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Anonymous 70516

Do you think you could tell someone's gender from their post(s)?

Anonymous 70525

Mu Queen Charlina II can't be this cute

Anonymous 70529

on an anonymous board where people are shitposting and crap probably not, but when I talk with the same people day to day in like a gaming group or anything like that somehow the moids can tell that I'm female and they start bothering/dming me with their depraved shit

Anonymous 70568

How do you think they Know?

Anonymous 70577

You will never be a woman

Anonymous 70606

Most certainly. And I know for sure that there are moids infiltrating this place.

Anonymous 70608

I can kind of tell, but not always. I do get worried that I'll get flagged as a moid one day because I write a bit like one due to growing up on 4chan.

Anonymous 70610

unlikely, considering we all did

Anonymous 70613

If they don't have the words: moid, scrote, pornsick, cumbrain, pick me, handmaiden, shota or racoon as every other word in every sentence, than they are a moid.

Anonymous 70621

At last I truly see

Anonymous 70695

sometimes maybe idk

Anonymous 70722

Forgive my autism, but what exactly is a handmaiden?

Anonymous 70723

>shota or raccoon

Not those last two, those last two are moidspeak. Especially raccoon.

Anonymous 70724


well, makes sense that the other anon is a scrote, seeing as way less than 50% of his post consisted of the words he listed

Anonymous 70732

Scrote sympathizers

Anonymous 70760

Tell me where we a…

Still somewhat surprising that something as simple as having sympathy has an associated negative term to it. I thought it was men who were branded as heartless and unfeeling, just sometimes I forget I'm on CC and get caught off guard

Anonymous 70762

Mogs me tbh

Anonymous 70763

Men commit almost all violent crime and assaults, moids fantasize about raping and murdering women, even the ‘nice guys’. Every time you interact with a moid just remember there’s an almost guaranteed chance he jerked off to girls being pissed on and choked or brutalized in some way, or even worse, beast or CP, within the last 24 hours. Once you realize this you can stop empathizing with moods entirely. Men revoked their right to be considered human or deserving of sympathy long ago.

Anonymous 70765


Anyway yeah fuck men, they jerk off to seeing us being abused and in pain, why should I give a fuck about them.

Anonymous 71301

Most of the time, yeah. It's easy to spot larping scrotes, especially on lc.

Anonymous 73107

>This thread.

You and women hating incels are just made for each other. No self respecting human of any sex would ever tolerate such amounts of blind frustration and hatred so you end up with the shitheads who have exactly as much empathy as you, zero.
Its literally somewhat of an actually real karma mechanism and it makes me so happy because I just know that by simply not behaving like a deranged bpd nutjob I'm not hurt.

Anonymous 73149

Some people are just bitter and lonely and have sucked up gender war dogma they found on the internet to feel better about themselves, but a lot of people develop these beliefs from experienced trauma and abuse, so I try not to judge too much

Anonymous 73150

>have bpd
>hate men
>still end up with 7-8/10 lanky, skinny qt pie who is sweet though lacks introspection

stay mad, becky

Anonymous 73151

>lacks introspection
That's all moids don't sweat it

Anonymous 73166

I hope he sees this, sis

Anonymous 73168

Its possible. We have discussed this in other threads, I have caught many moids and tranny moids due to what they write about.

Anonymous 73170

What are the giveaways

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