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Thanksgiving Anonymous 7134

What are you all doing on thanksgiving?
Are you doing the cooking?
Are you seeing family or are you hosting for your family.
Please share your favorite Thanksgiving recipes (savory or sweet!) in the thread

Anonymous 7135

I'm going to be traveling back to my home town and staying the entire week on school break. I'll be staying with my family of course. My mom does almost all the cooking but she lets us help with pies n stuff so the day before Thanksgiving I'll probably be helping with pies with my younger sister who's also on break from college. I'm going to watch the Macy's parade too.

I don't know the exact recipe but my older sister brings this chocolate pudding pie every year that tastes better than any pie I've ever had! I know turkey gets a bad rep as being extremely dry but my mom does it in a way where it's fully cooked yet still juicy and delicious. I think I might actually ask how to cook the turkey this year because I want to be able to make turkey that damn good. I might assk my sister for the pie recipe too.

Anonymous 7161

My family always hosts Thanksgiving- things haven't been as stable in terms of relationships recently but it's always a good time.

I'm a horrible cook, but I can make a decent potato leek soup, which is vaguely thanksgiving-y.

Anonymous 7162

We're hosting at our house this year, but it's going to be fairly low key with just my fiance's parents and us. My fiance will be smoking the turkey and I'll take care of the sides and dessert. His mother offered to make something but we said not to worry about it. She's actually a terrible cook so we're trying to spare her feelings and our stomachs.

Enjoy this yummy apple pie cocktail.

2 oz vanilla vodka
2 oz cinnamon whiskey
8 oz apple cider
1 oz half & half
caramel sauce

Add all liquid ingredients and shake it up with ice. Put in a cocktail glass and drizzle caramel sauce and sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top.

Anonymous 7171

I wanna celebrate Thanksgiving but I'm an expat. Can't find proper ingredients and such. Feels bad man.

Anonymous 7172

Where are you located anon? You can always make a chicken thanksgiving. You can even make your own dressing if you are really down for cooking.

I'm also living abroad, and it just happens this is the year I'm really craving a turkey dinner…I'll probably just wait until Christmas and eat my "thanksgiving" dinner then kek

Anonymous 7174


Going out to eat salmon with my mum and my drug addict wigger brother. I don't care much for turkey anymore and staying home is boring when you don't really have family so I suggested we get out the house this year.

Thanks for that cocktail recipe, anon. That seems really delicious and useful for unwinding later in the evening.

Anonymous 7189

As someone who is not American, Thanksgiving is fucking gross to me. Literally everything comes from a can and I hate seeing tutorials online of people buying already cooked food and passing it off like they "made" it (like pouring pumpkin puree into a pre-made tart and squirting a bit of canned cream on top lmao that's not cooking).

Anonymous 7191

I can agree with u about some of these things but that's not the case with everybody. Some people do cook everything from scratch.
The people passing already made food as their own cooking tho is stupid

Anonymous 7192

Canadafag but in my experience most people do make their Thanksgiving food from scratch.

You remind me of that anon who watched American TV shows and thought that all Americans have food fights lol

Anonymous 7193

Gonna spend preparing for black friday. I'm working, and my work place stretches out black friday to 3 days, and I'm working 8 hours a day three days straight. Not even focused on the food or anything, just trying to prepare myself for however crazy these people are going to be.

Anonymous 7194

Gonna be visiting both sides of my family and eating good. I'm pretty excited (for desserts mainly- share any thanksgiving dessert recipes besides pumpkin pies please!) except I'm kinda worried about seeing my cousins. It's been awhile since we last saw each other and I wouldn't say we are on good terms. Sucks how things have changed and I don't really want things to be awkward. I'll be seeing them a lot more now since it's holiday season owell

Anonymous 7211

Literally nothing comes from a can though except that cranberry gelatin stack. Chill out.

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