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What went wrong? Anonymous 71030

Why did humanity fail so hard

Anonymous 71037

Because nothing is controlled. When things don't change they don't really get worse. There is a point you pass when change is freely allowed that would otherwise have been the optimal scenario, and from there things almost always get worse. But history shows no matter how bad things get we always manage to crawl back. It's just really disappointing that we've more than ever but can't implement meaningful rules. Someone always has to rock the boat.

Anonymous 71040

Because humans suck some monkey balls. They are greedy and selfish and mean and that's all the people who are in power. And there always some manipulative bastard who worms their way up to the top to seize control and make things worst to those the think are lower then them. Because they don't care.

Anonymous 71044


Not only humans are to blame.

Anonymous 71149

bad things decreas…

by every metric the world is improving extremely rapidly and you are extremely privileged to live in the 21st century and not at any other time but that's taboo to say since people love to whine about everything from ironically having having no real challenges to build discipline from

Anonymous 71150

'By every metric the world is improving extremely rapidly and you are extremely privileged to live in the 21st century'
I disagree with this a lot

Anonymous 71155

retarded take

Anonymous 71157


And yet clearly people are no happier.

Anonymous 71158

based optimist, hopefully in time we'll see even more things improve like economic inequality and

I just wish my generation wasn't so alienated and isolated, I feel like that's an entirely new precedent with this century. For instance, aren't moids having way less sex now?

Anonymous 71165

People always want more. They are never satisfied but the fact is they are lazing off their asses in their homes all day, the fact that this is possible of em never crosses their mind.

Anonymous 71168

Is this supposed to be a good thing? People are in their homes all day, stressed and unhappy because of job scarcity.
Do you have any idea about the NEET rates today?

Anonymous 71169

I wonder if this prediction failed because women joined the workforce.
Why are most low paying jobs done by women? Why does women get paid less?
This world is such a shithole.

Anonymous 71170


Now do poverty, wealth concentration, global warming, ocean acidification, deforestation, soil depletion and species extinction. Also, hunger started recently rising again.

Anonymous 71171

Wait, what is your reasoning for that? If you have more people making stuff, then logically, workload of individual members should go down. Or at least that is how it would work in a society where production is done to fulfill human needs, rather than for the sake of profit.

Anonymous 71182

Women get paid less for the same work, they're the first ones to get fired in tough situations, most women choose low paying jobs (either by social programming or by default) etc. etc. so women joining the workforce didn't help anyone, everyone works overtime now.

Anonymous 71184

>I wonder if this prediction failed because women joined the workforce.
I still dont get what are you trying to say here. Why would women getting pay less cause workweek to not go down.

Anonymous 71223

Lol don't mind me it was just the only major change that came into my mind so I wondered if it had an effect
I think if women weren't given most of the low paying jobs and they gained more status everyone would be working less

Anonymous 71224

Anonymous 71225

Selective bias
The world isn't getting better at all, it's going to shit
Just look at the increasing gap in wealth

Anonymous 71227


>People actually want to work 40 hours a week.

Anonymous 71231

Also: mental health, healthy culture and social life, trust and community, food quality, and the dubious impact of technology and so-called progress that you need selective metrics to stifle.

Also, many of the things in that pic are quite dishonest or products of the actions of states and corporations that didn't need to happen and similar things will continue happening.

Anonymous 71677

We listened to Keynes, not Hayek, that's why.

Anonymous 71832

'by every metric the world is improving extremely rapidly'
no it's not, it's only improving rapidly for rich greedy aliens. 1 in 3 people worldwide don't even have access to clean water.

Anonymous 72584

The shorter work week was a result of organized labour forcing it in, and not because politicians mercifully decided to shorten it after seeing some numbers go up.
It can be seen even today. Which country is the only one with a 35-hour work week? France. Which country still has strong and militant labour unions? Also France.
So we'll keep working 40 hours until strong unions become a thing again.

Anonymous 72586

Why is wealth gap any important?
Case 1. You have 1000$, your neighbor has 2000$.
Case 2. You have 2000$, your neighbor has 20.000$.
Which one is better?

> 1 in 3 people worldwide don't even have access to clean water
What was this metric equal to 50 years ago? 100 years ago?

Anonymous 72680

if you think about it, most americans have a 45 hour work week as standard. it used to be called the 9-5 and it included an hour lunch. now if i want to take an hour lunch i have to work 8-5. that's an extra hour every day.

i feel like i'm going crazy because i have never seen this brought up anywhere else, people don't even seem to notice. we're all working an extra 5 hours a week for nothing. and no one noticed. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

americans also don't have guaranteed PTO. i have never in my 3 years of working received a single day of paid leave. hell, you can't even get unpaid leave most of the time–they'll just fire you if you ask. for white collar office work. our work culture is really fucked up.

but in korea they call it "hell joseon" and their suicide rate is high because of all the unpaid overtime. japan has a word for death by overwork and is famous for strung out salarymen falling asleep on the train or under their desk. and there is no reason it has to be this way–most office workers fuck around half the day. it's nothing but cultural norms that is the reason we suffer.

Anonymous 72682

This. I work from home and can easily churn out a 5 day report in 3 days because I don’t waste time.

I hated when I worked in a regular office because people always wanted to come over and talk to me about the most boring inane things when I was clearly not interested. Then I had to work later to make up for it.

Anonymous 219845

Because of m*les

Anonymous 219856

To be exact, France has one of the lowest union membership levels of the EU. That said, they are mad as fuck, I guess people kind of fear being associated with them on the day to day.

Anonymous 220256


They must be stopped!

Anonymous 220295

The vast majority of those are wrong and some of them have cope written in the title.
>"legal slavery"
There's more slaves in the UAE right now than there were in America in 1860.

Anonymous 220368


She was talking about mules, dummy

Anonymous 220369


Actually, I was talking about meles

Anonymous 220406

No idea what this quote is from but plenty of predictions about the future, especially from "experts" and such from before our time, have ended up completely wrong. Remember when people were saying that all the land would be sunken under the sea because of global warming and then had to shift the goal post to carbon because the great global warming flood never ended up happening? Also idk, people usually like to think prosperity will always keep going up when things are prosperous. People in the 20's sure as heck didn't predict the stock market crash and great depression that would happen 10 years later because how could they? We don't really like to pay attention to the bad things when things are good, which usually ends up with the bad things spreading due to going unnoticed.

Anonymous 220410

Because why would the billionaires who run the companies let overall production/profits stay the same. If productivity goes up they won't reduce hours, they'll just squeeze more profits from the same 8 hours people are conditioned for.

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