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Anonymous 77216

Why is it socially unacceptable to wear pajamas out? They're just like regular clothes only comfortable. Why do normies hate comfort?

What job can I get that will let me wear pajamas?

Anonymous 77232

Lingerie model.

Anonymous 77233

Anything home-office.

Anonymous 77256

When I worked in a 24/7 call center there were girls that wouldn't just show up with passable pajamas for a night shift, but full blown animal themed onesies, with the animal ears on the hoodie and everything.

Anonymous 77258

In China that is pretty normal.

Anonymous 77303

Temp agencies are pretty lenient; I couldn't wear pjs, but I brought a pillow and blanket for data entry.

Anonymous 77308

I New Zealand it's normal to go the supermarket or dairy early in the morning still in your PJs

Anonymous 77360

Why don't you just wear pajamas that look like normal clothes? There's plenty of normal clothes that are comfortable enough for bed, too.

It's all about fabric. Just don't wear synthetics.

Anonymous 77436

Because you should have a shower when you wake up and put on normal clothes

Anonymous 77437


Because the only people who do it are gross and I wouldn't want to be associated with them?

Anonymous 77502

because it shows that you care enough about your job to present a professional look. its about showing that you are at your job to work not lounge around. i dont know why youre so upset about this lmao, especially when there are nice looking clothes that are perfectly comfortable.

you sound like a teenager.

Anonymous 77557

All these girls got the wrong idea, and shame on them for shaming you. ((I shall now shame them in turn))
Dress not for comfort, but tactically


Anonymous 77576


Just wear pants like pic related. They’re comfy and don’t have a tapered leg like leggings do so they look like real slacks. Also they’ll make ur ass look great if you’re into that.

I’m currently NEETing from home but I know women who used to wear these to dressy casual office jobs and their boss didn’t say anything.

Anonymous 77577

Anonymous 77583

whats the name of these kinds of pants? i want to buy some

Anonymous 77605

They're called bell bottoms.

Anonymous 77796

I have the same dilemma. At home, I wear comfy white and grey checked pants of normal length + a t-shirt. Why do clothes nazi itt think it would be inappropriate to go outside in this just because it’s made of a soft and warm fabric?

End the discrimination

Anonymous 78145

god these are disgusting.
wear these if you want to look like Paula Deen or if you like the clothes on the Home Shopping Network lmao

Anonymous 78152

Lol ok Ms Priestly

Anonymous 78198

have you considered being a salty bitch as the reason why nobody likes you

Anonymous 78210

wait, it isn't??

Anonymous 78228

>NEETing from home

Sorry to ask but where else would you NEET if not from home?

Anonymous 78232



Anonymous 78282

it's hilarious that you're accusing her of being a salty bitch when you get triggered over people wearing pants you don't like. just go back to lolcow already

Anonymous 78296

Welp. I am a privileged dumbass.

Anonymous 78393


what a mean person…

Anyway this >>77437 anonette is correct. The only issue is that gross people were PJs outside. Honestly besides that, it's stupid to get upset over someone wearing a bathrobe to work. Shit is cash, and I'd pop a lady boner for any man or woman who wore one out because they felt like it.

Anonymous 79984

pls tell me who that is in this pic

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