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Anonymous 68260

>men can't be feminists
What are your thoughts on the previous statement?please discuss.
Picture completely unrelated.Also I will not make any post after this one since I'm only interested in your opinions,so anyone claiming to be me is lying.

Anonymous 68261

OP here, I don't think men can be feminists because all moids lack empathy for each other let alone women. They can never understand the struggle we go through on a fundamental level, and any man pretending to be a feminist is a just trying to get laid.

Anonymous 68262


At the risk of sounding like a mega SJW, men and feminism is like white person and anti-racism. It’s possible for someone to harbor no ill will towards others, regardless or race or gender, but they will never be fully included in equality movements that aren’t about them and they need to be ok with that.
A man can call himself a feminist but his place in the movement is to hear what women have to say—that’s it. If he demands a voice in the movement, he’s not in it for the right reasons.

Anonymous 68268

maybe in a perfect world (actually we wouldn't have moids at all then), but all they do is misunderstand what we're saying because they don't have the life experience to be able to relate

ever told a man "well i can't really go outside at night because i might g-" "WELL NEITHER CAN A MAN IF HE LIVES IN A VIOLENT CITY!!!!"

there you go

Anonymous 68270

Dogi, you flying schizo, is that you ?

Anonymous 68272

Probably. She's posted at least a couple times before (the threads got deleted so it could be more).

Anonymous 68274


Telling men that they can't be feminists is actually a good shit test. If they listen, they're alright. If they defend themselves, remain suspicious.

Anonymous 68275

Agree. All men I've spoken to who identify as "feminists" have some really horrible beliefs surrounding abortion, rape, domestic violence, women in STEM etc.

Anonymous 68276


Why is it so hard to accept women's rights? I just don't get how people genuinely think women are less then men. I always hated how people use the religion as a excuse, just admit it's being a controlling dick. That being said I have yet meet a attractive male feminist and most of them hardly act "feminist."

Anonymous 68279

Charles Xavier.jpg

My take on all this

Anonymous 68284

i agree with you, it's possible for them to empathize, but unlike AIDS or jews or black people, we're a specific subset of people that they happen to conveniently want to fuck, so i understand why people are wary. i think it's possible, but i don't see the point in calling themselves feminists. just say you're a feminist ally, done. men are also socialized to degrade, devalue and only view us from a sexualized and demeaning lens, so this complicates things more than like, just "jews".

Anonymous 68289

The western world has completely convinced men that they're indestructible, that they deserve the world given to them, that if they do anything bad it's always a woman in their life's fault, that women will stay with them no matter what, all while being taught that it's them who are oppressed and need more rights while women need less. It has given men and pickmes a sense of entitlement and intelligence indestructiblity, as in they can do whatever, say whatever, and as long as if they on the "right side" it will be okay

Anonymous 68290

picture also compl…

i don't know what feminism is so idk what are the parameters for someone to be feminist

but i do know from life experience that every anti-feminist is a richoid who is severely disconnected from reality

Anonymous 68291

rip sankara, nice anon

Anonymous 68313


I genuinely believe that if you are in the majority of anything, you will always discriminate towards the minority. Perhaps not knowingly and probably not intentionally, but there will always be a certain flavor to your actions that betray it. Men will always be sexist towards women, white people will always be racist towards people of color, heterosexuals will always be homophobic towards LGBT etc… There should be laws that limit human actions that would act upon such prejudices, however it is something that will always happen and even the most discriminated people would gladly spit on someone even more discriminated upon.

Anonymous 68319


>I genuinely believe that if you are in the majority of anything, you will always discriminate towards the minority.
You know that meme where that one song from jojo's bizarre adventure plays over an image of a shocking or controversial internet post? Pretend this post is one of those please.

Anonymous 68321

That doesn't count

Anonymous 68322

Kek, Cuba, North Korea, China, all among the most sexist societies in the world. Even the USSR was far more sexist than the west. Indeed, capitalism is a force for progressivism.

Anonymous 68336


ok retard

Anonymous 68342

Yeah it's kinda true.

It's true. Africa just sucks to live in for women. You should rate from Sweden to idk Saudi Arabia btw that map is wrong in so many ways culturally it ain't accurate or explaining anything.

>anything in the middle-east


>poland or all the other slavic regions


>most of China(the north has an ancient female made society that still exists today though that one is good)


The truth is there just isnt many truly woman friendly societies in the planet, humanity is still behind on a wordly scale.

Anonymous 68343

all countries are sexist. anon was specifically saying cuba and china were among the worst countries in the world. look at other scales, they don't rate anywhere near "the worst countries in the world" for sexism. all countries are still sexist but i don't think anon actually gives a shit about that

Anonymous 68344

>anon was specifically saying cuba and china were among the worst countries in the world.
Oh that is wrong then. China is legit a bit behind in the poor areas and for example North Korea is still culturally in the 50s due to their "socialist" protectionism because they insolated themselves of everything. North Koreans probably hit their wives, they are literally in the past.

The absolute worst ones thought are in the middle-east or north africa (islamic influence) a whole religion literally made by moids to oppress women, it's literally all the Abrahamic religion bullshit teachings but with a explicit "fuck women" dogma to it, according to them this is "mercy". Check r/exmuslim there is a lot of sad posts by women.

>all countries are still sexist but i don't think anon actually gives a shit about that

I agree. Even Japan or South Korea that I love. But in Japan at least they try to keep it hidden by being polite, the Japanese almost never insult directly it's always a polite "can you fuck off?" gesturing. It's hard for women to get promoted for jobs there but as a foreigner one never gets promoted anyway lol… At least you can spend part of your savings on host clubs I guess.

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