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self meme.png

Self Anonymous 75005

Fill out the sheet on yourself! You don't have to do everything, obviously, or put in a lot of detail. It's just for fun : D

Anonymous 75022

I swear I'm gonna do this, just give me some time.

Anonymous 75035


This was fun!! but the 'how do you see yourself' things are hard. Like how to depict abstract things like having a job in my field and a family and doing volunteer service. I just did a test tube for work even tho I don't really use test tubes of random chemicals much.

Anonymous 75038

>based Floridian
>based anime
>based movies
>based disliked regions

Anonymous 75040

>your ideal partner
Fucking kek anon, based taste

Anonymous 75056

he's sooo supportive and wants her to grow as a person and also loving and strong and brave and protective and handsome and funny lol objectively best husbando I've ever seen

Florida is ~okay~ but I want better seasons. My parents moved to cali a few years ago and the more I visit the more I dislike it. Post yours anon!!

Anonymous 75057

I will when I have the chance.

Anonymous 75059

>burger who has been to every province and territory in Canada
What on earth led you to this fate? The hiking?
As a Canuck that's one of my eventual goals when I graduate and stop being such a poorfag.

Anonymous 75061


i really like these

Anonymous 75063

>mac demarco
have you listened to myd at all? you might possibly like him

Anonymous 75065


Anonymous 75069


Btw this takes super long to do, still fun tho

Anonymous 75072

Idk why but your dog drawing made me giggle a little

why do you hate bulgaria? :(

Anonymous 75074

you are awesome, and im sorry about the he/them phase. bad time for all.
ive never found someone who also likes Kongos so thats neat, as well as another texas miner.
also fuck your grandpa, lets read again anon. i can recommend some books even? its always good to start up reading again.

as op i really need to finish mine but im putting in way too much detail ><

Anonymous 75075

I really like their songs but there's so little of them it's mainly just remixes? :(
;^) we r oll conektd
went on holiday there and saw a bunch of starving poor dogs so i hate how they treat animals

Anonymous 75077


here's mine lol

Anonymous 75080


ohh i understand, it's pretty sad to see, many skinny cats too that just want some love
sofia city is trying to neuter the dogs and i think some are being taken in so there is less reproducing of dogs, but it is still sad to see. which part did you go to?

im trying to come to terms with the fact that
1) you want to be an anime girl
2) your parents wish you were an asian woman with glasses
3) and you don't want to be a fat reality tv star

this is chaos

Anonymous 75081

The anime girl that I want to be is incredibly fit and has a cool personality. I don't want to be 2D lmao. Also for some reason I couldn't find a white office lady. Oh well, and office lady is an office lady, no matter what race.

Anonymous 75082


>kill france with fire
well fuck you

>Joan of Arc
Excellent taste, I almost chosed her but it would have been too cliché as a french person

Anonymous 75083

>Gregory and the Hawk - Moenie and Kitchi
Awww I've loved this album since 2014!

Anonymous 75084

Whoa beautiful drawings but, she's right fuck France. I hope the next English king invades like all good English kings do and finally annexes it.

Anonymous 75085

> slavic
> not alcoholic
Good luck

Anonymous 75086

destroy europe ger…

Yeah, I know. Slavs can't enjoy alcohol with taste like us meds do, sadly

What's so bad about France? Aren't germans more of a problem than us for Europe?

>1) you want to be an anime girl
Have you tried j-fashion?

Anonymous 75087

>I really like their songs but there's so little of them it's mainly just remixes? :(
a new album this year!
i'm with you, france is lovely. it seems all my favorite artists come from france…

Anonymous 75088

Germans are the biggest threat to human civilization, yes. Caeser was right to slaughter them.
But the French are gay as heck :p

Anonymous 75089


It's a first for me too :D
I've seen them twice they're great live
Looking forward to seeing your top albums/ books then <3

Anonymous 75091


origigig oh wait we don't do that here

Anonymous 75092

I don't want to be doxxed, is it ok if I throw in obviously fake information in some fields?

Anonymous 75093

Based and Shkreli pilled

Anonymous 75094


Anonymous 75095


Thanks for making this!
>>75082 I hope you don't have an autistic son and mean husband lmao. Are the drawings by you?

Anonymous 75097

yours is funneh but i can't say i completely understand. the person you don't want to be is a ghost? you want a zombie boyfriend? and the person you want to be has no mouth? were you a lot happier when you were younger?

apart from that, yours is funniee and you're a lot more interesting that me :)

Anonymous 75099

I love J-fashion! I feel like any degree of self expression requires some confidence though.
you already sound super cool, and getting fit is doable. Become the anime girl of your dreams :D

Anonymous 75101


based favorite book, the ego and its own

Anonymous 75116

holy fuck i take it back this is the person I never want to be

Anonymous 75117

lolita is pretty based wdym?

Anonymous 75118

I mean the part of the form titled "The person you never want to be". Rest of the form is max cute. I just mean that would be miserable to be deluded into loving an abusive moid and have a retard sperg child.

Anonymous 75119

Never be financially dependant on a man and it'll never happen

Anonymous 75133

I wanna make one but my drawings are terrible, lmao

Anonymous 75134

i think the capital, it was really touristy
well hey if they're working on it thats not as bad
hahah i love all her music it's the best :)

Anonymous 75140

>death in june
holy based!

>mr. kitty
you anons have such good taste

Anonymous 75159

Do it anyway.

Anonymous 75162

What's the name of the aesthethic/architactural style of the building behind your "person you want to be"?
Is it French version of cottage core?
>Also why do you hate California in specific?

Anonymous 75173

nta but
>not hating Weimar Berlin 2: The State

Anonymous 75180

California is literally where dystopian big tech corporatism was born. Silicon Valley ruined the internet, but at the same time they cant ruin it fully because the internet is the wild west. But yea they do be trying to take over the internet, information of people, canceling them for disagreeing, etc. Fuck Silicon Valley, they deserve to die.

Anonymous 75184

>hating big tech
ok boomer

Anonymous 75186

>unironically defending big tech
Imagine being an actual bootlicker who has no independent thought outside of GoodThink™ Sponsored by Twitter. You will never be a blue checkmark.

Anonymous 75187


wow some of these responses scare me from how successful you all are and how you all have hopes and dreams for the future

here, have some mental illness, on the house

Anonymous 75188

How are you a chunni at 21

Anonymous 75189

because it's fun to imagine yourself being cool when, in actuality, you're a shut-in and a failure at being a productive member of society

i have two ambitions in life.
1. be a scary angel of order and chaos
2. wait to die
guess which one i'm going to focus on

Anonymous 75191

Being a neet is valid no one is a failure just because they don't want to waste time on something that wouldn't make them happy

Anonymous 75192

it's more so that i'm worried about what's gonna happen long term.
sure i can be a neet now and try to enjoy myself to the best of my ability
but it's not like i can be like that forever
and i really don't want to have to face the music and have to make something of myself. something more than lying on my bed all day (which i do enjoy, or at least did when my family wasn't on my case about it)

Anonymous 75193

There is nothing wrong with being a "loser" we just judge ourselves becaue we internalized what is conventional and sure maybe you ccannot go outside because mental issues I relate I understand I am not invalidating you but that is not a reason to hate yourself.

You could work on yourself I guess. pleae do not hate who you are because others think of you as weird or stupid.

Anonymous 75197

ma maison2.jpg

I really hate how internet changed from a fun, experimental playground dwelled with weird autistic people to this woke corporate hellscape, where agressive feminist twitter posts cancelling you for being a fascist TERF are one click away from violent degrading porn.

Well the only good thing that emerged from california big tech / start up culture is the laidback dress codes at work. Now, nobody bats en eye if you come to work in full lolita.

The mansion is simply one of these quirky anglo mansions from the victorian era. They're also the best in terms of home decor! You can definitely buy similar mansions there (from 500k to 1 million euro) and redecorate them. So yeah I'm saving as much money as I can for this.
I would also enjoy living in a castle, but the maintenance is a hassle, and you don't have any freedom to decorate them because they're historical monuments.

Do you wear casual stuff such as Listen Flavor, Emily Temple Cute, Amavel, Koko Kim, Bobon21 ? It won't get you noticed too much, unlike lolita, people will just think it's a quirky fashion, so it won't make you feel uncomfortable.

i never got this meme

When you are obsessed with slav, you are at high risk of having a shitty husband sadly
Btw, how did you get your hallucinations? It only happened to me when I was coming down from MDMA or had anxiety attacks
I also dated a boy that fits perfectly your ideal partner description, except the sex part. He was raised in a Jehovah witness family so he hated the very idea of sexual repression, lol.

Anonymous 75233


Tbh those where the only threads i liked, those an the draw yourself at the ideal partner threads, when I decided to check out /soc. Some interesting stuff.

Anonymous 75235

Who doesnt want to go back to being chunni, real life is a drag.

Anonymous 75378

>has Ehlers Danlos Syndrom
Now that's rich!

Anonymous 75414

Can you explain it to me

Anonymous 75454


Started this drunk on friday and finally finished it.

>highland cow
Absolutely based. I have relatives that own them and my dad always wanted to get some during retirement.

Anonymous 75455

i love satoshi kon and yuasa works! you owe it to yourself to check out tatami galaxy sometime

Anonymous 75458

Wow you people can draw so well, I feel like such an idiot.

Anonymous 75469

Man I do. It's been on my watchlist since Night is short came out. Alright, I got some time this week I'll try to watch it after work.

Anonymous 75475

(: let me know what you think

Anonymous 75493


slav men are wifebeaters? Do you know firsthand? I don't want one anyway if they're not from my country, I just spent a lot of time with my family that still lives in eastern europe, just one side of the family.
Idk how you acquire mdma or if you still use it, that's pretty wild and i would love to know how you managed that lmao
I think the anxiety attacks makes sense as a hallucination trigger. I think mine started from stress, I hope yours end too, we need to sleep enough :(

Imagine living in Austria and having access to highland cows and chickens. So jealous right now 😩😩

Anonymous 75496


east slavs are, west slavs don't beat their wifes more often than the westerners I think and I don't know how does it look like in the south

slavic anon here

Anonymous 75499

Hey no hate, but how can you say you love Shrek and misspell it?

Anonymous 75510


cba to fix the compression on this

Anonymous 75529

No rusnya allowed. Please leave the board peacefully or I viebu

Anonymous 75532

im glad u like :3 we should make an ideal partner thread!!

Anonymous 75534

I dunno. I struggle with spelling things in general, I think I may be retarded.. I didn't reliably know how to spell 'maybe' until middle school despite reading in all my free time.

Anonymous 75564

I've had a bad experience with a russian ex who was alcoholic and kind of emotionally abusive. At some point I rejected him, and his crazy cousin, who was living in russia, harrassed me via skype (it was around 2013). He threatened to burn my house, beat me up etc… At some point he learned that his baby son wasn't him, so he talked about killing both his wife and the innocent baby. Then I never heard of him again.
Other than that, I only had good experiences with slavs (mostly ex-yu).

MDMA is very easy and cheap to order via the darkweb. It doesn't smell, so the risk of being caught is ridiculously small. Drug marketplaces get nuked every once and then, but another will always spawn as replacement. Since I stopped partying, I stopped all drugs altogether, it's depressing to get high on your own.
You can also buy some at raveparties, but it's almost 10 times more expensive.

>death grips
i love

Anonymous 75643

im sorry you had your time wasted by a guy like that, not fair at all

would love to go to a rave like you but im shy and i fear death. i like the look of those mormon discos because they're like clubs but not scary, but then again, they are mormon so no lol

Anonymous 75676

me but unironicall…

I changed some Favorite categories seeing as I already answered them. Also changed the Top Albums to Top Songs as I don't really have any favorite album.

Anonymous 75678

bastest poster itt yet

Anonymous 75681

Is anyone else having a hard time filling this out?

I have to do some soul searching to find out who I am and what I like.

Anonymous 75683

me but it’s because all I have is a shitty MacBook
everyone itt sounds cute

Anonymous 75694


based La Planete Sauvage enjoyer

Anonymous 75695



I'm too lazy to try to think of some things. I added my discord because I think it would be cool to have more female friends on there haha

Anonymous 75697


I've always wanted to really spend time and enjoy this one.

Anonymous 75698


Anonymous 75699



Anonymous 75704

Midlife crisis hit you hard, eh?

Anonymous 75705

god this board sucks sometimes

Anonymous 75707

>i may be a lot of things, but i'm no nerd
>top albums literally all 2hu
girl, I…

Anonymous 75708


you love arkansas? wh. why.

Anonymous 75711

the missouri delegation would like to file a complaint
also you should join the cc minecraf server

Anonymous 75712

arkansas has some really nice lake communities
its a hidden-gem state; decent weather, ozark nature, low costs, good people

Anonymous 75714

Well hopefully I will be going there this spring via roadtrip. I have heard it is beautiful, and i am very interested in that part of america. any recs for places to visit?

Anonymous 75715

I grew up there!

Anonymous 75716

all of my experience was hanging out with friends around beaver lake, in the northwest corner of arkansas
but im not an expert at all, there are probably nice things to do in the rest of the state as well

Anonymous 75718

I love that troons argue it's not about stereotypes but every time I see a genderfluid do the today I'm wearing pants so I'm a boy meme I lose it

Anonymous 75722

Women can’t wear pants or have short hair anon, that automatically makes them a man!

Anonymous 75724


Absolutely and 100% based

Anonymous 75726

You are 35 years old and calling yourself gender fluid

Anonymous 75749

>NEET but with stock investments

legit goals

Anonymous 75750


here's mine. i got kinda lazy

Anonymous 75760


I just had a bad experience there on a bus trip lol, and I hadn't put any place I disliked yet. I'm sure it has some nice parts too

Anonymous 75769

i'm sorry people are being so mean to you anon

Anonymous 75777


Cool we are wearing the same pink w flowers pjs in our 'rn' also I see free! shit in your top albums so were you a rinharu or makoharu? Very important question

Anonymous 75779

az banks.png

listen to bladee and read chainsaw man.

stole parts of your template; thanks sis.

Anonymous 75780


what's in your porn box

Anonymous 75781

based vespertineposter

Anonymous 75782


makoharu since day 1

Anonymous 75783

Free was a female harem anime all along where lonely single or unsatisfied girls can project into Haru's character arc. While he gets bromanced by the nice moid, the wild moid and the annoying moid (this latter character was badly written and way too generic filler tbh)

Anonymous 75784

parasite in city, it's a sidescroller game where you get attacked sexually by zombies

Anonymous 75785

The fact that you want to be fluent in japanese but have Dekinai as your ideal partner cracks me up.

Anonymous 75786

i think this very true, when i was younger makoto was my husbando to the point that i even had pictures of him saved on the school computer. but free! was more about shipping for me more than anything

Anonymous 75787


took me a few days but i finished it

Anonymous 75788

Based gackt fans. I think that if you got the Japanese residence by marrying a Japanese guy you would be a kind of state authoritarian, it's just that the US gave you a really really bad concept of "good and stable authority" by spying on you and doing a bunch of other wrenched stuff you already know about.

Good luck getting that Japanese or Korean bf. It's definitely possible even though their cultures are shy so thats why you should get into that assertive groove if you aren't like that. Most moids don't get it or are douches and you have to carry a lot and make them good.

Anonymous 75789


My autism for a ship I was overly invested in in middle school makes it hard to look past that choice you made, rin best boy

Anonymous 75790

understandable. i ragequitted free! in middle school because i was pissed off that makoto decided to go to tokyo. that = 'my ship is being broken up' in my mind. i'm going to fully pick it up and start watching it again though

Anonymous 75799

Why the very specific hatred for France ?

Anonymous 75801

Why are so many white french so based but have such a cucked government?

Anonymous 75822



I mean this FULL OFFENCE, how can you be both of these?

Anonymous 75823

you seem based

Anonymous 75824

I’ve noticed most lesbians are fujos. It’s pretty common

Anonymous 75825

Not the lesbian fujo in question, but it’s quite common.
In the same way that women make most of the BL in Japan, many of these women also are LBQ irl. Its something about the repression of female sexuality that’s independent of men in the culture, so they push these desires on unattainable bishi men.
A lot of fakebois also like yaoi and will cosplay as anime boys. If you prescribe to gencrit ideology, TIFs are just confused GNC lesbians.

Anonymous 75826

>most lesbians
just the weebs, probably

Anonymous 75827

their government and the fact that there isn't an age of consent. also that a lot of the french people my parents encountered didn't smell very good and were quite rude on top of everything

i just think the relationships the guys have with each other are cute. nothing more


this. in the lesbian thread on lolcow, there was a japanese fujo explaining everything about japanese gay culture and the reason why so many fujos tend to like BL and are also lesbian

Anonymous 75828

>i just think the relationships the guys have with each other are cute.

only in media though, right?
those aren't real

Anonymous 75829

yes, only in media.

Anonymous 75832


if a lesbian uses a dildo, is she any less a lesbian? no. just apply that same concept to bl. it's porn. anime men are objects, they aren't real men.

Anonymous 75833

It's still entertainment and romance just with less self inserting for lesbians I assume

Anonymous 75837


this took so long but i finally finished it

Anonymous 75838

based thread
I see a lot of femdom webtoons in the porn section here

Anonymous 75840

post hair pix, ur dye job seems kewl. also why shave head bc lice and not just cut it short??

Anonymous 75844


thanks anon! it's diy though, it probably would have looked better if i got it done at a salon
also, i have no idea why i shaved it all off. i was a huge dumbass kek

Anonymous 75848


I keep reposting I’m having a retard ocd moment

Anonymous 75849

delete your old post lmao

Anonymous 75850

I never thought we would have african posters on this channel, pretty based tbh. Who is the historical figure?

How does it feel to live as gendefluid in poland?

Well, if you want something, you will always meet the people that can introduce you to said thing. You just have to be patient, you will eventually meet people that go to raves so you could go together.
Don't go to mormon clubs! the atmosphere would probably be so boring and uneasy. Most normie clubs suck. Raves are nothing like that, people are way less judging and catty (probably because they're too wasted to do so, lol)and generally open and friendly.

Anonymous 75852

holy shid i love it, it looks amazing : O

Anonymous 75853

One of those partners is a girl, sis.

Anonymous 75855


I did like 6 times I hope no one saw all my posts kek
Jabir Ibn Hayyan
Known for the Jabirian corpus and his knowledge in Numerology
Another one I wanted to squeeze in was Sutayta Al Mahmali, a arithmetician, scholar she was also a mathematician that created a lot of mathematical formulas that are cited by a lot of Mathematicians to this day <3
I know lol I watched Gekkan Shoujo
I meant her character design is attractive
was hoping no one pointed that out shit

Anonymous 75857

Springing traps is the image board national sport.

Anonymous 75882


Anonymous 75883


reading the person you want to be… seeing your favorite games… you're going to manufacture the grey death, aren't you

Anonymous 75886

Then go about illegally manufacturing Ambrosia and distributing it through NSF cells.

Anonymous 75904

1000 gecs is a fun album.

Anonymous 75906

You are definitely part of this ongoing 4chan raid, aren't you? Incel somewhere else.

Anonymous 75907

Anonymous 75910

that sepsis story is a little too unique to be fictional…
also, you have a lot of opinions on a lot of countries (mostly negative) which implies you keep up with the news (?) i think? idk. Why do you dislike/hate so many?
Also the who you want to be is based af. i cant wait for the uber-babies <3

Anonymous 75989

Well, if they're in South America it's probably a mix of misogyny and government oppression/corruption. Africa, the Middle East and Asia are the same, with some religious fundamentalism thrown in. Honestly Japan should be Mixed Feelings due to their legal system. North Korea, China, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bosnia and Eritrea exist in their own category because they're all the worst things a nation can be, and manage to outdo genocidal warlords.

Anonymous 76009

Japan has misogyny on some corporate enviroments and expects the woman to serve but its weird they also habe cultural aspects the west does not that can be considered good for women.
The woman in the household manages the money not the husband, he must give everything to her, she is the family bank. And they got host clubs so they can rent male prostitutes thsy are racoon moid cute boy aesthetic and are trained to know how to please a woman, kissing and foreplay and ofc the full service.
Overall its an obviously sexist society but not even close to the Middle East or others.

Id say is a pretty solid country. Wouldnt mind living there if I knew the language well. Really beautifil, really orderly, clean and safe. You can leave your purse, go to the bathroom and you got high chances of not getting it stolen by the Japanese. They are only known for stealing bikes but rarely thats it.

Anonymous 76012

>cultural aspects the west does not that can be considered good for women.
The woman in the household manages the money not the husband
This just infantises men and is part of the culture that allows men to be less mature than women (though men still hold all the power).

Japan also has high sexual harassment but no bothers to report it as the police do nothing.

Anonymous 76017

>Japan also has high sexual harassment but no bothers to report it as the police do nothing.
this. also a high amount of stalking. i definitely would like to visit japan in the future, but i'd be a bit worried if i decide to live there- i've read so many things about foreign women being stalked and followed home by creepy moids just because you're a foreigner because foreigners=easy to many japanese men. also that if you are the foreigner in a dangerous situation and put your hands on a japanese person, even out of self defense, they will try and take the japanese person's side no matter what and you could risk deportation. an american woman i follow on insta who now has japanese residency from living there after a decade said how when she had a japanese bf, they had a fight and broke up, and he broke into her apartment and the police didn't do much. but she also said how she felt safer walking at night in japan compared to when she was living in america. she was also asian so i'm not sure if it's the same for women that are obviously aren't asian.

Anonymous 76030

Oh I see that stalking happen live, I think Cathycat the askjapanese youtuber saved the video. Nothing happened but midway through walking in harayuku or somwhere there she notices some nerd is following her.

Anonymous 76081

i think i listened to hold on magnolia bc maybe it was u that posted it in another thread few weeks-mo ago?

Anonymous 76082

i dont remember but that might have been me. jason molina has an emotive voice, most of his albums are pleasant. if you liked that one i also recommend the lioness (2000) and mi sei apparso come un fantasma (2001)

Anonymous 76151

Your post screams trust fund kid.

Anonymous 76156

haha, ty anon. i actually have a boyfriend (white), i just changed his features in the ideal bf section so he wouldn't be identifiable. a japanese husband seems hard to communicate with tbh. ideally we'll get an apartment/house there and use an agency to help us foreigners deal with the specifics and his job will let him work remotely

Anonymous 76179


imagine just not drinking actual nuka cola and not pretending

Anonymous 76385


transferring people is a fucking degrading thing to do to them
making this made me realize how boring i am. feel free to roast me for entry level shit

>Hotline Miami
>Katana Zero
based, love ya

>gruppa krovi

Anonymous 76392

the true music connoisseurs in this thread. I didn't think there would be another die hard 2hu/doujin music fan but I'm positively surprised. hotline miami and katana zero have style also, and apocalyptica might just be a guilty pleasure of mine.

Anonymous 76469

let go.jpg

>mfw I realize people who were kids when the new MLP aired are now 18+

I hope you weren't traumatized by any manchildren a decade ago

Anonymous 76478

no but i was really close to, by joining a mlp-themed modded minecraft server with plenty of stem adjacent moids
thankfully my main mlp-related community pony creator online was so autistic pedos didn't even dare to go there

Anonymous 76490

i think accidentally coming across mlp rule 34 as a kid is what truly ruined my innocence

Anonymous 76931

1612280442893 (1) …

third world vibes

Anonymous 76933

those hair sprites are hella familiar (?)
who is your idol? why?

Anonymous 76935

>under 110 lbs
how are you alive anon

Anonymous 76936

Diogenes of Apollonia. He is a metaphysical philosopher. I share your ideas. He was also thinking of putting Max Stirner or Jesus

Anonymous 76937

lol i think i did wrong converting from m to inches and from kg to pounds lmao

Anonymous 76938

phew ok good, i thought you had a bmi of 13.7

Anonymous 77670

i absolutey love the cat drawing, have you made it yourself?
Also, I'm glad to see i'm not the only one enjoying white chocolate

Anonymous 77683


no i got it from picrel
and yeah, i also love the combination of raspberry with white chocolate, probably bc of that one chocolate brand selling exactly that, aerated white choc with raspberry "jam"

Anonymous 77805

stats mimi.png

i made one from a template i found on 4chan a good long while ago
fav book twins:DD
fellow mlp enjoyer ^_^

Anonymous 77847

stop cutting thats for dumb trannies. Overall really good taste and humble opinion of yourself.

Anonymous 77851

i haven't done it in a good long while now
thank you anon ^_^

Anonymous 77893


Anonymous 77919

holy fuck. kanye west, south park, marina, penelope scott, crystal castles, tv girl, goals of profit, desire to be socially dominant… are we the same person?
share some of your music btw

Anonymous 77950

How very stereotypically Finnish and reserved. We're practically neighbours.

Anonymous 77963

How it is to live on the scrotum of the world sis?

Anonymous 78045


what kind of fitness routine do you have?

Anonymous 78055


I'm boring and lazy

Anonymous 78068

How do you fill in the country colours so seamlessly?

Anonymous 78166

Passive income is a based goal. Anything you can save now would go a long way.

>t. someone who wishes they starting saving before their twenties

Anonymous 80666


>ignore the pink line. I must've accidentally touched the screen before exporting RIP
Probably a bad idea to use my actual handwriting :I

Anonymous 80667



Anonymous 80727


getting thread back on track

Anonymous 80728

Great taste

Anonymous 80759

>cassandra cain

Anonymous 80765


Fun Trivia: For my text and box filling color, I decided to use Pantone 448 C, know as the ugliest color in the world.

Anonymous 80766

Whoops, forgot Ouja's card deck, oh well.

Anonymous 80768

>the ugliest color in the world
Huh. I dunno I kinda like that colour.
Also, wow you're tall.

Anonymous 80769

Same, though i'm not convinced it's some sort of ironic trick my brain is pulling on me. But yeah, some like, australian marketing research decided it was the ugliest and they force tobacco companies to use it on their cigarette packs. Also yeah, but surprisingly not the tallest, there is some cop woman in my town who is legitimately like 6'5".

Anonymous 80779

you're pretty epic anon

Anonymous 80786

But why do you look male?

Anonymous 80789

>Dislikes Germany
>likes Blind Guardian

That's very specific

Anonymous 80804

Because i'm a bad artist and i've spent the last two years using a hair trimmer for occasional near-buzzcuts because i don't want to leave the house.

Don't take the map too seriously.

Anonymous 80810

>fellow flannel sis
>hates canada

Anonymous 80823

>one year to wizard status and powers
Are you excited?

Anonymous 80826

Wouldn't women become witches, rather than wizards?

Anonymous 80830

that isn't a woman

Anonymous 80835

Don't take the map too seriously, just had bad experiences in Canada.


Anonymous 80854

I mean, if a guy is posting here I'd imagine they would try and fake this sorta thing. I think anon's honesty with how the see themself points toward them actually being a woman. But that's just me.

Sorry to hear that. I hope you're able to give Canada a chance again, as it really is a beautiful country (besides southern Ontario, that's basically just US)

Anonymous 80866

Yeah to be fair I haven't been to all the provinces - I doubt i'll be giving it a chance anytime SOON, but do you have any suggestions of nice places? Most of my visits have been to nowheresville Ontario & Manitoba (Just kind of boring) and Vancouver (The actual experiences I disliked).

Anonymous 80867

What are the conditions to become a witch according to online culture? The same as wizards, 30 year virginity?

Anonymous 80869

I think that is the general idea, yes. Then again, it's just a genderswapped version of the wizard idea, there's no deep women-centric lore.

Anonymous 80873

East coast for sure; Nova Scotia is absolutely gorgeous and makes for a good vacation spot. Newfoundland is very "nowheresville" feeling but in a good, comfy sort of way. Life just feels so much simpler out on the east coast.

Anonymous 80874

Makes sense, i'll keep that in mind when travelling becomes a possibility for me again at some point, if it ever does. Thanks!

Anonymous 80901

Nta, but I think Canada is only good if you're an outdoorsy person. The appeal isn't really the people, cities, manmade attractions, or anything. So you'll continue to hate all of it if that's what you look for.

Anonymous 80907

That makes some sense, Minnesota is kind of the same. I don't hate outdoorsy stuff necessarily, but i'd never go and do it solo. Maybe if my dad or someone wants to go on a trip i'll suggest camping or something in Canada.

Anonymous 80976


Anonymous 81014

Hi-Fi Anatomia is the best

Anonymous 81027

thanks fellow stalksis

Anonymous 81071

The template edit that I made for /soc/ to covertly shill Matrix somehow made it on here. Nice.

Anonymous 81098

Wah~~~ another Cass fan in the wild! Great taste, great taste

She's back in uniform in the DC comics, but idk if her name is still Orphan(puke) or Batgirl again

Anonymous 81099


Anyone else here who tried to fill out this thing and realized how boring they are?

Anonymous 81119

was filling it out and realized it was a dating profile from the start lol
but its not bad, and allows a look into the other party's head, I suppose

Anonymous 81126

As a lesbian it confuses me how many fujoshi lesbians there are. When I was still figuring out my sexuality and thought I wasn't gay, I felt inexplicable disgust at basically all romance or sexual shit marketed for straight girls, especially yaoi/gay male romance. I remember once my mom bought me a YA book with a gay romance subplot, and it was confusing but I was so repulsed. On the other hand I liked reading yuri manga. I feel bad because it was kinda homophobic but I got over it, but even now I find 2D moids as boring as real moids. I don't get it, why would you want to read about or see two guys being romantic going at it if you don't like guys? I can get that some bishies look like butches if you're into them especially, but real butches still have nice appealing female bodies, not the boring ones men have. Het romance is boring too but at least there is a girl. It confuses me to no end. It just feels like mental gymnastics to say the men don't count as men, if you like something you like it even if it's just as a fantasy. But maybe I just don't get it. Lesbo rant over.

Anonymous 81416


EXACTLY !!!!!!! ive been meaning to find the words to say this as well but you've said it better than i ever could. i am actually kinda homophobic towards males though so the difference lies there

Anonymous 81420

Honestly I still am too I just care less than I used to.

Anonymous 81430

Isn't it just because BL is mostly written by women for women? I find that the majority of yuri is dogshit that is very sexualized in a male-catered way. I like yuri by female authors but it seems somewhat rare.

Anonymous 81431

I don't know if this is an unacceptable opinion but I don't generally dislike "male-catered" sexualization (barring the inclusion of moids into it). I just like sexy girls. I don't really get what the definitive difference between erotica "for women" or "for men" is supposed to be if we take sexual orientation out of the equation, all I know is I like it when it's women and don't like it when it's moids.

Anonymous 81437

Males don't know how to write women so it just gets cringy reading what's obviously a middle aged man's fantasy being acted out by high school girls ex virgins empire's first few chapters (just what comes to mind rn it gets better really fast pls read)

Anonymous 81438


>if you like something you like it even if it's just as a fantasy

liking the fantasy of a man doesn't mean you want the reality of a man. i really don't Get why people can generally accept that like, i don't know, stardew valley fans won't actually want to leave their current life and become a farmers…or that fps fans don't actually like murder and shooting people…or that finding cigarettes cool in artwork and in movies doesn't mean you endorse smoking…but the moment the fictional thing is sexual/romantic it's instantly signaling a real life preference. trust that lesbian fujoshi are secure enough in their lesbianism that they can call a fictional man sexy without worrying about waking up with a lust for cock.

anyway sperg aside: it's just what i'm used to. places like dynasty-scans and /u/ were like 99% men growing up, but yaoi/bl spaces were mostly women. i didn't want to be around dudes in my hobby spaces; i wanted girls, because you know…i'm gay.

and if i wanted to pretend to be a guy and erp with a male character i could rest assured that it was a girl on the other side of the screen, and not some moid.

Anonymous 81440

Aww, dynasty-scans takes me back.

Anonymous 81442


>stardew valley fans won't actually want to leave their current life and become a farmers

false. i absolutely do

Anonymous 81443

Lmao of course you don't mind it. Most women don't because that's how you are socialized to sexualize women. Whereas at least there are some female references in terms of male sexualization, though that media is still less common.

Anonymous 81445

This, people say sex sells but if that was true we'd see as many naked men as we do women being used in ads, but we don't… wonder why

Anonymous 81455

>liking the fantasy of a man doesn't mean you want the reality of a man
Replace the word man with something like "children" or
animals" and see how that sounds. It's just weird. Moids aren't some foreign complicated impossible fantasy concept even if you try to attach that onto them, they're just half the population (unforunately).

Anonymous 81463

Maybe I was just too antisocial for this to matter, since I never participated in any social hobby spaces at all. I'd rather be alone than roleplay BL even if it's with girls. I can understand it as just taking what you can get but actually liking it is another story. I don't think lesbians who like BL are fake lesbians it's just really odd for me to wrap my head around.

Anonymous 81464

>yaoi/bl spaces were mostly women. i didn't want to be around dudes in my hobby spaces; i wanted girls, because you know…i'm gay.
Then why not write and roleplay about female characters and fictional lesbians? I'm not trying to say you aren't actually lesbian. I just don't understand why you seem to be basically saying you expressed your gayness through fictional males who well have male anatomy and stuff. Unless fictional males are something like a third/fantasy gender to you…?

>it's just really odd for me to wrap my head around
Same, anon.

Anonymous 81477

I don't think it doesn't sell, I think it's because moids control the media. Sexy stuff for women is sectioned off into niches but what men find sexy is pushed as mainstream.

Anonymous 81478

To add, men are conditioned to be offended and disgusted by male sexualization and female oriented eroticism, but women are conditioned to be tolerant of the same thing for moids.

Anonymous 81482

i mean, i can. i'm always hearing women talk about finding kids cute and liking the IDEA of motherhood, but not desiring actual kids of their own. hell, i like the idea of having a dog but i'm not actually going to go out and get one because it's lot of work.

straight men like women, anon. you can write all the lesbian characters you like, and that's no guarantee that you'll be able to avoid moids (or at least, this is how it was back in the day). if anything it's like you're drawing them to you.

i also won't say that i "expressed my gayness" through anime boys, since my family isn't homophobic. i got to date a few girls in hs (and guys, before i realized i was homo). it's just something i do in fandom spaces on the internet. and 2d != 3d, no man like griffith or sasuke exists irl

Anonymous 81484

I don't care that straight moids like women, it's one of the few things I have in common with them. I felt really alienated from other girls growing up because my lack of moid attraction made it hard for me to relate to straight girls, and so many of these communities for young girls are based around stuff like BL, pretty boys, or het/gay romance. I had some not-like-the-other girls phase in middle school where I thought I was enlightened for not liking boy bands or lame YA romance that everyone else liked until I realized that I wasn't special I was just gay. Moid communities also suck for women so I didn't really have anywhere to go and was just a total loner lol.

What I'm getting is that you like BL because the female community, but beyond that what do you like about BL itself and the guys involved? I can acknowledge or enjoy when a 2D boy is cool or good looking but I just kind of don't care in the way I do for the 2D girl equivalent. It's hard for me to see what could be fun or interesting about obsessing over attractive men and their interactions if you aren't into them.

Anonymous 81485


had to edit mine

Anonymous 81487

California sucks also how the heck do people get internet in trailer parks I never seen it. So I must know.

Anonymous 81489

i have fam in cali so thats why i like it, also, my internet works just fine where i am

Anonymous 81519

we get it, you're a lesbian.

Anonymous 81520

that vehicle…

Anonymous 81528

>maryjane platforms

Anonymous 81583


I feel like I should be embarrassed of myself but honestly I ain't

Anonymous 81584

Really based mentality tbh, take your time it's whenever you want to get stuff done that you get stuff done to get to the next stages in life.

Work out even if you are a shut in neet. This is highly recommended have a daily light routine.

Anonymous 81638

Curious as to who your husbando is. He can't be that bad.

Anonymous 81639

your drawing of yourself at your best is so cuteee. goals. you look fun and level-headed anon.

Anonymous 81643

Is that supposed to be Batman in general or specifically Beyond/Not Bruce Batman?

Also I'm curious about the porn now

Anonymous 81644

yes batman beyond. terry is a hottie.

Anonymous 81664

I'll give you a hint, I posted him to one of the husbando threads over on lolcow, and he's a non human character

Thank you anon <3

I really like Batman Beyond specifically

Anonymous 81666

Alberta hype!

Anonymous 81920

based limmy poster

Anonymous 81929

its a great template, you did a great job. I'm op and i still haven't finished mine oops… I think i'll work on it today

Anonymous 81931

cool music! i love those ymo and tears for fears albums too. here, this is for you

Anonymous 82356

hetalia music? based

Anonymous 82730


made this in mspaint. today i learned im bad with a mouse.

Anonymous 82758

Can you explain some of the country opinions? You have what looks like a very random assortment. Especially liking Saudi Arabia/Mongolia/SE Asia, and hating Korea and the French/Quebecois

Anonymous 82894

oh sure
most people i met from quebec + france were very smug and arrogant. all ive heard of paris are horror stories.
korea is…drama. south korea has a bad overwork problem which causes people there to drink themselves to death and idk if i need to explain north korea
i just like mongolia
i like australia and new zealand, id like to go there someday

Anonymous 88768

based :D

Anonymous 88816

thank you anon. do you also like hetalia?

Anonymous 89183


Anonymous 89187

why the mixed feelings towards mexico?

Anonymous 89216

I feel like Mexico has great sights but too much burger tv (and watching cartel executions) has brainwashed me into thinking it's no man's land.

Anonymous 89223


What does DS stand for?
His. Figure: Alexander the great
>A prima donna manlet gay teenager who only got what he got because his father created the army that he used for his conquests.
>Pic related was better. (Even togugh he was French)

Anonymous 89226

Nappy was literally an Alexfag

Anonymous 89233


>A prima donna manlet gay teenager
His sexual-inclination toward either gender is not even the most unique thing about him considering his Greco-cultural heritage and upbringing and what that entails, but it's amusing seeing how mad people get over its insinuation and how bigots enjoy using it as ammo. He wasn't even much of a sexual person at all.
>who only got what he got because his father created the army that he used for his conquests.

Anonymous 89490

Never seen a combo of such uncommon flags. What's it like in Oman & Tanzania?

Anonymous 89709


doing this was very fun :D

Anonymous 90006


Anonymous 90008

>mixed feelings over Japan
>likes Japanese music

Anonymous 90011

I also consume things from US and I have mixed feelings over that country. I like some of the things Japan produces (music, vidyas and some anime) but my opinion about the country and its culture isn't the best. I also don't like how much degenerate content they make

Anonymous 90012

Are you libertarian because of your experience in Venezuela?

Anonymous 90015

Probably yes. Almost everything here it's run by the state in some way or another, and the things that are private, are usually owned by some friend or family member of someone from the government. So I guess my experience here has changed my political views, but I think that's just normal for everyone.

Anonymous 90016

That's interesting because I think many Cuban and Venezuelan immigrants had a similar political disillusionment as you.

Anonymous 90019

Yeah, most people here don't care about politics anymore. People, especially young adults just try to keep living their lives while ignoring everything about politics

Anonymous 103320

why do you hate my country? :(

Anonymous 103321

visca catalunya? o eres una española no cringe?

Anonymous 103338


>baker acted

Anonymous 103358


Here's mine.

Anonymous 103359


such a good album

Anonymous 103360


tell me that's ironically

Anonymous 103361

where can i find the pic of your favorite porn? pls.. .

Anonymous 103371


Anonymous 103437

I'm not sure whether we're allowed to post porn links here, but I found it on the rule34 website. Tags were tadashi_kikuchi bondage chain_leash

Anonymous 103465


I feel so embarassed.

Anonymous 103476

self thingy.png

I suck at art so I just used a avatar maker thing but this was super fun!

Anonymous 103483

Wtf are stacies doing on a crystal mining forum?

Anonymous 103493

thank you queen

Anonymous 103495

Dw anon, they're probably representing themselves as the way they think they are, rather than what they actually are.
I get the same vibes en lc when farmers say they are very attractive.

Anonymous 103601

>Mixed Feelings
What do you have against Siberia?

Anonymous 103610

I didn't mean to single out Siberia whoops lol, I meant Russia in general, like Moscow is cool as a vacation imo but when it comes to the country's politics and government actions I'm not the biggest fan

Anonymous 103618

I'm not a Stacy haha I wish, idk what would indicate that. If it's bc of my stats, in high school I had lots of friends bc sports but I was low-key kind of a mentalcel who obsessed with looksmaxing and being as perfect as possible in every aspect of my life except mental health lol. Rushed in college but didn't really connect with most of the sorority girls, made friends on campus tho. If it's bc of the avatar thingy, I just am a terrible artist so I chose the first avatar maker I saw that was full body.

I don't think it's fair to assume everyone on imageboards looks like a stereotypical NEET, I get what you mean though especially on lc when they mention it out of nowhere lol. Not trying to represent myself inaccurately but I think my face is pretty cute and I've worked really hard for my body, def have lots of room for improvement though- like I have breast implants and regularly get lash extensions and it makes a massive difference imo.

Sorry for the essay I don't mean to sound rude or defensive, I'm still really new to crystal cafe but for the most part everyone seems really nice and interesting!

Anonymous 103619


>I've worked really hard for my body
>I have breast implants and regularly get lash extensions

Anonymous 103621

Nta, you think getting the money for breast implants is easy?

Anonymous 103623

finding a sugar daddy with a bimbo kink? 2 hours, tops

Anonymous 103629

Damn, I've tried and couldn't get anyone to bite for a month before giving up, you must be stunning.

Anonymous 103631

not sure about that but I had a few dates with a guy who offered it. it's not a route I want to go down, bimbofication repulses me

Anonymous 103635

girl leg day is brutal if I don't bust my ass at least 4x a week I feel like hank hill lol
also eating clean and getting my ideal macros/nutrients takes all the enjoyment out of food which was an incredibly difficult transition at first because I used to be a binge eater and was addicted to sugar (but those are problems entirely of my own making and I control my diet so there's no reason to complain)

Getting the money is difficult if you don't want to degrade yourself like that, and I think you're more likely to get raped, trafficked, or murdered by a guy making promises that big so soon. Even better scenarios like LTRs the guy will feel like he owns you and the problems that come with that aren't worth it. Also what >>103629 said, it's not like there's a surplus of men spending thousands of dollars on any girl they want to fuck when so many girls give it out for free because "empowerment!!" lol, takes a lot to separate a man from his money and even if you do, he's going to want to have a say in how they look.
I saved up most of it from working retail in HS and my parents helped cover the rest as a graduation gift.
Bimbofication guys remind me of car guys in a way idk if that makes any sense lol, I wouldn't want to go down that route either

Anonymous 103641

it's just weird to talk about a boob job (esp one your parents helped pay for) when you're talking about "working hard for your body." I work out 7x a week but I don't mention my $10k nose like I earned it lol
>if I don't bust my ass at least 4x a week I feel like hank hill lol
idk what this means

Anonymous 103643


I didn't mean to refer to that as something I worked hard for, I was trying to say that despite working hard I still needed implants and lash extensions to look better, that's why I said I still have room for improvement. Sorry for the miscommunication!
Picrel is hank hill

Anonymous 103661

lemon demon, my DnD gm would love you, I think he's the only one who I have ever heard talk about them. He's 30 though, and I think he's got a longterm gf.

Anonymous 103798

it really doesn't sound weird at all…
>liking the fantasy of a child doesn't mean you want the reality of a child
the fantasy of a child is having a cute little you with all the potential in the world. they look up to you and idolize you, they love you unconditionally, and you get the satisfaction of raising a well-rounded, productive human. the reality of a child is cleaning shit, piss, and vomit for years until they can take care of themselves, endless crying and tantrums, never having a clean house, having no money and time for yourself, and if you dont have unconditional patience and love for them they will hate your guts, never speak to you, and put you in a shitty retirement home when you get old.
>liking the fantasy of animals doesnt mean you want the reality of animals.
the fantasy of having an animal is that you have a cute furry friend that is always happy to see you, and theyre there for you when you get lonely. the reality of a pet is that, again, you are constantly dealing with shit, piss, and vomit, they consume your time, you will be devastated when they inevitably die because their life span is but a fraction of yours.
>liking the fantasy of a man doesn't mean you want the reality of a man
the fantasy of a man is that you will have a lifelong partner that you love with all your heart, and they love you the same. they shower you with gifts, love, and affection. they plan out thoughtful activities for you to do together to keep that spark. they take care of you in the bedroom. they make you feel safe and protected. youre excited to wake up next to them every morning. the reality of a man is that, incidentally, they were socialized as a man. you have to deal with everything that comes with that.

Anonymous 103837


I'm always at my best

Anonymous 103871

I think China is the only country doing genetic editing on babies. In other words the country you hate most is the only one with the same scientific goals as you.

Anonymous 103998

Did the brazilian tranny (Inkya#9217) delete his own post after being found out?

Anonymous 104071

I think one of the mods deleted it because my reply to him is also gone.

Anonymous 104277

lol i was suspecting it was troon when i read his chart, looks like my instincts were right

Anonymous 104288

You actual fucking psychopath haha. Love it sis

Anonymous 128251

hello fellow tunisian!
i blame tunisia for my depression<3

Anonymous 128277

Based Kazakhstan nomadic women, a true amazon if you have read the origin of the amazons it all started with nomadic women. You also have to be alpha as fck though catch your moid.

Anonymous 128325


Literally same. Fuck this cuntry. I wanted to study maths my whole life now im stuck in medical school it's too hard and uninteresting but all my relatives are pushing me into it because it's virtually the only secure career path, (I'll fail it anyway it's just a matter of time) because muh unemployment. Fuck this cuntry. I can't even buy league skins without having the tripe the price of RP because the economy is fucked. It's not the worst place in the world but it's virtually where your dreams die the day you graduate middle school.

Anonymous 128327


( >>128325 samefag)
I wonder if u're still here anon, we're from the same city lmao

Anonymous 128366

are you going to get the battle pass for league this season nona? which champs do you main and play?

Anonymous 128392


>Are you going to get the battle pass
Most likely no, my exams are on the 15th of may and won't end till June and i have to study everyday for at least 8 hours till then, if i want to not fail school Xd which i am not doing btw
>Which champ do you main
Viego and ezreal are my mains but i play almost everyone except the slow tanky ones like chogath and ornn

Anonymous 128516

Why do you dislike Sweden? I'm from Sweden and I hate it and hope that the country will one day see a bloody revolution where the traitors are overthrown, but why would you dislike it? Everybody loves Sweden, c'mon!

Anonymous 128542

i'm trying to get good as ahri and diana but they are insanely too mobile for my poor reaction time. also i am kicking myself in the shins because when i was a noob at league, i got ezrael's legendary skin (battle academia) for free from a box but i sold it for orange essence. i hate how i let that slip away from my fingers
anyway good luck on your exams! <3 the skins this season are Overwatch diva rip-offs anyway, and Bunny MF has a ridiculous hopping animation (haha like a bunny!) that makes me cringe

Anonymous 128584


I Looove Diana i almost always go for double or triple kills when i possess her as viego she's very rewarding once you get the hang of her and you're right ahri is difficult to get used to since you have be very fast and aim your skill-shots while dashing from point to point, maybe try playing ezreal for a while first, he resembles her gameplay in the sense that's he's also a high mobility skill-shot based champ and you'll have your support with you as ADC so it should be slightly easier than ahri mid ^^;
I love the new skins but that MF walking animation does look ridiculous you're right haha
I'm absolutely fawning over those
sylas and and jinx skins they look lovely.
And dw, as a new player i remember selling spirit blossom teemo for orange essence too and it hurts to remember!! :Head in hands:
>good luck on your exams!
Ty nona, have a good day <33 i enjoyed talking to u

Anonymous 128586

maybe if you stopped playing league your life would get better

Anonymous 128588


Tell me in what way is League making my life worse? I get 2 weeks off a semester, i spend all my other time working my ass off for at least 8 hours a day to 10 hours during exam months, non stop, not even weekends. Let me hear you avergae 3 hours of sleep a day for 2 months straight then not unwind by playing Viego for 12 hours a day; that kit fucking rocks. And he loves his wife, what better can i ask for?
I hate medical school it's the ((bane)) of my existence (;'>) but i have no other choice unless i do want to study maths, lose a year and restart from scratch in some preparatoire only to be unemployfor 5 years post grad because I'm not some wealthy kid with plenty of money to start my own projects right after graduation. What do you know?

Anonymous 128605


ill repost mine

Anonymous 128607

What makes you like Viego so much? Gotta admit his backstory is very swoon worthy like I’d so LOVE to have a man who would kill the entire world just to bring me back to life. His devotion is everythingggg .. but anyways, he seems hard because you have to know how to play the character you possess . Seems scary
Also btw I am hard stuck in bronze and it’s so hard to climb out of it. The players at this ELO are so toxic. I just started playing last year btw so I’m not a veteran or anything

I’ll tryezrael ! Thanks for suggesting that. Which role is easiest for beginners? I thought mid. I tried maiming adc but it’s hard and I get one shot. It’s the most fun for me though :p

Anonymous 128621


>What makes you like Viego so much?
I don't just like Viego i LOVE him. At first i played him cuz for once i had enough Blue Essence to buy the new champ as fast as they were out, and that was him, and thanks to him i went from silver to diamond really quick, he was insanely fun. It took me a lot to git gut though i remember getting out of every game with negative k/d/a and feeling like a noob. I love his story, and his silly little accent and his edgy personality. Holy shit, i adore him. He's not well-written and for as much as i despise myself for it i love him for being fanservice-y in all the right ways
>he seems hard because you have to know how to play the character you possess
Yes and no, sometimes you'll have to improvise, it might end badly (like me turret diving after possessing Zed or Pyke when i didn't know their abilities) but after playing league enough it becomes veeery predictable. Like Jhin/Viktor/Gangplank, etc.., never played them, but whenever i possess them i instinctively know what to do because their abilitie's icons are predictable.
>The players at this ELO are so toxic
I know!!! I'm sorry u have to deal with that, it's actually so much harder in bronze because your teammates don't even care half the time. I used to join and /mute all, right in the beginning of every game. Pings are there for a reason, you don't have to listen to them. Especially since i main jungles, they put all the blame on me it was physically stressful hahah
>Which role is easiest for beginners?
In my opinion, jungle. I mean, think about it, you 1v1 NPCs to farm, then go gank 2v1 when it's convenient. just gotta have good grip over the minimap and how to use your pings smartly.
easiest role by far is support, especially mage supports, like Sona, Soraka, Lulu, etc… but it gets boring quickly. Other supports are fun, like Blitzkrank or Pyke they're awesome, my favorite is Thresh, my first mastery 7 actually, you get those S+ sooo easy as support
If u don't like supp (like me) play ranged toplaners haha, it's a meme at this point they're so good. Some are kinda difficult at first like Vayne, but others like Teemo and Gnar are fun and easy
>I tried maining adc but it’s hard and I get one shot.
As ADC just own early game, even if the enemy ADC counters you, do your farm, defend your turret, ping your jungle for help, and try to go for at least 6 minion kills per minute, then you can afford your items and once laning phase is over you'll have enough lvl to withstand their enemy mid and toplaners.
Thanks for the talk anon, i visit this board once in a blue moon and this time it was a good experience for once

Anonymous 128638

np anon, it was nice talking to you too! Not many people I know love league or play it, so it was refreshing having a conversation on here about it.

Thanks so much for the tips, I will try to go jungle to climb out. Problem with jg is that it's sort of like chess where you can't be too predictable otherwise the enemy jg will invade you/steal your buffs and surprise attack you. Supp is very boring, but it's the only one I almost climbed out of bronze with.

I hate how toxic league can be, like for example I have had so many people afk and disconnect because we were losing or they quit a game because it's not winnable to them.

Also I am still new to the game. I don't fully understand counter picks which comes with experience with the game or if you are strong early game or late game. For example I played Lillia top and my opponent chose Sylas and I fed him. But we won that game because Lillia is very beefy and does a lot of damage late game.

don't listen to this anon btw >>128586 I play league to de-stress and have fun - it's a nice escapism away from the drudgery of daily life.

Anonymous 128639


I can't draw, but these are all very cute

Anonymous 129890


shouldnt have spent so long on this.

Anonymous 129894


Anonymous 129899

Why u wanna move to the US anon?

Anonymous 129901

the uk has always failed me and my family members
healthcare, people, culture, housing prices, food pricing..
5 members of my family have died due to the incompetency of the NHS

living in the uk relies on where you are born specifically and your connections. theres no way out if you're born in a poor area like me torn by coal mine closing and lack of economical build over what has happened, not a few years ago, but 50 years ago. Being born specifically in the north, you pay incredibly high prices of living despite living in a crime populated area. There is a lack of things to do, places to go, nice things to experience or people who are even slightly unique. Everyone is fucking old.
in america, if things dont go too well where you live, you have total ease to go anywhere else in the country that has better economical standing or even biome. Born in chicago? No worries. Drive to ohio, drive to NC or SC, drive anywhere and easily start anew. You can't do that here. Live in Birmingham? oh, drive to london. drive to coventry. drive to devon. ALL THE SAME PROBLEMS.

I also love patriotism in something that isnt fighting solely for a monarchy and some pisshead queen who has done nothing for me or my family, and would like to live in a country i can say im proud of.
i can't say that for england. I want to be happy and be in a country that has a sole value of freedom, not a sole value of using the argument of 'we used to be good!!!!!' and that we have jaffa cakes. its fucking lame. I could rant for hours.

This isnt even a 'grass is always greener' situation either, ive been to the us and seen 3 different states for good portions of time (many months), and things are so beautiful to experience. I don't think americans understand how good they got it.

Anonymous 129902

suck it faggot.png

its genuinely just a gorgeous place to me and has a lot of potential with my future prospects in aviation, the people make me happy and seeing people so prideful in their own flag just makes me so happy to see, really. one day I want to serve for their military too! :)

Anonymous 129904

Aw this makes me happy to see as an American because usually all I see is people shitting on our country. Thank you anon <3

Anonymous 130135

Would hang out with.

Anonymous 131303

can we be friends pls

Anonymous 131304

Iowa is nice :)

Anonymous 131545


u rlly like the US huh
cool readout though !
can hang

completely unhinged, nice
slightly racist
but it looks like u are living

heres mine
im retarded and accidentally cut off the bottom but its whatever

albums i accidentally cut off:
> machinic phylum by mouse on the keys
> 友だちを殺してまで by shinsei kamattechan
> oil of every persons uninsides by sophie
> frank by amy winehouse
> details by frou frou
> acoustic shards by buckethead
> that one japanese footwork comp, the first one

Anonymous 131839

nice taste nona

Anonymous 132096

You know your Discord is set up so nobody can message you?

Anonymous 132181


this thread feels like datamining ngl, not going to fill out the chart bc lazy/i'm a simple person anyway. i also feel lately my personality is being subsumed by my graduate work. i feel alone but not lonely. maybe I was meant for a collectivist society instead of America where your personality must be commoditized and performed to a granular level. I also once hoped I could study medicine outside of America but that feels impossible now. if I had to put a label on my politics it would be "social democrat" but labels seem to hurt more than help these days.

Anonymous 132347

>living in the uk relies on where you are born specifically and your connections
Most of europe is like that I reckon, at the very least here in pastaland is the same.

Anonymous 133526

What anime is this from I love old anime wanna see something obscure ❤

Anonymous 133562

Megami Tensei OVA but it's definitely a product of its time, campy and violent and barely makes any sense

Anonymous 133755


eh why did i spend so much time on this, was fun tho

Anonymous 133802

why is everything in your post so relatable

Anonymous 133861

Please rant more about the monarchy and royalty Nona. I’m cuckadian and I still don’t understand why we have her as the head of state lol

Anonymous 133970


time got cut short sorry

Anonymous 134101

I am not nomad and closet people in my family who are is cousins who I met twice when I was 10 and the Amazon go far back before Turks. Thank you for the kind reply though.

Anonymous 134112

Re: math degree, you can do it! It's ok to be stellar at some courses and suck at others. I had top marks in real analysis but barely passed number theory. Do you have a specialty? Also what linux distro do you use and what do you like best about it ?

Anonymous 134529

You and i would make good friends (i’m a schizo too)

Anonymous 168743


In east slav countries, the woman beat their husbands instead. It's funny, considering Western scrotes have the idea of slav women being "easier", like they have of Asian women.

Anonymous 168752

Based Takuji

Anonymous 169740


Someone is going to call me Becky I just know it

Anonymous 169760

I am not good at being a friend but thank you for saying so

Anonymous 169774

you seem fun ngl

Anonymous 170014

We have the same favorite book!!! Like not even favorite series but favorite book, the second one is way better because you’re attached to the characters but the whole Shallan character changes haven’t happened yet :,(
Also the Kaladin and Shallan cliff scene made me feel things.

Anonymous 171121

chart 4 CC.jpg

aughhhh this took so long to do !!

Anonymous 171124

>she is like her enemy
Only in the land she hates could her greatest aspirations be fulfilled. Life is strange

Anonymous 172853


fun template!!

Anonymous 173022


i'm lazy as hell

Anonymous 173171

What do you have against qld and nsw lol

Anonymous 173257

Queenslanders are weird cunts and I've never met a tolerable person from Sydney or NSW overall.

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