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What are you good at? Anonymous 73510

And how did you find out you were good at it? Do you enjoy it?

The only thing I'm good at is drawing, but my skill level is really low for my age/time spent drawing. I'm also not very creative so I can't make ininteresting characters or conceptual pieces. :/ When I can focus on drawing itself and not if other people will like it or not, I enjoy drawing a lot. But not having artist friends bums me out.

I'm curious what skills other miners have and how you feelabout them!!

Anonymous 73514

I also have a low skill level in drawing for my age :D solidarity
I'm not good at anything really but that's fine you don't have to be perfect to enjoy your hobbies

Anonymous 73537

I am good at climbing trees really fast. I used to like hiding in them for hours and watching people pass by. It’s fun to hang upside down too. Trees can’t be mean to you. Squirrels can though.

Anonymous 73539

Video games, specifically FPS and some strategy games.

I don't enjoy them in the slightest. Anyone else who plays knows the reason. It's moids, it's fucking moids. Every time I speak in voice chat, someone either starts talking shit or hitting on me. Hyperbole aside, it's at least more than half the time. I've noticed that people also listen to me far less than they listen to their male friends. That, alone, vindicates literally every piece of feminist discourse I've heard about how men are socialized to think they know more than women, to the point where I basically dogmatically believe that's how it is.

There are other issues with the games (like balancing, for example) that can make it less enjoyable, but the communities are just the fucking worst, and I consider myself pretty difficult to affect emotionally. I'm basically at the point where I'd rather spend time mindlessly reading about something online, or discussing it, than playing games. The few times I do get nontoxic teams or play with female friends of mine, I don't enjoy it at all anymore.

Men ruin everything, and they're even trying to ruin female-only spaces on social media now.

Anonymous 73548

Im smart, im good at writing and athletic sports tend to be easy, Tennis, acrobatics, diving, running. Besides that I never learned to play an instrument for example. Im not super great at vydia but I can understand all of them to "git gud" enough to finish them.

Anonymous 73629

Sucking cock

Anonymous 73745


I'm attempting to be good at literary theory, specifically ecocriticism as a hobby, and writing on non-fiction subjects; writer's block is a bitch, though, and I'm still not perfect in the grammar department, but at least I'm pretty good for a dumb ESL, according to my professors.

I seriously fucking hate this skill since I know this will be obsolete in the next 15 years or so, and I should move on to master strategic and soft skills as a way to make myself future-proof and employable. Yet, MSWs and related degrees are a bitch to pay and get into, and worse of all is getting licensed as a clinical social worker since, I think, it is basically an elitist social club given how difficult it is to get in and get employed by another licensed social worker.
But alas, it is what it is and I'm getting close to 25, so I'm pretty sure I will be a forever retard whose only skill is fucking writing, and nothing else.

Anonymous 73867

Baking. For my 13th birthday I decided to make a coconut layer cake with lemon curd filling and whipped meringue frosting. Turned out spectacular and I had minimal baking experience prior to that. These days I like doing gluten free/ingredient sub baking. (embarrassing I know) Also did sourdough bread for a while, I kept a journal and got pretty good at it after a while. I didn't bother to use measurements because I have the touch.

Anonymous 73876



Forgetting something on purpose right after it happens B)

Anonymous 73900

At being completely useless

Anonymous 73901

I wish I had a baking gf

Anonymous 74400

I'm really good at trivia. Once I hear some useless piece of information I never forget it. I discovered this by watching jeopardy and going to trivia nights with my friends and doing way better than everyone else, probably because I'm a literal autist.

Why would that be embarrassing? I'm a decent baker but my brother has celiac and I have so much trouble making things for him.

Anonymous 74711

Came here to say this

Anonymous 74718


Nothing, I'm utterly useless

Anonymous 74719

It's probably the most pleasant housework, I wish I was better at it

Anonymous 74723


Being a bassed goodpilled schizo wreck who sees everything

Anonymous 74728


I've had teachers notice my writing and tell me how good I write, all throughout school. It's the only thing I thought I've ever been good at. That's the only real reason I pushed myself to enjoy it, but there have always been many other things I would've preferred being good at instead (Especially drawing. It made me very depressed I couldn't draw to save my life and envious of all the friends who were very good drawers that I always had around me. I think I would trade my writing abilities for being a good artist in a heartbeat.)

For the past few years, I've been able to get "good" at Japanese (Quotation marks, because I mean only by the standards of most Westerners trying to pick up the language. I'm still far from fluent.) through studying the hell out of it. From all the work I've put in to get to the level that I'm at, I think it's made me further shun the idea that people are born "naturals" at something. I was supposed to be a "natural" at writing, but I've literally had my writing just called "ok" by other writers. I think it's because I never cared to actually develop it and only relied on "raw skill" instead. People's constant praise of my writing has gotten to my head so much that I never want to edit anything I write or even know how to, and I dismiss other people's feedback. Everyone has to put in serious effort to get truly good at something, in my opinion. Otherwise, you will soon just be seen as mediocre at best by others in your craft.

Anonymous 74962

I'm good at drawing, inking especially. I'm also good in english, even for people my age. I also discovered that i can convey interesting stories via comics! I always thought i was terrible at making stories. I'm also good at graphic design and animation, but it's my job, so it probably doesn't count.

Recently I painted my walls for the first time, and the result ended up great! It makes me want to get into general DiY, repaint my fourniture and customize them.

Idk, why would you draw to please others? I can understand why making commissions is appealing, but it's really not a profitable way of making money. If you plan to make a living this way, you will need to be good at social media (or extremely lucky), rather than drawing anyways.
If you want art buddies, I can add you on discord if you're interested.

>tfw forget how to suck dick properly
anyone knows this feel?
it's fucking weird. well it probably makes sense, because i don't enjoy it anymore.

I was never good at video games, decent at best, but I feel you so much. Playing video games in the early 2010's really turned me into a hardcore feminist. At least I was "lucky" to have a deep voice, people called me a faggot or thought i was a kid, which is still better than being a female in their disgusting bottom of the barrel moid worldview.

Anonymous 74966

Machining and carpentry. I was always on call for helping my dad with projects around the house, but never really felt I was any good at it. In high school I took woodworking and found it confusing why others struggled with it, thinking everyone could form 3D objects in their mind and break them down to plans. It was the first time a teacher had actually taken an interest in me because of a talent. From there I took metalworking and found the same skill applied there, too.

It's really, deeply satisfying to make something that others truly appreciate. Being able to fabricate a fastener that went out of production to save something old, or knock together a timber frame and gyprock patch for a friend who had a branch blow through their wall during a storm, is immeasurably fulfilling.

I don't have the money or space to build my own shop, and COVID means I can't use the local makerspace, but I still have my massive tool chest, all salvaged and restored from junk yards, rubbish ect. If my current relationship keeps progressing, I may bite the bullet and buy my own place - finally giving me space for my deeply coveted lathe.

Anonymous 75047

ummm you're everything i want to be

like i love the independence of being so handy, and it's true that you can find so much in junkyards that it feels like more of a treasure hunt or the equivalent of a shopping spree. But I don't know how to get started to be able to be like you

Anonymous 75090

Through my college classes I'm finding that I'm actually fairly good at coding and graphic design. I've had one professor tell me I excelled and she offered to write a letter of recommendation when I needed one, which felt so nice, because I'm still not sure I can do this and am not very deep in my studies yet. I'm not mathematically inclined but I find the abstract thinking portion of coding easy and fun - I'm thinking web development is my thing. I used to be a good writer but have let those skills degrade over the years.

Anonymous 75103

I wish you were my wife, you sound dependable.

Anonymous 76599

A smart jock… Nice. You sound really well-rounded.

Honestly I’m not that good at it. If you’re honestly good at it I think that means you’re good at reading people’s needs.

Academia is fascinating, I wish I was smart enough to participate in hobbies like that. You sound intelligent for a native speaker, I would never have guessed you were esl if you hadn’t mentioned it.

That sounds amazing! People who can bake and cook well without recipes are gods to me.

Oh cool, I do that on accident all the time it sucks.


Anonymous 76612


based schizo

Anonymous 76679

singing. i've known since i was 12 i guess. i was in choir all throughout middle school and show choir my first year of highschool (but had drop it because i was poor and couldn't pay fees for costumes and such). i wonder what my voice could've been like now if i had continued taking singing electives since my former classmates are probably taking courses and majors related to it. i feel like the only talent i have is going to waste sadly. my dream back then was to be an anisong singer/voice actress

Anonymous 76680

Why not pick it up again?

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