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Anonymous 6830


Anonymous 6836

fit to fat and bac…


Anonymous 6838


Dear lord, why?

Anonymous 6840


Lol is there a continuation?

Anonymous 6850

>Chloe Frazer


Anonymous 6851


In anime whenever anyone is playing with sparklers they're always squatting in a circle and pointing them at the ground, who even does that?? you're supposed to chase people with them and wave them in peoples faces, anime doesn't know anything about how to do sparklers the american way

Anonymous 6854

fit to fat and bac…

Anonymous 6858

Lol, where is this from, I kind of like the artist's style

Anonymous 6864

Anonymous 6865

man what a creepy fetish
used to help me to cope with ed tho

Anonymous 6868


Anonymous 6893

>119 pounds looking like that

Either this girl is under 5 foot or the artist is confused

Anonymous 6894


Most people, but especially men, have no idea what weight as a number actually translates into visually. Hell, most people (but especially men) don't even know what women of an actually healthy weight look like.

Anonymous 6895

Lol, right? Also I'm seeing the girl in that pic is supposed to be 5'4. That first visual is closer to 140-145 pounds.

Anonymous 6896


That means deviant artists cannot into numbers

Anonymous 6929


More funposting

Anonymous 6930


Anonymous 6931


Part 3

Anonymous 6936

Ugh I'm gagging. Wtf

Anonymous 6937


I didn't even know what Apetamin was

Anonymous 6939



I like the admission in this screenshot that this all taking place after the breakdown of a long term relationship, it really puts it all into context.

If it's the poster from /feels/ whose bf was e-cheating we should do something.

Anonymous 6941


Anonymous 6942

unnamed (7).gif

I'm dying hahahaha. This is awful.

Anonymous 6949


haha oh wow, guess I'll skip my breakfast

Anonymous 6951


The lol is getting stronger

Anonymous 6954

the fuck is a fart bottle? do you just fart into a bottle? why?

Anonymous 6957


this is not fun….

Anonymous 6960


Yep, and it costs a whole bunch

Anonymous 6962

fembot stacy.png


Anonymous 6963


Kek this is perfect. Stay's stare and rock hard nipples are killing me

Anonymous 6971

ITT: some creepy guy spamming his disgusting fetish

Anonymous 6980

becky stacy.jpg

Anonymous 6982

>>6962 > >>6980
I love this meme especially the virgin v. the chad

Anonymous 7038



Anonymous 7039

Becky isn't unattractive though?

Anonymous 7045


Don't you know, girls must always be pretty, skinny, and wearing cutesy outfits even when they're imitating memes of undesirable men, otherwise it will make men's penis' sad and trigger certain pathetic parts of the female population. See: most female!pepes, most female!wojacks, "ugly" girls in movies, the amount of fat-ugly-man-with-skinny-hot-wife vs the opposite in media, life in general

Anonymous 7047

I thought she's pretty was because she was cropped out of a transformation fetish pic.

Anonymous 7050

This is so over the top, it must be satire:


her responses to the comments are even funnier. Imagine lacking this much self-awareness. I am all for transwomen being considered women, but for fuck's sake, I hate how none of them can ever admit they were raised like men.

Anonymous 7051


Anonymous 7053



Anonymous 7054

>are lesbians actually asexual?
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at this part.

Anonymous 7055

lord help this retarded world.

Anonymous 7057

>In fact, before I joined the sex positive group, I had actually come to the conclusion that most lesbians were asexual, and that being lesbian simply meant a general dislike of men, and perhaps only involved a preference for the company of other women.

Lord, they talk and act almost exactly like men. This makes it extremely difficult to take their gender identity seriously.

Anonymous 7061


I'm all for supporting dysphoric men because they tend to have a lot of injunctions in their heads that they are not allowed to be themselves, at the risk they get called fags and other insults, and even get treated like disappointments if they dare act a little feminine, but they aren't women and homosexual women will never be into them because they're not even the right sex. The most they will get out of lesbians relationship-wise is friendship. (In the same breath theyre not disappointments/failures as men either, theyre just feminine men and that's okay.)

I know they go for the transition route because they think it will make people like them or respect them, and to an extent, protect them, but sometimes i wonder if they realize they are putting obstacles in their own path to happiness when they join these lesbian groups because it cements their "I'm a failure who will never find love" mindset they have in their head.

I feel like they need to work on their self esteem and tell themselves they are okay as they are and recognize the people who encouraged them to believe they were a dissappintment and had to be a certain way to be liked in the beginning (parents, friends, society, internet) and stick up for themselves against those people before they start trying to find romance.

Anonymous 7062


>I know they go for the transition route because they think it will make people like them or respect them, and to an extent, protect them

Do you now…

Anonymous 7065


Anonymous 7094



Anonymous 7190

plot twist.png

Back on the funtoasting bread

Anonymous 7267


You like normie memes?

Anonymous 7504


Not that much

Anonymous 7505


Yeah, we get it.


Screen recording 2…


Anonymous 112262


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