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*~ Happy New Year: 2018 edition ~* Anonymous 6916

December isn't that far, which means 2018 is coming, miners.

♡ How did 2017 treat you? Was it a good, bad, or meh year?

♡ Is there anything important you still want to do before 2017 ends?

♡ Did anything life changing happen? Did you reach any milestones?

♡ Do you have plans and goals for 2018?

I'm a bit early, I know. But I'm excited for New Year's (for once!)

Anonymous 6917

Anonymous 6918

Same tbh

Anonymous 6921

I was dumped but it was overall a meh year.

My goal for 2018 will be to deadlift 90-100kg

Anonymous 6922

It was so much better than 2016. The first half was actually really good, it's some what petered out the last few months but still not bad. It also went by really quickly for me, I remember taking to somw friends in July about it being half way through the year and we all agreed it felt really fast.

Anonymous 6927

2017 wasn't a great year but I did graduate and get to spend a few months abroad which are pretty significant events and I'm going to remember them for the rest of my life. Even if I didn't do anything else really that I'm proud of, they're something to remember.

For 2018, I want to become more like myself. I want to discover who I am and what I like so I can work towards becoming that person. I spent so many years suffering from depression which killed all my interests and personality. I feel like I'm getting older and I'm wasting my best years by being overweight and not taking care of myself. I want to be more spontaneous, just say yes to doing things instead of being so anxious about them. I just want to look back on these years and be able to say "Yeah, I looked amazing and I was my best possible self. I had so many opportunities, I took them all and I don't regret any of them. I discovered who I was that year and I'm the person I wished to be now all those years ago. I took up a hobby that year that I really enjoy and every year since, I've been getting better and better at it."

I also suffer from a lot of memory loss so I'm kind of hoping to start a diary for the first time in my life. Do you guys prefer digital ones (with unlimited space and the ability to edit) or just the traditional pen and paper (which looks beautiful but is kind of a pain to transport)? I think it'd be a good way to track what I'm doing. So I can look back and see the little things I accomplished, so I can be proud of all the opportunities I took and I can track my mood. I think having a diary full of "I did nothing today but watch Netflix" would encourage me to go out and see the world a lot more lol.

Has anyone experienced the same and do you have any advice? Are there any cute websites for tracking your goals?

Anonymous 6932

2017 was meh for me. I haven't enjoyed life much since 2013, so hoping 2018 will treat me better. Luckily, I think it will.

I moved to England to study a Master's. I don't really care for it here, and my program isn't teaching much usable knowledge. Also, I'm homesick for my cats.

With that said, I'll spend less than 1/2 of 2018 here, and then I'll get to move (hopefully somewhere I really want to live, rather than based around a degree program). I have high hopes for 2018 actually. After nearly 5 relatively shitty years, I hope things will turn around for the better finally :)

Anonymous 6938


It was a shitty year overall. I'm not spending as much time with my friends as I used to for a bunch of reasons, uni was horrible this year and it's getting worse, and I couldn't go to a university abroad as I always wanted because I'm poor and it's also getting worse for me money-wise. Only good thing is that I managed to get my very first job this year. But that and uni are leaving me without any free time and it's slowly killing me. I'm even more depressed than usual these days and there's nothing I can do about it.

>Do you have plans and goals for 2018?

I have so many of them. I will either graduate in 2018 or be held back a year but if it's the latter I'd rather not redo anything and just move on, get a full-time job (any job will do), save money and travel to Japan first and maybe some European countries. I'd love to travel so much but I never could do it once I turned 18 because of the lack of money. I also want to beat all the games in my backlog but they're almost all long JRPGs so we'll see how it goes.

And once that's done I'll get my own place but I doubt I'll be able to achieve that in 2018.

Anonymous 6940

I'm gonna go with not that bad?? (Some low points, some high points, a year it was)

In the good column: having a job with chill coworkers was nice, I transferred schools, moved in with the bf.

In the bad: had/having two depressive episodes, one at the beginning of the year, one that started around July and is lasting quite a bit. I have no friends right now because of moving.

Plans and goals: fucking do my shit and graduate by 2019, hopefully work on myself so I am not so scared of talking to people and making connections so I will have a social life and get a job after graduation.
… I guess I have to go to therapy/counseling.

Anonymous 6956


It is a ????? year, everything goes so fast I don't have time to figure out what's going on
very stressful and tiring, but the summer was great

Anonymous 6990

It's been ok. I'm still with my bf, getting along with my mom, almost done with school, and finally am not working retail but something relevant to my field. I'm super tired tho and have no time for anything fun usually due to school, even with a 3 day weekend. I haven't had the time or willpower to apply to legit salary jobs which I really need to do.

I'm not too excited for 2018. I know my final semester will leave me the most stressed out I have ever been in school and I will have to give up having a life or fun to get shit done. Depending on how things go, I might fall back into major depression because of school combined with not being able to find a job post grad.

Anonymous 6999


2017 was much better than 2016, which was one of my worst years yet. It still wasn't great, but towards the end of it some things improved.

I recently got out of a physically and mentally abusive relationship that lasted for almost 4 years, after pouring my heart out to mutual friends, despite my insecurity towards them. I'm still shaken up about it but 2016 is when the worst of that relationship happened.
I've also fallen in love like I never have before with someone who most likely doesn't feel the same way.

I did really well in my old uni so this year I've been able to upgrade towards a much better one, but I'm still unsure if this area is really the one my passion lies in. (I'm studying (neuro)psychology.)

My interests in lolita fashion have really grown from admiring from afar to actually wearing it and owning quite some dresses. This hobby and wearing it really makes me happy, even though I don't involve myself in the community around it. My wallet hasn't been very happy about it though, and I feel guilty about spending this much money on simple frivolities as I'm a very thrifty person normally.

I'm pretty excited for 2018. I'll have to make a decision about continuing on this uni path or changing my plans entirely. I feel like I'm getting closer to my friends where I've been way too insecure and nervous around them before and dealing with my breakup will probably just get easier with time.

Anonymous 7000


2017 was a weird one. usually i can organize years into good or bad, but this one was kind of both. i finally cut off all my hair like i wanted to do and embraced my new self.

have had a huge crush on my best friend, who i met for the first time in person in jan of 2017, going back to stay with them around the same time in 2018. dunno if i'm gonna confess since i'm 95% sure they're not interested. ah well, time goes on.

Anonymous 7025

2017 wasn't terrible but it was disappointing in a few ways.

> I want to discover who I am and what I like so I can work towards becoming that person.
I relate to some of the sentiments in your post and this one in particular really trips me up. It sounds so basic, but I don't know how to go about doing it. I can see all the times I did in incorrectly, but I haven't learned enough to figure out how to get this right.

Anonymous 7026

Finally got off my ass and made the changes to progress in life and got help for my mental issues.

I'm finally becoming who I always wanted to be :) Guess that mental breakdown I had in 2016 was exactly what I needed to wake up.

Anonymous 7029

2017 was a pretty good year for me. I saved up some money but I also worked such a physically and mentally straining job that really exhausted me. Now, I'm back at studying and I feel so much better (though I do miss the feeling of earning money). I've also moved out of home and now I've started living with my boyfriend after many years of long distance relationship and it's been going so great. Moving out and starting a new chapter in a different city was definitely not easy because I'm pretty close with my family but things worked out well and I'm in a very happy place. For 2018, I hope to further exceed in my studies, I also want to change something in my appearance..I think I want to change my style alltogether. I'm pretty indecisive when it comes to fashion and my closet makes no sense as of now so I think I want to start accumulating clothes that actually match for once.

2017 was full of big changes in my life and I've learned a lot through my experiences and the people I met.

Anonymous 7077


One of the good things that have heppened to me this year was CC. I don't have to lurk other toxic places when I'm bored during my free time (well. at least most of the time and hopefully i wont even lurk next year), but wanna talk while staying anon and open up to the world, take criticism, and ask things.
This place isn't a hugbox but most people are kind and helpful, and it's a reall qt chan.
Hopefully it will keep going bigger and I hope our userbase stays very active. ❤︎

I hope 2018 is a great year for Crystal Cafe!

Anonymous 7160


>How did 2017 treat you? Was it a good, bad, or meh year?
It's been ok, I usually have a pretty tough year (depression sucks, ofc) but this year wasn't, maybe the best year of my life compared to how shit things usually are for me. Its got better towards the end

>Is there anything important you still want to do before 2017 ends?

Get a real part-time job (been living of random odd jobs for people atm) and try to socialize a little more so I have people to spend new years with

>Did anything life changing happen? Did you reach any milestones?

I changed courses/career paths and it's going pretty well! My teachers seem pretty fond of me and my classmates are a lot better then they were on my last course. It's pretty fun. I also have a close friend who I share a lot in common in with for the first time in my life so that's cool

>Do you have plans and goals for 2018?

Finish my course and move onto the next one, save up to buy myself nice things and travel, find a nice guy, get a better job i guess

Anonymous 7305


2017 was a mixture of really bad and really good. It's just been really bittersweet. It started out really shit for all kinds of reasons and then as the year progressed it slowly improved. The summer months were the worst with family and financial problems but now things are looking up. I'm taking care of all the animals I love and doing really well in university. I still have no job but I've finally found footing to make money doing a small business thing. I've also lost a lot of weight and got into ballroom competitions towards the end of this year too. I plan to do it for years to come!

I really want the 2017(and holy shit 2016 too) to be forgotten. I just want to live a boring, predictable year for 2018. I don't mind being busy and a little stress every now and then but damn the beginning of this year was not my time. I'd rather be boring than go through hell.

Anonymous 7766

bump bump, its almost mid december, 2018 is coming! FINALLY!

i dont celebrate xmas, but hope you all have a good time.

Anonymous 7788

My father passed away in May.
It really hasn't been easy for me, but at least I have my fiance to help me through this.

Anonymous 7828

I'm sorry, anon. I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for you.

Anonymous 7835

Thank you so much, anon. I'm really hoping that it will be, too.

Anonymous 7838

new year.jpg

I have been trying not to think about 2017, because I think it didn't go exactly how I expected it to and I had pretty high expectations. In addition, when I compare to my other, better years (cough2015cough) I feel kinda sad. Nonetheless, I'll reflect.

>How did 2017 treat you? Was it a good, bad, or meh year?

It was pretty meh. It had its pros and cons. The first few months were chill and nothing really stood out, but summer was honestly really good. I'm bummed I didn't get any photos. I've been documenting my summers with film photographs for about 3 years now and I really missed out this year, I just felt like there was no need to take pics. These last few months have been shit tho, mainly cause this is the most stress I've experienced school wise. Semesters ending soon tho so I'm hoping things will get better.

>Is there anything important you still want to do before 2017 ends?

Hm… maybe just keep enjoying myself as much as I can and have a lot of fun before the year ends. I really wanna get myself out of this emo ditch I've been in lately. I also wanna hang out with the people I saw over summer.

>Did anything life changing happen? Did you reach any milestones?

I took an amazing trip to Europe, to a country I can definitely see myself returning to, and maybe studying abroad there for a year or two. In addition I also had my first kiss tfwnoromanticorsexualexperience

>Do you have plans and goals for 2018?

I really wanna find a career/subject I'm really passionate about. While I wanted other years to be focused on becoming close with others, etc., I think this year I really wanna focus on myself. I wanna improve myself and just rly be happy and comfortable in my own skin. I also wanna make good memories with those I love (ik I just said I wanna focus on myself but still) and improve my bonds with those I'm already close to.

Anonymous 7840


>How did 2017 treat you? Was it a good, bad, or meh year?
-I looked like shit for my friend's wedding, and also dealt with a crazy bridesmaid bitch who attempted to assassinate my character as well.
-Gained a ton of weight. Isolated myself in a self-destructive, low self-esteem cycle. Oh, and nobody has the heart to point it out or ask if it's a problem because they think I'm doing so well otherwise.
-Barely hung on to the sedentary job that I despise. Drove myself into debt because of it.
-Had horrible neighbors move in upstairs that run, jump, and make the apartment rattle all the time.
-Got taken advantage of by people who I thought were good friends, turns out I'm only wanted when I'm needed for something.

>Is there anything important you still want to do before 2017 ends?

Nothing that could be accomplished within a month, nah.

>Did anything life changing happen? Did you reach any milestones?

All negative milestones.
Being the fattest I've ever been in my life.
Being in the most debt I've ever been in my life.
Wish I could say something positive.

>Do you have plans and goals for 2018?

-I'm buying a folding exercise bike. I figure if I'm too embarrassed/anxious/poor to exercise outside or get a gym membership, a bike coupled with some light weights would be good exercise.
-I'm tuning off social media because I'm tired of basing my self-worth on the amount of likes I get from people who are probably only interested in spying on me. Anyone who gives a damn about me knows my number.
-Holding my boyfriend up to task about getting a license and car finally, and if he doesn't for the third year in a row, I will dump him and move back with my parents. Tired of being the taxi.
-Start looking for a better job that I can actually tolerate come September. Maybe a job where I can actually use my degrees.

Wish me luck anons, I fucking need it.

Anonymous 7849

2016 and 2017 were one big blur, and not in a good way. I've kind of been in denial that 2017 has been a huge drop from 2016 for me. I got laid off early in 2017 and despite getting the same pay at a different position the cut in hours pretty much equals a pay cut. I'm not progressing as fast as I wanted with my education or career. I won't be living in the house I grew up in come as soon as next month either.

Hopefully all this pushes me to actually accomplish the goals I set out for myself instead of just moving the goal posts to next month or year or whatever.

Anonymous 7888

The first half was great. Making friends, getting qualifications, feeling confident and proud for the first time in years. The second half, however, has been a bonfire of misery and I have, once again, fucked it all up with no hope of reprieve, embarrassing myself and all those privy to my hopeless pseudo-existence.

Just tuck me in and let me die.

Anonymous 8581


What are you people going to do on the 31st?

Anonymous 8585

Go on a benzo trip and stay with my loving boyfriend. I like peace and quiet and fireworks are annoying

Anonymous 8607

Clean the apartment, light scented candles, watch anime, cook something delicious and drink tea. I'll also make a list of resolutions or things that need to change next year. Then hopefully go to bed early and wake up on the 1st feeling very energized. It's going to be awesome.

Anonymous 8608

Go bar-hopping with friends that visiting from out of town. Hopefully not get too rekt. Probably end up taking care of drunk people.

Before that I want to reflect on the year through writing and prepare for next year.

Anonymous 8624

I'm going to celebrate with friends, eat with them and sleep in one of those friends' flat. Maybe we'll play video games or watch anime together like the previous years idk.

Anonymous 8659


Why would you buy into the societal expectations that you need a "boyfriend" and do that to yourself? Men can't be loving and a "loving" boyfriend is a misnomer.

Men's minds are only programmed to be capable of thinking and doing one thing, hurting women.

I'm telling this because I care about you, you don't need a boyfriend and it's better for you if you don't have one only because society tells you that you do.

Anonymous 8663

You know some people are straight, right? Where in that post looks like op is sad, hurting or trying to conform to society, pal?

Anonymous 8664

This honestly just mirrors "why even have a gf? They are all cheating whores" a little too much. I'm not a big fan of men either but dismissing half of the population as "incapable of thinking" because they have penises? We need to work on modifying men's socialization so they don't turn into entitled pricks. It's not hopeless.

Anonymous 8666

No. Men are incapable of thinking because they're biologically programmed to only be capable of spreading their seed, and women are socialized by men, to allow them to spread their seed.
Men aren't good people and you're naive if you think they are.

Anonymous 8668

I'm a borderline terf or whatever they call someone who doesn't trust most men and don't want trannies calling themselves women, but please chill, anon. It's a happy New year thread.

Anonymous 8670

I think the correct term is Gender Critical feminist, the term terf is how men silence feminist who try to talk about the problem with rapist shemales.
Let's be honest about what trannies actually are, they're rapist men who need to be locked away at the very minimum.

Anonymous 8671


Anonymous 8674

I'm not that anon but I can kind of understand where she's coming from.
Not everyone with an unpopular opinion is a troll. A lot of rational feminists do think the word terf is offensive.

Anonymous 8675


I agree tbh but >>8666 makes you seem like a man

Anonymous 8677


You're literally the only person trying to derail the thread by talking about terfs.

Anonymous 8678

your reaction image is cringy.

Anonymous 8679

Those posts above weren't me. I was saying that I could see where >>8670 was coming from and kind of agreed.

Anonymous 8695

>that gif
Does anyone else even get invited to NYE parties anymore? I'm 26 and I can't think of the last time…

Anonymous 8697

It's still a huge deal where I'm from (it's the réveillon, wooo~). I think it depends on your country, are you from the US?

Anonymous 8751


My goals and plans for 2018:

>Start exercising again even if I can't go to the gym anymore, maybe dancing or biking

>Eat better/drink more water
>Lose the extra weight
>Stop being too hard on myself
>Have more fun
>Give less shits about unimportant things
>Hopefully find a better job
>Improve my love life and stay happy with my partner
>Visit my grandparents more often

I think that's it for now. I actually accomplished most of my plans for this year and followed through with them, which I'm VERY proud of. So I hope the same for the next.

Anonymous 8875

This came out of nowhere, unless I'm being completely oblivious. People seem to agree, did you go through some particular experience?

The second half of 2017 was much better. I left my abusive ex-boyfriend, graduated university, and went on a plane for the first time. I'm looking forward to 2018.

Anonymous 8920


Happy new year, my fellow miners.

May you have a better 2018 filled with joy and a fast internet.

Anonymous 8921


happy new year everyone i got menstruation for presents fuck that hurts

Anonymous 8922


Happy new year everyone!
2017 was kinda shit (at least for me lol) but i hope your 2018 will be great!

Anonymous 8924

Happy New Years! 🎆

Anonymous 8925

Happy New Years! I have a couple resolutions this year, I hope I stick to them. 2017 was a good year for me, and I hope 2018 will be one too.

Anonymous 8939

Happy New Year miners! Started off my new year with a bit of an anxiety attack from staying up to late and overthinking, worrying, and regretting a few things. I'm gonna try to not let that ruin my new year, tho.
This year I'm gonna try to focus on self improvement iand become the best version of myself possible. I think in the past I focused too much on others and their validation and it really messed with my self esteem.

A lot of your resolutions correspond with mine, actually.

Anonymous 8970


I know it's just day 2 but I feel like this year has sucked balls so far. Hope it gets better soon.

Anonymous 18066

images (30).jpeg

So how's your 2018 going?

Anonymous 18067

Take me back to 2017.

Anonymous 18071


I've met some wonderful people, finally got a therapist that i actually like, was able to talk about my problems instead of keeping them in and i finally got over some of my fears.

On the other hand, i'm still anxious, suicidal and depressed and i need to take strong meds just to function like a human and my family situation only got worse.

But honestly, i think 2018 is the year of positive change for me, finally.

Anonymous 18082


It's been terrible for the most part.

Anonymous 18084


I hope it gets a lot better, anon.

Anonymous 18087


Thank you! I hope so, too.

Anonymous 18090

Be careful relying on medication for relief. It can get real bad if you don't have them around. You should meet someone that can bring you higher, so you don't need to crutch on them anymore. Best of luck, anon.

Anonymous 18110

>accepted into uni
>lost 20 lbs
>enjoy exercising suddenly
>talked to cute men
>like myself a little
>anger more under control than ever

2018 has been oddly decent for me, although I still get bad days where I feel a bit suicidal.

Anonymous 18112

I thought 2017 was hell. Nope, it was just an outer circle. Fuck me. I was suicidal in 2017 and going under a fuck load of stress, and I attempted a time or two, but now I'm suicidal and sobbing multiple times a day. I don't like being sober at all. I feel like I'm trapped in a cage with reality and the only way to improve is to wait, but I must leave now before I kill myself because of the environment I'm in. I've reduced my time on imageboards, forums, timewasters, etc. and I feel worse or as bad about myself. I'm so utterly alone.

Anonymous 18115

>meet someone that can bring you higher
nayrt but it is honestly not that easy, anon, most humans are shit

Anonymous 18117

also doesn't that just mean that you're replacing the crutch of medication with the crutch of a relationship? meds can't leave you (unless your doctor decides to wean you off've them) whereas if you do meet someone that 'brings you higher', there's always a possibility that they'll decide to exit stage right one day and you'll be even worse off than when you were medicated

Anonymous 18127

You can have more than one person in your life, you know. It doesn't have to be your sole husband, and not another soul to speak of. Have friends.

Anonymous 18128

Don't think separating yourself from here will make you feel better. Places like this are good for keeping company. Please seek companionship. The less lonely, the better.

Anonymous 18131

leave 4chan and stay here so you won't feel so alone. i'm glad to know youre sober anon. don't give up!

Anonymous 18132

I don't think you're replying to the right post.

Anonymous 18134

I never said anything about it being a romantic relationship. even friends can leave you if they decide you're too much of a burden or if they suddenly encounter other responsibilities in their life like starting a new job, getting a boyfriend of their own, moving away, etc.

Anonymous 18135

>even friends can leave you if they decide you're too much of a burden
You need a better attitude, and for everything else, there's more room for friends! You'll meet plenty of people in your life. When someone leaves it, let another in!

Anonymous 18136

yea you're right! srry!

Anonymous 18139

i think it's pretty insensitive of you to assume that someone can just find another person to replace a close friend and it'll be like it's the exact same relationship. if you've cultivated a relationship with someone for years, then you can't find someone to take their place in two weeks.

Anonymous 18140

You sound pretty clingy. I can understand these kinds of feelings with family, or a boy, but friends come and go like you said. There's no reason to not keep them coming.

Anonymous 18143

Tbh I'm not because I've learned to accept that people come and go and you should rely on yourself before you make a crutch out of anyone else. But I think it's really shitty to recommend that the person who actually needs medication 'just make friends instead!' especially when you have no idea what they're being treated for. Sometimes when people choose to forgo their prescribed medication, they just end up in the psych ward, and no # of friends and no amount of support will stop that if their brain is straight-up malfunctioning

Anonymous 18149

>when people choose to forgo their prescribed medication, they just end up in the psych ward
A revolving door of evil. Once they're on it, they can't get off it, and the psychosis just spirals inward. Something so simple as a misunderstanding can inflate to so much. Bedded near the worst, in a literal madhouse. I don't know if there's any amount of healing that could undo that sort of damage. God have mercy.

Anonymous 18151

do you even know what psychosis is? you have to believe in something so strongly that it actually affects your capacity to function in a day-to-day basis, not affecting you by 'spiraling inwards'.
look, some people need medication. if they're not medicated they end up thinking that they're a prophet or a time traveller or dead. medication helps them go on to recover & live normal lives.

also if by 'madhouse' you mean 'lunatic asylum', it's incredibly insulting to compare the two. psychiatric wards are in no way similar to mental asylums. the worst thing that happens there is the weekly karaoke sessions.

Anonymous 18156

>some people need medication
Most people don't, and down the slide into mental instability they go. I want to be very upfront and tell you I think most pharmaceutical salesmen should get really, really hurt. I don't need any drug-dependent to tell me I'm wrong.

Anonymous 18159

i'm not drug-dependent, but i lived with people who were unmedicated when they needed to be and they ruined other people's lives, not only their own.
one of them killed themselves, one of them got involuntarily admitted to a psych ward twice and endangered their professional career, one of them destroyed their 4-year-marriage and evicted two of their housemates during a wild temper tantrum that got the police called to the home. all because they refused to take meds.

Anonymous 18168

I doubt they were as mad before they got diagnosed.

Anonymous 18173

What you're suggesting is like saying someone who went to the doctor suffering from symptoms of the flu, and was summarily diagnosed as having the flu and given medicine to treat it, wasn't as sick before they received a diagnosis. Great logic, there.

Anonymous 18175


Take me back to 2008.

Anonymous 18179

Mental illness isn't a disease.

Anonymous 18182


Anonymous 18183

Screen Shot 2018-0…

>mental illness isn't a disease
>mental illness


Anonymous 18189

It's not.

Anonymous 18200

>out of all the organs in the human body, the brain is the only one that can never malfunction in any way possible

are you capable of providing any supporting evidence besides 'because i said so'?

Anonymous 18202

Your brain actually malfunctioning would most likely result in death. I don't think a few uppers can fix that.

Anonymous 18203

come back when you actually have a legitimate argument or supporting facts other than stating your opinion over and over again. low-quality bait, i'm disappointed.

Anonymous 18205

2017 was meh, but 2018 has been a pretty shitty year because I moved to a different state for family reasons and basically am starting my life over from scratch. people have been trying to keep in touch, which is nice, but tbh i've realized that i'm not very good at making friends without a preexisting reason to socialize like working together or being in the same class. I found a boyfriend through Tinder because I was dead-ass lonely, and he's been a good support while all of this is going on, but tbh sometimes I feel like the only thing I have to offer him is sex.
I did open up an online store this year, which was a good distraction for a while, but then I stopped checking my e-mail and orders started piling up and I got so stressed about it that, after I finally got around to shipping all of them out, I just put it on hiatus. I seriously just want a 9-5 where I can go in, earn a paycheck, and come home to goof off because I don't like having this irregular schedule rn. I realize that a lot of people who do have those 9-5s would probably see my current lifestyle as an envious vacation but it's driving me fucking nuts.

Goals currently are to lose some weight (the one nice part of losing my job is that I now have the time and energy to go to the gym) and start saving again. plus finish some of the art commissions that I'm working on atm.

Anonymous 18218

>caring this much about arguments
You are a boy?

Anonymous 18219

>i'm not very good at making friends without a preexisting reason
That's not good. You should always seek small talk with strangers.
>sometimes I feel like the only thing I have to offer him is sex
NOT GOOD. This is the sign of a very, very unhealthy relationship, unless you're skimming on details.

Anonymous 18222

try reporting me & you'll find out
asking that you provide evidence supporting your opinion doesn't make someone a male
but it does mean that you don't have a leg to stand on if you can't

saged for derailing. either put up or shut up.

Anonymous 18224

You do it for free?

Anonymous 18231


>mfw all you had to do was google what 'put up or shut up' means before you confused it with 'put out' but you couldn't even do that right
still not supplying an actual argument, i notice. are you a male? because i've never seen an influx of bait like this until a couple of days ago when we apparently caught /r9k/'s notice again

Anonymous 18232

the thing is that i don't have a good reason to go out these days. even when there's an opportunity like, 'hmm it's friday night, maybe i should go to a bar or something' then I end up talking myself out of it because I don't want to waste the money on gas, parking and drinks with the possibility that i'll just go home drunk and depressed.
i did try going to a couple of subculture events when i first got here but tbh even the other girls that i interacted with seemed more interested in discussing relationship issues revolving around people that i didn't know, or spending time with their respective significant others, than they were interested in making friends. Even the ones who seemed nice were there to spend time with their pre-existing friends, not to make new ones. it's not like i was a shrinking violet before now, but i guess i'm out of practice.

And to be fair, I think that the feeling that all I can offer is sex is more to do with my own insecurities than it is to do with his. I have a very low sex drive and his is crazy high–like as soon as I come over, he wants to fuck. And he's willing to spend time with me afterwards doing all the stereotypical boyfriend activities like cuddling, watching a movie, listening to me complain, whatever, but sometimes I wonder if he's inviting me over just to 'fool around' because he's horny and the rest of it is only to make me complacent. But if I don't comply, then I worry that he's going to break up with me and I'll be lonely again and heartbroken to boot. i realize that probably sounds paranoid af but it seriously bothers me to the point that i've ended up crying on the drive over because these horrible doubts and suspicions are following me the entire time.

Anonymous Moderator 18233

Stop fighting, please.

Anonymous 18236

No. The "report me and see what happens". I'm getting the vibe you can't exactly take reports like a regular anon. Like you've got some edge over everyone else that you'll utilise for your own benefit. Hence, you do it for free. You know what that phrase means. Right?
Bars are never a good place to meet people. You should bother with people you meet in day-to-day life. Just start talking to them. If you come to like them enough, you can try talking them into meeting together, and yes your bf is probably just using you for fooling around. That relationship is definitely not one of permanence, so it's best you don't get too attached or you'll be very hurt by his leave. You should never "put out" so easily. It leaves you very vulnerable, because if the right man gets what he wants, he'll leave as soon as he can't get it. The right one will never leave over that.

Anonymous 18237

'report me and see what happens' means that if you suspect someone is a male, report them and let the moderators do their job instead of trying to discredit the person who disagrees with you like, 'you must be a boy because you care about evidence'
i'm trying to get this train back on track and you're not helping.

you're right in that bars aren't great places to meet new people, but i honestly don't go out on a daily basis unless it's to the grocery store or to the gym. Grocery store doesn't feel like there's a good way to start a non-awkward conversation when people are just there to get their food and go home, and at the gym, I'm focused on exercising instead of socializing. I tend to assume that other people are like me and don't want to be bothered when they're working out. Even if I did, I don't see the same people there often enough to be able to form a rapport with them and decide whether to move it on to a real friendship.
re: boyfriend: tbh I have a feeling it's just that I have a very hard time trusting men in general. I was with a guy for two years and I thought that he was 'the right one'–I introduced him to my parents, he introduced me to his, we lived together, he respected it when I said I wasn't in the mood for sex–it turns out that he cheated on me for eight months before I found out, because I guess he figured that if I wouldn't give him sex whenever he wanted, he'd find someone else who would. So the real concern is that the way I worry about my current relationship is based on my own hang-ups and fears instead of being his fault. We've been dating for about 3-4 months and he's only recently started to tell me that he loves me, which was heart-warming to hear for the first time, so I don't want to give up completely just because our libidos aren't in sync and I'm overthinking this or being paranoid.

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Guys, take it to another thread. Stop derailing this one.

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