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Anonymous 65509

I get fucking pissed off when I see a below average female with a hot guy.

Anonymous 65510


hahahaha I'm sorry, you can't have him

Anonymous 65511

Thats how ugly people get replaced generation after generation in this world OP you shouldn't be jealous but glad other women are making it. There is a lot of moids in this planet do not worry, eventually you will find the one that suits you.

Anonymous 65512

But the opposite happens much more often and it pisses me more.

Anonymous 65513

I really fucking doubt that

I have seen handsome ass guys go for girls that are obese

Anonymous 65515

I'm average and a Chad who looked like Justin Bieber liked me. Anyway, he just wanted to use me as an onahole…

Anonymous 65517

Possibly. Idk.

Anonymous 65531

I see too many schlubs with cute gfs where I live and I don't know how they do it.

Anonymous 65536

Same but then I'm certain they get cheated on or the guy fantasizes about other women and I immediately feel better.

Anonymous 65589

Great I just googled Onahole.

Anonymous 65591

Where do you live?

Anonymous 65593

a) jealous Stacy
b) bitter femcel
c) moid troll

Anonymous 65595


Anonymous 65597

Constantly training athletes or workaholic hustlers usually go for bigger girls because their stress hormone levels signal that hard times are ahead and it's better to have a partner that survives longer without food.


Anonymous 65601

>want to physically improve yourself
>end up making yourself literally mentally ill
It really doesn't get better, huh? In other news, I suppose anyone who is also ripped and also still only attracted to beautiful people is a bastion of character.

Anonymous 65604

Why? Good for her

Anonymous 65612

You sound like a major pickme that directs hate onto other women. Personally I always end up dating uglier guys (like 90% of women do) so I have to respect the finesse of a woman pulling a hotter guy.
Anyway, do you even leave your house? Better yet, where the fuck do you live? I don't understand how his is even possible unless maybe you live in France. In the United States, every couple I've ever seen aside from male models' has a way better looking woman. My own dad is obese and bald and will only date a "petite and cute" girl while my near 10/10 mother settles for old men who think they've aged like fine wine but look like goddamn raisins. My best friend is dating a chubby guy who's already balding at 20 even though she's toned and cute.

Anonymous 65618


This is not that common and this is not a hot take. How ugly are you, anon, to have such low standards of what constitutes male attractiveness? Even when I see obesefags the girl is almost always more attractive than the guy.

I guess that also contributes. Bumfuck Idaho with a fatty-chan population is just going to have a lot of ugly people in general, I guess it gets down to squinting (though you don't need to try too hard because again, fatty-chans lmao) to see who is a 3.5 versus a 4

>Personally I always end up dating uglier guys (like 90% of women do) so I have to respect the finesse of a woman pulling a hotter guy.


Anonymous 65625

I'm not from Idaho though and I'm in the city. Fat guys with thin pretty girls is something I keep seeing.

Anonymous 65666

You can't know if they were thin and then got fat in a couple of years.

Anonymous 65667

>dating uglier guys (like 90% of women do)
Something about that math doesn't seem right.

Anonymous 65670

> How ugly are you, anon, to have such low standards of what constitutes male attractiveness?
She’s right OP. Women are generally better looking than compared to their similarly aged, local male peers. Even “milf” Stacies tend to be more objectively attractive than their male “silver fox” counterparts.
Maybe it’s the requirement for women to maintain their appearance while men are just expected rely on genetics, maybe I’m just too sapphic to realize that guys were the attractive ones the whole time.

Anonymous 65685


>more objectively attractive
there's that phrase again…

Anonymous 65686


Are you >>65595?

I'm in agreement with the statement that it's usually that more attractive women who are with less attractive men. I think the reverse is not common.

Anonymous 65691

get over it stacy, the chubby schizpoaster gets the chad

Anonymous 65732

Men are ugly deal with it

Anonymous 65741


>Men are ugly
Only the ones you can afford maybe.

Anonymous 65744

I'm bi yet I feel absolutely nothing when looking at this photo

Anonymous 65782

Same. Chads are like sexless beings.
So are "10/10" women tbh. Perfect curvy white-yet-tanned stereotypical hot girls haven't done much for me since middle school. They're just too forced down our throats to be "THIS IS WHAT YOU FIND ATTRACTIVE" that I no longer can. F.

Anonymous 65795

It's not really a sexual photo so I'm didn't expect it to do anything. We are not like men who immediately gets an urge just from a mere sight of a woman.

My point is that he is extremely aesthetic, same way piece of art can be. I doubt you can deny that.

Anonymous 65809


It's overrated. Why would I be with a shitty man that is going to cheat on me anyway, he has everything to gain by just using me, I dont like being manipulated.

Sure you can sculpt his ass but it's nothing impressive to me, it's more of what we have seen already a thousand times. How about being original? He is not ugly but not my ideal. My ideal is a racoon.

Anonymous 68286

I find that hard to believe.

Anonymous 68287

you're a shitty person op. seek jesus for your jealousy probs

plenty of men have fat fetishes it's old news

Anonymous 73655

Why do you assume he's shitty?
>plenty of men have fat fetishes it's old news
And plenty of people prefer to date people who are less attractive than them because they feel more secure. I don't think it's okay to judge people for this.

Anonymous 73661

Why would that make you mad? Girls usually ca't make up for their bad looks with things like charm and money so if one manages to do it then she must be crazy good.

Anonymous 74154

I pretty much only see the opposite. A lot of my friends are satisfied as long as he's white and tall.

Anonymous 74958

maybe they have an above average personality and youre just a prick.

Anonymous 74959

i do not find this attractive. too perfect it makes me want to barf.

Anonymous 74963

And way more often I have seen gorgeous girls go for men that are obese.

Anonymous 74965


Anonymous 75903


I feel the opposite. Seeing ugly women with hot guys gives me hope.

Anonymous 76177

eh they’re insignificant to me. when i see a hot guy with an average looking girl i would think that the guy is insecure or the girl is good in bed. there are significantly way more cute af girls that are dating ugly/decrepit men. im way more mad at them for having such bad taste and wasting their youth and beauty on ugly men

Anonymous 76180


I don't get annoyed, I just feel happy inside. Makes me think there's hope for everyone no matter how many people will scream about it all being for looks or money

Anonymous 76181

I love it more than anything in the world. I used to be ugly and I ended up dating a really hot guy kek. He was super loyal too, had no insecurities and was very sweet. I care a lot about looks so I'll continue to only date good looking guys.

Anonymous 76188

Why do moids think lifting is the end be all of "beauty" are moids really that retarded and their concept of aesthetics ends at just that stupidity? Most people can get fit, thats why it's the last thing I look in a partner. As long as he looks proportional thats fine but I look for inheritable things not non-inheritable traits if I'm being superficial. Moids so stupid.

Anonymous 76189

I'm with the moids on this one. If anyone can get fit, then you want someone with the genetic mental determination and stamina to where they actually do it. A genetic specimen should look sexy and fit.

Anonymous 76190

From browsing /fit/ it's pretty clear the last thing they think about lifting is that it's the be-all and end-all of aesthetics. There's always a few threads up about how despite lifting weights they won't ever look good cause of their face or autism so I think you have it backwards.

Anonymous 76216

Willpower is not inheritable. If I had that dumb belief I would just go for a martial artist instead or something.

Anonymous 76217

its semi-inheritable. Not genetically, but behaviourally. People tend to pass on their behaviour to their kids. A massive sloth of a moid will probably give slothful kids and likewise with discipline.

Anonymous 76218

No it's not stop making shit up. This is the equivalent of believing in "gender". Proof or gtfo.

Anonymous 76237

If learned behaviors weren't heritable the only selection mechanism for humans would be our genetics. Thankfully or not, depending on how you look at it, this is not the case. Learned behaviors can be passed on.

Anonymous 76243

I always admired all couples, regardless of attractiveness in each party. I have seen ugly guys with pretty girls, and pretty boys with ugly girls. Looks don’t matter in the end but they’re unfortunately the one thing that makes us physically drawn to a person. But in the long run, looks fade with age, so it really shouldn’t be used as a filtering system when you’re considering someone as a partner. What matters is the persons personality and heart. these are where chemistry and emotional intimacy stem from, and that’s what makes people share a lasting loving bond.

Anonymous 76247

>But in the long run, looks fade with age, so it really shouldn’t be used as a filtering system when you’re considering someone as a partner.
While this sounds good on paper, as someone who has dated guys I wasn't physically attracted to but liked the personality of, it soon breeds resentment in the bedroom for both and the relationship falls apart shortly after.

Anonymous 76270

Qualities of the brain are just as inheritable as qualities of the body. Unless you believe humans are created with a little dash of God's magic.
Which is obviously fucking dumb.

Anonymous 76280

How much of the quality of mind and body is due to how the parents raise their children as opposed to passed on to their children though? Surely you don't think the environment has zero effect?

Anonymous 76282

Looks will degrade over time and that's a fact of life you should adapt to, not force yourself to swallow it right away.

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