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Anonymous 73147


Anonymous 73161

You win the lottery every time you don't buy a ticket.

Anonymous 73169

This, gambling is an addiction for morons

Anonymous 73380


If I won the lottery I'd start a farm in nowheres land. Go fully off the grid. No people allowed.

Anonymous 73414

imagine being so poor that $2 is a big investment for you. lol

Anonymous 73423

They all say the same: It's only 2$ honey, then 2$ becomes 4$ then 4$ becomes 8$ and so on.

Stupid addicts. Build up your mental ataraxia instead freaking plebs. And if you don't know the word "ataraxia" google it.

Anonymous 73428

Ive been thinking of buying a state lotto ticket but then again i remember that I never remember to check when the numbers get announced.

Anonymous 73430


i love hearing about what people would do if they won the lottery, so tell me what you'd do c.c.

i'd buy a nice house somewhere – nothing too fancy – and spend a month doing nothing but playing all the video games i can't afford.

i'd also learn how to draw and spoil my parents (and by "spoil" i mean give them money and fuck off for eternity).

if it were possible i'd also dump a 100k into a decent stock and donate the $$$ i'd make from that to random people.

Anonymous 73431

I'd buy a house that would be small but have some luxuries I've always dreamed of (victorian style, a sunroom, little roofs to sit on at night like in american teen movies, a heated pool in a sunroom, and a small garden for my future dog). I'd definitely hire a driver because ride-alongs in a car are my favorite thing and I'm a wuss who can't drive and I'm too chicken to start now. Depending on the sum, I'd also buy my mother's apartment so she won't have to rent anymore or buy her another small house close to mine. I wouldn't touch what is left and stick it somewhere to get interest every month.

Anonymous 73471

you can crack your video games you know, who still pays for them ?

Anonymous 73473


Anonymous 73493

Anonymous 73571

i'd buy some land out in the country with decent land

i'd buy my parents a house

donate to some various charities and research


open a cafe


throw the rest into my savings

Anonymous 73730

How can you act so self-important when scrounging over literal chump change? Still more fantasy for a lesser cost than a movie ticket. Sorry your poor upbringing made you hostile.

Anonymous 73737

NTA, but that "chump change" adds up to a lot very quickly. If you bought a ticket everyday for a year you would've lost $700+. You may say that's nothing compared to the millions you'd win, but since winning the lottery is so ridiculously impossible that you're more likely to die driving or get eaten by a shark on your way to collect your winnings, you're essentially burning your money.

The only winners of the lottery are the ones that don't play.

Anonymous 73913

I just bought my first lotto ticket, wish me luck anons

>Immediately quit my job
>Buy a modest cottage with a big yard in a small coastal town
>Buy land for a small farm and raise my own animals
>Buy my parents a house near the beach
>Maybe start a cafe once I get bored of NEETdom

Anonymous 73977


kind of late, but i mostly meant online games like ffxiv and genshin impact

Anonymous 73988

Buy crypto (specifically altcoins). It's basically the lottery with a higher win rate.

Anonymous 74026

Yes, but also those who actually win. If you're not a complete drooling sub 83IQ retard, you will have a better chance at getting rich via other means, but for certain people, fuck it, they're probably too stupid to hit it rich any other way.

I would say at the very least, buying one lottery ticket over your entire lifetime is acceptable. It's a good way for fortune telling. If you win the lottery, you are lucky, if not, you aren't, and you will need to drudge and toil with the rest.

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