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motorcycles Anonymous 72816

anyone ride a motorcycle here? would you recommend it? i've tried and failed to get a normal driving license for a while and i do really enjoyed the aesthetic

Anonymous 72819

if you can't drive a car there is no way you will be able to ride a motorcycle kek

Anonymous 72822

Motorcycles are fun and make you feel real cool while going fast.

I recommend you try to learn to ride one, but I don't really know what trouble with your driving license was. If were going to learn, I'd say to start with a dirt bike around $700-1000 and just spend your week in a field somewhere. There you can learn how a manual transmission works, how to control a very sensitive throttle, and the mechanics of bike which you WILL need to know. Also, with the dirt bike you can fall off or drop it without breaking some component of it. And then you can move on to street bikes which are essentially the same thing but way heavier and faster. If you're very comfortable riding a dirt bike when you go to ride a street bike, it will most likely be easier than driving a car (although the written test is much harder at the DMV). Then you can save your dirt bike for special occasions, sell it, or maybe give it to your future son or something like that.

Anonymous 72996


go to classes and give it a shot. Problem is they can be risky if some dumbass crashes into you but also they are smaller so they can go in between narrow places too. They got pros & cons, they do look sexy but wear a helmet and maybe a rough leather jacket with elbow pads and knee pads.

Shouldnt be too hard to learn to ride a Yamaha cafe racer or a Kawasaki Ninja, the Kawasakis can go fast but def don't.
Motos also can be loud so you migt want a helmet that takes care of the noise already and covers the ears or something aesthetic but wear something underneath to cover your ears.

Anonymous 73066

Even 16 years old kids are allowed to ride them

Anonymous 73442

16 year olds can drive where I live…and kids much younger can drive golf carts and tractors and such. What was your issue with the driving test? Motorcycles are really fun and I definitely suggest them, but they are a lot more dangerous so if you have trouble driving I think it would be pretty risky. I thought it was much easier to understand and 'feel' manual shifting on a bike vs. a car tho. But yeah get classes, or get a dirt bike and teach yourself like the other anon said. Expect to drop the bike at least a few times while learning.

Anonymous 78202


I recommend them to everyone. Go for a 250cc bike or higher, you don't want other bikers to look down on you, don't you?

Anonymous 78353


Got my car and motorcycle license at the same time last year. Before that I rode mopeds for about five years. I 100% prefer motorcycles. Curves kinda suck (I live in a very mountainous region so lots of tight curves) but even those are better than in a car. I think I'm just autistic and have a hard time grasping a cars dimension. The only vehicld accident I got in so far was taking a curve too sharp and scraping the back of my car along the wall.


What bike are you using for commuting? I'd really want a motorcycle for my daily 20 minute commute but I'm having a hard time finding something.

Anonymous 78387

this feels so futuristic. I love it. how much does a setup (bike, gear, cover, etc) cost in total?

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