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Anonymous 76335

How do i know if i'm lesbian?

Anonymous 76338

are you sexually attracted to women? men?

Anonymous 76343


i made a chart for you

Anonymous 76353

please say sike.pn…

nothing makes me more angry than he/him lesbians and those who defend them. just why???

Anonymous 76356

i’m the person who posted that but if it came off as supporting he/him lesbians it wasn’t my intention (i forgot to add a yes at the top)

Anonymous 76361


You WILL suck her DICK

Anonymous 76464

if you want to have sex with a woman but dont want to with a man.

im not a lesbian so ive never struggled with sexual orientation, but how hard can it be to figure out if youre gay? this post sounds like it was made by a 13 year old.

Anonymous 76489

Ur good babe smooch I was just bringing it up because I know people whom that chart would piss off specifically bc you have to be a woman to be a lesbian lmao

Anonymous 76603

I unironically do not know. It's very confusing. I'm not sure I even like women, but I've been with one before. Honestly for me it wasn't really about the sexual parts, I just wanted someone to love me, and women are very good at that. I guess I could do sexual things with my ex in the end but I'm much happier with men, I just find them a bit oafish and hard to understand, and they're really not as soft or as kind…

Mm. Bumping so someone more knowledgeable can answer.

Anonymous 76605

>it wasn't really about the sexual parts
>could do sexual things
Honestly if you're not sexually attracted to women, then you're either straight or one of those 90/10 bisexuals for men. Likely the latter if you had minor attraction.
I'm the reverse and have pondered it a fair bit, if that qualifies me to make a judgement. A mostly-gay instead of a mostly-straight.

Anonymous 76897

They aren't even trying to be women anymore, they just want you to nod your head along with everything they say

Anonymous 83778


Honestly I wonder this myself, my first kiss was with a girl at 5 which I enjoyed very much. My first kiss with a boy was at 6 and didn't really enjoy it. As I got older and my sexuality developed, the erotica I like to view tend to be female centric (WLW or yuri), 2nd to women and men. I enjoy viewing female bodies and go eh at the sight of men. I think I like the idea of a phallic object in me, but I prefer if its with another woman (not like "dickgirls" lol). I dated a couple of men in my life and I think I had actual romantic relations with them but they never last long/well. I used to call myself 'bisexual' but now I don't know.

Anonymous 83785

Let me know if you find out
I am repulsed by men and only fantasize about girls and yet I'm still not sure kek

Anonymous 83814

sounds like you're bi with a heavy preference for women

Anonymous 83816


It is really wild to me that you think that is bi. It's basically the exact scenario in that My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness manga.

Anonymous 83817



I meant to post this in the female gaze thread with this reply (pic) and link to it here as an example of a man I find attractive where my reaction is not 'eh'. I think the 'eh' reaction to even men you would consider attractive is really telling if you're considering whether you're actually attracted to men at all.

Anonymous 83818

I used to think I could be a lesbian because I hated men so much. But I wasn't attracted to women either. Sometimes when I'm not being cynical, I think I just haven't found the right man yet. But the search is always so exhausting and ultimately disappointing.

Maybe I'm too optimistic, but I feel like men have the capacity for love and empathy. The majority are just emotionally stunted and there is no pressure for them to mature.

Anonymous 83827

NTA but I do feel eh about men I find attractive. I used to not even know when men were attractive or not, but I have slightly more developed my ability to appreciate them aesthetically. I only get aroused by men if I purposefully sexualize them by imagining them in sexual situations with me and basically objectify their bodies as sexual objects, and even then it's not very strong and kind of uncomfortable.

Anonymous 83830

And with women?

Anonymous 83833

I've always been attracted to women and I always preferred w/w stories. I've never been with a woman though so I'm scared maybe I'm fake and actually wouldn't like somehow. Like maybe the smell is somehow incompatible and I just don't know because I haven't done it (I know that's a weird think to fixate on lol).

I have a bf though, in case it sounded like I was an obvious lesbian.

Anonymous 83835

It really sounded like you were an obvious lesbian. IDK nonnie, you do you. You sound incredibly gay like:
>I have to force myself to be attracted to men
>I am automatically attracted to women
>I am bi

Anonymous 83837

I don't get it either tbh my sexuality confuses me a lot. My bf is LDR so I can't be sure if I will like it irl, but I am attracted to him and get off to thinking about being with him. I like how he looks but it feels like it's because he's my bf, if he was a stranger I wouldn't care probably. Before I met him men were basically entirely nonsexual to me, now I can sort of sexualize them but unless it's him I feel like a robot trying to emulate straight women.

Anonymous 83839

Well for real don't let me tell you what you're doing. If you're happy and comfortable that's all that matters. I would say if this doesn't work out IRL you should try dating women, because your fears there are totally unfounded.

Anonymous 83841

Yeah you are most likely right. Thanks anon

Anonymous 83849

Hey I'm the other anon thats similar to your case and honestly, I get where you're coming from. Another anon told me I could be bi with more preference towards women and another anon says its like the scenario from MLEwL(should I read it?). The closest I ever been with another woman is kissing, Ig I should try dating one to see how it works.

Anonymous 83857


It was just this specific part I thought of on MLEwL. I'm not saying your life is as much of a fuck-up as the mangaka's (but if it is mine was for a long time so don't sweat that too much either).

Anonymous 83868

MLEwL is good, I think it's similar to your situation. But without spoiling it too much, I feel like it's more of an asexual story and she wants to have a loving human connection with someone more than preferring girls over guys.

Anonymous 89010

If you would lick a woman's pussy, you're a lesbian. If you would also suck a dick, you're bi.

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