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Tranny discussion thread Anonymous 67804

A thread for tranny discussion and views on trannyisim

Anonymous 67836

if the people with medical and psychology degrees say pumping them with hrt makes them less likely to kill themselves, then sure, i support people being who they want to be.

however, i have had nothing but terrible experiences interacting with trannies, so i recently told myself that i am never going to let myself become friends with one again. in my experience they're either disgusting coombrains or emotional vampires. so next time someone tells me they're trans im just gonna be straight up with them and block them.

one guy i met was pretty chill and down to earth. we casually talked about movies and stuff for a few months. but one day he mentioned he wanted to be a girl. i was just kinda like okay you do you i guess… then he gradually started telling me more and more about his gross fetishes without me asking and kept asking if i wanted to see nude pics of him dressed up as a girl to which i said no, but he sent them anyways… i don't really talk to him anymore.

other than that, i don't really see the big thing over trannies. i usually only ever encounter them online where it's easy to block or ignore. i definitely see trannies irl every once in awhile, but i've never had to talk to them. to me the whole thing is kinda a non issue because they're so rare.

i don't hate trannies. i respect their right to exist, but i don't want anything to do with them. im sure some of them aren't bad people, but it's probably pretty rare.

Anonymous 67838

Is this the new TERF thread?

Anonymous 67840

To the TiMs lurking: You will never be a woman.

Anonymous 67846

Duplicate thread.

Anonymous Admin 67854

The old thread was full, so I asked for a new one to be made rather than filling up the terf meme/shitpost thread with serious discussion.

Anonymous 67883

>if the people with medical and psychology degrees say pumping them with hrt makes them less likely to kill themselves
They don’t, haha! Sometimes though, I honestly think them mutilating their bodies gives them a sort of reality check. When the tranny sees his scarred, inside-out dick in the mirror, he realizes that what he’s doing isn’t natural. It’s not normal. He thinks, “That’s not a vagina. That’s inhuman.” It honestly must cause some sort of existential horror looking at themselves in the mirror. Many trannies resort to seeing third-world doctors to perform experimental procedures like this. Even if the troon denies it, at least some sane trannies must have moments of lucidity like this, looking in the mirror, before they go back to their internet hugboxes to help ease their regret and cognitive dissonance.

Anonymous 68035

Okay, sure. I've been doing some of my own thinking about this, and I'll bite.

MtF are not "real women" and you cannot tell me otherwise. Someone said it before here, but this is my reasoning:
If you're assigned male at birth, and you're raised male, and you're treated like a male (by friends, family, peers, strangers), you can't expect me (female at birth, raised/treated female) to actually relate with you like I would another female. There are simply things that you will never understand. You didn't have a first period, you've never had a pregnancy scare, you've never had to experience what its like to be oggled by older men when you're still not sure what it is they could be even thinking.

I will fight for your right to have hrt and surgeries. You have to be able to fulfill your own happiness and I respect that. I'm a firm believer in there should be no limits on what you can do to your own body. But stay out of women only spaces. You don't belong there. And I'm not talking about bathrooms.

Anonymous 68280

This is basically my experience with them as well. I wasn't against the transgender movement until I actually started meeting trans people
Although most of the trans people in my own life have been FtMs. Not sure why most people here don't seem to focus on that

Anonymous 68281

>Although most of the trans people in my own life have been FtMs. Not sure why most people here don't seem to focus on that
because they're infinitely less problematic. they are still a problem but they're not sick pervs looking to spite women, for the most part. they're just misled and usually a little dim in one sense or another. they're not the ones looking to suck up all the oxygen in the room and make everything about satisfying their libido or ego.

Anonymous 68367

> they're not the ones looking to suck up all the oxygen in the room and make everything about satisfying their libido or ego.
I beg to differ. Take out the word "libido" and everything applies to them word-for-word. In fact, I'd argue that they're more hysterical than MtFs are, on average.

It's also worth noting that they constitute the vast majority of trans people coming out right now. The ratio of "trans boys" to "trans girls" is something crazy like 7.5:1. https://www.genderhq.org/increase-trans-females-nonbinary-dysphoria

If we focus exclusively on MtFs (who, by the way, have the easiest time painting themselves as victims), people are gonna think we're single-minded and hysterical about an exclusive hatred of men. FtMs are part of this equation too, and a big one at that.

Because think about it. Their beliefs are based on sexist presumptions as well. What is it they think they can be as a man that they can't be as a woman? And if there's something like that out there, shouldn't we fight to change it?

Anonymous 68426

claire mc.PNG

claire mccaskill has some relevant thoughts. of course she'll get harassed into submission for this nugget of truth but at least someone recently relevant has said it. i don't think i've seen another dem say it yet.

Anonymous 68428

>people are gonna think we're single-minded and hysterical about an exclusive hatred of men

Our hatred of men is rational. They're violent and dangerous. Troons are especially dangerous because the entire reason they do it is to use women as props in their fetish lifestyle scene.

>they constitute the vast majority of trans people coming out right now

The girls doing this are mostly genderqueers and softbois. The only thing most of them change is their pronouns. They're embarrassing, but they're only a danger to themselves.

>if there's something like that out there, shouldn't we fight to change it?

We should! But combating mental illness in women is a different type of fight than kicking scrotes out of the women's restroom.

Anonymous 68430

i think a fair number of them, particularly in the uk where treatment is more easily covered by the nhs than necessarily by insurance in the us, are being shuttled to clinics and signed up for t even if they're enbys, but they seem to stop within a few years or less. mtfs keep going because it's so much larger than just a trend to them, it's a persistent fetish that can and does last decades and becomes legit psychologically satisfying even when they can't get hard anymore. it seems like there's a lot more desisting among women and girls because that sexual motivator is there less, and even with these young fujos, i don't think they're as likely to continue on w hrt for many years like the men do. and obviously you're right about the unique risks mtfs present and how their specific psychopathology is so much more dangerous and should be focused on more. enbys and super softbois are the loudest, brainless advocates, not even proper mtfs (not that they're not a problem still though). and you're obviously right about the 'hatred' being very rational. it'd be irrational to not be wary and resentful of men.

Anonymous 68434

Yes, all trannies are delusional. But ftms are just women after all. Mtfs, aka men, are the ones sexually harassing women with the guise of “learning how to be a woman.” Are both groups ideologically wrong? Yes. But I’m not going to harass random mentally ill people. My problem is with mtfs trying to gain access to women’s spaces where they will continue to hurt women. I could really care less what ftms do.

Anonymous 68442

You're posting on a site for them?

Anonymous 68469

I feel like FtMs are pushing regressive gender stereotypes as well, just in a different way. Their movement preys upon any young girls who chafe at the constraints of "womenhood," and tells them that their problems can be solved with gender reassignment surgery. They guilt them into thinking denying such a possibility is "transphobic," and are constantly growing in number.

There's even a book out on this right now: "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters." The author was interviewed on Joe Rogan's podcast. I'd suggest you check it out.

Anonymous 68470

> they're only a danger to themselves
And anyone they successfully convert. Shouldn't we be trying to protect other women? Isn't that what feminism is for?
If there's a harmful mental pathogen out there that PRIMARILY effects women, we should fight it; whatever the form it might take.

> combating mental illness in women is a different type of fight than kicking scrotes out of the women's restroom

I disagree. Both of these fights are fights against mental illness, and the normalization of mentally ill delusions. If we fight the trans orthodoxy, we have to attack ALL of its tenants. Not just certain parts of it. To kill the beast, we must first attack the heart.

> Our hatred of men is rational

Yeah, good luck convincing people of that. If we're gonna get people on our side, then we need to reach out to others. Including women who dislike open misandry, and yes, including men as well.
We can win this fight. But not with less than half the population on our side

Anonymous 68498

>If we fight the trans orthodoxy, we have to attack ALL of its tenants

I wouldn't attack an NLOG with a taser and neither should you. But we should both attack troons who expose themselves in women's locker rooms with tasers, ideally at the same time.

Anonymous 68516


These people need REAL help. The butchers must be stopped. Poor iamycky.

Anonymous 68522

This is seriously pure insanity. How the fuck is it actually allowed for medical practitioners, ones that swore hippocratic oath, to mutilate genitals into an open wound that cause constant pain, infections, necrosis and probably sepsis? I thought doctors were supposed to keep you healthy and safe, to preserve life. This is truly a clown world.

Anonymous 68542

What the hell is a NLOG
Also, I'm not advocating physical force. I'm arguing that we argue. Make a stand. Ideological force, if you will

Anonymous 68547

Shit, I just realized I misspelled "tenets" as "tenants." My bad.
Guess that accounts for the confusion.

Anonymous 68557


>intense bleeding from boners

w… what. I thought they lost their boner muscles during srs

Anonymous 68749

>Our hatred of men is rational. They're violent and dangerous.
Violence rules the world. It always has and always will. Our species has been caving in the heads of each other and other animals from day one. Don't hate the players, hate the game. We are the top species because we mastered the art of organized violence.

The issue is that women aren't willing to shoot back. Only under the threat of mutual destruction can two human beings truly respect each other. Unless you're hiding some sci-fi technology to genetically modify our entire species into a sexless, hyperintelligent race of ascetics. Say what you want about China, but Mao was right when he said that power comes from the barrel of a gun.

Anonymous 68752

Sure, but even the maddest of lunatics are right from time to time. Successful men, women, trannies, animals, etc. are all violent. Either explicitly or implicitly. You think all those famous and accomplished women from history just drifted to the top? They got there through bloodshed and intrigue. Women got voting rights in America through bloodshed.

Look, I'm not saying to go fuck people up and break the law. But don't buy into the pacifism meme. Men are physically violent and aggressive because it is incredibly effective when used against people who will not defend themselves.

Anonymous 68764

>You have to be violent
>I'm not telling you to be violent
Unfortunately an outright gender war is just not in favour of women because of our size disadvantage. Unless your suggest aborting male fetuses until the current generation all dies out? That's the only strategy I can imagine, if done sneakily (since if they notice who knows wtf would happen). But all women would not agree to that.

I'm all for an all-woman lesbian utopia but it's not feasible. Men haven't even truly succeeded in getting rid of us or reducing us to nothing but incubators and they have the size advantage so it's just not happening. Heck, they can't even wipe whole groups of each other out very often despite their best efforts.

Anonymous 68964


Just heard a troon come up with a new definition for the word “woman” today:
>anyone who has a female reproductive system or anyone who wants a female reproductive system
It’s so infuriating. It’s like saying a dog is “a domesticated canine or anyone who wants to be a domesticated canine.” Sorry but no, you can’t fit two different kinds of things into one definition to entertain your delusions. I’m so fucking tired, the more I interact with these people the more I hate them.

Anonymous 68971

Everytime I hear someone say "person with an uterus" instead of "woman" it makes me so angry. At this point I'd prefer that definition so we can stop dehumanizing the word "woman".

Anonymous 69030

Posted this in pinkpill by accident oops:

I saw this on Twitter and it's hilariously sad. Tranners can sign up and for a low fee of 99$ a month receive a "prescription" for HRT and the letters required to change your name. They still have to pay for the medication on top of that fee. It promises exactly what they want, instant access to HRT without legitimate psych evaluations and time spent living as the other gender.

From what I can tell, this is exactly BetterHelp for transitioning.


Anonymous 69032

because men need women. even in their ideal world we'd be sex, cooking, and cleaning slaves. in ours, they flat out wouldn't be needed. that shows you who needs who.

Anonymous 69115


So what's your opinion about Angela Ponce?

I don't follow Miss Universum, but I kinda suspect her victory was a PR move. I usually dislike trannies and find them instinctively repulsive, but looking at her without any context I think she looks quite alright. Especially for a tranny.

Anonymous 69116

PR move duh. Ratings were falling, nobody watched that shit so they needed something possibly controversial. There you go.

Anonymous 69117

it is still a man, it looks like a man in a wig (a pretty one, but nonetheless), and men have no place winning "miss" titles
but of course this is a PR move, because these shows are all about PR anyway, if trannies are trendy, they will crown them, if not, they won't be even allowed to participate

Anonymous 69120

It's 100% a PR move, no one in the general public cares about Miss Universe. Slapping a veil of wokeness on it is the only way to stir up attention.

Anonymous 69122

I'm more interested in what moids think about him. They're his target audience.

Anonymous 69228


I can't be the only who feels being defined by genitals feels degrading as hell

Anonymous 69229

That is actually a radfem thing. Women have vaginas and two X chromosomes.

Anonymous 69255

I don't hate them. I want to like them. But sometimes it feels like they hate us.

Anonymous 69256

I get a lot of jealous and bitter vibes from them, even from the "normal" ones who aren't fetishistic creeps (overtly, at least). Mostly I just pity them.

Anonymous 69257

That's the thing. Nearly every time I've befriended or gotten close with one, they've belied some deep-set jealousy and/or hatred for women. It feels really uncanny.

Anonymous 69264

Hmm, I wonder why. Radfems have been saying this for quite a while. It's no coincidence. Just like all of the mental illnesses, particularly Cluster B/schizophrenia/autism, that correlate with transgenderism/dysphoria, which, BTW, can also be groomed and for many people IS groomed into them. You should see this if you hang around /r9k/ enough… I don't ever go there, but I can tell you that for sure because it's filled with lonely men, and lonely men are prime targets for grooming. (And terrorist radicalization. Why do you think Islamist recruiters prey on young men that feel meaningless/excluded in life? NONE OF THIS is a coincidence).

Autism is linked to autogynephilia. Social awkwardness and lack of social skills, like in autism, causes men to live most of their lives online instead of socializing in real life. Lonely narcissistic men need attention, and to them it doesn't MATTER what kind that is. They think women get more attention in real life, and that gets worse when they go online and see the dynamic completely skewed to where even hearing a woman's voice in a video game lobby immediately turns heads. THAT'S WHY TROONS ROMANTICIZE CATCALLING—real women hate it, but it would validate them, and it would absolutely make a narcissist's day to know that someone wants them. Someone is attracted to them enough to say so. That's all the attention they need, even if it were to come (it never will, troons are hideous) in the form of "nice tits."

This post has been a little all over the place, but I'm an XX with autism and NPD and I can tell you without a doubt that all of this, including the psychological effects, is absolutely true from my anecdotal experiences with mental illness, and this is validated by my own experiences talking to trans people online. (I don't happen to know any in real life, and holy shit, I never want to.) There's no coincidence that scenes and communities like video game cheating contain a disproportionate amount of troons. (Internet trolling, and thus cheating in video games, correlate with dark tetrad personality traits, a lack of empathy, so those would be scenes disproportionately also filled with… mental illnesses! And there are also a lot of people who are socially awkward in real life and need attention online.)

Might mean nothing coming from me, but I don't hate trans people and I don't want them all to die like some sort of alt-right incel on 4chan. But I know that giving into delusions like these are directly toxic to women. Mental illness is seriously destructive to people's lives; practically ignoring it or encouraging "transitioning" rather than fixing it is awful. MtF transgenders commit violence at a similar rate as "cis-identified" men, not at the same rate as women. Pretending that these people, even if they're the one in 1,000 that manages to pass, are actually women is a great disservice to feminism and women and girls. They still think like men (hence why they sexualize themselves and commonly pine for inappropriate, superficial male attention when real women seldom do, and ESPECIALLY not even close to as commonly, proportionally), they still almost always look like men (lol). Womanhood is not what troons think it is. Their movement is built on sexist stereotypes, and many of them personally hold markedly misogynist views.

Anonymous 69282

This is my experience too. I would be more open to trans women if they approached transition with even an ounce of humility and grace — if they were able to honestly accept that they are not women, and seek to really understand women's lives before adopting our names and pronouns and bodies. But that's not what they do. They don't identify with women, they identify as women, and that's the source of their jealousy and hatred: we have something from birth that they will spend their lives solipsistically chasing, but will always be just out of reach.
Idk, maybe it's because I only know internet trannies, and they tend to be unfathomably shitty people. I'm sure there are some trans women who are honest with themselves and genuinely mean well, but they are definitely the minority.

Anonymous 69289


Yeah. I want to empathize, as a woman I know how it feels to be hated for how you look and dress. I don’t hate them in concept, I even want to understand. But then I see shit like this and I remember how they really feel about us.

Anonymous 69290

Hate females that pose as males while simultaneously posing as a female, as a male?
More proof trannys are mentally ill.

Anonymous 69295

How is that not a heterosexual relationship?

Anonymous 69300

Well thought out post with balanced views.
I enjoyed reading it anon.

Anonymous 69309

WELL, nta and definitely not dating a tranny, but I personally think it’s pretty fucking gay to date trannies.
Even if the parts are not the same and it’s not a homosexual relationship in the typical sense. I don’t like it when transbians call themselves lesbian woman, but they’re definitely not fucking straight and neither is anyone who dates them, fellow crossdresser or woman.

Anonymous 69319


Cranky because youre an ugly scrote arent you :3c

Now wait till you hear about this.
Absolutely ZERO self awareness or understanding of irony.

Anonymous 69322


Anonymous 69324

This stupid drama breaks my brain. It doesn't even seem to me like the character is meant to be trans in the contemporary sense, but everyone's reading it that way and somehow it caused a moral panic on both the left and the right.

Anonymous 69325

Yes it is. I fucking hate it when other dumb woman say shit like "if you are a person with a vagina" instead of saying "if you're a woman".

Anonymous 69342


>they wanna be us so fucking bad lmfao

yes… keep telling yourself that

Anonymous 69355

Wow… they really do have no sense of self-awareness, do they
Kind of reminds me how they called the lead in "transparent" a proponent of quote/unquote "transface"

Anonymous 69356

This is my experience with FtM trannies as well. Not with a hatred for women (obviously), but with a hatred for men, as well as a deep bitterness and hatred towards everyone and everything.
And autism is definitely a common factor as well. The book I mentioned in >>68469 has whole sections on this.
All the trannies I knew were in real life, anon. And they were all hypersensitive, raging narcissists as well.
It isn't just online. There is something fundamentally wrong with this movement

Anonymous 69359

How do you manage to have multiple interactions with multiple FtM trannies? I thought FtMs were super rare. Is there some sort of FtM cluster/clique at one of your social venues?

Anonymous 69360

NTA but you'll meet a lot of them in certain fandom groups, D&D groups, college campuses, etc. They generally congregate in subculture spaces that are entwined in a lot of other SJW shit (note a lot of them are former/current fujos who have realized it's now considered unacceptable for women to "fetishize gay men" so they pretty much become one). I've come across a lot of them as well by chance.

Anonymous 69366

they're not super rare, there are probably just as many as there are MtFs, you just see them in different spaces. lots of fandom and 'nerd' culture that typically attracts girls will often have them, as well as online art communities.

Anonymous 69388

They are actually WAY more common than MtF trannies. The ratio is something crazy like 7.5:1. You just have to know where to look.

I went to a liberal arts college, and my public-school district was pretty liberal, so maybe that was a factor. So what >>69360 said is pretty true.

But this is the reason I keep saying nobody talks enough about FtM trannies. They're pushing regressive stereotypes as well, and there's way more of them.

Anonymous 69389

It's interesting how many of them have fried their brains on yaoi. Kind of parallels the number of MtFs who wanna be cute anime girls. There's some kind of correlation going on, here

Anonymous 69407

Love anime but 100% agree.
It can seem to make men want to become girls.

Anonymous 69417

The problem is that it's such a disgusting, overly-idealized romanticization of girlhood. With innocence and pillowfights and none of the poisonous compliments or bitchy catfighting found in real intra-female dynamics

Anonymous 69431

dysphoria is case of cult-style progression of social isolation, groomed abuse, psychic destruction/replacement to induce trans mental condition

Anonymous 69435

I think this is especially true among women. We need to start combatting this force that's telling progressively-minded young girls that they'd be better off changing their gender with these life-altering hormone drugs. Especially since it preys on girls who are already lonely, and just not comfortable in their own skin.

The constraints of "womanhood" are horribly constricting, but that doesn't mean we should try to NOT be women. It means we should redefine what being a woman is.

Anonymous 69437

I think you're right that there's social grooming going on, and I also think this happens in lot of online ideologies, not just trans. I saw it with Gamergate, I'm seeing it with Q, and I even saw it a bit with r/gendercritical. I remember a thread where all these women talked about how their GC ideology had estranged them from their friends and family, and they treated it like a badge of honor. Isn't that a bit worrying? People get into these isolated, extremist online bubbles and start identifying with them, and listen to others in the bubble who are absolutely convinced of their worldview and reassure them they're doing the right thing, while everyone else just doesn't understand or is part of the problem. And if they challenge their new worldview, they stand to lose their social circle, their new forum where they've been getting dopamine hits exchanging memes, and ultimately their entire self-concept. It's even worse with trans because they have to deal with the consequences of changing their bodies.
I think it's terrible, and I'm worried about the impact it's having on society. We can't see each other clearly if we're living in entirely different worlds.

Anonymous 69439

>their GC ideology had estranged them from their friends and family, and they treated it like a badge of honor. Isn't that a bit worrying?

It's worrying that coomers have such severe genderpoisoning that they would disown family members who criticize their self-mutilation.

Anonymous 69440

always with the trannys


Anonymous 69443

Well, yes. Multiple things can be worrying.

Anonymous 69446


The good thing is that scientists have started to recognize that indoctrination plays a major part. The bad thing is that with modern political climate everything that is not "accept yourself by mutilating your social stand and body!" is ignored, shunned, and censored.

Anonymous 69452

Few people realize it’s extremely easy to gaslight insecure autists into gender dysphoria. Grooming and harems hinged on abuse is extremely prevalent in online trans communities, as well as other deviancy: sadism, pedophilia, m/s, etc. Online GD is a prison gay phenomenon.

Anonymous 69487

can you please suggest terf type books please.

Anonymous 69490

Thanks so much.
Any that you recommend to read first?

Anonymous 69497

has anyone documented this phenomenon in an organized way? like people who have detransitioned and saved logs of their experiences? I have no doubt in my mind that this happens, but I'd like to read more about it, specifically how it happens online.

Anonymous 69523

Reading female eunuch at the moment I hope it goes well.
Thanks again.

It seems to have far left undertones but I am fine with entertaining an idea I do not agree with to learn from it.

Anonymous 69530

Earlier in this thread, somebody else also suggested "Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters." I'd highly recommend it as well

Anonymous 69664


why are /pol/ memes always spreading so far wide.

Blessed is the /pol/s investigative unit, though this year their resources were extremely strained thanks to an election year, they still delivered maximum buthurt.

>Drillgirl who made snuff films of puppies

>she broke every bone then drilled into their anal rectum
>and then masterbates to their last wimpers
> /pol/ found her with nothing more than weather patterns for a lead
>She was promptly V& but it got worse
>/pol/ after the investigation, learnt she made CP films on demand
> put it out on some spanish forum, 5 days letter she was killed in prison.

But I feel they wasted too much energy on the hunter biden dumps as well, they desperately wanted to make connection of pedophilia between hunter and his niece, natali(14). They were still bitter about settling the Epstein score that was denied to them I guess.

outer /pol/ is brain dead. The investigative unit is really acool though.

Anonymous 69665

>found with weather patterns
Anon I.. You know this is just a meme on pol and has been for years and years.
imagine going on pol anymore

Anonymous 69666

>Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters." I'd highly recommend it as well
Reading at the moment anon. thanks

Anonymous 69668

/b/ is a smaller slower board its been this way for at least 5 years. So go figure.

Anonymous 69677

>they desperately wanted to make connection of pedophilia between hunter and his niece, natali(14
There was another photo of what looked like an underage Chinese girl that people either didn't see very much or forget. Looked even younger than the other one, and looks like she's crying when he's raping her while she's on her stomach. I don't like thinking about it because nobody will do anything about it.

Anonymous 69681

I hate American Elites they are all corrupt moid abusers and rapists. All of them. They should get killed by anyone that still cares about justice in that shithole of a country.

Anonymous 69686

why did I have to read that

Anonymous 69687

What do you mean? Of course its real.
HWNDU capture the flag season was the same, its well documented on youtube. Look at it.
It was just a flag and the sky behind it. They found it using weather patterns and star constellations at night. And of last reported whereabouts of Shia by normies reported on twitter.

They made mockery of Shia and his lame art project, for hours the live feed was of a maga hat instead of shias message.

The drill girl effort was all documented and I was really impressed with it. So was the bidden leaks, it was crazy how they were using Web dev toolkits to rip GPS data from images using Instagram API

These guys are insane.

I go there all the time, I just wish they weren't so vulgar and didn't so much pleasure from being vulgur and politically incorrect

Anonymous 71176

Because they don’t invade female spaces and pressure lesbians into sucking their girl dicks.

Anonymous 71178

Holy shit lol

>please pay with crypto because i don't want to pay income tax
>here's my phone number
>makes their own hormone mixes???
>deepfried product photos/just an anime girl as product photo
>sample page untouched

This has got to be a scam, I sure hope so.

Anonymous 71181


Stealing money from trannies? Pretty based if I do say so myself

Anonymous 71187

>There was another photo of what looked like an underage Chinese girl that people either didn't see very much or forget.
This. Absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous 71190

>But stay out of women only spaces. You don't belong there. And I'm not talking about bathrooms.
agreed, the bathroom thing has really held back discussion on this and makes the trans-excluding side look hateful. people need to stfu about it and focus on more relevant things.
the original conflict between trannies and women was over whether feminism should be inclusive of transwomen, and eventually libs decided that anyone who wanted a sex-segregated space for any reason was a bigot. this is obviously fucking stupid, but people go along with it because you're supposed to pretend that people with marginalized identities are exactly the same as people without those identities aside from being targeted by oppression. everything is just a box you tick and has no real meaning, aside from being an axis of tolerance for lazy people to make a show of caring about. trannies are given this trump card where if you see any kind of gray area around them you're being oppressive, but it just keeps them in denial and makes people hate them more.
it isn't that hard to acknowledge that some women's experiences are sex-based and extend more naturally to trans men than trans women, while other things are more in common between similarly-coded people across the sexes. you can be trans-inclusive about some things and trans-exclusive about others, it doesn't have to be the holy war that TRAs make it into. like I probably would've been okay with letting trannies into michfest (as long as they don't make a scene about other attendees privately discriminating against them), but nobody should've fucking joined a boycott over that shit. fucking social justice brain worms forcing everyone to take a moral stand on everything instead of letting the organizers and protestors work things out among themselves like adults. the whole "intersectionality" concept really needs to be destroyed.

Anonymous 71199

No, screw welcoming them in any space meant for women. Presenting as female has nothing to do with it. They are 100% male. They think like males and act like males. Not all of them will rape and murder women, but not all normal men would either. At this point, I'd be more comfortable using an unisex bathroom where at least non-fucked up in the head males could protect us from these creepy males who fetishize us.

Anonymous 71201

why do trannies think that women enjoy hearing trannies say to them "i wish i looked like you", "i wish i had your body", "i want your boobs", and other weird and uncomfortable comments. why do they always make specific comments about our bodies. a MtF that used to hang around my friend group said these comments to me on multiple occasions.

why do all men have to view us as sexual objects. they always are looking at every inch of us. my male roommate commented on "how good my ass looked" when i bent down to pet our cat the other day. for no reason at all. a completely nonsexual activity yet they always make it sexual. trannies are no different, they still have that disgusting horny male brain.

Anonymous 71205

it's not up to you though, whoever's furnishing the restroom is responsible for making these calls and you're kinda forced to live in their world. if you don't like seeing trannies in the bathroom, that's viewed the same as not wanting to see a homeless person in there; someone's making you uncomfortable, and maybe it's understandable, but unless they're doing something wrong they have the right to be in there.
I'm not even saying you're wrong, I'm saying nobody normal is going to freak out about this issue the way some people here do. the normie position is that trannies are just trying to pee, while a masculine male in the women's room is either there by mistake or doing something invasive. no one really thinks that they're equivalent just because they're the same sex; one is violating social norms, while the other is in keeping with social norms that you disagree with.
I do agree though that trannies should not be given actual legal protections to use the bathroom of their choice, because then it becomes a weapon to be used against people and interferes with the natural process of social enforcement. the decent thing is to just not have any kind of law about it in either direction, as any libertarian could tell you.
no matter how much people secretly dissent from PC dogma about trans people, wanting actual laws against them in bathrooms is always going to be seen as weird and it's a position that responsible people will always distance themselves from. there's just no way to whitewash it so it doesn't sound like you're demonizing people or fearmongering, which is fine if you just want to seethe on imageboards, but if you want to actually move the culture in a saner direction you need to be able to see more of the complexities around things.

Anonymous 71210


Anonymous 71228

Simple. If a TiM fetishizes the female body, and he thinks he's a woman, then women must do the same, right?

Just like that famous post on tumblr of a troon saying "how do cis girls not stare at their chest all day." It's the exact same thing.

Anonymous 71229

Also, hilariously, this is emblematic of the male tendency to think they speak for everyone of an entire group, particularly a diverse group with which they've never interacted or know a couple people from.

Anonymous 71857

Wtf, you can use emojis here?

Anonymous 71859

> the thousands of scientific studies
There really aren't that many, and they all rely on extremely questionable data. Like the one that shows differences between the brains of men and women was done on cadavers, and almost all the subjects were prostitutes, and there were only like six of them
There are only two sexes. Get over it. No amount of funded pseudoscience is going to change that biological reality

Anonymous 71872

> Ironically these people believe there are only two genders
I don't think they do believe that, actually. The number of genders they believe in goes up every day.
Did you mean to say they think "there AREN'T two genders"?

Anonymous 71919

Besides the fact that a solid 90% of mtfs are driven by their autogynephilia to transition compared to ftms doing it for the sake of some sort of escape of oppressions, how does ccc feel about trannies that are fully committed and willing to give up their male privilege for the sake of becoming one of us 'one of us'?

On a side note something that made me see red recently was someone tweeting about seriously considering de-transitioning during the election period this year when it was thought Trump would take the win making it look like women were going to start lose their rights again and 'it being pointless now', but I lost the screenshot.

Anonymous 71927

Do you sisters have more sources, need some heckin' peer-reviewed studyrinos to stash in my repertoire of terven truth…


This drove me mad growing up as an autistic woman, can only imagine how it would be today, would I have mental fortitude necessary to withstand pressure from self-righteous trans-brainwashing conversion cult-mob? I feel like I'm finally at peace w/fact that I can be a woman and like classically male interests. This needs to be emphasized if we ever want to curb trend of gender norm-nonconforming women being brainwashed into converting sex completely instead of just accepting self.

Autogynephiles and MtFs can burn, men sneaking (more like forcing) way into women's spaces just fuels my disdain for them.

Anonymous 71958

Gender is just stereotypes all that matters is sex

Anonymous 71973

No. Gender is the same as sex, stereotypes are stereotypes period.

Anonymous 72008

I agree, but that's not what trannies think
"Gender identity" is not the same as "biological sex." "Gender" concerns male- or female-ness based on your psychology. "Sex" concerns male- or female-ness based on your biology, or physiology.
To put it bluntly: gender is about whether you THINK you're a male or a female. Sex is about whether you ARE male or female.
Anyone seeking to obscure this distinction seeks to obscure the truth.

Anonymous 72041

all distinctions are subjective, there's no truth to obscure

Anonymous 72044

My best friend is mtf trans. When I see mtfs online I just think of them as men, but when I see her it's different. I don't know why that is exactly.

Anonymous 72045

Bc he's your best friend dummy, if you really cared you would have encouraged him to go to a therapist and get help instead of setting him up for future mutilations, a rotting necrosis hole between his legs, parading himself around as a woman's caricature, and eventual 40% when he realizes what he did is irreversible

Anonymous 72047

She sees a therapist so I don't think that would change her situation. I am surely biased because of our friendship like you say, but I'm not so sure that's what it is. I don't see trans people as the sex they feel they are but with her it's so different. I really suspect she's actually some form of intersex and only thinks she's trans.

Anonymous 72066

Are you really policing the use of preferred pronouns in the tranny discussion thread

Anonymous 72068

Yes, "he's"

Anonymous 72070

> all distinctions are subjective
Oh really? Does that mean there's no distinction between apples and oranges?

Truth exists, m8. These are the definitions they've been fighting to imprint in our minds for a while now, and only now are they backtracking on them. They're backtracking because there are too many holes in the definitions (e.g. "if gender is a social construct, how can people be born the wrong gender"). But I'm not buying it.

I remember the definitions they pushed before, back when there were 36 genders. I've watched how they punish people who don't accept their positions, and then immediately change those positions when they become untenable. I've seen how they've attacked the concept of biological sex, and tried to convince people it wasn't real. This movement is full if liars. Shameless, bald-face liars.

You know, it's not surprising that you would argue all distinctions are subjective. Clever liars seek not to convince others that they're telling the truth, but instead that the truth doesn't exist. "But what IS truth? But how can I not be telling the truth, if the truth is not REAL?" Get a grip. Anyone who's studied Socratic dialogues can see through your bullshit. Republicans do this all the time. And soon, people will see your movement for what it is

Anonymous 72328

I sell a tranoid's breastmilk to internet perverts for money.

Anonymous 72331


Anonymous 72332

It funds my lavish NEET lifestyle.

Anonymous 72333

Are you admitting you are a fucking tranny?

Also trannies cant even produce milk. Also you are dead af tranny, say your fucking prayers you disgusting mentally ill wretch.

Anonymous 72334

Not a tranny and we aren't fucking, no. Males can actually lactate, believe it or not. If I'm killing your vibe I can delete my posts I just thought this would be the place for anonymously sharing.

Anonymous 72337

Tell me more. How did this happen? Where did you meet him? How much does the milk sell for? I want the full story.

Anonymous 72338

Met her on /soc/ 7 years ago when I wanted some friends. She told me she was trans then although she didn't transition until later, I don't hate tranners so it wasn't a big deal to me. We both needed a roommate so we ended up getting a place together a year after we first met. She started hormone therapy after that. After a while she wanted her boobs to be bigger and found out about inducing lactation and decided to do it in hopes of breast growth. She got some breast pumps online and I guess that plus hormone meds was enough for lactate. It's a slow process so she kept doing it for boob gains and eventually started making a lot of milk. She was just throwing it away so I thought maybe we could make money off it and said if she let me take a big cut I'd do all the work selling it.

I started reaching out to people on /soc/ and later reddit. At first it was $1 an ounce cause my only reference is how much milk bank pays which is that price. But quickly realized I could get more, now its $10 an ounce for most, sometimes more. She can make up to 30 ounces a day now so… Big bux.

At first I said it was my milk but I actually made more once I said it was tranny milk. I mail it frozen in a styrofoam cooler with chemical ice packs. I have no aspirations in life and I don't want to work so this is great.

Anonymous 72339

Anonymous 72345

based, living the dream honestly

Anonymous 72378

Post pics/screencaps or it didn't happen

Anonymous 72379

>expecting anyone from here to beleive bullshit like this on the internet
also no such thing as a sex change exist. shut up tranny.

You have to go back to 4chan retard.

Anonymous 72387


lol this is kinda true, but in the People's Republic of China sex changes do actually exist

Anonymous 72428


Anonymous 72449

Of course its a lie.

Anonymous 72460

I'm gonna repost something I said in another thread, which got deleted. The thread was asking about "Why does the media support the transgender movement so much." The following was my response:

Because the media is full of liberals, and these liberals don't want to be on the "wrong side of history" or something.

They look at the trans movement, and compare it to the movements that came before it, and assume this must be the next in that line. They look at all the people who opposed those movements, and think of how stupid and evil they look now, and don't want to end up looking like them.

They fail to realize that this isn't like those other movements. If they were to give it two seconds of serious thought, they would realize that the trans movement tramples on the hard-won rights of every civil rights movement before it (save the original civil rights movement for black people). But they don't think too hard about it, because they're afraid of having "bad thoughts."

If they did, though, they would see this movement for what it is: the most sexist thing to have ever paraded itself as a progressive cause. And they will, as the detransitioners pile up and the movement itself becomes more visible. People will see just how arrogant, entitled, and hate-filled these trannies are.

But we can't rely on being on the right side of history (even though we ARE the ones on the right side of history, not them). To paraphrase MLK, change doesn't come in on the wheels of inevitability. We have to fight.

Anonymous 72465

unnamed (2).jpg

The one true unpopular opinion on these boards

I really dislike radfem shit, gender theory, all that, i interact alot with my local LGBT community and things couldn't be as far from what you see on the internet, maybe becuase i dont live in shit-america, but i've never met and AGP, the transmen I know hate to be treated like uwu smoll bean, its so so different from the internet bubble.

People just want to live like what makes them the most comfortable, heck i might not even have a problem with wanting to live out your fetish fantasy if you're not a sex offender, having issues with XX people wanting to chop of their tits just feels condescending and bordering on not wanting people to be indivuals.

Here's the deal tho, First World Western LGBT communities have issues with pedos and sex offenders because those countries have issues with pedos and sex offenders, I personally live in latin america where ironically enough pedophiles are treated WAY more harshly, sodomized, beaten to death harshly, so that has never been a problem in my irl LGBT community.

Anonymous 72467

>having issues with XX people wanting to chop of their tits just feels condescending and bordering on not wanting people to be indivuals

It's a social contagion, it's the opposite of individualization.

Anonymous 72468


You'll learn.

Anonymous 72469

I don't agree with that, to me its more like like-minded people flocking together because it makes them feel better, bit of a strawman but my group has both cis women and the good ole Aidens, the women haven't changed a bit in presentation or how they feel about their gender in years we all have been friends.
There's always trendhoppers, but they just get tired of being "trans" and hop into something else, just like they got tired of being wannarexics in the 2000s, that seems to be the case with most detransitioners that ive seem.

>Implying the LGBT community hasn't been an infighting bizzare mess since the 1950s.

This has always been the norm, its just the things people fight about that change with the time.

Anonymous 72476

is the goal of your countries' lgbt communities for your country to remain as it is, or are they trying to make things more "safe" like the west? you're describing what gay/lesbian groups acted like in the 00s in the west, so please don't think that the concept of moderate friendly-face lgbt groups is unknown to us. that's still the mainstream image of these groups.

if the culture hadn't radicalised then i wouldn't have changed my views from what they were in the 00s either. as it went, the slippery slope was real and i went tumbling down it a long way. cautionary tale for you.

Anonymous 72481

It'd be nice if they were just living and let live, but they don't want that. They want to force their identities upon everyone else. They want to destroy the lives of anyone who doesn't play along. And I'm not into that.

Like I said, this "civil rights movement" tramples on every other civil rights movement except for the African American one. It tramples on the women's movement by pushing sexist stereotypes about what it is to be a woman, and invading women's-only spaces. And it tramples on the gay rights movement by trying to shame gay men into fucking pussy, and lesbians into sucking cock

Anonymous 72483

Letting people do what makes them feel comfortable would be applicable if it were just about a few people minding their own business instead of the cancerous movement it is nowadays. Trannyism is about making trannies comfortable at everyone else's expense. Women can't say shit as basic as "I don't wanna be around someone with a cock in the gym changing room" without getting called out.

Anonymous 72518

You're not alone. I'm naturally very tall and masculine. I have always struggled with wishing I had a more feminine body, I feel like I relate to trans people a lot. I find the hatred towards them here to be offputting.

Anonymous 72519

They deserve the hate they are moids who want to force themselves into our spaces, competitions and all that while also forcing us to play "pretend" along them, roleplaying their stupid make believe bullshit so they don't lose their perverted immersion. They can go fuck themselves. AND they are unfertile, barely physically sensitive and on their last legs so tough luck. To hell with trannies.

Anonymous 72647

Congrats on coming out as straight

Anonymous 72651

I was attracted to tims too but then I stopped supporting tras and realized it's literally just because they're men and I like men and they're always clockable so they're basically just femboys, still just men
Obviously I could never be attracted to one again because imagine having to support their delusions and in turn actively harming women

Anonymous 72672

pre everything tims can be cute but thats just fucked up anon

Anonymous 72711

Someone once yelled at me in a bathroom because they thought I was trans. I don't like transphobes.

Anonymous 72713

same. I thought about making a thread on the hidden board about it but I was worried it wouldn’t be well-received, could be fun if we get enough people though.

Anonymous 72731


At least you two are straight.
Well spoiler alert: Trannies can't get it up for too long, they suffer from hardcore impotency because tranny pills fuck up their bodies. Some of the dicks you find in them are some senseless looking spawn shit, they are omega doomed. No wonder why nobody really commits to a relationship with them, its a dead sentence, literally unworkable.

The closest you are ever getting is femboys or the cute racoons or any male model with androgynous beauty we like around here. So you better adapt. Trannies are wretches destined to just be numb walking corpses that die alone. Be glad most of yall still can feel pleasure because its a huge part of being a living organism.

Trannies deserve all the punishment this physical existence gives them tho. Just for being xtremely retarded and silly.

Anonymous 72733


Probably can't feel anything down there so it's hopeless. Relinquish your dumb fetish. You are bisexual I understand that can hit a spot but the dick just doesn't works so no worth it, its a dead man walking. Trannies are already dead.

Anonymous 72735


Anonymous 72738

Just goes to show a tranny will only ever be a fetish object even for woman lol and not find real love

Anonymous 72741

how does the sadism work? it turns you on to hurt her? psychologically? I'm curious

Anonymous 72742

>She wants to be female so doesn't she want to be objectified? Its the full experience
ehhh sad but true

Anonymous 72744

A tranny will probably hate a woman because they are mentally fucked up moids who just cannot not care that one does not chooses their sex and that there is no such thing as a sex change in this physical world.
All that would happen is comparisons often and mental illness depression of not being able to do the things you, a woman can. Such as get preggers, lactate, menstruate, etc. Hell if some of those lunatic moids even go to the full extent of choppign their dicks off then but some wierd tampons inside that wound to simulate a period yeah you ought to know you are dealign with psychward lunatics.

Anonymous 72745

>they suffer from hardcore impotency
It's a win-win situation to me.
Why would I care about their dicks? I'd much love to peg them instead.
Or to peg a cis moid, I don't care but at least the troon wouldn't be against it because "it threatens his masculinity" which is the dumbest reason I've ever heard.
ultra based

Anonymous 72749


Based sadoanon

Anonymous 72753

being "manly" doesn't make you a tranny, men using womens spaces is how that method of thinking happens in the first place

Anonymous 72754

anon your bf is mentally ill and will eventually kill himself regardless of how much you indulge him, you aren't helping him
either help him face reality or do the less taxing decision of moving on and finding a normal subby guy

Anonymous 72758

>normal subby guy

easier said than done, and chances are you’ll end up with a selfish fake-sub like this: >>>/feels/46457
trannies are like walking billboards for being subs, and on average they’re much better at genuinely wanting to be a canvas for you to project your dark desires onto, that’s why people like them. top-tier subby guys are such unicorns that it’s worth it to look into trannies too.
anyway it’s not your business what other people are into. you can get burned dating trannies same as dating anybody else, but we’re all adults here and we can make our own mistakes. I can attest that my fake discord gf (neet life yeah I know) is not on a trajectory to kill herself and is a wonderful human being but your milage may vary, I kinda got super lucky with her.

Anonymous 72760


trannies have a very high chance of killing themselves as opposed to normal people though and can't really be compared to neet women
if you find a normal guy who's into you enough you can make him your bitch anyway, I've dated normie guys with normie preferences who i've got into femdom and enjoyed it
just find a normal guy who knows he's a guy and get him into this stuff yourself, honestly its a lot more satisfying to "corrupt" someone

Anonymous 72763

they really don’t. those are actually stats about suicidal ideation, not suicide, which millennials and zoomers in general have extremely high rates of too (like 25% or some shit compared to 41%). trannies have high rates of faking suicide online for attention though.
they have lots of issues but they’re not walking trainwrecks like people here were saying; only some of them are.

congrats on your femdom chops. I feel like I could be good at this too if I weren’t a shut-in, you have to know how to pick em and actually project dominance in the relationship as opposed to hoping someone with superficially similar “kinks” is an automatic fit. trannies are still kinda the easy mode path for finding subs though, for those of us who live online and don’t have conventional dating pools to dip into.

Anonymous 72770


true but dealing with someone with suicidal tendencies is always tiresome, especially those who are delusional
Tbh a normal relationship is much better in most circumstances, pegging is definitely fun but not as good as normal sex
lmao don't compare heart surgery to pornsick men running their genitalia

Anonymous 72772

Ah yes, because faking suicides, taking hormones to pretend to be the opposite gender, and wanting to mutilate your body aren't signs of being a trainwreck.

Anonymous 72774

Fuck off tranner. The results look gross. It looks like something you would do to torture war prisoners.

Anonymous 72775

>pegging is definitely fun but not as good as normal sex
What if you can't stand being penetrated and just the thought of that is disgusting to the bone? That's why I'm into penetrating someone myself, whether it be my fingers or the strap-on dildo.

Anonymous 72776

>last resort surgery given to those with no other options and is life saving in the most literal sense in that it replaces a core, interal organ

>cosmetic surgery that destroys and mutilates the nerves and function of genitals because "having a peepee makes me sad :("

what a shitty comparison lmao

Anonymous 72777

in that case then having an emphasis on foreplay isn't something to be ashamed of
A lot more heterosexual men like pegging these days

Anonymous 72778


>A lot more heterosexual men like pegging these days
Thanks for giving me hope anon.
I just wish they wouldn't want to top all the time because "butt stuff gay".

Anonymous 72779


if a guy really cares about you he'll be up for at least trying
I know a lot of totally straight guys who are curious about it too, men have prostates for a reason
don't give up hope anon!

Anonymous 72781

why not just peg a girly guy? less chance of suicide baiting when you leave and likely more hygienic and attractive

Anonymous 72782

my tranny isn’t delusional though, she’s just gender dysphoric. the way trannies are represented politically is often different from how they really think; she actually wanted to transition for years but didn’t believe it was philosophically legitimate because the slogans all rang hollow to her. eventually she went “fuck it” and gave into what she was feeling, letting herself work out logical justifications as she went along instead of thinking she needed a rock-solid one before doing anything to her body.

some people have weird shit in their brain that makes them gay instead of straight, and trannies are kind of like that. some of them take it too far and pretend they have “female brains”, which is clearly BS, but it’s just another way of having instincts meant for the other sex showing up in the wrong person and crystalizing into larger experiences. it’s inherently subjective, but that doesn’t make it wrong; they just want to change their bodies and be GNC relative to their birth sex. all the gender essentialist stuff about being the same as bio women is pretty fake, the smart ones know they’re aberrations who just want to pass as bio women because it feels better than being normal men or freaky deviants.

Anonymous 72785

girly guys are being pressured to transition by eggirl and such crap sadly, so it's a matter of scarcity now


what about pegging a fakeboi on T? though if pre-op, getting it in her pussy is a better option but then you're just having lesbian sex.


>better butts and skin because of estrogen
i don't think it works like that anon, XX women who don't do skincare/have really bad genetics can have bad skin too and they have lots of estrogen.
same about butts

Anonymous 72786

are you the same anon who sells her roommate’s breastmilk from earlier in the thread? this is an amazing story if so and I wish you the best of luck, very delicate situation though.

maybe try cuddling her as the big spoon sometime and escalate from there? or not literally that, since that might be too far on its own, but things that express that same sort of intent even if it’s just playful banter. or try and probe what she’s into sexually so you can imagine pushing her buttons to control her.

it’s going to be emotionally exhausting to take this big of a risk, so you can go as slow as you want and try and keep yourself centered, but you should stop feeling so down on yourself for having secret thoughts about her. it’s normal to be attracted to people and even have sadistic thoughts sometimes (and lots of trannies are masochistic so that could work, if you were graceful in how you expressed it and put the pair bond first and the kink second).
if you can vibe correctly it’s possible to approach her so you won’t feel rejected even if she doesn’t fully reciprocate; it can be a playful experience that deepens rapport and makes her feel flattered without making her feel like she needs to manage your emotions or keep you at arms length.

Anonymous 72787

I don't really disagree with you anon but this is definitely an unpopular opinion here. I have a distaste for trannyism and the culture of trannies, and I think a lot of them are doing more harm than good to themselves, but I understand where some of them come from and I don't think legit gender dysphoria is that simple to deal with.

Anonymous 72789

Fuck off to /nsfw/ you stupid cumbrains.

Anonymous 72790

>Trans have better butts and skin because of estrogen.
Nice cope

Anonymous 72793

The better skin part is true for the same reason birth control often clears acne in women. The better butts part, though… no, they're just fat.

Anonymous 72794

I've never been on BC but doesn't it cause acene just as often as it clears it?

Anonymous 72795

"omg i wanna kill myself" "why you got what I just wasnt born with" "waaaah"
Yeah no. It's not. Dealing with mentally ill people gets old.

Anonymous 72796

I'm starting to suspect he is a tranny. We got some here trying to pretend, thats all their wretched lives consists of anyway. Pretending.


No they don't and thats what a tranny would say.

Anonymous 72799

>I'm starting to suspect he is a tranny.
Me too. It literally all sounds like fetish material (e.g. lactating, getting uwu ~super soft skin~ from estrogen, etc). I highly doubt a woman is writing these things.

Yeah, testosterone can cause acne. But estrogen doesn’t give TiMs ~extra soft girly uwu skin~. They all still look like creepy balding men with flaccid infertile dicks and tube-shaped gynecomastia.

Anonymous Admin 72813

Remember that this is a thread to vent frustrations with everything trans that are hard to express on other websites. If you want to talk about hooking up with trans or anything along those lines, post it in the /nsfw/ thread.

Anonymous 72821

we have a tranny propaganda spread because 4moids /lgbt/ is aware of our existence now.
t. I checked.

Anonymous 72823


Lol retarded trannies.
Click on the image.

Anonymous 72824

tranny mental illn…

Be glad at least you got a life that does not consists solely of being shut in interacting in discord forever with other trannies conspiring shit up because in real life you are hyper irrelevant or can't be taken seriously by absolutely nobody. Trannies fall waaaaaaay to low, waaay too low. The internet is legit all they got. LMFAO

Anonymous 72843

in minecraft.jpg

40% > 50% in a year or two last I checked.

Anonymous 72918

Oh and it keeps inevitably increasing. Various tripfags at lgbt have already offed themselves and others plan to do it around this new year, it is mental illness and petty stupid af existential uncomfortability, that literally no animal in this planet gives a fuck about other than homosapiens moids born with strong autism and anti-social disorders. But whatever not my problem.

Anonymous 72991


Reminder that Trannies are extremely, extremely mentally ill coomer incel moids.

Anonymous 72992


The responses. Amplify the image.

Anonymous 73118

My roommate is a "transman" whatever tf that means, she's just delusional and going through depression or something. But it made me wonder if women who call themselfs men should be allowed to post here

Anonymous 73125

Trans """rights""" are incompatible with women's rights. You have to choose. Women being treated like people or men forcing the entire world to play into their fantasies, there's really no other choice. Every trans "right" is a direct hit on your own Obviously doesn't apply to trans"men", but those never counter for anything other than serving as a "gotcha" argument for men with AGP.

Anonymous 73130

i tthink its fine but on crystalcafe tthey shouldnt be allowed to admit ttheyre transgender bbecause it would drive bboard off topic

Anonymous 73131

It's fine they're still females they're just a little confused

Anonymous 73134

why are you typing like this

Anonymous 73135

i mmean the mmales who ttransform to the wwomanhood

Anonymous 73136

Oh then yeah obviously they shouldn't be allowed here they're fucking men

Anonymous 73173

They hate us and they cant transform, no such thing as a sex change exists in humans. Its all just a moid roleplaying something he genuinely cant ever physically be.

Anonymous 73182

nno tthanks

Anonymous 73217

You aren’t a homestuck character, type normally rretard

Anonymous 73313

mtf trannies are deplorable creatures, they not only severely mutilate themselves and are delusional, but lots of them are sexual predetors who go after kids.

ftm yrannies arent that bad. sure they can be annoying and i dont think transitioning is the right thing to do, mainly because its just a fad and a fetish due to brainwashing and degenerate porn thats been being pushed for the last 5 years.

Anonymous 73349

they don't though. they have thick, pore-y skin like men do, and covered with thick hair. I have never seen an attractive MtF.

Anonymous 73352

eimron eht sregna siht

Anonymous 73367

I have never seen one that does not look fake in some way. The best looking ones are in coomer porn and they look fake, obviously fake tits, and plastic surgery faced.

Anonymous 73771


Anonymous 73772

Unironically most trannies would be happy about this the retards post happily about being catcalled and treated like shit because it's 'validating' I hate men so much

Anonymous 73774

This thread seems like it's full of tranny larpers. I guess it's true that this site is infested.

Anonymous 73778

I hate trannies and this is how they actually think btw. There is a lot of proof posted here and in the other anti-tranny thread.

A trip to 4moids lgbt makes you realize this quickly too. It's disgusting, they are fetishist moids that are mentally ill or just roleplaying a dumb fantasy really seriously.

Anonymous 73783

I know it's the bread and butter of CC opinion forming, but can we not take inane, imageboard, shitposts to heart and act like they have any bearing on the real world.

Anonymous 73786

Which ones? You mean >>73771?

Anonymous 73790

>don't listen to what people say when they know there won't be consequences

That's the opposite of what you should do.

Anonymous 73839


They do though. Literally the only place people can speak the truth about how disgusting troobs are is on anon imageboards

Anonymous 73859

How does anyone even justify playing along with what is clearly madness?

Anonymous 73860

Tras get their way because the majority of them are men

Anonymous 73899

Identity politics means you can't be against them without being a religious nut or a Nazi.

Anonymous 74093

A madman who did more for women's rights than any woman who ever lived. Did you know before Mao polygamy was legal in China? Did you know that slavery in China was legal and that a man could sell his daughter to a brothel? Did you know that a man could have his concubine beaten to death? Did you know women could not initiate a divorce and if divorced would receive nothing?

Anonymous 74095

I'll help you figure it out.

Hitler had a Jewish driver he personally spared from the holocaust.

Anonymous 74096

Not to sound like a bitch, but are you so native and historically illiterate that you believe he did increased women's rights for the benefit women? He did those things so he could have more slaves to work alongside the men to build his agricultural utopia he was dreaming of. Maybe he did some things out of the goodness of his heart like woman's right to divorce, but in the end, that is outshadowed by the main purpose of equality which was to have more hands for the government.

Anonymous 74329

this is so gross

Anonymous 74447

I'm so tired of MtFs taking over women's spaces in tech, it seems like the concentration of MtFs is higher in tech than most other fields and we fucking allow them to just take over events and communities designed to uplift women. The issues that hold back women from being more prominent in the field are issues that MtFs just straight up don't encounter, so why the fuck are they given the light of day in these spaces??

I'm so tired of pretending like they face similar issues, they do not. They CHOSE to give up privilege.

I guess this is just a similar issue to how they are trying to take over in female spaces everywhere when they fundamentally do not understand the struggles women go through, but the gender breakdown of the larger field makes it sting a little worse.

Anonymous 74456

mtfs in tech are the nerd incel that couldnt get laid so he "became the gf" he still cannot get laid except with other dweebs that "became the gf". Their existance is absolutely short & just a short passing life that will take itself to oblivion inevitably.

Anonymous 74831

Might be, guys in these fields are often nerdy and as such have problems making connections. They fry their minds on anime and you know the rest.

Anonymous 74842

We need to burn "privilege" and bring back "sexism" when talking about women's issues. It's what it is. Critical theory was cancer for women's rights.

Anonymous 77378

Trannies should not be allowed in this website.

Anonymous 77390

what about TiFs? theyre still female after all

Anonymous 77392

Tranny hate is basically just hatred of males.
TiFs aren't male so they're alright.

Anonymous 77403


Anonymous 77407

I tend to disagree, most people are repulsed by all trannys, it doesn't matter if they are women or men, its a completely normal and healthy reaction. I hate unapologetically mentally ill people in general.

Anonymous 77411

If TiFs view themselves as male they shouldn’t come here anyway — if they’re on here they know they’ll always be women deep down. I don’t mind them as TiM’s fetishized version of womanhood is usually the problem, not the TiF’s internalized misogyny

Anonymous 77412

It is exactly that. I get so triggered by techbros and their dunning-kruger with biology. they usually have dumb ill informed opinons like believing in trannyism or being antivaxxers. someone has to tell them to stfu but you can tell they have never been told that before and just can't compute (kek) being wrong.

Anonymous 77435

Sorry for being unclear. I don't hate mentally ill people in general, or people who refuse to get treatment since it could be part of their illness, i hate glorification and acceptance of disorders, tranny supporters and sex change surgeons must be imprisoned for driving mentally ill people to suicide.

Anonymous 77442

It's definitely hard to specify that you hate those who glorify mental illness without sounding like you hate the mentally ill. The influx of people claiming to have a mental illness is frustrating because they use it to excuse any shitty behavior they pull off.

Anonymous 77614


Does anyone have advice for how to find local women's groups that don't include trannies?

I am starting to feel like I need real people to talk to about these sorts of things and trannies love to make everything about them.

Anonymous 77617

Meetup.com populist feminist groups maybe.

Anonymous 77654

Join a knitting group or something similar. Something balanced between typically female (older women even better) but impossible to fetishise and without “women’s” in the title so they won’t try and use it to validate themselves. Trans women will have zero interest in it.

Anonymous 77864


>"trans women are the peak of beauty, fashion and intelligence'
>"trans women made being a woman cool again"
is it time to jump ship?

Anonymous 77865


Yes, if you can't her mind.

Anonymous 77870

denying material reality isn't… intelligence, its an immature mental cope. Their fashion is absolutely awful they always wear striped gothic 2000s bs that looks ugly especially with their proportions, beauty same thing male skeletons huge height.

>being a woman cool

thats where you should have had an argument, a man roleplaying as a woman is making being a woman a joke, a costume. It's like material reality does not matter to American culture anymore, they have lost it, they are making being clinically insane the norm lol.

Anonymous 77888

I'm sorry but is your wife okay? Is she like, retarded?

Anonymous 77889

divorce her so she's free to go date her pwecious twanswomen

Anonymous 78605

Is male brain and female brain a thing?

Anonymous 78606

Yes in that male brains are larger and have a Y chromosome. No in that there are no definite structural differences.

Anonymous 78607

Definitely not. Just another lie of the trans movement to justify their batshit ideology.

Anonymous 78610

Right. Just because you can hide the truth, doesn't mean the truth isn't real.
This is what trannies always fail to understand. The present to us passing or even attractive trannies, as if to say: "See? See? Transgender women ARE women!" But that's like saying successful uses of counterfeit money prove that there's no difference between real money and fake money.

Anonymous 78612

Are you sure such feminist groups that DON'T include trannies won't get kicked off of Meetup.com?

Anonymous 79135

It really pisses me off when I see an article against TERFy viewpoints and it's always written by a man. I don't mean an MtF but just a cis male. It's a women's issue. It's really easy for them to act high and mighty when they aren't affected either way.

Anonymous 79152

"feminist" men are the worst menace. i'd take a /pol/tard as an ally before any of them, that's for sure.

Anonymous 79158

looks like this thread is just terfposting 2.0 at this point
hopefully they haven't just hidden this thread like the terfposting thread

still, on the off chance you're reading this, not everyone on this board is a terf
while I can understand both sides points of view, I think the terfs take it a bit too far sometimes, not to say that the other side doesn't as well
anyways, as long as you aren't trying to hurt anyone and you have stuff to contribute, I'm sure you'll be accepted here
just keep a lid on your biz or you'll probably get attacked

Anonymous 79175

actually anon, no he won't be accepted here. males of any gender identity are explicitly not welcome in this board.
>crystal.cafe is a female-oriented community. Comments from male users are not desired
This issue was already discussed on /meta/. So if a male posts here knowing he is not welcome, he's doing so in disrespect of our boundaries (kek like they care).

Anonymous 79178

>anyways, as long as you aren't trying to hurt anyone and you have stuff to contribute, I'm sure you'll be accepted here
Wrong. Admin has stated that males are NOT welcome here. They are banned on sight. You better believe that even if I see one here, I’m reporting them so they can get banned. I don’t care if they’re the nicest, most “reasonable” tranny on the planet. This is a female-only website, and the majority of this userbase IS gender critical. If a tranny is reading this, you can fuck off. :)

Anonymous 79209

disregard this trannies, cc has always been a place for and by women and men who think they can appropriate our trauma, struggle and biological reality

Anonymous 79215

Why do men think they're welcome here?
They are not accepted here, they can go to literally anywhere else on the internet. If I wanted a male/trans opinion I would go to 4chan.

Anonymous 79219

Garbage opinion. No being mentally ill does not make men similar to us.

Anonymous Admin 79247

Not everyone on this site is a TERF or in the process of becoming one, so you're not alone, but one thing is for sure: Men aren't welcome here regardless of the quality of their contributions. Don't encourage men to post.

Anonymous 79254

Or Reddit. Or Twitter. Or Discord. Or anywhere else that doesn’t involve going outside.
Seriously, the internet is almost entirely for trannies at this point with varying degrees of hugboxing depending on their tastes. Why come here? It’s like a vegan living in a big city with endless restaurants full of salads and spaghetti in favor of a keto steakhouse and complaining about the lack of vegetarian-friendly options.
Must be a personality defect that comes with the fact they’ll never be a woman :)

Anonymous 79267

trannies just gross me out like ew no thanks

Anonymous 79503


I see a "transphobia is shit" graffiti every time I walk home from downtown, but today I saw this and was glad that the evil cisnormative vagina hadn't been taken down yet. I also see tags in my hometown saying Viva La Vulva a lot.

Anonymous 80003

Give me one example of terfs "taking it too far". Something that goes beyond their words hurting people's feelings, please. So far, TRA's are responsible for:
>Getting a rape relief shelter defunded
>Nailing dead rats to it's doors
>Men dominating women's sports, resulting in young girls losing their scholarships and other women suffering serious injury
>Stalking woman for the crime of being feminists, literally following them around grocery stores
>Doxing people who live in countries where it's dangerous to be gay, resulting in arrests and violence
>Sterilized children for the crime of being none-gender conforming
>Allowing men to be housed in women's prisons, resulting in rape

And the list just goes on and on, TERFS haven't done jack shit to hurt anyone. All these people screeching about how terfs are LITERALLY MURDERING TWANS PEOPLE provide ZERO receipts.

Anonymous 80013

The best you can do against trannies is just hold a mirror in front of their faces. The die inside everytime they are reminded of objective reality.

Anonymous 80048

Ooh it's cool to find a fellow non-terf here

Anonymous 80174

No need to discuss TiMs, can't let 2% of moids live rent free in our heads as they will join the 41% soon anyways.

Anonymous 80176

I'm 3 months later to the conversation but TiMs and even normal men can produce milk (i.e lactate)

Some TiMs even induce lactation with medication.

It is not safe to drink and it probably doesn't tastes good… and I don't want to picture the image of a TiM lactating in my head, but it is completely possible.

Anonymous 80178

It's because there aren't any, obviously. Trannyism is an astroturf movement from big pharma. Turns out transing the kids is big business. Make one lil troon cut his nuts off and he'll be paying for estrogen for life.

Anonymous 80744


Replying to retard derailing another thread on here.
>Being trans is like being, black, gay, your ethnicity and where you were born, not a choice.
You’re so naive. I was like you once. No, having gender dysphoria is not a choice, but identifying as trans IS. A man CHOOSES to call himself a woman. A man CHOOSES to take estrogen, wear makeup, and grow his hair out.
>The problem with this is the easy ability that prison rape is.
Trans-identified men rape and commit sexual offenses at a FAR higher rate than women.
>In order to participate in most sports you have to go through a lengthy eligibility procedure.
First of all, you posted a link from ONE organization. “Most sports”? Trans-identified males aren’t only invading large sports organizations, but also small girls’ sports that are more informal and don’t have a lot of regulations. Second of all, a man having low testosterone levels STILL does not make him less physically strong than a woman. His bone structure is the same. You realize the difference between the strength of men and women aren’t just hormone levels, right?
>you have to live and act a like a woman for a couple of years.
What is “acting like a woman”? Do all women act the same? Are women not all individual people with their own personalities?

Anonymous 80814


both are ugly take a closer look honey

Anonymous 80816

Its just that Asian "men", women and children all literally look the exact same. The same reason my azns can never go /stacymode/

Anonymous 80817

that's a hot take if I've ever seen one

Anonymous 80818

You sound like a banana.

Anonymous 80819

She's not completely wrong. Asians generally have less testosterone than other races, which leads to less sex differentiation.

Anonymous 80824

That's not true, East Asians have higher T.

Anonymous 80839

Typical. Only Azns say this weird stuff about themselves. Take some pills against self-racism, please.

Anonymous 80877

>Asian "men"
Lmao anon ily

Anonymous 80889

What do you have against them?

Anonymous 81756

seeing people saying they weren't against the trans movements before actually knowing trans people makes me think ngl. i was in a relationship with the transwoman once and they were emotionally manipulative and just horrible to me lol. when we sexted she'd talk about wearing my clothes… is this all just a fetish?

Anonymous 81757

Talking to them is a lot like talking to a foot fetishist. Where they act normal but their fetish always creeps in and they try to pass it off like it's not a fetish thing at all.

Anonymous 81805

i dont hate trannies, i feel sorry for them if they actually suffer from gender dysphoria. i do find it disturbing that we're not able to call it a mental illness without getting called a bigot when it is in fact a mental illness. ywnbarw/ywnbarm.

Anonymous 82034


When I was a kid like 6-10 years old I'd dress my little brother (4-8) up in my princess outfits and halloween costumes all the time and he grew up into a crossdresser. He wrote that he was trans on his college ap, my parents found out and outed him without him wanting anyone in our family to know. He never transitioned but he's pretty much gone off the deep end the last few years since then and I blame myself and my mom for it all the time. What the fuck is going on?
Our family was dysfunctional as fuck and my mom verbally abused my me, my dad and I a lot and I argued with her so goddam much. I just am losing my shit, I thought maybe he was schizophrenic at one point but I'm not sure.
What the fuck do I do? I can't just sit and watch without doing anything.

Anonymous 82044

Tell your bro and your mom that you feel guilty for installing the habit in the brain of your bro moid and that such a thing wasnt your intent. Tell him about the irreversible dangers of being a tranny.

Anonymous 82050

he doesn't talk to my mom at all anymore.
Isn't there any way to coax him into something healthier? Couldn't I teach him to sew or cosplay or some shit so the habit isn't some mentally ill time bomb? He does it in secret and exploded when we found out about the college ap thing, never was the same again.

Anonymous 82067

oof though luck. maybe encourage the gender nonconformity but discourage tranny shit? would saying he will never be a female just because he like to wear pretty dresses be too harsh

Anonymous 82072

well first you dressing him up as a little kid isn't what "did this" to him. sisters playing dress up with younger brothers is totally normal at that age.
generally guys don't want to "talk" about their problems. they want to let it play in their heads all the time, and constantly refeed their dilemma with new information they come across. i wouldn't try to talk to him about it, but be open to discussing it if he ever brings it up.
if you want him to not turn into a tranny, then he has to be introduced to information about masculinity and the role of masculinity in society. but if you tell him to read X book, he won't go read it. you also can't tell him, "i was researching about your crossdressing problem and i saw this psychology lecture…" that will also make him upset because the guy thinks you're trying to help him and solve his problem, which guys hate.
instead you have to bring up a related topic without explicitly mentioning how it relates to him and his problems. he will over time find something you say interesting and look up more about it privately. men love falling down rabbit holes and then pretending they magically led themselves to the rabbit hole without any guidance.
honestly easiest way to do it, look up videos of jordan peterson talking about egypitian or sumerian myths and say you thought the story was really cool and you wanted to share it. or look up short videos of people talking about oswald spengler and be like wow the stuff he wrote about is nuts. or find some swami talking about jung and say how you find this east/west stuff cool. all those things relate masculinity and S O C I E T Y which will resonate with his internal mental dilemma.

Anonymous 82121

The first thing to realize is it's not your fault that's he's retarded. Stop smothering his ego beneath yours because you think you have enough power over another person to cause them to troon out. There would be a lot more troons out there if just playing dress up caused it. First thing you need to do is get over yourself.

>Isn't there any way to coax him into something healthier? Couldn't I teach him to sew or cosplay or some shit so the habit isn't some mentally ill time bomb? He does it in secret and exploded when we found out about the college ap thing, never was the same again.
<let me fight his feminity by dowsing him in more femininity
You can't diagnose him from a distance, no one else in this thread can either. Let him sort his own shit out and make his mistakes. If anything it's your brother's lack of identity and no room in society for the masculine spirit that's caused this. He's fucked, and the only person that can unfuck him is himself. Do not attempt to help him unless he comes to you asking for it, at best, you can just offer him help and leave the door open. You can't mess someone up the same way you can't fix them, so don't try.

Anonymous 82127

But does she need to fight his femininity? It's fine if a man likes stereotypically "feminine" things, and regardless of how you look at it, it's always less damaging than developing a hate for your own body.
Anon I'd try showing him examples of men who are comfortable breaking gender norms and are still obviously men. Unfortunately I can't help you with this, but you could try to look into examples in his interest circle maybe. If he's a weeb there are tons of jrock artists who crossdress but are still very masculine.

Anonymous 82130

>But does she need to fight his femininity?
This is what I'm trying to say when I said "Isn't there any way to coax him into something healthier?"
Like if he decided he loved dresses and dresses were his favorite thing in the world then he got a job as a clothing designer, or a job as a photographer for fashion companies, or if his hobby was cosplaying at conventions around other people making friends or something like that then I'd be ok with it… the reason I'm so afraid and need help is because he just crossdresses in secret and yelled and screamed when my mom outed him without his permission.

Does this make sense? I love and adore my little brother but he's just slowly killing himself alone in his room with no outlet and it's driving me mad.

Anonymous 82137

As much as I have an issue with this I love my family enough that if this was my own brother I would just be nonconfrontational and supportive.

Anonymous 82138

sometimes tough love is necessary

Anonymous 82139

That's fair, it's just not a route I would feel comfortable or confident going. I think the chances for success are very low and are likely to just alienate you from your brother.

Anonymous 82140

>But does she need to fight his femininity? It's fine if a man likes stereo typically "feminine" things, and regardless of how you look at it, it's always less damaging than developing a hate for your own body.
He doesn't like stereotypically female things, he likes feminity itself. Men who like dolls or crossdressing or dresses because they are dolls, crossdressing or dresses don't troon out. They either collect that garbage or go into the industry that produces them. If your brother is trooning out it's because he's fixated on rejecting his masculine role and is latching onto the societal made codifiers for femininity not because he likes those things in and of themselves, but the social signals he can give off by using them. On some level, in some way, he feels disturbed by his masculinity. Could be rejection of the intense male disposition for violence, a feeling of inadequacy when compared to peers sexual exploits, whatever, all that we know, is that assuming he's a troon, on some level, he doesn't "feel masculine", and he has mistaken this "emasculating feeling" for being the opposite of masculine (i.e. feminine) instead of just not being masculine.

You can't fix it with feminine codifiers, you can't unfuck it by saying "only indulge in it a little", because the act itself further increses the feeling of emasculation which reinforces the thought process creating the pattern of behavior in the first place. The more emasculate he feels the more it reinforces the thought pattern that he's a women in his neuro-circuitry. You can't help him with this, as I'm going to guess that you are not a moid, and there's no way for you to convince or teach him what masculinity is, nor the very important concept that just because he feels an immense urge to do something he shouldn't do it. If he can't resist that urge on his own, you can't fucking help him live his life. He will need to fuck and unfuck his own shit up in that case.

Anonymous 82143

This is an excellent analysis of the problem.

Anonymous 82220

I always wonder what happened to cause a sort of unconscious shift in gender views.

I may be really dumb but I could swear from like the early 90's to late 2010's there was a sort of view that guys could be feminine and women could be masculine, be that hobbies, interests or personality. (granted they would still get made fun of, joked about, dweeby guy, butch girl yada yada)

But it seems like since trans became more and more popular of a thought or view there was a push instead for said masculine women or feminine men to transition.

>You aren't a tomboy you are a ftm

>You aren't a soft boy you are a mtf

I really wonder what caused that sort of shift or idea change, that it went from 'my daughter can play with trucks and cars and my sons can play with dolls ,who cares'


'Of course if my son plays with barbies he wants to be a girl, of course my daughter likes boy things of course she wants to be a guy'

>it ends up making things that shouldnt really be gendered strictly actually gendered stereotypically and pretended to be a good thing.

>Plus I totally think all the gender/sexuality/trans stuff for most people growing up in it is just a new version of 90's cliques emo/goth/punk etc

What's wrong with letting a guy act or do feminine things or a girl act or do masculine things it seems silly to say that makes them trans.

I'm dumb I don't understand it, its all so confusing to me.

Anonymous 82229

I think the trans thing is a separate thing from just having atypical gender interests. I don't really know where the connection of the two comes from.

Anonymous 82230

Thats sort of what I mean.

Its two separate points but it feels like the former has been forgotten or pushed away in favour of the trans point instead.

Anonymous 82235

> I may be really dumb but I could swear from like the early 90's to late 2010's there was a sort of view that guys could be feminine and women could be masculine, be that hobbies, interests or personality
This. I swear when I was a child it was cool to be a tomboy and “not like the other girls”. Additionally, I remember boys having more feminine interests (like cooking and theater) and people would at most think they’re gay, not a girl in a boy’s body.

Anonymous 82237

I would like to see some proper research/a confrontation of the fact there are so many more MtF trannies than FtMs.

Anonymous 82243

As far as I am aware, there are roughly equal MtF and FtM adults but significantly more FTM teens to MtF teens.
First study I can find says there used to be more MtF but that has shifted.

What you are probably noticing is the higher visibility of MtF that don't pass, since if you meet an FtM that doesn't pass you write them off as a butch lesbian instead of a troon.

Anonymous 82244

Anonymous 82445

because bottom surgery for FtM is exceptionally bad. I can't imagine anyone wants to use a balloon to get a hard on.

Anonymous 82464

I’ve noticed this too in my experience mainly through Tik Tok.
FTMs (or at least “fakebois”) are just as common as MTFs, if not more. They just tend to not do the big surgeries like >>82445 said but they’re plenty of he/theys and AFAB femboys or whatever out there. They’re just mostly underage.

Anonymous 83494


even if men thought he's pretty, there's still a medical monstrosity in his nether regions. the male hands and voice.

Jesus christ I can't believe they allow people to do this to themselves.

Anonymous 83497

Nonnie you just gotta phase the fuck out from twitter accounts like this following them is pure misery. It's all quirky controversial clout-chasing shit.

Anonymous 83540

I think there are sociological reasons for it. Low value men turn tranny because it gives them a warped kind of self-worth and identity. Male hypersexuality/fetishism plays a role too, it seems like every MtF you see is an absolute sexual degenerate.

Anonymous 83547

I don't know how to feel about them. I would probably never admit that either except for here.

I sometimes sympathize with them, I sometimes feel wary of them.

Most trannies I've known ID'd as lesbians. One of them talked about women exactly the way cis men do, in a predatory and derogatory type way.
Another one is super big on lesbianism and tends to be really hostile towards bi women, which I don't really get, because it feels like it's just a straight male coming in to female WLW circles and then shooing people away. It also feels weird because all the cis women they date are probably bi considering they don't mind sucking dick or not, but they're also very hostile towards bi people.

Anonymous 83549


Anonymous 83551

male hands typed this post

Anonymous 83554

Sometimes it feels like it's a giant con. Emperor's New Clothes kinda thing. Like these men strongarmed their way into a female space and are intimidating and controlling women, but nobody's allowed to speak up about it.

Anonymous 83556

I feel that way too, but I know if I said that or expressed concern it would be shut down really fucking fast and I just don't want to deal with it. Like how am I supposed to feel about a man with nothing remotely feminine about himself who is a head taller than me talking about women the same way the violent ass men in my community do? How am I supposed to feel safe with that or relate to that? No matter how hard I try to convince myself, it doesn't feel like I'm talking to another woman.

Anonymous 83569

I feel extremely creeped out when it's obviously a fetish-driven thing. I'm not saying it is for all trans ppl but there are some and it's just unbelievably horrible.

Anonymous 83576

It hurts to read what you're going through. Especially because you seem like you're a nice person trying to be open-minded towards people who are different… I don't like seeing nice people get taken advantage of.

The current climate makes me wonder if people would believe or even care if I got sexually assaulted (or worse) by one of these people. Or if they'd be too scared to speak up too.

It's like they made their sexual fetish their entire identity and push it in everyone's faces.

Anonymous 83577

it was always a fetish driven thing

Anonymous 83704

They’re okay I guess, but it really bothers me how some T4T transbians talk about vaginas like gay men do.
Eww slimy, rotten fish, etc.
It’s just a weird coincidence, right?
Can’t bring this up on /lgbt/ obviously.

Anonymous 83705

i honestly wouldn't be against trans shit if trans people could press a button, and end up in the body they desire. right now though it's just annoying that they want everyone to go along with their mental illness. like every single tranny i've seen insisting their fake chopshop genitals are "no different than what non-trannies ahve guise"@"@"@1" it pisses me OFF

Anonymous 83771

I'm pretty sure most are.

Anonymous 83792

They have to be ridiculously fat for it to make them sexually ambiguous. Like, daytime talk show fat.

Anonymous 84313

I really appreciate that friend, I'm so sorry about your experience as well. Men socialized to be men their entire lives aren't going to suddenly undo violent tendencies with hormone therapy and different clothes, and I don't know what to do about it, but I will always be a bit wary. But bringing up negative experiences will just bring up "but not all of them", just like with cis men.

Anonymous 84728

I'd like to see some on the fujo->tranny pipeline. After watching the Joe Rogan video with Abigail shrier, autism and ftm is probably connected and everyone knows yaoi and autism are connnected.

Anonymous 84779

Trannies are absolutely heinous. The few I know are obvious males with a gross fetish that just end up making all women around them uncomfortable. Just the way they talk makes my skin crawl. Triggers an uncanny valley response that I can't even describe. What's more amazing is that these things think they are serving "woman" and no one can tell. Just yikes.

Anonymous 84783

What is it with AGP troons and ageplay LARPs? It's so fucking weird and disgusting.

Anonymous 84785

Absolutely disgusting. I once knew this awkward autistic nerd that trooned out and all he posts on his twitter now is weird hentai of pregnant or lactating women. I was so horrified when I saw it. How do you take normal female experiences and sexualize them into your degenerate fetish? Men are beyond help at this point.

And these are the people they want us to share bathrooms and locker rooms with. Sickening.

Anonymous 84786

why are all trannies pedophiles? its something that has always perplexed me.

Anonymous 84787

All moids are pedophiles, troons are just extremely open about all their perversions

Anonymous 84788

they're pornsick cumbrains, if they're sexually deviant enough to mutilate their own bodies why would they let age stop them?

Anonymous 84789

Being a tranny is co-morbid with many other degeneracies. Pedophilia is just one of them. These people are hopefully lost and pretty much loose cannons at this point. The need assisted suicide therapy.

Anonymous 84795

trannies actually idolize this. most are fetishists that couldn't relate to a real woman in any way. and they take sick sexual pleasure in the suffering and subjugation that women have to suffer because it validates their mentally ill fetish.

Anonymous 84796

Trannies terrify me. I avoid them like the plague.

Anonymous 84857

>that couldn't relate to a real woman in any way
Can confirm, I see posts on /lgbt/ whining/disappointed in ciswomen every time I visit the shithole.
Best ones are the ones coping that only ciswomen can attain the ultimate female privilege therefore their bad experiences don’t count.
And especially those fantasizing about female genocide after artificial wombs are invented, because they’re women that can please a cisman better due to trad values and cock knowledge, even though they just said that females hold the true power.
Oh, and those who start to rage about us for not fulfilling their expectations, proceeding to either blame it on us, or talking about suicide and shit.
Why can’t we just be normal human beings to them? They either hate us or worship us.

Anonymous 84862

>Oh, and those who start to rage about us for not fulfilling their expectations, proceeding to either blame it on us, or talking about suicide and shit.
Elaborate pls

Anonymous 84916

Trannies aren't human beings, let alone sane ones. Of course their beliefs will be extremely distorted, perverse, and overall unhinged. I regard them the same way I regard any person trying to hack off a limb and claim they are the reincarnation of Buddha. With aversion and slight pity.

Anonymous 84918


FtMs are naturally more sane and understandable, it's the men who think they own everything they see including women/womanhood that need to go away.

Anonymous 84924

the male ones aren't sane either. they also mutilate their bodies with steroids and surgery. the amount of fujo and "gay" ftm is also hilarious. literally just women with short pink hair larping as gay men.

Anonymous 85069

For example, they might furiously dislike how indirect and ”cowardly” we can actually be, without taking into account how essential those traits are to functioning in society as a woman, how they were hammered into us since young age.
It’s because they simply cannot tell the difference between indirect and manipulative behavior, and that’s when things gets nasty.
As for the suicide stuff, well, I usually hear that from transbians who failed to get a cis lesbian gf.
Fellow transbian isn’t good enough. Bisexual female isn’t good enough. No black girls (wish I was kidding about that). No fatties. No butches. No submissives. They wanted a perfect femme cisles dom, and the failure to obtain one crushed their heart altogether.
They might go on and on about anxieties in approaching lesbian spaces, feeling like everyone stares them down when they try. Tbh I find it problematic that they’re usually not interested in ordinary female spaces, at all, and the talk about lesbian spaces always, aaaalways spirals down into dating. Pretty sorry for them tho.
Wouldn’t go that far, but /lgbt/’s general stance does come off as disturbingly obsessive and very unrealistic.

Anonymous 85070

>It’s because they simply cannot tell the difference between indirect and manipulative behavior
It's kind of a tangent but it reminded me, I really can't stand the way that men view crying for anything they don't see as worthy of crying over as automatically manipulative or bullshit. Obviously there are plenty of people who put on tears to be manipulative, but it's like just because men cry less easily due to social pressures and hormones they have 0 fucking empathy. I have never cried in front of other people because I wanted to, they just fucking come out.

Anonymous 85099

Anonymous 87884

It's quite viable to play moids and the state off of each other and play the victim and get away with it though. It's better to lie than to have direct confrontation, and it's also better with no warning, at least in my opinion. Every moid off the streets is a safer and better world.

Anonymous 87886

>this shit is still up

Anonymous 88597

Have yall seen this post about the tranny trying to introduce "his own vision" to the abortion sub

Anonymous 88598

Could you elaborate? The post is deleted

Anonymous 88619

nta but here

TL;DR: a mod of over 100 (mostly trans and furry) subs became the head mod of r/abortion by virtue of being there when the founder left. The mods actually running the sub asked the admins to remove him for inactivity and replace him with one of them who was an actual doctor. He threw a hissy fit and banned everyone except his clique(also inactive powermods of trans subs). He relinquished his power fearing another aimee challenor shitstorm the other day.

He is also the mod of r/trans who made this post defending aimee when the shitstom began

Anonymous 88623

I used to think I was ftm (as a way of coping with misogynistic beliefs I used to have), the thing that snapped me out of it was realizing that there's a good chance I'd end up bald and acne-ridden.

Anonymous 88624

>They wanted a perfect femme cisles dom, and the failure to obtain one crushed their heart altogether.
incel behavior

Anonymous 88642

Not just any old tranny, he's friends with Aimee Challenor, the tranny admin that got sacked recently.

Anonymous 88644

literally nauseating.

Anonymous 88645

When I read this thread, I get the distinct feeling that I'm in the early soviet union where people grumble about the secret police and that surely people will grow too tired and of accepting them any day now and start to resist en masse.

It should happen, but it's not going to happen. These people are the modern eunuchs, custom made servants. The christian priests who gave up a biological stake in the world in return for prestige. The ones who could be trusted to rule considerable domains, because they could not leave it to their children.

The added benefit this time around is that they are not against pillaging schemes that destroy social fabric over decades because they have no stake in the world past their lives.

The people that think corporations, that are almost monopolies and rapidly expanding towards being so due to the Rona, will suddenly have a change of heart when public opinion sways are in fantasy land. These eunuchs are their enforcers and serve multiple of their purposes.

First, it allows them to continue to push diversity, while fulfilling female quota's in male jobs like programming.
Second, it creates a class that permanently depend on drugs and their protection.
Third because eunuchs are simultaneously so dependant and on the other hand so broken inside, they are the perfect enforcers of whatever injustice needs to be done.

Every step of the way towards troonism was horrifying. Lili Elbe wanted to have children after becoming a woman. They tried a womb transplant. Died. David Rheims, forced into it and also forced into sex acts with his twin by John Money. Half the family committed suicide.

Every step of the way has been horrible and anyone involved closely could see it. Now it's mainstream. Do you think you're getting off this train? You are sorely mistaken.

Choo-choo-choo motherfucker the trans troon train is coming to town.

Anonymous 88647

troons are no more broken than any other flavor of male. it's how their being broken manifests itself that's different. almost all of them do risky shit that destroys their lives (often sex motivated as well). this is just a particularly bizarre manifestation of that same behavior

Anonymous 88675

oh shit I'm sorry for giving the wrong link. I meant to post this

Anonymous 88919

To be honest, the trannies who date men don't bother me. It's the trannies who think they're lesbians who really are pathetic/loser/scumbags.

Anonymous 88937


That's because you think that they are not gonna affect you as long as you don't have to date them. I personally find homosexual trannies to be the most pathetic ones and they paved the way for crossdressers (who in the past would keep their fetishes inside their homes) to be now considered women. It is an inevitable outcome that if "straight" trannies are women then so are "lesbian" trannies

Anonymous 89016

I feel the same way. The "lesbian" ones are absolutely insufferable and far more dangerous to women.

Anonymous 89042

I would rather there be 100 pathetic homosexual crossdressing moids than 1 predator who gains access to women's spaces.

Anonymous 89053


As I said, it is an inevitable outcome that if faggots like Blaire White get to be considered women, then so will AGPs. If faggots are allowed to go in female bathrooms, so will AGPs. I personally find it extremely outraging that those pathetic gay dudes with implants and forced and exaggerated mannerisms are unironically perceived to be women by everyone. I crave for human extiction ASAP whenever I see that people go the extent of saying stuff like "Wow they are more women than biological women!". It is even more vomit-inducing when it's women saying stuff like this in their never ending extreme pandering and submission to all males, even the most disgusting ones. Nobody actually sees AGPs as women, particularly because they often don't go out of their way to impersonate "femininity" in the most exaggerated and ridiculous ways. They are a byproduct of the low IQ gay crossdressers who have always insisted on being "women" and considered to be so by people and now they are invading female spaces because men have allowed faggots do it first.

Anonymous 89133

Not really related but I have a feminization kink. Men in dresses really give me a kick

Anonymous 97883


Do you love 100% androgynous people?

Anonymous 97885

No. Only freaks do

Anonymous 97886

If you have any photos of 100% androgynous people I'd like to make a judgement. I will say I find people like young Bjork or the picture of that old man that looks very feminine in his youth I see posted around here. Don't know if I'd describe them as "100% androgynous" though.

Anonymous 97888


nta but andrej pejic is the only example i could maybe think of. of course he had to go and troon out for no good reason

Anonymous 97894

Eh, could take it or leave it. Looks okay I guess.

Anonymous 97897

>the picture of that old man that looks very feminine in his youth
Positive you mean Björn Andrésen and those pictures are mainly from his role in Death in Venice (which is like an art fart huffer's male lolita). IIRC the role led to him being harassed by so many homo pedos that he became homophobic for a long time. His mother was absent and his grandmother sold him into the industry. Tragic; I can't wait for the documentary on his life.

Anonymous 102063

>obvious pawns/distractions/big pharma cashcows in retarded smoke-and-mirror culture war bullshit
>hordes of terminally online autistic men being groomed by cum-crusted degenerates into ending their own genetic line

I'll ask this: when's the media going to say the quiet part out loud?

Anonymous 102138

>impossible to fetishise
Oh, they'll find a way.

Anonymous 102204

I agreed with TERF talking points and I hated "TIMs" for the longest time but I can't continue with it. I've met and talked with some trans women and they are genuinely good people. Sad that the 5% of them that are rapey and creepy represent the rest. Change my mind.

Anonymous 102205

i have a hsts friend and love him dearly. doesnt change the fact that agps exist and make up a huge portion of trans males

Anonymous 102206

Hey anon we all have people near-and-dear to us that have been sucked into the delusions. A very small number of true transexuals do exist, and when men take the places of these people, and of women, leaving us with nowhere to get away from them, that can be scary to true-trans people, some of which end up becoming terfs out of desperation. terf just means trans-exclusionary feminist, and if you agree with the talking points, you probably agree men aren't women, and aren't who feminism should be spending resources on. Resources that should go to suffering children, not grown men seeking validation.

Anonymous 102207

samefag but by this I mean, don't hate anyone, just be compassionate to those that are suffering and truly being oppressed here, because Imagine being a suffering young 14 year old girl, homeless on her period? That was me. Imagine being a true transexual, unable to get help or access to the recourses you need, because they have all been taken by men with no right to that space? Let the true transexuals (very, very few) and little girls have a chance at an equitable future.

Anonymous 102217

this, also i already heard about a TiM that was would get "euphoria" from knitting.

Anonymous 102247

Holy shit, they really are that mentally ill that they fetishize fucking knitting.
Knitting was originally a men's activity anyways, it used to be considered manly and fishermen would knit their own complex colorwork sweaters.
It became a women's activity because it was considered the female housewive's job to provide clothing for her family, so the women would do the knitting.
Of course today it doesn't matter who knits or not, its more expensive to make your own clothes with fast fashion. Its kind of hard to come across men who knit still with the feminine history attached, well, men who aren't gay.
Anyways its kind of funny how they talk about destroying gender roles but by fetishizing things like knitting as womens activities it just reinforces it as an exclusively women's activity. I guess its because they never cared in the first place ablut women, just a fetish.
IMO everyone should at least have basic clothing mending skills.

Knit anyways, I knit and its really fun. Don't let the trannies repel you.

Anonymous 102264


What’s a “true” transsexual? What criteria does someone need to meet in order to be considered a “true” transsexual? How do we differentiate between “true” transsexuals and “false” transexuals?

Anonymous 102373

They may be good people, but that doesn't make them women.
Ask what makes them women. What is it that they can be as women that they cannot be as men? And if there's something like that, shouldn't we be working to change it?

As far as I can tell, there are three reasons a person would want to change genders:
1) Body dysphoria (these are the "true" transexuals that >>102206 is talking about)
2) Religious belief in sexist stereotypes (I can't be a man because I'm nurturing / want to wear a dress etc.)
3) Fetishization/AGP

None of these things make you a women. Even when it comes to the "true" transexuals… I can believe they are in pain, but I can't believe they're really women. There are other people with body dysphoria issues who want to cut off their limbs or cut off their fingers and whatnot; how are these people any different from those who want to cut off their genitals?

In short, you're right to not want to "hate" TIMs. We shouldn't hate anyone, and they're obviously in real physical pain. But you shouldn't believe their delusions, either.

We need to prove that we're better than our opposition by not giving into hate. We should pity them, while continuing to firmly work against them. Ours is not the movement driven by hate, after all: theirs is. They are the ones who hate gay people and are prone to explosions of rage at every turn. They are the ones trying to mutilate children. Once the world sees them for what they are, their days are numbered.

It's ironic. They think that they suffer from a lack of visibility, but they've actually thrived in it. Once their movement is dragged out into the light, with all their contradictions, people will see how sexist and insane they really are.

Anonymous 102478


What if the were an xxx or xxy, would you consider that transgender? What if they had no body dyspepsia and no desire to transition?


Anonymous 102480

Hey that was me, I should stress that no man is a woman just that there is a (minute) historical presence of transexuals in broader society, and there is no "true" - no one is born wrong, and for the world to say that to children after all these years of anti-prejudice is mindboggling

Anonymous 102499


What counts as being a tranny?
I am intersex and I've always been a genderfuck to people and I've presented as both male and female during childhood, but starting at around age 11-12 or so, I decided I wanted to go through female puberty, so I was put on HRT and I'm still doing it (I'm 23 now) and I consider myself female.

Do I count as a tranny, then? It kind of sucks because people couldn't tell my gender easily when I was a kid and they were confused, but now my face looks remarkably female and I do pass, but I still feel insecure about stuff like sex.
My genitals are just a mess, because I have a "penis" but it's very small and so are its balls, and then I have a vaginal canal underneath it. I'm just scared because I don't know what I'll do when I have sex, since I'm still a virgin. I am only attracted to guys.

I can have kids though, since I do have ovaries, so I like that, because I want to have kids in the future.

Anonymous 102500

what chromosomes do you have

Anonymous 102501


>My genitals are just a mess, because I have a "penis" but it's very small and so are its balls
>I can have kids though, since I do have ovaries
Not only are you telling me you're the first recorded "perfect hermaprhodite" in human history. You're telling me that you have two sets of gonads which is an anatomical impossibility?
I guess you're not a troon because you're just a LARPing moid presenting a literally impossible anatomic plan.

Anonymous 102502

So wait, do you actually have two set of functional gonads? And I imagine that more than a small penis you just have a big clitoris. Nevertheless, you are simply intersex and not trans I think.

Anonymous 102505


True hermaphrodites DO exist, but the posibility of both gonads working is not documented (i.e. it's impossible) and from what I gather from my doctor, my balls and penis are basically more aesthetic than anything and literally do not work.
That's kind of…me, I guess, but I don't have a big penis, like most people with this condition.
Answered to other anon.
Ovotesticular disorder, I am 46,XX/46,XY.
I guess this is "true hermaphroditism", but I don't like using that term on myself much, because I find "hermaphrodite" to be a bit degradding. However, I do ovulate, it's even documented that intersex people like me can give birth, but there are no documented cases of the male gonads ever working (i.e. a person that has ovotesticular disorder impregnating someone with ovaries), and the ovaries are usually the one that are more likely to function if you have this disorder.

Regarding the "clothes" issue and how I appeared as a genderfuck, it wasn't a mix of just my intersex condition, but also conditioning from family for me to either act male or female, and that's why I wore different clothes or acted differently when I was a kid, but I eventually settled on wanting to go through female puberty. You have to go on HRT because puberty can be mixed, it can be either male or female characteristics, or both. Your voice might deepen, you might develop secondary hair characteristics, or breasts, it really depends on the individual, so I settled on wanting to go through female puberty.

And also regarding ovotesticular disorder, it's more of a "condition" and can happen in XX individuals as well, I just also have screwed up chromosomes on top of that.

Anonymous 102506

I'd also like to add that for me personally, puberty was mixed and I had a slight beard growing and body hair on my arms and legs, and my voice started deepening a little bit, and I didn't want that, so I went on HRT to prevent further mix-mashing that I didn't want. I also had small boobs, but they really weren't growing that much and some faint female fat distribution (my hips were wider, for example).
I underwent hair removal on various parts of my body, as well, but even if I didn't, I'd mostly just have lighter body hair and have to spend time shaving a lot.

Anonymous 102508

I'd also like to add that for me personally, puberty was mixed and I had a slight beard growing and body hair on my arms and legs, and my voice started deepening a little bit, and I didn't want that, so I went on HRT to prevent further mix-mashing that I didn't want. I also had small boobs, but they really weren't growing that much and some faint female fat distribution (my hips were wider, for example).
I underwent hair removal on various parts of my body, as well, but even if I didn't, I'd mostly just have lighter body hair and have to spend time shaving a lot.

And yes, true hermaphroditism is very, very, incredibly rare and I am one of those individuals, but actual, like, "fiction" type true hermaphroditism, where both gonads function properly and the person can, say, impregnate someone or get impregnated themselves, does not exist. There have been no documented cases of it, ever in history.

So when people say that hermaphroditism does not exist, I love to say yes, but with an asterisk behind it that's complex to answer.

Anonymous 102509

>What ticks us terfs off is perfectly healthy people mutilating their own body to satisfy some perverted fantasies.
Well, I don't mind trans people much myself, and since I'm intersex, I've also gone to therapy groups and stuff with other intersex people and trans people, since I do take HRT and I have an endocrinologist for that.
Very few tranners get SRS, since it's extremely expensive and also complicated, so it's more of a meme rather than actual reality. Most tranners…keep their penises.

Idk, for me I've just always felt female and didn't wanna be a guy so it was an easy choice for me to go on HRT and I also do "pass" since I wasn't going through mix-mashed puberty long enough to become visibly a total mix of gender characteristics, or become visibly male (since I had more male stuff develop, like body hair and voice as I said already).

I feel like genuine medical conditions, even including transness, are buried beneath a mountainheap of politics that I'd rather not get into. I advise people to just go talk to their doctor and therapist to sort things out.

Anonymous 102510

>True hermaphrodites DO exist, but the posibility of both gonads working is not documented (i.e. it's impossible)
True hermaphrodites, by definition, can functionally produce a sperm and an egg. If you can not both produce a sperm (with a teste) and produce an egg (with an ovary) you are, by defintion, not a true hermaphrodite.
>That's kind of…me, I guess, but I don't have a big penis, like most people with this condition.
You having a penis, yes, possible, that's fine. You having balls and ovaries is literally impossible. The gonads are originally sexless during embryo development and then through hormone exposure become testicles or ovaries. i.e. if you have two, they must both become ovaries, both become testicles, or one becomes one and the other the other. You can't have a functional set of ovaries, and a set of balls, functional or not, as this would imply you started life with four gonads total, twice that of everyone else.

Anonymous 102512

I for one don't care what you do with your bodies but like if y'all gonna use it as a leverage or get a free pass for being a shitty person that's not it

Anonymous 102522

happy national women's equality day

Anonymous 103704

Way too many people with autism and Aspergers are getting wrongfully cross-diagnosed with gender dysphoria because of the vague as fuck definitions.

>Do you feel like a stranger in your own body?

That's literally something you feel with hardcore depression, and kids with autism describe the same feelings too.

Anonymous 103933

Normie women not only aren't willing to shoot back, but they reward violence and aggression of men.

Much delusion, most of shitty industries needed for modern civilization are run by man.
Good luck without plumbing and electricity.

Anonymous 103935


Anonymous 103939

I see nothing about asking for sources


I don't use discord

Anonymous 103948

That's intersex not trans, completely different thing.
It is infuriating that gender-fluids and trans use intersex to push their views on society.

Anonymous 104351


I used to be a major discord user/moderator in a decently big discord. The trans guys were ok (there was only 2 from what I remember), but every single trans girl without fail was either overly sexual, overly dramatic, or both. Needless to say while I still am for trans rights and whatnot I have a some transphobicness towards the "girls" now from all my bad experiences.

Anonymous 105605

The thing I find the most annoying and even kind of insulting about the whole stupid "ask people about their pronouns" idea is that 99% of the time people can tell immediately if a person is male or female. It's just innate, it's a reflex. Unless the person is completely androgynous and you're genuinely confused, you already know how to refer to them - he if they're a guy, she if they're a woman. Like I can't even believe I have to type this out because it's so fucking obvious lmao, but that's sadly the stage we're at these days - some retard looks at, say a woman, and already knows in their mind right away that it's a woman, but they ask to her face what pronouns to use. It just makes you look extremely stupid.

Anonymous 105607

>I still am for trans rights and whatnot
eww why

Anonymous 105609

>while I still am for trans rights
Thank fuck I'm not alone, but be careful, you don't wanna openly voice that opinion on here

Anonymous 105610

>Thank fuck I’m not alone
every media corporation and celebrity agrees with your opinion. women get death and rape threats for disagreeing. retard.

Anonymous 105612

I clearly meant "on this site", radlib. How about you learn the role of identity politics in the capitalist system before you seethe at anyone who isn't obsessed with trans people? You would be happier, maybe.

Anonymous 105614

>the role of identity politics in the capitalist system
No, I don’t think I will, psued.
If this website upsets you so much you can go to twitter or reddit, where everyone holds your generic crowd-pleasing beliefs

Anonymous 105615

Imagine being critical of "identity politics" and giving a single fuck about "trans rights", identity politics zombie extraordinaire.

Anonymous 105624

I'm not a TERF and never will be. I also won't leave this site. No, I am not male nor was I born with a penis. And I'm not the only woman around here who doesn't have anything against trans people, but they know that they can't say anything about it.
You people engage in identity politics all the time. Blaming men for everything or associating every negative trait ever to males, as well as treating MtF trans people as one of the biggest threats to women, having this sort of reverse incel mentality of us (females) vs. them (males). You choose to focus on the superficial aspects of the "trans craze" without thinking about what could possibly be behind it or what political purpose it could serve. That's also identity politics. Not to mention the hilariously stupid strawmans of trans people that live rent free in your head, which are a result of you spending so much time on here and other TERF circlejerks sharing cherry-picked screencaps.

The fact that I support "trans rights" doesn't mean that I think it's ok to have a "trans epidemic", I don't think it's healthy to encourage autogynephilia and gender dysphoria, but then again I also think gender roles are mostly bullshit and that this trans phenomenon is a result of other things that I'm not going to go into detail here. Saying that I "support trans rights" means that I see them as fellow people, even if they are mentally ill, that I don't care about gender shit because there is no point in being divided by that (idol) when we all struggle to survive in the system, and trans people deserve the medical treatment that works best for them; it doesn't mean that I think they're "real women", that they should all be allowed to go into women's bathrooms, or that transgenderism should be promoted among people who really have no reason to transition (such as autistic guys or men who don't feel like real men because they don't fit gender stereotypes or because they think they're not manly enough to be a "Chad" and get women to fuck them).
Also, the support for trans people on mainstream media is obviously fake as fuck, like every other kind of supposed support to minority groups in woke capitalism, and I don't give a fuck about rich fucks, including trans celebrities. And yes, I acknowledge that many self-described "trans girls" these days are predators, and they should be treated as such. I can't really say that on Twitter, can I?
I really don't care about the psychology or biology behind it, and I accept that the concept we have of genders will be over soon, whether you like it or not.

Please stop exploding whenever someone voices a different opinion, because it might be more nuanced than you think. Neither the world nor individuals are black and white.

Also, anyone can get death and rape threats for anything. You think pro-trans users on Twitter don't get them too?

Anonymous 105628

You are either mentally damaged or critically overdosed on copium. Male and female are not "identities", they are categories rooted in objective reality. Being "trans" however is 100% an invented "identity" and only became relevant like 3 minutes ago, in the whole course of history. You can't be critical of identity politics while awarding an ounce of credibility to anything "gender" related. With that said, anyone who is seriously critical of idpolitics does not use it as cop out to avoid criticism of anything else that is based in reality, which is what you are doing.
>without thinking about what could possibly be behind it or what political purpose it could serve.
kek oh boy

Anonymous 105675

trans rights activism is the purest form of identity politics that exists. Most identity issues have some material condition at the base (sex is a material condition, race is a material condition, being gay is a material condition etc). Gender identity is 100% ideology, if Marx were alive he'd have a field day with it.
>it doesn't mean that I think they're "real women", that they should all be allowed to go into women's bathrooms, or that transgenderism should be promoted among people who really have no reason to transition (such as autistic guys or men who don't feel like real men because they don't fit gender stereotypes or because they think they're not manly enough to be a "Chad" and get women to fuck them).
KEK you don't support trans rights then. In fact what you wrote is basically what JK rowling believes. Sorry to break it to you but you are a terf in their eyes

Anonymous 105676


Shhhhh, they still need to feel oppressed

Anonymous 105684

>Violence rules the world. It always has and always will. Our species has been caving in the heads of each other and other animals from day one. Don't hate the players, hate the game. We are the top species because we mastered the art of organized violence.

Violence only started to rule the world after humans showed up, animal 'violence' is nowhere near as malicious because they do what they need to survive, no more no less

Anonymous 105687

Nooo what do you mean, what she said is completely reasonable and people (especially troons) totally wouldn't skin her alive for saying that and accuse her of being against trans rights

It's us who are the problem, since we make fun of degenerate troon behavior and how they dig their own graves (literally and figuratively)

Anonymous 105689

>Violence only started to rule the world after humans showed up, animal 'violence' is nowhere near as malicious because they do what they need to survive, no more no less
Is killing babies so you can impregnate the female something they do for survival? Because even the scumiest of human moids rotting away in prison abhore child murders.

Anonymous 105690

Survival of their genes? yes, absolutely.
>Because even the scumiest of human moids rotting away in prison abhore child murders.
Do they? I've heard prison moids don't care much about it anymore, but that's what I've heard i have no sources.
Then again, aren't child murderers and rapists the scummiest moids? If we aren't taking into account world leaders of course.
See I don't think human child murderers do it because they want their genes to survive. I'm now actually curious what's the reason(s) behind murdering children is

Anonymous 105692

So moids can mass rape women to ensure their genes get passed on and it's justified, right? In 4 "rape is different", guess what is even MORE prevalent in the animal kingdom than infanticide.

Anonymous 105693

Haven't been following this conversation but I heard that when child molesters go to prison, they often get targeted for abuse by other prisoners because many of them were abused as children themselves. From what I gathered, even a lot of really scummy prisoners drew the line at actively harming children.

Anonymous 105694

Is it really more prevalent? Like, in the whole animal kingdom rather than a select number of species? Like not just dolphins or ducks

I guess i forgot to add that most animals don't have have the same level of
awareness as humans do or at least it's not entirely observable e.g. would a cat be able to know to avoid hunting endangered bird species because it's wrong to drive animals to extinction?

Anonymous 105909

I'm doing another online class where most post profile pics on the class homework site (canvas). It's just tranny in the haystack when someone uses they/them. Theres at least one in every class.

Anonymous 105946

>b-but you just don't get it!

Anonymous 105948

gtfo tranny

Anonymous 105954

gender euphoria does not exist the way you think it does. It is the same as fasting-euphoria for anorexics, cutting-euphoria for cutters or plastic-surgery-euphoria for people with BDD. It is not a feeling people just get, it is a manifestation of their severe mental illness and it should not be pursued or incentivized.

Anonymous 106144

Sex isn't determined by chromosomes. It's determined by gametes. No matter how many chromosomes you have, doctors can still categorize you as either a man or a woman. You're either evolved to produce ova or spermatozoa.

I actually have intersex friends who are annoyed by this. Trans people are constantly pressuring them to say that they're trans, and calling them transphobes if they refuse. It's despicable. They're tired of getitng lumped in like this.

Intersex conditions aren't the counterargument that you think they are.

Anonymous 106922

I think it is just wonderful whenever one of them offs xirself.

Anonymous 106925

>It's determined by gametes
The ones you produce?
>You're either evolved to produce ova or spermatozoa.
And if you have an intersex condition that prevents you from producing either? Streaked gonads are quite common and can't produce either.

To further explore the topic, how do your intersex friends feel about genitalia surgery on infants to fix ambiguous genitalia? Obviously if your sex is determined by the gametes you produce you should just fix that right up at birth right?

Anonymous 106941

> the ones you produce?
> And if you have an intersex condition that prevents you from producing either?
Doctors can still identify you as male or female. There's still karyotype, presenting genitalia, your internal reproductive structures, the gonadal tissue, and your hormone production.

I haven't asked him how he feels about that. But it probably depends on the circumstance. There are probably some circumstances where infant gential surgery is justified, and others where it is not, and it would better be to let the kid decide later in life.

Anonymous 106950

>The ones you produce?
The ones your body developed around to produce. It is always possible to identify which.
Streak gonads are extremely uncommon actually. Mixed gonadal dysgenesis happens in about 1 to 20,000 births. You can identify which sex they are by testing for SRY gene activation and histology to see which gonad is more developed.
Women with this condition have given birth. Guess how we know they are women.

Anonymous 106951

Also sorry for samefagging but xxx and xxy are not ambiguous at all. X trisomy is common and resuls in normal women, it is even underdiagnosed because they don't notice it. XXY is Klinefelter syndrome which affects only men. They are men with some health issues like propensity to obesity and small penises but they are obviously unambiguously men.
Chromosomes alone not determine sex like >>106144 said but if they did, it would be "presence of Y = man". So all the combinations troon sex deniers bring up are irrelevant and easy to classify.

Anonymous 107206

Anonymous 107207

I really don't give a shit about all this "scientific" bullshit, and studies are all bullshit most of the time anyway. No offense, but I think women should be more worried about other women and not some mentally ill man who appropriates and bastardizes your gender. I understand some other women are just kind people and mean well, but you should really form your own opinions and think more critically about it. Newsflash, Men don't need your help, they create their own problems and blame women for it and then expect women to "fight" for them. I think men should fight for actual women for once and then maybe we can talk.

Trannies aren't women, will never be women, and if they have problems, they can look to other men to help them with it. Women have enough of our own problems, most of them, if not all, created by men.

Anonymous 107221

>and others where it is not, and it would better be to let the kid decide later in life.
What is there to decide? We "know" which the child is at that time, no?

Anonymous 107223

>sex isn't determined by chromosomes
>just check what genes the person has

I am sensing a contradiction here.

Anonymous 107224

>There's still karyotype, presenting genitalia, your internal reproductive structures, the gonadal tissue, and your hormone production.
Funny you mention this because I was in a psychology class and this was used as a point in favor of troons and their "points", not against them.

Anonymous 107237

there is no contradiction, chromosomes are not the same thing as genes. Genes can mutate, be switched on or off or be transported from one chromosome to another. There can be XX males and XY females because of gene s crossig over from Y to X. Troons can't into science.

Anonymous 107238

I forget, which chromosome is the SRY gene on?

Anonymous 107260

Interesting. What was their argument?

Anonymous 107315

Y. In rare times can cross over to X.

Anonymous 107325

>a massive crossover
it's literally just a gene.
>a new species
wat. Swyer syndrome and de la Chapelle syndrome exist and result in regular humans with a clearly identifiable sex, no binaries destroyed. Stop giving troons reason to use scientific concepts to justify their mental illness and sex denialism.

Anonymous 107328

Troons are regular ass males with XY chromosomes. They only ever bring up intersex conditions to confuse people about what sex is and distract from the fact that they are male through and through. Most normies don't know anyting about it so they just go with it. It's why it's important to keep scientific retardation to a mininum.

Anonymous 107343

They're good. I don't care what most bitter people say. I'd never be with a trans person but they make great girlfriends

Anonymous 107421

dial 8

Anonymous 107431

One one hand, trannies are always mentally ill and/or coomers and will never be the sex they identify as, nor should their "gender identities" even be entertained. People who come here to scream TWAW and whine about the mean tervies are just wasting their time, if you want asspats for virtue signaling then you have entire mainstream social media sites for that.
On the other hand, tervies (as in actual radfems, not just anyone troons don't like) are also annoying neurotic spergs and literally woketards in all but one aspect. Many of them are also into woowoo shit and will babble on about "divine female energy" and look down on women they don't deem "womanly enough".
And do, I'm not "alt-right" or "trad" either. Those are just another brand of insanity.

Anonymous 107467

>One one hand
Those things are on the same hand. The actual other hand contains TERFs that see the term as a slur and don't use it, nor do they post online. Trannydom is classic fanatical testeria, and will die in time.

Anonymous 107470

>fanatical testeria
I can't find a definition for this word. Did you mean hysteria?

Anonymous 107471

it's like hysteria but specifically male since the word hysteria itself comes from the ancient greek word for uterus and "female hysteria" as a diagnosis has been used for centuries to demean women and dismiss their thoughts

Anonymous 107472

>nor do they post online

Anonymous 107919

Mods delete this

Anonymous 107937

Delete what?
Did you forget to reply to something?

Anonymous 108931

Wouldn’t describe myself as a TERF, but… it’s insane how they just one day got ”promoted” from 3rd gender to a woman, just by inviting themselves into our spaces, described in violent detail what they’re going to do to ciswomen who question them (despite moids being more of a threat to them), and silently took over all the positions of authority by all means possible, just to target ciswomen and especially lesbians.
I mean, there has always been elitism in lesbian circles, just like in gay male circles. Just like in every circle that isn’t some meaningless fakehappy yuppie gathering. It’s ingrained in human nature. Even their own circles have some hierarchies between truscum and whatever.
Yet ours is suddenly unacceptable, and suddenly everyone just agreed to go on an impossible mission to purge all elitism. What?

Anonymous 108932

It’s also really suspicious how organized it is. Not saying it’s a conspiracy, but it could be one.
This takeover has been extremely rapid and smooth. It’s just eerie.
And if there was nothing wrong with their ideas about gender, why aren’t we allowed to question it in any way? Why must we be driven out, hunted down, and killed for it?

Anonymous 108960

Real answer - New world order shit.
Fake answer - We're progressive how dare you not accept that feminine cock!
Real answer - Another way to subjugate women and dominate them in their own spaces while maintaining the illusion of safety and equality.
Fake answer - OMG don't you know that the amount of social pressure they face is deadly? They're the real heroes for even having been born, you bigot!

Anonymous 108961

this is fucking nightmarish. I feel so bad for these vulnerable girls and boys that get sucked into the trans community with rose colored glasses as teenagers who see it as a stark contrast from their abusive homelife and end up reinforcing their own mental illness over and over again until they take drastic genuinely psychotic irreversible medical decisions like this. It blows my fucking mind. I know in a way they did it to themselves but I can't help but feel nothing but overwhelming pity.

Anonymous 108981

>Another way to subjugate women and dominate them in their own spaces while maintaining the illusion of safety and equality.
It might be the reason why it goes so smoothly.

Anonymous 110311


What would you say?

Anonymous 110315


Ideally, a "kys" and block would suffice but dont wanna lose my job and be doxxed by the astroturf webtr00ns

Anonymous 110318

not even a lesbian and id tell him to fuck off

Anonymous 111114


Anonymous 112031

My friend recently got out of a relationship with an obvious AGP, thank fucking god. He would call himself a lesbian and also find the "misogyny" he experienced to be validating. I am so fucking glad shes away from him and I can make fun of him freely. Transbians are so vile, she deserves so much better. Part of me wonders how she even found him attractive, he made no effort to even appear to be a woman other than half dyed pink hair.

Anonymous 112095

>I fuckself think using fuck as a pronoun is a good idea!
and another one
>using your favorite editor as a pronoun

Anonymous 112202


They always tell on themselves when "cis" women aren't around

Anonymous 112210

>I'm not going into your spaces
>is literally in our space

Anonymous 112213

I know you love posting CP in the one space where women don't coddle you but /lgbt/ can probably validate you more

Anonymous 112214

>I'm not going into your spaces
>uhh akshually the internet is not your safe space and i can com here and shit up your board whenever i want
Hypocritical tranny, do you even have self-awareness? You will never ever be a real woman, and you will never have children either.
The only issue with this place are trannies like you, and the fact that the site is understaffed and there are not enough mods.

Anonymous 116306

>t.larping moid

Anonymous 116331

>intersex out
Intersex people are always male or female. Female intersex sufferers are allowed here.

Anonymous 116353

"differences of sexual development" is considered the correct term. the thing about intersex is that it's a condition, a male with klinefelters is not less male because he has an extra chromosome and breasts, same with a female born with an androgen intolerance or missing uterus. they're disorders, that doesn't make them bad but a lot of intersex/DSD people i know have terrible health issues as a result of being developed different.

Anonymous 116441

"not bad" meant "they're not bad people for having a health condition"

Anonymous 117302

trap waifus.jpg

How do I convince my friends that I'm not worse than Hitler and Stalin because I don't think transgender women are women?
I'm tired to pretend that I'm not gender critical, but the Internet is the only place I can be myself…

Anonymous 117306

Get friends who aren’t handmaidens?

Anonymous 117328


Anonymous 117329

Don't they understand that it devalues women? Everything we've fought for to be who we are, and accepted as women. We've fought for our spaces, our places in sports. And now any man can take that away for himself.
They are just another man taking our spaces, taking our sports, mansplaining what womanhood is. Now they can get the loans and scholarships and grants that we fought to get for women. We fought to get it all for us.

Im with you. Its really really hard to pretend they are the same as me. They aren't. Every day I see it more and more like sexual appropriation.

Anonymous 117330

I agree, but the term makes people who have the chromosomal or birth defect, feel better.
Its one thing to have a birth defect to another part of your body, even to your face. Because a birth defect to your face doesn't undermine who you are, even if it makes you feel ugly.
But a birth defect to your genitals, and having deformed genitals probably can undermine your whole sense of who you are supposed to be.
The problem is, the Trans community use it as justification for themselves. They don't have anything like a birth defect like intersex, but they hijacked it to push their own acceptance.

Anonymous 117338

I don't understand how it could be appropriation. For comparison, cultural appropriation is "taking" components from a culture and using them in different contexts, in either a derogatory or fetishistic manner. Notice that to "take" requires the component to be a part of the relevant culture. Meanwhile the only thing a troon "takes" from women is either cultural symbols of stereotypical femininity (dresses, make-up, etc.) or, and this is probably what you are complaining about, they instead inject themselves into female-spaces. That is more akin to "sexual colonialism" rather than "sexual appropriation". Unless you think wearing a dress or putting on make-up "belongs" to women?

Anonymous 117349

what are your friend's opinion on feminists like chimamanda ngozi? she did a speech on why "transwomen are transwomen" aka not women but something different, in a way i think it rational and accessible to people who aren't hardcore gender critical

NTA but i think the issue is that "self id" lets any man who says he's a transwoman be allowed into segregated safety places like rape shelters and dressing rooms, sports, etc. (note: i don't think transwomen on hormones/got surgery should be allowed either, they need to make their own space)

women don't have a monopoly on cultural things like makeup and dresses but a lot of men, transgender-identified or not, think those are inherent aspects to a woman (i've seen some men say that "drag queens are better at looking like women that actual women"…)

Anonymous 117354


Is anyone here familiar with the first matrix? It has a scene where agent Smith has Morpheus bound up in a chair and he's attempting to describe humanity as a species comparing us to a virus. I was thinking about how the wachowski brothers are now the wachowski sisters or some bullshit like that during the scene. So, with that in mind Smith's speech kind of clicked in my head in a different way. It made me realize how he feels about humans is exactly how I feel about all this forced inclusivity bullshit with trans people. I just. Want. Out.

Anonymous 117355

i've never seen the matrix (shockingly) but i really want to watch it soon enough to see what it's like from a gender-critical perspective and to see if it's any good by itself if you ignore the last-minute declaration that it was a trans metaphor all along.

in the book "trans" by helen joyce, apparently the trinity character is supposed to represent how trans people need validation for their identity? and that kind of made me laugh, since of COURSE the woman is the one who is doing that

Anonymous 117356


I don't want to color your opinion going into it fresh so I'll just say it does hold up story wise and it really has no feelings of any transgenda story wise. Lots of good action. I recall Switch was (allegedly planned) to be Male IRL but Female in The Matrix. I'm assuming you know the basic concept of the Matrix so Essentially, your image in The Matrix is your residual self image. The mind's idea of how it should look or whatever. The implications of said plot point would have been terrible. Everyone else looks as they do IRL minus clothes and hair in the film so it wouldn't make sense for just 1 to be so different.

Tbh the whole "it was about trans" feels like some hail Mary for publicity and woke shit.

Anonymous 122127

>How much of a bad tranny am I? Do I hurt you guys (actual women) by existing?
That depends.
Do you protest to shut down our womens-only spaces, our rape crisis centers, do you advocate to integrate prisons?
What about our spas, our baths, our support groups, our AA meetings?
Does the contemporary women's sports discussions matter to you?
Do insist on reducing us to our biological functions, using terms like vagina-havers, womb-holders, menstruators?
Do you see your and my experience of womanhood as analogous, mirrored and exchangable?
Do you take up our resources, do you schedule gynecological appointments?
Do you spread medical misinformation under the guise of 'educating'?

I see no threat in your existence, I see the threat to women's livelihoods in the pervasive and damaging ideology that some trans people spread and venerate. Transwomen are transwomen.

Anonymous 122128

>Do I hurt you guys (actual women) by existing?
Yes. You are not a woman, stop calling yourself one. Stay out of women's spaces. Don't pretend to know what any real woman's life is like.

Anonymous 122295

>I see no threat in your existence, I see the threat to women's livelihoods in the pervasive and damaging ideology that some trans people spread and venerate. Transwomen are transwomen.
i didn't see that TIM's post but this is basically the whole point. i know most people here have an issue with transgenderism itself, which i understand, but a lot of women who used to be or still are liberal didn't care about this culture war because it didn't affect them, and it didn't affect their rights as women.

i've said this in other threads but for example i don't inherently hate religious people like christians, i find their beliefs nonsensical and even regressive in some aspects, but i'm not going to control what thoughts they have, and i don't care if they pray in private or go to church every sunday, that's not my business. but i do hate fundamentalists, i hate christians who try to make their belief the law, ban abortion and teaching evolution in school (which happened in my state), get offended when people say "happy holidays" instead of "merry christmas" or have a different religion than them, brainwash kids, et cetera. i used to be the only girl at school who wasn't a christian and people would try to change my mind by guilt-tripping me, treating me like i'm stupid and needed to read the bible more for proof that they're correct, trying to make me go to church with them and "be saved" because it made them sad to see a nice person like me be destined go to hell. that's honestly what about the transgender debate that feels so familiar now, i don't care if people have their "genders", i find that to be sexist but i can't stop their beliefs, but they force other people (and children who will believe anything) to cater to their worldview, and they try to force it into law.

Anonymous 122567

It's fine as long as they don't get pissy if someone doesn't want to date them or are not allowed in certain religions/religious places

Anonymous 122572

>distorting the very meaning of womanhood is “fine”
You have a lot to learn.

Anonymous 122580


Im a troon. An ftm or tif or whatever. I secretly agree with most terf ideology and my mom is a terf and I love her dearly. Most ftms who don't spend all day on social media are pretty chill. I don't wanna be that person butttt, we're not all freaks, at least we're not as freakish as most trannys. I don't really know what replies this will get but I can take whatever. I've suffered a lot of bullying because of my lifestyle and I don't expect you all to take kindly to me.

Anonymous 122583

Hi anon. If you agree with TERF ideology, why transition?

Anonymous 122584

That's the thing. It really feels involuntary and I hate myself for it. I want so badly to just be female but It feels impossible. I feel like at this point my only escape from this is suicide. It would be a good thing because trans people are just a waste of air

Anonymous 122586

What do you mean by impossible? What's your view on what it means to be female? IMO it doesn't and shouldn't mean shit besides a biological existence. Is it just a feeling of inexplicable disgust around your body (I can definitely understand that)?
I can't speak for other posters, but I don't think trans people are a waste of air. I just hate the whole "gender as a social position" structure and all the delusional, entitled men forcing their shit on women and making them unsafe.

Anonymous 122588

How scrotes attitude to you changed before and after?

Anonymous 122589

Yes funny enough, I actually feel even more nervous around men now BECAUSE they are treating me as if I am socially raised male when I was socially raised female. It's a nice feeling but I don't know how long it will take to adjust. I don't really feel any less in danger around them but I didn't transition for anyone but me so overall I try and just focus soley on myself.

Anonymous 122591

I can never understand what the fuck trannies are talking about when they say shit like this. We don’t “feel” like women. You don’t “try” to be a woman. You are one, and you never stopped being a woman. This is more of a societal infection. You focus heavily on gender and standards of how a woman should be because of how you were socialized. And a lot of us experience similar things in terms of not meeting the “image” of how women are represented in media, or how a woman is just a thing that has long hair and pops out babies. Well yeah, no one fucking relates to that. It’s a moid image of how we should be, but we shouldn’t be anything but ourselves. You say you tried hard to be a woman, but you don’t understand that you have been trying to be something that has nothing to do with being female. And now, taking hormones to be a man, well it doesn’t change that. You are a confused individual, but it isn’t your fault. Frankly I don’t think anyone here hates ftms genuinely. When we talk about hating trannies we’re talking about the male ones, because they try to infiltrate female spaces and sexually abuse women.

Anonymous 122593

i truly hope you become at peace with your biological sex one day

Anonymous 122594

she said female, not woman. i think she's probably the form of trans that actually suffers from dysphoria. which sucks, but it's good that she isn't going the aiden route and pretending that she could ever be male

i wish you luck, . dysphoria sucks. my own was innately connected to how i saw a "woman" and my body in relation to that (stereotypes basically) but once i got over it, i started to feel so much better. it's different for everyone of course, and i hope you find out how to be at ease with yourself.

Anonymous 122595

Female and woman are the same thing. And “dysphoria” in relation to not “feeling” like the sex you are is a retarded concept because no one “feels” like a certain sex, they just are. You can only not “feel” like an idea of what you should be, but “feeling” like a man is not something anyone, especially not men, feel in reality.

Anonymous 122596

>Female and woman are the same thing.

anon i get that, but usually troons and aidens say that they "feel" like a man or a woman. and, i'm pretty sure that when they say that, they're aligning themselves with (vague) stereotypes, because in their mind's eye gender and sex are NOT related. it's rare for troons these days to say shit like "i hate my sex". you almost never, ever see that. it's almost always "i hate my gender".

now, there are people out there however who experience actual, sex-based dysphoria; that's a mental illness that actually exists. i feel it's on the same level as people feeling they need to cut, or anorexics wanting to starve themselves to get their "perfect body". let's not deny things that are real.

there actually used to be a large division between people who were "transtrenders" and people who were "truscum/transmedicalist (go google it if you don't know)" but as you can see, it has more or less been eaten up by "anyone can be twans for any reason uwu"

Anonymous 122597

I am aware of these concepts but the trannies who call themselves “dysphoric” or claim to be biologically different are no more legitimate than the transtrenders. They’re both just people larping as the opposite sex. And it was exactly my point that trannies don’t “identify” with the image of how their sex should be, rather than the sex itself. Because it is not possible to identify with your sex anymore than it makes sense for me to say, “I don’t identify as a brown-eyed person.” You can dislike your eyes, or your body (as is the case with most anorexics), but you cannot “identify” with these things because they are biological realities and not identities.

Anonymous 122607

>"we're not all freaks!"
>posts notoriously disgusting tranny drawing
Not helping your case anon. And now this shit will be on the front page all day.
I don't get this common theme of degeneracy among trannys. Gross graphics, phrases like "girl dick" etc. It's fucking nauseating

Anonymous 122608


Anonymous 122612

In the tranny movement, rearaging the meaning of what makes a woman and womanhood is in big play.
A lot of Trans Rights Activists think that nothing can identify what is a woman, and that gender is fluid, and thus creating a pervesion of the meaning of womanhood.
Also lately I've seen a lot of trannies say that in fact womanhood can be just a feeling and if a man troons out to be a "woman" there's nothing wrong with it.
Believe me I can burry you with images of stupid things trannies said, but posting images right now is locket so wait a while.

Anonymous 122613

>Gross graphics, phrases like "girl dick" etc. It's fucking nauseating
I remember a tweet from a tranny saying: If you're a TERF and don't believe trans women are real women, please go choke on a girl's dick.
Also a tranny was selling "normalise girl's bulge" T-shirts.

Anonymous 122625

Personally I think many women are too nice to troons, especially in day to day circumstances. I know it's partially fear of being attacked and maimed by some half-roided out fetishists. I hate mtfs, I have 0 sympathy for their plight, they do it to themselves. I do sympathize with ftms for obvious reasons. I don't consider them in the same league. Their issues reflect women's issues at large, regardless of whether they consider themselves as such. I don't care how unassuming of an mtf you are, dawning some shit tween girl fashion and acting like you're pure sunshine snowflake doesn't dissuade that your ilk are infiltrating women's spaces. You come crying on threads like these about how you're one of the good ones instead of standing up to your cohorts. So no, absolutely don't care about any one of you, you're just another example of the nice guy in cheap tights and dollar store lipstick.

Anonymous 122626

i don't have a problem with transpeople who are aware of their sex. dysphoria is a mental disorder and i don't hate people for being mentall ill as long as they don't force people to coddle them (which many transpeople do with pronouns, but a small few don't). i may not agree with pharma and surgeries (but i do urge people to read more about genital surgeries since they always turn out awful) but i also can't stop other people from pursuing it. this site probably isn't the place for you though, unless you detrans

woman=female, but gender=gender roles, so the idea of "woman" to most people involves the gender role of performing femininity and submissiveness and whatnot. it's a horrible and sexist idea but a lot of women including me internalized it (i didn't become a tranny though)

>there actually used to be a large division between people who were "transtrenders" and people who were "truscum/transmedicalist
i agree with you and i used to support the truscums but i realized that they're not so different than the "trenders" and are almost worse, since while the trenders were annoying, they were treating trans like a new emo phase (which it was) and understand that gender roles are dumb (they just went about it in the wrong way and made up a million new ones), truscum believe they are born with a man's brain in a woman's body - which makes no sense. it's been shown in brain scans that there are some differences but there's a bigger overlap. also if a a woman was born with a man's brain wouldn't that trigger some kind of intersex puberty when she became of age? it just doesn't make sense

Anonymous 122636

Truscums are even more crazy then trenders. They try so hard to pretend like they're more legitimate and smart but their logic is even more confusing. And you still have to be careful with your words around them. Its funny because they are treated the same way as terms but won't dare be GC and you still have to watch what you say around them.

last time I checked alot of FtMs are truscum, too.
If only this whole movement stayed as a mental illness so we could better figure out the real issues which is gender roles?
I think gender and sex are the same, because its tied to it. But I am confused when people try to separate it.

Anonymous 122637

I think she means that womanhood is defined by your biological sex, having been born with a vagina, a womb, etc.
Men (troons) are trying to appropriate womanhood by changing its meaning entirely. See: >>122613

Anonymous 122640

AYRT i think one thing that made me question the truscums is that they were so insistent that they were born transgendered - sure, some mental illnesses are inborn, so if we lived in a world with no gender roles or fetish porn or oppression, we might have some people who still have body dysphoria (just for different reasons and they would be a real minority), but the transition part is something you DO, not something you ARE. so the idea that there's a minority of people who NEED to be lifelong pharma patients and have body parts chopped off seems very suspicious to me

Anonymous 122648

I have no real sympathy for trannies. They are like many mentali ill people. They know that something is wrong with them but instead of trying to face it they choose the easier way.
Ftm are the same for me like mtf.
Some ftm have a hard live or were being assaulted therefore hate their weak sex. Parents always play a big role too.
But some have just brain rott , because they consumed too much yaoi porn. Futojis are the worst

I got told so many times from trannies, that I have it easy because I like living in my own body. Therefore I don't have the right to tell them anything. Yes Ftm and Mtf alike.
That I absolutely despite my body and myself for over 21 years, doesn't count. That I hated my female body so much I considered chopping of my own breasts and removing my own uterus (hell even considered suicide), all fake feelings.
I am stil working hard to get the feeling of indifferente towards my body and myself. I probably have to do that my whole life.
But at least some trannie can get surgery paid by the government or their hormone treatment even thou Woman with hormon problems have to wait ages or don't even get it.
They cry wolf but are some of the safest and coddled people I know.
They already have human right, but they want more.

sorry for the rant and probably many mistakes, I am on the phone and anger always makes me write bad.

Anonymous 122671


pooneranon here, I don't identify as truscum nor trender. I think I just hate myself. I think most people hate some aspect of their body, it's only natural when you live in it everyday of your life. I don't expect sympathy when I was the one who posted on a forum such as this one. I just felt like sharing my POV. I don't really know what to do, I'm young and afraid and confused, I just want to be happy and if it means going down the trans rabbit hole further oh well. I feel stuck and hesitant

And you're allowed to be angry. I do agree that women's health is always neglected, that their issues are always minimized. I don't blame you for this hatred. I just know that gender dysphoria is mental illness, some people will take medication for said illness. So how are hormones any different than that? I am a minor (so i probably will not be welcomed here) and have to pay for everything myself. I am not supported financially and I think it's best that way. My mom is a TERF but also loves me unconditionally so I think over time she's sort of given up on pushing back. My dad is a soyboy ultra lib moid and my he and my stepmom were overly giddy about me being trans. I think he was excited to have another box checked off on what makes him so significant. I hate my father and I think because of that I want to be a better version of him. You probably dont want to hear my life story so I won't get into detail but he wasnt very good to me when I was little for many reasons. As I type this I think I have some issues to work through. I think you ladies might be right. I think I will discuss this issue with my therapist and see what he thinks. Thank you if you took the time to read this.

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>I just know that gender dysphoria is mental illness, some people will take medication for said illness. So how are hormones any different than that?
Imagine giving an anorexic medication to decrease their appetite, instead of therapy and an SSRI. think logically.

>I am a minor (so i probably will not be welcomed here)

welcomed is irrelevant. you have to be 18 to post here.

should have guessed that you're a child, your reasoning is not well thought out. it's hard being a woman especially a young one. don't do anything you'll later regret.

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im in a big server for this hobby. its an extremely male dominated hobby, so it was to my surprise when i saw people who claimed to be female in the chat for the arcade i go to. they seemed like they were way better than me too so i was excited. anyways i go to the arcade and theres an obvious MTF playing and i make the connection. i now have full confidence the other(s) are MTFs as well. sigh.

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find a detransitioner forum, not here

implying SSRIs work, lmao. giving people who are depressed because of their circumstances mind and body altering meds and giving people who body image issues from society hormones are two sides of the same coin, why is one form of pharma good, but the other isn't?

Anonymous 122677

I hate trannies.

Anonymous 122678

>implying SSRIs work, lmao. giving people who are depressed because of their circumstances mind and body altering meds and giving people who body image issues from society hormones are two sides of the same coin, why is one form of pharma good, but the other isn't?
never said SSRIs work. think for a second retard: I'm only talking about what they intend to treat.
-giving an anorexic appetite suppressants would be playing into their body dysmorphia, like giving hormones to a tranny. it goes along with their make believe.
-SSRIs are meant to improve your mood. that's why it's a common treatment for anorexics; you treat the mood, not try to help them achieve whatever image it is they're after.

my point is that saying "hurr durr other mental illnesses get drugs, therefore I should get hormones that change me to the other sex!" is some naive-ass apples to oranges shit

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I am the ano from >>122648
I thank you for telling me your story. It seems like you search for something and on an anonymous board it is easier to talk your stuff from your soul so tell.
I am angry yes, but I am not blind from it.
You said you hate yourself and that your father was horrible to you. So you kind of want to be a better version of him.
There is a lot to unpack here,a lot that a good therapist can help you. If you are a minor as you say, you are still in puberty. That is also a big factor. Over 80% of kids with gender dysphoria will grew out of it.
If you want, I can search for the study to show you, so you know I don't talk out of my butt.

You seem to want to be hated, that you are bad. Maybe that is why you try to get this, so you have a hope of better and can be hated. From your mom or from strangers on image board.
You say you love your mom but you call her a TERF. Which is kind of confusing for me. Why not say that she is mot so on board with your idea, or a tamer description? Why try to do a her vs. me stand?

I am not a doctor but I know not to screw around with hormones. I am kind of against the pill because it is not good for the body. But it helps a lot of woman and girls so I kind of have to accept it.
That is why I am so against it. I am also against cosmetic surgery overall, that is why I am against gender surgery.

I am just a random person here, so my word has no weight. There is too much people not being honest or trolls on the internet.
But I would love for you to sit down, or walk around when you can think better that way, and anyaslye why you hate yourself. Not just a I hate myself because i am bad. Or I deserve to be hated. No I want a big essay, with reasons. If you say: "I hate myself because I am weak." You have to think why do I think I am weak. Why do I wish to be strong. What type of strength do I wish?
Why do you want to transition? Why do you desire that? Do you just want to be someone else and why? Do you want to escape yourself?

Do you understand what I mean?
I think it is up most important to know where this feelings come and why. Knowledge is power, if we understand a Problem we can work on it.
If we know where wishes, desires or feelings root we can work with and on it.
It is just my two cents.

You are young, wait ar least until you are 25.

Tell me how it went.

Anonymous 122829

Funny how they don't bother wiht help.
They didn't even answer on the long text.

Anonymous 122899

trannies are a direct result of the Pandora's box that was the sexual revolution. Hope it gets worse.

Anonymous 123019

I just became a mod on a discord server and some fucking trannies joined. How do I make sure none of the minors on the server get groomed by these sickos without being ousted for being a terf?

Anonymous 123023

made a fake screencap and say they were sharing cp or something

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why do you guys care so much what someone does with their body
no, trans women aren't women, but do you have the right to stop someone from taking hormones? the ones thag present as male and never go to female spaces or bathrooms are still weirdos but they're non-dangerous weirdos.

Anonymous 136244

I agree with this statement jeez.

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Okay, so I know I'm playing captain obvious here, but… holy shit, the autistic troons thing is true.

For context, I had always heard the jokes about troons being autistic but I thought they were just that: jokes.

Most of my consumption of troon posts were cherry-picked and accompanied by biased commentary. Recently I went down a subreddit rabbit hole, hoping to hear a variety of troons opinions.

…And, holy shit, there's so many autistic troons.

I don't know why I'm surprised. I was expecting a few autistic troons, but not legions of autistic people condensed into one small space that isn't even specifically for autistic people (nor for a hobby/fandom with a big autistic fanbase).

Maybe the autistic troons are simply more vocal? Or more online?

In any case, I'm sorry for doubting you girls when I heard about this phenomenon.

Anonymous 139205

The mentally unwell need help, not steroids, and nobody in their right mind would be taking cross sex hormones in the first place.

Anonymous 139208

Anonymous 139215

My stance is basically that adults are adults, and if they want to get unnecessary surgeries or ask their doc for hormones that's their prerogative, so long as it isn't hurting anyone (like you said). There are a lot of cases where obviously mentally unwell people get addicted to plastic surgery and body mods and harmless substances as a coping mechanism. It keeps them off hard drugs, or can be seen as a healthy alternative to self-harming at home (because now, instead of cutting, they're being poked and stitched by a qualified professional). And it's their money and their body and their life, so… who cares. As long as they aren't hurting others.

…But I draw the line at puberty blockers, and teenagers getting experimental surgery, and so forth. It just doesn't make sense to anyone with a brain. Or anyone older than 15 themselves.

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