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/alcoholism/ Anonymous 77194

Who here a /crippling alcoholic/?

Whats your drink of choice?

I like absinthe and paint thinner vodka! It makes me happy

Anonymous 77215


i like fruit juices and water.

Anonymous 77217


Vodkas with a fruit juice are my all time go-tos at home. Daiquiris and martinis when I go out, and whenever I splurge at restaurants I always get those fruity slushies with rums. Not there yet, but I might be dangerously close to that path towards alcoholism.

Anonymous 77218

I can’t ever stick to one thing but generally I drink
>Hot spiced wine
>tequila sunrise
>white Russians
>Moscow mule

Anonymous 77220


actual alcoholic here, worked a shitty job with shitty hours that i had to be drunk all the time for and haven't shaken it

used to do the money saving thing of cheap hard liquor but these days i make enough money that i drink at least ~5 beers a night plus jager/crown royal when i feel like drinking not beer. mostly stick to coors light but i enjoy a six pack of a good stout or whatever on special occasions. go through a thirty rack in about four days nowadays. still thin as a rail tho, probably bc of the alcoholism actually

how do you drink those slushies without getting brain freeze? i had one once and thought my head was gonna explode

Anonymous 77224


You either go slow or enjoy the brain freeze. My head runs really hot, so it can be kinda nice. Chest freeze is worse. Could also be that I'm a smoothie/slushie drinker in general, so I'm used to it. Personally can't stand the taste of beer at all.

Anonymous 77225

God I want to drink now.
I used to just drink rum or cheap vodka, but decided to quit hard shit. Switched to mainlining tallboys of cheap, high abv beer like Natty Daddys.
Been trying to quit all together for a few years now and it's so hard. At the very least I've cut back significantly and don't get drunk daily anymore. As sad as it is I unironically miss those days. I'm worried for my health, but sometimes I just don't care if I die from it. This life isn't really for me, why not just be drink and happy.

Anonymous 77238

I like getting the cheapest possible vodka, the store sells a bottle of some really odorous shit for 6$.
I like to mix it with milk and Christmassy spice and pretend its eggnog

Anonymous 77246

havin a drink.jpg

i've been on n off a bender for the last 3 months or so
the most idiosyncratic liquor is everclear. so i'd just have that and water in a single cup mixed. you stay pretty hydrated because it's unpalatable to have without water – just tastes like burning/pain. but the shit works and you get buzzed after a sip basically. very clean and lucid drunk. it's not like a spirit it's just straight liq.
trying to not do this anymore though. you think about how all you have is time and how little you can take advantage of that while you're incapacitated drunk. unless you can be functional. slippery slope though!

Anonymous 77320

I was close on becoming alcoholic but my stomach didn't let me.

Anonymous 77354


Used to be I think, moreso in terms of amount drunk than in regularity of drinking. Alcohol just does it for me – When I was wasted I could give myself little orgasms in a couple seconds just by doing kegels. Everyone liked me when I was drunk; I always felt like everyone preferred me when I was drunk. It ruined me. I tried to kill myself in a really dramatic and public way wasted out of my mind, I also pissed myself. I can't even imagine how fucked I would be if I tried opiates or the likes, I don't think I could repair my life trying something like that once.

Every once in a while I return to it to pretend I can do it moderation but I always want to drink until I die once I start. I try to stay away and just go stoney, oddly weed is pretty good but hasn't had that grip on me so far.

Anonymous 77558

I drink 12 pints of Stella a night.

Anonymous 127722

I use to get black out drunk almost every night and it ruined my life. Also stsrted extreme dieting so I wouldn't get fat which just made everything worse.

I was sober for over two and a half years and my life improved dramatically.

I've started drinking again but I usually only have one or two drinks and won't drink anything above 5% alcohol.

Drunk browsing /ck/ is one of my favorite hobbies tbh.


I thought for women more than one alcoholic drink a day was considered alcoholism?

Anonymous 127740


>Drunk browsing /ck/ is one of my favorite hobbies tbh.
Ahahaha holy shit, me too. /ck/ is probably the only reason I still use 4chan.
I used to drink cheap vodka or rum but I avoid liquor these days.
Been trying to quit completely but it's so goddamn hard. I'm not as bad as I used to be though, I only drink maybe once a week instead of every day. These days I'll just pick up some tallboys of Natty ice or some white claws.

Anonymous 129186

>Natty Ice
Why? Is it because it's the cheapest? Can't imagine it has less calories then anything else. There are better tallboys out there.

Anonymous 129190

Just grow your own weed.
Super simple, super cheap, a lot more healthier to be a narco then an alco and the hangovers are something you won't miss either.

Anonymous 129193

I like bud ice too even though they're kind of nasty if you aren't already fucked up
This is kind of a bad idea but it would be cool if you could pull it off

Anonymous 129445

The worst that happens is your electric bill goes up $50-100. Don’t tell a single soul.

Anonymous 129539

I used to hate alcohol and would rarely drink it but I'm addicted to not being sober and recently I've been unable to get the drugs I used to use (mostly amphetamines and dissociatives) so I've been drinking. Unfortunately alcohol is way easier to binge on than any other drug and I've never been good at impulse control.

Anonymous 236188

alcoholism is such a boomer thing

Anonymous 236205

not everyone can afford therapy

Anonymous 236206

Boomers are just the only alcies who can accept it's a problem.
Zoomers and millennials all just cynically tried to normalize their destructive behavior.

Anonymous 236236

Bc alchoholism is quirky when you are young
Not so quirky anymore when you develop cirrhosis of the liver after treating yourself that way your whole life

Anonymous 236294

I can't stand being sober so I abuse prescription benzos and buy xanax and take small amounts to stop the neverending anxiety but also try hiding it from my bf.

Feel like such a failure. He doesn't drink so I can't even get properly drunk at home anymore without feeling like an idiot.

Anonymous 236295

but my favorite booze is lambs rum ^_^ cheers

Anonymous 236296

Xanax is worse you can get wds

Anonymous 236298

I don't drink often but any time i am offered alcohol or around alcohol I completely lose control over myself and idk if that's something I should worry about. My mother was an alcoholic and I wonder if i just don't know how to drink 'normally' from being around her.

Anonymous 236346

Alcoholics are disgusting and I hate you all.

Anonymous 236672

Thank God whenever I drink I get terrible heartburn. If I didn't I'd probably drink a lot more than I do. Thankfully drug free, alcohol free accept a fee days of the week. Used to be able to drink a whole bottle of wine easy though.

Anonymous 236694

I drank vodka with some friends for fun on a saturday night and it all went downhill from it. My family has a past with alcoholism and I think I'm falling in it. I love the rush and the high from it. I forget about my shitty life, my routine, my illness, anything and everything. I know that it's a bad coping mechanism but dang, it's fucking hard to quit

Anonymous 236708

How often do you drink?

Anonymous 236930


>likes anime
>is an alcoholic

Nona, stop before you end up busted like Venus Angelic. Do you want to be a weeb Lindsay Lohan, looking 55 when you're 26?

Anonymous 236941

Yea sorry I am old and not dependent on a cocktail of SSRI's like you

Anonymous 236963

Not that much tbh. I drink heavily maybe two / three times a week. But I have a little more than a couple of sips throughout the day

Anonymous 236968


Happy dying, drunktards!

Anonymous 236970


So this is a good chance to talk about something that I noticed that seems no one else has:
That there is a certain moment of weakness that is way milder than others, that is when you are bored and with nothing to do your brain will run a list of things you can do and there is a danger that you ran out of so many things to do that drinking or any other substance ends at the top of the list.
It's quite a different moment than when you are actively fighting compulsion from drinking and fighting your demons but is just as bad. You don't get a strong urge to drink but your brain wants to do something cool so it wanders to the obscure part of your subconscious

When you are an addict is always better to have too many hobbies and projects in the work than not

Anonymous 236971

My ex was a secret alcoholic and the main thing I learned from being up close and personal with one of them is that it's literally just a matter of laziness and it's perfectly within their control to get their shit together - they just choose not to

Anonymous 236975

Gotta die some time

Anonymous 237213

i just can't stop drinking sparkling wine

Anonymous 246506

You'll never meet people who are fully able bodied and minded who still lack the ability to wipe their own ass.

Anonymous 255117

I’m so pissed off right now I just gulped down some of my roommates interestingly flavored prickly pear vodka god dammit

Anonymous 255134

My NEET friend a couple hours away homebrews constantly, all kindsa spirits, so whenever I visit them I pick up as much as I can carry, 4-10 litres of 'moonshine'/vodka/whiskey/rum…Nuthin' ever does me any good but I'm always tryna get un-sober…every moning I regret it, but if it's not liquor, it's weed, or whatever else I can get my hands on.
Tend to pay $10 or $15ish a litre, NZD–you're paying $40 or more at the stores now. Can't be doing that.

Anonymous 255135

I want to cry.

Anonymous 255201



Anonymous 255202

Was getting there, I hate my job. I’m addicted to smoking weed but need to bc of my dragon breath/fried lungs. Have been considering picking up wine again, don’t have an issue with alc but can’t stand being sober. Hoping to transition back to being an adderall fiend if I can get my script back next week

Anonymous 257562

I like hard cider. There are a lot of local cideries in my area too so I like trying out new flavors every now and then.

Anonymous 257564

hahaha anon are you me? i was hoping to return to my fiendish ways this year as well

Anonymous 257574


Green apple vodka and hard cider. It didn't help that I was also addicted to xanax. Then I started mixing liquor and codeine syrup.

Anonymous 258469

Holy shit this happens to me all the time. Sometimes I’ll be doing stuff and I’m content and interested and then suddenly a feeling of extreme boredom comes over me. I then try to fight the desire to drink but my mind rationalizes I can just have a little more and suddenly I’m off to the races on a several day bender. It’s quite tragic and I’m worried how much I’ve damaged my organs over the years.

Anonymous 258539

I'm so sorry . Has your finger healed?

Anonymous 258545

It has been demonstrated that alcohol metabolites in the liver, such as acetaldehyde, can be a cause of cancer

Anonymous 258563

The threshold where moids consider alcoholism a problem is way, WAY higher than women.
I remember my aunt crying to my mother, her sister, that she was an alcoholic because she drank two cups of wine a day.
While on my father's side of the family it was considered normal for some uncles to disappear for a couple days to get completely shitfaced.

Anonymous 263843


My finger is no good. It healed but the nerves there are all screwy and my nail grows weird.

I quite dislike the fact that I used alcohol as a crutch for my emotions really. People are demanding and demanding and demanding me to do x y and z, but no one really cares about me, just what I do.

I wanna OD.

Anonymous 263864


Lately I've been getting back into chugging a pint of alcoholic seltzer and playing video games. This is the sweet spot. If I drink any more, it becomes a chore. I've never been in a place where I've drank more than half a pint of rum at a time. And at that point, I was at my absolute lowest. Never ever want to be back there.

Anonymous 263950

I stopped drinking the stuff entirely. Makes me feel like garbage in the morning and it's just not good for you.
Not trying to virtue signal, just don't see a point in it after college.

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