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Anonymous 71365

Been lurking CC for a few weeks now and it seems way friendlier than 4chan. This is my first post here so I'd like to ask: why?

Why is 4chan so toxic in comparison? The threads here seem quite similar in nature, though CC has more variety and doesn't focus as much on the "lack of partner" aspect. Is it because 4chan is mostly populated by males? Please give thoughts!

Anonymous 71367

Because women can never and will never match men in crassness. Men are on average far more evil and have the capacity to far more evil

Anonymous 71368

Isnt it rather funny how they seem to say the exact opposite? I'd like to believe both are capable of the same evil but after experiencing both on an anonymous environment it seems I was mistaken, they are definitely more aggressive.
Maybe it's because they feel insecure? Most of the outbursts of toxicity come when someone disagrees with them or do anything they do not approve of.
Simply put,they are way more close minded.

Anonymous 71399

have you seen the thread about communist memes here on CC ? It's the exact same thing. But yes irl moids are more aggressive because they know that only another moid can fight them where women know they will lose a fight against men 99% of the time. But online and especially anonymously it doesn't matter and everyone shows his own toxicity.

Anonymous 71404

I personally am quite happy to shit up 4chan as it is a garbage heap but try to avoid it here as much as I can.
I care more if I see a post also and try to truly consider others in a respectful way.
>just thought cold explain why CC appears nicer also

Anonymous 71413

Well, women also post on 4chan and they learn to be just as crass and toxic as the guys.

Anonymous 72003

This isn't really true. Most boards on 4chan never talk about that. CC isn't varied at all either, the most active threads are about moids and relationships.

Anonymous 72017

women are more emotionally sensitive and empathetic than men (on average, of course, there are outliers and variation among individuals). i, for example, am very aware that i'm communicating with another human being when online, and i don't throw insults or try and hurt feelings, except for rare occasions.

Anonymous 72057

This place is not friendly, not at all. Well it was, some couple of years ago but it got linked on /pol/ far too many times and you only see angry and bitter and jaded people on here now. I miss old CC.

Anonymous 72134

since the FDS migration this board has gone to shit, now every damn post is about moid and dating, its ridiculous. I would like to discuss feminist literature or history but either here or aserahsgarden are shit.

Anonymous 72139

You don't have anything to say about feminism or you'd say it, instead of just whining about how much you hate Other Girls.

Anonymous 72165

on asherahsgarden there is a thread about feminist literature but there's a troll who keeps posting porn and i don't want to scar my eyes any longer.

Anonymous 72167

Anonymous 72183

>Why is 4chan so toxic in comparison?


Anonymous 72189

yeah I agree, say anything that deviates from the norm and you get dogpiled, at least on 4chan you aren't banned if you disagree.

Anonymous 72190

Anonymous 72219


Anonymous 72220

Stop disagreeing retards. Respect this lovely authoritarian board culture. If you have a different opinion I'll legit be suspicious of you, don't get out of line or you are dead. I have my eyes on you.

Anonymous 72222

Virtually all 'modern' issues with men and male spaces are the direct result of how the male brain responds to over-stimulation. Residing deep within every moid is a tendency for obsessive-compulsive behaviour, delusional moids think this is some kind of 'high IQ superpower' but all it does is turn them into:
>racist conspiritards
>ADD gamers
The internet has only exacerbated this trend and virtually any group of men will rapidly devolve in fetishistic behaviour as they continuously seek out and share content that reinforces whatever meme they've chosen as their given hobby. This is what leads to this 'toxic' behaviour because they have an obsessive mindset they get irrationally angry at anything that does not adhere to whatever circlejerk they've cultivated.

Anonymous 72224

Prophetic quads

Anonymous 72273

The troll was posting goatse one time and photos of dogs another. Let me just say I was scared.

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