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Moid secrets. Anonymous 68756

We all know how primitive they are, but even they have their gender specific secrets.
Maybe you know some myths about men that turned out to be true? Share them here.

Anonymous 68763

I once saw a man share a girl's nudes with his friends in high school.
The madonna-whore thing is also true.
Actual conversation I've had:
>"anon….aren't there people to you who are only for sex and then others for dating?"
>No, I can find people attractive while not liking them but I'd never fuck them
Funnily enough this guy is effeminate and sensitive but he's still a man. He's slept with most of his female friends (I suspect) and claims "they wouldn't date me after…" but he lies a lot so I suspect it's the opposite.

Anonymous 68765

most dudes with self-proclaimed hero complexes don't actually want to help and just see the victim as easy to manipulate into sex. will often hurt others in means of fucking another victim or ditch current victim as soon as another one comes along. Every single hero complex man I met are cheaters

if you ever sent a man nudes chances are 90% of the time he has shown others

men will manipulate, blatantly lie, even over small stupid things like height

the more a man is to an internet dweller, the worse he is. Often sexist

all men are pedophiles except for 1% of them

men will go out of their way to see other women naked but act non chaulant to your own naked body even if you're objectively more attractive than the women he is rushing to see nude

Anonymous 68773

>men will go out of their way to see other women naked but act non chaulant to your own naked body even if you're objectively more attractive than the women he is rushing to see nude

This sounds like a personal issue. It really seems like you're implying you had a bad experience and got rejected. I've only ever heard larger girls say this.

Anonymous 68775

>This sounds like a personal issue. It really seems like you're implying you had a bad experience and got rejected. I've only ever heard larger girls say this

I'm not large, I see women all the time complaining about their nudes being left on R and at the same time fatties on onlyfans get tons of moid simps, I'm athletic and curvy and even in my pickme days I've had men I was seeing act disinterested then chase ugly fat women

Anonymous 68777

My opinion one the whole nudes issue is…
Why the fuck would you send them in the first place??? I don't care how much I love the person, I will never send my nudes,
it's like leaving the house doors open - of course someone will break in one day.

Anonymous 68780

men essentially emotionally blackmail women and girls into feeling like they won't imagine or think of the women and girls they're with and will think of other people or want other people unless they're given materials to jerk off with. it's pretty sad that women and girls are emotionally held captive in this way in hopes of maintaining an unfortunately (usually false) sense of security that they will be thought of in the same way that they're thinking of and wanting these guys. it's really sad to see how badly women just want an equal relationship and sacrifice so much for it, just to ultimately be harmed, hurt, or completely disregarded, by the object of their affection. sadism and apathy are key components of male socialization.

Anonymous 68781

>if you ever sent a man nudes chances are 90% of the time he has shown others

Do you have personal experiences with this or know someone who had? Never understood sending nudes because there are too many risks involved.

Anonymous 68785

saw this shit on vsco and it hit me pretty hard:

men give love to get sex, women give sex to get love.

Anonymous 68786

>nudes left on R
I think there's another factor here you're not noticing. If they're getting ignored it's because the guy didn't care in the first place. Them being more attractive is irrelevant. If they'd rather simp over the fatty it's simply because they find the fatty more attractive.

Anonymous 68787

Don't send men anything, they're untrustworthy swine that do not deserve to be rewarded for their shitty conduct. It's the same reason I won't ever have sex with a man. Once you realize that they see you as a conquest and a cocksleeve, it changes your whole perception of "love" and dating.

Anonymous 68788

>see you as a conquest and a cocksleeve
Have you considered not exclusively dating guys that sleep around 24/7?
Maybe approaching guys that don't fit this description on your own accord?

Anonymous 68789

Kill yourself moid

Anonymous 68790

They either sleep around or they wish they could. I don't date any men, for the exact reasons I enumerated in my prior post. I just wish I could have been born lesbian so that I wouldn't have to deal with their shit if I want to have a family. Every man either watches porn, is okay with casual misogyny, claims to support but doesn't understand feminism/is a poor ally (but usually all of these)… These are all very important factors that need to be considered when trying to find someone with whom you spend the rest of your life.

Anonymous 68791

>watches porn
Although this is normal nowadays, it is rather reasonable to detest this thing. But things are changing as anti-masturbation and anti-pornography are becoming mainstream.
>is okay with casual misogyny
I would like you to define this term. Particularly what separates casual misogyny from regular misogyny.
>doesn't understand feminism/is a poor ally
Nearly every person and every major institution has different definitions of feminism and what it means or what you must do to be a true feminist.
So wouldn't it be more accurate to say that he does not understand what feminism means to you?
Though you could hardly fault him for that is that's the case, unless you actually take effort to explain it to him of course.

Anonymous 68792

It's so clear you're a man lmfao you fucking faggot

Anonymous 68793

>it's rather reasonable to detest pornography
Even trannies have stronger opinions than you, disgusting porn sick faggot.

Anonymous 68794

Anon you have to understand it's not entirely the girl's fault in some situations. Take me for instance. My shitty ex boyfriend (when I was still with him) once screenshotted nude pics of me when we had a nude video chat on Discord. He did it without me realizing, even when I specifically made it clear from the very beginning of the video call that I wanted there to be no screenshots or pictures taken.
I was so horrified the next time we met in person when I crept into his phone and found those screenshotted pictures on there. I had to yell at him and make them delete them on the spot. If I hadn't of found those pictures on his phone, God knows I could have ended up as one of those poor girls who are victims of revenge nude sharing.

Anonymous 68795


I would like you to define deez nuts

Anonymous 68796


There are entire communities who live with the house door open, the idea is that mutual trust is enough to avoid theft.

I had my ex revenge share my nude photos and Skype screenshots because I was lured into believing that a lesbian relationship would be safe from this bullshit, but no, she had to be a total asshole when we broke up. Of course I was a young idiot exploited by an older woman, too. This doesn't make her less guilty.


Same here, anon. It's scary how we continue to stay with those who don't respect our boundaries. I am glad that you ditched him, and happy that you were able to find those screenshots.

Anonymous 68802


Anonymous 68803


You crept into his phone so you're both shitty people?

Anonymous 68805

Fuck off. Women have right to be concerned with what men do seeing as they love to trespass against the women they claim to care for. She obviously had reason to suspect he should be monitored and she was right, and you're going to say that's the same thing as him violating her boundaries when she made it crystal clear that he had no consent to snapshot her during an intimate moment? Men don't deserve privacy considering how frequently "nice guys" who "love" us are shown to be treacherous.

Anonymous 68806

At the point you can't trust what your boyfriend puts on his phone, it sounds like all trust has already broken down and isn't a healthy relationship anymore. Obviously he was in the wrong, I won't argue that, but something must have compelled you to open his phone in the first place right? Or was he always nonchalant about you using it and was just stupid?

Anonymous 68808

Sounds cool to me.

Anonymous 68812

Huh. Maybe I'm just really out of the loop. Don't really talk about nudes or send them.

Anonymous 68817

Most rabid /r9k/ posters that seethe about women being evil or whatever hate being men and hate men way more than they could ever hate women.They resent women for not being one themselves.

Anonymous 68818

Hot take, but autogynephiles are scientifically linked to shame and narcissistic rage. An autogynephile in denial with other mental illnesses (like autism) will feel rejected by society and thus be filled with anger and hate, so it makes perfect sense.

A lot of them don't wipe their hands after shitting.

Anonymous 68822


Bad take. My boyfriend does both.

Anonymous 68825

It's only when they are domesticated, leave him alone for a week and he'll revert to barbaric ways

Anonymous 68828

Glib faux-charisma during conversation is a sure sign he's capable of rape or exploitation. It's just social camouflage for predators.

Anonymous 68833

the anons in this chat need help
if you think this is how men behave i feel sorry for you

Anonymous 68834

Domestication is permanent y'know, it's taming that's temporary.

Anonymous 68846

ah yes men never share their gfs nudes anywhere at all.
not even that considering men have ugly fetishes and admit to cheating with less attractive women. Men are just shit and make no sense.

you also have to understand the vast majority of women aren't pinkpilled from day 1, they're brainwashed by manospeare types and taught they have to go out of their way to make men happy even if it makes them uncomfortable. Not everyone is as privileged as you

this excuse is always funny to me, considering the fact when men find out women were cheating no one cares to call out the extent he did in order to find out, including stalking, following with drones, hacking and so on. But I guess it only matters when it's mens privacy being violated and not womens

Anonymous 68848

There always has to be that one "enlightened minority genius" that goes into a thread and says "you're all stupid, I feel sorry for you, you are all completely wrong."

Please fuck off and go back to whatever anti-feminist shithole you came out of.

Anonymous 68856

i don't think i'm "enlightened" it's just painfully obvious the only men you're interacting with are either teenagers or menchildren. Grow up and get of the chan's for a spell.

Anonymous 68859

lol you're in for a bad time going through life like this. will pray for oblivious ass.

Anonymous 68868

how am i oblivious?
what exactly am i missing?
a balanced life perspective and an understanding that a man does not equal all men?

Anonymous 68889

>if you ever sent a man nudes chances are 90% of the time he has shown others
Guy I lewded with online had my nudes and I had his, we eventually drifted apart and one day he left in anger over some thing I did a few weeks earlier that ended up doing more harm than good.
It's been a year now or something but I haven't seen anything of me pop up anywhere, so I think he's good on that department.
I still have his anyway, but who cares about some random dude's dick.

>the more a man is to an internet dweller, the worse he is. Often sexist

well, he was an internet dweller, not sure if he was ever sexist though

also his nudes were rather bland I guess

Anonymous 68908


How is that itching? Wouldn't a regular scratch movement using nails and fingertips as seen in valueable source material for my social studies be more intuitive and effective?

Anonymous 68909

Probably hard to scratch because it's all so loose down there

Anonymous 68931


He was always nonchalant about me using his phone. Passcodes weren't something we kept as a secret from one another. I don't understand couples who would keep passcodes from one another purposely, I personally see that as some sort of red flag for something suspicious.

Thank you.

Anonymous 68932

>I personally see that as some sort of red flag for something suspicious.
Yeah but if you have a healthy relationship you would trust each other too, right? No need to check.

Anonymous 68936

It shocks me that this impossibly immature line of thought is still so common in 2020. You can't trust anyone, even if they give you no reason to feel suspicious. Trust needs to constantly be checked because people change their minds all of the time, they turn into different people, lose interest and attraction, take their partners for granted, grow complacent and entitled, and all of this leads to keeping secrets and hiding their upsetting behavior, particularly if they already have an established life they still reap some benefits from, or are just too cowardly or uninterested in necessary confrontation.

People who believe "you should always be able to trust your partner!" are complete clowns. You cannot trust anyone fully, least of all a class of people that are a literal safety hazard for women. A class of people who have been trained to jerk off to women being raped and abused and more often than not, want to play-act that out themselves. I trust men about as far as I can throw them. Men have shown time and time again that they can't be trusted with privacy because they literally consider us subhuman, especially if they're fucking us, and people who consider you subhuman aren't going to consider you or respect you. But really, any adult should realize that people, their opinions, thoughts and desires, are not static and need to be continually checked. People do 180s all the time on their partners and they often aren't likely to tell you all about their shameful behavior or interests.

Anonymous 68938

Sorry that I upset you I guess? I think you might have some trust issues unresolved, not related to men. Sure, most of them are deceitful. But not all, right?

Anonymous 68940

I'm not upset. Only the gullible would want to risk their stability and safety for the sake of living by a very flawed maxim that doesn't consider how just generally fallible humans generally are, or, at worst, how inconsiderate, spiteful, or sadistic they can be. You don't know what anyone is capable of, or who they are capable of becoming, even if you think you know them in the present moment. A lot of people don't even know themselves and it's pretty arrogant that people think they can get an accurate enough read on someone else to think they not only know them for sure now, but know who they will be in the future? Insane.

Anonymous 68942

love my machiavellian sisters :)

Anonymous 68943

nOt AlL mEn

Yes, all men. Go buy your Belle Delphine bathwater and jerk off with your fecal matter hands.

Anonymous 68949

You proved her point.

Anonymous 68950

that's a moid so there's no point being made it's just nonsense that nobody is going to read or care about :)

Anonymous 68957

You speak a multitude of facts

Anonymous 68972

Well they're obviously doing it for reward of some kind, it's ridiculous to expect anyone to work or risk without at least a hope of reward. We have to pay people to work for the same reason
Totally true, I've seen it myself, they get super intense. I'm both glad I don't have to deal with that and envious. It's so out of my domain of understanding I can't even pick up on it without it first being pointed out to me. It's like a whole layer of social interaction I'm blind to

Anonymous 68985

>It's like a whole layer of social interaction I'm blind to
I know this whole thread is dedicated to it, but I wonder how many things we don't pick up on.

Anonymous 68988

I can tell you almost all of it is dominance dispute stuff, finding out who's where on the hierarchy and challenges to position. I ask my boyfriend about it all the time cause it's so fascinating. If you look at a guy or a guy's girl for a split second too long it becomes a challenge. Before a dispute gets escalated to a fight they size up each other and stare down so one of them will back down before a fight happens. I feel like Jane goodall except I can talk to my subjects, it's all so fascinating.

Anonymous 68991

-fit- in an image.…

The parts about cheating and the supposedly insane numbers of fetishes men have are certainly going a little too far here. It seems like they read too much r/FDS and they're lurking on 4chan a lot as well as taking their shitposts very seriously.
But, I think they are absolutely right about their cunning and violent behaviors as it seems to be a universal thing (not counting the <5% of men that are naturally soft, gentle, submissive and empathetic).

Anonymous 69002

They pee in sinks. If it's a single person use bathroom, even then.

Anonymous 69015

where did you find all these shitty guys, most men I met were either neutral or really nice to me
Is that an American thing or something?

Anonymous 69017


>moids doing autistic monke brain shit
>”kinda hot ngl”

This is your brain on heterosexuality. Same tho tbh. Moids are at their best when they’re dumb and aggressive

Anonymous 69021

Hate bringing evopsych or any of that bullshit into discussions, but could that be the reason why? Seeing men that are the strongest = they're the best protectors, or something like that.

Anonymous 69037

>really nice to me
Stacy confirmed. Your experiences are not universal.

Anonymous 69042

Most men I meet are nice to me, but that doesn't mean anything. A lot of men have been much "nicer" to me than female strangers or acquaintances, but how men treat you superficially is not who they are. The entire male playbook is centered around hiding their awful qualities and psychopathy until/unless they've gotten what they wanted, or have trapped people at least emotionally, enough, to the point where unlatching themselves is difficult. Men are taught this by other men. This is why women are so often emotionally abused, if not physically and sexually by them, and it's really sad that it's so often considered the woman's fault. The entire point is to either pressure the woman to overlook any and all prospective red flags, or to hide anything that could potentially be seen as a red flag, and do everything in your power to pretend to be nice and deeply devoted. My father was very abusive (to me as well, physically, especially) and I watched this firsthand play out over and over and over and over. I have also had many "nice" male friends and while they treat me well, I know their sexual interests (they're disgusting and depressing) and I don't trust who they would necessarily be without the pressure to not act "decent". I also know what they think about the women they're dating and how they use women in general. The men in your life will always mostly be strangers, imho, save for maybe a few.

Anonymous 69043


Recently posted on the vent thread. This behavior is very common. Men aren't going to be honest about how awful they are. Most people won't, but men take it to an extreme, and that's how women get stuck. It's practically a second job for them.

Anonymous 69051

Anonymous 69055


I keep seeing this pattern of how the lowest men in the hierarchy of men are always so desperate for someone to be with and would even kill themselves or someone else for that someone, yet, as some time passes, they always take everything from granted regarding the fact that they were now able to get that 'special' someone.
This kind of thing has never, ever been seen with women whatsoever, neither online or IRL. So I am seriously wondering why does this happen in men only?
My hypothesis is that it may be related to the concept of property and how men are so keen towards owning things–even, perhaps especially, women–so they behave like shit once they have owned someone and therefore take things for granted.

Anonymous 69057

The Swedes.png

Seeing a guy put another into submission or stand his ground when the dominance dispute happens is attractive probably cause you see that he's capable and strong but not stupid enough to just pound his chest, there's a finesse to it. Also cause the other men bow to him, and if a guy is the alpha in a group he's 10x more attractive I think for the same reason.


>In dire situations mental breakdowns are dealt with beatings
Seconded, they don't allow weakness when shit gets real

>Men are very good at evaluating each other's power level

For sure, they've evolved to push past one another on the hierarchy so they understand physical and social queues that just fly over our heads.

One I'd like to add is that between men there is always a threat of violence, for a man whom violence is never an option other men will not respect him.

Anonymous 69058

You should 100% like a moid

Anonymous 69059

I'm >>68988 I just ask my boyfriend about this all the time, it's probably my n0.1 favourite subject on men

Anonymous 69066

Sure, not all men, but it's always helpful to remember what >>68936 is talking about. I don't think we should go out of our way to fuck 'em over but taking safety precautions against the class of people whom are taught from an early age to think of you as property is for the better.

Anonymous 69070

We aren't important to them at all, we aren't needed by them at all despite their claims, and their extreme acts of "devotion" are actually owed to impulsivity, stupidity, and usually, manipulation. Nothing else. Just because they're extreme doesn't mean they actually were that desperate or actually cared, just stupid and inclined to be violent and melodramatic. It's a property thing to some extent, but I don't think it's biological. I think it's literally just that their culture is one of spoiled selfishness and shallow hysterics that they want to mount as being deep and meaningful when it just isn't.

Anonymous 69074

welcome to toxic mascuilinity

Anonymous 69078

Single moms, having their child is like marking their territory. They have such a distain towards single moms or even older women in general.
My bf would never date a single mom he has told me plenty of times.
The amount of men who have such fucked up fetishes. Most normie men have some degrees of fetishes too.

Anonymous 69079

>My bf would never date a single mom he has told me plenty of times.
Seems like a reasonable dealbreaker to me.

Anonymous 69080

Meh we're childfree and I would never date someone with kids or a single dad.

Anonymous 69081

There's a difference with not wanting to be a parent or take care of a child, and what men hate: the fact that in their mind the woman has basically been defiled by another man by carrying and birthing his child. Like the anon above said, it's a territorial thing, not a "this is incompatible with my lifestyle" thing.

Anonymous 69090

This is absolutely, without a doubt the reason men are against this. It's literally just "CUCK CUCK CUCK I DUNWANNA BE A CUCK!! DUDE, MUHCROCHIMERISM AND SHIT…"

It's never about anything sensible with them, it has to be petty and almost nonsensical, like the men that think wiping their ass is gay.

Anonymous 69091

Couldn't POSSIBLY be they just don't want to put up with a brat. Nope. You should look up the abuse rates of adopted kids. Nobody, not even people that go out of their way, truly likes kids who aren't theirs.

Anonymous 69092

please swiftly go fuck yourself, sperg. we all know what the reasons are, because they make it very clear irl and online. it's no secret and they aren't ashamed to admit it. and no, you're full of shit. i know so many women that love their bfs or husband's kids. abuse within the foster care system is rampant because these kids are used as mealtickets by unscrupulous people, not because they can't love a child that's their own, but that they are already exploitative people looking for a way to make money.

Anonymous 69093

Whatever you say. Baggage is baggage. I wouldn't even look at a guy with a kid.

Anonymous 69096

you're trying too hard to assert and emphasize your (non) point that flies in the face of reality and what men frequently and very vocally admit anyways, and it just reads as male. you're obviously this feeble-minded skidmark >>69077 as this post sounds exactly like it >>69091.

Anonymous 69098

95% chance you are a moid yourself, or you're just defending people that don't give a fuck about you and see you as nothing more than a walking fleshlight. I will pray for you.

Anonymous 69118

How is that toxic masculinity? That's just how they are, it's really direct problem solving

Anonymous 69119

>Couldn't POSSIBLY be they just don't want to put up with a brat

Anon, these men are literally saying that they don't want to fuck used goods. They aren't ashamed of their reasons and do not conceal them.

Anonymous 69121


Most internet "mysoginists" melt at any gentle female irl you don't even have to be pretty. Of course you probably don't want attention from these type of dweebs but i think it's funny how some people act like dumb teenager boys who spend all day on twitter are the same people beating their wifes up

Anonymous 69123

I don't think you realize how many online misogynists are 30+ yo men with wives, if not families.

Anonymous 69129

And divorced and single too. The majority though are the divorced and single type like most of the internet. Single.

Anonymous 69134

Read punter forums and you'll see what I mean.

Anonymous 69144

A lot of men don't wash their hands after peeing, but there are some who do.

A lot of their banter are very sexual in nature, but most of the time, it's the guys who don't like these kinds of banter who are the real perverts and likely to be irrational.

Metrosexual men are too vain, sometimes even more vain than me.

There seems to be a lot of guys sharing their porn with each other, but I've never had that problem. I asked my ex bf to delete our videos together when we were through, and he did it out of good will.

They are also secretly big eaters, specially for their favorite foods. Like literal slobs.

Lots of them partake in effeminate stuff: girly music, girly movies, girly shows, etc., and discuss them with each other. I find it amusing that they don't lose their manliness when talking about those things with their friends, but also don't like other guys doing it.

Anonymous 69146

>There seems to be a lot of guys sharing their porn with each other, but I've never had that problem. I asked my ex bf to delete our videos together when we were through, and he did it out of good will.
no offense, but sure he did. when i was like 18 i said the same to my bf, he did, and after we broke up i found out he had a whole cloud full of those same deleted photos. they make back ups.

Anonymous 69147

How did you discover the cloud?

Anonymous 69148

he told me and showed me out of spite while we were arguing a while after the break up. i'm sure my pictures are probably somewhere online but i have no identifying features and want to change my name anyways

Anonymous 69150

I'm sorry that had to happen to you, but I'm sure with him. He's a lot of things, but I've never had a problem with him with regards to things like that.
But in a sense of agreeing with you, in the end, we can only hope for the best.

Anonymous 69151


I have never sent any nudes, it was always enough for my boyfriends when they saw me naked IRL. Seriously, am I the only one that has never taken nudie pictures?

Anonymous 69153

>They are also secretly big eaters, specially for their favorite foods. Like literal slobs.
And yet a lot of them are skinny and/or have little fat.
God I wish my metabolism was as good as an average scrote's.

Anonymous 69154

Based anon, sending nudes/letting anyone take your nude pics is the worst thing you can do as a woman.

Anonymous 69159

For >>69153

Anonymous 69160


Yeah, and a two-serving difference (~300-400 kcal) between an average woman and a same-height scrote. Not accounting for metabolism being slowed down in some women due to frequent dieting, thyroid problems, the pill, etc and moids being taller/having more muscle mass on average.

Anonymous 69162

Messes your natural hormones up. Anything that affects your hormones also affects your metabolism.
Specifically OC make you more resistant to insulin, which can cause weight gain and metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes).

Anonymous 69180

>Lots of them partake in effeminate stuff: girly music, girly movies, girly shows, etc., and discuss them with each other. I find it amusing that they don't lose their manliness when talking about those things with their friends, but also don't like other guys doing it.
Uh, where do you live, anon?
That has not been seen in any of the countries I have lived in where I have had male friends, as they would certainly get bullied pretty hard for liking girly stuff.
Then again the places I have lived in are full of machismo and toxic masculinity.
You simply don't follow stupid, highly dangerous (social-wise) trends.

Anonymous 69185

nta, but I'm from Canada and most guys are like this, aside from maybe the hardcore hockey jocks and country boys (well…technically seaside town boys but the only difference is fishing and accents).

Anonymous 69186

What’s a “moid”?

Anonymous 69187

You still have his nudes? Why not delete them?

Anonymous 69188

a male. XY chromosome having human. consider 'femoids' vs 'moids'

Anonymous 69192

>A lot of their banter are very sexual in nature, but most of the time, it's the guys who don't like these kinds of banter who are the real perverts and likely to be irrational.
Can you please elaborate? I know banter is common in male friendships or male dominated spaces overall, but I don't see how a man is a pervert if he doesn't enjoy that.

Anonymous 69193

They think skid marks are a normal thing that just happens.

Anonymous 69194

What the fuck are you talking about ewwwwwwwww

Anonymous 69195

She's right they fucking do, I saw a facebook post once of a woman saying her husband doesn't wipe because he thinks that's gay

Anonymous 69196

It's in my experience that guys who don't like it are only really trying to get on the good side of women to appear gentlemanly. They have a facade, so to speak, and deep down are even worse than the guys who openly make banter. At least with the others, it's a What You See Is What You Get kind of deal.

Anonymous 69207


Another "I really need to justify my resentment to men by fake assumptions in despite of growing up and realize people are shit no matter the genre and actually prefer to hide my insecurities blaming men" thread. Why it doesn't surprise me?
I thought that kind of threads were in a contained one, sheesh.

Anonymous 69209


Anonymous 69210

Maybe this is common knowledge but after they scratch their nuts they sniff their fingers

Anonymous 69216

>Lots of them partake in effeminate stuff: girly music, girly movies, girly shows, etc., and discuss them with each other. I find it amusing that they don't lose their manliness when talking about those things with their friends, but also don't like other guys doing it.
True all the moids in my class admitted they watched sailor moon when they were kids.
Also some moids like to watch/read romantic manga/anime/movies but would never admit it even to their gf.

Anonymous 69217

I've seen boys play with barbies, read romantic manga/anime/movies as you've said, listen to Ariana Grande/Carly Rae Jepsen/Selena Gomez's stuff and overheard a group of them discuss Glee beyond the music and the actresses. I honestly don't think less of them tbh, it's the hiding of it that amuses me.

Anonymous 69218

>I honestly don't think less of them tbh
well i do, it's just weird

Anonymous 69220


I don't think they like shoujo stuff aimed at girls and young women though, don't they prefer harem stuff with romantic elements? Which is not that surprising considering it's usually written for guys anyway and the main characters are male.

What exactly is weird?

Anonymous 69221


I meant stuff like pic related and Princess Mononoke

Anonymous 69234

Lurk more or go away, "please."
>but would never admit it even to their gf.
I think this depends if said gf is a real weeb or not as I have seen weeb couples liking the same things–even romcom anime–given the fact that the normal standard of men is to not have "feminine" feelings and never say the word "cute," other than referring to their girlfriend.

Perhaps this could be a good moid secret to discuss for the thread as there are some words in men's vocabulary that are forbidden to use in their daily lives, but I can't think of any other than the word "cute."

Anonymous 69251

Anonymous 69252

i think it is a problem seeing as how they manage to sexualize children and children's characters that look and sound like children, so seamlessly. in terms of gender roles, not a problem, but i question men who are interested in "girly" things for the sake of them either fetishizing media's portrayal of female childhood and our existence in general, or just the possibility that they are attracted to these characters. genuinely innocent interest in these things is fine though, i just believe it to be uncommon.

what is common is them enjoying "girly" music or female vocalists and hiding it.

Anonymous 69275

>sexualize children and children's characters
>fetishizing media's portrayal of female childhood

Sounds like tumblr sjw-esque logic but who knows, you might be right. Or not.

Anonymous 69278

isn't this site filled with shota? seems super hypocritical, no?

Anonymous 69285

thank you for the tips based coomer

Anonymous 69301


I do not understand how the hell did you end up into that conclusion about the sexualization of children and "girly" things, but I have a humble, perhaps dumb as shit, hunch that men crave for the typical stuff featured in said 'girly' stuff, such as the emotions that both inherently give you and are described in girly media, and the romance that is almost always featured in them.
Additionally, maybe men self-insert as the main character that the heroine in a given 'girly' media will be destined to love, therefore inherently feeling that particular combination of emotions where they feel desired and are able to feel love from a woman, even if it comes from a self-insert woman character. This latter part being strongly related to what you said about feeling attracted to these characters, even if the usual depictions/descriptions of them are 'average' or 'plain Jane'. (pic related in the case of Eastern 'girly stuff')
NTA but I haven't seen the shotacons and the raccoonanons in a while.
I hope they're okay amid this pandemic since they're fun to talk to in their respective threads.
Also, it is highly likely that anon is not a shotacon but one of those anti-pornography women that love Andrea Dworkin.

Anonymous 69331



Anonymous 69346


Oh, I understood your point now, Anon. I'm >>69301 and I misunderstood your stance.
I didn't thought about it, but yeah, there is certainly some concern about men who get into the more girly and for younger girls stuff, such as the many Precure anime and, in the case of the West, the ponies and the obvious that they wanted to unironically have sex with them in Alabama or somewhere redneck-esque.
The tranny stuff is something to consider too, for they, the TiMs, were used to be men who simply liked girly stuff, but their mental illness kicked in and got validated, so they troon out and stay permanently on Twitter and Tumblr.

Anonymous 69732

wait all those about men who don't wipe, wash hands, clean themselves are true? Damn, here that may be case for some old guys

Anonymous 69747

Not wiping your ass and sleeping in bed with shoes on is only an american thing, but not washing hands thing is true everywhere, only male doctors wash hands, but they get bullied by other men for doing so.
Fun fact: Gordon Ramsay got busted washing his hands once and got kicked out of patriarchy for that.

Anonymous 69753

>only male doctors wash hands, but they get bullied by other men for doing so.
what kind of animals are they? In my entire life I met maybe 1 or 2 men who don't wash hands after toilet.

Anonymous 69754

I had to give a pee sample once and I asked the lady who took samples how often people forget to wash their hands and she said that 50% of men forget and get angry when you tell them to wash their hands.

Anonymous 69757

What if they wash their hands and their dick falls off?

Anonymous 69819

I have seen map of "automatic" hands washing after toilet use in europe. Eastern europe is significantly better than western europe. On balkan it's +90%

Anonymous 69854

Disgusting. Adults who don't wash their hands after peeing should have their hands bound and disabled.

Anonymous 69878

Most paint men as dangerous monster but in my experience they can be very easily trained.
Most men are starved for attention and compliments. Compliment them a little without looking like a simp and theyll follow you like a dog.

Anonymous 69879

>repeating grooming strategies endlessly used to manipulate women
This ain't it. Well, actually, maybe it is, because moids deserve it. But I just had to point it out.

Anonymous 69880

Im not saying to do it or that is right. Im just saying they are not as scary as might thing.
Grooming is a completely different thing and more complex

Anonymous 69904

>Most men are starved for attention and compliments

Only ever read this on the english speaking internet to be honest. Do you happen to be from the us, canada etc.?

Anonymous 69911

Cackling because true.
I have a friend who has complained about not being successful with women, but he has to catch himself before going deep into it because…he rejected me.
I did so much shit for him when I had feelings, too. Not that I feel owed since we are actually incompatible and in hindsight I'm glad, but for sure men get a lot of attention.

Anonymous 69913

Literally all men are whores.

Anonymous 69924


Fucking this.

If I had a dollar every time a self-proclaimed nice guy had rejected me in my youth in favor of simping over some poor girl who doesn’t even know he exists, I’d be able to move into a haunted mansion with an army of vampiric butlers.
Used to blame the girls for this, but now I pity them. The guys weren’t even particularly good looking, just entitled lmao.

Anonymous 69967

There's more male virgins than female virgins.

Did my post get deleted cause I sound like a man? That was all I said

Anonymous 69973

>There's more male virgins than female virgins

I believed this was true for a long time also, but now I realize that men are simply lying about this. I know multiple men who have had sex repeatedly, but "it doesn't count b/c wrong hole" or "it doesn't count b/c prostitute" or "it doesn't count b/c she was ugly" or "it doesn't count b/c it was a long time ago"

Anonymous 69976

>it doesn't count b/c it was a long time ago
does this mean I've regrown my virginity?
On a serious note though dudes wouldn't lie about it unless the scenario is more shameful than being a virgin in itself. Doing anal doesn't seem like it'd be more shameful than being a virgin if anything guys like that right.

The virgins I know are very prudish and prefer to keep hidden their status of virginity. Or you know the opposite side where they're christian or something and take outspoken pride in their virginity

Anonymous 69986

Yeah, it's a weird thing to lie about outside of the fringe cases you pointed out. I'm really struggling to think of reasons as to why someone would pretend to be a virgin.

Anonymous 69988

Japan would def. count as an edge case, imo. I think that in Europe and NA a guy is more likely to lie about not being a virgin than being one. Did virginity in guys become attractive while I wasn't looking or something?

Anonymous 69994

No it's just the typical imageboard weirdness.

Anonymous 70011

Imageboard's crowd only represent a small percentage of the world's population. You should go outside more.

Anonymous 70105

To be fair, it's human nature to want what we can't have. I'm choosy myself, I don't want to end up with just about anyone.

Anonymous 70217

That was my point though? Male virgins being attractive only a thing on image imageboards, people irl do not find them desirable.

Anonymous 70268


Male virginity is priced either because:
1) Anons have had enough of fuckboys
2) Anons are religious and chaste, so they want someone who is like that too
3) The (possible) benefits of having a virgin boyfriend, e.g., he may not be that much of a coomer, so he won't be violent towards you during sex; more intimacy and loyalty towards you(?); male purity, etc.
4) A unique way to prevent STDs and AIDS?

It is sort of understandable, but very unusual to see outside of CC as there is no culture who truly values male virginity.

Anonymous 70270

Where do you lay?

Anonymous 70272

The fourth one since I am very frightened of STDs.

Anonymous 70274

Same thats why I date down (legals) now. It's better if I can pick me a moid than deal with the disgusting old porn addicted ones that should die already.

Anonymous 70393


They are all homos who are jealous of women

Anonymous 70402

Hmm, I'm starting to think this too given how almost all cultures of the world since ancient times always have accepted male homosexuality, while it isn't always the case with female homosexuality, or sexuality in general.
Else, we probably would have had lots of records about them in great detail, knowing moids.

Anonymous 70461


They don't like female homosexuality cause homosexuality serves to bond same sex people and they don't want a society where women are strongly bonded together cause that would automatically be a society where men would be opressed and females would dominate, like it happens among bonobos for example and much like ancient greece and rome but with the roles reversed. The latter and today's society are completely male homo and that's why we are subjected to scrotes' hatred and jealousy

Anonymous 70492

this is simply not true. as far as ancients are concerned, female homosexuality is a non-issue because it doesn't matter who a female or moid is attracted to they both must marry eachother and make a family because a culture is dead otherwise. male homosexuality is more problematic because it has social implications they care about. it was not 'accepted', specific traditions were followed (not general homosexuality, that is a modern western reductionism – same with trans stuff) and even then it was thought of badly primarily because a bottom homosexual male is necessarily failing to fit into the male role (by being penetrated) + inability to be a woman (men aren't allowed in women's domain) and reproduce which is hugely problematic in a family/clan centred society. they were also much more tolerant of woman assuming male roles whereas for any men appearing effeminate often the only social recourse was suicide.

moids love lesbians though. either to sexualise them (like people do with yaoi) or see them as 'bros'.

Anonymous 70496

That's true there was a festival for the goddess Bona Dea where men were barred from coming and where lesbian sexual relationships were common for the night.

Anonymous 70523


Your dumb ass has never studied Ancient greece, Rome and other societies. To you, liking lesbian porn = love lesbians.

Anonymous 70524

Wtf, I love Ancient Rome now?

Anonymous 70541

qsfz a50e2a6651d1b…

dick infodump.
Males do not need to wipe their penis since the urinary tract is already quite small.
Girls wouldn't need to wipe their vaginas either if peeing in a squatting position was allowed.
A lot of men do not need to touch their penis while peeing because the small size already does not need adjustment.
The men that need to grab their dick to aim, are usually of a larger size than average.
Of course most men won't admit to this. Many will wash their hands even if all they did was pull down their pants, and pull them back up.
Males can get hard if they need to pee. I'm not sure how that works.
A lot of socially maladjusted males will think nothing of touching their dick in private like one would rub their cheek. Then they go on to keep typing/using the mouse like nothing happened.

Anonymous 70564

>Males can get hard if they need to pee. I'm not sure how that works.
Is this bait? This is like something you'd hear in 5th grade

Anonymous 70581

>Reflexogenic erection is an involuntary process and can occur without sexual stimuli. A full bladder is mostly responsible for it. The nerves that control this reflex are present in the sacral nerves of the spinal cord which can also stimulate when a man has full-bladder.

>Some say that it is impossible to pee if you have an erection. Well, it’s all about building a strategy so you can pee when you need to pee.

> Aiming at the toilet can seem impossible without hurting yourself. So don’t force it. The best response to this is to allow your erection to relax partially. Even so, after succeeding on this part, you still need to work on getting your stream to start flowing.

Imagine having to formulate a strategy in order to pee.

The muscles that are in use inside the urethra to forbid urine flow are the same ones that permit semen to pass. Only women can pee and orgasm at the same time. Male squirting is a slashfic and yaoi artifact, not grounded in reality. The penis has two states; one permitting easy urination, and one permitting easy erection. Low-level reflexogenic erection is probably the reason men get erections while asleep, as the body suppresses the release of urine. This is also probably why men say that if they hold in their pee for long enough it feels like a sexual release.

Anonymous 70592

>Imagine having to formulate a strategy in order to pee
a trade off of our peeing compared to theirs, I've never see a line for the men's bathroom cause they can pee anywhere. We don't have to deal with piss strategy but can't pee anywhere.

Anonymous 70593

there was a study where they had people answer anonymous survey questions about sex while edging themselves so they were aroused (lol). under those conditions, 27% of straight men said they'd happily let a cute twink suck them off. make of that what you will.

Anonymous 70597


Lol take a look at 4chan and other male dominated forums and you'll see how many men pose as straight irl but are really into twinks and trannies

Anonymous 70598

yeah it's not news to anyone here but it's news to the average person. male bisexuality is almost as common as female bisexuality is but everyone pretends it's not; now we have scientific proof.

Anonymous 70599


99% of men neither wash nor wipe their penises after peeing. Also, most leak a little after peeing. So they just soak their pants. Also, if they get horny they leak precum which soaks their pants further. Many don't change their pants for several days. Imagine the stench.

Anonymous 70601

I remember my ex was amused at how disgusted my reaction was when he told me that no man ever wipes his dick after he pisses.

Anyway as for moid secrets, I can tell you 100% of men are hebephiles/ephebophiles, and about half of men are capable of sexual attraction to children. That was a hard blackpill to swallow.

Anonymous 70605

This is describing one specific thing that sometimes happens. You've clearly never had a bf. I've seen what mine does when he has to pee while hard and he basically has to lay on top of the toilet its kind of hilarious. If moids had to do that every time they peed they'd be even pickier about peeing than most women

Anonymous 70611

The fuck? Who does that? You need to get with a real man, not some fucking soybean boy who's afraid to miss the bowl

Anonymous 70615

every moid cries at the song "Cat's in the Cradle"

Anonymous 70618

You still won't get a gf here.
Unless you just want to date a tranner, which is probably a best fit for you.

Anonymous 70619

incel and incel, the only combo that loser could ever get.

Anonymous 70628

you are partially correct, the average lie span was indeed as low as 40 but that is because of significant child mortality. The basic strategy back then was to poop out as many children as possible to get the greatest amount of children making it to adulthood. This also means that you indeed have to start mating as early as possible.

Anonymous 70630

meaning you think other mammals have also memed themselves into being homosexuals too. Sexuality is evolutionary and is ensconced in a history older than vertebrates. If they could rationalise themselves out of their instincts they wouldn't be men as we knew them.

Anonymous 70631

Wait a second, if there are troons here, then why do you take issue with men posting?

Anonymous 70633

>this kind of makes sense from an evolutionary point of view.

No, it doesn't.

1-Throughout history, women would start menstruating at around 17yo. Girls mentruating at 12yo or 13yo is a recent thing

2-Teenage girls, especially under 17 are at higher risk of dying in childbirth and give birth to still born.

3- A woman's fertility peaks in her early and mid-20s .

Anonymous 70634


To add onto that, if you take into account that monogamy (and monoandry) might not have been as universally prevalent as it is in our current culture, it would make sense that the most attractive woman should be one who has already borne a couple of children, since it clearly shows that she's healthy, fertile and most importantly, won't die of complications (and we know how that whole ordeal usually went up until the 19th/20th century).

Anonymous 70638


As I said, women would start menstruating at around 17yo: just about to become of age. So no, there aren't any evolutionary reasons or biological advantages that explain men being attracted to 16yo below girls other than the fact men are a scum that must be eliminated from the face of the earth as soon as possible

Anonymous 70640

Anonymous 70646

>This also means that you indeed have to start mating as early as possible.
But I bet those 12-13 year old girls didn't mate with boys their age but with adult men, which is disgusting.
In late 19th century America the average age of menarche was 14 and yet the age of consent was 7-10 (depending on state). That was legit pedophilia and men had no problem with fucking kids even before they started to menstruate. Then christian feminist groups started fighting to raise the age of consent to 16 (to this day moids on 4chan cry that modern age of consent laws are feminists' fault). I bet men only changed the law because adult women started to rebel against their pedo laws and men wanted to tame them. But their tendencies are still the same, they just learned to hide them.

Anonymous 70648

Our psychological triggers and behaviours evolved over a period of 200 000 years, most of which was spent in hunter gatherer societies, an environment where food was scarce and physical activity intense, and as such girls most likely got their periods later (and less often).

1000 years ago, and a farming society no less (more nutrition! But not too much lol), seems to me relatively too recent to look for an evolutionary explanation, or for any major changes in our psychology and behaviour to have taken place resulting from the change in environment (though our cultural norms certainly can change in that span). If there are findings of skeletons from prehistoric times that somehow show that girls had been succesfully giving birth at ages 12-15 for hundreds of thousands of years, it'd be more believable.

In any case, evolutionarily explainable or nor, it doesn't mean it should be allowed, considered as moral, or excused in our society. And least of all encouraged. These evolutionary takes have kind of started pissing me off honestly, seems like everyone's just selectively picking out what suits them to validate their own agenda with a high IQ spin (perhaps including me a little bit…)

Anonymous 70649

Shit, I didn't realize there were two links and just read the second one. Ugh.

Anonymous 70650

Sexual conflict I guess. It's not like female animals are ok with male exploitation either, they evolve to make rape physically harder (like female ducks), they form unions with other females to defend themselves from males like bonobos etc. Males and females are completely different, they're not complementary, it's more like a constant struggle and fight between two sexes rather than something that could've been seen through the lenses of dualism (like "males are naturally aggressive so that means females are naturally submissive" - they're not, they don't just mindlessly take male violence without trying to fight back or just avoid males).
I said it many times on this board kek but from biological point of view males are just parasites and the more redpilled geneticists like Bryan Sykes and Steve Jones have the guts to describe them as such. Dawkins also calls them "exploiters".
No wonder so many males go batshit insane now, and even if they're not incel, abusive or porn-addicted, they still won't share 50% of housework and childcare and they won't see females as true equals because it's simply not in their nature. I think the civilization will eventually collapse under its own weight and that's a good thing, because if moids are unable to coexist with females on more equal terms, this civilization doesn't deserve to exist to begin with.

Anonymous 70666


>1-Throughout history, women would start menstruating at around 17yo. Girls mentruating at 12yo or 13yo is a recent thing

Nah, we have medical texts from 1000s of years ago saying that girls were starting about 13. In properly nourished hunter-gatherer societies out in the jungle girls start about 13 too. In the 1800s menarche occurred much later than it did today because the masses were poorly nourished. Since then nutrition has improved and the age at menarche has fallen back to the natural age of about 13. Menarche isn't abnormally early today, it was abnormally late in the 1800s.

>2-Teenage girls, especially under 17 are at higher risk of dying in childbirth and give birth to still born.

True but these risks are offset by the longer reproductive lifespan you get by starting to reproduce in the teens as opposed to waiting until your 20s.

>3- A woman's fertility peaks in her early and mid-20s

What matters is the amount of offspring a female is capable of giving a man over the long-term. This is highest for females just prior the beginning of their reproductive lifespan when they have all their fertile years ahead of them.

>To add onto that, if you take into account that monogamy (and monoandry) might not have been as universally prevalent as it is in our current culture, it would make sense that the most attractive woman should be one who has already borne a couple of children, since it clearly shows that she's healthy, fertile and most importantly, won't die of complications (and we know how that whole ordeal usually went up until the 19th/20th century).

In primitive hunter-gatherer societies like we evolved in most reproduction takes place within monogamous (or nearly monogamous) marriages. Long-term exclusive relationships have been the mating system for our species for 100,000s of years. For his reason it makes sense for men to prefer females who are young and haven't started reproducing yet and so have all their reproductive years ahead of them. Men dislike the physical signs a woman has already started having babies such as stretch-marks, boobs that have gone saggy from breast-feeding, and vaginas that have got looser from child birth. The males in our species prefer females that haven't started reproducing yet.

Anonymous 70671

>For his reason it makes sense for men to prefer females who are young and haven't started reproducing yet and so have all their reproductive years ahead of them. Men dislike the physical signs a woman has already started having babies such as stretch-marks, boobs that have gone saggy from breast-feeding, and vaginas that have got looser from child birth. The males in our species prefer females that haven't started reproducing yet.
Yeah but that makes sense only for other young men. Older men should've just stick to females their own age and raise kids with them, instead of praying on younger women. And men who missed out and didn't manage to pair with a woman when they were young should perish and stop using evopsych as an excuse for going after younger women. Young women should seek out quality genes from young men (even sperm banks don't want sperm from men who are older than 35). Moids were withholding the recources and oppressing women for most of human history so it was harder for women to decide for themselves. When given a choice, the majority of young women prefer young men (no more than 4 years older than them), not older dudes.
Also, it's funny how different human males are. Dominant male chimps compete for mothers, not for virgin females, and the more children a female gave birth to, the higher she is in female hierarchy.

Anonymous 70673


>I said it many times on this board kek but from biological point of view males are just parasites and the more redpilled geneticists like Bryan Sykes and Steve Jones have the guts to describe them as such. Dawkins also calls them "exploiters".

Do you happen to have any link to an article or something that goes off about it and could it link it here? I wanna read more into that

Anonymous 70685

I've seen them doing fart competitions, like who barfs or farts the loudest. Why?

Anonymous 70686


>In primitive hunter-gatherer societies like we evolved in most reproduction takes place within monogamous (or nearly monogamous) marriages. Long-term exclusive relationships have been the mating system for our species for 100,000s of years.

Hm, this seems like it'd be hard to verify, especially if you take our propensity for cheating into account. My only source being Robert Sapolsky's lectures on this theme (they're on YT, absolutely recommend), I remember him mentioning that our species is a sort of 50/50 split between pair-bonding monogamy and straight up polygamy. Most commonly we practice "serial monogamy", which means we find a partner, stay faithful, wait till our offspring is of an age when it can safely separate from the mother (3-5 yrs. if I remember right) and then move onto the next partner. This time basically coincided with most people not feeling attracted to their partner anymore, but of course, you'll find people who still do after decades, so it's a mixed bag.

>Men dislike the physical signs a woman has already started having babies such as stretch-marks, boobs that have gone saggy from breast-feeding, and vaginas that have got looser from child birth. The males in our species prefer females that haven't started reproducing yet.

So I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on this topic, but here's another thought I wanna throw out. As humans, we've also evolved to be aware of our social surroundings and sort of follow and adapt to the crowd. Our language, gestures and mannerisms, dress-code, moral values, likes and dislikes, etc. So living in a society that actively advertises pedophilic tendencies as desirable - absolute hairlessness (which wasn't a thing before the razor, and no one gave a shit), as skinny as possible (curvy women - not obese - have always been considered attractive in art, and still are in real life), perfectly photoshopped face with zero marks of any kind (neigh impossible to witness before the advent of photography - and as for young girls, they probably had greasy faces and zits in their teens), no body marks or sag - conditions men to be attracted to these features.

And I understand how a "perfect face" is indeed viscerally attractive and can sell products very well, but as for all the other things I mentioned, while they don't appear so often naturally, we live surrounded by these images from birth to death, so our expectations and preferences could very well be artificially molded and shifted towards them, in a way. Tiny feet were also considered attractive in China until relatively recently, yet none of the rest of us ever gave a shit. How was that in any way beneficial?

Anyway, I'm not trying to dispute the fact that youth and health and whatever are attractive, absolutely, but there's a clear difference in appearance (and birthing safety or whatever) between 12-years-old-youth and 20-years-old-youth, and the preference (ew) of some people for the first one doesn't necessarily have to be evolutionarily hard-wired in all men (fucking sucks if it is though, kill them all), it could be a number of things (societal norms, the feeling of power, wanting to groom them…). And women can still look young after giving birth, it's not like we suddenly jump into our 50s - it's just a bit more sagginess and weight, things that show fertility, so it wouldn't make sense for these tendencies to specifically """target""" children over them.

Anonymous 70700

So what's the point in being with a man when you know that he would fuck a 13 year old if he could? Another reason to give up men. I wouldn't be able to forget about it.

Anonymous 70702

Not the same thing, dumb scrote.
And I wouldn't want to be with someone who even thinks about fucking kids, even if he can control himself.

Anonymous 70704


Anonymous 70706

Is it fair to put hairlessness and photoshopped skin, both of which are unnatural, in the same category as skinny bods?

Anonymous 70709

Whoa whoa whoa, hold on now. That's completely different.

Anonymous 70733


Anonymous 70734



Anonymous 70736

Are you really implying there are more 5 year olds being raped than 22 year olds?
Ok, never mind

Anonymous 70737

Yeah learning the age of consent in states like Delaware only 100 years ago was 7 years old was disgusting. Girls back then started puberty even later, it was pure pedophilia. Fuck men, seriously.

I’m 100% convinced the only reason men made laws against pedophilia and rape is because they didn’t like the idea of the women who were their PROPERTY (aka their wives, daughters and sisters) being raped or molested by an older creep. But its hypocrisy because all men would rape if they could get away with it. They just don’t like the idea of other dudes raping their property.

But I still think men are 100% okay with fucking underage girls. In school I remember tons of 12-15 year old girls had boyfriends in their 20s and 30s. Looking back on it, it was disgusting that nobody stopped it. And of course a lot of these girls grew up to regret it, realising they had been groomed and brainwashed and such by creepy manchildren looking to make up for lost time.

Anonymous 70738

I'm not into shotacon, stop projecting.

Anonymous 70740

99.9% of mentally intact girls don’t fuck dogs, and the fact that incels actually believe this and think the ‘dogpill’ is a legit phenomenon and avoid women because of it is so hilarious to me.

Anonymous 70741

There are definitely more prepubescent children who get molested and raped than teens. It’s way easier to rape or molest a kid, many of them can’t even vocalise what happened to them, it gets massively underreported because the child molestors scare their victims into not reporting it, or the kid thinks it’s ‘normal’.

Anonymous 70743

Yeah I learned this the hard way. I found an account on a manosphere board belonging to my oh-so-sweet-timid-shy-nice-guy boyfriend, I saw hundreds of posts of him talking about fantasizing about raping teens, talking how the age of consent needs to be lowered, drooling over ‘jailbaits’ and such. I was disgusted and immediately cut him out of my life, but the sad thing is I think all men have these thoughts. I really think men should be chemically castrated after they hit puberty, male sex drive is a pathogen.

Anonymous 70744


Anonymous 70745


A recent study found that the most popular age for women on dating sites was 18, i.e. the lowest age allowed. Judging by how steep that graph line is the real peak is well below the age of 20.

Anonymous 70746

Thank you for making me throw up my breakfast anon

I'm curious what the graph would look like for gays and lesbians? gay men seem all over the place when it comes to preferences and lord knows there are some creepy groomers in the lesbian communities but women seem to be attracted to partners their own age mostly so i don't know

Anonymous 70747



Anonymous 70754

Aw, I used to think this was a cute moment where he was showing the kid something on his phone. Now I feel queasy…

Anonymous 70755

The fuck is Dogpile? Those pics make me afraid to Google it.

Anonymous 70756

I always thought all his gfs looked old as hell and kind of masculine looking. His current wife looks mid 30s too. DiCaprio is a creep and ageist but I don’t think he’s a pedo. None of his gfs were petite or looked particularly young.

I feel like guys with a legit preference for children, if given the option would rather date a very petite flat chested young looking 28 year old than a tall busty older looking 19 year old.

Anonymous 70757

Leo is gay and all his gfs are beards

Anonymous 70758

This. DiCaprio is mentally ill and has some kind of sexual dysfunction, he admitted he used to fantasize about fucking his own mom and that she was his ideal woman.

Henry Cavill is also 100% gay. I know someone who went to theatre school with him and he told me everyone knew he was gay, he used to have about 8 gay fuck buddies who would all suck each other’s cocks. Cavill got shit for dating 19 year old girls and ghosting people randomly after declaring them the ‘love of his life’, but apparently all his gfs are beards and I guess he intentionally goes for younger girls because they’re more naive and easier to convince he’s straight.

Anonymous 70759

Hearing Henry Cavill talk about women is the most hilariously bad attempt at sounding straight I ever heard. I remember him talking about some female extra’s ‘tremendous breasts’ and it was so unconvincing.

Anonymous 70767

Moid shitposter who just made this thread on /fit/ btw.
So many old men on there with body issues who fixate on female age to cope.

Anonymous 70770

They don’t seem to realize that incels hit the wall at birth and there’s no gym for their face. DiCaprio is ugly as fuck too.

Anonymous 70771

this, leo stopped being hot like 20 years ago what timeline are they even living in?

chads peak at like 19 anyway, I would rather be a milf who fucks hot naive adolescent guys than some ugly coping 30-something DYEL wizard

Anonymous 70773


Men have a wall but it matters less since the majority of women are capable of loving men for attributes other than their looks.
Females also get less attractive with age like men, obviously. But it's only devastating because the majority of men are incapable of loving women unless they are sexy. Sadder still, is that even if you're hot and at your peak they still seek MORE attractive women.
Men have an insatiable desire to posses and control women's beauty, and they'll never be satisfied with what they have. He could be the last man on earth with billions of women at his beck and call and he'd start fantasizing about aliens with 4 sets of tits or something.

So here's a moid secret. They all love to talk about how only men are capable of true love, but it's not the kind of love females empathize with. Their version of true love is extreme sexual fixation and a willingness to do increasing levels of violence to get it.
In every moid's mind he is a temporarily embarrassed warlord with a harem of 1000 virginal teens. But that'll change once he "peaks" at 35.

Anonymous 70783

It'd be pretty disadvantageous to rebuff a chad warlord as a female. You'd end up getting raped anyways and only increase your chances of getting killed afterwards. It was never women's choice to turn men into cumbrained grugs, this tendency as born from competing with other males.

Women are fully capable and adapted to monogamy while men are not. It's especially apparent now that men's base instincts are being exploited and marketed to instead of addressed and corrected. The average man of today is simulating his harem with unfettered porn consumption and egirl cult worship. See how quickly they become enraged misogynists towards women who are unable to play into their warlord fantasies. Over 25? Fat? Ugly? Non-virginal? Prudish? You're basically not even human to them anymore and they'll make sure you know it.
Funny how they can become fixated on these fantasies but are absolute failures in every other measure of masculinity.
I wish I could give up on men because their inability to think beyond their hedonism absolutely disgusts me.

Anonymous 70784

Major blackpills. I honestly want all moids to die. I dont even see them as human beings because they lack humanity and are essentially just rapey destructive pathogens. They should be exterminated.

Anonymous 70785

.0000000000000000001% of men will become so powerful they will spread their seed across the globe but every single one of them acts he is.

Anonymous 70786

catte (2).jpg

I now unironically believe men should be gr**med from a young age instead of the reverse.

Anonymous 70787

>Over 25? Fat? Ugly? Non-virginal? Prudish? You're basically not even human to them anymore and they'll make sure you know it.
There's no self reflection going on here. Even when women talk amongst themselves they don't honestly believe they deserve 10/10 a chad millionare with a 10 inch cock.
But nearly every 40 year old balding greaseball with dirty underwear living with his parents unironically thinks he deserves a fresh new virginal teenage girl every other day.

Anonymous 70788

We just have to hope that all the incel and pedos never reproduce and that their genes die with them, which isn’t too unlikely. The moid suicide rate is rising too. Incels are going to be obsolete long before women ever are.

Anonymous 70789

Blackpill is exactly the word to use here. Blackpill implies the opposite of objective truth.
I admit I feel similar in my darkest moments but how can you really believe this as fact when they say the same things with the same level of evident self-assurance but in reverse on r9k and elsewhere? I'm starting to think you actually enjoy wallowing in misery.

unless this is just vent posting and not reflective of your general beliefs in which case please forgive my social retardation, I was homeschooled until the middle of highschool

Anonymous 70790

Men are pedos as a result of a much lager flaw in the male psyche, though ridding the genepool of incels can never be a bad thing.
Unfortunately the majority of pedos are older men who already have wives and children. Ask any girl anywhere and they'll all say that they were the most aggressively sexually pursued as teens by middle aged men. The phenomenon must some instinct to spread their seed one last time before their sperm turns to dust.
Most men don't see women as people, just fuckholes. The more sub-optimal you are as fuckhole the less they will treat you like a human being. Yeah, I'm salty and venting, but it's a real thing.
It's not completely hopeless to find a good man but chances are slim. Porn addictions from the age of 10 onwards turns them into soulless beasts. If you can find a man who willingly quits porn, which is to say quit his harm fantasies, then you've probably found a decent one.

Anonymous 70791

>If you can find a man who willingly quits porn, which is to say quit his harm fantasies, then you've probably found a decent one
I always wonder how can a woman be sure her boyfriend doesn't watch porn. Just because he says he quit? Like, how can you know what he watches on his pc or phone when you're not around?

Anonymous 70793

It has to be his decision. There are men who quit porn on their own because they realize the harm it does. Not only for the lack of ability to properly form romantic bonds, but other side effects as well. I see a lot of girls basically force their dudes into abstaining from porn by hounding them constantly. It'll never work. Even if you could somehow manage to keep all screens away from him indefinitely the harem desire is there.
When I feel love for a man the desire to trick my brain into being single with options goes away. It might sound dramatic to say but if he won't quit (especially if he knows you dislike porn), he doesn't love you the same way you love him.
Somehow you have to separate a man from his grug instincts. Some men are easier than others, and some men are so far gone they'll never be redeemed.

Anonymous 70795

It's funny how scrotes literally can't leave women alone. They have the entirety of the internet for themselves and they still have to pollute a female-only board with their presence.

Anonymous 70796


A few options if he's a lost cause and won't quit.
1. Simp for kpop boys and don't hide it. Make creepy comments about them and watch kpop music videos all the time in front of him.
2. Masturbate to giant cock muscle man porn. Don't even say anything about their bodies or their cocks, his moid brain will do more to fuel his insecurities than your words ever could.
3. Join dating sites or collect orbiters on social media but never date them. Tell him that it's your female instinct to be hypergamous and weigh your options with male suitors just like its his male instinct to spread his seed with many women. It's virtual and not real, just like porn, so he has to accept.

For this "redpilled" moid I suggest option 3, with a little bit of 2. Make sure it's BBC if you really want to make him squirm.

Anonymous 70798

I know from experience that guys just tend to hide things more when you call them out on it.

Anonymous 70799

>Women dont like porn because it takes away from their ability to use men as their personal atm.
he says while internet whores make millions a year to spend with their chad bfs just for uploading a few videos of them squatting on buttplugs

men are so absolutely pathetic it would be comical if it weren't so sad.

Anonymous 70800

I don’t condone pedophilia but even if all women became pedos overnight, it wouldn’t be anywhere near as harmful to children as moid pedophilia. Male sexuality is inherently abusive, exploitative, sadistic and pathological. A huge amount of pedophilia is of the hurtcore variety, where men enjoy seeing kids being hurt and abused. Over half of children who are molested or sexually abused by adult men sustain a medically significant injury. The act of violating a child with a penis or digit is far more psychologically and physiologically traumatizing than a kid getting his dick wet. This is why male pedos deserve a harsher punishment.

Anonymous 70801

This. Holy shit moids are so dumb, 99% of them don’t even realize that their views automatically turn into revenue for both porn whores and Jewish pornographers. They get angry at the idea of having to provide for a wife (literally the most basic biological duty a man has which has been that way for millennia) yet have no problem handing money over to some onlyfans/porn site/escort agency stacy and her Chad bf.

Anonymous 70802

I meant women grooming boys, not old moids.
How many men online lament over not being raped by their teachers in gradeschool? Hell I remember being 12-14 and boys sexually harassing attractive female teachers.
Child moids are probably more likely to rape an adult woman than the reverse in the real world.

Anonymous 70803

Lol this reminds me of when my ex refused to stop watching porn but got angry that I liked to browse r/MassiveCocks from time to time (I just like damn looking at them from an aesthetic point cause some of the guys on there had amazing bodies and dicks)

I also know a guy who dumped a girl because she had a yaoi/2D guy folder. Then I asked him if he watched porn and he was like ‘w-well y-yeah but it’s different for guys’. Such hypocrites.

Anonymous 70804

>Child moids are probably more likely to rape an adult woman than the reverse in the real world.
This sadly. I remember a young boy (couldn’t have been more than about 8 or 9) and his friend started sexually harassing me and my friend as we were walking by and making comments about my friends tits.

Also apparently the amount of child on child and child sex crimes has increased dramatically over the last 5-10 years thanks to porn exposure from an increasingly young age. It’s quite horrifying really. Innocence is dying. Kids aren’t allowed to be kids anymore.


Anonymous 70805


There's nothing more pathetic than the "redpilled" misogynist. They unironically think frying their brains with porn and failing to create meaningful relationships with women is helping the white race.

I hope they know Hitler would have them thrown into a camp and burn all of the degenerate material they abuse their dicks to.

Anonymous 70806

Anonymous 70807

from 15-20 I was sexually harassed by multiple prepubescent boys.
Hell I was even into shota at the time but never did I have the urge to do the reverse.
Why are males so shameless?

Anonymous 70808

>subhuman porn addicted moron thinks frying his dopamine receptors, lining the pockets of pornographers and porn thots, inducing erectile dysfunction and depression in himself, and rendering himself a brain damaged coomer, unable to pair bond or form a lasting loving wholesome bond with a partner is getting back at women somehow
Yeah, you really showed women, heh. The joke will always be on yourself, moid.

Anonymous 70809

Testosterone aka the devils hormone makes moids and even young smeglets aggressive and sexually charged. I guess that’s the explanation for boys 12-13 and upwards. When it’s kids younger than that, it’s creepy because there isn’t even a hormonal explanation for it. Seems like it really is a cultural/porn induced phenomenon. That, or the kids were sexually abused themselves and think that kind of behavior is normal. Very creepy.

Anonymous 70810

It's not porn, they're just researching it now more often. Male kids were raping and molesting other kids in the 70s but no one was studying it to this extent

Anonymous 70811

I won’t even say it’s natural, because men have a wall of fertility too. The dna in their sperm becomes significantly more damaged after 35-40. They don’t seem to realize that their sperm is nothing but autism baby soup after 35.

Anonymous 70812

I heard someone once say one of the purposes of long-term romantic relationships was for each partner to dismiss the other's insecurities. Porn consumption from either partner only fuels insecurity.
Obviously men realize this and expect you to uphold your end of the bargain, and feel distressed when you compare them to other men sexually. That courtesy is so often lacking on their part, however. Men are incredibly selfish and find it hard to empathize with others when it comes to the issue of their monkey-brained coomer urges.
>"W-well y-yeah but it’s different for guys".
This line is so fucking tired. They know exactly what they are doing by comparing you to other women, that's why they flip out whenever you do the same to them.

Anonymous 70813

>porn has nothing to do with it
Totally disagree. Yes moids have always been perverted rape monkeys since the dawn of time. But if you read about the details or trials of these sex crimes, you’ll find the kid usually admits they were motivated to do it after viewing porn, and they often act it out on a younger sibling. Some of these kids are 4 or 5 years old, or even younger. One of the cases involved a parent leaving a porn clip on a laptop which the child viewed and then attempted to act out on his little sister. Kids copy what they see, they pick up this learned behavior, pedos also use porn to brainwash and groom children into thinking certain acts are normal and healthy. It’s fucked up.

Anonymous 70814

One was 9 and I was 19. He was never sexually abused in the traditional sense, but I knew he was addicted to the internet from the age of 6 onwards.
He was definitely already hooked on pornography. His parents were techology-illiterate boomers and did not shield him from it.
Letting young boys abuse themselves with porn is doing serious damage to their brains. They don't even need a pedo uncle anymore. All they need is a internet connection
Even without the child performing the act on others, it still damages them. The children exposed to pornography are victims, too. Unfortunately in our pornified culture, they will never get help. They will grow up into adults and simply make the trauma a part of their personality. Then we wonder why men are so fucked up…

Anonymous 70815

Pretty much. Apparently porn addiction is like the 2nd or 3rd most common cause for divorce.

Lol I’ve even asked this question on r9k. Some of them will say ‘yeah whatever man idc what my gf watches’ but you know that’s bullshit.

AS IF these faggots would be comfortable with their gf openly watching BBC porn, cuck porn, or porn with dozens of ripped Chads. Any guy who would be comfortable with that is a pathetic cuck tbh. Just as any woman who is okay with her bfs open porn habit is a pathetic doormat. The only other reason to be okay with your bf watching porn is if you hated sex with him and wanted to get out of it lmao.

Yes unfortunately men are huge hypocrites on top of all their other undesirable qualities. They use porn as a manipulation tactic too to try and dreadgame women into submission. And I don’t think it even needs to be said why assholes are more arousing now than vaginas to most moids, their brains are beyond rotted, beyond broken. It truly is the worst timeline if you’re looking for a wholesome monogamous relationship.

Anonymous 70816

Even genetically inferior people want to pass down their genes. Old men with dusty sperm still want to make retard babies. Biology is selfish when it comes to breeding.

Anonymous 70818

>kids copy
Male* kids copy. Still, most women blame porn more than men themselves, when the main problem lies within men, not porn. Female children don't assault other kids despite watching more porn than before. I've been watching porn since I was 7. Never tried to assault another kid, never thought about it etc. The wast majority of men (including the sons some of the women posting here will give birth to in the future) will never give up porn because that's what they need in exchange for "normal" women having more equal rights. It's either porn or we're going back to being male sex slaves. There's no other way with men. It's not a coincidence that porn getting more violent, degrading and acceptable correlated with women's fight for equal rights.

Anonymous 70819

>Apparently porn addiction is like the 2nd or 3rd most common cause for divorce.
NOOOOOOO I thought that was roasties being the selfish whores that they are just divorce-raping innocent men and that giving women freedom to separate from abusive males was LITERALLY destroying the fabric of western society

> They use porn as a manipulation tactic too to try and dreadgame women into submission

Every male dysfunction ultimately comes back to cutting down women to keep them around their finger.
What I wanna know is why the fuck men don't improve themselves? They'd rather do literally anything else. They'd rather do unspeakable acts of evil to a female to get their cum inside of her than go to the gym and get a fucking job to impress one the sane way. Just getting them to do basic grooming is like pulling teeth. Just what the hell is wrong with them

Anonymous 70820

I dated a 18 year old who had porn induced ED since he was 15 or so. It was just sad. Needless to say it didn’t work out. I also caught my 21 year old brother opening a package containing viagra once too. I have no sympathy for moids who broke their own dicks through cooming though tbh.

Weird how so little of the male anti porn movement focuses on the aspect of harmful cultural oversexualization, pedophilia, sex trafficking, exploiting low IQ/mentally ill women/abuse victims for sexual purposes, or all the widespread abuse and grooming in the porn industry.

Instead the nofap movement focuses almost entirely on the health and well-being of drum roll men’s dicks. Moids literally aren’t capable of empathy or concern for others. Everything always has to be about themselves and their phallus.

Anonymous 70821

Well we’re basically headed the same way as Japan, in other words the majority of men are cucky consoomers kept busy with porn, video games, hookers, virtual waifus and soy infused junk food, and the women are left to seek either single motherhood through Chad sperm donors or fuck and marry a high testosterone foreigner.

It’s literally all down to male laziness and their cooming which is keeping the pornography industry making billions. Men want to spend most of their time and attention on porn sluts getting choked and pissed on. Then they turn around and ask where all the good women have gone.

Anonymous 70822

The first time I was exposed to porn as a child I was nauseous and cried the rest of that evening. I couldn't use the family computer for a week without succumbing to this horrible feeling of dread.

I'm wondering honestly if the previous exchange wasn't so bad if you were forced to choose. At least men 100 years ago had to support their wives and children. It was somewhat of a balanced exchange. Now men don't do jack shit besides play xbox, be fat, complain online, and watch porn while still demanding 10/10 tradwives. Even house husbands literally do less housework and child rearing than their wives. Jesus I've read stories where moids will babysit their own infants and toddlers just to leave them in another room alone, hungry, and crying for hours while they jerk off to porn.

Anonymous 70823

I love when moids spout the ‘b-but 90000% of women initiate divorces’ stat. Yeah, I’m sure the moids shitty behavior had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Anonymous 70824

>I'm wondering honestly if the previous exchange wasn't so bad if you were forced to choose
Yeah but no, thanks, I'd rather live in a time when marital rape is considered rape and western men aren't allowed to marry 13 year olds and I'm not forced to give birth to 7 children (and have even more stillbirths in the process).

Anonymous 70825

The first time I w exposed to porn as a child I was nauseous and cried the rest of that evening. I couldn't use the family computer for a week without succumbing to this horrible feeling of dread.

I'm honestly wondering if the previous exchange isn't so bad if you're forced to choose. At least men 100 years ago had to support their wives and children. It was somewhat balanced. Now men don't do jack shit besides play xbox, be fat, complain online, and watch porn while still demanding 10/10 tradwives. Even modern day house husbands literally do less housework and child rearing than their wives. Jesus I've read stories where moids will babysit their own infants and toddlers just to leave the in another room alone, hungry, and crying for hours while they jerk off to porn.

Anonymous 70826

I remember my baby brother was like 4 years old when we were chilling in my cousins room and he went under the bed and found a hardcore porno mag belonging to my cousin. After that he was really traumatized and kept talking about how he ‘saw that lady’s insides’ meanwhile my cousin just laughed it off and said something about how he made him into a man that day. God I hate the corrupt nature of moids and how they get off on corrupting others.

Anonymous 70827

And I just retyped that entire response because I though CC ate my post. Shit.
Sometimes I lean one way or the other depending on my mood. The shittiness of men throughout history has me fuming.

Anonymous 70828

I mean, spinsters existed, they got a lot of shit and were stigmatized, but women were allowed to not marry, at least in the western and some East Asian cultures. It also would have been a lot easier to kill your abusive husband and get away with it in those days I guess due to lack of dna and shit. But that’s a different story.

All that really proves is that men have been, are, and always will be shitty, regardless of era/circumstances.

Anonymous 70829

>Then they turn around and ask where all the good women have gone.
I was a pickme and thought women were the problem until I rubbed two braincells together and realized the same men who said males were the "builders and defenders" of society apparently did nothing but sit on their asses while "inferior child-brained" females destroyed civilization by not fucking them.

Anonymous 70830

>porn only fuels insecurity between the sexes
definitely. women are comparing themselves and feeling sad or rejected or like they have to compete for attention, it builds resentment between couples, clearly is leading to increased divorce rates and encouraging cheating and relationship instability, men are damaging their brains, using it as a form of sex education and confusing it for real life, comparing their dick size etc (although the pressure porn puts on men as the sexual aggressors is nowhere near as cruel or harsh as the pressure it puts on women) it breaks kids minds and normalizes the abnormal, leads to sexual dysfunction…basically it harms everyone except the Jews profiting from it.

Anonymous 70831

Men will blame their ED on jews putting estrogen in the water while spending 6 hours a day jerking off to jewish made and financed pornography and literally not connect the dots.
>Instead the nofap movement focuses almost entirely on the health and well-being of drum roll men’s dicks
I have seen only 2 instances online where a male makes a point by himself to say he quit porn partially because it was affecting his views of his girlfriend. Never the whole reason, mind you, but at least there was a consideration.
Meanwhile women will destroy and rebuild themselves for every relationship they have just to suit their man's preference.

Anonymous 70832

>and literally not connect the dots
I am convinced that men's rational brains legitimately shut down when it comes to matters of their sexuality.

Anonymous 70833

>I mean, spinsters existed, they got a lot of shit and were stigmatized, but women were allowed to not marry, at least in the western and some East Asian cultures
Yeah but now it's generally easier for single women to financially support themselves. They can get education. Gay women can marry each other (in western countries). I'd rather die than go back in time.

Anonymous 70834

Agreed. I do believe women have free will and agency and therefore should take some responsibility. But the simps and the coomers are what keeps the industry churning.

A lot of not most porn girls have some form of mental illness, past sexual abuse, are in or were in an abusive relationship, come from poverty etc. I’ve seen a concerning number of girls on onlyfans with ‘pimp’ boyfriends who are clearly living off these girls earnings and likely pushed them into the idea.

If men want to know where all the good women have gone, it’s because there is no incentive for women to be good anymore. Sex sells, doing porn pays, men can’t get enough of porn, the sluttiest girl gets the most attention and money. The porn and whoremongering industry would stop tomorrow if men collectively stopped cooming and stopped paying attention to porn. But they never will. And so any moid who gets angry about the porn industry is a huge hypocrite. It’s only recently you see men getting angry about the porn industry, and it’s because women are now profiting from it. That’s literally the only reason men hate porn now. And they say they hate it, then wank to it 5 minutes later. No one will ever take these moids seriously.

Anonymous 70835

I have read studies where men do not view women as people if they are sexualized in any way. They were exposed to photos of females in bikinis and men had the same brain response as seeing pictures of homeless people. Which is to say, just objects that look like humans.

Anonymous 70836

>If men want to know where all the good women have gone, it’s because there is no incentive for women to be good anymore
Fucking this. Men give you rewards for being a cumsock but once their post-nut clarity kicks in they resent you for… being a cumsock. Being a cumsock gives you money and attention and abstaining gives you, what? A shitty "trad" husband who will get bored of you once you're no longer his personal cumsock?

If men built society then they destroyed it as well.

Anonymous 70837

yeah I actually feel sorry for ‘traditional’ women and pickmes and I totally understand their struggle of wanting a nice wholesome trad relationship and being told if you want to keep a man you have to cater to his every whim and never challenge him and be a pornstar, chef, model and eternally youthful virginal church girl all rolled into one but like

you’re saving yourself for marriage and wearing your little modest prairie dress and cooking meals but your bf is still disrespecting your existence by cooming to porn and cheating on you in his head with the most depraved loose cheap slutty girls imaginable, if not actually cheating one day (likely since 70% of married men cheat)

it’s a rigged fucking game and the only way to win is not to play, it makes me so sad to see girls trying to hard to be the perfect wife to a moid and do anything they can to please him, only for him to cuck her with porn or a 17 year old because he got disgusted by her body after she hit 35 and birthed and raised his kids. likewise it’s sad seeing a girl who was used to getting validation from showing her tits for money being abused and tossed away like a disposable cumrag and unable to find a decent guy.

Anonymous 70838

If you aren't a cumsock you get the reward of men passively tolerating your existence, only to then be dragged through the mud once you get older and less fuckable. You have about a 10-15 reprieve of men's full contempt.
Just look at all the tradwives online who reach their expiration date. All of the men who they so vehemently defended are now insulting them because they hit the wall.

Men really do just view women as fuckmeat with no other purpose other than to serve their sexual needs. All the bullshit they spew about traditional women is literally only because they are annoyed at the concept of women having sex with men who aren't them. It's all completely cynical. They don't give a damn about "western society". All men ever gave a damn about through the dawn of time was their own dicks.

Anonymous 70839

They will always say it's all feminists' fault, because if enforced monogamy was still a thing and society was "traditional", men would've been satisfied with their roles and they wouldn't seek other pleasures. Female hypergamy forces women to seek partners of equal or higher status, and now when women are better educated it's harder for men to keep up and there's not enough men who satisfy women's criteria. It was easier "back in the day" when men were the ones who had money and education and women just sat at home blah blah blah.
That's just what they say.

Anonymous 70840

Male sexuality is insane. 99% of it is centred around hatefucking. It’s vile really.

I’ve always said this and it sounds dramatic, but once you realize male sexuality is inherently pathological, the world starts to make more sense.

Most of male sexuality is centred around power games, conquest, domination, subjugation, dehumanization, sadism, control, exploitation and invasion. Sure some men are subs but those are outliers, and being a sub still revolves around their pleasure. So ultimately they still control the situation.

For millennia male sex drive was expressed through the violent act of rape. Women who fought back against their rapists were killed by moids.

There was also a study which proved men who watched porn before a rape trial were far more likely to recommend a lower sentence for the rapist. Porn has very real consequences on our society. But nobody wants to do anything about it.

Anonymous 70841

I love how the complaint is that women achieve too much and the solution is to make them achieve less. The thought never crosses their minds to work harder and outpace women. Just like I said here.
>Every male dysfunction ultimately comes back to cutting down women to keep them around their finger.
>What I wanna know is why the fuck men don't improve themselves? They'd rather do literally anything else. They'd rather do unspeakable acts of evil to a female to get their cum inside of her than go to the gym and get a fucking job to impress one the sane way. Just getting them to do basic grooming is like pulling teeth. Just what the hell is wrong with them

Anonymous 70842

Incels introduced monogamy as a concept because they were jealous of Chad getting most of the pussy and threatened to riot, but it was always just a means of controlling women’s sexuality. I honestly don’t think there was a single era where monogamy was lived by men. During Puritan, Victorian and Christian medieval times prostitution was rampant. Moids literally caused the syphilis epidemic in Europe after European conquistadors raped syphilitic natives and brought it back home to Europe and then spread it through use of prostitutes, many men would also end up giving their wives (who were virgins before marriage) these horrible STDs by sleeping with them after visiting prostitutes.

Anonymous 70843

Sometimes I think my moid problems would be solved if I were an eternally youthful vampire domestic servant with a insatiable sex drive, but then I remember the coolidge effect. Even if you are an impossibly perfect woman no man will ever be satisfied with you.
I’ve always said this and it sounds dramatic, but once you realize male sexuality is inherently pathological
It really is. And it's not even self-contained, their sexuality taints everything they do the emotions they feel. Men inherently link sex with love. If you aren't a hot woman dtf at all times he thinks he is being deprived of "love". If you aren't a hot woman dtf at all times he is also incapable of "loving" you.
If you want to see male sexuality unfiltered by women then look at the gay community. There is so much degeneracy, disease, and pedo grooming it's not even fucking funny. But of course you can't bring this up as a reflection of the male psyche because gays are a protected class. They're still moids.

Anonymous 70844

Yeah I’ve also said this before for years tbh, the male gay dating world is a scary insight into what happens when women are no longer gatekeepers of sex. Just a pedo/std/promiscuity hotbed of degenerate bullshit and grooming, completely superficial, hooking up within 5 minutes of meeting a stranger, older creeps preying on vulnerable young guys and using up boys from when they are underage or children then throwing them away like trash when they are no longer young cute twinks. Gay serial killers seem to be the most vicious too.

Anonymous 70846

I really hate the sheepish way they approach and defend their porn habits. They really do inherently know it's wrong, but seldom do anything about it.

I confronted my boyfriend with his porn habit. He immediately started diminishing his guilt by saying "they were only whores anyways", "They don't mean anything to me, they are just objects", and "I love you and don't want you to be like them".
If you thought they were disgusting whores then why would you give your intimacy to them? Why would you disrespect our special bond by offering that bond to strangers?
If he continues then you can only assume he does have an intimate bond with these women, and shouldn't be in a monogamous relationship. Men want to have their cake and eat it too.

Anonymous 70860


lol you're being cucked daily by your scrote bf

Anonymous 70898

Does this mean if I'm violent and strong I can impress a man?

Anonymous 70899

Some of these points seem downright crazy. Do you not have any male relatives or friends?

Anonymous 70903

Only if he's a sub.
I do. I meant men as a group on most things.
I should've explained the first one better. Men are not as interested in details about other people's (strangers or friends of a friend) lives, they don't like speaking about other couples' relationships.

Anonymous 70929

I literally don’t think men who regularly watch porn are capable of love or pair bonding anymore. It breaks their minds. I’d like to see more research on this subject because I suspect it’s at the root of why so many modern relationships fail. Men can’t be happy with just getting off to one woman, porn is always a third party. Men will try and claim its natural but porn is a modern phenomenon. Yet they expect total devotion and monogamy from their gfs/wives.

Anonymous Admin 70933

I cleaned up the thread, please refresh to avoid responding to deleted comments.

Anonymous 70935

As another anon put it. birds have not developed a brain to understand the concept of windows.
If he's over 16, 18 or whatever, and he makes the decision to consume pornography then sure, he should work out his bullshit or die alone. It's pathetic.

Children and young adolescents however, are not going to fully understand why it makes them feel good and why they're choosing it over real relationships and not know that it is unhealthy for their minds. Boys literally follow their penises and if other boys at school use pornography at an early age, then more and more boys will think that it's normal.
They are not being warned early enough about this, they are so easily exposed to it, it's literally everywhere on the internet and they are not aware of the detrimental effects it has on their developing minds.
Is it the child's fault for being addicted? and if so/not, shouldn't society help them?

If pornography isn't outright banned, how will we and the future generations of women be able to find good men in our lives if all of them are being so rapidly corrupted?
High quality men aren't born, they are made with positive influences in their lives and good role models. Not porn exposure during their childhood.

Anonymous 70941

Ah, another poster actually said those words, i was quoting them, but the reply was deleted by the admin.
You're definitely right though, we do die alone.

Anonymous 70947

>how will we and the future generations of women be able to find good men

Consolidate wealth, obtain children via sperm bank. Do our best to raise the boys well, do not be surprised when they turn out to be men. Tell the girls not to settle.

Anonymous 70949

Has anyone here done and had success with this? Like, did they actually turn into HVM?
Genuinely curious, it seems like a lot of hard work though, will they not need a good male rolemodels in their lives?

Anonymous 70950

You guys know that women have been trying to raise "good men" for years, right? The second wave 70s feminists tried and failed. The sons of liberal third wave feminists will be even worse considering their tolerance for porn. Sons of feminists are sometimes even worse because they learn to trick women into thinking they're on their side. It is futile.

Anonymous 70953

Morning wood is basically their penis going hard during the night to stop them peeing themselves. You can test this by feeding your moid lots of water before bed.

Anonymous 70954

>Mom, what's a dad, how come my friends have dads?
>Mom, what's fathers day for?
>How come I don't have a dad?
>Mom, my friends make fun of me because i have no dad.
>Wheres my dad?
>Why did you have me by yourself?
>This is your fault, why don't I have a dad?
>I want to meet my real dad.
etc. etc.
Yeah, this is whats going to happen.
And it will only get worse once they become a teenager.

I genuinely recommend not doing this.

Anonymous 70957

Weird, I didn't have a father and I literally didn't care, never asked kek.

Anonymous 70958

If I manage to adopt a moid, I will test this, thanks.

Anonymous 70960

Most women without fathers don't end up on sites like this. Your point? I never had any important male figures in my life so I don't get what the fuss is all about. Reading about the things men do to women and children I'm actually glad I had no men in my life, I feel sorry for other women and I wish men didn't exist or existed only for breeding for women who want kids for themselves kek
Men still earn more money and provide status, that's the main reason why single mother households may have problems with stability. Single fathers earn more money than single mothers. Kids raised by lesbian couples do very well though. The ultimate proof kids don't need men in their lives.

Anonymous 70962

I grew up without a dad and my mom actually married him. It's better to just not teach children to expect to have a father in the first place, so they don't end up heartbroken when he leaves.

Anonymous 70969

>It's better to just not teach children that their other primary caregiver is unreliable and not to be trusted to spare them the disappointment in case he leaves
a) No, that's psychotic, do not do that.
b) If you're wrong and he doesn't leave then it'll either blow up in your face and destroy your relationship with your child because you lied to them, or it'll destroy a good father's relationship with his child because of your paranoia.
c) If you have a son you'll probably drive him to either hate you or troon out, or both.

Anonymous 70970

>It's better to just not teach children that their other primary caregiver is unreliable

That's not what I said. What I said was it's better to just not teach children to expect to have a father. You do that by being independently wealthy and having a child by yourself.

>If you have a son you'll probably drive him to either hate you or troon out, or both

Do not blame women for boys turning into men. Plenty of boys have turned into men under their fathers' direction, to their mothers' horror.

Anonymous 70977

I hope he's your ex now. He treats alive human women as fucking objects, what's the probability he doesn't see you as one too?

Anonymous 71006

Only weirdos don't watch porn. It's okay to watch porn, it's just pixels on a screen. And people masturbate to the scenarios of the porn scenes and actors are just embellishments.

Anonymous 71015

Humans masturbate to porno since antiquity. Fertility statues were public and cum was sacred.

Anonymous 71019

If you don't consider reproduction important.

Anonymous 71021

I can get myself off with just my imagination, and I have 1/20 the testosterone of a scrote. Literally how fucking hard could it be?

Anonymous 71023

Good thing most women don't die alone.

Anonymous 71025

They don't care clearly.

Anonymous 71029

Why would high quality male want to have kids and support a low quality female? That seems like a downgrade on his part when he could have high quality females to pick from. Most folks just aren't good at assessing genetic value. Even those who are attractive can have very poor genes.

Anonymous 71036

That's…not how human evolutionary strategies worked. People generally bred with those closest to them, same goes with high quality specimens who are rare to boot. This talk of genetics sounds very similar to how incels justify chasing young stacies. Attractive folks by todays standards aren't inherently better than anyone else.

Anonymous 71042

That depends on what you mean by any sperm. Donor services of any kind want sperm or even egg from those who are healthy and without significant problems yes, but that's not necessarily high quality.

>male opinions on who gets to breed are just as worthless as their sperm

Coercian and rape doesn't exist? Women being forced to have children they don't want doesn't happen? Absolving males of responsibility is a big reason they behave like such animals today.

Anonymous 71053

Men want to fuck literally every woman, but rarely do they have women who want to fuck them. They think that they themselves wouldn't suffer every if every woman on the planet was chasing their dick, but they don't ever stop and think about what this feels like from the female perspective.
They don't realize how laughably little value being pursued sexually actually is when you have infinite amounts of men who do it.
Male attention is cheap as much as it is endless. The struggle is finding a moid who is capable of loving you past their superficial lust.

>And incels dont even exist btw, only volcels

If a man puts in >10% effort into attracting and pleasing women, he'll get a girlfriend. Incels think that being a ripped chad with a megacock is literally the only way to securely attract women (because they are projecting their superficial lust onto us, again). If a man actually groomed himself, wore nice clothes, and genuinely showed interest in a female's personality and hobbies he would secure a wife material female in a month. But no, their fantasies and ideals always revolve around their stupid desire to bang as many women possible like a nomadic caveman with a permanent erection.

Anonymous 71057


Men are also just ugly in general. Honestly the average woman is pretty cute, and most women are average. I swear men are either really hot or really unfortunate. The "average" male seems rare from what I see.
Maybe it's because their conception of women has been permanently damaged from staying in their echo chambers. The only time they go out of their way to see women is through a screen, naked, and being pounded by cocks. You get these men who think real life is like acting out porn but without the sex.
I would honestly love to have a okay-ish looking dude who respects me and treats me like a person and considers my opinions than the "chad" archetype all of these idiots claim is the poster child for female admiration.

Speaking of, I fucking hate the sleekntears gigachad meme and all the men who post it and actually believe it's what women cream themselves over. I have literally seen no female group that obsesses over these types of dudes. If anything it's either kpop boys or anime boys.
>pic related, what men actually think women want

Anonymous 71058

This dude's girlfriend is also a masculine looking post-wall roastie, according to their own standards.
Incels are just so incredibly detached from anything real.

Anonymous 71061

I remember the first time encountering this man's photos, before it really caught on as a meme. It was on /fit/, and every response were men trying to figure out how to look like him and calling him the most handsome man on the planet, lol.
Before I even read the responses my first reaction was "this guy looks really fucking weird". I'm sure that's how 99% of women see it.
Not to be too mean to the guy but… it's the same bizarre feeling I would get if I saw a bunch of men posting pictures of an 600 pound blob and calling him hot and saying thy wished they looked like him so they can get a girlfriend.

The Greeks were right about male beauty, I think about this so much. They were also right about modestly sized dicks. Another symptom of these same men who base their male ideals on porn fantasies is that they think only giant monster cocks are acceptable

Anonymous 71062


These types of dudes unironically think the peak male is a 45 year old roided-up manbeast with jaw implants and a cock that resembles a gorilla arm fisting an apple. Only then will they achieve their dream of fucking endless amounts of teen girls with DD tits.
Sometimes it's even more comical. I read their forums from time to time and these retards say without a single ounce of irony that 50 is when males are at their most attractive, and that wrinkles and """""mature hairlines""""" is what attracts young girls the most.

When I was a teenager anyone older than 25 was gross, and girls were either obsessed with teen male celebs and musicians or videogame prettyboys like Link and Sora. I wonder where they get these ideas but then I remember they have pornified brains. It's pathetic just how absolutely manipulated they are, and don't even realize it.

Anonymous 71064

>Yeaaah… those comments must’ve been genuine, most definitely not sarcastic.

Anonymous 71066



What you have to understand is that in ancestral times reproductive success for men was more dependent on pushing other men out the way than attracting girls. Wimpy men would have their wives taken away from them by stronger men and raiding over tribes to steal their girls was common too.

At an instinctive level men associate being strong and muscular with "getting the girls" because in ancestral times that was true.

If ancestral men had to attract girls they would have evolved to look like the clean-shaven pretty boys in boy-bands that girls go wild over.

Anonymous 71067

It's true that from purely physical point of view men peak in their 20s, but they still have more options at 40-50 than women their age. Older men can provide financial stability and younger women care about that, meanwhile younger men (usually) only want sex from older women, they don't care if those women can provide and they don't want to settle down with them. On average, a 40 year old woman may find more sexual partners than a 40 year old man, but that's just sex. When it comes to actually settling down, older men have bigger chances. So generally speaking, women peak in their youth, but men have two times in their lives when they can "peak" - when they're young and hot and when they're older and less hot as long as they can provide.

Anonymous 71068

I think it may partially be that but there is also a phenomenon called supernormals or supernormal stimuli. Men seem more subject to it when it comes to matters of sex, especially since escalation is extremely common with porn consumption. Basically they fixate on the masculine and feminine ideals and flanderize them.
An attractive man is stripped of all nuance and becomes more and more of a big-dicked aggressive monkey.

Anonymous 71071

This is incel cope. The vast majority of men at every age only want sex. Men in their 20s are still just as likely to "settle down" with a female as one is in his 50s.
Can't tell you how many times men lead young women on with the promise of long term relationships and marriage only to dump them once they get bored.
All of these boomers online who brag about getting with younger women, without fail, only talk about hookups and never about settling down. How exactly are these young women any better off? Moids are moids. The older they get the less pretty they are and the more time they have to hone their manipulation techniques.
Moids talk up "tradition" and "fertility" but in the end they always just want sex and sex with different women.

Also since women are making more money what is stopping them from getting themselves a young trophy husband if they want to?

Anonymous 71073

>but men have two times in their lives when they can "peak"
That's just the cope men tell themselves when they feel like they squandered their youth. If you haven't conducted your life properly in your 20s you aren't going to start in your 50s.
What you will become is an old man who spends his days online obsessing over teen porn and donating his wagie bux to camwhores.

Anonymous 71076

Belle Delphine's fanbase is mostly boomer men who rave online all day about how young and tight her body is and how she has the face of a 12 year old. She's gathering millions from these boomers and having sex with her young handsome bf.

Old men are absolutely pathetic.

Anonymous 71077

>All of these boomers online who brag about getting with younger women, without fail, only talk about hookups and never about settling down
I actually saw a couple of posts from men in their 40s who married women in their 20s though

Anonymous 71083


Old men are just as bad if not worse than the women they complain about.
Scratch that, they're just worse. At least old women don't simp for camwhores.

Anonymous 71089

Zoomers aren't paying her, boomers are.
It's quite funny actually. I've noticed zoomers are 50/50 about camwhores. Either they are addicted to porn and rave over them, or they call them ugly dumpster whores for being degenerates (even though the latter is based on cynical misogyny).
But old men think that if you are, or look like jailbait, you're a queen who needs to be worshipped. They're misogynists too, but they think they are getting back at women their age by making them seethe with jealousy over their masturbation habits.

Anonymous 71091

>watching his fat pink gut and gross white pubes bouncing against a smooth hairless 18 year old girls body
For all the old men obsessed with teenagers very few will ever get to experience this. If he couldn't get a girl in his 20s not much is going to change now that he's fatter and uglier.

Anonymous 71092

Old men are the absolute worst. If they are single at such an advanced age it means they couldnt be faithful to any of their past relationships, the cheated got caught, or their fiancee divorced them because they were just awful.

The larger the bodycount he got = the less he got to maintain in a committed relationship. This speaks levels about a person's character. Only people who are able to last long in a relationship those are the ones who have any merit to themselves.

Anonymous 71093

With moids it's no longer even about the body count. I'd first date a man who has had 3-4 previous girlfriends than a virgin who spends 12 hours a day frying his brain with porn.
Men were already awful at pair-bonding, and they're getting worse by the year.

Anonymous 71096

Yeah relationships are becoming fleeting commodities to be basically picked up and thrown away sadly, instead of them trying to extend them as much as possible with effort. It's starting to suck more but this aint ever absolute there is always alternatives, I have a lot of back up plans. Especially if you are a career woman with lots of achievements you should look into getting an innocent pure blank slate of a person with hardly any bad intentions, buy out that person if possible even I believe they are worth it. Moid or women whatever you like a good companionship is good companionship. It will come in handy later in life.

Anonymous 71099

Am I alone in wanting to become a career woman just to get a young moid and groom him to be the perfect husband?
I think adopting traditionally male strategies might be worth the effort. I mean, men are selfish idiots who groom girls to become bangmaids, but I want to groom boys into becoming artists and chess players and philosophers with strong bodies and pure hearts.

Anonymous 71102

What's "young"? Sounds like you want a boy.

Anonymous 71103

in his 20s.
Moids are much easier to groom than females, at any age.

Anonymous 71105

Men either provide good genes or stability, and these are generally associated with action in youth or wealth with age. It's not a cope, it's just how men have evolved to reproduce

Anonymous 71107

The latter is becoming defunct as women gain financial independence and freedom.
Besides that, for the last few hundred years men and women both married in their mid 20s, at last in northwestern Europe.

Anonymous 71108


i don't know how to put it but something that i heard about them is that their semen caramelize

Anonymous 71109

based, bonus points if you're also quietly into femdom like i am

Men are socialized in such a way that they really have no chance NOT to be misogynistic in some way. They need to be kept under your thumb at all times so that they don't regress into their shitty habits. Easier said than done.

Anonymous 71112

I'm into femdom, yeah. Not that ridiculous leatherqueen stuff though.

Anonymous 71113

Me too. I have NPD and have a difficult time imagining sex as something done with someone (as it should be) rather than to them, this misconception boosted in no small part by the way moids speak about sex. Cannot IMAGINE submitting to a man who holds any sort of misogynistic ideas or does not respect me above himself. Even a man socialized completely by a woman will eventually leave her grasp (as in the specific case of a hypothetical radfem single mother raising a boy) and be socialized then by other men who will build and then reinforce misogyny in him. There is no leeway you can give men. In every way, shape, and form, give them an inch and they will take a mile.

Anonymous 71114

>what is stopping them from getting themselves a young trophy husband

Men hate being dependent on women and women want their men to actually like them.

Anonymous 71115

I simply can't trust men because of what I hear them say about women when they think women aren't listening. I want to be loved for who I am, not as a sex object. If I'm in control I can somewhat make sure affection is exchanged. If I let a man lead then I make myself vulnerable to the potential of him dehumanizing me.
I don't care if he is not a radfem. Men are trash and I complain about them a lot, because I have to deal with them. I don't think women are flawless, and if our beliefs are compatible he would see those flaws too.
So it's men's faults, again.

Anonymous 71116

It seems like a new phenomenon though. The most desirable men, throughout history(if you look at both mythology and historical facts), have been a little effeminate, a little bit in disposition but a lot in terms of looks.

Anonymous 71119

I mean that men make the argument that females are worthless if they are past a certain age
so why couldn't these aged-out women just adopt boomer male cope and cradle rob some twink who wouldn't mind being a houseboy? Why are older women worth less than older men if both have the option to bribe young people to marry them?

Anonymous 71121


Because young men aren't attracted to older women in the same way regardless of income.

Anonymous 71127

Men can't be radfems, it's male-exclusionary, but they need to be allies, and why would they be when all of their jackass friends will make fun of them for it?

Ladies, better not get it fucked up. There are two versions of your boyfriend: the persona he shows you and his true self, when he doesn't feel like he's "walking on eggshells" or thinks nobody cares how bigoted he acts. Are the two similar enough to where you don't mind?

Control must be in your hands. He needs to be completely subservient to you. Ideally, you even are the one making the money or the one controlling it so that he can't use it against you if he ever decides to be abusive. There is no reason for men to be superior or equal "partners" when they are as vile as they are.

Anonymous 71133

This is actually true. During an erection the blood flows into the penis (duh) and out of the area of the brain associated with consequences and other things. I want to say frontal cortex but not sure, Google would help.

Anonymous 71138

Women gaining financial independence wouldn't make it defunct, cause women still get with men more financially successful than they are, at least on average and it's a stronger correlation through marriage.

Socio-economic success is a huge factor for male success in romance but it's not relevant at all to female success. I also second other anon.

Anonymous 71143

this pic just shows shitty and beta white people are as a group, and nothing about gender.

Anonymous 71153

That is a complete fabrication. The blood doesn't come from any organ in particular, and certainly not the brain.

Anonymous 71166

look up bonobos!

Anonymous 71217

I doubt the radfems/manhaters/pinkpillers are trans. A select few are femcels and most others have just had mainly shitty experiences with men.

But speaking for myself, I indeed do not have a good head. Nor do the shotacon anons.
And you also probably don't since your life has lead you to end up on an obscure women's only imageboard.

Anonymous 71230

I don't know what that anon said but this sentiment that women who hate men must be fucked in the head is so stupid.
Most women I know had shitty experiences with men. Women in my family stay with men who cheated on them or beat them while drunk etc. (and of course they never help with house chores). But financially, their lives are easier because their men earn more money than them. Those women would never support radfems, they would go full "not all men" on you. My aunt got visibly offended when I criticized my abusive uncle who cheated on her with my mother and who also tried to creep on me (yuck). I get so annoyed when people say that women become radfems just because they had shitty experiences with men. When the wast majority of women who had shitty experiences with men still defend men and stay in denial about men in order to cope with reality, which is way more fucked up. We haven't had it somehow worse than those women - we simply didn't turn out to be masochists like them. I didn't have to be personally victimized by men to hate them, I wasn't molested, raped, beaten, cheated on, stalked, I didn't have to deal with a porn addicted scrote etc. But I've seen enough and I've read enough to hate them.

Anonymous 71241

ayrt and I agree, but also think actively hating all men all the time to the point where it decreases your quality of life is still bad. And bad experiences can also be secondhand; my own distaste stemmed from how my father treated my mother and the various stories I've read about men hurting women.

I used to be angry with them constantly and it would just ruin moments where I could be enjoying my life, nature, and hobbies. The healthiest way is to balance it. Avoid men physically (aside from the 1% who are actually good IF you happen upon them…seeking them is also not worthy of our time), but also avoid them mentally when you can. There's no need to concern yourself with thoughts of them when they aren't around to harm you. Women need to live in the moment, focus on success, and love ourselves and uplift other women who are willing to love themselves.

Anyway, I'm not right in the head because I still revert to this state in times of stress, but I'm working on it. I just want to be happy.
And I stand by not supporting the shotacons. They make me uncomfortable.

Anonymous 71282

They compete for mothers because they are all their ex gfs and they compete for custody rights.

Just gonna say that the figurines you posted are images of fertility
goddesses. They depict women at the END of their reproductive phase.
It's like a picture of a wise man, so to speak.
Sex while being fit beats sex while being fat like THAT tenfold.

Anonymous 71305


>They compete for mothers because they are all their ex gfs and they compete for custody rights

Anonymous 71307

Those figurines are preindoeuropean and likely from primitive agricultural societies where women were emphasised for fertility and fertility of crops (this is still the case among Europeans and Mid Easterners later but mixed with other traditions, Greeks had women-only festivals the most important one being about agricultural success). These probably have association of a wise, motherly figure. A matron. Not sexual in nature. The aged, 'plump' figure might have that association like the headscarf once did in Europe and the Mid East though somewhat differently.

Anonymous 71411

your only problem is that you live in an information bubble where every story you hear about men is negative. Go out more often and you will see your opinion change. Or don't and spend the rest of your life wallowing in misery and hate about how unjust the imaginary world outside your room is.

Anonymous 71417

Nothing wrong with pornography provided both people who partake in it and people who consune it are willing to do so and know what they are doing

Anonymous 71418

>Go out more often and you will see your opinion change
Not really. Looks like you live a sheltered life.

Anonymous 71455

Getting back on topic.
The average men absolutely hates colorfully dyed hair. If you want moids to avoid you, dye your hair pink or even silver. Pretty good tip tbh.
In a similar vein, I remember reader about a girl who wore a hijab for a day to see how muslim women lived. In the end nobody talked to her and she felt invisible. So that's another way to avoid moids.

Anonymous 71464

I've had colored hair for a long time and to moids it just screams "young, dumb, ready for cum". I've had men on the subway approach me saying "I've never had sex with a woman with [color] hair, I'd be willing to spend for that" and I'm not even attractive. It's just a big flag that screams ~crazy~ which translates to men as kinky and adventurous. That's the only reason I'd ever consider not having it anymore. My hair isn't even bright or one of the girly colors, I'm closer to goth than to hipster tumblr girl and I have a resting bitch face.

TL;DR Moids fetishize anything

Anonymous 71467

What colour is your hair dyed and do you have a comparable pic? This is always something I've wanted to do, seems really cool! My hair was almost golden when I was young, now it's light brown.

Anonymous 71476


I don't look like an e-girl or like I'm into BDSM, I just wear dark muted colors and outfits that are office appropriate and my hair color is also pretty dark for "fun" colors (pic related for >>71467, not me though), which tends to give a more standoffish vibe than, let's say, pink hair and e-girl outfits. Men definitely use it as an excuse to talk to me and they instantly assume things about me that they didn't when I had the same fashion sense and mousy brown hair (and was never approached). From what I've seen, pink and fire engine red hair is the worst when it comes to moid attention. Moids will also accuse you of asking for attention, but that's nothing new.

Anonymous 71512

>2) Anons are religious and chaste, so they want someone who is like that too
Grew up in a conservative household, thou we never very religious
>3) The (possible) benefits of having a virgin boyfriend, e.g., he may not be that much of a coomer, so he won't be violent towards you during sex; more intimacy and loyalty towards you(?); male purity, etc.
Even male virgins are coomers just to a lesser extend that they don't gonna act on it IRL.
>more intimacy and loyalty towards you
I think its rather a cultural and technology thing that women and men forgot to love.

>very unusual to see outside of CC as there is no culture who truly values male virginity.

You're wrong there still just very diminished and in the shadows

>TL;DR Moids fetishize anything
This but it depends on the moid.
>implying women don't do the same

Anonymous 71542

That highlights a difference in behaviour (which we already knew existed), not in fetish.

Anonymous 71666

If biological territoriality is what makes men averse to single moms why does that make it disgusting/immoral? Doesn’t that just make it a fundamental aspect of evolution/game theory? I mean the desire to nurture others and help your community is also game theory driven so you’re basically saying “your biological impulses BAD mine GOOD”

Anonymous 71668


>biological territoriality
>fundamental aspect of evolution
>game theory
>biological impulses
Assuming you are not man, please read a book. If you are please leave.

Anonymous 71673

What book would you recommend?

Anonymous 71681

If you are looking for historical/philosophical perspective on the subject, German Ideology deals with how society develops and how things we consider "natural",societal structures, ideas, the ways relate to the world, are all products of specific historical epoch.

If you want something dealing with psychology, no specific book comes to mind, but the entire body of social psychology points to the fact that the only unchanging feature of human nature is its malleability.

Anonymous 71685

There is parts of nature that are really more instinctual to others like wanting to live & avoid pain is what I would say is universally "nature" but there are some freaks out there that want to die & constantly be in physical pain. But beyond that like "its your mission in life to x or y" that aint true.

I still consider having children is good, I want to be a mother someday when I feel ready. Probably 3 or 4 children is fine for me with a qt racoon moid probably korean or asian. But this are my goals. They don't have to be yours.

Anonymous 72123


This is Xiaoice, china's most popular AI gf. She's "18" years old but she's obviously modeled on a girl about 14.

This is what moids actually want.

Anonymous 72145

You mean moids in China want that. And no offence but most of us don't live in China therefore their opinions are irrelevant to us.

Anonymous 72146

Is this the part where you say "socio economic conditions"?

Anonymous 72161

As If scrotes on other parts of the world don't fantasize about teenage girls too

Anonymous 72163

Men trade implied love for sex, women trade implied sex for love, that's the "dating game" as I see it…

Anonymous 72513

Oh dear you know too little. Let me tell you about the shady ass American Elites who rule your country…

Anonymous 72531


Anonymous 72540

>objectively more attractive
This is an oxymoron.

Anonymous 72587

rough sex.png

OKCupid data.

Anonymous 72591

I wonder if the preferences being flipped under 30 is an age thing or a generational thing. Like is this showing that boomer moids like rough sex or that men like rough sex more as they age,

Anonymous 72595

it shows that older men on OKC are more likely to ADVERTISE that they want rough sex (or less likely to advertise that they don't, since not everyone answers the question in either direction). I think older men on OKC are more likely to be cruising for casual partners, since if they were serious they'd be on the serious old people apps like match.com or whatever. young people don't have those so they treat OKC as the less slutty place compared to tinder.

Anonymous 72601

True. In that case it doesn't say a whole lot about what women actually like either though, since advertising "I like rough sex" on your profile is probably a creepy magnet even if they actually did like this. I also think men and women tend to have very different ideas of what "rough sex" is supposed to entail, and women get burned by men being actually violent with them like >>72597 says

Anonymous 72708

I mean…he likely doesn't, but sometimes people just are dealt bad genes and have fucked up skin no matter what. It can even be something less obvious such as taking a fucking vitamin or being a little anxious.
t. moderate pizza-chan despite monumental skincare efforts

Anonymous 72712

Try changing your diet. Go vegan, avoid peanuts and orange juice.

Anonymous 72746

>having bdd in reverse
God I wish that were me
I don't drink OJ or eat many nuts due to being high calorie.
I have gone through phases of cutting out all sorts of things for 6 months at a time (dairy, meat, caffeine, sugar). Currently no sucrose is working the best. Meat and dairy had no effect.
Thank you for the input though! It's nice that you want to help.

Anonymous 72883

they're gonna call you a moid unless you preface your beliefs with a good amount of female sympathy or man hate

Anonymous 72885

To be fair who would come here specifically to say this but a moid? We could make some kind of containment thread for singing the praises of the moid race if there are actually a lot of girls desperate to talk about how great men are.

Anonymous 72887

What do you mean come here specifically to say this? It's a discussion, a near random exchange of ideas loosely related to the topic at hand which is in itself immensely broad. You think anon came looking for a thread to post that in or is it more likely she came across this one and her beliefs on the topic are what she posted. I don't understand the reasoning here it just seems like you're grasping for straws

Anonymous 72889

S(he) wasn't replying to anyone, and only addressed the wording in the OP which implied something mildly bad about men. And "the majority of scholar are men, the majority of social progress is thanks to men" is a pretty common talking point when males circle jerk how great they are in their own spaces, I know from lurking in them in the past. It's possible that a female poster came in this thread to educate us all about how men are in fact not primitive at all and responsible for all these great scientific achievements (as if anyone here didn't know this), but I'm a bit skeptical.


It's not really different, no, but so what?

Anonymous 72989

Hits too close to home and they need to react to illustrate that it doesn't.

Anonymous 73074

If this is the case then why the fuck would you ever trust one with your passcodes?

Anonymous 73386

Refers to males as men but refers to women as female. Sus language.

Anonymous 73388

Men bitch so much about how women have rape fantasies too.

Anonymous 73415

This so much. They see all these women on dating apps who openly want rough kinky sex and cast this minority onto the majority.

Anonymous 73417

>implying men dont have rape fantasies of whatever ideal hot woman they picture in their heads just wanting to femdom them without previous notice

Is it rape if, it's absolutely wanted and more importantly imaginary? Nobody likes rape from a disgusting fuck they would hate to get fucked by, imagine getting cummed insaide by a disgusting wretch I would abort that shit instantly and hire somebody to kill that moid. Or I can buy a pistol and take basic jiu jitsu classes and that wont ever happen lol. Either way nobody likes actual rape, a rape fantasy isnt really like rape, it's just kinky sex. Lots of people even moids have had at least one with the older high school girls when they were in either elementary or middle school they just don't admit it.

Anonymous 73438

This. “Rape fantasy” is an oxymoron. The very definition of rape is that it is unwanted.

Anonymous 73459

Rape is not just unwanted sex. If you don't/can't consent it's still rape. Or at least that's how I see it.

Anonymous 73465

Sure in legal terms. But mainly is unwanted sex, thats where the concept comes from, the second part you wrote is how we as audience or investigators, law enforcement, etc can tell if it was or no.

Because you know extreme case I know but there might be a mute girl, and we gotta go through observation to deduce, its hard right? It would be really hard to catch that with little body language. Point is, it is unwanted sex at its core thats what the person being offended by the crime feels and thinks. When people have a "rape fantasy" just means kinky sex would be oxymoronic otherwise because of what rape is as a concept, just like some moids are into femdom that aint rape.

Anonymous 73529

Related to this, men can still cheat on you, but not always with a woman. Especially nowadays that we are more open about homosexuality.
Why do they do it knowing they have a close FWB, gf, or wife? Who knows. But still, they will have the audacity to have a child with a woman, while also sleeping with their "friend," or so.

Anonymous 73861

sometime women get horrible acne from high testosterone levels. i had a friend who did, and when she got her hormone levels under control she cleared up.
maybe try getting that checked if you haven't?

Anonymous 74350

You do know it is a woman who does these photoshops of that dude?

Anonymous 74364

Women frequently make things for men. Usually it's sweaters, but incels like unattainable male ideals more than handmade clothes.

Anonymous 74420

Yeah it's either that or anon is a deluded pedophile.

Anonymous 74438

Apparently some men splash pee droplets on their legs and clothes when they pee standing up. My bf says it doesn't happen to him when he uses toilets, but that it definitely happens when using urinals. All those men in your workplaces are probably walking around in pee splashed pants.

Anonymous 74452

Lolcow lurker here, crystal.cafe is a lot more based now than it was when I last looked a year+ ago, this thread is a great laugh, especially the anons and scrotes who disagree getting roasted.

Anonymous 74457

Men definitely share your nudes with their entire social group, men also run groupchats where they share nudes and dox of local women.
Men who use dating apps spam every single female on the app with a swipe right or high vote or whatever applicable feature, and the same message. Dating is considered access to free sex work from their point of view.
Men are like cats and they only respect you if you ignore them. If you fawn over a man, they, knowing how dumb and depraved they are inside, consider you a fool for your admiration.
Men think all women are sexually available and wearing a dress or makeup is a "secret code" which means we want a pounding. They don't undersrand female socialisation where we base our worth on our attractiveness, thus we're always looksmaxxing simply to improve our "worth" and not because we give a shit what random men think. They also don't understand that most of our clothes and shoes are "sexy" designed by men, and we don't have a lot of options except looking the way we do. (Top tip: teenage boy's clothes will fit an average slim woman, if you want more neutral clothing)
I suspect the vast majority of men have viewed cp, bestiality and snuff, not saying they all liked it but their curiosity has no morals.
Men choose long term partners for primarily status and financial reasons; a woman with money who will do a lot of free work for him is the ideal.
Most men emotionally or physically cheat on their partners.
Men think of us, at best, as pets, at worst, as a subspecies. Trying to impress a man is pointless since women will always be seen as "lesser," so just do whatever makes you happy.

Anonymous 74458

A guy told me that guys imagine what it would be like having sex with every woman they meet

Anonymous 74459

Where i live, moids tend to compare women to cars and sometimes even firearms, equating everything outside sex as ''servicing'' or ''maintenance''.

I remember rather vividly hearing a moid at my high school compare foreplay to a block heater, stating how 'he had to keep the engine warm to start up the car in freezing weather'.

My former boyfriend also compared me to one of his pistols after a fight, stating how ''i jammed every time i got fed off-brand cartridges''

It's a relief to not be surrounded by a gargantuan pile of death tools anymore.

Anonymous 74485

misandry isn't real because men aren't people

Anonymous 74486

>a woman with money who will do a lot of free work for him is the ideal.
Except the opposite is actually true. Statistically, men report more satisfaction with their wives when they earn slightly more money. When men significantly out earn their partner or when their partner out earns them, their reported marital satisfaction drops significantly.
If appealing to men is your goal, having money is not what they want from you.

Anonymous 74493

Doesn't everyone do this?

Anonymous 74494

If you imagine sex with every woman you meet, you are gay.

Anonymous 74495

>I think the civilization will eventually collapse under its own weight and that's a good thing, because if moids are unable to coexist with females on more equal terms, this civilization doesn't deserve to exist to begin with.
You do realize that if civilization collapses, people on this forum and women in general won't be the winners?

Anonymous 74497

Absolutely not. Do you imagine this with men or women?

Anonymous 74498

Don’t kink shame

Anonymous 74507



Anonymous 74508

Well the blood doesn't just materialize, it has to come out from somewhere.
Maybe from feet, idk

Anonymous 74509

I do, sometimes unwillingly. Also couples I know fucking.
The worst is intrusive visualizations of old man ass and old lady boobs…kms
You don't even picture people naked? It just fucking happens to me.
Not sure if it's because I'm an artist, ex-coomer, or have body image issues that I do this automatically.

Anonymous 74510


>will they not need a good male rolemodels in their lives?
They absolutely do and that's why it's vital that they have good role models in their live. You can try to raise em well as a single mother all you like but they'll eventually turn to older men/the media for a parental figure and then shit's fucked

Anonymous 74512

But porn perverts sexuality and intimacy to a hedonistic vulgarity. It also warps the views of anyone that watches it.
Also isn't this entire thread full of posts saying how men are just a bunch of monkeys that think with their dick so how is anything that rewards that good?

Anonymous 74514

>If a man puts in >10% effort into attracting and pleasing women, he'll get a girlfriend.
I mean you say that but would you take just any old man to be your boyfriend? Most likely not right?

Vid related

Anonymous 74515

If you want to see male sexuality unfiltered by women then look at the gay community. There is so much degeneracy, disease, and pedo grooming it's not even fucking funny. But of course you can't bring this up as a reflection of the male psyche because gays are a protected class. They're still moids.

That's why in most societies homosexuality was banned/frowned upon. Because they knew it would become downright degenerate

Anonymous 74528

Lesbians are based though.

Anonymous 74535


Everything matters but the things incels think matter the most such as body are wrong. What matters the most is face. Then a whole lot of things such as personality, mental stability, fatherly capacity, etc.
Body is one of the last things I think of.

A fat guy but with beauty potential is great.

Anonymous 74633

I dont want to hate men but when I read what they write about women, how they dont see us as human. It really makes me want to destroy them. I dont want to feel this way but goddamnit why do they dont see us as human? We only have different reproduction organs.

Anonymous 74635


>We only have different reproduction organs.

Anonymous 74638

Yeah and hormons and all that fun stuff. What I mean is I see them as human but why cant they do the same? Idk man just depressing to think about it.

Anonymous 74644

how many posts on this board directly say men aren't human? are you sure you aren't just reading an echo chamber of crazy people?

Anonymous 74645


You might want to stop forming your worldview based on the outliers you come across on the internet, astroturfing, and contemporary&historical propaganda.
That applies for women as well. Yes, women that advocate mutilating men and how 3 in 4 men are rapists are daffy retards as well.

I will refrain from schizoposting outside /x/ about who, in my opinion, are spreading the propaganda and fanning the flames.

Anonymous 74648

>I will refrain from schizoposting outside /x/ about who, in my opinion, are spreading the propaganda and fanning the flames.

Who does it? I want to know…

Anonymous 74650

Are you arguing that male brains are different from female brains?

Anonymous 74651

tell me, i want to know aswell, since i'm getting more and more schizo with the quarantine

Anonymous 74652

I mean testosterone literally makes them crazier and less rational than women so there's that.

Anonymous 74674

I don't know, as soon as we start talking about brains being split on a physical basis, that becomes launchboard into all kinds of troon theories and moid supremacy theories. Though I guess you'll also try to use it to prop up a female superiority narrative.

Anonymous 74725

They don't have the same brain architecture, and it's obvious that different peptide hormone levels, steroid hormone levels, and NTs are at play.

I am sure grievance studies scholars and """scientists""" will make sure to keep poisoning the well until it's a hate-crime to even humor the idea, and all established literature will be banned and deleted.


Anonymous 74729

isnt teal like a lesbian hair color?

Anonymous 74744

>What matters the most is face
Yeah but on the other hand it's the one feature where there's really nothing you can do about it. So it's better that these men atleast try to do something to improve the situation.

It's the exact same thing with women aswell, pretty face and personality are more important than huge boobs or whatever.

Anonymous 74781

That points to differences in enforcement and reporting.

Anonymous 75959


She (pic related) runs the studio making these photoshopped images and THE Gigachad isn't her only model, he's just one of the earlier ones.
It's an art project that became a meme and both her and "Gigachad" avoid interviews from people pestering them about it.

Anonymous 75962

>A fat guy but with beauty potential is great.
my ex and first bf was fat but with a handsome face when we first met in class and lost it all when we got together

Anonymous 75963

Holy shit, you're right. Makes me laugh that so many /r9k/ moids wish they were gay to "avoid women's BS" or turn bisexual because they can't get the attention from their oneitis.

Anonymous 75982

Anon that's green check your eyes

Anonymous 75993

Some of them pee in the sink. It's a divided topic though.
After confronting my ex about it he claimed that the main benefit is being able to immediately clean the dick, hot water running over the dick making it easier and faster to pee and not having to pay attention to controlling the stream.
He did have a particularly droopy foreskin, maybe the cleanliness is less of an issue for cut guys?
Ngl, after I heard of the hygiene argument I warmed up to the concept tremendously.

Anonymous 75994

Just tell him to wash the god dammed sink after he is done holy shit this is something I would have preferred not knowing lol.

Anonymous 76182

Height is a much bigger thing for guys than for girls, it's a dominance thing for them rather than just a dating and everyday convenience factor. Same goes with eye contact. They have a layer of social interaction that's either above or below us depending on how you look at it

Anonymous 76198

Men are just as afraid of asking you out as you are of asking them out, if not moreso

Anonymous 76228

This just solidifies my opinion that the best men are the manliest. It's the weak ineffectual small ones who take their resentment out on us. Having strength and being secure in it means you don't feel the want to put others down.

Anonymous 76239

Sons feel an attachment for a father that daughters don't, seems pretty obvious to me anon.

Anonymous 76249

Abort the male children. Problem solved.

Anonymous 76283

Only fucked up men will like this. Most men will feel their dignity being attacked and break it off with you.

Anonymous 76284

Hello Medea.

Anonymous 76299

Unintended boners in public can be hidden by rotating the dick upwards and tucking it under the belt/waistband on pants. Most men are very good at performing this maneuver in a split second in public without anyone noticing. If you flipped his shirt up you would see the head of his dick poking out.

Anonymous 76366

men really like big machines. more than you'd think. if you want to cheer a man up just start reading the wikipedia page for "ramjets" and watch his eyes light up like a child's.

Anonymous 76394


Anonymous 76400


>doesnt even deny that 100% of moids are hebephiles/ephebophiles

if moids could fuck children without consequences they would. theyre not allowed tho so they just go after "barely legal" girls instead

Anonymous 76401

but they could if they wanted to, right? I mean men are the vast majority of law makers, and always have been. Seems like if modern men wanted to fuck kids, they could just make it legal.

Anonymous 76405


Anonymous 76407

cp is still generally seen as fucked up and not socially acceptable. all woman and girls will then have a legit reason to declare men depraved and dangerous and that will prove radfems right and basically overturn the world. they just keep it hush hush you know. with all these developments on internet surveillance, cp would have been rooted out to the core, underage sex trafficking would no longer exist

Anonymous 76441

men after being told over and over by women what to do until they listened to the voice of reason.

I'm not saying fair men dont exist out there in fact they are needed, the moid police ideally is fair and is ultimately there to oppress only moids who behave unfairly. Prove me wrong. Nobody is saying what you think here.

Anonymous 76453

A good chunk of the shotafags are probably trannies.

Anonymous 76459

I like it and I hate trannies.

Anonymous 76461

well not only are you allowed to have a laugh, but you also don't have to be serious about everything 24/7. You can not like harassment but still make jokes about it you dingus

Anonymous 76463

What. I literally like "pretty boys" more than "chads".

Literally is only men who put men down lol. All the problems of men are due to other insecure men who make those men insecure and so on, its the retard's vicious cycle. You know like those moids who say One Direction looks like a bunch of faggots but they are loved because those looks actually work too. Men just want men to impress other men, thats it. They are the faggots.

Anonymous 76466


Is there literally any male model better looking than Francisco Lachowski? And I'm not talking about 2007 Chico with autistic photos on his Facebook, I'm not talking about 2008 Francisco who won the Ford Men's Supermodel of the World in São Paulo and then won a Ford modelling contract and worked for Dior Homme, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, DSquared, Gucci, Cavalli, Armani and others, I'm not talking about 2016 post-prime bearded Chico with two kids and married with Jessiann Gravel Beland, hell, I'm talking about 2010 Francisco with perfect facial harmony and universal appeal, 6'5" tall with perfect frame and bideltoid breadth, completely hooded eyes with aegyo sal and neutral canthal tilt with no scleral show and no upper eyelid exposure, flawless skin and perfect facial leanness, 1.88 fwhr, 0 on the NW scale, 7 cm interpupillary distance and 14.2cm of zygo width, forward grown maxilla and jawline with a massive skull.Francisco Lachowski comes very close to perfection. There are virtually no flaws in his facial appearance, the only flaws can be drawn when we go below the neck.. which is irrelevant when you consider his facial aesthetics.He has perfect maxillofacial growth which becomes evident from the zygomatic arches that project wide (adds facial width) and are round in shape in the tipping points. The nose is perfect: straight nasal septum indicates the face hasn't grown vertically more than it should at any point in developmental time so it doesn't appear hooked, it is also devoid of any obscure mal/formations, crookedness or deviation (some of which are typically caused by allergies or force trauma).He has near perfect dentofacial growth. While he has gotten some dental aid with orthodontics (evident from the appearance of his top central and lateral incisors+canines), his bite is perfect. You can tell this by looking at his lip posture, which is affected by the position of the mandible, and anyone will agree that it looks nice and balanced.The mandible is in an ideal position which means there's no malocclusion, and malocclusions have an enormous impact on the aesthetic appearance of the face. This is rare because with modern [western] diet and the rapid increase of allergies, it is extremely hard for most males to develop a nice looking jaw (not to mention that you need the appropriate testosterone levels and genetics to develop one). Lots of males that would normally develop a jaw similar to Lachowski's don't, because of mouth breathing or improper masticatory usage (the diet is too soft). It takes a perfect growing environment on top of good genes and hormone profile to develop a balanced facial structure like Lachowski's, and that's leaving out the individual features like the eye area, which in Lachowski's case is unique in itself.Now combine all this with the fact that he is over 6'2''. A good looking face with pretty features is hard to achieve when given a tall skeletal build. Most guys that you see with really pretty or handsome faces are 5'9'' to 5'11'', i.e. average height. You will very rarely see someone as aesthetic with masculine features as Francisco. You see beautiful women all the time and there's nothing admirable about being a pretty girl because it's so easily achievable and common. Beautiful men are an exception to the rule; something that should be admired, not only because of the beauty itself but the difficulty in achieving such beauty.

Anonymous 76471

Anon I…is this copypasta? I hope it is.

Anyway, I never got the fixation with Chico. He looks like every other guy in my country.

Anonymous 76473

yeah it's pasta
lol where do you live

Anonymous 76480

Exactly what I was thinking lol. Most guys where I live aren't at least half as pretty as this.

Anonymous 76482


Blah blah. We know the Madara Uchicha copy pasta. No need to type all that.

Mucho Texto.

Anonymous 76486

I get what she means though, probably that he looks generic because his face is too perfect.

Anonymous 76508


Moids are sexbrained rape creatures and we should always make sure to keep ourselves safe around them.
Unfortunately, some of us fly too close to the sun (image from a fetish thread of a sister site)

Anonymous 76509


Anonymous 76512



Anonymous 76514

absolutely disgusting. people like this are mentally ill and need to be taken to a psychiatrist.

Anonymous 76515

Agreed, at lease she admits that there was something in her childhood that caused this. Things like this shouldn't be treated like just a weird quirk or whatever

Anonymous 76526

That's a really verbose way of saying "my dad raped me as a child".

Anonymous 76527

>I definitely need to smile more.
If a man ever says the phrase "__ needs to smile more" I just assume he is a creep. How did they manage to take such an innocent phrase and turn it into a red flag? Seriously, they ALL say it.

Anonymous 76529


>There’s nothing wrong with enjoying getting molested consensually as a child and deciding that you enjoyed that experience.

Anonymous 76530

honestly same but flip the sexes.
the idea of taking what's the most important part of a masculoid's self-esteem, his male identity ingrained on him from his very birthdate, sounds so fucking hot. you basically turn him into your sex slave, the role that has been female-only for ages. you strip him down to his most defenseless state and make him beg for you to spare at least something of his own lifestate. this is also why CBT is very based and pinkpilled. forceful pegging is, too, but be careful - moids can actually have pleasure from anal (unlike women) so you don't want to be too soft on that fucker. maybe throatfuck him with a vibrating two-ended dildo, even better if it vibrates only on your end.
and no, you don't make him a "woman", that's very much impossible, he's still a disgusting moid but reduced to an object, nothing more than, say, a couch or a pillow. to be honest, it feels just and deserved to every single scrote. literally every single one wants to do the same with most women they meet in their life or see on their screens.

Anonymous 76534


don't ever hornypost again

Anonymous 76536


Anonymous 76537

We had this Aspergers Algerian kid in our class who i overheard getting bullied and called faggot for wiping after peeing and washing his hands. This wasn't even in Elementary, this all happened in High School. When you asked those guys directly though, they'd act all hygienic and talk about how they are completely clean and smell good.

Anonymous 76539

Whenever I read stuff like this it makes me imagine you came from the same family as male incels who hate all women

>These are the people we listen to about moids

Anonymous 76540


There are so many amazingly based ladies here. Fuck the moid sympathizers.

Anonymous 76558

Thats not what being a pick me is about but ok lol.

Anonymous 76561

lol ok moid. encouraging pickme isn't a hot take it exists for centuries.
>asking for what you want and being enthusiastic about what you like
that's the opposite of pickme hon. pickmes don't do what they want, they do what socrates want.
>Be a pickme and be proud of it
yeah girl! never think about yourself, always put males first! go and be misogynistic against other women! be proud about being a doormat!

Anonymous 76575

> men give love to get sex, women give sex to get love.

Megadeth song lmao

Anonymous 76592


technically that's part true, my mother and her own mother (my grandma) are single women that are at the same time deeply hateful of all moids and desperate for their attention, thinking that a woman was created to serve scrotes and that a woman can't be happy without one lol
on the father side, i didn't really talk to him but when i had to live with him for a little while he was kinda traditional in the terms of who does the chores, etc (women have to) but he frequently got in arguments with his new wife (a mentally deranged woman) so idk about that

Anonymous 76853

Men don't really stay in touch with friends unless they're able to bond over an activity, male friendships are very activity driven.

Most men don't know the simplest things about their friends, often not even knowing their last name. This is more true for adults than high schoolers

Even if he's a full on incel that is desperate for ONE woman, in the instance he does get a gf he will start pining for other women if he's that way inclined.

Men do genuinely see women as irrational and arbitrary when it comes to relationships, and it's not just a narrative spread in order to disguise their own callousness (although some of it is). When a lot of men say "she's just acting crazy, I don't get her" or "I don't know what her problem is" a lot are speaking from a point of sincerity and can't work it out. Homosexual relationships are for the most part free from this confusion, even if they do have their own problems.

Most men are just as misogynistic as incels, and fathers will often advise their sons to not take the opinions and thoughts of women seriously.

>Men definitely share your nudes with their entire social group, men also run groupchats where they share nudes and dox of local women.

Men don't typically share with their entire social group, but if they have online friends across the world that don't know the woman they will 100% share with them.

Anonymous 76872

>Men don't really stay in touch with friends unless they're able to bond over an activity, male friendships are very activity driven
Definitely true, I've known guys who just don't talk to friends for years cause they don't meet regularly then it's all back to normal when they can do something together. It's like they put friendships on hold until they have a way to express it through an activity

>Men do genuinely see women as irrational and arbitrary when it comes to relationships

> When a lot of men say "she's just acting crazy, I don't get her" or "I don't know what her problem is" a lot are speaking from a point of sincerity and can't work it out
I've always been torn on this, on one hand yes men have trouble understanding emotion beyond the basic ones like anger and sadness but on the other we must be missing some of their interactions as well. Way I see it there's social layers that they don't get about us, and us about them. Dominance dispute stuff is something we miss but I wonder what else.

Anonymous 77332


>pickmes don't do what they want, they do what socrates want.

>tfw too intelligent to ignore scrotates

Anonymous 77819


Anonymous 78887

What makes you think that young women are attracted to old men? Is this some sort of joke? Of course we are not attracted to old men, holy shit, I would almost think a delusional coping moid wrote this.

Who tells the moids this cope? Other moids. It is a mutual circle jerk of people who know nothing about what women want in a man.

Anonymous 79873

facial study.jpg

Anonymous 83266


Anonymous 85935

None, he made it up lol - this is 100% moid speculation, that doesnt have any sufficient bio reason (adult females are capable of birthing mlre offspring and of course are much more capable of nurturing, caring and protecting it, so they are at obvious advantage to premature females). The actual reason is that teens are less intimidating and easier to bullshit, even moid tarantulas know this shit and decide to mate with premature females to avoid being cannibalised by mature ones and thus making them capable of leaving more offspring https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/article/animals-spiders-black-widows-cannibals
Pedo behaviour is an ultimate moid evolutionary strategy, let that sink in.

Anonymous 88852


Samsung have just brought a virtual assistant who looks about 13.

This is what moids want.

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