annoying. I hate men, but (unfortunately) I can't be attracted to women.

Anonymous 65224

Pardon my retardiness and lack of developing further on the ideas inside my mind.
I tried to say that it isn't wrong to talk about lesbian topics, but I feel like it is being talked about in places where it wasn't asked whatsoever, therefore quite inappropriate where it doesn't belong.
Makes sense. Seeing how political lesbians disregard scientific data about how homosexuality and bisexuality are genetic rather than a social construct, or so.

Anonymous 65225

Also my occasional ESL too.

Anonymous 65228

They've been doing it since the 60s or something. FeMiNiSm Is tHe ThEoRy, lEsBiAnIsM iS tHe PrAcTiCe. It clearly doesn't work, but I guess hope springs eternal.

Anonymous 65231

Go back to .co or, failing that, seek approval of moids at /r9k/.

Anonymous 65232

This is why no one likes you.

Anonymous 65249

>believing polilez is real
>believing you can just convince straight women to eat pussy
Literally discord tranny tier autism

Anonymous 65251

If bisluts are so miserable with men then it's only logical to them to try dating women? Kek but of course it's the shadow lesbian council conversion therapy conspiracy because non of you cunts are actually bi.


KEK As if straight bitches aren't constantly on lesbian dating apps every time your boyfriend beat you.

Anonymous 65252

Polilezzes don't actually fuck, they just become cat moms together

Anonymous 65253

>non of you cunts are actually bi

True. Bisexuality is fake.

>As if straight bitches aren't constantly on lesbian dating apps every time your boyfriend beat you

False. This is lesbian wishful thinking.

Anonymous 65254

Heterosexuality is actually bisexuality. They're the same thing. Only homos are a separate category because they can't fit into the norm.

Anonymous 65255


Anonymous 65256

I've done it a couple times, mostly jokingly but also because I was in denial of my own sexuality for years and perhaps it will be the last splash of cold water some anon needs to be comfortable with herself.
I wouldn't want anons not attracted to women to date women though. That would suck for everyone.

>sexual coercion
Anon…we're anon.
The digital lesbians can't hurt you.

Anonymous 65257

"If sexuality was a choice, women wouldn't be straight" is a saying for a reason, anon. Men are shit, but they're shit with a biologically compelling aspect lesbians will never have.

Anonymous 65258

Social pressure and patriarchy.

Anonymous 65259

What social pressure? You get bonus points for having a Sexual Identity now.

Anonymous 65260

Yeah as long as you're a cute bislut who will let your moid do a threesome and watch porn. Lesbians are hated, mocked, beaten and raped because they won't fuck men.

Anonymous 65261

I think she's talking about dick/high test.
Things you mentioned keep people closeted, though.

Anonymous 65287

There are also misconceptions and offensive stereotypes like: "You only like women because men have rejected you" or "you must really hate men, that's why you only fuck women now".

Anonymous 65292

>There are also misconceptions and offensive stereotypes like: "You only like women because men have rejected you" or "you must really hate men, that's why you only fuck women now".

Funny, how these comments are all literally moid tier.

Anonymous 65416

because women are superior

Anonymous 65665


Does somebody have an example of this? Is it something that happens in man-hate threads or something?

If there is a thread about dating/dating problems I might talk about my sexuality, not sure if that would count. But I usually just ignore male-hate threads or really any thread about men.

Anonymous 65688

they arent trying to convert you or some shit like that. ive made joke threads about it and im more than aware that people cant change or convert their fucking sexuality. but i do encourage general male separatism because of the fact that it helps many women. there are definitely "good men" but they often times fall back into their biological wires. the best option is to stay away from most of them, just keep them to a minimum. dont be a girl in a friend group of just men. its NEVER a good idea. im sure you can find a decent male, its just rare. especially how you guys do it, through fucking r9k and DISCORD. its just a death sentence.

Anonymous 65689

I think most women are bi, chimpanzees engage in both hetero and homosexual behavior, around 60% of all bonobo sexual activity occurs between two or more females.
That said, our society tells women only het sex is real because it equals reproduction. Males also hold more resources in our society so it's easier and safer to stay with them. Apes use sex for various other reasons, not just reproduction or bonding between two partners in monogamous long term relationship where the male provides safety and status.
I don't agree with polilez rhetoric - that a bihet woman can become exclusively homosexual - but I also don't agree with this idea that bihet women are doomed to fuck men. Having an orientation doesn't mean you have to act on. I'm not talking about normie women who are completely oblivious and I don't expect anything from them anyway, but women who know about male degeneracy and their innate parasitism, and constantly bitch about men being so shitty, yet still look for the unicorn. This is total hypocrisy.

Anonymous 65690

Here they go again..

Anonymous 65692

You simply can't read.

Anonymous 65758

I think they're just joking, and even if they aren't, it's hardly sexual coercion. Realistically the best option for straight women is abandoning the 3D world and joining the rest of us at /media/. 2D is the only salvation.

Anonymous 65772

You mean the board where you all mindlessly simp over kpop boybands because you're easily manipulated by corporate advertising?

Anonymous 65776

>implying everyone on one board uses the kpop containment thread
i'm advocating for 3D erasure, genius

Anonymous 65791

Yes, what youre seeing is our version of MGTOW

Anonymous 65849

nothing wrong with simping for k-poppers. it's just a harmless fantasy and the girls into it know they have no chance with those guys.

million times better to crush on some unavailable celebrity than to go on tinder every weekend to find some gross sexist moid to use you as onahole. which is what "normal" women all are doing.

Anonymous 66013

you're serious?

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