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sea turtle.jpg

Helping out the planet? 72533

What are some small steps you're taking to help save the planet?

What I've been trying to do lately is cut down on red meat (cows pollute 23x more than an average car due to their farts causing methane gas).
And I cut up my plastic drinking straws into smaller pieces to help save the sea turtles. Watch this video and you'll definitely understand and want to cry:


Saving the planet is important, and if we can just take small steps everyday to help better our ecosystems, in just a decade we could have a healthier Earth.

Anonymous 72534

Lol, liberals will blame themselves for everything and then do some inconsequential shit to make themselves feel better. There is no point in doing anything as long as the corporations keep doing what they're doing. Plastic is banned in my region so I don't have to abstain anyway. Your grandchildren will have to live in a dystopia because people still believe in capitalism.

Anonymous 72535

>Your grandchildren
she won't have children to reduce pollution.

Anonymous 72536

>only cutting up drinking straws
I cut up all my garbage before dumping it into the ocean, get on my level.

Fun fact: you don't need a shitty plastic straw to drink.

Anonymous 72537

> I cut up all my garbage before dumping it into the ocean, get on my level.

You cut up garbage just to dump it in the ocean? I don’t want to be anywhere near your level if you’re doing shit like that.

Anonymous 72539


Anonymous 72541

not having kids and supporting immigration restriction

Anonymous 72544

I'm tired of people thinking they can "save the planet". You can pat yourself on the back for slowing down the total annihilation of Earth by .00000000000000001% by busting your ass to cut corners wherever you can in your life but you can't stop the billions of other people and, most of all, you can't stop the major corporations that are actually destroying the world.

You really don't affect all that much in the grand scheme of things. If you're as wasteful as you possibly can be, the Earth will hardly feel it. The same goes if you're as clean as you can be.

I just cannot understand this foolish level of blind optimism.

Anonymous 72546

Thanks for the interesting thread, anon! Glad to hear that you are making positive steps.

>using metal and silicone straws

>tote bags for groceries and asking the staff not to print a receipt
>reusable cups for coffee (steel keeps the heat in best, imo)
>buying loose fruit and veg as much as possible and preferrably things that have been grown locally and are in-season

Anonymous 72550

I wish my apartment had recycling :(

Anonymous 72551

I'm vegan

Anonymous 72554

What difference would that make when most western countries are already below replacement rate? The population boom is happening elsewhere.

Helping out the planet? 72555


Those sound like wonderful things to do! I'll have to start doing more of these myself, I already use tote bags for groceries and am transitioning to using a reusable metal straw :)

Anonymous 72559

I do everything in this thread already but these comments aren't wrong either.

Honestly, the best thing you can do for the planet is voting for the most green party.

Anonymous 72560

Contributing to the destruction of the CCP's regime and opposing corporatist legislation. Literally nothing any of us can do will save the environment while China and corporations dominate and control the vast majority of greenhouse gases emitted.

>but I have a re-usable tote bag and a steel straw! I must be saving the environment

You're literally doing less than nothing - you're actively giving money to China and corporations for lying to your face. They spend billions to promote the idea that "green" capitalism will fix everything - just buy all new replacements for everything you own. Got an old car? Buy a brand new electric car which is still powered by coal powerplants. And you eat that shit up because buying a super cute steel flask instead of water bottles is easier than becoming politically engaged.

You cannot solve the problems of unrestrained consumption with MORE consumption.

Anonymous 72561

This. Literally doing nothing is the most green you can be.

Anonymous 72564

>Buy a brand new electric car which is still powered by coal powerplants

Coal is being decommissioned in the United States and replaced with natural gas, solar, and wind. Natural gas has already surpassed coal due to its comparative cleanliness and ready availability. Grid power will also contract as a whole over the next 50 years as shrinking battery prices make home solar installations more widespread. Unlike the straw bullshit, converting the United States transportation system to electric is going to make a significant impact on emissions.

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