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Urban exploration Anonymous 70097

What do you think of urban exploration? It's kinda a moid thing to do but I want to do it, seems so cool.

Anonymous 70101

It's really entertaining to watch I like the videos in Pryp'yat'.

Anonymous 70104

I love Shiey! I watched almost all his videos, they have a really chill vibe to them. I also watch TheProperPeople, my favourite videos are of them exploring abandoned places in China, it's really impressive and shocking to see these gigantic places completely void of any human activity.

Anonymous 70197

>It's kinda a moid thing to do
We are failing feminism every fucking day.

Anonymous 70209

It seems cool but honestly afraid of being assaulted and what other anon said about rusty floors and crap, I am mostly interested in hauntings rather than ‘exploring’ I guess though, like abandoned haunted buildings

Anonymous 70405


this is one of the coolest videos I've seen
didn't even know about this place and I lived in seattle for 6 years

Anonymous 70410

Maybe because there could be dangerous depraved moids lurking in the dark?
Sure you can bring a girl friend or two to be safer though but it's hard to convince them to go with you.

Anonymous 70431


I really love going exploring. It always gives me really unique feelings. It's a weird contrast between being entirely alone while also being in a place that used to be bustling with activity.

pic related


It's really not as dangerous as people make it seem. As long as your careful, there's not a lot that can go wrong that wouldn't already go wrong from a just a regular hiking trip or similar.

I highly doubt this has ever happened.

Anonymous 70457

oh, aren't you a special unique snowflake, sweety?

Anonymous 70459

uhhhh rude, but okay?

Anonymous 70476

great channel. the guy doesn't seem to give a shit and has funny commentary.

Anonymous 70582

It's really dangerous, but I've done it many times. I used to live in a partially rural town, and me and my best friend would scope out abandoned houses to explore. Normally old houses forgotten in an overgrown bush on the side of a not-so-busy road.
There are too many to name here that we've explored, but two notable ones were:
1) what was obviously a heroin addicts bunker. The place looked completely abandoned, but was an otherwise gorgeous house: huge windows, a balcony over a spacious living room, two-car garage and a basement. This was an expensive home.
Interestingly enough, it still had power, which we found out by opening the door to a bedroom and seeing a ceiling fan spinning on the ceiling. Needles and shotgun shells littered the floor, and a soiled mattress lay in the middle of the room.
The weirdest part? The closet in this room contained a single wooden chair sitting ominously underneath a single lightbulb that hung from the ceiling. I shit you not, this was a place straight out of a movie.
2) This was a place I went to completely alone (writers note: NEVER DO THIS). It was a derelict house in the middle of what used to be a crop field. The outside of the house was completely covered in bushes, trees, and overgrown with vines, but the rest of the field was barren. It was almost as if whoever owned the field wanted to hide the house behind the brush.
I went inside (again, alone: NEVER DO THIS) and there were robitussin bottles EVERYWHERE. Giggling to myself, I turned into a room that was completely empty, save for the writing on the wall.
Someone had taken red paint (marker, maybe?) and scrawled images of demons and rantings on the otherwise white walls. It was absolutely surreal, and upon seeing what looked like a room used for summoning Satan himself, I quickly left and never returned.

There are many more I can tell you about, but that's all I'd like to share for now.

In summary, it's a really fun activity, but there are some things I wish I had done differently.

1) NEVER, EVER, EVER EVER EVER go alone. I've done it a couple times, and it's incredibly dangerous and irresponsible. It's easy to find someone who is as stupid and adventurous as you are, so find a buddy (or better yet, a group).
2) Wear a mask. Looking back, who knows what kind of mold/asbestos I've breathed in. I would not be surprised if those particles come back to bite me in the ass.
3) Take pictures.
4) Don't destroy/alter anything.

Anonymous 70588

You're fucking retarded, bpd-bitch.

Anonymous 70589

Tell us more anon

Anonymous 70590

I used to do this so much until I moved to a big city where all the cool locations are overrun with anything from hobos to drug dealers and smashed to bits with all the interesting stuff gone. But I had a few really lovely locations in the countryside that were my favorite places on earth, even if it sounds edgy. My absolute favorite was this huge abandoned industrial paper mill that spanned multiple buildings with 5 floors each, ancient computers, machine rooms, and a weirdly cozy attic with a random little room full of bright turquoise paper stacked from floor to ceiling, crooked and worn steps, round windows and The top floor had burnt down so you could step up from a staircase onto what used to be a giant factory-sized floor, step in a foot-deep layer of moss and ashes with the giant wooden beams of the former roof towering over you as you're surrounded by the forest on all sides. It had so much to explore and never got boring, there was some shitty graffiti and some vandalism (and a room full of fake blood and plushies left behind by some sp00ky edgelords) but also so many completely untouched rooms with employee files and guides, old stock, aforementioned computers and floppy disks, even a tiny room in the attic where the grey wallpaper had peeled with some floral one behind it. It was perfect.

Sadly this was before the smartphone era and most of the photos I took on my decent camera have been lost to a million computer crashes since then. I still have a few somewhere if anyone wants to see, but they don't do the utter scale and atmosphere of the place justice.

Anonymous 70591

re: "this is a moid hobby", I gotta say I never felt that safe going alone and as a general rule you should never go alone anyways, so I usually took a guy with me to help me carry photography gear and be a bodyguard in case we meet someone unsavory. If you have a guy with you you'll be less likely to be attacked simply because they respect the moid more. I've only run into people a handful of times though, usually they were other explorers or hobos. The one time I brought an all-girls group for a photoshoot, we ran into another photographer (who was doing a stereotypical "putting a topless Stacy in jeans in an abandoned building is instant art" photoshoot) and he called the fucking police on us. In any case it's not a moid hobby, but you'll probably have a hard time finding a lone woman exploring.

Now I want to get an all-female exploration group together.

Anonymous 70596


Same person as before.
There are a couple places that I look back on fondly, and I think you'll find them interesting.

If you look up the Velvet Cloak Inn (Raleigh, NC, USA) you'll find pictures and articles of this grand hotel that was on the main road through the city (Hillsborough St). This place just REEKED of history. There's an urban legend that Bob Dylan played a impromptu show in the parking lot before he got "big". This was the hotel that the rich and well-to-do people stayed in when they came to Raleigh in the 60's.
Sometime around 2016-17 (I guess), the place became condemned after years of being treated as low-income apartments and mistreatment. It was a total wreck, and the city needed to make room for student dorms, so it was closed, gated off, and left to rot before the bulldozers came for it.

Anyway, I was walking through the city one night (high out of my mind on benzos) and, upon passing it, decided to jump the fucking gate and go into this abandoned hotel.
At 12 AM.
I'm an idiot. I was hella high, but I'm an idiot.

I had a good time. I definitely didn't go far. I found my way into the main lobby. I could see the check-in desk front left, and an elevator along a hallway. I headed around the back where the pool was. You can find pics of the pool area online, it was stunning and I'm sure it was a really amazing place in it's hay-day. Parts of the building were already somewhat torn down, but there were rooms with their doors open around the lower levels (iirc) leading out the pool. I began to really feel the creeps passing by these gaping black voids, and my vision was altered from the drugs, making things difficult to make out. If I recall, I heard something shuffle in one of the rooms, and that's when I dashed out of there, scaled the fence, and left.

Maybe about two weeks later, I randomly hang out with my two younger brothers (I think they were picking something up) and Grant (the youngest), remarked he had been there before.
Grant is also an idiot.
But we had a good time. We parked, found a way in, and spent possibly a few hours in this hotel. We explored the rooms, peeked into the elevator shafts, and probably breathed in enough asbestos to kill us one day. At one point, we were in the upper levels of this place and found a room that was caving in on itself. White powder was everywhere (we didn't go inside the room).
We ended up in the lower levels, where the dining room/kitchen was. I found menus of the food they served, but these were actually newer menus. Some shit called the "Wolf Pack Special" or something. NC State was right down the road, and I guess the hotel had some sort of dish for the college students.

If only those walls could talk.

It's a real shame that place is gone. I'm sure it was a moldy, bed-bug ridden hazard of a place to live in, but it was a real gem that graced Hillsborough Street for decades. Now, it's just a boring dorm building for rich college students.

Anonymous 70604

i'd love to do it, i just adore abandoned aesthetic, nature reclamation, and stuff like that, but i don't have a moid to go with

and it's a real shame because some of these places are literally within my arm's reach, but going there alone would be simply irresponsible thing to do

Anonymous 70748

the problem with urbex for women is that if things go wrong unlike men you'll get raped and murdered instead of just murdered

Anonymous 71425

>oh wow a cool abandoned building
>it's a crack den

Anonymous 72311

yes ıktf

Anonymous 74178

Has anyone even been murdered while exploring?

Anonymous 74185

I love it, finding remnants of the past is so cool! Also, evidence of other urban explorers like graffiti.

I think literally every activity is safer for men to do but it's a calculated risk, I still want to enjoy my life and I bring pepper spray and tell people where I'm going at least.
One day I will have an urban exploration gf and we can protect each other.

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