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Anonymous 75709

Who else is asexual? When did you realize it? Are you happy with this?

Anonymous 75719

I don't think I'm fully asexual but definitely grey-A. I hate it as it causes so much difficulty when dating.

Anonymous 75721

I honestly have never had a sex drive. I’ll have sex with my bf so he doesn’t leave me though. I’ve just told him my sex drive is low. I just don’t care for sex at all. I’d rather kiss and snuggle.

Anonymous 75727

For some reason I've just never desired sex at all. Honestly I think the whole process is pretty gross. It might be nice for some companionship one day but I don't think I'd ever be able to hold a relationship if I have no interest in physical intimacy.
I am glad for being asexual though. It helps keep my mind focused on what matters rather than desperately searching for carnal pleasures. I can't help but notice, though, how judgmental I get towards other people for wanting sex or even who masturbate and that I consider them degenerates.

I just wish asexuality wasn't so damn controversial. You can be a pangender furry that's a biracial trans oman (the secret third gender) but not having a sex drive? That's crossing the line and doesn't exist apparently.

Anonymous 75728

>I just wish asexuality wasn't so damn controversial.
Same. They used to be really awful about it on GC on reddit for some reason. Like women putting up boundaries that they don't want to have sex is a bad thing? I understand that it can seem a bit snowflakey to people who aren't ace but it's really hard to pretend to be a normal sexual person when you aren't.

Anonymous 75729

It's because having a low libido is not a sexuality, it's just a variation of the normal. It's a bit cringy when "ace" people try to make it an identity and inserting themselves into the LGB community.

Anonymous 75734

>It helps keep my mind focused on what matters rather than desperately searching for carnal pleasures.

I am no ace and I'm not desperately searching, why would even…wh..
Sexual attraction affects perсeption of people in context of romantic-ish feelings and that's it (for me at least)

Anonymous 75736

Neither is being trans yet they have taken over the LGB movement. I think more ace people just want to be validated and not told there is something wrong with them, I don't think they actually consider it a sexuality.

Anonymous 75739

Okay? Even if according to you it’s “not a sexuality,” the label is still helpful for a lot of people. It could be called a “sexual orientation” if you want to be pedantic.
>I don't think they actually consider it a sexuality.
Well I do. I haven’t heard of any ace people who don’t.

Anonymous 75764

IMG_0393 3.PNG

I understand you so much.

Anonymous 75765

>Well I do.
Don’t mean to sound aggressive, just asking: do you feel no romantic attraction to any kind of people at all? Because like >>75721 said, I too like the idea of SOME intimacy, and it’s directed at men, which makes me (consider myself) mainly hetero.

Just after writhing this I realized that both heterosexuality and asexuality are SEXUAL orientations, so I’m not sure of a correct term to mean an exclusively romantic orientation.

Anonymous 75766

Although maybe the “sexual” part in this context refers to the biological sex, male/female. Damn I’m dumb.

Anonymous 75772

It is not though. You having a low or nonexistent libido is not a sexual orientation. Contrary to what gendersnowflakes and queertards want you to believe, you can't call each and every sexual preference a sexual orientation. That is why p*dos are already successfully trying to infiltrate our community.
I don't think anyone gives a crap about you not feeling sexual attraction anon, it's just understandably annoying when aces try to infiltrate LGB spaces and draw parallels between them and gay people.
Exactly, and we don't want that to happen do we?

Anonymous 75929

I do feel romantic attraction and I want physical intimacy like cuddling.
>not a sexual orientation
Yea it is

Anonymous 75947

My sexuality is really weird.
I have been sexually active with girls when i was 5-10 years old, and as i grew older i became more and more disgusted with sex. In my first relationship we never had PIV sex or did anything sexual. If we did, i felt bad afterwards and just …guilty. I fucking hate porn and i hate hypersexual women who get off to some extreme stuff so i'm actually pretty happy with my asexuality, idk. I just look down on all that degeneracy. I'm together with an asexual guy now, and you girls would love him. He's very affectionate, nice, trustworthy, has high IQ, spoils me, etc. We will meet irl later this year. He never watches porn or masturbates and is EXTREMELY loyal (mentally too). I wonder about sex sometimes though, the joy that could come with having a sex life… maybe it could be exciting to try it out sometime.

Anonymous 75950

I thought i was for a while, turned out it was just wishful thinking.

Anonymous 75951

You wish you were asexual? Why?

Anonymous 75954

Asexual in the way that I could never imagine myself having sex. This is partly because of being disgusted by my body and partly of being disgusted by sex in general.

I definitely have the need for affection and feel romantic attraction, but sex is nah. I would rather die kissless virgin tbh.

The fact I’m a 30yo foreveralone is because apparently all men want sex and I’m not ready by a long shot.

Anonymous 75955

To be more emotionally independent.

Anonymous 75998

Not her but I wish I were asexual as well. It would solve so many problems.

Anonymous 79031


if any of you can relate, let me know.. so i don't even know if i'm bi or lesbian..before i get into that though, i have no sexual interest in men in any aspect,, but watching lesbian porn turns me on..however, i've been with two girls and the actual act of it didn't really do anything for me..and sex with men just hurts or i lay on bottom and disassociate the entire time.. so i guess i may be asexual(?) but as for my sexuality, i have yet to meet a girl who i relate to emotionally..it is just easier to connect with men and view them in a romantic way.. HOWEVER with that,, a lot of it feels forced, as if im putting on a performance for these men to fall in love with me.. but with girls i just find them uninteresting and often times dense. is this just internalized misogyny? probably.. agh

Anonymous 79035

I thought I was for a while but then realized there was no such thing. Being asexual is just despising fuck boys and desiring intimacy beyond romance. I've had it once before, a partner that was also a best friend, its unique when you get it but I haven't been satisfied in any relationships since.

Anonymous 79043

I am still not really sure. I don't know how much of my virginity is due to having avoidant disorder. I experience attraction. I look at porn and read erotica. I have just never pursued a relationship. Maybe I am aromantic?

Anonymous 79044

I think having a low/nonexistent sex drive in my case doesn't make me asexual since it wasn't always like that.
Are sexual orientations really temporary and/or fluid?

Anonymous 79052

For me, I’ve never had an interest in sex, from the beginning of puberty to now

Anonymous 79057

Humans by nature are as fluid as water. Thoughts and opinions change in time and with new experiences. You can start out hating something and now love it and vice versa.
There's plenty of stories of people changing sexual orientations later in life.

I never really had interest in sex and relationships until I met my only one in college. I definitely am the least sexual person I know in the friend group.

Anonymous 79139

Well, for me it's tied to a hormonal/nutritional problem so I don't think it really counts. Once I fix that (hopefully it's possible) I think I won't qualify as asexual anymore. If not, though…

>I never really had interest in sex and relationships until I met my only one in college.

I've heard someone label that as "demisexuality" but does that really need a label?
yes i have a problem with obsessively labeling things and putting them into categories, even myself. hope that goes away though.

Anonymous 83403

asexuality is not a thing unless you are castrated

Anonymous 83405

Then how do you explain the thousands of people who identify as asexual and do not want sex? You’re retatded

Anonymous 83406

lying or didnt dare to experience yet

Anonymous 83408


Anonymous 83409

yes you are

Anonymous 83411

this moid is brainwashed with porn/+his own sexual drives so yeh wtv

Anonymous 83420

I thought I was asexual turns out I just hated myself and was in middle school, introducing all these fringe sexualities and genders to children on tumblr was a mistake

Anonymous 83429

yeah. I really thought you could separate romantic and sexual orientations lol

Anonymous 83432

I think asexuality is a thing but it's pretty much always rooted in something medical or traumatic on some level. I think people mistake low libido/detachment issues for being asexuality too.

Anonymous 83700


I thought I was for most of my life till I had an intimate partner around 18, which is also around the same time I began to stop taking medication. I had a huge libido come in which bothered my partner at the time (He wasn't ace but had a lower libido) and bothered me as well. After we broke it off, I ended up with a porn addiction but the whole concept of sex irritates me. The whole addiction is just an unhealthy way of getting rid of pent up energy the more I think of it.

Anonymous 83765

You’re right, coomer. How could anyone want to live without sex, porn, or degeneracy? Shut up.
>I really thought you could separate romantic and sexual orientations lol
Because you can. Asexual people who want to date romantically exist. They want to do everything in a romantic relationship except sex. That’s romantic attraction.

Anonymous 83773

They meant the 'you can be sexually attracted to one sex without being capable of feeling anything for that sex' tumblr meme not asexual aromantics because aromantics are still het gay or bi in the end
The split attraction model was made for and meant for describing asexual spectrums not for everyone else who experiences attraction normally it adds more closeted confusion like "I find women sexy and attractive but I'm not going to think about that any further I just like them hahaha I'm not gay"

Anonymous 83777

Ohh. I don’t understand why non-aces started using the split attraction model, and then they get angry at asexuals for creating it for THEMSELVES. There is so much hate toward them for no reason.

Anonymous 83779

You know how gender havers are anything that can add to their labels, at some point it got hijacked and started being promoted to everyone else, glad to see that dying down, unfortunately now that people don't care about being quirky with their sexualities anymore we've moved on to tiktok gender freaks
Not that it's completely justified but it's just the vocal asexies who talk about oppression that give you all a bad rep like no you're not going to get hatecrimed for not getting any coochie it's the same thing as having a low libido (assuming they're not in a same sex relationship)

Anonymous 83865


i think am asexual… when i was teenager/child i thought that i would develop one as i grew but i never did
i tried masturbating once or twice but i only felt disgusted and like i was invading my own privacy, and even without that in mind it just doesnt feel like anything to me before during and after ( ive never finished before in my life )
i HATE porn as a concept i cant imagine getting off to watching two strangers have sex fictional or not just thinking about it for even just a second makes me want to throw up, not to mention the industry and how evil it is :(
i think im fine the way i am since i dont think im ever getting into a relationship so this facet of myself wont be a burden to anybody, i hope

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