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Anonymous 73081

how do i make more female friends :( or i just want friends that i can draw with and make a nice group

Anonymous 73082

If I knew how to do it I wouldn't be here I would be with my friends talking chating and having a good time
ehhh anons

Anonymous 73085

What do u draw?

Anonymous 73192

post some of your drawings
do they involve a cat-character as the main character haha ;)

Anonymous 73201

manuhamu 8.png

i made mine via fandom. get into shipping or whatever, draw fanart. don't be afraid to approach people, dm them, compliment them. invite them to a discord server. etc.

Anonymous 73204


It's weird, I often think I have no female friends but if I count them out they're about equal to my male friends. My dnd group is actually three other girls and one guy.

I guess shared interests? That's pretty easy with women since "being a woman" is already a thing you have in common. I made the few online female friends asking them for advice on standard female things/things I knew they had experience with (my best friend for example I first started DMing to discuss how to deal with clients as a freelancer). I used to be scared of women being catty, particularly online but that seems like a meme. I've never met women that weren't either super nice and supportive or just aloof/doing their own thing. No one has ever been hostile to me (except for school bullies when I was 12).

Where to find girls is another monster. The internet is overrun by moids. But just stay positive and it'll work out I hope.

Anonymous 73237

I feel so fucking cringe interacting with people online because I have no followers and my art is autistic

Anonymous 73238

Also yeah the catty women meme is mostly a moid projection to get women to hate each other for no reason it's us against them maybe one day we'll unite,

Anonymous 73248

ellie loves this.j…

make parody art then, joke art. intentionally cringe stuff.

Anonymous 73249


Anonymous 73266

op here and idk its so hard all i talk 2 is my bf now and all the people i know are MEN and it sucks bc i cant relate to them at all !! i wanna talk to some nice girls that i can relate to and maybe hangout with if ur in my area !! im so sad

Anonymous 73269

join the proana forums pretend you are pro ana those forums are like 90% women, real women. Then make contact online with the regular social media or steam/discord using ones.


Anonymous 73272

Why would you want to make friends who are in the process of killing themselves?

Anonymous 73276

at this point im desperate i know this gna make me relapse but if i get some female friends fuck it

Anonymous 73291

i want female friends to play League with but where do u find them……..

Anonymous 73293

hii i’ll play league w u wats ur name n r u NA?

Anonymous 73294

Just add supports who seem girly 50% of them are girls if they have girl avatar too

Anonymous 73361

where do u even find them

Anonymous 73378


Never join a community based around toxicity.

Op if you're into art there's a lot of art discords that are filled with females. I joined a few in 2018 and they were all pretty comfy, though the ones I was in were small and largely inactive. They're probably dead by now.

Anonymous 73381

I want a female friend who accepts me for who I am.
I'm very opinionated and racist sometimes, and I understand that's friend repellant. Still I think I am honest and not mean to anyone personally.

Anonymous 73383

>not mean to anyone


Anonymous 73385

Anonymous 73389

Depends on what you're opinionated on

Anonymous 73390

Yes to all. Racist is just the biggest hurdle it seems.
Honestly I don't even hate other races I just want to live separately from them.
Not trying to derail, so wont go any further.

Anonymous 73395

Racism is such a cope. Why would you ever want to live in a society with males over women who look different from you when men are violent and constantly thinking of ways to hurt you? The final pill is female separatism.

Anonymous 73398

I wish I lived surrounded by hot boyband asians ngl.

Anonymous 73404

Dangerously based.

Anonymous 73406

This is all I want even the 'good ones' don't want to listen, men don't care about women, if you bring up a woman's issue they take it as an insult to men and if you insult one of them you're insulting all of them, they have such a strong solidarity with no fucking limits men go so hard for men

Anonymous 73408


Anonymous 73416

well i dont know how this turned into racism i just want a female friend that i can do their makeup n stuff n we become very attractive together :/

Anonymous 73419

lmao men have no solidarity at all being as they have no equivalent of feminism and are in competition with eachother. you two are delusional.

Anonymous 73420

This take… wow. I have never seen such unbridled retardation displayed so proudly before.

Anonymous 73432

Are you the weirdo who made the thread asking for a female friend to run away and get hot with? no offense but you sound a lot like an agp with your fixation on that specific scenario

Anonymous 73433

Not her but I agree with her, guys can be bros spontaneously but the moment something dividing comes up they're competing. They just don't take it personally like we do, they see it as 'how things are'

Anonymous 73434

Yeah that's why they let it slide when their homies are rapists and abusers lol

Anonymous 73435

We're not talking about guys who are already close. We're talking about guys defending others just cause they're guys, which is the scenario we're talking about. Did you not read the pic this is about?

Anonymous 73439

tbh it's not that men are protective about other men, it's just that they know they are exactly the same as that "other creepy guy" on the inside, even if they haven't done anything (or anything "that bad"). Accepting a negative judgement against that dude means they'd have to question their own bad qualities, and the moidbrain can't handle that. The most disgustingly perverted moids are usually the ones who go out of their way to rail against this stuff sadly, they don't care about women it's just a ploy to throw off the scent from themselves.

Anonymous 73533

im so lost how this thread ended up like this i just wanted to find someone to draw with n play games .

Anonymous 73742

konata 4.gif

play games with me anon ivy#2849

Anonymous 73752

doesnt work

Anonymous 73756



Draw with me anon Attila the Lama#5957

Anonymous 73764


wtf where link some

Anonymous 73873

I can relate with this. In person I have a POC friend that I get along great with, but I would like to have white girlfriends that I can socialize with without needing to flagellate myself for all the wrongdoings in the world, or alternatively fake being a christian. It's totally untenable. Making girl friends around hobbies is well and fine, but past a certain level of intimacy their is no getting around these personal ideologies. I don't know how I'm supposed to mitigate the damages that being honest with other women would unleash. I'm not really a white separatist anymore but I feel that SJWism makes inter-racial friendships harder, so I have to avoid those people. Like 990% of the time the brown girls who talk about colonialism and rant about white women all the time will hop on a white dick at the nearest opportunity. It's cringey and it's everywhere. I am tired of being seen as the origin of sin by leftists while white dudes go unscathed, because they simply don't care and their male privilege exempts them from most white-specific criticisms. Okay I've ranted enough sheesh.

Anonymous 73874


Anonymous 73877


Anonymous 73878

If you and your friend can't make racist jokes around each other maybe you're not that close

Anonymous 73881

She's too sweet and innocent for that sort of thing (seriously)

Anonymous 73882


If you just want a community filled with women legit go on tumblr. 99% of people there are female (including the people who say they're men or theys or w/e, they're also biologically female). A lot of the ideology is horrible and can be grating but if you follow people who don't post about that shit you can easily find tons of girls with similar interests (especially in fandom communities). You might not be able to say exactly what's on your mind without getting flamed but hey, it's a start.

Anonymous 73890

I want more female friends too. All the female friends I had from uni are libfems who can't stop talking about trans people and how beautiful they're. It's just so hard to meet people nowadays who aren't into that kind of bs. I'm very opiniated too (not racist though) and that's been a problem for me to keep people in my life. Right now I'm basically friendless and i'm tired of it, just want to someone to laugh, vent, rant and play vidya with that isn't a male thristy for some female attention.

Anonymous 73891

Start a tumblr and just follow radfems ez you'll meet a bunch of ladies who actually think critically and don't just accept what they/them or autogynophilic men on twitter say

Anonymous 73903

Thanks for the reply. I find IRL is the best place to meet the ideologically agnostic. Although it's still out there it's nice feeling the general intensity turned down by like an order of magnitude. I still relapse sometimes on polishits but I really do appreciate having a friendship that isn't based on it. I met my aforementioned friend through my moms' place of work, a woodcraft hobbyist store. Everyone woodcraft-adjacent is super laid back always.(except for my mother, haha.) There are less women of course but more than you might expect. Also I find tumblr to be an uncanny valley crossover between myspace and instagram; very strange but you do you I guess.

(Oh, and by the way, woodworking is a good way to meet men that aren't porn-addled wackjobs - although I feel like the number of moids with productive hobbies that aren't sports diminishes with each passing year.)

Anonymous 73914

I would give anything to find a discord server of people who make art and get high together. Doesn't even have to be all women but it would be really cool. I need more feministic energy in my life.
I'm so lonely in this city. I have my boyfriend, and he's wonderful, but sometimes I feel like that's it. I go to UNI and have made zero friends (online isn't helping). The only other people I talk to are my elderly neighbors. I want to meet people my age.

Rant over :(

Anonymous 73958

Tbqh I left most of them, I joined them mainly in 2018 and they were a bit too slow and soft/nice for me. I think one was called "art cafe" but I'm not sure.

You can use the server search for art based discords, that's how I found most of them.

Anonymous 74201

How old are you anon?

Anonymous 74206


i know a couple radfem/all female art servers! i too need friends in general who wont mind me being a extremely retarded robot


Anonymous 74220


feel free to befriend me -
rattle-skull silken+tiger#4242

id love crafty/artsy female friends. or even non crafty/artsy friends

Anonymous 74482



Anonymous 74483

Anonymous 74553


i want girl friends too but i'm autistic asf and don't know how to talk to others rip the only thing i'm good at is making art

Anonymous 74564

Yeah, I wouldn't trust anybody who doesn't voice chats with me, moids can use voice changers too but these sound fake. Trannies are not women and deserve no friends yuck.

You can shit test that anon, there are various ways.

Anonymous 74566

is this the closet gay from shimanami tasogare?

Anonymous 74572


I am confused because they didn't add me… I've never talked to that person before.

Anonymous 74581

it's tough.png

yeah it's my favorite manga :D

Anonymous 74585

so has anyone made a discord server yet

Anonymous 74594

Although it sounds like a good idea, a NEET discord for females would very quickly be invaded by males.

Anonymous 74596

moids are pretty easy to spot if you pay close attention to how they talk and behave

Anonymous 74602

I'm just making assumptions just to add a layer of advice about how you can shit test a tranny because we know they sometimes lurk cc. Reason why we don't give up much personal info in cc is because we know moids do prey on this website from time to time since it is anonymous. You need to use clever ways of spotting them.

Anonymous 74603

Not all. A discord would need more kind of tests than just that but I wouldn't make it and link it here, it's just asking for trouble besides I think it's against the rules.

Anonymous 74604

And let's not forget moids manage to even bypass voice and picture verifications…

Anonymous 74605

why I straight up don't trust "women's" spaces if it's not in person. Shit's way too easy to fake online

Anonymous 74611


Sounds pretty paranoid.

Anonymous 74614

I'll be your racist friend.

Anonymous 75032

I'm pretty sure CC runs or used to run its own discord. Like, 4 years ago I remember it being a thing, maybe if you message that person (snail) on the rules page they can help you. I remember you had to message them, and then VC to prove you were female.

Anonymous 75146


can confirm himeko#5797 is a moid, don't add him

Anonymous 75194


>start talking to someone
>feel comfortable,this person is cool
>what if she thinks im retarded/annoying
>cease all communications

Anyone else /socialanxiety/ here?

Anonymous 75199

just keep talking, throw any question that comes to your mind to people. They will answer them trust me.

Anonymous 75216

Hey I think we all know what this is like and I am not trying to invalidate you at all but we can get better if we have exposure! as scary as it sounds we can get past being so scared ofanything.

We all deserve a friend to make life worth living because after all if we have no one to care about life is just plain shit!

Please keep it up and keep trying anon.

Anonymous 75218


who needs friends man

i'd rather die than be some cash cow for some cluster b's just in the name of 'connection'

we all die quicker than we think, life is uniquely shit for all of us, might as well do something i love rather than clamoring for some ideal of happiness that i'm both shamed into and shamed out of by some faceless primal status quo

get on that buddha shit stat

Anonymous 75220

Connecting to other humans isn't an ideal created to shame people, it's an ideal naturally occurring because most humans crave connection (biology, evolution, collaboration blah blah blah ). As in, people often want to connect to others because that IS something they 'love'. Buddha shit is a good idea tho, I think a lot of people have social anxiety because of a preoccupation with identity/self. Idk a lot about Buddhism but it seems like by letting go of your 'need' to be someone who has friends you'd be more likely to make them by naturally talking to people as you choose.

Anonymous 75221

>claiming ascetism whilst using a computer to shitpost
Also why are you so against cluster b people we are vaud and yes some of us are toxicc but a lot of us just live to love someone.

We already hate ourselves quite a lot and no way do we need more hate but feel free to I am guessing you had a cluster B friend or family member.

Anonymous 75222

>having any social needs at all is a cluster b disorder

Anonymous 75226

okay um OP here i just checked this thread again and yes i would LOVE to make an neet discord server for anyone who’s interested i just need to know what kind of verification will do and obviously will be strict no guys policy if anyone is interested just tell me and i’ll give my discord

Anonymous 75282

im currently neet but might be getting a part time job soon.. could i still come?

Anonymous 75308


A-are people with jobs they hate allowed?

Anonymous 75342

neet server sounds fun. i think voice verification will suffice, >>74604 said moids can bypass it but i don't think they could. plus the kind of moids that would want to join would be so desperate for attention they'd inevitably out themselves anyway, same deal with trannies

it's against the rules to advertise servers here so you'd have to just add anyone interested individually (my discord is ivysaurus#4569 ftr :))

Anonymous 75343

I'd like to join but don't really want to put my discord out in the open lol.

If one is made, can I add you and then you can add me to the server? Voice verification sounds like a good idea.

Anonymous 75344

yep i can do that! it would be good to minimise the amount of ppl posting their discords so i'll take one for the team lol

Anonymous 75347

yay! im so excited. this idea is lovely

Anonymous 75350

Moids can and do bypass voice verification anons. Not all moids are autistic, in fact the most malicious ones are not and can use their female friends/handmaidens to get into private servers. I'm sure some anons will recognize this case.

Anonymous 75393

They will be shit tasted in more than one way as time goes by. Voice is just one of the most consistent ones.

Anonymous 75446

even if that's a possibility, the vast majority of them will not have female friends and/or be bothered to go through that process. most of the appeal of being a guy in a girl's space is to get attention from them and/or find a gf, but if they have to hide it forever they won't get anything out of it

like >>75393 said, voice is a pretty consistent way of verifying and even if they do get past it they'll out themselves in other ways, accidentally or purposefully

Anonymous 75651

hinata 2.jpg

wagies are also welcome in the neet zone

Anonymous 75654

Alright anon, it's just a heads up to avoid sharing too much even on a "girl server". Don't post pictures of yourself, etc.

Anonymous 75655

that's good advice for anybody tbh… Even if someone was a guy, I'd warn them about that. Good way to get doxxed.

Anonymous 76016


the server is up and running now, add me ivysaurus#4569 if anyone is interested in joining :)

Anonymous 76024

fellow neet… i love this image

Anonymous 76033


I am desperate for female neet friends but only fucking moids post this pink cream ecchi loli shit.
My moid radar tells me you're some troon who wants to LARP as an underaged anime girl having a sleepover simulator with a bunch of women over discord

Anonymous 76036

You can't be too careful but that's Shinobu anon. Many girls like the Monogatari series.

Anonymous 76067


>tfw cis woman who enjoys uguu moe stuff and larping cute sleepovers

Anonymous 76069

>cis woman
come again?

Anonymous 76071


saying "i have a pussy" felt too crass

Anonymous 76072

Pussy bitch

Anonymous 76077

It never ceases to amaze me how early 2000s anime art drawed by women is supperior to newer stuff and stuff drawed by men.

Anonymous 76080

sus post…. … T_T

Anonymous 76092

send uterus time stamp pics to prove your womanhood

Anonymous 76095

hinata 5.jpg

idk what to tell you here, to prove it u or anyone else can come in vc with me (and that fanart of shinobu isn't ecchi at all lol)

it's hinata from rokyubu, and the artist is called tinkle <3

Anonymous 76096

Same tbh loli posters are most of the time trannies but there is a chance he(?) isnt. Put his(?) ass through layers and layers of shit tests.

Anonymous 76097

There are different tests though, anatomical tests could be done, not even hands are similar between men and women. If you are good at telling the difference you will spot trannies when needed. There is more than voice but voice is a consistent one but there is also voice changers in today's day and age.

On the internet people will simply have an edge while lying, its nothing like irl with the 3 dimensions and shit where you can examine every angle and there are no voice changers so you can call out the Smeagol or the flamboyant flaming sassy fag voice trannies use instead of their natural relaxed throat voices.

Anonymous 76123

I saw many of you looking for friends in this thread. If you're a female and you're nice just hmu my discord is gumi#2429, let's be friends!

Anonymous 76142

Well I'm also an ethnopluralist. We can talk if you want. Here is my discord : Felis Silvestris#5097

Because women aren't also in competition with each other? Stop projecting every social problem unto men only.

This. While I can get along with leftist girls I avoid "feminist" and "woke" males like the plague. They are always into degenerate stuff, that they try to normalise, and push unto women with guilt tripping, or gaslighting. No wonder why so much of them have accusations of sexual assault on their backs.

Anonymous 76223

made one but didn’t add anyone cuz i don’t really have the freedom to reliably verify by voice due to roommates and me feeling weird voice chatting when they’re home. I’d be worried of having a waiting room filled with ppl then me not being able to verify for days.
Was thinking maybe just have ppl write a lil paragraph about themselves and then if suspicions do arise, THEN immediate voice verification, but idk lil nervous about it so it remains an empty server . Would anyone be interested?

Anonymous 76292

i already made a server which a lot of cc anons have joined now anon, and have been doing voice verification for everyone who joins. u can add me ivysaurus#4569 if you want to join

Anonymous 76871

can I join even if I'm unfortunately not NEET? i desperately need like-minded female friends

Anonymous 76873

>made one but didn’t add anyone cuz i don’t really have the freedom to reliably verify by voice due to roommates and me feeling weird voice chatting when they’re home. Literally me.

Anonymous 76874

I've wanted to try and reach out for a long time, but I feel incredibly anxious about talking in voice or writing about myself with new people.

Anonymous 77205

i wish i could join too but im too anxious and scared sighh

Anonymous 77311

yuuka 5.png

even people in work or school can join :)


you don't need to worry, voice verification only takes a minute and most of the others in the server are shy too so we understand. we'd love to have you if you want to join!

Anonymous 78615


Is it still active?

Anonymous 78734

i wanna know the same thing too. pretty sure it's full of moid larpers at this point tho

Anonymous 78800

so the thing is still working cool?

Anonymous 78806

It's comfy and no obvious moids yet, not the type of conversation that would entertain moids anyway

Anonymous 78843

umm can i join the discord or like does any girls wna b friends?

Anonymous 78847

im not on their discord but ill vc you if you post a tag

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