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Unpopular Opinions #4 Anonymous 75353

The other one seemed sort of dead so I hope it’s ok to make a new thread. I’ll start with mine: I think that kinkshaming should be brought back, some fetishes are gross and deserve to be shamed

Anonymous 75358

i like shota

Anonymous 75361


I don't believe women should be allowed to become soldiers unless they pass the tests men have to take too… I know that the whole point is making the test fair, as women are not as physically strong, but doesn't that just mean they shouldn't be soldiers in the first place?

Anonymous 75367

Ichiban is a way better protagonist than Kiryu.

Anonymous 75371

My understanding is for combat roles this is the case. That woman who passed the ranger test was such a big deal because it wasnt a waterdowned handout.
I dont think you need to do 500 pushups to be a "Fuel Reloading Specialist"

Anonymous 75385

I don't hate trannies.

Anonymous 75386

I think Leo Frank really did rape and murder that girl.

Anonymous 75388

Infantry soldiers are different from military academy cadets. Female cadets do inteligence gathering or strategy.

Anonymous 75394

I feel like we've reverted to a "there are no girls on the internet" thing because you can't express unpopular opinions in radfem circles without being accused of being a moid. I'm not excluded from this paranoid thinking, every time I find a cool tech person or interesting project under a female name I think "please don't be a troon". It's so sad. We've come full circle.

Anonymous 75396

How did this even become a stereotype? I guess because in the beginning there really weren't any women at all? Since the internet was new and sort of a nerdy hobby…

Anonymous 75397

I'm an oldfag and back in the day you had to "work harder" to be online. I don't know how old you are, so I'm gonna blogpost a bit about when I first started being an internet addict. Around that time, your family would have 1 computer, everything was super slow, connecting to the internet took several minutes and was charged per minute, everything loaded super slowly and search engines weren't really much of a thing, so finding shit was hard and took forever. You needed to learn some skills and invest some money to navigate the web. The internet wasn't as centralized as it is now with there being a handful of giant websites where you can find people with all sorts of interests; if you had an obscure interest you'd have to find your way to likeminded people. You'd hang out on usenet or IRC which was a pure text chat platform without anything like avatars, and nobody was using their real names, so it was way more anonymous. The only thing similar to modern-day social media was building your own website, often from scratch, with as little storage as possible, so you wouldn't have put up a lot of images and shown yourself. So on one hand, you wouldn't immediately recognize someone you're talking to as a woman because there wasn't much to go off, and on the other hand, you assumed most people to be men anyway because everything was way nerdier and there was a steeper threshold to doing anything at all.

Another part of it is that if someone was being obvious about being female, most of the time this user wasn't a woman at all but in fact a larping moid hoping to troll or reap benefits of being the "rare woman" in the respective circle. Even before it was convenient to send dick pics, you'd get a ton of sexual harassment as a girl online, and I guess larping moids didn't care because it didn't affect them, so they dealt with it for shits and giggles and to scam/troll other moids.

TL;DR actual women stayed anon because everyone did back then, and overt "women" weren't actually women at all, so there were no girls on the internet.

Anonymous 75398

In short… The assumption exists because of the difficulty of using the internet once upon time + moids being retarded?

Ah. The former I understand, and it would make sense for older people who remembered those times to still hold the belief that 'no wahmen exist', but what about the younger generation that grew up with the same easy to use service as everybody else? Ah… It's just so arrogant. It would be like if we chose to believe there were only women online.

Anonymous 75400

Yeah it's VERY outdated. Which is why it's so sad that we're kind of coming full circle in radfem communities where the tendency is to assume anyone with unpopular opinions to be moid unless proven otherwise. And again I want to repeat that I'm also guilty of this and it's not an attack towards anyone, moids do infiltrate places that aren't for them because they just don't know how to not feel entitled to everything, it was just a sad realization that we're basically back to square one.

Anonymous 75410

Nearly every single person I talk to that is an anon and are involved in IT turn out to be a troon it is always easy to spot them because they like to be overly fem like with the aesthetic of their profile like having flower emotes and all that jazz.
Thanks for sharing I love reading oldfag history I was too poor to have internet when younger.

Anonymous 75433

In my opinion we shouldn't even have the military anymore. Humans have been around for so long that we should have gotten over our conflicts by now.
It depresses me that we haven't, like it really is human nature to kill ourselves.

Anonymous 75439

I've heard the opposite about that ranger school graduate. That standards got lowered unofficially so she could pass cause the brass were facing political pressure. I don't know for sure but either way it feel like we're taking a step backwards. It's condescending if anything for us to graduate from something only cause we were allowed to by political coercion.

Anonymous 75443

Seeing as theyve failed countless other women I dont see how that theory would make sense outside of an outrage porn fantasy.

Anonymous 75448

I'm glad you enjoyed my oldfag storytime, laptops still feel like such a luxury to me because when I started going online it was on an off-white nicotine stained secondhand computer we got from my uncle, on a metal desk that rattled when I typed, in a cold, tiled basement room. Our provider included a flatrate plan only on Sundays, but on these days it was super hard to establish a connection because the provider's capacities were always at limit, so I weighed down the enter key with a metal thing and forced it to try to connect over and over while I made breakfast. Sundays were the best day of the week.

Later I got my own PC (another hand-me-down) and I'd make ~graphics~ in Paint Shop Pro and put them on floppy disks to transfer them to the internet connected PC to upload. I also make WinAmp skins and shitty little HTML pages, there was a community of girls who made their own websites for image editing tutorials and little code snippets like "mouse followers" or fancy CSS effects. If you had a TLD you were a hot bitch. Then that community died out until Tumblr brought it back. RIP

Anonymous 75449

I agree, but people will always be suspicious of each other. Even when we get the NWO, even when we're all some mutt-esque race. There will always be something… We deserve annihilation I guess.

Anonymous 78688

unfortunately as long as theres something to gain by making other countries do what you want by force there will be militaries and war atleast there are less and less wars each year and its unlikely for the most powerful countries to go to war with each other because they have the least to gain and most to lose from it

Anonymous 78861

I think sex and genitals are gross

Anonymous 78862

I think sometimes vaginas can look nice in pictures sometimes, but I agree that most genitals look gross and the idea of seeing genitals in person grosses me out. I’m just indifferent to sex. I always have been. I could go my entire life being a virgin

Anonymous 78868


>I could go my entire life being a virgin
We’ll acquire those superpowers together

Anonymous 78893

The "no girls on the internet" comes from the fact that most conversations on the internet do not and should not involve sex. Stating that you are a woman is usually a ploy to garner attention rather than discuss the topic so it is frowned upon as women who actually want to discuss the topic do not state that they are women because it would bring unnecessary attention and derail the conversation.

That's why most girls that I know play games muted because girls that play unmuted are usually doing so to grab simps for their twitch channel and it's given us all a bad reputation in the community.

Anonymous 78894

Moids can post some decent content when they don't reveal themselves.

Anonymous 78896

When you really like someone and you get into the "heat" of the moment, you probably won't think about it too much.
I used to think genitals were disgusting, and I mean in general they can be if unclean, but having sex with someone you love is phenomenal.

Anonymous 78905

I'm only attracted to straight guys. If a guy is bisexual or otherwise has done/would do sexual activities with another man, it's kinda icky to me and the idea turns me off. No hate to bi guys but I'm not sexually interested in them.

Anonymous 78931

This is retarded moid logic. I was with you at the beginning (there's no reason to outward state "I'm a girl btw" unless you want attention) but

>girls that play unmuted are usually doing so to grab simps for their twitch channel

Absolutely fucking retarded. You're allowed to exist as a woman without having to literally mute yourself. You need to check yourself and stop conflating all women who dare to exist in a place that was for some reason declared "male" with automatic attention whoring. Shameful and moronic. If you have a bone to pick with ~gamer girlz~ then don't make it the problem of every woman who just wants to use the most convenient communication method. Internalized misogyny is helluva drug.

Anonymous 78932

>most conversations should not be about sex
>that's why most women who game should mute themselves

are you even listening to yourself lmao

Anonymous 78984

I think you're mixing up things. Nobody says we're not ALLOWED to unmute. She said that most who do do so for a specific purpose. It's a statement of a fact.

I personally avoid this problem by not playing online except with close friends of mine.

Anonymous 79004

cow's milk is a good n healthy drink

Anonymous 79005

>She said that most who do do so for a specific purpose. It's a statement of a fact.

It's hardly a fact but ok

Anonymous 79006

Okay lol have fun silencing yourself because you're worried men pay too much attention to you.

Anonymous 79008

Mint and chocolate is an overrated flavor combination.

Anonymous 79047

Nah, cause some of the earliest code jockeys were women and I remeber when the internet was like 20% niche hobby websites and 80% fanfic written by women. I think have always pushed women out and they continue to do so.

Anonymous 79048

I miss it being like that. I used to get all of my funny pictures from a you laugh you lose thread on a body building website. The thread was like eighty pages long. Now I go to reddit, and it's nothing but Twitter and Tumblr screenshots. And then Tumblr is nothing but radfem hate and Twitter is just Tumblr season 3. Did you see Twitter got a graveyard robbing witch?

Anonymous 79049

The number of estrogens is found to increase your chance of breast cancer of a lifetime, so I wouldn't count it as healthy, but it's the best drink. I'm vegetarian and I've tried every plant milk out there, they all suck compared to milk. And pea milk just sucks.

Anonymous 79055

What is it about vegetable milk that sucks? Asking as a person who’s only drunk cow milk and found it 7/10 at best

Anonymous 79058

Being thin is not enough for someone to claim to be a femboy.
Just sayin'

Anonymous 79059

They all taste like murky water

Anonymous 79081

Your tongue can tell there's no animal fats in them so they taste very thin. Imagine the difference between whole milk and skim, but greater. So a lot of companies try to replace the body's longing for fat with sugar, so a couple of them are watery sugar and some use artificial sugars which leave a weird aftertaste.
This isn't to discourage people from trying and using plant milks, the only way my adult acne goes away is completely abstaining from milk so I only drink unflavored soy milk, but they're not the same and I think that people who say they are are secretly lying in order to encourage plant milk's use.

Anonymous 79083


How can someone say something so controversial, yet so brave?

Anonymous 79124


But like good murky water! Oat milk is the best.

Anonymous 79130

I hate when people go
>Hurr White people
White people are not the only ones with racism, class and social issues. Like every fucking country and ethnicity has its shitty side and are just as crazy as "white" people. Humans suck in general.

Anonymous 79140

based. plenty of ugly ass muscular but stick thin moids thinking they're feminine.
burn those fucking muscles then come back you fag.

Anonymous 79143


Agree with this, oat milk is my current favourite. I've had to give up dairy due to an allergy and while plant milks taste gross at first, they end up tasting normal after a while.

Anonymous 79147

Even though I know gatekeeping is wrong, that people has to start somewhere, and that I should let people enjoy what they want. I still hate newfags

Anonymous 79166

lol no
soy milk >>>>>>>>>>> cow milk ANY FUCKING DAY

Anonymous 79167

I hate dogs. but most of all, I hate dog owners. My dad tried to kill my parakeets and attacks my cat, but is just so smitten with his ill trained hellhound of a dog.

Anonymous 79168

Violins sound annoying and cellos are superior
Men look ugly past the age of 25
White men aren't that attractive
I'd rather be schizo than depressed
Penises aren't attractive
White chocolate is better than black chocolate
Women aren't oppressed and live better lives than men in the western world and we should flaunt it
Women are just as attention and drama seeking as men, if not less
Men are very emotion and easily offended
Women's friendships are superior to mens
Misandry makes more sense than misogyny

Anonymous 79169


Anonymous 79170

I also think white men are very ugly most of the time, I'm not sure why anyone would prefer them honestly

Anonymous 79174

Agree with everything except of
>Penises aren't attractive
>White chocolate is better than black chocolate

Anonymous 79180


>I'd rather be schizo than depressed
Absolute shit take. Have you ever even dealt with psychosis/delusions/hallucinations??
>White men aren't that attractive
Thanks girls, I’ll keep all of the blue-eyed cuties to myself. >>79170

Anonymous 79181

Based. Elijah Wood was so cute in LOTR. She is right about them aging badly. That’s why you trade them out though.

Anonymous 79182


I KNOW haha Frodo was so adorable.. But I still think he’s adorable now!

Anonymous 79206

based take. though i prefer rice milk but soy is much better than cow yeah

>Men look ugly past the age of 25
>Penises aren't attractive
>Women's friendships are superior to mens
>Misandry makes more sense than misogyny
>Men are very emotion and easily offended
>White chocolate is better than black chocolate
yes and very based, it goes like this to me:
white > dark > milk
i don't really agree with the other stuff tho

Anonymous 79224

Absolute shit take. Have you ever even dealt with psychosis/delusions/hallucinations??

Yeah, i've dealt with both. I've only ever been depressed for a couple of months up to a year (except for some periods in my life where i felt more indifferent) and i can tell you with 1000% certainty that i'd choose my schizo period over my depressed period.

Anonymous 79341


Im allergic to soy fuck you

Anonymous 79438

I'm allergic too :(

Anonymous 79494

isn't soy linked to types of reproductive cancers in women? i never bothered to look into it, but assuming you have no problems… yet?

i don't mind either of my episodes being severe, i'm bored most of the time. spices up my life. but MILD schizo episodes are more interesting than MILD depressive episodes. mild depression is just fucking wading through limbo. its bullshit.

Anonymous 79498

Isn't basically everything we consume linked to cancer?

Anonymous 79499

One time my sister said a cousin of ours got disproportionately large breasts in her teens because her mom put her on soy-based formula but I think she's full of it.

Anonymous 79709

Everything should be allowed in fictional writing and art. Those that try to oppose this advocate for censorship. Keep in mind I’m not saying no one should be allowed to criticize the content but trying to get it banned is censorship.

Anonymous 79711

This is an unpopular opinion?

Anonymous 79756

As in? I've never seen a moid post content outside of trolling, revealing himself and getting overly aggressive at feminist threads.
I suppose some of them aren't revealing themselves, and they might be posting good content, but how would you know that they are moids.

Anonymous 79811

I suppose on Tumblr and Twitter it is.

Anonymous 80166


I love Boohbahs so much. They are the cutest things I have ever seen in my life.

Anonymous 81575

ur right anon i forgot how cute these are :o

Anonymous 81605

I used to watch this with my mom when I was way too old for it and we would laugh about it together

Anonymous 81606

Bastards replaced the teletubbies, I will never forgive them. Fuck Boohbahs

Anonymous 81607

I love them both

Anonymous 81624

Gatekeeping is good actually. In most situations. And I'm tired of pretending it's not.

Anonymous 81625

formal wear.jpg

Men should wear skirts and women should wear pants.
Think about it logically: men need space for their testicles, women don't.

Anonymous 81631

Pants are still uncomfy. Everyone should just wear loose clothing that doesn't cling to the crotch

Anonymous 81640


it's for fashion and for the weather. Men did wear skirts.

Anonymous 81642

I used to be a big time gatekeeper but I dunno. I am into some ancient things now with zero fans that are basically dead. Honestly if you don't bring new people in and let young people enjoy this shit it will be forgotten. So even though it's impossible to talk about Yes now without people mentioning Jojo I have to put up with it because at least people are discovering their based music.

Anonymous 81645

I know I sound like a 14 year old moid saying this but I think earrape is actually hilarious.

Anonymous 81647


I've listened to a few of their albums but my favourite song will always be the Homeworld one

Anonymous 81717

not every single fucking thing in the universe needs a pedocord server

Anonymous 82497

I have tinnitus and I hate you.

Anonymous 82502

Akiyama is the best one, although this is not too unpopular

Anonymous 82545

I have tinnitus and I love you.

Anonymous 82572

When did they eliminate home ec from the curriculum?

Anonymous 82573

They didn't at my school at least

Anonymous 82578

Mine is that NSFW of characters/media you actively enjoy and that isn't NSFW is weird and uncomfortable
I swear every time i have to filter out all the series i'm in because i just get extremely flustered? Its like a moral thing, i feel guilty deep down, dunno if it makes sense

Anonymous 82604

I think it depends on the state

Anonymous 82607

I think it's fine as long as you don't do it for people's attention and brag about it while LARPing as NLOG. Some people really make it their whole personality.

Anonymous 82766


This is only unpopular on here and lolcow, but I don't think viewing men as inhuman or all terrible is a healthy mindset. I agree with what most here would say about the dangers and disadvantages of being a woman, and you should definitely be wary of male strangers or men who display red flags and always prioritize your safety especially irl. And obviously there are many annoying behaviors men tend to display because of their socialization. However, hating 50% of the population and always consuming content about how horrible they are (man-hate threads, FDS, etc.) and dehumanizing them in your mind really damages real-life interactions with them in my experience. Remember that a lot of the degeneracy you see on here or read about in headlines are not the majority of men. We are different and have very opposite sets of problems and societal pressures, but it's not like men (barring the 1%…) have everything go perfect for them in life.

I'm rambling and this might fall on deaf ears, but all I'm saying is to not become blackpilled on men basically. I would never judge anyone for distrusting them because of trauma, I honestly feel the same. I am all for women supporting one another, self-improving, and becoming independent of men, but blanket hating them is as unhealthy as hating any other group of people. Just stop letting men's opinions (again, barring situations that might lead to physical harm) ruin your life, and stop letting them live rent free in your head.

Anonymous 82768


I'm so happy that I found your words.
cured my heart and brings me good mood Thank you!!!

Anonymous 82770


I can totally relate to this. But I have to admit that I shit on scrotes online 1000%, while treating them IRL like fellow human beings.
The Internet always gets me mad.

Anonymous 82772

I'm glad my post could help someone!

I'm the same, I could never bring myself to be rude to someone irl. But that itself was the issue, it was causing cognitive dissonance to talk amicably with male friends then go home and agree with posts about how they are all cruel robots who don't experience emotions. This word has a negative connotation, but I think a lot of man-hating (and woman-hating) venting is a way to cope with bad past experiences and to justify one's own insecurities. It definitely was for me. The internet does bring out the worst in people sometimes.

Anonymous 82831


Same. But really, anonymous websites are one of the few places besides private locked, paper diaries in safes where women can pour out their heart and soul in any area without mass harassment, because they're relatively unpopular and obscure. Even in all-female support groups you wouldn't say super man-hating things because a lot will try to make you love all men unconditionally again like a traumatized dog. Like we're not human and can't voluntarily isolate ourselves. It helps that I know for a fact the men I shit on are bad people and the ones I'm friends with are pretty good. Even if I myself am not a really good person in private.
Still I try to support all women whenever I can. Think about how you know when a woman generalizes men, 99% of the time she actually doesn't mean it and but is forced to say "Of course I don't mean all men!" and gets rape threats. With a male there's a great chance he's a flat out misogynist and it's just another thing we have to tolerate when he's not called out the same way. I'm unfair to male relatives sometimes and am a hypocrite in many ways. I really want to get along with men, fuck it I was flirting anonymously with guys for a couple hours today, but we need a place to vent about the other half of the population because they're the other half of the population. All the trouble they cause isn't going away until they're all gone and we have viable non-sperm pregnancies, and we know that's not happening in our lifetime no matter how hard we joke about male extinction.

Anonymous 82833


Like no matter how much a man compliments my voice, my eyes, my body, my hair, my outfits, whatever he says, it won't change my opinion of him if I know he's harassed, raped, done bad things to women or me before. From boy next door to high-ranking politician with a propaganda crusade. People don't change overnight and we don't have to forgive or get used to people of both sexes who wrong us or society for any reason. We won't be euthanized for lashing out at people in anger. I want my anger to be heard by others. I don't hurt innocent people or go on sprees like men do. Even female spree-ers are so rare because we internalize our pain most of the time.
And when we can't take it anymore, when the rage boils and takes over, because the world is so used to men being horrible, we make national headlines and it's treated as the fall of society. "How could a woman do this!? Let's ignore years of abuse and harassment and put down "crazy girlfriend/wife/mother/daughter snaps/kills person out of the blue!"
How about when men continue doing horrible things, we don't say "How can humans be so cruel to each other?" We look at the root, the RADICAL of the problem, and ask "How can men consistently be the cause of so much cruelty?"
Yes I'm raging, I woke up out of a deep anger inducing dream and wrote down my truest thoughts. I just want to play vidya dammit.

Anonymous 82870

but that's extremely fucking enjoyable, especially if you know they become upset and distraught

Anonymous 82873


It’s nice to know that there’s women like me who just go here to hate on men and are otherwise normal to men irl.

Online a women cannot do or say anything that isn’t entirely in line with fickle expectations without getting criticized for it while the bar for male content is on the ground. Sometimes it bleeds over to irl misogynists but I need my space to vent over men being dumb on the internet.

Anonymous 84039


It be super neat to have the option to change/fix/remove villagers' interiors items and clothes.

Anonymous 84040

I think the game you're looking for is SIMs in that case.

Anonymous 84046

Sorry, don't play SIMs. I like Animal Crossing more because of how cute and comfy it is. I just hate that you can accidentally ruin your villagers and being unable to fix it. Also hate the process of kicking them out and bringing them back in.

Anonymous 84063

i'm pretty sure you can go to isabelle and "complain" about it. they'll reset to their original clothes and then you can probably gift them something else in the hope that they'll wear it. as for interiors..just don't gift them anything they can use as furniture. if you're adamant on gifting to increase friendship levels, give them fossils. they're too big for display.

Anonymous 84118

Unfortunately complaining to Isabelle is temporary. Wish there's an easier way to get rid of all gifts back to the villagers original state. I'll take your advice of giving them better clothes. Never tried it with fossils but I've been giving them wrapped non-native fruits if that's ok.

Anonymous 84472

please do, I can't stand blue eyes on men

Anonymous 84566

I hate that I did this to Raymond without knowing after selling him a fish and giving him a gift from another villager. Also hate the fact that he and the newer villagers still don't have their amiibo cards.

Anonymous 84717


I feel like the hatred for bpd-sufferers has been rising recently and there is serious growing prejudice towards people with the condition and it's not entirely warranted imo. The abbreviation gets thrown around as an insult all the time now and too many people armchair and think they are oh so pathologically superior. They might aswell sweep in front of their own door and look towards their (almost-)narcissistic superiority complexes, unwarranted, misplaced aggression, rigidness, judgement, self-righteousness, compulsion, coldness and moral black-and-white-thinking which point into it's own pathological corner and no, that is not more fun or adequate than other pds.

Anonymous 84719


Is BPD the new sociopathy?

Anonymous 84720

I believe there's a general shift into hating people with self-diagnosed mental illnesses as tumblr-types have approriated diagnoses as excuses for being shitty people. Such as "Oh my god, you can't get angry at me for having extreme mood swings, I have BPD."

Not everyone who doesn't like BPDs has a personality disorder. Not liking dealing with BPDs isn't a personality disorder either.

Anonymous 84721

I mean BPD is only a few steps away from narcissism. I'd say NPD gets more hate.

Anonymous 84722

I think the main issue is that it’s pretty common for people with BPD to feed into each other and encourage each other’s mental illness in the same way that you see anorexics doing. I don’t really throw BPD around as an insult though so I’m possibly not part of the demographic you’re complaining about

Anonymous 84726

I just wish it was less generalization and bashing of mentally ill people in online discourse and more focus on how to stay safe if pds are a social risk and danger which they obviously can be.
Because most mentally ill people have been victims themselves and it's abuse-cycling if it affects other people. That is not an excuse but an explanation.

I understand it's tempting though and I need to check myself when it comes to NPD.

You're right in the sense that there are different trends and while there is strong stigma and prejudice, there are also growing romanticizing, enabling hugboxes and these trends correlate.

I will side-eye people though who armchair all the time, throw the word around a lot seriously, who can't accept that people are different and have different beliefs and values and that people are means unto themselves; who judge and nitpick and hate on others excessively and believe they are 100% justified in that and morally superior. That's a very shitty attitude if not pathological.

yes, I understand. I mean, it's fine if it happens once or twice but it just seems excessive lately. I also have to stop checking these places where it's bad

Anonymous 84730

>I will side-eye people though who armchair all the time, throw the word around a lot seriously, who can't accept that people are different and have different beliefs and values and that people are means unto themselves; who judge and nitpick and hate on others excessively and believe they are 100% justified in that and morally superior. That's a very shitty attitude if not pathological.
>everyone has different viewpoints and values and that's hecking valid
<but fuck anyone whose values and viewpoints have them judging other poetry
I love meta recursive hypocrisy.

Anonymous 84731

><but fuck anyone whose values and viewpoints have them judging other poetry
<but fuck anyone whose values and viewpoints have them judging other

Anonymous 84735

my problem is that these people don't tend to be self-aware, enable each other and their toxicity is more subtle than those of the low-hanging fruit. but you're right as a further conclusion and taking the next logical step, I should just accept their nature and focus on my self-preservation and just stay away from those hugboxes

Anonymous 84791

Kink-shaming is normal and healthy. Degenerates need to be put in their place.

Anonymous 85510

I hate fall

I hate dogs

I love hot weather

I think cats are smarter than dogs

Diet soda tastes better than regular soda

Chocolate ice cream is the worst flavor of ice cream

Anonymous 85511

based opinions except for the hot weather one

Anonymous 85518

thanks, hot weather doesn't feel all that good but I like it because it's like a reminder that fall and winter have fucked off and died

Anonymous 85521

My unpopular opinion is that this room looks cool as hell

Anonymous 85526

You don't get that nasty aftertaste from fake sugar?

Anonymous 85530

No, at least not from coke zeroes or mountain dew zeros/diet mountain dew. Diet coke and diet pepsi, yes I do.
I really hate regular soda because they leave this weird, sludgy feeling in my throat.
I know diet soda isn't good for me, I just really like the way it tastes for some reason. It might be because I grew up on them because my mom refused to buy regular soda.

Anonymous 85538

based, it's like a thick sticky film and tastes like syrup
this is literallywhocares shit, but I'm type one diabetic, so I can't drink regular soda, the one dietician I asked told me you'd have to drink like four gallons of diet soda per day for an extended period of time to fuck up any of your organs
he did say always brush your teeth twice daily though

Anonymous 85693

Here's an actual unpopular one: capitalism has contributed massively to the emancipation of women.

Anonymous 85701

This can all be true with it also being true that capitalism has done the most for the emancipation of women of any system.

I do find it kind of funny you're trying to argue that women are more objectified now then when they were literal objects to be traded for money with though.

Anonymous 85704

>t least back in the day they weren't consuming porn at 12yo and calling us whores whenever they felt to. Morality was more strict.
Then is it Christian Europe you're thinking of when women were less objectified then they were now? As that still had dowry's.

I'm seriously trying to understand how woman are more objectified now then when we were bought and sold between different families.

Anonymous 85727

Look up the affect the formation of the USSR/commie bloc had on women's lib. We would have nothing if Soviet women didn't inspire western women + scare the shit out of western men.

Anonymous 85729

Reading up on that, I still don't think that influence would have been possibly without the capitalistic inventions of both mass-produced condoms and contraceptives. If you want to argue ideology that happened a decade or so after these important items were made was more important to women's liberations, as opposed to the inventions themselves allowing it to happen in the first place. I heavily disagree with your analysis.

Hell, the Soviet Union didn't even manufacture contraceptives until the 1990s.

Anonymous 85733


>capitalistic inventions

Anonymous 85734

Alright, my mind is open. Show me the USSR contraceptive factories, show me when the USSR started dishing out the birth control pills to women. My sources say 1990, what do your sources say?

Anonymous 85770

You should never listen to ANY western person when it comes to socialist countries. Not to the media, not to the government, and not to "woke" twitter people.
Do not believe anybody unless it's someone who has actually lived in said countries.

Anonymous 85771

This image is so dumb in so many levels I'm assuming you're trolling. Who am I supposed to believe? Pravda? Xinhua?

Anonymous 85773

Never trust any source of news without heavy skepticism.

Anonymous 85776

That can be true and capitalism can still have ultimately done more for women. Capitalism definitely has its downsides too, the atomization of the individual is by no means all good, but purely in terms of women's liberation it's a pretty gigantic improvement.

What I think capitalism has failed to provide is the concurrent education and community necessary to really liberate people. And of course it hasn't, because then you can't sell to those people as easily. But the existence of capitalism and of individual women as marketable to by capitalism is a breaker of chains. Whether once those chains are broken you're able to get up and free yourself is a little different.

Anonymous 85778

That said: do I have still have fantasies of being a wealthy feudal Nordic landowner whose husband either died or who voluntary divorced her husband (because you could do that in Iceland and Norway, even back then) and so obtained her dowry wealth and property to dispose of as she wished? Of course I do.

Anonymous 85779

yeah but what do you do with that skepticism? you check other news sources, which you should also be skpetical of…

Anonymous 85786

Yeah, I'll trust what support my opinions and discart what refutes them. Genius.

Anonymous 85791

Verify. People wouldn't get sucked into QAnon and coronavirus hoax conspiracy theories if they were forced to deal with facts on the ground through working or being in close contact with those with first-hand experience.

Anonymous 85817

>Humans have been around for so long that we should have gotten over our conflicts by now.
Watch Gundam

Anonymous 86072

Anonymous 86114

Really? Why do people always act like drinking diet soda is practically like drinking battery acid? I've been drinking it for years, and the worst that happens is I'll sometimes get a caffeine headache.

Anonymous 86115

"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you." Friedrich Nietzsche

Anonymous 86117

I hate SJWs. As a minority, I don't need someone who doesn't share generational trauma or abuse to defend me. Stop being offended by everything. Jeez.

Anonymous 86118

Those were fun times.

Anonymous 86119

It's not arrogance, it's just that with the anonymity there wasn't pressure to be female on the internet. You were just another internet user. There wasn't the political landscape that there is today.

Anonymous 86121

Not hatred, I just prefer to keep a healthy distance from Cluster Bs due to experience. I'll still be civil but that's the limit.

Anonymous 86161

I have BPD (I got diagnosed by a real life psychiatrist ooooo) and I just try to ignore people here that use "you have BPD" as an insult to anybody they don't agree with.
Especially since a lot of people here with NPD are the ones doing it, as if they aren't in the same cluster and probably shouldn't be talking.
It's really annoying, but I know if I start arguing with them it's just going to drive me insane, especially since I get really emotional easily, and in terms of combustibility, I'm pretty much a gasoline fire, which really just ends up embarrassing me every time (especially on the internet, where I can't really do much other than type mean words).

So in other words, I agree with you, but if you have BPD, just don't waste your time worrying about these people, especially considering most of the people on CC are hermits with their own slew of mental health issues and need an easy target that's prone to dramatics that can take eyes off of their own neurotic behavior. Why do you think so many CCers also frequent lolcow? Gossip and finger-pointing makes them feel more normal.

Anonymous 86172

BPD is mostly diagnosed in women. While it can be a real diagnosis obviously, a lot of the time it’s just thrown around as yet another gendered insult towards women. CPTSD is never mentioned yet that shares a lot of the same symptoms because it doesn’t have the same stigma. BPD is never thrown at men because being so emotional that you rape or murder someone is fine but causing some drama on the internet is not.

Anonymous 86173

> being so emotional that you rape or murder someone is fine
Not just fine, you get your own cult following
I will take any chance to shit on the true crime community

Anonymous 86245

There's a saying in mental health; woman with BPD are in the mental health system, men with BPD are in prison.

Anonymous 86341


Anonymous 86449


The newer or "desexualized" Lola Bunny isn't so bad. She's just less curvier than her og and is wearing a more fitting basketball outfit. She's pretty and still feels like Lola to me. Lol at the coomer moids having meltdowns and their "fixed" redesigns. Really says a lot about them and how they see Lola.

Anonymous 86451

I don't understand how this is even worth a discussion. People need to grow up and stop getting upset over a design change in a kids movie.

Anonymous 86464


I've met like 10 diagnosed BPD patients (male and female) and some more undiagnosed people of which I suspect they have it duo to prior experience. To be fair, most of them are insufferable, manipulative assholes. I'm not sure who is worse, the men or women. The men get REALLY agressive and start to throw around random shit while women get the whole squat against you and accuse you of something bad. The best way to describe them is unpredictable, "chaotic evil" most of the time. I've met some which are good or neutral natured and are just victims to their emotions.

Btw. these are some things BPD people experience according to themselves, not some doctors:
Constantly tense muscles, nerves. That's why many of them are into selfharming and/or BDSM. It relieves them of the tension. The tension is also the reason why they are on alert or in panic/angst most of the time. They also have trouble to regulate their emotions. It's like there is no chemical buffer, their feelings just rise exponentially. Again: men and women react differently to those symptoms. Also a heavy categorising in good and evil, almost no grey zone. You're either a devil or an angel. Fun fact: they are often both in a constant shift.

>muh sexual awakening
Men can be so pathetic.

Anonymous 86492

From the moids I've interacted with, it's less that the design was changed and more the perceived reason why it was changed. Sure there's some coomer autists that want Lola to look the exact same way she did back in the day, but the general consensus is that it wasn't an organic decision to change her design.

Anonymous 86499

If anything it feels just blatantly manipulative to me.
>look womyn!! We changed the cartoon bunnies character design, aren't we progressive? Forget all the rape and manipulation that goes on backstage, we made the bunny less pretty!
Worst part it actually worked, and we seem to be mostly viewing this as a "win" somehow? Or at the very least moids are viewing it as a "loss".

Anonymous 86509

Any less pornified redesign of a female character is a win in my book. Does it materially affect my life? No more than any other individual piece of media, but I'm not going to pretend her OG design didn't make me uncomfortable as a kid watching the original movie. I am happy for the young girl that doesn't feel like she has to cover her eyes to watch and enjoy a movie as much as any young boy.

Anonymous 86532

gatekeeping is essential. it increases the barrier of entry meaning only the people who actually care about the hobby or whatever are able to enter these communities. being too open and inviting ruins communities. many hobbies have something called "core" so for example you have core skateboarders who only buy from og or underground brands, watch old skate vids, hate youtubers, instagrammers, and tiktokers, and although they're quite friendly it's not easy to enter their groups. right now i'm not really able to articulate as to why i believe gatekeeping is so important but i really do believe it.

Anonymous 86533

The only people who hate gatekeeping are the ones that gates are supposed to keep out. There are zero things wrong with gatekeeping.

Anonymous 86534

Yup, you're right. Look at what normies did to subcultures like punk and goth.

>Can I get a dab?
>Drama alert
>Top 10 lists
>Cancel culture
I want the normals out of the web…

Anonymous 88413


I think Taylor N Dean used to be so pretty. She had so much going for her lookswise. I still find her pretty if you removed all the toxic shit she did to herself. It would be easy to fix her looks up. She should dissolve the filler and exercise to rejuvenate herself and put all her animals up for adoption.

Anonymous 88425


I miss Sanrio's asymmetrical character design. A lot of nu Sanrio design looks boring.

Anonymous 88594

Hello kitty with a mouth?!?!

Anonymous 88596

Where are more pictures of her from this time period? She looked gross as soon as she fucked with her upper lip. It seriously ruined her facial harmony. She was really pretty before, though.

Anonymous 88603

is that unpopular? i think everyone agrees she was pretty before she got with johnny and started filling her lips. she got famous bc she was an animal youtuber that was really pretty. though tbh the animal hoarding and neglect all for youtube clout and cash will always make her unattractive

Anonymous 92047


Sandra Oh is ugly. I always see people calling her beautiful on tumblr and twitter. Her face is so long and puffy looking.

Anonymous 92056

>constantly tense muscles, nerves
>self harm and pain relieves them of the tension
well jeez in all my years of being a bpdfag I had no idea that I wasn't the only one who constantly felt like I had shitty aches and pains, but it's good to know that I'm not the only hypochondriac bitch in existence

Anonymous 92113

>no sourcw

Anonymous 92134

da google it. estrogens increasing the chance of breast cancer is a well known fact


The Beatles don't have a single good song. The average anime op is way better.

Anonymous 92169

that's the point. finally an actor who looks like an average human being instead of some unattainable goddess

Anonymous 92223

She doesn’t look like an “average human being” to me though. She is uglier and weirder-looking than the average person.

Anonymous 92228


The normalization of posting your political beliefs/actions online is bad and will have side effects in the future. No I will not take questions at this time

Anonymous 92236

Influencers who shoop and claim it's natural are holding the rest of us back.

For example, there is one famous E girl influencer who is famous for having a unique waist. It's a completely impossible shape, but people buy into it, and her comments are FULL of young girls saying they want to look like her and some admitting they want to starve themselves just seeing her. They all believe this is real.

It's horrible how badly influencers have impacted the image of a normal woman. Nobody has a waist the same width as their jaw and nobody has eyes that take up way too much of their face. They've ruined any step towards body positivity we could have possible made in modern times

Anonymous 92305

Unpopular opinion, people (especially men) need to stop bragging about getting vaccinated for Covid. People get it for altruistic reasons while others simply can't. You're not a hero for getting a pick in the arm, sheesh.

Anonymous 92307

Yeah the way people post about it always creeps me out.

Anonymous 92311

In the beginning it was ok because the vaccine was a big relief. Now the announcements comes off as a bit narcistic?

Anonymous 92328

Where are you living where Sandra Oh is considered ugly? She's definitely an average looking woman.

Anonymous 92369

good opinion, current female beauty ideals are beyond impossible (even more than before)

Anonymous 92371

nah misandry is an essential component of healthy female life

Anonymous 92375


whats the problem with "becoming a monster himself"? why does it matter anyway? a person who is forced to fight all their life for the most basic human rights (not to be bullied, tortured, treated like a non-human being etc) has never had a possibility of living a normal healthy life in the first place. they lose nothing if they become a monster themsleves, probably even the opposite - by becoming a monster they at least can feel happiness at their fate (because they turned into someone who feels pleasure by being depraved, violent, instead of suffering of those things as a conscious human being). there is no good and evil in such a situaion - their personhood has never had a chance to form and thus the lines between offence and non-offence (towards them or coming from them) are virtually non-existent (because offence is possible only if one has boundaries/personhood that can be violated). this entire ethic seems like an oppressor psyop (just like the nonsense about ends never justifying the means - if you have power to compencate the costs or to cover up the means it doesnt fucking matter at all), i would never trust it lol

Anonymous 92388

Never seen someone call her beautiful but I also think she's on the uglier side. Which actresses would you say look more average? Preferably of a similar ethnic background for better comparison.

Anonymous 92390

You can make the exact same reasoning for the people who caused you misfortune in the first place. At the very least, if you become a monster yourself you lose your right to call yourself a victim and to judge those who wronged you.

Anonymous 92394


this. in the past you could at least starve yourself to look like a trendy "heroin chic" skelly but now you're required to have huge breasts ans buttocks (and "thicc thighs" but it's less popular) while having small wrists, collarbones, the sharpest anachan waist imaginable, etc

Anonymous 92429

I don't want my city to grow bigger.

Anonymous 92431

People who believe in astrology are some of the most annoying religious nutjobs. More annoying than Christians, Muslims, and even Jehovah's Witnesses. They never shut up about it, have free reign to proselytize, refuse to recognize their belief as belief and try to pass it as "science", and act offended or holier-than-thou when faced with any opposition.
I hate that they're trying to sell it as something all women believe in and making us all look stupid.

Anonymous 92432

Nothing really, but they shouldn't be in denial of their own hypocrisy. Like being offended for being called a birch when they are actually being a bitch.

Anonymous 92445


Who’s that girl? I’m curious. But anyway I agree completely. Funnily enough what made me realize it was k-pop. Female idols have always promoted borderline dangerous beauty standards, but back in the early 2010s they were at least achievable. Underweight and overworked, but achievable. Nowadays, these k-pop girls are not only extremely skinny but they also don hourglass hips and full breasts thanks to padding, photoshop and surgery. It’s so harmful and disheartening, and the worst part is that so many people are completely oblivious to these artifacts. Hip pads especially I think are still pretty unknown.

Anonymous 92446


>be me
>be an aspen tree
>forever forsaken to being mistaken for one of those fucking birches

Anonymous 92447

The girl is Ang3lthigh on Instagram. Shes one of these Bimbofication girls who has an OnlyFans and is horrendously obsessed with looking like a child. She is a prolific pedopanderer and its actually sick.

So, that's two ways she negatively influences womens beauty standards. She does the Belle Delphine high pitched voice loli shit while also photoshopping herself into that picture of squidwards after he ate an entire vault of Krabby Pattys

Anonymous 92452

>full breasts
As far as I can see, K-pop is still full of A-cups. It's one of the reasons I got interested in it. It's nice to see some popular media where not every girl has to have big curves to be considered worthy of being a performer. (I know Ariana Grande exists but still.)

Anonymous 92472

pop music has gotten better over the past decade

Anonymous 92489

At least you're a useful tree that provides oxygen in the air as opposed to a bitch who spews carbon dioxide and smog.

Anonymous 92853

I would kill the dog that lives in front of me and barks at every other dog that walks on the street (so many) so my neighbours would learn that they should have taken their pet inside their home so it wouldn't constatly disturbe other neighbours the whole damn day and night.

Anonymous 92877

I want the schizo poster back, cc is getting slow again

Anonymous 92881

me too :( i want to be her friend

Anonymous 92884

Femcel central

Anonymous 92889

It was a man.

Anonymous 92914


I fucking hate stoners sooo much. they are some of the most fucking annoying people on the planet, besides troons

Anonymous 92918

kek same. I once knew a stoner who was literally the guy in that picture. He even looked like that.
He trooned out, too, and it seems that many online troons are stoners or druggies who use drugs to help fuel their delusions of being women.

Anonymous 92993

Most men who are obsessed with the idea of rejecting women are usually desperate

Anonymous 92994

at this point weed is basically used to keep people docile and susceptible. it’s why so many lefties (and troons) abuse the shit out of it

Anonymous 93032

testing btw

Anonymous 93076


My major complaint with stoners is how terrible they are with money. They'll brag about being "so poor" and having to strictly eat take out because "healthy food is sooo expensive" while they're smoking more than I earn in a month.

Anonymous 93077

>"totally not an addiction. Doesn't impact my life negatively or anything haha"
Ok then why do only eat one meal a day with 0 nutritional value?

Anonymous 93086

Christmas should be abolished. Celebrate solstices and equinoxes instead.

Anonymous 93087

Yule tho. Can’t stop me and my Yule log, bish

Anonymous 93088

Black men are not attractive at all, for me personally they are highly unattractive or even disgusting.

HOWEVER many men are really nice and cool, behaving nicely to women.
Majority of men I know are really good guys and I really don't like saying things like "all men are horrible pigs thinking only about sex" and similar stuff. It is just not true.

Transgender people are mentally ill and should cure this illness, instead of crying sh*t.

Anonymous 93099


Get wrecked sis. Just because I love cow's milk doesn't mean I'm not aware of the dangers.

Anonymous 93102

I feel like I blinked and the entire world switched to communicating over discord. You just can't find communities off of it and I don't have any friends who will give me invite codes to things I want to join.

It was gone from my rural high school in 2008. Which is weird, because why wouldn't a bunch of farmers teach their kids traditional stuff?

This. I think of it like an immune system response. The immune system (women) wouldn't have responded with trying to kill the bacteria (men) if they weren't trying to kill us first.

Anonymous 93103

You just gave me flashbacks to my one loser stoner friend. Would never have money for rent or his car payment, but would eat out for every single meal and would smoke $280 of weed a week while working a $10 an hour job. I hated being near him because it was uncomfortable watching a person commit very slow suicide. He was morbidly obese by 22 too, and he's just gotten fatter.

Anonymous 93143

I'm not right wing by any means, but I've fallen down the rabbit hole of anti-immigration and I'm not sure how to shake off the feelings of fear I have. I am from a small country and idk what to believe. I don't want to hurt anyone ;__;

Anonymous 93283


Very strange the way people think fetuses are cute. Most people seem to think they are cute. What's with that?

Anonymous 93284

This is so true. Literally every server I have ever heard of turns into a shit show and ends up banned due to pedophilia or non-stop drama. I do not and will not ever understand them. Not even remotely fun.

Anonymous 94062

There's nothing wrong with dating someone much older than you or someone much younger than you(as long as they're an adult).

Anonymous 94093

>there are people who think fetuses are cute
I refuse to believe this. I have worked with young children since I was still a child and every intention on becoming a mother within the next 5 years and even I’ll admit that babies are not cute until the 3 month mark. Pictures of a fetus give me no feelings and newborn babies look like 19th century monarchs. Must be a fundie cope or a visual impairment.

Anonymous 94097

I think ime only the future grandparents think this and it's bc old folks are just weird

Anonymous 94112

babies are not cute, period, tbh. and yes, young women believe this.

i've seen young women say this, anon despite the fact that they're ghastly.

Anonymous 94113


Are you talking about foetuses or babies? I think the baby thing is up for debate but foetuses are objectively disgusting and I'm pretty sure pro-lifers just pretend to think they're cute to futher their agenda. I'm thinking of those gross little plastic models that they hand out that I'm supposed to feel sympathy for but actually want to stomp on.

Anonymous 94115


fetuses, specifically, but i'm willing to engage in the baby debate because babies are not cute either. any baby animal is cuter than any human baby, hands down. the pro-life thing plays into it, but i think some people think they look like tiny babies and so they're not disgusting.

Anonymous 98635

I think anyone who rates themselves a 6 on a 1 to 10 scale of attractiveness makes them seems like they are coming off as modest/humble about their appearance but at the same time immediately stating (quietly) they are better looking than the average person. I don't really want to listen to a self rating of a 6 unless I can lay my eyes on them in person and see for myself, but if they were to rate themselves a 5 or below strangely I think of ways why they might actually be higher.

Anonymous 100653

Irish here. A lot of weirdo American "witches" take beliefs and traditions from Irish (Gaelic/Celtic) culture. I agree with you, because almost every part of it that they have taken is completely arseways. Some of them like to larp as these uber Celtic druid types and claim they have Irish ancestry but then do hoodoo magic which is based on African vodou and Christian beliefs mixed together. A lot of them larp as nordic witches, I bet Scandinavians have a grand old time when Chloe from Ohio decides shes a viking and starts tattooing runes on herself

Anonymous 100655

oh my god im so sorry for all the weirdos that do that. traditional irish culture is amazing and shouldnt be culture-vultured by americans. lets make an anti-american women club

Anonymous 100663

Could you explain what"cultural appropriation" means? I've heard the term a lot but I'm not too certain the definition, would be nice to know when it comes to sensitive matters such as indigenous cultures and the like.

Anonymous 100668

i think modern day radfems have an incorrect analysis of gender

Anonymous 100686

fitting trips
all religions are full of shit

Anonymous 100689

seething pedophile rightoid

Anonymous 100704


I think it should be more socially acceptable to not leave your house very much. If you work, socialize, communicate and order what you need from home then it shouldn't be as big of a stigma

Anonymous 100740

What do you mean by not leaving your house very much? I could see if you mean going out to socialize or to public venue which is admittedly overrated and necessary maybe once a week or less. But if you mean walking and going outside in general then that may not be as healthy, you need fresh air .

Anonymous 100749

Go back to Twitter

Anonymous 100750

go back to /pol/ faggot

Anonymous 100751

>Wicca was founded in England between 1921 and 1950

>he idea that those persecuted as witches during the early modern period in Europe were not, as the persecutors had claimed, followers of Satanism, nor were they innocent people who confessed to witchcraft under threat of torture, as had long been the historical consensus, but rather that they were adherents of a surviving pre-Christian pagan religion.


Not everything is about you. Stupid.


Anonymous 100754

I should've been more specific. I like to go into my yard, by myself; pick up things or pick some weeds. But I don't want to be around people


Heh.. yeah I don't have many good images

Anonymous 100925

im indigenous so I say so. cope.

Anonymous 100944

I really don't understand this "you're just influenced by dumb internet sjws" argument when it's directed towards people who are actually from the culture or country that's being discussed. Surely they know better than you or me.

Anonymous 100947

I don’t believe in magic because I’m not a retard. Being indigenous and believing in magic doesn’t make you any less retarded.
>I’m indigenous so I make up my own history. cope!!1!
Clearly she didn’t know better than us lol: >>100751

Anonymous 100979

go back to /pol/ with the moids. i got a date wrong from a Wikipedia entry but it’s still obvious that white women who believe in this weird “magic” are dumb and steal shit from other cultures to seem “exotic”. and they’re annoying. can we at least agree that they’re annoying?

Anonymous 100984

>If you haven't grown up around it, but its still part of your racial history, don't engage in it. To me this conjures up cringey images of nordic dudes worshipping defunct gods because "theyre the gods of muh ancestors!!1!"
Just say you hate Europeans who dare to appreciate their culture and not totally hate themselves. If you think indigenous people dancing around a fire pit doing spiritual chants isn’t just as embarrassing, you’re just a racist hypocrite
Ok. We can agree that they’re annoying.

Anonymous 101000


Unpopular… OK. Today did research and put this img together.
Something is really wrong in my homeland.

Anonymous 101062

They consistently tested low numbers.

Anonymous 103176

This is more about typical timelines/ societal expectations changing than a desire to stay "young". People used to get married younger, have kids younger etc but now you're encouraged to focus on your education and career first. 4 years of college pushes the average age of marriage up a few years. And homes are not as affordable as they used to be, making it hard to start a family young even if you want to. There's a book about this called something like "30s are the new 20s" – many milestones have been pushed up. Considering the brain isn't fully developed until you're 25, it's also not a bad thing

Anonymous 103237

But at 30 you should be just about as healthy, active and attractive as you are in your 20s, provided you take care of yourself. There's nothing different or 'old' about it, except perhaps your life path which, as >>103176 said, is getting pushed later and later. Old is a meaningless descriptor if it applies to a 30 year old but not a 25 year old since there's minimal change between the two.

Anonymous 103244

I wish my friends would all get pregnant so I can have a reason to crochet more baby blankets.

Anonymous 103920

Soda is disgusting

Anonymous 103922


Anonymous 103923

If there is a ten years gap, yeah I can see it
But if you're 32 and hang out with people who are 27 I don't see it as weird.
It's always weird with people in the early 20s, 20-25, because they're frankly still kids

Anonymous 103925

That's not unpopular anymore thankfully

Anonymous 106818

99% of American comedies and sitcoms are unfunny

Anonymous 106820

Current or across all time?

Anonymous 106821

mostly 90s and later, not familiar with older ones tbh but none of those i watched i found funny

Anonymous 106822

I have never laughed at those "late night" shows (Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, etc.) and I'm uncertain I've met anyone who actually has.

Anonymous 106823

i'd like to think i have pretty broad tastes in music but i really can't stand indie and pop-punk

Anonymous 106826

i think the one corpse photo looks fine and i'd gladly date him. not the helmet hair one but that was probably taken 10 years ago. but the short curly haired one i'm fine with if his voice is even half deep and he's not obese. i like the persona he plays in his streams no matter if its his personality or just fake. i know people will call me a simp but i don't mind. his presence in videos has kept me company

Anonymous 106829

OOMPH! are better and should have been bigger than Rammstein and I will die on that hill

Anonymous 106910

i fully agree. also it's funny to see western socialists insist that "boomers" are a coherent class but women aren't

Anonymous 106943

I think the generation definitions are too large. A millennial born in 1980 and one born in 1996 have really different experiences. I think it's the same with boomers going from 1946 to 1964.

Anonymous 107063

Israel is four times more densely populated than Egypt. Israel also vaccinated very quickly, and we now know that long times between vaccines can boost their efficacy, which is why they're now doing a third booster. They also lifted all restrictions too early when less than 60% of their population was vaccinated and that allowed delta to run wild with the lack of herd immunity, especially when Israel has a large youth population that is unvaccinated.

Anonymous 107068

Because of contra’s gen z tweet I decided to look at ace communities a bit, I never really questioned them that much and I don’t think it’s a fake sexuality but it feels like a lot of people are just reacting to living in a sexualized society. I don’t think its normal to want to have sex with everyone you see and it feels like such a western thing and I always thought the ideal relationship was one born out of a friendship so I don’t get why the demis think they’re oppressed or deserving of pride.

Anonymous 107197

I hate the "autistic pride" shit. I know I'd be a completely different person without autism but if a cure was invented tomorrow I'd take it, no hesitation.

Also I think the sexual revolution was bad for women.

Anonymous 107200

I think some "gatekeeping" is good, because if you don't call people out for shitty or weird behavior/dumbass ideas, then they'll think it's okay and then more people will think it's okay. I'm against the "laid-back, anything goes" mentality. Or that we have to be "accepting" of everyone and everything.

I also think casual sex is gross and all it does is spread disease and make people mentally ill. I believe in monogamy and saving yourself for "the one". Or at least trying to. I think people should respect their bodies more and take sex more seriously. I think everyone would be happier.

It might sound weird to say, but while I have strong opinions, I'm not that judgemental. It's like, this is what I believe in and think should be, but if you're not an awful person, I'm not going to hate you for doing it or disagreeing. Just wish you would be more thoughtful.

Anonymous 107201

>I think some "gatekeeping" is good, because if you don't call people out for shitty or weird behavior/dumbass ideas, then they'll think it's okay and then more people will think it's okay. I'm against the "laid-back, anything goes" mentality. Or that we have to be "accepting" of everyone and everything.

Agreed with this. If any community wants to have standards, they have to gatekeep.

Anonymous 107203

This is really what it's about. If you have no standards, then everything turns to shit eventually because if certain types of people can get away with stuff, they will. It's like actual cancer, they just spread their shitty behavior and ideas and everyone else is too much of a coward to tell them to fuck off. Bullying works. Social shaming works to some degree. And I don't agree with spreading hate and shouting people down, but like some things just shouldn't be allowed and it's ironic that the "no gatekeeping" is actually gatekeeping because they don't allow anyone who disagrees with them to speak up about it. I wish more people would realize the hypocrisy. It's basically them saying "gatekeeping is okay if we do it!"

I'm mainly talking about fandom spaces though, but it applies to a lot of other things as well.

Anonymous 107208

I mostly deal with it in jfashion circles, and it's awful. You get people buying cheap aliexpress clothing and mixing it with things from Hot Topic and ask if they're wearing a Japanese fashion which has specific cuts, motifs, fabrics, etc, and then cry about how it's too expensive or unfair that it doesn't fit them or whatever, as if they're entitled to wear a niche style of clothing.

It's absolutely rampant in fandom spaces, too, as you mentioned. I gave up years ago trying to socialize with people over media that I like. I just make my best friend watch shit and talk about it with me.

Anonymous 107213

I'm gonna be honest, you sound a like a snob. I understand not wanting people to say they're wearing a certain style if they are not, but complaints about clothing items being too expensive is fair. It's like you're saying "only rich people can enjoy this niche hobby". It's not about skill or talent, you're not making these clothes yourselves, it's just about who has the most money to buy the most expensive or rare piece. It's cool if someone has a lot of knowledge and sense of style, but I don't think gatekeeping people because they don't have enough money is cool. I personally don't find hobbies like that very interesting. I'd be more impressed if people were making their own clothes or if someone can find cheaper items that are still stylish.

I don't try to socialize with people in most fandom spaces anymore, either. Everyone is too cliquey and has too much of a hivemind. It's like a lot of these people aren't even real fans, they just use big fandoms as a way to socialize and gain a following. I miss talking with people who actually care about the thing we are all fans of, instead of some drama.

Anonymous 107214

Some hobbies are costly. It isn't snobbish or gatekeeping to point that out. You can buy secondhand or try to snipe auctions to lower that cost, but you're still importing clothes from another country made by small retailers, so it won't be as cheap as shopping at Walmart, which is what a lot of people want. Yeah, there are status pieces that cost a ridiculous amount, but they aren't required to enjoy the fashion.

Also, there is talent in dressing well. There are lots of people with money and no taste.

People can make their own clothes if they want, but unless they're Japanese, they aren't Japanese fashion.

Anonymous 107216

>It isn't snobbish
Yes, it is. Like I said, there's nothing to be impressed about someone who simply has more money than someone else. There are probably a lot of people with no money for these clothes that have better taste than you, so I don't see the point of bragging about it or acting like its' a "talent". If you're gatekeeping most of the competition from even competing, you haven't really won anything.

Anonymous 107229

It seriously isn't. All hobbies, especially luxury hobbies, cost money. It isn't gatekeeping when that's a simple fact. You want to get into record collecting? Money. You want to start playing Magic? Money. You want to learn to play an instrument? Money.

In competitive card games, building a nice deck can cost hundreds if certain cards are rare or high in demand. No one expects to be able to show up to tournaments and say "well it's gatekeeping for you to not let me join" because they don't have money for a decent deck. No one postulates about the great players we are missing out on because they couldn't afford a deck.

Also, you saying there are people with less money and better taste is literally what I said, but okay.

Anonymous 107230

>It's not about skill or talent, you're not making these clothes yourselves, it's just about who has the most money to buy the most expensive or rare piece.
Nta, but solving a problem of nice clothes can either be money or skill, if you don't have the money, you must have the skills, if you don't have the skills, you must have the money.

To be even more fair, there is difference between the hobby of making clothes and the hobby of wearing clothes. No amount of money will make you good at making clothes(though it can buy you time and materials to practice with), and no amount of skill will overcome material limits as far as purchasing power (your look absolutely needs silk, but silk is fucking expensive.)

Anonymous 107232

>It's not about skill or talent, you're not making these clothes yourselves, it's just about who has the most money to buy the most expensive or rare piece.
Actually this has become such an issue that some smaller tournaments do in fact allow competitors to print bootleg cards and use them in their decks as if it were legitimate.

Anonymous 107233

>People can make their own clothes if they want, but unless they're Japanese, they aren't Japanese fashion.
This is bullshit, are you inmplying if a random Euro made a perfect recreation of a kimono that it isn't a kimono? (Not that kimonos are J-Fashion, it is just an example to illustrate a point.)

Anonymous 107239

It seriously is. And no, not all hobbies break the bank. Especially if you are into something not snobby that actually requires hard work, skill, and real talent.

>competitive card games

lol Iknew some autist would sperg out. You sound like a moid from 4chan who likes to argue semantics. No thanks.

I don't care about semantics. You're a snob if you spend your time gatekeeping a "hobby" and pretending you're "better at it" than anyone else because you have money and they don't. Your "hobby" is inherently snobby.

"wearing clothes" as a hobby is hilarious, to be honest. Dumb snobs.

You don't need money to have style and taste, so buying clothes or not doesn't matter at all. It's just a way for you to try and flex over poor people in the end.


This. That anon went on about specific cuts, but if it's not made from pure nihongo folding hands, I guess it's not "stylish" enough even if it's an exacpt replica. Fucking weebs lolol

Anonymous 107273

No official tournaments do this. Your local card shop's FNM isn't the same.

Individual items, yes, but not an entire fashion. You can mix in individual western items that suit the fashion, but if you are solely wearing western items, you aren't wearing Japanese fashion. That's why horrors like party kei managed to happen.

I didn't say break the bank. I said cost money, and that's true. The amount varies by hobby. Importing clothing from halfway around the world is a luxury hobby, and no one is entitled to it.

Calling me a sperg because I mentioned card games on the vagina version of 4chan is stupid. You think there aren't plenty of nerds on here?

Genuine question: what the fuck were you talking about in the first place with gatekeeping then? If we aren't talking about standards being upheld and requiring people to actually partake in the hobby they CHOOSE to the join, then what are you gatekeeping?

Anonymous 107274

please move to an uninhabited island and never come back

Anonymous 107276


i really wish I could be a maid and work with other maid friends to make my true love the happiest man on earth

Anonymous 107277

>Individual items, yes, but not an entire fashion.

>sew a kimono together

>perfectly create an obi
>painstackingly create a historically accurate mage
>dress my hair up in the ideally mage
>use period correct makeup for my face
>have husband patiently carve a pair of accurate Maiko for me out of wood
<but my outfit wasn't made in Japan so I'm actually just in a western suit

Anonymous 107288

Smells like moid larp

Anonymous 107295


Anonymous 107296

I mean you already moved your goalpost, by changing it from contraceptives to the birth control pill. Birth control pills are only so important in the West, because abortions were banned.

The SU however was the first country in the world to legalize abortion and make it widely accessible. Stalin banned it, but this was reversed after he died. THE SU had the highest rate of abortion in the world. Condoms were also widely available.

Anonymous 107297

My original position is that all mass-produced contraceptives enable women to actually have autonomy. I list specifics for sake of examples, the gestalt applies to all.
>Birth control pills are only so important in the West, because abortions were banned.
Moid hands touched this post.

Anonymous 107298

I genuinely hope that this opinion never becomes popular.

Anonymous 107302

Ironically, if you can do all that, you've got money. You're not going to recreate a kimono with a cheap plastic textile costing 2 bucks.

Anonymous 107307


Anonymous 107310


People who are like 35 and go on about how wonderful not having a husband and kids genuinely come off as terribly bitter to me.
Most of the time they sound emotional stunted or they project their own relationship insecurities onto married people, going on and on about how miserable they supposedly are.
I know being married and having a family isn't easy. Nor will everyday with your husband be like a honeymoon, where you two are jumping into bed together every other minute. But the way these people complain about married/family life is on a whole different level of pessimism I just can't get behind, nor do I think is very healthy to believe.

Anonymous 107314

warning troon opinion

Anonymous 107395

>luxury hobby
>no one is entitled to enjoy my "luxury" hobby unless they have money!
Do you hear yourself? You're a complete snob, so much so that your favorite community reverse-gatekept your ass out of it.

The irony of you not realizing you are exactly the kind of person I was originally referring to. You don't care about the fashion because if you did you wouldn't be so quick to shoot down people who make their own clothes or find cheaper items that are just as fitting. Your arbitrary rule for being able to enjoy your "luxury" hobby (not real hobbies by the way, only snobs try to pretend they are) is just that they have the money to buy these specific clothing items. You're more interested in gatekeeping and throwing a tantrum every time someone doesn't have the pure Japanese, overpriced clothing item you deem appropriate than actually enjoying the fashion you claim to care so much about.

I'm sure actual Japanese people don't give a shit if someone is not using items imported from Japan as long as they are sincerely interested in the styles. They would probably be really impressed if they found out some foreigner made their clothes by hand. Especially considering 90%, if not 100%, of the J-fashion that you like so much is heavily influenced by Western styles in the first place. Unless they are wearing a 100% traditional Japanese outfit, which is not what you're crying about, it's not purely Japanese. Half of J-fashion does look like stuff you could easily buy in the west or from Hot Topic, sorry to burst your bubble. Your clothes are not superior just because a Japanese person made it. And I honestly doubt they're very concerned about the tiny Western market who import their items, so it's not a matter of supporting these brands either. It wouldn't matter either way, because the people you're complaining about don't have the money for it in the first place. Dumbass weeb.

You just don't want poor people to enjoy your hobby, even if they are better at it than you are. Get reverse-gatekept, nerd. Get a real hobby and maybe you'll feel better about yourself so you don't have to resort to spending money as the only way to try and feel superior to more resourceful and talented people. I'm glad the other people in your former community made you fuck off so they don't have to deal with your projection and ego problems. You should seriously think about spending your money on a good therapist instead so you can work on your narcissism or whatever it is made you act this way, and whatever made you try and rationalize that your behavior or way of thinking is justified. Just a tip.

Anonymous 107396


>i really wish I could be a maid and work with other maid friends to make my true love the happiest man on earth
stupid opinion, but maid outfits are cute but it would be mad hot if i could be a rich lesbian sugar mommy's maid

Anonymous 107400

If you're the original anon, you still didn't answer my question.

I haven't been kept out of anything or told to fuck off from anywhere, and I don't know where you got that info other than you made it up in your head for some reason. I participate frequently in the local jfashion and online communities and have made friends through them.

>Half of J-fashion does look like stuff you could easily buy in the west or from Hot Topic, sorry to burst your bubble

t. someone who doesn't know anything about jfash and proves my point that curating an outfit in a niche fashion takes skill

Anonymous 107402

Ironically, you've completely failed to see the point.

Anonymous 107405

>I gave up years ago trying to socialize with people over media that I like. I just make my best friend watch shit and talk about it with me.
This is what you wrote. You admitted that people in multiple communities don't want to deal with your snobby and shitty behavior, so you have been succesfully gatekept from those communities. I did answer your question, you are the kind of shitty person who cares more about drama and trying to create an echo-chamber than the actual thing you supposedly like so much.

Everything you post proves my points, don't worry. You're an entitled snob (the irony) who doesn't have a real hobby
lmao shut up. And no, it doesn't take skill to buy something. Actually seek therapy, but it's nice to know that you realize other people don't agree with you or put up with your type of behavior which is why you only have your miserable best friend to agree with you about other things you like lol You also admitted that it's a huge thing in your "jfash" communities, so it's too late to backpedal now.

Anonymous 107407

please what's the source i keep seeing random screencaps

Anonymous 107409

Masculinity is gross af

Anonymous 107411

That quote was about fandom stuff when I was agreeing with your original point which is why I said "media" and "watch shit." I wouldn't refer to clothing that I wear as media, and I don't know anyone who would. No idea why you interpreted it as such other than to fit a narrative in your head about me.

And no, you didn't answer my question. What gatekeeping were you referring to that you think is good?

Anonymous 107412


my lesbian experience with loneliness

Anonymous 107420

That quote proves that you've been successfully gatekept from multiple communities. You also admitted that people who don't agree with you are "rampant" in your favorite "jfash" communities. I don't need to invent a narrative, you do a good enough job of revealing yourself in all of your posts. I'm only pointing out the obvious. It's really telling that you only have one friend that's willing to, oh sorry I mean to say one friend that you "MAKE watch shit and talk about it with me." Your wording, not mine. Despite supposedly having friends in your local jfash community.

Any gatekeeping that keeps snobs with personality disorders like you out is good gatekeeping. And it looks like it's working, so I don't even need to say anything further lol

The people you're so salty over are "rampant" in your favorite community and are always going to be there. You can either stay miserable or get over it. They're clearly better at your hobby than you are since they actually spend their time enjoying it in their own way. Instead of being an entitled snob and pretending you have any say over whether or not others are entitled to it. Clearly they are and it's not up to you to decide that.

Anonymous 107424

You sound salty af anon. I don't know if you are familiar with it, but some of those hobbies really are elitist, snobby and expensive by design. It is not anyone's fault if you can't afford if, half-ass it and end up looking stupid in some imageboard. It is incredibly entitled to think every single community should include you and adapt their rules and standards to any low effort newcomer who shows up for "having a little fun" before moving on to the next hobby of the month. Some casuals having tantrums about it on Facebook is not reverse-gatekeeping also.

Anonymous 107427

You sound salty that someone is calling your wannabe-hobby for what it is: a way for you to try and feel better about yourself for having no real talent or skill. Having money isn't a hobby, sorry.

>some of those hobbies really are elitist, snobby and expensive by design

That's what I've been saying this entire time. The other anon is the one who was insisting it wasn't snobby. I said it was inherently snobby, which it is, so thanks for agreeing with me.
>It is incredibly entitled to think every single community should include you and adapt their rules and standards
I never said this. Nice try at a strawman, though.

Clearly a lot of people who aren't buying overpriced clothes are enjoying the hobby, that's why snob-anon was angry about it in the first place. They brought it up, not me. It's not salty or entitled to tell the truth. You don't make the rules, you can only complain about it.

Anonymous 107429

I forgot to say I am not that anon and I don't share that hobby any longer. You are not wrong about it being snobby and you can think whatever you want about it. The point is exactly that no one forces you into a hobby. So if you don't like it, find something else to do instead of pestering people who are enjoying themselves and do just fine with their expensive snobby activities.

>clearly a lot of people who aren't buying overpriced clothes are enjoying the hobby

No, they are being mocked publicly online and then whine about it every chance they get.
Don't get me wrong. If anon is talking about lolita and etc she is certainly aware that there are regular DIY threads on /cgl/, no one criticizes a well made DIY outfit. There are also numerous second-hand market options.
What is disliked is cheap mass-produced Chinese made messes that don't fit the aesthetic and Hot Topic shit every basic egirl-wannabe wears and then tries to waltz into communities of people who have been researching the fashion and saving up for years to get items.

>a way for you to try and feel better about yourself for having no real talent or skill.

I would say coordinating clothing following certain rules takes much more skill than eating up everything Amazon regurgitates at you with the word "lolita" in it. But thankfully, hobbies are meant to make you feel good and don't nevessarily imply a need for skill or talent. Some hobbies are literally all about having money and nothing else. If one doesn't like it, one finda another hobby.

Anonymous 107430

>I am not that anon
>no one forces you into a hobby. So if you don't like it, find something else to do instead of pestering people who are enjoying themselves and do just fine with their expensive snobby activities.
Except plenty of people are enjoying the hobby and you are the ones pestering them. You don't make the rules, you can't force them out. They've always been there and always will be. The only ones making arbitrary rules about who can and can't be apart of it are you, and it's not working.

>No, they are being mocked publicly online and then whine about it every chance they get.

That's exactly what you are doing though.

>there are regular DIY threads on /cgl/, no one criticizes a well made DIY outfit. There are also numerous second-hand market options.

That anon was arguing against DIY, I was the one saying that kind of thing is actually impressive. I don't know why you came into the reply chain having clearly not even read the posts seeing as I've already addressed most of what you're posting.

Sounds like you're just mad that you CHOSE to spend lots of money on overpriced clothes and others didn't. You salty because they get to be part of the hobby and enjoy it and not spend as much.

Having money isn't a hobby, and the people you're so angry about don't have to leave and they won't. They'll keep enjoying your favorite hobby.

Anonymous 107432

You are projecting hard, anon. I never spent a lot of money on "overpriced" clothing precisely because I couldn't afford it. Just because you see DDLG they/thems wearing Amazon maid outfits calling themselves lolita it doesn't mean they actually are part of the community. They are not. The core community makes the rules, no matter how much it hurts you. Everyone recognizes the specific items or knowledge level that identify a certain fashion or subculture group. This is worth for lolita, goth, coin collectors, train autists, insect nerds, skaters or any other niche group. There will always be casuals and you are right that they can't be stopped from existing, but they are discarded as outsiders by anyone with a remote genuine interest in the particular group.
Enjoy your hot-topic chain skirts but don't give it silly labels.

Anonymous 107434

Your entire post reads like projection.
>and then tries to waltz into communities of people who have been researching the fashion and saving up for years to get items
>and saving up for years to get the items
It's their/your choice to spend the money, they aren't entitled to anything just because they wanted to spend more money than someone else.
>The core community makes the rules.
The core community is Japanese, you dumbass weeb. I doubt they care about a bunch of snobby foreigners or whatever drama you create.

And no, you don't make the rules and that's why you're stuck complaining about other people enjoying the fashion you like in a different way. You literally can't do anything about it. You're seriously delusional if you think you have any authority or make any "rules" when these people are just going to keep enjoying the hobby and are "rampant" in the community. The only ones pestering anyone and acting entitled are you. You could always leave, if it makes you so miserable? Because those people aren't going to go away.

This whole discussion got way off of the original point anyway because someone got triggered that I didn't agree with their snobbery. I was just here to say that you're shitty snobs with shitty behavior and communities would be better off if people called you out more and gatekept you out. Enjoy your constant threads being miserable and bitching about people that will never leave and pretending you actually have any authority or make any rules seeing as no one cares about them except for you and they don't work.

Anonymous 107436

I don't think you get it anon. The ones being gatekept out are the casual posers. They may dress however they like and engage in hobbies however frivolously they want. But everyone knows they are not the real deal, everyone. If it happened that they happily infiltrated those circles and were showered with validation as you wish, then there simply would be no more lolita/any niche subculture and then no one would enjoy it anymore. So seeing that the survival of the niche culture depends on gatekeepers then unfortunately for larpers yes, gatekeepers do make the rules.

Anonymous 107437

>They may dress however they like and engage in hobbies however frivolously they want
>and they do
>all the time
>there's so many of them
>but they are being gatekept, trust me we do make the rules!
Sure anon, whatever makes you feel better.

>then there simply would be no more lolita/any niche subculture and then no one would enjoy it anymore

This is literally not true and is proven by the fact that those people have always been there enjoying the hobby and it has not been affected in any way aside from a few angry snobs that bitch about it constantly. You are actually delusional if you believe the things you type. Step out of your echo-chamber for once.

Anonymous 107445


Anonymous 107518

I have literally never been kept out of any communities. I was agreeing with your point that fandom spaces suck, so I choose not to participate, and I make my friends watch stuff to talk with me about it instead. Hopefully me spelling it out for you like this will finally make sense to you and you can stop inventing a life for me.

Again, I often participate in the communities I enjoy and am very welcome. I have been part of multiple jfashion communities for years now and have made friends through them.

The people I'm "salty" about actually aren't in my communities. I participate in vetted servers/groups only. Everyone is given a certain amount of time to show themselves in a full outfit of the fashion, and if they don't, they are kicked. Simple as that.

And once again, you have ignored my question to you: what type of gatekeeping were you originally speaking about?

Anonymous 107521

>The people I'm "salty" about actually aren't in my communities. I participate in vetted servers/groups only. Everyone is given a certain amount of time to show themselves in a full outfit of the fashion, and if they don't, they are kicked. Simple as that.
Do they have to have a receipt for all the articles of clothing in the pic?

Anonymous 107554


my lesbian experience with loneliness
I wouldn't recommend it though, author comes off as extremely annoying and unwilling to change, the whole thing is very "woe is me". Worst part is she turned that into a means of making money so now she has even less of a reason to change

Anonymous 107567

.t normie with no knowledge of jfashion
No one cares if the clothes are replicas if they are good replicas. But typically replicas are trash and you don't need a receipt to recognize a shitty Amazon costume.

Anonymous 107629

You're the one who keeps implying that this all revolves around money. I simply pointed out from the beginning that ordering clothes from overseas small designers is more expensive than buying clothes from Walmart and people throw a fit when the community points out that their AliExpress chokers and Hot Topic Melanie Martinez merch aren't jfashion.

I acknowledge that it's a more expensive hobby than most, but that's due to the nature of the hobby. The same way that any hobby that includes a collection aspect will. I don't know why this upsets you so much.

But you don't seem to have any interest in actually answering the question I've posed to you multiple times, so I'm gonna guess you simply don't have an answer. Good talking to you, though.

Anonymous 107630

I'm not the original poster, just someone who thinks the 'tism of "these clothes weren't made in Japan thus it isn't J-Fashion" doesn't hold. I'm fixating on it because I think you're retarded. Unless you're vetting everyone's receipt purchases. I don't mind anyone gatekeeping anyone else for any reason, go ahead and do that, just your reasoning is retarded.

Anonymous 107745

She’s just deeply troubled. It’s a good manga to read for a lot of you posters. Don’t even have to be lesbian
>Some neet loser found a way to make money. That’s bad
Capitalism is bad for turning you against her as she claws her way to some modicum of self esteem

Anonymous 107746

Except that is a ridiculous strawman and no one is ever criticized for that reason alone. You have been told DIY is common in the community. People just don't like lazy half-assers.

Anonymous 107826

thank you both

Anonymous 107859


My opinion is Halloween is just ok

Anonymous 108900

I'm really annoyed with how users on here and LCF seem completely incapable of nuance. I wish it was just male infiltrators, I could just ignore that, but when I feel like these communities are full of women who genuinely put women down in the same way I'd see on r9k, it depresses me. I wish we were generally more supportive of each other even when we disagree.

Anonymous 108923

I think so too, anon

Anonymous 112894

Deny it all you want, but contraceptives including the birth control pill have historically had an overinflated value due to abortion and unplanned pregnancies being stigmatized. This is a century old staple of Western anti-communist propaganda: the wide use of abortions is a BAD result of POOR family planning in the BARBAROUS eastern countries.

Anonymous 112901

Unironically I believe contraceptives have tons of health complications exceeding those of abortion and they also undermine the seriousness of having sex. They help men bargain for more degrading sex with more women because the stakes appear to be lower.

Anonymous 112902

They also make putting out on a nightly basis more of an expected obligation in relationships. Which increases likelihood of getting BV (women in active sexual relationships with men increase their odds of having chronic BV/yeast infections, dicks are dirty and the friction from frequent sex damages the vagina) I don't believe they improve quality of life for women at all

Anonymous 112922

>incapable of nuance
>full of women who genuinely put women down
But isn't it the same irl?

Anonymous 112924

this is why i only really support hormonal birth control for women with pcos or endometriosis or any other health issue with periods that are more painful on average

Anonymous 112928

Tomatoes are gross

Anonymous 112934

muslim scrotes should be mandatorily castrated

Anonymous 112938


Watching porn/hentai is abnormal behavior that must be classified and treated like a mental illness.
There are obsolutely no animal species that enjoy and get sexual pleasure from watching their counterparts get it off.
Watching porn can only be described with one word - abnormal.
Porn has ruined men and destroyed all of their dignity.
People who watch porn must not be around children and must be putted in mental health hospitals.
The fact most men stop porn not because they're worried about human trafficing but because " my pp broke :( " is trully disgusting. This shows that ,most men stop doing harmfull things not because it hurts others but when it also starts doing damage to them.
Most men literally mince their meat to porn untill it gets scars, untill it becomes deformed and untill it doesn't fuction for the things it used to.
Also a lot of men get genital abnormalities and desease, because they can't keep their hands off their junk when they're alone in a room. Even 5 year olds have more self control.

Men become disgusting sex addicts, trying to justify it for "kink" beating up women and treating them like onjects.
They say it's a fantasy while missing the most import part of what a fantasy is - that it's just a fantasy that will stay forever only in your mind. When you start doing your disgusting, grussome and gross fetishes on your partner it's no longer a fantasy, because it takes part in the real world and it has consequenses.
If a person feels the desire to rape, hit, dominate their partner they must be placed in a mental health hospital.

The porn industry must be abolished. It only creates weak disfigured copies of what a man should be.

Anonymous 112940

EXTREME agree.

Anonymous 112942

I am obsessed with anything that is "wrong" or "forbidden".
I don't support racism or pedophilia, but I am fascinated by old racist books/cartoons
or different cultures (like asian) that value things that are completely the opposite of ours. And I believe this type of content shouldn't be banned, but rather kept in a vault to be studied.

is it the texture?

Did you perhaps came from a strictly religious background? do you feel some sort of guilt to feeling aroused or do you feel indifferent towards sexuality?

Anonymous 112949


iraqi woman living in iraq here

Anonymous 112952


I formed this opinion after seeing with my own eyes what porn did to the people around me and how the porn industry changed the world.
I wish porn didn't portrate us as if we're objects.
Seeing how many bad effects porn has on the brain and how it ruins the image of women trully pains me.

Anonymous 112953

>Some neet loser found a way to make money. That’s bad
More like some neet loser found a reason not to improve herself because it doesn't sell a sob story. IIRC In her most recent book she's being hospitalized for alcohol poisoning.

Anonymous 112961

porn basically brainwashes men into seeing women in extremely narrow and objectifying ways (even acknowledging women are people doesn't undo the rest).

and it's pretty much proof of how much power men have that so many neuroscientists can find evidence of what porn does to the brain but it's still considered some insane jealousy thing to be against it.

Anonymous 112964

I know this in unpopular opinions,but would you be interested in hearing my contra argument?

Anonymous 112967

doubt this isn't a larp

Anonymous 112968

Personally, no, but in context to CC your counter argument might be more unpopular so it's still fair game. But really not sure what you can say that isn't the navel-gazing "oh it's an outlet! a necessary evil!" or arguing about how impactful it really is.

Anonymous 112972


Cloth sanitary pads are gross and overrated.

Anonymous 112973

hard agree. pads in general I think are just fucking gross. fine for when you're first starting out or maybe for extra protection but nothing is more disgusting than when it's a couple hours in and there's a thick piece of cloth or plastic holding warm, wet, smelly blood right against your vag.

Anonymous 112974

Periods are gross. All the methods suck, even taking pills to stop them sucks. Menopause when.

Anonymous 112975

Periods are gross. All the methods suck, even taking pills to stop them sucks. Menopause when.

Anonymous 112976

Personally I'm a big fan of pads, I've never had leaks with them unlike tampons that also hurt me when I insert them.
But I can't stand the cloth ones. You can't change them whenever you want and even if you manage to do so and there is no place to wash them (let's say you're on a field trip, school or work) and you have to tuck them into a small bag and carry them everywhere with you.

Anonymous 112978

they are, but I use a cup personally and my periods have never been better. I'm lucky enough to have a lighter flow though. but when I put my cup in and make sure to change it before it overflows and leaks, it's almost as if I'm not even on my period at all.

obviously you can do whatever is comfy for you or available in your situation…but if you can make the switch to a cup or disc, I highly recommend it.

Anonymous 112982

Menopause isn't just stopping having periods.

Anonymous 113824

C-sections are dysgenic and the more humans rely on them the more we will be dependent on them to give birth.

Anonymous 114882

Anime is cringe and if you're a girl and watch it there's something wrong with your brain.

It's specifically designed to appeal to incel moids, and quite creepy how it sequalizes underage looking girls.

I get why moids watch it, they're all coombrained degenerates, but I don't understand how a girl can enjoy media that specifically targets pedophilic moid sexuality.

Not to mention, every single female weeb I've seen online is a pick-me trying to act like "not the other girls".

Anonymous 114884

Anonymous 114888

spotted the tradthot

Anonymous 114890

Shut your fucking mouth about what women should/ shouldn't do. You're not even trying to hide your misogyny/ double standards. Go join some butthurt convent while you're at it.

Anonymous 114892

Itt some moid mad about women's fandoms. Oh but we should treat men differently, because they're naturally coombrains? If they get to enjoy a thing, we don't? What's your problem???

Anonymous 114894

Reading comprehension.
Anime is garbage in general, but it's specifically men-targeted garbage, so girls being into it makes it worse.
It's like a moid reading cheesy romance novels as a hobby, if you saw one doing that, you'd think he's mentally challenged.
>women's fandoms
Anime fandoms are completely dominated by incels, what are you talking about?

I don't see how anyone but a moid can enjoy or even tolerate the rampant pedophilic imagery featured in most anime.

Anonymous 114896

Its entertainment. If it were all hentai, I'd agree with you, but it isn't. Unfortunately it just brings energy that a lot of western media is missing and the cuteness / lightness can be endearing.

Why must I be an incel to be a fan of a show? Why must I not prioritize things that make me happy? How do you figure that works, that everyone who enjoys entertainment a or b never gets laid clean across the board?
Its like everything else in life. Some of its bad, some of its good.

It sounds like you're in a general rage, and you can't let it go. Lol hope your day gets better P:

Anonymous 114897

You sound like butthurt moids / trannies angry that their pedo cartoons got criticized

Anonymous 114899


i agree that most of it is, and consuming that sort of content regularly really causes some problems with internalized misogyny in young girls. luckily some break the mold though and unsurprisingly it usually ends upp being some of the best content the medium can offer. picrel

Anonymous 114907

Why is she wearing a school uniform?

Anonymous 114910

no clue honestly. don't remember her ever wearing one during the show, might just be for the promo art

Anonymous 114911


I'm pretty sure they're female. When the yaoi/boys love genre (something that moids either hate or don't care about) got criticized in another thread, the exact same arguments were brought up; that we shouldn't criticize other women's interests because it's somehow internalized misogyny or something.

Anonymous 114913

>It's like a moid reading cheesy romance novels as a hobby, if you saw one doing that, you'd think he's mentally challenged.
Not really no. Instead of creating vast mental models of what people like and whether or not they should I just don't give a shit.

Anonymous 114915

I don't have much of a problem with BL anime. It's trashy, but at least it's not a genre dominated with sexualization of children (I hope). My main issue is girls consuming media that's essentially softcore porn for moids, and thinking it's normal or even cool.
The reason I called them moids / trannies is that from my observations, when moids troon out, they keep their malebrained hobbies despite claiming to be "women on the inside". Hence why so many troons are into anime, dumb computer nerd shit like mechanical keyboards, and linux customization. The slang "tranime" doesn't exist for nothing.
The only people I see online who are into moid-marketed anime are a) incel moids, b) troons, c) clueless underage girls who are in the process of being groomed by a Discord moderator.

Fair, but I couldn't think of a better example, because I can't think of a form of medium / genre marketed for women, that has explicit sexualization of underage characters as its primary aesthetic.
Says a lot about the difference between women and moids. All moids are secretly pedophiles, no exception.

Anonymous 114918

>malebrained hobbies
<hates troons
<uses troon rhetoric

Anonymous 114919

NTA, but I think you just didn't have a real response to that anon.

Anonymous 114920

>It's masculine to enjoy mechanical keyboards and linux
Fuck off.

Anonymous 114921

You are correct. It's impossible for me to form a serious response to anyone who uses the term "malebrain" unironically. They're too ridiculous.

Anonymous 114922

tbh I thought liking mechanical keyboards was an autism thing.

Anonymous 114923

Brb, getting my daughter on hormone blockers because she installed ubuntu once.

Anonymous 114924

Honest to god never met a woman online or IRL who gave a shit about le clicky keyboards or a riced out Linux desktop with an underage anime girl wallpaper. And I work in tech.
Such "hobbies" are rare even among moids, but the ones who are into it are inevitably neckbeards with too much time on their hands.

If you see a screenshot of a custom built pink mechanical keyboard, I guarantee its owner is a troon.

Anonymous 114925

It's one thing to install Linux and another thing entirely to spend weeks installing dumb custom interfaces that do nothing.
Stop misconstruing my statements.

Anonymous 114926

No no, you're right, we need to prevent young girls from being exposed to the evils of linux. One moment she's cloning an emulator from github, the next she's being groomed by men to go into sex work.

Anonymous 114927

Nice deflection, moid larper.
Don't you have some rgb lights to install on your "battle station"? Shoo shoo.

Anonymous 114928

You're the sexist moid larper piece of shit deciding what girls can or can not like. Stop grooming children and go kill yourself.

Anonymous 114929


Anonymous 114930

Go 41%

Anonymous 114931

No one insinuated it was the worst thing ever nor that women aren't allowed to enjoy it, more that it's a mega neckbeard thing to do–if it brought a woman eternal happiness and a lack of stress, eh, fine, but it is, at its core, one of the sillier pasttimes a person can do…which was the point of the roast to begin with. The other person is just being anal if they're saying it's impossible for a woman to enjoy it (because there's a rare one that does hidden away from society, fact).

A lot of men get into it because they have a need to maximize/optimize/tweak otherwise pointless things into oblivion, which isn't really a laudable thing and…admittedly is way, way, way more common among them. It's why there's so much gatekeeping in that community, they need to pretend there's some sort of status prize for constructing their tower of cards.

Anonymous 114932

oh and let me add for posterity's sake…I find it actually not worse than stuff like women painstakingly finding out ways of making themselves as beautiful as possible, etc. (many hobbies women do way more is this), which arguably is more toxic. At least dumb uwubuntu stuff teaches someone to get out of their own head/body.

Anonymous 114934

>No one insinuated it was the worst thing ever nor that women aren't allowed to enjoy it
She literally stated that there is not a single woman enjoys these things, insinuating that they can't enjoy these things.

>but it is, at its core, one of the sillier pasttimes a person can do…which was the point of the roast to begin with.

I didn't know there was a hiearchy of passtimes. The word passtime by definition impiesy that what is happening isn't important or worthwhile. If it was worthwhile, it would be a hobby, if it was important, it would be a job.
>A lot of men get into it because they have a need to maximize/optimize/tweak otherwise pointless things into oblivion, which isn't really a laudable thing and…admittedly is way, way, way more common among them.
Fair enough that it's common among them, as far as whether or not it's laudable, again, I don't understand the need to scrutinize fucking passtimes as far as whether they are valuable or not. Again, the point of a passtime is enjoying it, not the value derived.
>It's why there's so much gatekeeping in that community, they need to pretend there's some sort of status prize for constructing their tower of cards.
Well according to the other miner that's a good thing because that means the moids gatekeep out any young girls so they don't internalzie misogyny when ricing a distro. Sounds like a win/win to me from her perspective.

Anonymous 114935

There are many things moids do that women are better off not doing, because moids do all kinds of dumb shit.
I stand by my statement.

Anonymous 114936

It's a classic loophole towards which more and more young girls are being dragged these days.
Look, "moid", if that's even your real name, I see what you are trying to do. Under the ruse of innocent "tech enthusiasm", you are guiding innocent girls who don't know better straight to their swift and sure demise. Luring them in with your "clicky keyboards" and your "Linux" OS. Do you think we are unaware of your rape lairs and your regular breast-binding gatherings?
It happens to the best of our girls. One day they are googling "Ubuntu", the other they are lurking the likes of /g/, and then the next one they are injecting testosterone to the dim light of an anime waifu on the screen in front of them.
I feel debased just for knowing you exist. I despise everything about you. You're like a merciless predator waiting to fill its stomach with the flesh of its young victims. Your life is a monument to stupidity. You are a stench, a revulsion, a big suck on a sour lemon. I will never get over the embarrassment of belonging to the same species as you.
Something has to be done about the Linux-to-human-trafficking pipeline.

Anonymous 114937

Troon hands typed this post

Anonymous 114939


oh, must have focused on the other responses too much then.

and IDK, like, a pasttime is a pasttime, but it's really silly to act like something being one makes it automatically live in a vacuum?
i.e., if a guy's one pasttime is gaming or porn then that says a lot about him that really isn't so good and makes it extremely likely he's a shut-in. why? because his hobbies solely entail consumption and grabbing for dopamine, while his social life is - probably - irrevocably tied into it. Moreover, they're highly addictive in nature. Obviously I wouldn't shit on such a person to their face–I'd probably just not want to hang around him. Context matters. Like, I always side-eye porn but gaming? That's not so bad if it isn't someone's entire life. Moreover…one could say drugs are their pasttime too? And that'd be complete yikes-tier.

So, yes, with the creepy shit people get up to for their pasttimes, your argument falls through. Sure, people are allowed to do it but 100%, it often says something about them and…I do believe it's a very dangerous sentiment to act like all pasttimes are completely equal for what they are–because some are more damaging than others, or more self-entrapping.

And just FYI, I wouldn't judge a woman for being into Linux stuff. I do agree that they're probably more likely to be a troon, though.

Anonymous 114941

And let me note: it is an EXTREMELY male-sentiment I've seen that men act like what they do for fun has 0 effect, significance, etc. Most are incapable of even understanding that stuff like porn actually does cause relatively damaging and significant changes in the brain, ones that they are incapable of perceiving consciously in most cases.

Anonymous 114942

…excuse my tangent though. The subject is Linux. My point really just goes back to pasttimes not being all the same and that context matters.

The other anons were probably roasting the type of male that makes Linux his entire life–which there's a disturbing amount of.

Anonymous 114944

What is the correct amount since we are currently at the disturbing amount?

Anonymous 114946


idk, it's also silly for me say there's a "correct" amount. it isn't an inherently horrific hobby to have even though it's extremely male-orientated.

Think about England's 2020 soccer defeat and how many male soccer fans turned into apes and got violent on the streets over it and…quite frankly it does say something about male sports fans and how they relate to sports that they were THAT invested over it–and nothing really that good.

for Linux, this looks more like a person's emotional core being strongly intertwined in it and him being incapable of having friends IRL. kind of like the stereotypical basement neckbeard who has no irl friends or doesn't do any activities in real of any substance–many of whom actually do project their self-worth into it. would he be able to give it up without it destroying his identity? etc. likewise, being that invested in something that entails endless optimization to meager gains seems unhealthy in general. if a guy lives a balanced life then it's kind of whatever.

Anonymous 114947

>idk, it's also silly for me say there's a "correct" amount. it isn't an inherently horrific hobby to have even though it's extremely male-orientated.
Yeah that's what I thought. Bold enough to criticize, too meek to put forward a personal value statement.

Anonymous 114948

>puts forth strawman of what I'm saying and then pretends unless I fight for said strawman I'm pussyfooting around something
so, right…to criticize something at all you have to be as dramatic as possible?

I'm starting to agree with the others. You sound like a male.

Anonymous 114949

What strawman? I literally asked you a question and you were unable to formulate a response. How is asking a question a fucking strawman?

Anonymous 114950

it's a strawman because you asked for some sort of extremely flat answer, like "oh, well, actuhally, the correct amount is an hour a week." even I don't fuckin know what the exact correct amount is because it really depends on a person's lifestyle, character, etc.

I noted that it gets too much when a person's "emotional core" gets tied up with it, and if a person would be completely compromised as an individual if they couldn't do it anymore, which was actually an answer to your question.

Anonymous 114951

>oted that it gets too much when a person's "emotional core" gets tied up with it, and if a person would be completely compromised as an individual if they couldn't do it anymore, which was actually an answer to your question.
In such a case, are we using this definition for "males who make linux there entire life"? The answer than immediately becomes obvious: the ideal amount of zero is that case. There should be zero men who make their entire life about linux, no?

Anonymous 114953

ok, Ben Shapiro

Anonymous 114954

the day a drowned …

Anime is just Japanese animation. Just because coomer misogynistic moids appropriated it, doesn't mean that women cannot enjoy anime. Yes, it is true that 95% of all anime that gets made today blatantly uses sex appeal to attract a male audience and that it also has terrible stereotypes that try to appeal to the waifufags who want a sexy but submissive teenage anime wife.
But that's how a fucking industry works, by degenerating everything more and more, so eventually the cheapest shit is reproduced the most. There are plenty of anime that aren't like this at all. Not only anime made by women (of which there are plenty) but also even some made by men. Also not all of it is sexual.
>every single female weeb I've seen online is a pick-me trying to act like "not the other girls".
ok so you're obviously just talking about the seasonal male-oriented moeshit trash. If we're talking about that garbage, yes, you are completely right that a woman liking that crap too much is suspicious.

There is a massive female JoJo fandom in the west, for example. They don't claim to be "like the other girls" for male attention, they talk about it and share their own creations with fellow female fans. This is just one example of many.

>Anime fandoms are completely dominated by incels, what are you talking about?
see above retard
There are different sections of anime fandoms divided by site, country, gender, etc. Shonen anime is huge with fujos because of the focus on male relationships and cute guys, so you'll see different parts of the same show's fandom is divided into angry incel nerds, male normies and female fans (mostly fujos)

Moids have always hated women who get into "their" hobbies, In the 2000s they shat their pants every time fujos did anything and when male protagonists in their power fantasy anime started to look younger and more moeshit, they blamed it on fujos (lol). Speaking of which, anime cons have always been full of male AND female weebs. And let's not forget when KyoAni, known moeshit studio, decided to acknowledge that female audiences (that they could make money off) exist and make a moeshit anime but with hot guys (pic related).
This kinda shit has been happening even as early as the science fiction fandom:
But women have and will always like the things they want to like and do whatever they want with their favorite media no matter how much scrotes screech about it.
In short, that's why you only see the inceloids and pickmes in anime fandom, because you're looking in the wrong places. Female anime fans hang out in places like Tumblr, Livejournal, and so on, places that most men won't touch. And obviously the angry weeb incels are louder than female fandoms.

>but at least it's not a genre dominated with sexualization of children (I hope)
oh boy, if only you knew. Not so much in recent years but it used to be full of "shotacon" (not the same variety that moids consume but still young teenagers and even pubescent boys). I think one of the earliest yaoi (in the 60's?) was about teen boys. There's a "classic" one that I never watched where the uke fucks his dad or something like that.
yet again, the kind of anime that trannies obsess over is the generic crap that the oversaturated anime industry shits out these years, made primarily by and for males. So you're right, in a way, because this kind of anime is (unfortunately) most anime nowadays, but you're also wrong because the kind of loser who obsessed over that crap is different from, say, shonenfags (who are huge), or fans of obscure/cult anime, etc. so you're also wrong in generalizing all anime fandoms as trannies and incels.

Anonymous 114957

>and IDK, like, a pasttime is a pasttime, but it's really silly to act like something being one makes it automatically live in a vacuum?
If you stop analyzing in a vacuum, the concept of a "passtime" stops existing. On that level of framework, where every single thing you do is important because it effects the things that are actually important, than, at that point, literally nothing can be "not important". Since every moment spent on "not important" is effecting moments spend on "important" things.
>i.e., if a guy's one pasttime is gaming or porn then that says a lot about him that really isn't so good and makes it extremely likely he's a shut-in. why? because his hobbies solely entail consumption and grabbing for dopamine, while his social life is - probably - irrevocably tied into it. Moreover, they're highly addictive in nature. Obviously I wouldn't shit on such a person to their face–I'd probably just not want to hang around him. Context matters. Like, I always side-eye porn but gaming? That's not so bad if it isn't someone's entire life. Moreover…one could say drugs are their pasttime too? And that'd be complete yikes-tier.
This is just your subjective take on the matter. To imply that one pass time is more valuable to another is to imply something they are being measured against. Is there harm in it? Yes. Is there one good way to waste time to another way to waste time? I would state literally any form of wasting time is bad, because it is a way of fucking waste of time. Putting vegetating on the couch and shooting tar herion between your toes on equal footing with just being a more socially acceptable version of the other.
>Sure, people are allowed to do it but 100%, it often says something about them and…I do believe it's a very dangerous sentiment to act like all pasttimes are completely equal for what they are–because some are more damaging than others, or more self-entrapping.
They're all incredibly damaging.

Anonymous 114958


>There is a massive female JoJo fandom in the west, for example.
let me add, not ONLY in the west but also in Japan. And this is a fact that has been known since at least the second part of the manga came out in the 80s.
Pic related is fanart made by a girl who was in love with a male villain, lamenting his death (became a huge meme in Japan)

Anonymous 114967

I'm sorry but…
>they're all incredibly damaging
You come across like a type of person that'd make similar arguments for stuff like men having pasttimes like using child porn, etc. and probably already has several. You looked like you tried twisting around my "vacuum" argument by trying to go full meta and making up some weird stuff about it being an "important v. not important" and, ignoring most variables, made it into some "ooooh, I guess that means ALL pasttimes are damaging UWU!" snark, then pretending it's 100% objective. I'm guessing there's a very high chance you are a Linux autist too.

We're human beings, not robots, not programming; things influence us in different ways that often have some sort of varied internal and societal consistency. Also, I was referring to a pasttime not like something like some casual shit like mobile gaming once in a while but something someone does a lot.

The initial point of contention was the idea that it's wrong to paint linux obsession as male in nature or to criticize it as such; my point really was that there's a basis to that and there's often a pretty big correlation between it and other tendencies or qualities, especially in men–things in which regularly are criticized by people on CC. I.e., neckbeard stuff. Not "canadian basket weaving >>>> linux!" type pedantry.
Really, I can say that maybe it's silly to even bother criticizing it because it's so low on the totem pole and, if nothing else, these guys obviously stay in their lane. Doesn't mean the others were wrong about painting it as a super male thing.

You also never really made a real argument about the point that context matters, you basically just imploded by the end.

Anonymous 114968

also question to other anons, is it me or this person really does come across like a male in how autistic their rhetoric is?

Anonymous 114972

>You also never really made a real argument about the point that context matters, you basically just imploded by the end.
My argument about context is simple: once you add context, the entire domain of "pass time" falls into a damaging category because pass times, passers of time, are not important and therefore, by engaging in them, you are not engaging in something important.

If your resposne is "context matters" then my response is "context makes the concept of a passtime negative by default".

Anonymous 114975

Not everyone who doesn't think like you is a male. NTA by the way.

Also I was banned for calling out an obvious male in another thread, so be careful with your accusations.

Anonymous 114979

it's just I'm trying to figure out why someone would be so defensive about the "linux obsession is kind of neckbeardy" thing.

Anonymous 114980

This is what I mean, anon. In this scenario I thought we were talking about more "hobby-like"/"passion" intensive things rather than "wasting time for the sake of it"? And I noted this too. You have a completely different definition of "passing time" from me as well and ignore the human context related to it: which is that how people spend their time matters…the effect of which is way, way more subjective with varying levels of scrutiny than "value v. nonvalue." Your "context" is more robotic.

I doubt >>114915 was talking about men that get bored once in a while and needs 2 hours to pass, so he thinks "ah, what should I do?", who thinks about it for a bit. She's probably talking about the type of male who makes it his thing to be into Linux and his preoccupation of which is the primary driver of certain parts of his life (if not all of it). According to your definition of "passing time" though - which has nothing to do with emotions or someone actually wanting to do something but rather just spend time - this is completely irrelevant.

The "pasttimes"/"hobbies" we are talking about are obviously important to people and that was the crux of the matter.

You are seeing an entirely different set of variables/context than me. I don't think the definition of "passing time" is negative either…again, in your own logic, the idea that it is "damaging" is arbitrary because whatever we choose to spend our time with can be, really, anything, including that which actually brings more technical reward (i.e., money, mental well-being, etc…or the opposite).

The "context" includes how other people see it. How it influences a way a person acts or thinks in a pragmatic way that can be relatively witnessed. The types of behavior the hobby encourages. Etc. Your "context" is more abstract. Like…"well, if comparisons are made at all, that makes it all bad!" Or a "something either has value or it doesn't!" thing. And that's, like…ok?

in any case you might or might not be a larper or a troll, and I'm stepping out of this, uh, discussion for now.

Anonymous 114983

And lest we forget,every earthly industry sells out to the lowest common denomenator. You better not limit yourself to anime if you're going to talk about that cycle of cheapening. Every populatioon earth is guilty of this crime and we all have to suffer to placate the same imbecile masses no matter where we live. Stop being dishonest. You really ought to admit your misanthropy before pretending it's the animes you hate. Coombrains contaminate everything. In every strata of society.

Anonymous 114984

Your argument is flawed. First, you assume that a pass time, because it's designed to pass time, can't be important. Important to what? It's perfectly important when it's appropriate–it's important to be able to pass time when you want to pass time in a normal and healthy way. Why couldn't it be?

Then, following this, you go on to say that because it isn't important it must be negative. This is plainly false. It's not important that I remember to fill up my water bottle before bed–I won't die or suffer–but it's a positive. I like to have it and it's nice. Why would you assume that if something isn't important, it must be negative? You don't give a reason, just like you don't give a reason for why a pass time must be a priori unimportant.

I'm not the person you responded to btw. I don't even really know what you're arguing about. Just wanted to point out how bad your logic is.

Anonymous 114986

both of them are stupid, but if I had to choose, I'd prefer the "vapid bitch" stereotype of the 00s over the current flavor. Girls that aspired to be Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan types at least had a certain kind of mean street smarts and when they were frail they still positioned themselves in a way that asserted more control. Current-era bimbos are just fragile in a whiny and annoying way, hide behind self-diagnosed mental illness, and glorify being taken advantage of.

Anonymous 115005

How dare you say that women should and shouldn't be, that's misogynistic, stop bimbo shaming, moid!!!111

Not ripping on you, your post just reminded me of the argument above, where someone was saying that's misogynistic to suggest that women engaging in degenerate male-approved hobbies, because it's their choice blah blah.
Reeks of moid mentality. Moids will say that choosing to be a "slut" is bad, but being a pick-me for male approval is good, stop controlling women, etc.

Moids have this desire to imprint their own hobbies and interests onto women, because they see women as empty vessels to fill with themselves (both figuratively and literally).

Girls shouldn't watch pedo-cartoons, it fosters internalized misogyny, and vindicates moids consuming animated softcore pedo-porn, as if it weren't a completely disgusting and vile thing to do.

You are right that criticizing "anime" is too generalized, because it's a very broad term, but you have to admit that perverted pedo-shit is the first thing that comes to peoples' minds when they say "anime". I can't think of a more specific term because it's not something unique to a genre, it's more a "culture" that pervades almost all genres of anime, and non-sexist anime is an exception rather than the rule, in all genres. Even shounen anime has a sexism problem, with women being vastly less powerful than men, despite the fact that the whole point of shounen is to be a power fantasy. The female characters are almost always pick-mes for the male protagonists. There's also "fan service" in most shounen, and other genres as well.

Personally, I prefer to call mature, cult anime "Japanese animation", rather than "anime", because it distances the respectable stuff from the degenerate stuff.

Anonymous 115020

Oh and western media is any better??? If you're going to talk about it like that then you should talk about western beauty standards/ commercials/ beauty in media imposed on women.

The misogyny is everywhere. I don't feel jealous of cartoons though. I don't see how you can. I can't feel jealous of celebrities or characters in movies either. And say I have my own male character I really like? If I hadn't gotten into it when I was younger my existence would have been really dull. You assume we all watch the same anime and its all made the same way, for the same group of people. I admit I liked it more when I was a kid and lost interest in it because it became so cliched but there are good things here and there about it. I would rather live in a world with it, than without it. Without it the world would be fucking tedious and its tedious enough already.

Anonymous 115022

Rofl you thought paris hilton and lindsey lohan had street smarts?? You obviously weren't old enough to watch the simple life, and seen the inane dumbassery. Pretty much anything mainstream is designed for bimbos. It doesn't matter what it is.

Anonymous 115023

That is because the 90s and early 00s tropes of "bimbos" still clearly presented them as a negative stereotype that only exists in men's brains. Characters like the one in "Legally Blonde" challenged the idea that conventionally attractive girls with bleached hair and an interest in fashion were vapid airheads, and showed that they could actually have substance underneath all that. That was the whole point of the gag, "she looks stupid but isn't".
Nowadays girls are aspiring to be unironic dumb bimbos.

Anonymous 115025


Never said western mass media was good lol.
Weebs always make this weird "gotcha" comparison with western media as if consuming trash is somehow justified because other trash exists.
And western media mostly doesn't have a pedo pandering problem, so there.

>my cartoons give me meaning and identity in life
Uhm, lol. There's stuff out there that isn't vapid pop-culture entertainment, you know.

Anonymous 115031

>「Every show which I dislike or perceive as misogynistic is vapid pop-cultural entertainment」
Any show that has "fanservice" of underage highschool girls, targeted at a male audience, is misogynistic.

>「because it's pop-culture it must therefore be not worth watching even if it brings you personal satisfaction」

There's better things in life than personal satisfaction.

>By what measure is something trash?

A person understands the answer to that question after they start reading books longer than 150 pages long with a text smaller than 14pt.
Are you american by any chance?

Cool japanese quotation marks tho.

Anonymous 115033

>A person understands the answer to that question after they start reading books longer than 150 pages long with a text smaller than 14pt.
NTA, as someone who has done this, I can safely say that everyone needs entertainment and the mass media trash of yesterday is your treasured tome today.

Anonymous 115036

Somehow I doubt people 50 years from now will be watching Gabriel Dropout.

Hell, most anime drops out of public consciousness the moment it ends. If you remember what was popular 5, 10, 15 years ago, nobody talks about most of it. Because they're all equivalent to each other.

Anonymous 115037

My statement is not that most things that are popular on a mass basis stay remembered, it is that all things that are remembered started off popular on a mass basis with very few rare exception. We can marvel and gawk at the playwriting of Sophocles and other greeks, but at the end of the day, those plays were made to played during a festival for everyone. The majority of Shakespeare audience was not high class royalty, it was filthy unwashed illiterate masses.

Anonymous 115041

>To clarify, are you upset that media targeted at Shounen (young boys) appeals to the tastes of young boys?
Yeah, indoctrinate kids into chauvinism while they're young, that totally doesn't make it worse.
>I'll be honest I didn't even know a fictional character could be a pick-me let alone be common to anime.
90% of female anima characters are accessories to male protagonists, and their existence revolves around a moid. And usually the female character is way more invested in the relationship than the moid character, who's busy being a dipshit and ignoring the love interest. Of course, they get together at the end, because the female character is a doormat.

Anonymous 115042

True. I felt sad for her in a general way from the first manga, but it quickly became apparent that nothing is going to change with her and any amount of therapy she gets from these comics are offset by them encouraging her to continue her download spiral for more material. I refuse to read anything else by her since I feel like I'm enabling her.

Anonymous 115044

>Yeah, indoctrinate kids into chauvinism while they're young, that totally doesn't make it worse.
Is your solution strong female character quotas in that case? You seem to have a firm grasp of the issue, so what is your proposed alternative? Not appealing to target audiences?
>90% of female anima characters are accessories to male protagonists, and their existence revolves around a moid
That makes them a shallow character not a pickme.
>And usually the female character is way more invested in the relationship than the moid character, who's busy being a dipshit and ignoring the love interest.
Okay now that sounds like a pickme. I suppose we are using the Sakura from Naruto for the "simp-like" kind of character that revolves around a male as opposed to male attention. Yes I would agree this cliche exists.
>Of course, they get together at the end, because the female character is a doormat.
You mean one of them does right? Usually there's competition between multiple pickmes (using your definition) for a particular males attention.

Anonymous 115047

Nuke Japan, and then nuke Hollywood.

Anonymous 115048

That certainly is an option. Pretty boring low level one, but an option nonetheless.

Anonymous 115049

Eugenics is not a bad thing if done thoughtfully. I say this as someone with bad genes. Part of my reasoning for being childfree is so not to pass them on.

Anonymous 115058

I consume all forms of media, a lot of its trash. Not much of that trash is anime tho, would be too hard to endure.

I genuinely dislike alot of anime but I love to death all forms of media. The nice thing about anime, is when you need to switch up flavors anime really provides. I liked the fluffynes. All media defines my life. I simply don't understand filtering out one potentially good genre but not another. It must suck to be so easily annoyed and offended by entertainment of all things. Must get dull as fuck.

Lol how do you measure trash sitcoms are often crap, horror movies are trash, good god a lot of the stuff on Netflix comes close. I do not rank anime too highly and don't mind calling it trash. Good god some of it is irredeemable and force feeds you the same stuff it has since 2003. But some of its rare perfection. Still none of that will ever begin to compare to the best movies.

Anonymous 115060

I used to not but now I laugh at any of these types that take things so seriously. Having 19 sticks up your ass ahould.t be considered a positive trait.more people should call the trait out A lot of women need to lighten the f up.

Anonymous 115063

>Lol how do you measure trash sitcoms are often crap, horror movies are trash, good god a lot of the stuff on Netflix comes close. I do not rank anime too highly and don't mind calling it trash. Good god some of it is irredeemable and force feeds you the same stuff it has since 2003. But some of its rare perfection. Still none of that will ever begin to compare to the best movies.
I agree in general.
The adage that 90% of everything is crap holds true, but I feel like when it comes to anime, 99% is more accurate.
At some point you have to throw in the towel and stop following it, because the chances of finding something good are too slim. Especially considering most anime "critics" are moids, and have shit taste.

My tactic for finding good anime is to follow "professional" artsy-fartsy critics. Sure, they're annoying, but they're a good filter between trash and stuff worth checking out.
Another good filter is just time. If something is talked about after years since its debut, there's a chance it's good. Classics are classics for a reason, because they're good/unique enough to be remembered for a long time.

Anonymous 115064

>At some point you have to throw in the towel and stop following it
I don't understand "following" any media trends in the first place. Reminds me of those idiots waiting years for the next Game of Thrones book.
>Another good filter is just time. If something is talked about after years since its debut, there's a chance it's good. Classics are classics for a reason, because they're good/unique enough to be remembered for a long time.
You didn't do this with all media already?

Anonymous 115066

I guess I'm just tired of hearing about all that crap on social media. I'm biased, sue me.

I'm annoyed with how normalized sexist anime has become. I wish we could go back to the times when it was seen as a hobby for neckbeards and creeps.
It seems like even "normal" people are now into anime, and it's treated as some kind of sacred cow. Every time I bring up how creepy popular anime is, I get dogpiled on the internet.
It feels like we're regressing as a society. People are willing to overlook obviously sexist shit just because it's popular and looks appealing. "Harmless entertainment" my ass.

>You mean one of them does right? Usually there's competition between multiple pickmes (using your definition) for a particular males attention.
So, the male protagonist gets to literally pick a girl from his harem of admirers at the end of a series. If that's not the total encapsulation of the idea of a "pick-me", I don't know what is.

Anonymous 115069


question, why is everyone here arguing so much? I know debates/drama gets traction but this is a bit ridiculous.

Anonymous 115070

and also, "well, harem animes don't matter and are literally the same as any fantasy", and acting like it has no place in someone discussing the sexism/misogyny in anime is such a dead-end thing to say.

Anonymous 115145

>At some point you have to throw in the towel and stop following it, because the chances of finding something good are too slim.
I don't "follow" anime, I just stick to the few rare good ones and ignore anything that isn't that. It's not a hard thing to do, especially since I can already tell what's crap and what isn't from the artstyle alone.
You may say I'm not really an anime fan then, and to be honest I don't mind. Fuck anime lmao but I still love the few good anime there is.

Anonymous 115152


"Kinkshaming" is only considered bad on tumblr/Twitter.


I don't think people have as much of a problem with women going after boys as men going after kids.

Anonymous 115258

Because this place is full of autists who always seek reasons to get mad and sperg

Anonymous 115259

I don't like anime and prefer manga to it. Not only it's usually better written because it's the og material and not just an adaptation, i also find it easier to consoom, because I prefer reading to watching.

Anonymous 115456

I actually kind of agree with you because I hate watching anime on shitty mobile and I have to get up and sit in front of the computer to watch it.
Whereas manga is just more convenient to read because I can easily read it on my phone at my own pace on my bed.
And yes, totally, I think manga truly is superior to anime overall, in terms of quality. So many good manga that haven't been adapted to anime yet, and not as many anime that meet that standard.

Anonymous 115457

>and not as many anime that meet that standard.
*original anime
Just to be clear

Anonymous 115477

me too, though ive probably consoomed more anime than manga (thanks to my middle school years) theres also a lot more original stories told thru manga if you look carefully

Anonymous 116462

>Fair, but I couldn't think of a better example, because I can't think of a form of medium / genre marketed for women, that has explicit sexualization of underage characters as its primary aesthetic.
>What is the majority of the BL scene.

Anonymous 116520

Radfems are just as bitter and annoying as misogynistic incels. I am so tired of the war between the sexes and just want to be able to talk about stupid shit online without it coming to moids vs. foids.

Anonymous 116521

Do you mean femcels and not radfems? Terfs are pretty cool and are very well read about their beliefs, femcels are just bitter female reflections of incels

Anonymous 116522

The only thing I like about TERFs is the TE part.

Anonymous 116528

i think the TERFs who are well educated and have a sense of humor can be cool, but in general i find them depressing. because i don't disagree with everything they're saying, but i'm not a hardcore activist or anything, i don't want to be reminded 24/7 about how awful men and rape culture and whatnot is, especially as someone who was a victim of these things.

do you have any specific issues with the RF part?

Anonymous 116617


tradthot detected.

Anonymous 116636

def a tradthot or angry moid.

Anonymous 116638

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has some of the ugliest art I've ever seen. The characters look awful and I find it absolutely confusing how anyone can find them attractive or cool-looking.

Anonymous 116639

Araki Art Style Ov…

Which part?
>inb4 all of it
That covers such a wide range that I don't think it's the art that's the problem for you at that point.

Anonymous 116643


Well, that's an unpopular opinion

Anonymous 116647

It's all still uniquely his art style and character design. I hate it, especially the way he draws and shades facial features. And what the hell are the outfits.

Anonymous 116650


You say uniquely his art style when this is the same character over the course of 5 years. I can't fathom what you're talking about.
Oh yeah, no, he does draw some ugly motherfuckers sometimes. It's pretty impressive how inhuman characters get. I remember laughing with my husband watching the Elf Lawyer pop up in the first episode of Stone Ocean.

Anonymous 116651

See what I mean about the facial features? The harsh lines and shading down the middle of and across the cheeks and nose, the huge, sharp brows, the big ugly lips, that fucking hair, the ridiculous body/poses. I'm sorry for ranting, but I know this is the only place where I can say it.

Anonymous 116653

Okay all of those complaints sounds like late Part 3 art style shifts so yes, now that I understand what you're complaining about sure whatever. I'm not saying you're wrong for thinking Jojo's Bizarre Adventure looks ugly, but the art variance with which Araki himself draws with gives me no bearing on what you're talking about when you say you dislike it.

Anonymous 116693

>month old replies on front page.
I hope you mean the index of each board
Also lc is way more active than this place

I used to be a massive Jojofan and you're right (people who draw sexy fanart of the characters end up using a vastly different style most of the time). Araki's art is weird and that is cool, but it is an eyesore in a way that makes it extremely hard to follow what's going on in each panel (especially in earlier parts). Still, ugly or weird can still be cool. I'm guessing people who aren't immediately put off by the art style just ignore the unnecessary parts of the art and that's why they end up finding the characters attractive.
I still fell in love with one of the characters though lol

Same. I've had to deal with online incel fucks a lot recently, so I came to the pinkpill threads on CC, I just wanted to vent about that scum and read something to counter incel rethoric which was making me feel like shit seeing it so often. But in doing so, I ended up becoming so bitter and depressed that I stopped enjoying life and started to hate men just for existing and to be preoccupied with shit that men do at all times. No, I don't like that at all, it feels fucking awful, I don't want to hate 24/7. I despise sexism/misogynism from men, even "casual sexism", but reading radfem/misandrist rethoric hasn't made me feel better, it actually has made me obsessed and I hate it. I just want to go back to having normal relations with males. The internet, and especially sites like imageboards, are a fucking cesspit of mental illness. Sex and gender roles are NOT the only component in male-female relations in real life, nor are those two even that important; there are so many factors that get ignored by people like incel retards and online radfems that even a normal person who's always had healthy relationships with the opposite sex could end up becoming a bitter misogynist or misandrist if they stumble upon these online communities and/or are exposed only to the worst examples of the opposite sex through cherry-picked examples and basic shit explanation like "this is in their nature so you can't trust any of them".

But neither you or I are going to convince the misandrists here. Some of them have simply been traumatized or suffered in some major way due to the men they've met, so their hate is justified. Others are way too deep into the radfem and pinkpill stuff that at that point it's up to them if they feel like changing their views, and it's not up to you to convince them, so why even try. I just accept it, ignore them and move on. I'm sure some men do the same when it comes to incels screeching about muh females and muh sex, plenty of men (even lonely virgins) must also be tired of this pointless war of the sexes shit.

I'm still calling them "moids" and "scrotes" when they annoy me though, because using imageboards that aren't exclusively for women is frustrating as fuck.

Anonymous 116703


personality goes a long way

Anonymous 116707

I appreciate this post. I mainly use male-dominated imageboards, and I like them, but sometimes I just want to talk with other women freely about only stuff other women would truly get, like fangirling about autistic husbando shit. So I come to CC and LC hoping they would be the answer, but it's somehow often as bad as or even worse than 4chan with misandry in place of misogyny. I wouldn't say that the hate is justified, but maybe understandable. Like how with hateful incels you'll often find they have terrible relationships with their mothers and their mothers were abusive. So these places just seem to attract abuse victims who have a warped and unhealthy view of the opposite sex. It really is mind poison that makes me feel like I'm going crazy if I spend too much time on imageboards and not in the real world.

Anonymous 116718

I roast males on here sometimes without hating them. Why? Because I roast them nowhere else and I want to vent. I've my reasons that don't involve my trauma (some of it involves the trauma of my loved ones). However, besides vague distrust, not one negative emotion comes to mind when I'm around men irl unless they do something bad. It's not true that rad feminism or whatever immediately makes women hate men. Hah. Sometimes I type something I look at later and go "hah, what the fuck was I thinking"?

Once in a while a random acts like I want men to suffer or something despite really saying nothing of the sort ever. It's interesting. In any case, there's a point where someone can subscribe to some of this stuff without having it be their actual belief system that dominates their life or colors their experience.

I'd advise people to just stay away from the related containment threads and topics if they aren't into them…even the rad fems that might relate to them but are deeply affected by them and aren't able to compartmentalize it well. I'd technically advise anyone to stay away if I didn't myself visit them sometime.

Anonymous 116723

>muhsandry being an unhealthy view of men

Anonymous 116726

comparing radfems to incels is just so insulting. I feel like you do see some truth to what we say and you know deep in your heart that women complaining about rape murder and harassement and systemic exclusion committed by men will never be equivalent to incels screetching about women having sex but you don't like it much so you misdirect your frustration with us (the messengers)instead.

Anonymous 116727

Same. People act buttflustered about eugenics because "le nazi did it!!", meanwhile they are okay with abortion. Abortion is eugenics. Its legalization made drop teenage crime drastically in the US between the 80-90s and 00s. Why ? Retarded, poor, tweens to be single moms being allowed to abort since the 70s means less scrotes born of a single mother in poverty, consequently less crime 20 years later. In western countries, women who abort the most are teenagers and tweens.
Abortion is also eugenics when you abort a disabled foetus.

And it's great.
Retards are a burden to society and their families, especially their mothers. Feminism and eugenics go hand in hand.

Anonymous 116729

Completely agree. It’s sad when parents keep a downie child. The kid will have to live with the parents forever or have to live in a care home. There are only rare cases where they can be somewhat independent. Why subject yourself to that?

Anonymous 116731

>Sex and gender roles are NOT the only component in male-female relations in real life, nor are those two even that important

You also sound like you were born in some western paradise, no offense. As if its bad enough what women have to go through in secret, you can't help but feel the need to knock difficult discussion down, discredit it because it makes you angry.

I'm a radfem and I don't feel anything like you. I am really happy to live without the influence of a man in my life, but I don't obsess over my anger at all. If anything I feel better after I processed it all and came to my own conclusion. Which is what I think these discussions are for. People enter a discussion trying to find an answer. The process isn't supposed to be fun, its difficult and fraught, but at least in the end, you can find your own happiness if you try. I don't think giving up and being angry is anyone's goal in life. Inevitably you find what works for you.

Anonymous 116835

Anonymous 116836

Abortion is not eugenics. It would be eugenics if it was guided by the state. The fact that it is up to individual choice makes it no more eugenics than a woman choosing not sleeping with fat guys or whatever.

Anonymous 116841

agreed. i think people confuse these things, but eugenics has a specific meaning. choosing to abort a disabled fetus for any reason may be offensive to some people (i personally don't care, i'd rather it be aborted than raised by a family who hates them) but it's not eugenics unless it was forced by the government (china anyone?)

Anonymous 116844

Speaking of anime, weeb moids like to proclaim undying love to their "waifus", but once the hype is over, they forget about the character and move on to the next flavor of the month. Remember Chaika? Lmao.

I find it poignant that moids can't stay loyal to even fictional characters. Really makes me think.

Anonymous 116889

Anon, there are waifuists and then there are common waifufags who chase trends. Go to Tohnochan's /mai/ and see for yourself, tons of people who have only loved the same character for years, or even more than a decade.
Still, I know that most people who call characters their "waifu" or "husbando" aren't actually that serious about it and just use the term for any character they're attracted to, which funnily enough makes actual waifuists seethe.

Anonymous 116896

actual waifuist here (have been loving him and drawing him for 7 years)
i hate english speaking ironic weebs they make me seethe

Anonymous 117267

This is an unpopular opinion for both gender critters and TRAs but I don’t want some kind of McCarthyite purge of the T in LGBT (which is why I think Bongland’s “LGB Alliance” is corny as hell) that being said sometimes I wish there was just an online space solely devoted to talking about being gay, lesbian or bi like most gay spaces were pre-2013 ish.

Anonymous 117272

I love and hate men and women equally.

Anonymous 117286

most YA literature is trash
astrology is bullshit and embarrassing for women
netflix is pure trash
most things marketed for women are shitty and low quality/superficial
the most south a country is geographically, the most shitty it is, with a few exceptions

Anonymous 117287

these are popular opinions

Anonymous 117352

Maybe inside people's head, definitely not something they externalize.

Anonymous 117359

tbh it's externalized a lot. it's just less obvious. like, it took years for people to side eye how explosive the hatred of twilight was.

for every girl earnestly, passionately into just a silly story, there was one having an aneurysm over it making other girls look bad.

Anonymous 117377

It’s sadder when an adult dies than when a child dies. That person has been able to have deep relationships and lots of memories with people.

Anonymous 117851

I don't really think it's a big deal to pierce baby's ears. Some people these days act like it's akin to mutilation. who gives a shit- it barely even hurts and you can just, take the damn earrings out when you are older if you want. I only think it's dumb that people do it with a piercing gun. I don't think it's some big feminist hill to die on. I also think its weird to want to decorate a baby but it's not some life-threatening nonsense. we can still hold onto some traditions.

Anonymous 117875

but it's not about the goddamn ear piercings, it's about the principle.

Anonymous 117893

I don't think anyone thinks it's a big deal, but you shouldn't invade someone's rights to their body just because she/he is a baby. It's a also a reflection on how the parents see their child, as a decoration or something that can be decorated as they want. They give off a Toddlers & Tiaras vibe.

Anonymous 117917

Lolcow is a site dedicated to tear down women apart, specially white/attractive women.

Anonymous 117918

It's always bothered me how the vast majority of cows targeted seem to be women. I know it spawned from /cgl/ so there's lots of cosplayer girls, but there is a vast ocean of cringe on the internet, you'd think that male cows would get more shit. It's such a contrast from the female solidarity I've experienced on /2X/, /g/, and occasionally kek /ot/

Anonymous 117949


I'm convinced people like to tear down cows that they see themselves in/cows that have a similar background or interests to them, but are less successful and more cringy. For example all the sex workers on Lolcow who are confirmed to post in the Shayna/other SW threads. Or all the weebs who made fun of PT and jvloggers and such, saying shit like "If I got the chance to go to Japan I would do so much better" "I speak better JP than her" etc. You can also see this on Kiwifarms which is majority male, and their most popular cows seem to be people like Chris-chan, DSP, and trans people like Kevin Gibes: nerdy failed men who they see as similar to but far inferior to themselves. Of course KF posts about some female cows and LC about some males, but people really do project their hatred onto what they hate the most about themselves. Also see fat people/former fat people who are really into ALR and Foodie Beauty.

Anonymous 117965

Most users seem to be (white) women from America, UK etc., it makes sense they're targetting women who are like them. Outing myself as a former LC user but years ago, I used to lurk threads about a cow from my country and I'm pretty sure most of the regular posters there were of the same nationality as well. All the American, British etc. lolcows held no interest for me.
I think >>117949 is spot on. People like to discuss and make fun of other people who share a similar background and interests they're also familiar with. Men tend to be drawn to gossip about other men, for women it's the same.

Anonymous 118007

I think HAES/fat acceptance is more harmful to people and society than pro-ana ever was, especially now that so many people are fat or obese.

Anonymous 118010

fat acceptance is a result of americans being fat, not the cause. total acceptance seems to be a fringe belief anyways.

Anonymous 118011


This is 100% true. I think a lot of it is projected self-loathing.

Anonymous 118061

I kinda agree but there are a lot of people with eating disorders, and I mean it. It's just not always your typical anorexia.

Anonymous 121235

after the first 2 or 3, the harry potter movies are cringe and anyone who likes them is gross

Anonymous 121252


I wanted to do a rewatch last year. The first 2 films were so comfy and felt magical. Then I got to the 3rd one and the tone suddenly became a lot darker and I kind of got bored. I looked up what happened and the first 2 films were like that due to the directing style of Chris Columbus, after that the directors for the other films were different. I stopped halfway through the 3rd one and didn't bother with the rest.

Anonymous 121261

can't tell if this is popular or not, actually.
cringe is how I feel too, weirdly. I can't even fully articulate why. I remember…certain characters acting way more stilted and creepy. they get a "grimdark" sort of feel. I think it captures the enroaching dread well enough but when it tries being silly it's very…off. The magic is just missing.

I wish it at least kept the look of the earlier movies, which honestly looked way less fake despite supposedly being more for literal children.

Anonymous 121264

>certain characters acting way more stilted and creepy
yes, also the chemistry seemed off to me compared to the first 2

Anonymous 219798

Weeb moids are the worst.

Anonymous 219818

Humanity wasnt ready for the internet, it came too soon and too fast.

Anonymous 219854

And the 3rd is my fav, so to each…

Anonymous 219870

True. Internet has become our new religion and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Anonymous 220286

Gun control doesn't work, and a great amount of women continuously unconditionally rejecting them while moids and especially trannies embrace them is incredibly self-destructive.

Anonymous 220332

I agree, more women need to be armed. Im still for gun registration and mandated gun safety.

Anonymous 220417

Subway sucks ass.

Anonymous 220419

Spending all day binge watching shows is better than scrolling on social media

Anonymous 220420

Fucking seconded.
My mom and dad got so mad when I told them I got my permit and they got double mad when I actually bought one and brought it home, but I am not taking the risk of not having one in this chaos world.

Anonymous 220456

>Subway sucks ass.
My Sister in Christ, you made the Sandwich

Anonymous 220476

Agreed, I struggle with internet addiction and after one bad phase of too much internet use, I blocked everything and replaced that time with binge watching. Not the ideal activity but one to start with after internet addiction. The first day I felt so calm and barely had any anxiety like I usually did from seeing too many arguments, crazy opinions, emotional vents, bad news stories, etc. all day online.

Anonymous 220508


Im pro nuclear power

Anonymous 221782

I like when baristas post online about customers abusing them because I think baristas are up their own ass and complain too much and they’re always fucking up my drink.

Anonymous 221786

Not an unpopular opinion but I dont want to start a new thread.
Is this a good alternative to Twitter?
Im tired of seeing Musk shit.

Anonymous 221820

The absence of twitter is the best alternative to twitter.

Anonymous 221823

what do we even have in common with twitter..? you could try mastodon

Anonymous 221888


I think it's really irresponsible when people let their pets outside and unmonitored. So many cats and dogs get run over by vehicles, lost and never found, hunted by an animal that's bigger than them, come back with a fatal infection, or are straight-up killed by humans who are sick of ferals. Cat owners are the most guilty of not giving a damn about their pets being outside and doing God-knows-what, and I've seen so many cats get squashed by cars because of that attitude.

Anonymous 221890

Agreed. I would NEVER let my cat go outside, at least without me watching her. Always thought people who let their cats go outside are crazy

Anonymous 222508

Cats also hunt for fun and decimate local wildlife. Even if you pull the prey away from the cat it'll likely still die from absorbing the cat's bacteria. House cats are an invasive species.
Cats are attributed as one of the largest factors of sinking bird populations. If you want to know how important birds are, in China when the government incentivized killing sparrows to protect crops the next year they were destroyed by locusts that would have been controlled by the sparrows eating them. Anybody who cares a smidgeon for our Earth owes it to themselves to not let cats do willy nilly out doors.

Anonymous 222533


Anonymous 222558

i found that letting my housecats outside for maybe 10-15 mins of supervised sunsoaking and grassrolling was a great way for them to get fleas.
so, there's that.

Anonymous 222561


I guess it's more controversial since it's on this site, but i really hate anime. It's just…. bleaurgh. I can't watch it or read it. The way they move and speak piss me the fuck off. And the shit plots, shitty character design for the sole reason of sexualizing, the sexualized being mostly underage girls, rampant pedophilia (lolishit) and everything about it. I cannot fucking stand anime and anime styles. It's so fucking unrealistic that it's alien. Styles can be unique, but the anime style has been copy and pasted countless times, usually solely for no life coomers with their huge tits no waists huge eyes nonexistant neck. Fucking disgusting lmao. I will never fucking understand how someone can look at picrel and this it's cute or desirable or relatable in any way. I want to punt this thing to fucking Jupiter. Sorry for the repost, i forgot to add image lmao

Anonymous 222570

If you have an indoor cat that you never let outside even to poop, to non-cat owners your entire house smells like cat piss. All indoor cat owners who defensively claim their house does not smell like cat piss because they clean the litterbox and are very hygienic I have met have houses that smell like cat piss, you are just used to the smell.

Anonymous 222574

Honestly, my opinion about this might not be unpopular but I hate how there is no nuance to this opinion. If you live in an urban area, I can see why it is important to keep your cat indoors, especially like an apartment. But there are some people I have seen here in the countryside who don't officially adopt cats or take them in but ARE caring for them in some capacity, which I think is a good thing. They leave food out to them, participate in trap, spay, and release programs all over to reduce the amount of kittens, get stray cats vaccination. so even if they're not taking cats into their home, they are still caring for them. I guess if you hate cats, it might not be a good thing to you though in your eyes.

Anonymous 222575

I like cats and I think indoor cat owners are very kind to their pets for looking out for their best interests, it's just that the consequence of having an indoor cat is that your house violently smells like cat pee to everyone else who isn't used to living and breathing in the smells that come from indoor cats.

Anonymous 222580

No it doesn't just clean their litter box. Otherwise you have a cat peeing in your house which is not the norm ! You have to neuter male cats or they will do this

Anonymous 222581


I agree wholeheartedly. Good western cartoons always felt more in tune with the heart to me.
>All indoor cat owners who defensively claim their house does not smell like cat piss because they clean the litterbox and are very hygienic I have met have houses that smell like cat piss, you are just used to the smell.
I met pet owners who worked and made their houses smell just fine, and even be rather clean despite having a dog or a cat. If you're letting your pet stink up the house, you're raising that pet wrong and that's a "you" problem. Not an indoor cat problem. Many cat owners letting their houses smell like urine only proves to me that a lot of people should not be owning pets.

Anonymous 222598

It still smells everywhere even if the litterbox is cleaned.

Anonymous 222606

>But there are some people I have seen here in the countryside who don't officially adopt cats or take them in but ARE caring for them in some capacity, which I think is a good thing. They leave food out to them, participate in trap, spay, and release programs all over to reduce the amount of kittens, get stray cats vaccination. so even if they're not taking cats into their home, they are still caring for them. I guess if you hate cats, it might not be a good thing to you though in your eyes.
NTA, but that is a different situation. The cats you're talking about are strays. If you own a cat, a dog, a ferret, or whatever, you need to take responsibility for where they are and what that animal gets into. A pet that you own should not be outside, roaming the neighborhood, at 3am, where anything can happen to them while you're sound asleep. That's not hating cats, that's just not wanting them to die from their owners' negligence like how they always do. It's simple, really.

Anonymous 222974

If you grew up reading people's opinions on the internet then your brain is rotted.

Anonymous 222976

women who decide to get pregnant by their nigels are so cucked, especially if they birth a moidlet.

Anonymous 222978

*give birth to

Anonymous 222984

I hate physically weak people, both men and women alike, especially men. Not being able to lift 30 pounds is not a bragging right, it's pathetic.

Anonymous 222987

I don't think that's an unpopular opinion. Everyone hates physically weak people. I shit on physically weak men together with other women so often as well.

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