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Anonymous 69721

Anyone else become more interested in their own tradition and culture in these crazy times? I didn't care about it for most of the time but lately I've felt drawn to my local folklore, traditional clothing, festivities etc. It makes me feel comfy and secure.

Anonymous 69724

shut the fuck up /pol/tard

Anonymous 69729

Anonymous 69730

You will move to the city, you will sleep in the pod, you will eat the bugs, you will be a slave. If your culture gets in the way of your commodification, it has to go…

Anonymous 69731


I wanted to try making a comfy thread about traditional fashion, comfy local festivities and history and read comfy posts by other anons about their local culture but I guess this is impossible on the internet in the current climate

Anonymous 69733

Tone down your antisemitism.

Anonymous 69734

Where are you from?

Anonymous 69735


I am of Breton descent but unfortunately my immediate family has lost the language over time. I still have family in France who speak it, though. I would really, really like to learn!

The traditional clothing of Brittany (Bretagne, Breizh, pick your poison) vary across the region. The most recognizable is the folk dress from Pont-l'Abbe, which is known for the tall headwear. These lace headdresses worn by women are called "coiffes." However, nowadays these are rarely seen unless it's a special occasion.

Anonymous 69736

> I would really, really like to learn!
It's not even on Duolingo dude. Are the girls in the OP pic, Bavarian?

Anonymous 69737


That looks nice but also impractical so no wonder it's only used on special occasions. Such ornate headdress for special occasions exist in most cultures I think here we have a read where we have pic related(called Goldhaube, literally "Golden cap") they're worn on special holidays and such

Anonymous 69738

I hope it comes to Duolingo one day. But I'm lucky, I have family members in France who still speak it so I have them to practice with. I believe there are also online Diwan schools that teach people from abroad. They charge money per session, though.

Anonymous 69769

>/pol/ incels don't get out of their house enough and wouldn't be genuinely into that stuff anyway.
And when they do it because of muh white race and not because it's actually interesting and because socializing at these events is just enjoyable.

Anonymous 69803

I’m American but one of my grandparents immigrated from another country and grew up in that community. I wasn’t raised within that community or with that culture really (just small cultural things, mostly food related lol) so it feels weird and fake trying to get “into” that culture. By chance I met someone else a few years ago with similar ancestry as me and they were trying to bond with me over it and it was really awkward because they’d be like “oh, did you have x?” and I’d have to ask them what that was and then they’d explain and I’d be like “ohhh I didn’t know that had a name lol.” I occasionally run into that person and I’m still jealous of them tbh.

Anonymous 69810


Kind of. Definitely more than ever.
I have a weird relationship with my ethnicity for various reasons, partially due to my daddy issues and partially due to being raised around mainly white people.
But this year I've become less ashamed, started getting involved with other Native people, began researching history, and am planning to keep my language alive. It would be cool to learn how to canoe as well, both for the culture and the workout.
I also used to associate my race with my appearance-related insecurities for years, which I'm now over after acknowledging my gay feelings for other Indigenous women…also this year.

Must be the alone time allowing us some space for self-exploration. Can't believe it took all this bullshit for me to accept basic and obvious facts about myself lmao.

Anyway sorry even this post became a vent and isn't comfy like OP intended. So long as we're hatposting, here's a girl in a cedar hat. They're waterproof. Ofc wearing one is a cultural statement now, but still utilitarian for the rainy Pacific Northwest climate.

Anonymous 69816

this is why we don't have a politics board

Anonymous 69818

I'm in a weird position because I'm the bastard offspring of an Iraqi and an Australian. I really, really dislike my mother's culture and only keep up a few aspects because they were so heavily ingrained in my childhood. My dad's family are hardcore Scottish and have all the kind of 1800's colonial traditions still, and he desperately wants me to be a part of his real family, but I just can't bring myself to do it. It's so fucking awkward being the one short brown person who knows nothing about the traditions, among a sea of 6'0+ white people who know all the songs and games. It also doesn't help I hate getting dirty and these family gatherings are all harvest days on farms.

Anonymous 69826

You should make try to join in. If they're your family I'm sure they'll make an effort to make you feel welcome.

Anonymous 69836

Of course, in chaotic times people start clinging to traditions, familial and cultural ties and less on the consumerist nightmare that the complacent system puts the majority of society in at all times.

Anonymous 69837

/pol/fags are so transparent.

Embrace monke.

Anonymous 69838

The only political thing here is you trying to make it political, if the thread triggers you you're free to fuck off

Anonymous 69844


Not really but I can appreciate any excuse for dressing funny and getting unreasonably drunk in public on a weekday.

Anonymous 69865

>talking about hats, festivals, food, and games is politics
OP being German also doesn't make her or this thread automatically racist lmao. Two brown girls have posted and no one has flung racism at us.

Anonymous 70245

That's cool, I'm not into my local folklore but I enjoy "obscure" cultures, especially ones with rich musical traditions. Breton is my top for sure, here's a few of my favourite breton songs:

There's a decent looking breton course on memrise, hope it helps!

I've never met a breton person before, if you would like to chat leave your preferred contact

Anonymous 70265

same here! my personal favorite "obscure" culture is the ainu, their music is really grounding

Anonymous 70595

I love Brazilian culture.

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