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Pet Thread Anonymous 77355

Send your pets!

Anonymous 77358


My doggy takin a nap :)

Anonymous 77601

Anonymous 77657

>no one else posted their pet
SAD. What the FUCK anons? You’re just going to let this thread die?

Anonymous 77666


Sometimes when I'm really depressed, I take dumb pictures of my cat as if she's answering the phone.

Anonymous 77715

Cats usually scare me a little, but CUTE!

Anonymous 77754


Anonymous 78026


My dumb dog when he was a puppy.

Anonymous 78028


Him as an adult.

Anonymous 78033

wow cute and he is a handsome dog grown up as well.
Thank you for sharing dog picture.
sorry cat people

Anonymous 78034

What breed is he? Kind of looks like a pitbull. I'd be careful around him desu

Anonymous 78035

Thanks for commenting this I was about to ask if it was a pitbull I had a dog that had some pit in it and it was a crazy dog but loved me a lot!

Anonymous 78043

My dog died last year in May :(. She was a fifteen black Cocker and so sweet. She loved to run in the green fields, with her long ears moving up and down as she made the birds fly (though she never managed to catch any lmao). I will always love her.

Much love to your pets anons! When I'm not as busy as I am these days, I'll try to adopt a stray dog and give them a nice life.

Anonymous 78058

You gave her such a long, amazing life anon. <3 What was her name?

Anonymous 78094

I'm not really sure. I always assumed he was a mixed bully breed(american pitbull terrier and american staffordshire terrier). His mom was also a mixed bully breed and his dad was a stray dog. I never got a proper look at the father but he was definitely a bully dog as well(quite possibly a cane corso).

He's quite nice and protective of us so we've never had a problem on that front. However, he will try to bite strangers and dogs he doesn't recognize.

Thank you! You should see him now. He got his ass kicked by a pack of stray dogs about two weeks ago so he's ugly as sin now. His wounds are in the process of scaring over.

Anonymous 78134


This is my little girl Jojo. She was so scared at the shelter. She originally lived in an apartment but I think shes happier with me in my house!

Anonymous 78199

I had to leave my baby boy Butch, a beautiful German Shepherd-Rottweiler mix, to go to school. My brother took him on a walk and was attacked on the way home by a group of guys. Butch was already old and tired, but tore into them and never gave up until they were sent packing. My brother came out with some broken ribs and bruises, but Butch's injuries were just too much and he died before the police arrived. I miss him so fucking much it hurts, but I know in the end he was held and comforted and with someone who loved him. He was a brave, loyal and good boy to the end.

Anonymous 78201

so sad but shows how much he cared sorry that this happened anon.

Anonymous 78204

Moids are such animals. Why did they even jump ur bro? Did he know them?

Anonymous 78289

Just some Aboriginals who went out walking and drinking that decided to mug passersby.

Anonymous 78335


Anonymous 78629


Anonymous 119540


trying to revive this amazing thread. Me and my ragdoll cat had some fun in the snow on the porch yesterday.

Anonymous 119541


Anonymous 119542


Anonymous 119543

You have a beautiful cat and these are some pretty photos

Anonymous 119552


He's coming for your strawberries

Anonymous 119565

What a beautiful cat!

Anonymous 119776


thank you!! unfortunately we haven't gotten much snow since then. I will be sure to update next time. the kitty in question is 2 years old, her name is Tilly, the light of my life <3

Anonymous 119781


Anonymous 119787

who dis?

Anonymous 119789


Anonymous 119795

very cute. would willingly slice my hand open to pet.

Anonymous 119797

She is surprisingly soft! As long as you don't spook her she won't spike up and it's very comf. Sadly it's winter rn so she is mostly sleeping on top of being nocturnal so I don't get to see her much. Q.Q

Anonymous 119800

what is having a hedgehog as pet like?

Anonymous 119805

Like half cat half rat. They can produce more and sociable but they can also get easily scared and try to hide under their stuff. So because ours is a pygmy hedgehog we can't let her rub the whole house since it's too easy for her to go under something. We want to easily be able to get her out without us getting spiked in the hand or something lol. Instead we have a nice big open cage for her with a big running wheel because she likes to run a lot and they are super fast. She has a big log she likes to hide in under her little blankie. When she's awake during the day or early in the evening but we will do is put one of those doggy fences up to block her from leaving the room and not her room are room for a couple of hours. Sometimes we'll have her in the bed snuggling with us. She's really sweet and eats pretty much whatever but really likes her meal worms. Yuck.

Also she runs like ALL night. Bought her a wheel that's supposed to be silent but all I can hear at night is the squeaky wheel….

Anonymous 119959


Momo's little mask is adorable!

Anonymous 120090


here is my other kitty who was in the background. does anybody here have a snake? i love snakes, i think they get a lot of hate/disgust thats unjustified

Anonymous 120111

Loki vs. Cicada.JP…

She turns ten next month but still acts like a kitten.

Anonymous 120113

Christmas kitty.JP…

Anonymous 120114

Loki 1.JPG

Last one for now

Anonymous 120120

what a good girl. 10 years is quite a milestone, i hope she makes it to 20 with you!! my oldest cat made it to 21, so I'm sure with proper care you'll be spending a good long time with her. <3

Anonymous 120142

Loki 2.JPG

Thanks <3
My mom's old cat lived to 18 and she was an outdoor. Mine is an indoor so I'm sure she'll live a long time.

Anonymous 120237

love her and im not even a cat person

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