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Domestic thread Anonymous 6943

Not sure if anyone else will find this interesting to talk about, but can we have a domestic/home care thread?

What do you do to keep your living space tidy? Are you the type to make your bed every day, or do you have dirty plates on the floor…?

Anonymous 6944

Does anyone else do this where you are doing a domestic chore and in your head you start narrating what you're doing like it's a damn YouTube how to video

Anonymous 6945


Anonymous 6946

OP, you read my mind. God, I need help with this. I really want to be tidier and keep my place in order. ):
It's getting late here so I will do some cleaning tomorrow but right now I have two piles of dirty clothes in my room, tons of dishes left to do and I need to take out of the trash…yikes.

Anonymous 6947


Clean yo room girl!! Then come back here and brag about it on the internet, I'm holding you accountable.

Today I raked leaves, made dinner, and wiped down all the gross orange moldy tile in the bathroom with Kaboom and wiped all the surfaces in the kitchen with Lysol. (I am a NEET so I have lots of time to rp as a meido.)

Anonymous 6948



>is it bad that i do that and want to do that while dressed up as a maid/meido

the pictures ITT are not helping, either.

bonus points if my boyfriend sees me wearing it

Anonymous 6953

I clean up every weekend, but I'm pretty messy during the week. I guess I do it because I have nothing else to do anyway!

Anonymous 6955

I am about to finish, anon-sama. The only thing left are the dishes. Whew.

Anonymous 6964

Yes. I had this idea where someone could make videos for people who don't have their life in order and make tutorials for the simple things a lot of us were never teached.

Anonymous 6965


If a cute girl in a maid costume did that, she would be the queen of NEETs. Or even a CG model of an anime maid girl like Kizuna Ai while footage of ambiguous gloved hands shows you how to use different cleaning products in the background, I think that would be a really popular channel.

Anonymous 6967

Ot, I know. I'm not being a smart ass, I swear: your English is just too cute. (':

Anonymous 6968

it'd be like that exercise app where a cute animu girl cheers you on.

Anonymous 6969

I fucking hate domestic work. How do you all keep motivated when you know you have to do it?

Anonymous 6976

i saved up and bought a bunch of sweetass furniture so i want to keep my house tidy. i think looking at cute furniture and buying pieces you like can really motivate you to want your house/room to look like the stock photo.

Anonymous 6977

I grew up in a cluttered and chaotic environment so now that I live alone I feel sincerely happy when everything is cleaned up. If you clean up as soon as you do something (do dishes right after eating dinner, hang coats up as soon as you get home, fold laundry as soon as it's done, etc) it starts to become a habit and you aren't overwhelmed with tons of things to do.

Anonymous 6978

My bf is extremely messy (and likes it that way…). I try my best to keep tidy when we're living together, I make the bed and make sure every is pretty neat. As for cooking we usually split the work, we're both super amateur.

He has a better career ahead of him but I'm not sure if I'll ever be a housewife.

Anonymous 6983


I like to listen to music while I clean and I prefer doing a bit everyday insted of doing everything once per week.

Anonymous 6987

My biggest problem is I have days where I spend hours thoroughly cleaning everything obsessively and other times where I leave plates on the sink for 4 days straight…

Does anyone have tips on how to build a good routine to do a little everyday, without overbearing yourself?

Anonymous 7030

I'm honestly the same but past few weeks I've created a routine and I'm trying to stick to it so it's actually been going pretty well.

Dishes I try to clean everyday but most of the time it's like every 2 or 3 days. At my place we actually have very few dishes so that helps. I also don't clean my coffee and water mugs because..well I'm gonna pour the same thing in them anyway so I don't see why should I. As for other cleaning - one day out of the week, I chose Sunday, I'd wake up early and do laundry, clean dust, clean the floor and kitchen counter. So far I haven't missed a week and it's been going gud.

Anonymous 7070


Just going to leave this here, it's a good baseline for keeping on top of your house cleaning and making it more manageable.

Anonymous 7071

Damn, that is a lot of vacuuming and laundry during the week.

Anonymous 7079

I'm going to try this with a few modifications (especially on saturday, i dont even own a car). ty.

Anonymous 7081

yeah it seems like it's meant for housewives trying to kill time.

Anonymous 7121

Any tips on keeping a bookcase clean? I have well over 400 books and a wall length bookcase and I haven't cleaned it once since I moved (over one year ago) because it's such a huge, daunting quest.

I thought of cleaning one shelf per week, but that seems pointless and still too much work.

This is good for a starting week if your house is a mess, but way over the top if it's already mostly organized. Changing sheets, polishing furniture and cleaning things like shower and refrigerator/pantry once a week are too much, I do those once every 15 days and already feel like I have a very clean and tidy home.

>I also don't clean my coffee and water mugs because..well I'm gonna pour the same thing in them anyway so I don't see why should I
Same lol I also do the same for plates if whatever I just ate can be scraped and paper towel'd without leaving visible debris. I just use the same plate I ate lunch from for dinner and only after dinner do I wash it.

Anonymous 7122

>> 400 books
OT as fuck but thats a small library. have you read all of them? Aaah i want 400 books too.

Anonymous 7130

Haha I used to be really proud of them but after 4 years as a language and literature major it seems like a single bookcase isn't much. I've read maybe 200 of them in their entirety and studied bits of another 30 or so. Many are huge collected works or anthologies so reading them from front to back isn't very practical (can't carry them around), many others are repeats I bought because I liked the edition, others are about literary theory, philosophy, or linguistics so I only read a few chapters.

I wish I had the competence to clean them properly because on top of those I have drawers filled with books but don't want to buy another shelf to display them… they'll just gather dust as well. It's nice to know I have what I want to read at my fingertips, but it's a lot of work to keep them in good condition ;_; I recommend you devise a plan to keep them tidy if you decide to start collecting, anon!

Anonymous 7170

>>Literature and language major
High five, anon! Same here. Now I know why you have so many books lol. Thank you so much for responding and answering my question. Unfortunately I don't have any room left to get more books, but maybe I will move to a better place eventually.

Anonymous 7242

Ugh, I am so messy. I couldn't even keep my tiny room at university clean. It's like..it starts out as clothes that I leave on the floor as I'm rushing to get changed, then cups or plates if I ever eat in there, and then as soon as I know it I can hardly see the floor. I hate being like this.

Anonymous 7245

I am like his too, but I try to manage it by at least cleaning everything by the end of the week! So I get a fresh start to my week as well

Anonymous 7412

I am shit at domestic things but I know one big barrier is that I went through a few years of hoarding and I need to declutter a lot of stuff before I can easily keep things neat and organized again.

Thankfully I've stopped the influx but still working through sorting stuff out (both physically and emotionally). I'm fine with chores like doing the dishes and laundry, but I'm bad at general tidying because stuff doesn't have a place, and it's too cluttered to designate a place for everything.

Anyone else here going through a major declutter?

Anonymous 8062

>plates on the floor

Wait, why on the floor?
Also, while I'm very fond of Lysol/Clorox wipes I do like to use natural home cleaning methods. I got a lot of my methods from this site even though I'm not a mom yet


I really like the idea of lavender satchels instead of the scented dryer sheets.

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