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Anonymous 6758

What is on your mind?

Anonymous 6762


Anonymous 6764

tranny inclusivity only distracts people from important women's issues. mysogynists probably use this to their advantage.

Anonymous 6766

My breasts hurt because I'm going to get my period soon. Sob.

Anonymous 6767


the whole point of tranny inclusivity in the first place was to hijack feminism and redirect that effort back to penises. Men have been trying to get lesbians to suck their dicks since the beginning of time, and they've finally found a way to convince them– just say it's a girl's dick, and threaten her with violence if she's not budging.

Anonymous 6769

I'm concerned about the increasing amount of transphobia on this forum. Ew.

Anonymous 6771

Just ignore them, they could circle jerk about trans people anywhere, they're clearly begging for a flame war.

Anonymous 6781

Mostly just money troubles. I'm 23 and have no savings, and no…anything. I moved back home, but I'm only making a little above minimum wage so even with no rent to worry about, it will take me years to move back out at this rate.

I'm trying to find a higher paying job, even if it has nothing to do with what I studied, but I'm not having any luck yet. If I can't find one then I need to take another job in addition to the one I have, but I'm not sure how I can go about doing that because I work everyday at my current job. Not sure how to approach the topic with my manager.

Idk I'll probably kill myself by 25 anyway. I'm fucked.

Anonymous 6783

You're not alone, fam. You almost described my situation too.

Anonymous 6784

Go back to the first threads of this place (here's a hint: >>>/b/4142)

this isn't anything new, hun

Anonymous 6791

>implying that pointing out mentally misogynist males chopping their penises off to invade women's spaces is transphobic

call me a terf then bebeh

Anonymous 6794

I’m sorry anon :/. Though I have to admit it’s nice to hear I’m not alone. Obviously I’m sure that there are plenty of post grads in our position but sometimes it’s easy to forget when you see the people around you doing well.

Do you have any plans? How are you holding up?

Anonymous 6797


Importation fees on Amazon are a scam. I found a cute bag but it's price doubled as soon as I added the shipping times and importation. Ugh.

And yet, I paid the thing because it'll be a birthday gift

Pic just partially related

Anonymous 6798

What kind of bag did you order anon? Your pic has me rather curious…

I just toned my hair for the first time ever and…I really can't believe I never did it before. I chose a silver toner and was a bit worried it would turn my hair grey, but actually it just removed the brassiness while keeping the warmth. I touched up my highlights today and then decided to give the toner a go. Glad I did. Mixed some olaplaex and castor oil into it and my hair feels a lot healthier now, plus looks so much more professional! Will do this monthly!

Anonymous 6799


Pff…that pic was more about my face than the bag, which is pic related.

Mom has been using the same bag for years now and I decided to buy this one for her. It's supposed to be "anti-theft" and it looks kind of nice; She's the kind of person that doesn't fancy colourful or extremely fancy things so I think this will do.

But the price, damn! The final price was like 47 US dollars (around 800+ mexican pesos). Next year I'll buy something cheaper or national.

Anonymous 6800


>jgh from drinking with my boyfriend, neighbor and his friends
>got into bed
>a flood of bad thoughts, regrets and flashbacks of my awful past mistakes
>can't sleep
>sad want to kms

Anonymous 6802

Ahhhh Ok I was expecting a dog bag hehe.

I can see how the bag you chose would work for someone like your mom, based on your description of what she likes. I'm sure she'll love it…but are anti-theft bags common in Mexico? I heard they are common in certain parts of the world, which is why I'm asking. Or was it just a cool feature.

And yeah, shipping from the U.S. is really expensive. It's even expensive to ship within the U.S.

Anonymous 6803

Thank you, Anon! I really hope she likes it. The whole anti-theft thing was just a cool feature that I interpreted as "has durable straps".

"Anti-theft" kind of extras aren't common over here, at least that I know of; I've heard about durable straps and zippers but that specific title and "extra functions" are a new thing for me. Are they common over there?

By the by, is toning your hair or maintaining highlights any difficult? I love how they look but thinking about chemicals make me chicken out!

Anonymous 6809

Thinking about what I'm gonna do this weekend

And the guy I have I a crush on
doki doki

Anonymous 6810

unnamed (9).gif

Just came back from browsing the vigilant citizen and now I feel like my head is going to explode and I see Illuminati everywhere.
Never again. That shit is addictive tho.

Anonymous 6811

gl, anon!

Anonymous 6815

Do you think a "mysoginistic male" would go THAT far just to… invade women's spaces? So far that they would remove their dicks, mess up their bodies with hormones, face social stigma, battle with their local authorities to change their legal name, and so on?

Do you REALLY think so? Because then you're not only a terf, but also plain stupid.

Anonymous 6818

I'm not the anon you are quoting, but if you consider it's a serious mental illness, then it's not a stretch to think they could do all those things due to inner misogyny and/or a deep fetish. I don't think all trans people are like that but I think that is what anon meant and yes, it's very likely people like that would do all sorts of crazy things.

Anonymous 6819

Ahhh Ok, yeah anti-theft is straps are not popular anywhere I lived, but I heard it is more common in some countries where theft is common. It seems like a nifty feature to have no matter though!

Toning and highlighting hair is really easy imo. I achieve a lot better results on my own than when I used salons for years. Just don't be careless, and you should be fine. I see a lot of people online literally rubbing bleach all over their heads, and yeah…that's hella dangerous. Be careful and follow instructions and you'll be fine. It shouldn't be painful.

Anonymous 6822

I also love that stuff but remember that some of it is also just good cinematography, black/white and red (or orange)/blue everywhere doesn't necessarily symbolize Gnostic ideas of dualism or whatever every it's there, sometimes it's just to be eye pleasing.

Anonymous 6823


Different anon, but yes, because they're losers and fuck-ups and believe the "women live life on easy mode!" lie. They think getting on hormones and growing some tits will mean they will instantly have friends, have people who want to fuck them, will suddenly be beautiful and attractive, and won't have to do anything because they'll be taken care of. It's sexists not only believing a deeply misogynistic lie, but also trying to get a piece of that imaginary pie for themselves.

Anonymous 6839

jesus christ why does EVERY thread turn into these mouth garbage debates about trans people? this isn't lolcow i thought we were better than that (or at least had more interesting shit to talk about)

Anonymous 6841


exactly, it's getting kind of ridiculous. can we not talk about it in every single fucking thread? at least on lolcow they keep that shit in dedicated threads

Anonymous 6842

Maybe stop making a big deal out of it and let it die? The only specifically trans related threads we have are dead. If you stop fighting whenever someone says anything you find "transphobic" maybe ignore it or report it (in case it's derailing the thread)? You complaining about it and calling more attention to it just makes it worse. Also, it's obvious many of the anons who post here came from lc so it's obvious you can expect them to dislike transwomen just like most farmers do.

Anonymous 6846

it's not dying though. having it be brought up in unrelated threads all the time is really annoying. like, i don't care how transphobic something is OR how much you hate trans people. i just don't see why everything has to turn into '''discourse'''

Anonymous 6847

Then start reporting it, it's the best option so mods and admin can stop the derailing. Honestly I don't think it's nearly as bad, I've only seen it happen in this one and in the unpopular opinion thread IIRC (which, let's admit it, is supposed to discuss that type of topic anyway).

Anonymous 6852

i don't really care about post malone or his music, but i can't stop thinking about how it was such a bad career move for him to associate himself with h3h3/youtubers.

Anonymous 6855


Is there something the matter with h3h3? I've spent the past week going through their videos.



Anonymous 6856

That anti-makeup anon is a fucking crazy cunt. I know that thread gets kind of heavy, but ffs, I hate people like that. We get it, you have an opinion, but you should be sharing it with others not forcing it on others.

Anonymous 6857

I feel lonely today.

Anonymous 6859

nah there's nothing wrong with h3h3, i just think it's really dumb how post malone's sticking his nose into stupid youtube drama/cliques and what not. it really cheapens his brand. (i'm only complaining though, because i found out that he's actually pretty big in the mainstream)

Anonymous 6860


Well mod doesn't seem to care that you're trying to bring this shit to another thread so I'll respond

Bitch, no one forced anything on you. I made a statement that was no diffrent than multiple other statements in the thread, was asked for sources, provided them, and then got reeed at by screeching harpies. And you're still reeing after being told to stop. Fuck off, you aren't a victim because I told you what a hypocritical sexist you are.

Anonymous 6866

Shut the fuck up about this, both of you, exchange email and argue privately if you really have to

Anonymous 6867


Anonymous 6869

I can't operate at these loneliness levels for much longer

Anonymous 6874

Are you okay, anon?

Anonymous 6875

Tell us about it

Anonymous 6876

I woke up with so much nausea. Jc.

Anonymous 6877


I'm sorry
Maybe if you talked to us about it, you'll feel better

Anonymous 6878


where now?

Anonymous 6879


Didn't this whole thread basically start off with some comment about trans inclusivity? It was the second comment after "butts". If it was derailing a conversation that was already taking place it'd be one thing, but I don't think this thread was going anywhere with the "butts" starter. If the issue at hand is really more along the lines of, "the discussion in this thread is transphobic, and should therefore be re-purposed for other topics", at least be straight up about it

Anonymous 6880

I wonder if 2018 will be a good year… 2017 was great for me in every possible aspect after 2 or 3 really awful years.

Anonymous 6888


I'd just had a crappy day and a long commute with nothing to do, except ruminate.

Anonymous 6889

Anon since you mentioned loneliness and long commutes, I have to ask - have you tried listening to podcasts? I know this may sound very stupid but I am alone all the time except when I'm at work, and I've found that just having human voices talking to me about subjects I like and having banter back and forth helps me feel less alone.

I really recommend them, and you can find one on just about any subject. Especially if you have long commutes, you will have time to find one that you really like and listen to a lot of it. Once again - sounds dumb and childish I know - but once you get to "know" the hosts, it makes you feel like you have a friend in a weird way. Plus of course you have to focus on what they're saying, so you have less time to ruminate on things and start thinking bad thoughts.

I hope things get better for you soon. I have a feeling we are in similar positions with similar feelings, if you want to open up here I've found it's a good place to do it! Good luck friend.

Anonymous 6891

~you cant always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you'll realize you get what you need~

Anonymous 6899

This reminded me of House MD.

Anonymous 6911

good ol rolling stones

Anonymous 6966

I get so DEPRESSED when I'm on my period. First day and I wanna die.

Anonymous 6989

Trying to plan out my day so I don't just waste half of my day online.
I gotta shower, study for tests, clean, and possibly catch up with a friend today.
All I rly wanna do is sit on my computer all day tho

Anonymous 6991

Same. And a week before that too. I'm scheduled for mine next week (around Thanksgiving yay) and I already feel the effects. RIP.

Anonymous 6993

Hey, Anon, it sounds like an hectic day but you can do it! I know spending all day online sounds tempting but I believe in you and that you can deal with it all! Take care and try to not overwork yourself, ok?

Anonymous 6995

Thanks so much!!
I've been doing pretty good so far with cleaning, showering, and meeting up with my friend. But now I've realized that I'm probably just procrastinating on studying for my test lol

Anonymous 7023

Wish I could get high more often.

Anonymous 7082

Buh, not like a whole lot. I have an exam this upcoming Monday that I'm studying for right now. This is my last prereq and I just wanna be doneee.
I'll be transferring schools next spring and it's making me a little anxious because my one in-state option still hasn't gotten back to me (every other school has, but they're all pretty much fall backs.)

Anonymous 7086

I can't stop fantasizing about having a qt bf, an easy and well-paying job that leaves me with a lot of free time, living in my own apartment, and being able to eat as much junk food and playing video games as much as I want.

Anonymous 7092

I wonder how many Yemeni kids the £341 million spent on that Da Vinci painting could have saved? Oh, none, because the Saudis would maintain their blockade regardless.

Anonymous 7105

When I think about yogurt and what it actually is I feel so disgusted (I'm not vegan) but fuck it is such a delicious food

Anonymous 7109

Yeah I know, it has too much sugar and chemicals, but damn is it fine, yoghurt is the only thing i eat these days
i also like baby food, it's way less disgusting

Anonymous 7110

the entire world will be a wash of some color, i'm seeing a grid over everything, random splotches of color or darkness will occur, and i wish i knew the cause and if i should go to a doctor and if it's more of a mental thing or an eye thing.

Anonymous 7113

How is it disgusting? It's literally just a slightly morphed milk… not all of them have sugar and chemicals added to them

Anonymous 7118

That's the point lol. That's why I think it's disgusting. It's just a personal thing.

Anonymous 7124

I'm so so glad that the new firefox update completely buttfucked bookmarks. I'm so happy I now have to click to 4 different sub menus to find my bookmark files. I'm really really looking forward to trying to figure out how to unfuck this compressed turd of stupidity, and I'm so thankful to Mozilla for all their hard work, work that is almost as brilliant as that of the Tumblr staff.

Anonymous 7131

People are saying Morrissey defended Kevin Spacey but he didn't do that, they distorted the truth and the things he said. Btw he just used common sense and said things no other famous person would have the balls to say in public and are accusing him of victim blaming. I know most people don't care about him anymore but I'm triggered asf. I know he's said stupid things before but this isn't one of them imo.

Anonymous 7132

>if you're in a bedroom with someone you have to be aware of where such thing can lead to

that doesn't sound like victim blaming to you? okay.

Anonymous 7138


If only

Anonymous 7140

god damnit mozz you make yourself very difficult to like

Anonymous 7142

Oh, anon, you have my sympathy! I'm avoiding the update like the plague.
I switched to using Firefox's esr version, it won't force the update for a year. You could try installing the esr version as well and then switching your bookmarks over. (If you're interested I can try and find a walk-through/guide/etc to help you if you need it)

Anonymous 7143

I had a dream that I was taking photos of gardens and Justin Trudeau kept photobombing them and walking on the flowers.
I don't always freud-alyze my dreams but I have no idea about this one.

Anonymous 7144

Maybe deep down you believe Trudeau will eventually fuck up the peace you have in Canada.

Anonymous 7147

it probably is, but lots of people, especially old like him, think that way and would call that common sense. what parent wouldn't get mad if their 14 year old entered a drunk man's bedroom late at night thinking it was ok? They'd ask why did they do that if you knew what could happen to you?

Is it wrong to think this way? probably yes. but lots of people do think that way. the only difference is that Morrissey is one of the few people who have the balls to say whatever he thinks to the press, even if his opinion sounds crazy. this world is fucking shitty and you need to try to protect yourself because the majority of people will try to take advantage of you. you gotta teach your kids to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Anonymous 7148

but why would he say that and frame it like it started of consensually when witnesses have consistently stated how tense and uncomfortable these situations were and that there were many instances of outright assault and not in any way comparable to date rape?

Anonymous 7149

tbqh with you he probably didn't even know the details.
im a Morrissey apologist.

Anonymous 7206

It's the loveliest part of the year!

Anonymous 7226

Agreed anon. I love Christmas but none of my family really care that much. It'd just be nice to have that dream Christmas you see in films. It doesn't have to be perfect, heck, just having us all in the same room would be nice.

Anonymous 7238

i was disappointed that it broke old add ons, going without noscript for a while felt like playing with dirty needles smh lol

i can sorta, obliquely see his point, cause accusations of rape and harassment are being muddled with quid pro quo arrangements, and weinstein, as well as many others in the industry, i'm betting, have been involved in both.

still, even though i don't mind him, he's being so tactless making statements like that, and he's not entirely correct. just like certain things are exaggerated in the media in one direction, he's exaggerating in the other by underplaying some of the things that went on. smh moz

also, now that i think about it, it'd be a wild strategy if it was actually organized. ride the word "harassment" out until it loses strength because "everything is harassment now" in the media, and by the time everything cooled down, the world forgot about it and you're ready to return to the spotlight, you can play the initial outrage off as hysterics. people won't take victims seriously anymore after a while

Anonymous 7322

A while ago someone in the lolcow thread said that kiwifarms was better because it focused on drama instead of nitpicking, and for a long time I would have agreed, but I feel like that standard has been slipping and it sucks. The Lindsay Ellis thread is especially atrocious today, I don't know why people want to read 2 pages of "hurr I woouldn' t fuck Lindsay" and "Yeah me either I also wouldn't fuck this completely irrelevant comedian from 1998" but I guess taking a dig at a "fat" chick means any stupid post gets 5 winner ratings now.

Anonymous 7336

Kiwifarms is full of threads about random trannies and they know no bounds when it comes to fucking with people. Just because it has less female sperging doesn't make it better. Plus I won't want to use a platform full of malware (KF uses its users to mine bitcoins now) and with the knowledge that the Admin reads DMs and has doxxed, harassed and raped women before. (There was an instance in which Null admitted he fucked a passed-out girl and couldn't even come, he's also talked about his obsession with lolicon)

lolcow is bitchy but at least it's not KF.

Anonymous 7337


Adding that Kiwi is more neat by nature because bulletin boards that require email and sign-ups are much easier to moderate in the first place. They have less spammy sperging because bans actually stick. Ban evasion on imageboards has always been easy as all fuck.

Anonymous 7340


Tbh I don't care about any of that lol. I just liked that for a long time stupid nitpick comments were only allowed by designated shitposters and off topic spergery was discouraged, but now it's not any more. Also the Rat King is one of my favorite forums. shrug

Anonymous 7344

Just thinking about how this world could be better if we didn't care much about physical appearance. I know it has a lot to do with biology to some extent, but if definitely makes things worse in many aspects. And no, I'm not thinking about this because I'm ugly, boohoo. It's just something interesting to think about when you're high and confused about human relationships.

Anonymous 7354

That and sex. I've always picked partners based on their personality and habits first and I'm really grateful to my parents for teaching me to value that over looks and popularity/status in people. I feel like the few relationships I've had were all wholesome and healthy. I might be a silly nerd but I've never been cheated on or treated badly and I think being less superficial would save others a lot of heartache, men and women alike.

Anonymous 7364

My ex was ugly and funny. What does he do? Dumps me to chase some other girl that doesn't even want him. I understand why women want more experienced guys now, because they aren't fucking delusional about women being interested when they're just being nice.

Anonymous 7369

>but I've never been cheated on or treated badly
Happens all the time with ugly ass dudes with *~sweet~* personalities, too…I've never been interested in attractive people and cheating has occurred regardless.

Anonymous 7376

By personality I don't mean 'sweet' or whatever, I mean judging someone by their actions and taking time to know them before jumping into a relationship. I'm sure Richie Giese is sweet to every girl he meets before he fucks them over.

Anonymous 7401

John Arbuckle is that you?

Anonymous 7459

Ikr? Those dudes are the worst, they think their ugly asses are hot as fuck. Wolves in sheeps clothing.

Anonymous 7462

>> I mean judging someone by their actions and taking time to know them before jumping into a relationship
Yeah, he was actually nice like that. You act like it's a person's fault if they get cheated on because they lacked judgement in picking out a partner.

Anonymous 7467

?No? It's not anyone's fault but the cheater themselves. But I've seen way too many people ignore very obvious red flags because he's cute, he's sweet to me and blindly trusting anything that comes out of a person's mouth instead of being more critical and objective about their character. Which I get is hard, but not impossible.

Anonymous 7468

>>instead of being more critical and objective about their character. Which I get is hard, but not impossible.
You come off as pretentious when you're trying to say that people who get cheated on aren't "critical" or "objective" enough about their partner.

Anonymous 7471

I'm sorry you got cheated on.

Anonymous 7472

Lately I've started to get shooting pains around the back of my head. God I hope it's serious.

Anonymous 7474

I realize I get depressed and suicidal if I'm not exercising. I don't know what this means

Anonymous 7478

I shouldn't have laughed, but I did. Whenever I have a headache I hope it's some sort of horrible brain tumor that's going to kill me very soon.


Anonymous 7479

As someone who did cheat on a partner before (and got cheated on by an ex too), I can say it's not really the partner's fault imo. I don't think it ever is, I guess.
Yes, the cheater may see it like that, at least partly ("I begged him/her for attention, but s/he completely forgot I existed for a long time; so I ended up getting involved with X because I wanted to feel loved/desired/wanted" is a common type of reasoning and does make sense for the cheater). But it's a character flaw in any way you look at it: you're either not brave enough to break up, or be upfront, or you're extremely codependant of your partner to the point you'd rather be shitty to them than breakup, or attention starving. It's ultimately the cheater's fault because s/he chose to cheat even though they had other options. Yes, your partner may be ruining things too on their own way, or not acting as a good bf or gf, but you can control your actions.

I'm a needy ass mofo and I need constant attention from my partner because I know for sure I have the tendency of casually start looking for attention from other sources, which is common among women who end up cheating. It's a horrible behavior and I don't attribute this to lack or love per se, because I do underdstand my feelings and the way I feel towards my partner, but to my own terrible flaws.
Sorry for the vent-y, kind of ot post.

Anonymous 7490

I hate how the current trend is to have huge boobs and a huge butt and and overall bigger body. Personally, I don't find that physique attractive and I'm working on becoming slimmer. Slim girls just look so elegant, feminine in a more graceful way than a bouncy castle.

Anonymous 7498

I agree. I'm a shorter woman so I find slimness and sleekness more flattering on my frame. Tall women can rock the "thicc" look well but that's it.

Anonymous 7499

Oh and I think thicker short women can look good too. But not those types like Nicki Minaj more like Nia Long.

Anonymous 7503


I'm the exact opposite, I don't see any appeal in skinny women and think they look like men. I don't find tall skinny women feminine or elegant, and it's not helped by how many traps/trans there are running around who have the same legs, stomach, and height as skinny women. Not to mention how unhealthy it is. I'm glad things are changing.

Anonymous 7506

I'm kinda in the middle with that. I guess I can personally say I like all types of bodies with the exception of huge hambeast size. I really like thick as in a bit overweight yet not necessarily with a huge ass and boobs, I think that's qt.

Anonymous 7509

Feels weird saying this, but usually when a person appeals to me their body type sort of matches to their personality. That and people that you know personally just seem more appealing then people on the street, or maybe that's just me.

Anonymous 7516

I don't agree. Proportionally, shorter women will look better, same with men. And it's because it makes the differences in waist, hip and shoulders more intense with a sharper angle so it's just more visually appealing.

I would post an image of what I mean but I don't have a computer anymore but if you do the waist, hips and shoulder, and make a copy of it, the one with less length between them always looks better.

Anonymous 7517

Nia long is freaking gorgeous. Love her body!

I'm short and went for the thick look since I don't gain weight in my stomach easily, but unfortunately I gained the weight not just in my butt and boobs, but in my arms and under my chin :(

Would love to have a banging "soft" body.

Anyway, I think some tall women look banging skinny, some thick. Same with short women. Depends on body type really

>>although on a personal note…extra tall thick women sometimes seem intimidating to me so it's not a look I'm fond of, although I'm sure a lot of people love that look…

Anonymous 7550

I want cheesecake.

Anonymous 7576

Fuck now I want cheesecake.

Anonymous 7578

I made cheesecake on sunday for a friend's birthday. It was good!

Anonymous 7581

Post the recipe anon! I'm always on the lookout for new baking recipes.

Anonymous 7582

sacher torte.jpg

One day I'll make pic related. Just as soon as I have a qt3.14 to enjoy it with. Any day now, I'm sure…

Anonymous 7606

oh man sacher torte is yummy as fuck.

Anonymous 7608

Gods, I would love to eat cake like that with someone and talk nerdy as usual. Though I guess it might be a bit weird of me to say but, making it with them would be half the fun!

Anonymous 7609


Was thinking about this ^ I found it yesterday and couldn't stop laughing for some reason. Snort.

Anonymous 7610

I'm so glad this semester is nearly done. I'm about to take my lab final tonight, wish me luckkkk.
Oh man, speaking of cheesecake recipes, emmymadeinjapan posted this absolutely amazing looking cotton cheesecake and it looks sooo goood. I've never seen a cake this pillow-y in my life.

Anonymous 7612

'jiggly' cheesecake is such a meme.

Anonymous 7613

Is it not good?

Anonymous 7614

It looks AMAZING! Isn't it good >>7612 ?

Anonymous 7615

it's not that it's bad, it's just not like a new or interesting concept. it's just either regular cotton cheesecake or uses more egg and is more annoying to make.

Anonymous 7616

also we already have like a baking thread, maybe take it there?

Anonymous 7617


How my friends aren't really paying attention to me anymore bc I'm not wearing jfash due to depression/weight gain, which inevitably makes the way I feel about myself even worse on the principle of being alone and feeling like an uggo.
Almost like my superficial friendships depended upon how interesting and confident I looked, but now that I'm at a low nobody cares. And I'm terrible at reaching out, and think perhaps the distance is better that way. Even then they're adults with their own lives and happenings and why really should they notice me particularly anyway?

I'm a fucking idiot and can't pull it together.

Anonymous 7620


You need better friends. And a therapist.

Anonymous 7666


Good advice anon but I had the worst ever experience with a therapist last year and I haven't mustered the will to attempt again. It really damaged my trust.

Trying to find a therapist covered in my network (murrican) was a hassle. I even called in to my company's insurance "help" line when the website for finding practices was down, only to be chewed out by s snarky agent as to why I wasn't using the website in the first place. Heh.
When I finally got an appointment, it was a woman who couldn't relate to my weight gain and depression problems, oh and she weighed 350+ pounds. Our second appointment was literally me repeating verbatim what I said during the first, because she didn't even remember who I was. Or couldn't be assed to look at her notes before my arrival.
What pushed me over the edge was that for our third appointment, I showed up for the morning appointment (this place was a 35 minute drive into the city and I worked second shift, so it was asking a lot of me). I went into the lobby to wait. And I waited. For two hours. Her colleagues asked me what I was doing and I told them I was waiting for her for our appointment? They walked away without saying anything. I fell asleep in the chair I waited so long.
Finally on the third hour, the therapist walks into the lobby with a bag of Bojangles and soda and looks shocked that I'm there. Asks what I'm doing, so I said I was waiting for her as we scheduled?
She says she called me last night and left a message that she canceled our appointment. I missed the voicemail, but going back to it later she said she had "doublebooked" my slot, but actually, she just wanted a longer break for Bojangles. Nobody else was in the lobby. I was mortified and on the verge of tears, I had so much built up emotionally and just found out I wasted my time for nothing.
She didn't offer to take me in and talk to me, she just brought me in the back to reschedule for two weeks later. My throat was so tight with breakdown and anxiety that the second she told me the new date I bolted. She quips on my way out "Sorry we couldn't talk today, anon."
She wasn't sorry.
I broke down crying in my car and for WHATEVER reason, this bitch and her kid in a car over were looking at me and laughing in my direction? I don't really know if they were actually laughing at me but you'd think after noticing someone is upset they'd maybe not look so gleeful and try not to look over? I finally got it together but I called in sick to work because I was feeling like I wanted to overdose on pills or jump off a bridge.
Anyway, I was so upset after the incident that I completely forgot about going back there for the next appointment. That is, until I got a bill in the mail for $50 for no-showing that appointment I had forgotten about. I called insurance to see if there was a clause to forgive it, but nope, I had to cough up the money during a time when I had none and was struggling to go to work. Fucking awful people.
I later read a review that the place I went to was so incompetent, that someone's brother attempted to kill himself after they neglected him. The reviewer was furious.

Sorry for the rant. Things are a lot better now. I just wish my insurance covered a competent therapist/psychologist that has good reviews, isn't christian, and doesn't work out of some shady house.

Anonymous 7669

I pay for therapy out of my own pocket and I have to say, it's by far the best thing I've ever spent money on. I only wish I had gone sooner tbh.

The experience you had with the last one really sucks, but I honestly can't recommend it enough so I encourage you to keep looking.

FYI my therapist works from home, and at first I was very much "This isn't like TV at all", but really I can see that from her perspective it doesn't make much sense to work out of an office (it just pushes the cost up exorbitantly for you) and it feels kind of nice, it's less clinical and more personal.

Anonymous 7672

I have a job interview in a couple of days, I'm extremely nervous. ;_;

Anonymous 7679


I wanted to make a self post thread to discuss silly and shallow things that bother us, like… "oh my god, look at the close-up of my pimple, is it really bad? Does it look like a volcano? It's been bothering me so much", "Dear miners, are my stretch marks really distracting? Take a look", "are my boobs abnormally droopy for a 20 year old something?", or "are my teeth too yellow? Be honest"…

But I don't think that would work because
1. People would be unnecessarily harsh, possibly, because that's how most humans are
2. Some people would most likely humblebrag and bother and humiliate other people who are genuinely self conscious, ruining the real purpose of the thread.
It first seemed like a good idea in my head. One can dream. I only have one female friend and I don't wanna bombard her with this stupid shit, but I don't wanna ask anyone else about this.

Anonymous 7687

Well, this is good a time as any. I'll be upfront, I don't like to lie. I've been lurking and posting here, giving advice, giving my own thoughts on what's wrong with my kind. It's been fun, a nice refresher, but I felt that it couldn't go on, since I don't take stress easy and have a lot on my plate right now in life. Your community is great, keep it together mods, you've done a swell job and I hope you all the best. I'm a guy, and I apologize on behalf of all the idiots and robots that wander here, and men in general that can't see their own flaws and come to terms with them. I don't belong here out of respect of you all. So I guess I should say this with a bit of finality huh? You've all been good, and actually helped my sanity quite a bit. I kind of wished to tell some stories of my life, but I didn't want to make anyone sad, or lead anyone on to an exciting end that never came. Guess that won't happen, but that's fine, it was cool to at least share some advice I've learned from myself and others. See you likely never folks, remember me as the one who went down willingly!

Farewell, Space Cowgirls.(YOU CANT SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 7689

Granted I haven't actually watched it, but YouTube's 2017 rewind looks as abysmal as last year's.

Anonymous 7690

I accidentally stepped in shit today while coming back from work and I know I'm overreacting because I had sneakers on, but AGH

Anonymous 7691

ban fox hunting.jp…

what an idiot, amirite fellow femanons?(YOU CANT SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 7692

No way, I'd be moritifed too! I don't think anyone wouldn't be, I mean its already hard to get it off completely.

Also screw those people that dont clean up after their pets.

Anonymous 7694

Dude, you need to gtfo and stop facefagging with the fox.

Anonymous 7713

banana snake.jpg

I went to pick up one of my girlfriends to hang out at my place and eat some food for a couple hours. She's a bit stir crazy because her apartment is full of boxes due to her moving away on Saturday, and we just wanted to catch up on some things.

We were talking about multiple things. Looking at dresses online, etc. She's average, and I'm fat. She wanted some vintage dress shop recommendations since she likes my style of clothes, she loved one online store I recommended but the other was only for sizes 14-28, a little oversight on my part. It's not something I consciously think/talk about around friends, but somehow we got to talking about how I used to look based off that. We went through some of my old pictures on facebook. Roughly two and a half years ago when she met me.
Since then I suffered some egregious mental health problems and a hormone disorder whereby I gained three sizes in a rather short amount of time.
The pictures she mentioned are when I overexercised and had an eating disorder to compensate for my disorders.
She said something to the effect of "Anon, when I first met you I actually didn't like you because you were so pretty and I was intimidated."
And I know it wasn't intended as a dis or anything, it's just kind of sad sometimes to hear that #1 women consider other women as threats, and #2 implied that my weight gain made me less pretty.
I joked that she wouldn't have to worry these days because I'm so fat now, which we both kind of had an awkward laugh about. But still, it just hurts to struggle with weight and self-worth issues. I eat healthy and do exercise when I can, but it seems it never comes off like it used to when I was barfing and jogging to get by. It's definitely on my mind still.

Anonymous 7715

this made me sad. thinking of you, anon.

Anonymous 7719

Maybe you should stop telling people what images they should or shouldn't post. Or do you like being told what you should or shouldn't wear?

Anonymous 7720

It's an anon board and avatarfagging is almost the same as namefagging.

Besides, that anon is male and constantly ban evading.

Anonymous 7721

You clearly don't know the situation or who you are talking about. >>7720 already explained it, so I'll leave it at that, but obviously I wouldn't say that in a normal situation.

Anonymous 7723

Kidding aside
> avatarfagging is almost the same as namefagging.
respectfully I disagree, you're thinking of tripfagging

Anyone can namefag or avatarfag as anyone else so it's hardly a reliable indicator of identity.

Anonymous 7724


Just thinking about how much I want things to be ok.

Anonymous 7748

I wish instead of my legs I had a small tornado

Anonymous 7755

I didn't take my anti-depressant last night and I don't feel remotely tired. I should add it's nearly 8AM and I haven't slept a wink.

Anonymous 7764

Wish I could get drunk today.

Anonymous 7921


>>‘She is a horrible woman, ignorant and hateful and probably very lonely and bitter because of it. Thank you for standing up to her and exposing her.’

Anonymous 13528

bump bump

pancake and maple syrup

Anonymous 13967

I'm imagining her kissing my neck, locking eyes with me and pushing me into the bed. I tell her I am happily married and I discover that so is she, I resist her seduction but she pushes herself on me and we cuddle and make out naked all night long.

Anonymous 16889

Why ask to talk and be friends again, then retract because you weren't "ready"? Make up your goddamn mind. I'm more annoyed than anything. You're stupid and very much more a boy than a man.

Anonymous 16892

Death by drowning is horrifying. Death by being trapped in a Night Club under a pile of people and burned alive in less than 4 minutes is even more horrifying. Thus, I'll keep avoiding crowds like the plague and will pay more attention to fire exits.

Anonymous 16904

What's wrong, anon?

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