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Anonymous 67373

Have you ever posted your face or possibly any other identity-revealing information on a shameful place such as an image board? What have been the consequenses? On what sites would you post such information?

Anonymous 67374

Moids on 4chan will literally jack off to the words you type. Would you want to post your face on any imageboard that isn't for women only?

Anonymous 67379

Im not sure a woman only imageboard is any better in that sense considering that there will always be moids lurking

Anonymous 67384

My boyfriend cheated so I felt insecure and posted my tits and stomach and occupation to /b/ for validation and got tons of responses offering to be the replacement

Anonymous 67394

Cut that fucker out of your life. And dont be that low. Get into femdom personals or something work hard to find a cute one that can actually replace him.

Anonymous 67397

same but /soc/ only in my bra. tbf i was very young, devastated, and unwell

Anonymous 67399

I was 16, only had the internet for a few weeks and I thought cute guys in a vent server really liked me. A moid friend forced them to delete the pictures and basically scrubbed them from a handful of places they'd posted them within about 2 hours of me sending them.

The only consequence was from that point on the friend was always so prejudiced about my sexuality. I could practically feel the disgust and disappointment he felt.

Anonymous 67472

I was quite hated on a small image board. I admit that I was quite unpleasant, but all those moids were too. In fact, I got here because a guy I met on the Internet (who curiously visited the same ib as me) threatened to dox me. In any case, I feel much more comfortable in this place.

Anonymous 67476

did you post your nudes?

Anonymous 67832

I have sent a few pics that I really regret to people on Discord and Snapchat when I was younger. Luckily, I still have positive relationships with them. But it is just pretty scary knowing if they ever wanted to they could leak..

Anonymous 68375

As long as you have their pics too you're fine

Anonymous 68397

I posted pictures of my naked body for validation bcos lonely and self conscious but don't wanna be sexual with anyone 1 on 1, and they circulated around /r/ and /b/ sometimes. people saved them and resposts the same thread often with my pic

its either people prasing my body or posting really disturbing things about my self harm scars

but my face isnt in it, but seeing people mock my self harm scars kind of makes me sad but idk what i expected lol

ive never shown anyone them before cos i've never been intimate with anyone but people are like "yeah I love damaged goods, you can tell her dad molested her, she will be easily manipulated, etc," i know it's /b/ and it attracts sociopathic sadists but i wonder if people IRL think like this too

Anonymous 71302

I used to chat with 4chan scrotes quite a lot during my teens. I sent a couple of face pics to perhaps, 3 or 4 of them.
I've seen them reposted, it was quite mortifying. It wasn't one person, either.

And this was many months after I had stopped talking to them. Meaning they held onto my pictures for… what, exactly?
I'm not even particularly attractive, I'm very average on a good day. So, why? I didn't save any of theirs. I wonder if they just save all the pictures of the girls they talk/talked to.

So I implore you to all of you: never, ever send a face pic to a moid unless you've known him for long and trust him.

Anonymous 71317


I never posted nudes or anything of the sort but when I was younger I would always vent about my home life, revealing incredibly private details. Nothing came of it, but I cringe and berate myself when I get to reminiscing. To this day, I still have issues with oversharing. It's a habit I'm trying to get rid of.

Anonymous 71331

yes. several times. The result is that unfortunately desuarchive tells me many of them saved these images and still post them from time to time when something topical comes up. The internet really is forever.

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