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Terfposting #6 Anonymous 78254

last thread filled up.

Anonymous 78256

i worked in a place that had a few trannies and they took the stinkiest nastiest shits you've ever smelled in your life

worse than the alcoholic with bowel cancer

it got so bad the managers had to put up signs begging them to use the fucking febreeze before opening the door

Anonymous 78257


wtf anon

Anonymous 78258

they were also all stealing from work and selling stuff on facebook

when they got caught they threatened to call workplace safety or some shit

Anonymous 78259


Anonymous 78263


If only..

Anonymous 78265



Anonymous 78266


Anonymous 78267

Suggest some TERF or general feminist books that are worth reading and if possible not marxiist.

I read irreversible damage and it was nice but really felt like it was more an opinion piece at times.

Anonymous 78276

Oh what I would do to be a monke…

Anonymous 78278


All of
Ray Blanchard research publications, this is worth it since its the scientific argument which is so essential for this debate that is honestly in our favor because it's an objective matter when we talk about spaces for women.

Anonymous 78284

Im so fed up. I I thought superstraight was a good opportunity to pick people but they keep giving me the same runaround bullshit. My brother was like "why are you peeved" after the lesbian shame receipts and the "little girls are kinky" lkill me

Anonymous 78286

I have a tif friend who is receptive to penis aversion being a thing and understands gay men dont want vagina and lesbians dont want dick, she believes someday gender will be do far removed from sex that sexuality wont exist. Its a bummer i really like her but she believes the dumb murder ststistics. Shes literally radfem on every ything else i really hope she doesnt mutilate herelf with testosterone.
Its her choice but damn we live in a society

Anonymous 78294

well yeah getting men to care about women or girls outside their family is usually difficult

Anonymous 78300

What is it with trannies and petty theft?
They think they're entitled to everything

Anonymous 78336


Thoughts on these troons admitting to raping men to fuel their straight-chasing fetish?

I saw another video similar to this one with another man bragging about deceiving straight guys into sex, talking about how it was amazing etc etc but i cant find it right now. Is "good sex" a thing when youre post op, or is it typical male sex bragging to artificially inflate his appeal or the quality/quantity of sex? Whenever i look up stuff about having sex after SRS its always troons spewing bullshit about how they feel so wimminly or it was amazing or mindblowing.

Personally i feel like they get paid to lie for the benefit of shilling this shit to vulnerable young kids, they're straight up delusional, or just got an insanely good (usually foreign) surgeon.

Anonymous 78338

I saw a similar tiktok of a troon going "when you've been having amazing sex daily for 6 months and he asks why I'm never on my period"
Not to victim blame the men these sick freaks raped but how do you regularly fuck a neovag and not notice a difference

Anonymous 78339

It’s easy when you are a figment of someone’s imagination.

Anonymous 78341

The tranny didn't rape him.

Anonymous 78343

Then what is it? How is a man deceiving another man into sex not rape by deception? That troon thinks like a rapist and acts like a rapist, lying to others to trick them into sleeping with him.

Literally male sex entitlement and fetish in drag.

Anonymous 78346

It's probably fake. Anyone can notice a weird ass neovagina. Ether it was always lights out or didnt happen.

Besides they do bleed because its a wound trying to close itself, this is where the dilate meme comes from. Actually getting a neovagina is usually the slipping point of most trannies thats where they decide to kill themselves, that operation has killed so many trannies because.
1. they cant feel as much pleasure
2. its a wound that is bleeding so it hurts consistently
3. basically read what "Remilia" that LoL tranny said about getting a neovag, he couldnt take it, at that point it was pretty much over.

Trannies rarely get sex from men, some can trick them but if they notice somethieng weird the man very likely is also beating them the fuck up rightfully so. Besides no tranny ever passes 100% even that voice you can notice is faked. Naked, full light, all angles with full vision of the bone structure all trannies can get "clocked" / found out.

Anonymous 78348


and when they do get it, its a incel that is conscious it's a tranny but was just way too desperate for a sexual partner that at least he can roleplay with, it's all about appearences the incel uses the trancel to pretend he has a wife and the transcel uses the incel to pretend he is attractive as a woman to men. Two incels fucking each other for different self sexual arousal reasons. Then they die.

They just don't lead good lives.

Anonymous 78350

Rape by deception isn't real. The moid gave its consent so it wasn't rape. The end.
Nobody said that the scrote was straight.

Also, yeah, it was a fake story.

Anonymous 78351

>Thoughts on these troons admitting to raping men to fuel their straight-chasing fetish?

All of them are evil, since they believe that they have committed a rape and don't care. But usually they haven't committed a rape. Whenever a troon brags about rape in an LTR, their 'victim' is a chaser who's lying right back at them.

Anonymous 78352

how come he can brag on the internet about tricking men but can't tell his partners he's a tranny?

Anonymous 78354

Don't say this rape by deception happens to women too

Anonymous 78357

You honestly believe rape by deception doesn't happen to woman? This reeks of moid.

Anonymous 78358

It doesn't happen to women because it's not real.
>This reeks of moid.
Ok doofus

Anonymous 78361

>my neovag is indistinguishable from the real deal
Press XX for xtreme doubt. They're clearly lying. Their whole life is a lie.

Anonymous 78364


Late, but I think the tranny or group or trannies got tired of reporting posts to the mods on the farms. I just think the mental image of some seething tranny or fakeboi roiding out and desperately reporting posts in order to get them banned is funny. Good riddance

Anonymous 78365

Group of trannies*
Maybe they'll be spurred again one of these days, oh well. Maybe it's a gay op by /lgbt/

Anonymous 78366

Yes it does. Imagine the scenario where a man has an STD and lies about it. Or the scenario where he lies about wearing a condom, or removes it. He is knowingly putting the woman at risk of STDs and pregnancy and deceives her in the act. This is also rape.

Anonymous 78368

"You could not tell me apart from a cisgender woman," he says with his very male voice, feeling the need to clarify with the text on screen that he means by appearance despite his male facial structure being very visible to anyone with eyeballs.

>Thoughts on these troons admitting to raping men to fuel their straight-chasing fetish?

The creepiest shit but very typical of scrotes. They're definitely lying, either fully or they just had anal with another gay dude. Not even the supremely intoxicated can be deceived by a stinkditch.

Anonymous 78375


Anonymous 78376

i used to stand like that when i was 4 and my mom would tell me to stop standing like a duck.

Anonymous 78377


Anonymous 78379


Terven island with "domesticated" males(chained for security, they can go berserk at any moment) when? I'll even take a female autonomous zone.

Anonymous 78382


Anonymous 78383


Anonymous 78386


Anonymous 78395


Anonymous 78396


Anonymous 78397


Anonymous 78398


Do trannies actually believe in this bullshit?

Anonymous 78399

>Oh gurl youre just jelous that they are hotter then any CISgirl
Theyre delusional they have to be to cope with the drugs and mutational surgery

Anonymous 78400


>call out a tranny for being creepy/toxic
>"don't act like you don't want it, honey ;3"
Many such cases.

Anonymous 78404


Eh, idk. Ballerinas stand like that naturally cause of all the time in first and third position. They are trained to stand that way because of balance and preventing injury. I stand that way because of a foot injury depending on what shoes I’m wearing.

Anonymous 78406

What you are saying isn't common.
The meme went over your head.

Anonymous 78407

i dont think all those middle aged men are ballerinas

Anonymous 78415

Yeah, Sorry ladies. I sperged on ballerinas cause I didn’t have my coffee yet. Ignore me.

Anonymous 78419

This tranner discussion is nothing but the latest product of using SJW's as political support. It was always a deal with the devil to transform any reasonable argument into an moralistic imperative and this is the tip of the iceberg. People these days are so used to ignore any logic because logic is fascist. Everyone can abuse the power of the Social Justice movement by just screeching "I'm a victim because of [mental gymnastics] do my bidding!". The only thing that happened is that the alt right and incels realized that instead of fighting against the system they can succeed by fighting within it and no one is able to put a stop to this anymore.

Anonymous 78423

ikr they just can't give a fuck

he is either lying or he's exclusively involved with men with gay tendencies who are so deep in the closet that they hide behind the "muh didn't know it was a dude" to keep fucking this obvious square-jawed, huge-nosed, deep-voiced male.

Anonymous 78432

trannies on twitter (ftms included) are always claiming most trans people are "t4t" and would never fuck a cis person despite all the evidence to the contrary

Anonymous 78456


This damn scenario. Every single time.
What is WITH the fixation of gay men and tranny men obsessing over wanting to get with completely heterosexual straight guys?
Like what James Charles did with the straight guys he manipulated, the tranny in this TikTok video.
I just find it so ironic. You would think that the least kind of people they would want to be with is with the demographic of people who supposedly oppresses them. It makes no sense to me.

Anonymous 78464

>"You could not tell me apart from a cisgender woman,"
What? Just because he's not as gross as most trannies that doesn't mean you cannot say he's a man. I mean, look at is fucking voice. Maybe if you're really drunk you can think he's a female, but fuck, I've seen straigh friends kissing each other when they were drunk too once.

Anonymous 78468

Anonymous 78471


it's because that is what their whole identity is about. their ultimate fantasy is feeling like an actual woman, so it requires being desired by men who only desire actual women. they like being objectified like they think a proper woman would. many even enjoy the danger because it validates them.
pic related writer was just longlisted for a women's literature award lel.

Anonymous 78473


this book should be mandatory so that all women knew what trannies reallty think about them.

Anonymous 78476

"Detransition, Baby", Torrey Peters. Longlisted for this year's Women's Prize for Fiction.

Anonymous 78479

God the description is hard to read through, basically a troon who married a troon decides to not be a troon anymore and impregnates his boss? This reads like it supports troons if anything.

Anonymous 78480

>Peters’s first two self-published novellas, The Masker and Infect Your Friends and Loved Ones, were published online in 2016 and reviewed by Harron Walker for them.[1] The Masker is about a sissy as they contemplate transitioning from male to female.[5]
What a wholly rational and well-adjusted moid, surely he isn't a major sex pervert.

Anonymous 78481


Yeah, the author said something about "reclaiming the detransitioning narrative" because it belongs to troons somehow, which is super fucked up since most detransitioners are very vocal against genderwoo and its harms.

he just wants to pee anon

Anonymous 78483

I thought the majority were transbian?

Anonymous 78485


Transexual Homosexual voice. A gay dude that took drag too seriously and built himself around it.

This is an AGP tranny. Aka a moid that gets horny by the thought of being seen as "female" as he does for himself.

The classifications of Ray Blanchard work. Alhtough all trannies are always a degree of AGP.

Anonymous 78487

Anonymous 78490

It's so funny seeing handmaidens still try to say "a transwoman would never do anything bad, they just want to be left alone, they're in most danger you know!!" Meanwhile trans people have moved on to "those are cherry picked examples/those are a few crazy people on the internet."
They cant even keep up with themselves defending this shit.

I really wonder whats gonna be next because theres already more than enough reciepts out there(imo). If males are allowed to id into womens spaces all doubts gonna be removed. I think everybody knows this deep down and thats what fucks me up the most. Most people ive spoke to just have this "a few eggs need to be cracked to make an omelette" mentality and think its ok to play fast and loose with women's safety to protect mentally ill males from male violence.

We all know trans men arent trying to go to mens prison or shower with men because sheep don't want to be with wolves. Fuck I don't understand how some women just wont wake up to how real and fucked up this is. With men I can see why they don't care/probably are enjoying this but with women idk how they can fix their mouth to basically say "I dont care if women might be assaulted we really need to focus on protecting men from men." Truly an mra movement in dosguise/the long con.

Anonymous 78492


trannies are going to get beat up by the boyfriends or male friends or women themselves when they go into women spaces tbh. this is a recipe for disaster.

Anonymous 78496

Yeah its gonna be an all around shit show. My main thing with bathrooms for me is cameras and men having the legal right to be in the womens restroom because it would make it easier for them to get away with something. Its all so ridiculous and seems like its designed to cause chaos. I dont know how this is being considered.

The only people who I can see wanting this are male-identified/naive or just pervs with ill intentions. If you "pass" and arent bothering people in the bathroom then you wont have a problem. If they want to share a prison cell or room at the women's shelter then I need them to at least commit to cutting their dicks off (and even then I dont to be around them in those cases bc men always act like men).

Anonymous 78497


Look America is a decaying country and all the anglo sphere kinda is as well. They no longer care about reason, reasonable policy is not what they are about. They just want to make profit. This kind of lunatic things happen at the start of a collapse of a nation until it takes another form that is more sustainable.

Anonymous 78498

It's just the end game of identity politics and philosophy. If the individual is a pinnacle part of society than individuals will neg and beg to be accepted for who they are instead of conforming.

Anonymous 78500

Yeah everyone I talk to irl is like "whats the worse that could happen?" So maybe this is what has to happen to get people to realize how far it's all gone. Its sad that it has to be at the expense of women though.

Anonymous 78506


Yeah men literally do not suffer from the physical consequences of any of this gender ideology bs. What are "trans men" gonna do get wrecked at their competitions? Get taken advantage of in their bathrooms or prisons? Only women get the short end of the stick. All so some APGs get horny about themselves at night. Clown World.

Anonymous 78508

nta but ty! does anyone have more tra/libfem books to recommend? ive only read whipping girl

Anonymous 78510


This bs is a really new debate topic that before wasn't really a problem since it was rare. Don't expect there to be many books about it.

Ray Blanchard is the best there is in this type of /sci/ /lit/. Many scientists don't research the topic because they are afraid a political correct army would shut them down + stop funding them, Ray Blanchard honestly got lucky Canada has those loonies but in America he would have had no chance in hell of researching the topic. This can be done more freely in countries that do not belong to the Anglo-sphere.

Anonymous 78518

>I really wonder whats gonna be next
What's next is that they'll stop collecting data on sex, so there will be no evidence about trans male violence against women, and they will use that lack of evidence as evidence that there is no issue. Eventually, they will stop calling themselves "trans", the cis/trans dichotomy will be declared offensive overnight just like what happened to the word "womxn". Expect the gaslighting and memory holing to become worse.
Sisters Uncut, a liberal feminist movement supposedly domestic violence, has tried to capitalize on the recent murder of Sarah Evrard by releasing a list of "women" "murdered" by the police/prison system. It includes troons who went to prison for murdering and raping women and children and ended up killing themselves.

Anonymous 78519


Anonymous 78521

>dudes who would rather cut off own dick instead of breaking gender roles turn out to be more conservative

Anonymous 78522


This is what got the ball rolling on me becoming a terf. A lot of them are literal straight white men posting 4chan tier takes about women (mostly black women) all day on twitter and I'm supposed feel bad for them/sacrifice my rights because they're ""oppressed"".
They truly gamed the system I feel kinda dumb for not seeing it sooner.

Anonymous 78528


What is the solution to this? I think most of them are beyond redemption.

Anonymous 78529

They always downplay women being attacked by misogynist.
Because they're jealous that they don't get raped. I don't understand it.

Anonymous 78530

wtf?! like it just says female genitalia and for the people who use the term afab a.k.a assigned FEMALE at birth this shouldnt be a problem it doesnt say women's pussies or anything. males like this should 41%themselves.

>What is the solution to this? I think most of them are beyond redemption.

nta but for female libfems/tras the best bet is make them expose to tim violence and misogyny without saying anything ''terfy'' and also make them question about what gender is, how sex affects reality etc. i would say most women above the age 20 deep down know that these are all bullshit

Anonymous 78531

did he delete the tweet? cant find it

Anonymous 78534

They really do believe not having their delusions validated is worse than women being murdered. They've always been misogynists. Not surprising that so many of them threaten to rape/murder lesbians who don't want their stinky penors.

Anonymous 78542

absolutely asquero…

Is this what societal progress means?

Anonymous 78546


I miss her, miners….. What do you think she's doing now?

Anonymous 78551

Jesus christ, these faggots are delusional. Hitler would've gas him for being trans. Didn't they even read history

Anonymous 78574

compilation ofther…

It is weird but. Most Trannies are actually nazi "trad" larper AGPs because it makes them feel more immersed, the ones that care the most about immersion are homosexual transexuals + AGP this ones tend to be more nazi "trad" etc, the ones that are more horndog are just the average AGPs aka the average "transbian" this ones tend to be more neolib.

Prepare for a deep dive into absolute insanity with
>pic related
Read it all. Expand the image.

Anonymous 78575

The artist? Either way, this art is based.

Anonymous 78576

damn having a uterus sucks for the most part but reading things like this makes me highkey smug, I want to exude uterus energy to all the trannies.

Anonymous 78577

The difference is your biological capacity isnt for the sake of yourself to make you feel more immersed in something, it just is.
Those loons literally just want something so they can get aurosed with themselves. The countries that allow them to adopt I dont doubt they do nasty things to children or put them on pills. Ban trannies from society.

Anonymous 78581


Yes I miss redkatherinee so bad. Last I heard she was arrested, beaten, got out of jail and has been staying away from social media. All because people reported and doxxed her when they know being homosexual in Russia is extremely dangerous. BRING BACK MY GIRL.

Anonymous 78584


they think it's the woman's nature to be prey, to be raped and abused in the worst way possible because trannies usually watch LOTS of extreme porn before trooning out + some other factors such as strict patriarchal family, etc
they want to be women because of the same repeated pornography exposure
= they become jealous of actual women being raped.

it doesn't really matter what kind of pornographic material they watch, be it hentaishit or 3d stuff, the results are the same usually. correct me if i'm wrong though. still new to being a based terven.

Anonymous 78586

Trannies think its the standard to get "decemated" in puberty. They fetishize getting raped as a minor.

Anonymous 78587


Anonymous 78591


Hmm recent news too. I hope he gets executed the absolute LOON.

Anonymous 78598

i'm curious about the context around this. still KEKed tho

Anonymous 78609

flounce flounce fl…

Ladies and gentlemen… we got him.

Anonymous 78611

Literally who?

Anonymous 78616

None of those scenarios were rape. When you have sex with someone, whether you like it or not, agree to the possibility of unwanted pregnancies, STDs, etc. since those are just the risks of having sex with someone.

Anonymous 78624

I understand what you're trying to say but rape by deception isn't the same thing as rape. Consent was given for a specific situation. The risk is accepted, of course, but there's a difference between "this person might unknowingly give me an STD"/"the condom might break" and "this person intentionally lied to me to get my consent that I wouldn't have given otherwise".

I think the biggest issue in this is that the word rape is associated with a brutal act and all the new definitions like rape by coercion are muddying that meaning. And we have gotten so used to moids deceiving and coercing us into sex that we don't register it as a true rape because it wasn't violent. I think a lot of this would be solved if instead of saying rape by coercion there could be a different term for it that focuses more on the physical harm caused to another person.

So we can split hairs about whether or not it's rape all day long, the phrasing doesn't really matter. It's good that it's being acknowledged. Every time you get into your car you know you risk getting into an accident, but that doesn't make it any less criminal for someone to intentionally t-bone you.

Anonymous 78628

why not marxist? radical feminism is a marxist ideology and thats the best lens to view it through

Anonymous 78630

I wish I were retired so I could upload my anti trans songs online and not have to worry about losing my job

>tfw too scared to even anon it in case my voice is easily identifiable

Anonymous 78634

Buy vocaloid program and have miku do it instead

Anonymous 78645

Marxism should return to its objective scientific roots and stop being Bastardized by the woke police of Twitter, Twitch and the dumbs at YouTube. ContraHons, Vaush and PhilosophyTube are cancer and will end up offing themselves. Fuck dumb le woke culture Amerilards specifically they spread this cancer around the world and with it the identitarian politics of trannynism that must be destroyed and banned from adoption.

Anonymous 78648

I've pointed this out repeatedly and there were so many who didn't believe me. Depending on where you are in the west, it's also why you'll find conservatives who back trans ideology before they will be okay with LGB.
They're always misogynistic men who eventually eat their own poison. Which is why I hope Dr. Rumer and other's like her keep up the good work against the adults. I've lost sympathy for them. I just wish they'd stick to butchering themselves and leave the kids out of it.

Bless you, redkatherinee, wherever you are

Nah, it doesn't matter. They're fucked up all the same way. The only thing that changes is Whether they take on the aesthetic of blow-up doll or a catgirl.

Anonymous 78682

"The End of Gender" by Debra Soh. And only tangentially related, but "Cynical Theories" explains the context in which transgender idology is being applied. Take the postmodernist philosophy with a grain of salt, since the academic philosophers who came up with it didn't intend for it to applied like this.

Consent implies full knowledge, particularly of circumstances that would lead you to refuse to have sex with them. While it is not exactly "rape" all those situations are definitely a violation of consent and coercive sex. Not disclosing an STD before having unprotected sex is a crime in some places.

Anonymous 78687

Same, anon. I worry about my voice being recognized, but I really wanna cover the terf classics like Ginger Male Market Failure, You're Not Gay (I Promise), and Shape of Troons. They deserve more covers and attention.

Anonymous 78693


posted this on 4chan's /lgbt/. seems the rabble has been roused.

Anonymous 78700


Uh oh the twitter furries are mad about the superstraight meme

Anonymous 78705

Im just thinking about how "white feminism" used to be considered "feminism that centers white women" but now its feminism that doesn't center white men in dresses. Im still mad about the term "intersectional feminism" being jacked by white tims when it was supposed to be about the unique struggles that actually xx non white women face.

Tbh this liberal feminism where a white man in a dress (or not) is more oppressed than every woman on the planet and "sex work is empowering" is the most sheltered bullshit ever.

Idk how radical feminism is the "white feminism" or "privileged feminism" when libfems are unable to even put themselves in the shoes of women in prisons or shelters that don't want to be around a male. They literally think that theres no possibility that a man would say he's a woman to be around vulnerable women.

People are truly brainwashed. Seeing how racist and misogynist are now terms applied to anybody who says anything bad about any tim when tims are the most racist misogynistic people ever always gets me. Looking back it really does seem like this is all a trojan horse for white men.

Anonymous 78706

This comic kinda proves they can't. Also
>I like little girls
If that isn't some projection…

Anonymous 78707


>I like am sexually attracted to the opposite sex exclusively
>P-Pedo! Haha pedo mad :^)
Poetically ironic considering this retard's autistic fetish for michael jackson

Anonymous 78708

*I am sexually attracted
I had a stroke

Anonymous 78709

just realized trannies are just white men so all this tranny shit in the news is just white men pushing the rights of white men

Anonymous 78715


There, the horrible fucking posture. I'm a tall girl and also a computer addict so my posture is awful and I have to fix it and what helps is to see that slouching doesn't make me look uwu smoller but like a fucking tranny. FUCK. Miners, backs straight now

Anonymous 78716

but the left literally can't meme because based is a word that started from 4chan. This just proves that all they can do is copy and fall for bait holy shit

Anonymous 78717

They project soooooo fucking hard. They're like children, always falling back on "no u!!!!!"

Anonymous 78718

this tranny doesn't even have his existence at stake from the super-straight meme at all but he is already developing homicidal tendencies.

Anonymous 78719

the top left literally looks like the average tran lmao the projection

Anonymous 78720


Is there anything I can really say that hasn’t been said?

I could write paragraphs about this subject. I’m just so tired of it all.

Here’s something that made me chuckle

Anonymous 78722

I feel you. I could go on and on but everything is already out there. I think its only a matter of time before all of this blows up. I miss superstraight, it was really accelerating the process.

Anonymous 78742

>envying trans women
hilarious how often they throw this shit around when not even transwomen can cope with the fact that they're transwomen

Anonymous 78753


Anonymous 78754

ot but the record companies have been after MJ since the 90s, coincidences were piling up. Pedo charges and cp possession are the usual MOs for fed takedowns. People also disregard the 9/11 meeting because "everybody has appointments at the Twin Towers!", but with everything else that happened to him, it absolutely fits.

Anonymous 78757


I can't get over how wildly accurate this is for radblr.

Anonymous 78759

tbh I don't care about how cringy some moid "radfems" can be, they can never be worse than trannies and their allies.

Anonymous 78765

Holy fuck. What a joke.

Anonymous 78772

Any source on who the artist is? These are great

Anonymous 78773


Anonymous 78775


the artist is anonymous

Anonymous 78776

anon what, where did you find these news
last time i checked on her she stopped caring about being a vocal terf (but she is still, thankfully, a terf) and started doing her best to heal her mental health, thinking positively and posting naruto fan-art while staying strong against TRAtards

How old are your news? Last time I checked on her was in mid 2019. Hope she's okay.

Anonymous 78787


Anyone have an archive of RedKat's radfem comics? I'm looking for one that she posted just before deleting her Instagram account which said "feminism is for all women because her chains are yours" or something similar. The image was a women being pulled out of slime and fighting the women pulling her out. I'll take any comic of her's though.

Anonymous 78789


It's sad because it's true.

Anonymous 78792


>If you’re not attracted to trannies you’re a pedo nazi!!!
Why are they like this

Anonymous 78797


Anonymous 78803


The artist is a drawfag from lolcow.


I haven't read up on it in awhile, so I can't give an exact account. In the 90s, MJ made a lot of stances against the music industry and was trying to break all his contracts to go solo. He already owned most of his music and even owned the entire Beatles library and was getting too powerful for the industry to control. The 9/11 story is that on morning of 9/11, MJ had a meeting at the top of one of the towers and only missed it because he slept-in late. I'll admit that me bringing it up was a bit of autistic rambling.
Anyways, yeah, I think MJ is innocent and was set up by the industry that fucked him over his whole life.
Sorry for ot, here's some moid repellant.

Anonymous 78804

what sites is she active on? not to derail but im here for the naruto fanart lol

Anonymous 78808

She was drawing Naruto fan-art back on her rredp*ach twittet which got nuked because TRAs couldn't help but keep shitting on her (even throughout this day), even though she stopped talking about radfem completely, replacing it with positive mental health threads and nartuo fan-art.

I tried digging more because the other anon made me feel worried, but all I could find is that someone said that she moved to an entirely different platfrom and is happy with herself because people don't bother her there. If that's true, good for her. I still feel horrible for her, after all those years and hate-blogs and fan-art of her getting raped all because she doesn't pander to trannies is crazy.

Trannies also tried to lie, saying that she invented 'bi lesbians' term which is not true at all.

Anonymous 78811


Anonymous 78812


Anonymous 78813


I got all my info from tumblr and twitter years ago, guess my info was from too far back because I went to do some digging again and found this. (September 2018?) Still equally as bad but it's good to know at least she wasn't physically harmed. You gotta do some digging because most info is from back when she deleted (about 24-25 August 2018, you can see by going through the blogs celebrating her deactivation).
I lurked her twitter and insta but I never followed them or her friends, I guess she's on a Russian site now. I have a bit of art saved I'll share.

Anonymous 78814


Anonymous 78815


Anonymous 78816


Anonymous 78817


Ironic that TIM's get offended over a satirical evil witch character cooking them when they're regularly associated with "diaperfur" pedo art, threatening to rape SA survivors and the daughters of women who don't agree with them, dress up as little girls, and STILL are welcomed in society. When's the last time a woman's boiled and eaten a troon? Try never. Don't even mention that the reason she drew the witch (Sofia) was because women are called evil witches whenever we try to withdraw from oppressive society to focus on ourselves and disagree with males.

Anonymous 78820

why are they doing laxatives to simulate a period? doesn't that give the opposite effect?
laxative cramps feel very different to period cramps.
>penis feed me
just why

Anonymous 78831

I really love her art hope things change in russia or she gets out of there so she can be a lesbian in peace

Anonymous 78832

maybe religious bigotry is ok after all

Anonymous 78835


Anonymous 78837



Anonymous 78839


Judging from his twitter, I'm pretty sure the awkward lonely coworker of mine is being groomed. Oh fuck. Not a-fucking-gain. Aaahh I hate this field, I should have gone into art.

Anonymous 78840


I keep writing down explanations for things I want to post in these terf threads but end up writing paragraphs on paragraphs of stuff too good to be posted and forgotten on an imageboard, so I just post examples of degeneracy I have. Any ideas on where I should post my writings so I don't spam up the cafe?

Anonymous 78841

Aside from a personal website, maybe Ovarit or TERFblr/Tumblr? Also you could look into submitting your writing to places like feministcurrent.

Anonymous 78842

If you post your writings anywhere pls link us. I'm interested.

Anonymous 78845


Anonymous 78846

The funny thing is he would never have to deal with those meanie lesbians if he was upfront about being a mentally ill man.

Anonymous 78848

What about substack? I am thinking of starting one myself.

Anonymous 78849

I am absolutely pissed. They deleted Vanessa Vokey's channel.
Fuck Youtube.

Anonymous 78852

Terfblr definitely

Anonymous 78853


Just found this genderist on tumblr who self-diagnosed herself as intersex and claims that being intersex is more about “experience” than a diagnosis lmao. She also goes by “hy/hym” lmao. I feel like there’s this weird subset of genderists that self-dx themselves as intersex??

Anonymous 78854

They mass reported her and took her last livestream down. She said her YT would be taken down if they did it again. IMO she shouldn't have said that, only gave them more of a motivation to continue reporting.

Anonymous 78855

How do normies look at this without realizing that troons are the same as the rest of the vile men and incels who hate women?

Anonymous 78857

Most people probably feel disgust when they see them do creepy shit like that, they're just coerced and guilted into tolerating them and not calling them out.

Anonymous 78858


Fuck those little troglodytes. Do they have nothing better to do?
What Vanessa was doing was harmless, she was stating her opinions and they were backed by medically-based FACTS.
These people clearly couldn't communicate with her on a reasonable level, so they had to resort to doing petty bullshit like mass reporting her. It's absolutely pathetic.
Her calm attitude vs. theirs shows who's the real winner at the end of the day.

Anonymous 78866

He presents all of these as irrational, even trying to make some of their expressions to read hateful, but presenting it without his commentary to any normal person and they'd be like "yeah, what'd you expect?"

Anonymous 78869

The third one annoys me so much. There's something wrong with a straight man who wants to force the only woman who has no possibility of being attracted to him to take his dick. Then going on to say he "doesn't like penis either" as if he doesn't have one dangling between his legs. Sir you are a heterosexual male and will never be compatible with any truly homosexual female. They seriously are making me have a kind of respect for the straight male sex pests who bother women that actually could have a chance of being attracted to them. I hate transbians. Their existence is rapey, homophobic, and disturbing.

Anonymous 78872


There's an anime airing right now called Wonder Egg, which is a serious anime that deals with women's suicide and the trauma that led them to it. The latest episode was about a girl who wanted to be a boy. One of the main characters gets to deal with the girls who killed themselves because they experienced some form of sexual trauma, and she got the tranny episode. I was pretty happy to see an anime deal with women's troubles, but the tranny thing was disappointing. I guess it fits in with the theme of women's problems, but I can't be happy that Japan is enabling troon shit in any way. At least I can cope knowing it was about a biological woman instead of a bio male claiming to be a girl, and according to the laws of their universe a male troon could never truly be a girl so it still fucks male trannies over.

That aside it's still a pretty cool anime centered around serious issues women have, something I never thought I'd see in anime. Would recommend to CC.

Anonymous 78876

It made me fume a little bit too, but I coped with it the same way you did. At the end of the day, only girls are allowed in Egg world and she was ultimately treated as a girl and had to deal with an exclusively feminine trauma pregnancy through rape.
I also like that they made the turbo tomboy save her. She has the opposite problem, she's a girl and doesn't want to follow gender norms and suffers with everyone telling her she has to be a boy for it.

Anonymous 78877


Nah in Japan that shit will never be popular. Japan wishes it was a monarchy not a lame ass neo liberal state like the USA.

There are trannies here and there but its not popular and they get called okama literal word for "fag" there. They make fun of em often and for some reason but its better tbh they prefer the "trap culture" all the androgynous characters they make eventually say what they are objectively male or female. Even when they make women that dress as men to join the Army or to go on adventures, etc.

In their culture that stuff seems to be something some pretty dudes do then discard as they grow older, the ones who keep doing it those are seen as weird fags "okama". Those are often put in anime to make fun of but also represent a reality that manifests in society.

Example: Tokyo Godfathers.

Anonymous 78878

That seems to be true but tbh anon, Japan seems to follow everything from the West except a few decades later. So I wouldn't be surprised if their tolerance for androgynous men became tolerance for genderspecials in some years. Though I don't see it happening very soon.

Anonymous 78879

I don't think it will either the US only has a few decades before collapse anyway. China is already surpassing it because they became a silly country. Literally everyone sane I know makes fun of modern American culture.

Anonymous 78880


That meme of the "le rape fantasy" is only with what you would like also
>implying trannies or any moid for that matter
wouldn't like to be "raped" aka rough sex with an ideal sexual partner. ffs get real. it is known some trannies are so disgusting that they literally dream of being taken seriously and then being sold to sex slavery. This will never happen though, they are too disgusting to be the "rape-able fantasy" of anyone else. See: >>78481

Nobody has a rape fantasy with the ugly disgusting NTR ugly bastard unless they are desperate and just have a fetish for gross shit.

Anonymous 78882

>wouldn't like to be "raped" aka rough sex with an ideal sexual partner. ffs get real
As much as this is true, I have to remember the 50SoG exists and is immensely popular with and for women in spite of the type who browse this board.

Anonymous 78884


Anonymous 78885

tbh identifying as male after experiencing sexual assault is fairly common, the character is clearly still treated as female in universe hence going to the female afterlife when she dies
last i checked, the trans woman character was a villain who died right away and a trans man character who is clearly also as much as a joke
i'd say zombieland saga's tranny was treated the way he was due to being a child and therefore his sex doesnt mean much

Anonymous 78889

I really want to watch Wonder Egg Priority but I don't want to see any graphic rape/sexual assault scenes, are there any of those? Cause if so then naaahh

Anonymous 78890

it's honestly quite a lot worse in art, every other person is a gendie.

trannies wanting to be intersex is nothing new. if you search the trans subreddits for "want to be intersex", "wish i was intersex", etc. a lot of discussion comes up and you'll even see intersex people openly say 'hey, this isn't right, being intersex doesn't make transition easier' which they all willfully ignore anyways.

imo the obsession trans ppl tend to have with intersex identity centers solely around validation. some troons have futa fetishes and want surgery to be irl futas (which is a nightmare to look at) but most just seem to want the validation of a legitimate condition instead of being biologically male/female mentally ill retards.

Anonymous 78892

Not graphic and none of that exploitative sexual depiction of rape either, but some themes are very heavy.

Anonymous 78895

Reddit is a sea of [Comment removed by moderator] right now. Just saying this ugly child trafficker's name can get you banned. You could always get banned for calling him Ashton, but now his baby girl LARP name is also forbidden.

Anonymous 78897


Anonymous 78899

I think he was calling her a dick/jerk, not saying he hates the physical organ. I agree 100% with the rest of your take though

Anonymous 78901

That pic on the right is genuinely horrifying. The way his wig drapes over his shoulders makes his neck look elongated. Along with his alien looking face, he is truly an abomination. The longer I stare the more unsettling it is.

Anonymous 78914

50SoG is consensual prove me wrong.

Anonymous 78917

This. """Rape fantasy""" = rough sex fantasy. You can't have non-consentual sex in your imagination where you control everything. Imagining your husbando fucking you in a forceful manner isn't remotely equivalent to an actual rape, of course fucking moids would think that just cause some women like 50sog that means real rape is remotely justifiable.

Anonymous 78925


That’s a lot of words to say “male privilege isn’t real for me because I said so”

Anonymous 78926

It's at least predatory. He's specifically drawn to her because she's so utterly clueless about sex, she has never even masturbated or had sexual desires despite being in her 20s. There are some issues with being pulled into such a relationship under these circumstances and her consent isn't always there (he stalks her and shit) plus the first book ends with her freaking out over him going too far and leaving. Should've ended there tbh

Anyway as others have said, rape fantasies aren't about getting raped, they're about being desired so strongly and passionately that the other person simply can't hold back. That's not even remotely the same things as trannies wanting to corrective rape or hatefuck women for wrongthink. Plus rape fantasies are explored either in FANTASIES or in a trusting relationship where you feel safe. It's all about "a handsome mysterious person is ravaging me because they love me so much", none of it relates to "mmm I want an ugly repulsive man to violate me"

Anonymous 78934

Crop your damn images, jojofag.

Anonymous 78936

So apparently there's a movie about a "genderfluid" victorian doctor in the works and tumblr/reddit is spamming "muh trans erasure". Fuck, at this point might as well call Joan of Arc trans too. Is historical context non-existent?? Are all historical women trying to escape misogyny by presenting male just going to be automatically labeled as trans now? At some point in the future historians will say, "women facing misogyny whats that, nope all women were actually just repressed transmen coping".

Anonymous 78937

Actually unironically yes, they're "re-evaluating" all kinds of historical figures because of "erasure", digging up any woman who may have displayed slightly less than 100% traditionally feminine behavior and retcon her as trans.

Anonymous 78938

I was so afraid it would be about Dr. James Barry and sure enough it is. UGH it makes my fucking piss boil. Women were not allowed to be surgeons then, any woman who dared to be a surgeon had to defy gender norms, how fucking dare them trans one of the first female doctors in history? I am a doctor and this fucking shit makes me FUME.

Anonymous 78939

Sorry for doubleposting but I have to add this: Barry's disguise as a man was literally planned by her mother and her uncle, the real James Barry, who believed in her intellect. SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO MOVE TO VENEZUELA, where her uncle was politically active, AND WORK AS A WOMAN. FUCK. https://hurnpublications.com/2019/06/25/margaret-ann-bulkley-posed-as-a-man-for-56-years-and-served-as-an-army-surgeon/
They are really shameless liars, the extent of their lies knows no limits.

Anonymous 78940

How is it that a movement trying to be
"inclusive" excludes non-feminine women. As if butch women and tomboys dont exist anymore. Nonbinaries scream stop pushing gender stereotypes and yet being nonbinary is literally a contradiction. Not to mention troons further enforcing them, "hee hee im a dumb bimbo, plz sexualize me" and "im a man now so if i dont shower and have basic hygiene its totally ok cause im a man, do you get that im a man now"

Anonymous 78941

?tfw Mulan gets retconned as trans

Anonymous 78942


Anonymous 78946

Screenshot at Mar …

>implying this hasn't been happening for years now

Anonymous 78953


They don't give a shit about being inclusive.

Joan of Arc is also already claimed as trans. That point in history has come for years already.

Anonymous 78954

I've been looking 4chan lately, even /pol/ and ngl, it surprised me that the vast majority of them outside of tranny boards are pro-TERF, at least when compared to troonism, and know how fucking vicious and predatory troons are.
I kinda like it

Anonymous 78955

I found it kinda odd cause a few years back 4chan was the place most troons trooned out. The whole hypno sissy fetish started there too and 4chan got called out for grooming insecure guys to post crossdressing pics and giving info on estrogen (a lot happened in discord channels but started on 4chan), and there was always at least 1 thread in the nsfw on exchangepills? i think they were called, where if you took the pill you changed sex. So I was honestly impressed when the whole superstraight ordeal was popping up and most of them told the trannies to fuck off and to stop lying about how it came from 4chan when it actually started on tiktok. I think that that wave of 4channers integrated to the redditsphere but thats just what i think.

Anonymous 78956

Screenshot at Mar …

Anonymous 78957

im lost here. why can't you just call him bi? sexual fluid my ass. why do they keep making new labels when the old ones work fine.

Anonymous 78958


From what I understand, they act like that exactly as a reactiin against the huge wave of troonery that invaded the boards. Like, trannies must costantly advertise themselves and harass people in EVERY place they are in.
I even read some schizo on /pol/ say that troons are being pushed on 4chan by third party actors. I don't know if it's true.
What I noticed is that the more troonfriendly boards are the one with the majority of incels and mentally ill people, like /r9k/, while for example /fit/ which has the most normal guys on 4chan is strongly against trans. They even made this meme lol

Anonymous 78960

Not a call to raid but a reminder that robots can be our allies if we help them understand the ethos. It is worth discussing terfdom in male dominated spaces.

Anonymous 78961

That actually makes sense considering /fit/ is all about improving oneself and incels are just selfpityparty losers who blame everyone but themselves. There was a link to some conspiracy theory where trans people try to get into positions of power like the mod/admin drama on reddit so they can recruit more trans people and make the place transfriendly. And as much as that sounds like a conspiracy, it freakin makes sense, i mean look at lolcow, they keep saying tranny janny for a reason lol.

Anonymous 78962

I don't know if this is a coincidence, but there is literally a scrote telling cc to gtfo of /fit/.
Yes and no. Yes for the manpower, and no cause they would only help to troll and for shits and giggles and could backfire. I mean doesn't cc get raided with cp and gore from 4chan like every other week? But I do agree its worth discussing.

Anonymous 78963

As I said, I think most moids online who are completely worthless are already against troons, and also know how rapey they are.
Trying to lure them to our cause would get us unwanted attention/raids. I think we should just be braver in our beliefs and not surrender to harassment etc online. From what I seen, moids who aren't complete subhumans will support you anyway (as any sensible person would)

Anonymous 78964

I know at least one of the trannies notorious for instigating that stuff detransitioned recently. They were mostly underaged dudes who were groomed themselves.

Anonymous 78965

Wow that's actually a pretty big scoop. Tell us more, how is he like, what happened to him, who were the people involved, what does he think now of these issues…

Anonymous 78966


You could definitely say it's a cult. Scientology did the same shit back in the day but in business, a good example being neopets.

To a certain extent you could even call it a suicide cult.

Anonymous 78967

Funfact: a troon that harassed me on discord for days (I initially felt bad about blocking him) had a "suicide kink" and costantly begged me to tell him to kill himself. I never gave him satisfaction

Anonymous 78968

CC is getting a lot of exposure now and sadly there are moids trolling as to be expected from any chan userbase so shout out to the mods and helprs plus snail for keeping this place clean.

We need to do more than just troll I really think we ought to evaluate our ideas and qualify them with critical analytical examinations to better present our front.
The pizza that I have seen posted here seems to be from a bot that spams every imageboard if it can.
We do not have to mention CC at all to spread our message and as mentioned earlier some of us need to combine brains and properly flesh out ideas it is equivalent to forging weapons of war in this information fight. The people who have abandoned reason may not come to our side but those who observe good arguments and talking points will be in possession of lethal means to extinguish troon babble. This is the real memetic warfare as cringey as that sounds.

Anonymous 78969

they're pro-ethnocide and other nastiness too, anon. and they aren't so much "pro-terf" (they don't give a fuck about women) as they are just hateful of trannies

Anonymous 78970

>The people who have abandoned reason may not come to our side but those who observe good arguments and talking points will be in possession of lethal means to extinguish troon babble. This is the real memetic warfare as cringey as that sounds.
Talk to your friends about this.
Heck, even talk to the men in your life about it. Fathers, brothers, friends, boyfriends. Show them the screencaps from this thread, the statistics. I know from experience, that the vast majority of them will get furious and shocked, and will support you

Anonymous 78971

something appearing in manga doesn't mean it's "incredibly socially acceptable" kek. shonen manga doesn't encompass the entirety of japanese ideals

troonshit isn't supported there because of their crazy repressive culture (lgb rights in general aren't). the nail that sticks up is hammered down and all that jazz

Anonymous 78972

Anonymous 78973

I come from a very backward and "traditional" place. I know a lot of guys like them irl. While I'm glad I moved out, I know that despite their mentality, not a single one of them ever harmed me or threatened to rape me, something that happens costantly when talking to trannies

Anonymous 78974

I have no friends or even men in my life zilch nada!I try with family though.

Anonymous 78975

As hard as it is for the average anon… not being isolated is very important. There's a reason troons build huge cliques online

Anonymous 78976


found an lq version

Anonymous 78977

using an imageboard as a source for your argument is kinda cringe

Anonymous 78978

Being isolated has some benefit in my mind as I am disconnected from mainstream influences and I am not saying that as if I paint all mainstream is wrong by default. Not having anyone has led me to arguing with myself it helps I hate myself so if I can find a flaw with what I think I win. Not having an unbiased referee is a weak point though.
Nearly all pol users are non thinking losers who side with the counter cultures group think without using critical thinking. If you told them that trooning out is based and redpilled shadily KEKISTAN XDDD they would buy into it sadly or at least the majority.
I cannot see why anyone who is able to digest text and give quality discussions about conscepts would waste their time on pol. I designate pol useful idiots.

Anonymous 78979

I didn't mean "show the posts found here", I mean that the thread is full of useful pictures to show as a proof

Anonymous 78980

I think we need more than just twitter or chan SC's to win people over but any help is help.

Anonymous 78981

I don't want to add too much to it because last I've heard he's trying to distance himself from it as much as possible. But long story short, he lied about his age, it destroyed his life, he knows he was groomed, he's still being stalked by people and blamed for suicides to this day.

Anonymous 78982

While what he did was terrible, he is the classic case of abusers actually being a victim. Since he knows what he did is wrong and wants to change, I wish him nothing but the best.

Anonymous 78988


Anonymous 78989


The soviets would ban trannies and would say the practice is anti-revolutionary and bourgeois whim. I don't get trannies but well they are mentally ill at least this one ain't a nazi.

The only system that works for trannies is neo-liberalism because its what created them, because it's profitable for it's corporatism. Anything else makes no sense. If anything trannies should be defending the current form of rule, a revolution would be bad for them but this is where all is leading because everything has become so irrational except for the rich who profit from all of this irrationality only the peasants suffer the consequences.

Anonymous 78990


Remember what they want ultimately though.
/pol/tards are also extremely mentally ill. I'm not telling you be a centrist not at all be radical, always have convictions but don't be mentally ill. Be against trad/woke bullshit always.

Do I have to post the cat?

Anonymous 78991

INB4 arachnophobe means you want to fuck spiders but poltards are not uncommonly either repressing or turned gay from extended use on 4chan picking up fetishes and coping. I never like the idea that someone who is Anti X is actually X but too many times I have known polserts for them to reveal they are pol smokers.

If anything having pol associated with being terf positive harms the movement by association.

Pol are their own worst enemy and would have been able to make others sympathize or view aspect's of natsoc in a better light if they were not so dame edgy.

Anonymous 78998


Your post is kinda hard to read but yea /pol/tards and trad people are irrational just like woke neolib culture spreaders. I don't like any of it therefore I choose to make my own side for myself and my sisters.

My enemies are all things irrational.

Anonymous 79002

so i can learn what made my post hard to read thank you for honesty.
Your enemy is all things irrational do you spend much time attacking your thoughts?

Anonymous 79003

>If anything trannies should be defending the current form of rule
Oh they are anon, they are…

Anonymous 79009


Remember the early 2000 when they said there was no such thing as a slippery slope?

Anonymous 79012

>Your enemy is all things irrational do you spend much time attacking your thoughts?

Yes, Im my own worst critic. In order to have very good arguments I do debate with myself a lot, I take the opposite idea and I do an "advocate of the devil" role against my own arguments to look for gaps in it. I read what I disagree with to learn to use their same logic against them as well.

Anonymous 79014

its all thinking not talking to yourself lol.

Anonymous 79018

Th-thanks, doc.

Anonymous 79024

Just watched a tranny spouting "lived experience makes me a woman" and "intersex is proof of transgender validation" go up against a geneticist outside the campus library. The tranny runs a uni guild and basically lives off the embezzled government and school funds they get as handouts, and watching it get torn to shreds in every possible avenue of medical science was just so enjoyable. I've never taken satisfaction in the suffering of another, but this moid in a dress brought it out in me.

Anonymous 79026

Must've felt cathartic to see.

Anonymous 79028

Did he shout "eugenics!" while about to enter a crying snotty shiver fit? Becuse they like doing that a lot for some reason.

Anonymous 79034

Ooh god yes, do you remember anything the geneticist said?

Anonymous 79038

why were they fighting in the first place lmao

Anonymous 79039

the oldest bong in the world was found in Ukraine
hemp smoking was an integral part of germanic paganism
Ancient greeks loved weed, they'd hotbox tents and sit in them for hours calling it a "Scythian smoke bath"
Weed hadn't made it to Africa until 1000 AD

bein' a pothead is p trad ngl

Anonymous 79070


A 2020 book berating trannies, who would imagine.

Anonymous 79074

It was just a discussion among a few people out in the library common.
A few points stuck with me, like nailing the argument against intersex disorders being related to transgenderism, and the perversion of the use and definition of hermaphroditism to suit a political agenda in academia.

Essentially, intersex disorders are still divided along sexual dimorphism lines; even in cases with the most disfiguring and debilitating combination of sexual organs and chromosomes, the dominant genetic and physical sexual characteristics are clear and there is no recorded case of any human possessing both sets of fully developed, fertile sex organs.

Practically, this means that the definition of True Hermaphroditism is intentionally misused and misapplied, even by medical academics, to confuse the issue and convince people that humans can be two sexes (while also avoiding all mention of necessary and often life-saving therapeutic intervention) in order to prime them to accept transgenderism as a natural occurrence, and therefor normal and not harmful.

Anonymous 79077

does anyone have writings/essays etc about how intersex conditions dont disprove sexual dimorphism? not that i need lol i just want to shut my tra friends up when they pull that argument of their asses

Anonymous 79078

>does anyone have writings/essays etc about how intersex conditions dont disprove sexual dimorphism?
I am reading The end of gender by Debra Soh
It is going into the subject now where I am up to but I have not gotten to the sources yet however consider giving it a read.

Anonymous 79079


Mfw this is my elected representative. Between this and Aimee its looking like Aberdeens back on the map girls!

Anonymous 79085

Does she have any social media left now that her YT and twitter were both banned? Her shop isn't up again yet either after the last time, is it?

Anonymous 79087

>genitalia are ambiguous
Genitals are just tissue. They can be malformed, underdeveloped, and some parts wholly unrelated to one's actual sex.

>parents decide what sex the child is

Nope, biology does that. The parents can only choose to lie to their child about it.

>later in life the child identifies with a different sex

You can't identify as a different sex. You can only lie to people about or identify as belonging to a certain sex-based social group.

>most parents don't make their decision based off of a genetic test

Well, they do, but only in developed nations. It's also not their choice.

>not even like they could in the case of Klinefelter syndrome

I'm unsure of what you mean by this. They could not make their decision based on a genetic test in the case of Klinefelter's? Why not?

Transgenderism is a mental illness. Those afflicted by it feel as though they belong to another sex, yet cannot possibly understand the internal workings of the mind of another sex. In reality, they are conflating their perception of sex with tropes associated with the sex-based social groups, a complete abstraction based on thousands of years of development, we call Man and Woman.

The average MtF tranny says "I am a woman", not because they think they are a female trapped in a male body, but because of all consuming, deep sexual fantasies about possessing female genitals, and/or filling, what they see as, the social role of a woman. They do not possess female brains and they do not possess some kind of sexed soul. They are mentally ill and need help.

On the other hand, the intersex are merely physically deformed. They do have brains determined by sexual dimorphism. It is because we still determine our social interactions based on sex that they often feel confused about where they, often possessing incorrect genitals, fit into that dynamic.

Anonymous 79089


Sex in all mammals is defined by how the body organizes itself to produce gametes. It is always organized to produce either big gametes or small gametes. This includes intersex people. There has never been a case of a human having both functioning gonads. Rather than chromosomes, human sex has to do with the gene SRY.

Coming through with actual science.

Anonymous 79090


Tip: when looking for literature on this, if you search for sex as a "binary" you will find mostly TRA genderwoo material. That is because the correct scientific term for sex in humans is "anisogametic", meaning that reproduction happens with two gametes. The whole point of sex is reproduction, you should stress that if your TRA friends try to discard gamete production as a sex definition.

Anonymous 79091


TRAs will often throw around the ~2% figure for intersex people. This is a citation of Anne-Fausto-Sterling who attempted to define sex as a spectrum of secondary sex characteristics. You should tell your friends than men with small penis would be considered "intersex" by this definition. You should also ask them if women with small breasts are less female than women with big breasts. Here is an academic rebuttal: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12476264/
The real incidence of intersex people is 0.018%, and even those are always either male or female.
You should also tell them Anne-Fausto-Sterling cited John Money, a known pedophilia defender.

Anonymous 79093


Lastly, link them this video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XN2-YEgUMg0
That channel does a very good job trashing down all "muh spectrum" arguments.

If all else fails (and it probably will tbh, TRAs don't care about reason) tell them even if sex was not a binary, almost all trans people are still completely male or female, and don't qualify as intersex by any definition.

Anonymous 79099

I don't remember him doing anything romantic with Mulan before the very end of the film?

Anonymous 79102

Intersex people are less than 1% of the total human population and are women, unhealthy women with birth defects.

Why do trannies use them as argument. They are still moids and no they cannot compete with us, or share cells or bathrooms. Stay mad trannies.

Anonymous 79105

Prove objetively that stage 4 and stage 5 has manifested itself in concrete physical reality. Pull out names and photos, not abstract theory illustrations.

Anonymous 79106

Klinefelter's only affects males. Having an extra X chromosome does not make one a female if you have a perfectly functioning Y chromosome there as well. Their genitals are not ambiguous either. Therefore
> If the parent decides to raise the child as a female, and it later decides it wishes to be male, is that not legitimate?
No, it is not legitimate. There are no Klinefelters assigned female at birth.

>Swyer syndrome

They are females. Their Y chromosome doesn't work properly, leading their body to organize itself into a female reproductive structure (only missing the gonads). They are not ambiguous, they are infertile females. They don't break the binary.

> intersex individuals should be used to explain how various cultures have "third genders

Bad take imo. First this is just not true. "Third gender" usually only appeared in extremely socially conservative cultures which enforced strict gender roles. That is why "third genders" were only applied to males. Males who were gay or effeminate were "broken males", and therefore a new category was created for them. They never bothered to do the same for women because they saw all women as defective anyway.

Second, you can't argue for a binary while supporting a "third gender". Intersex people are always either male or female. No one seriously defines sex with simplistic chromosome combinations.

Anonymous 79109

Yep, they don't. There is such a thing as an XX male (de la Chapelle syndrom). Genes like SRY are what decide sex.

Anonymous 79110

No. Not chromosomes alone. Sex is a collection of sexual feautres external and internal. The intersex have a fuck ton of female sexual characteristics but have the birth defect of having no working womb and a bigger than normal clit. There you go.

So its a woman with birth defects. You tho a tranny are male, you were not born a woman or a woman with sexual function birth defects. So no this does not validate shit.

Anonymous 79111

I don't know what you find confusing, anon. The normal 46, XX for females and 46, XY karyotype applies for almost all humans, even those with congential genital malformations. So it is certainly helpful to find out the sex of a newborn with ambiguous genitals.
However, for an extremely small number of people, like in de la Chapelle syndrome (only about 200 cases reported), there are gene deletions/crossover/mutations that affect those chromosomes. Those mutations still lead to either males or females. I don't see any contradiction here.

Anonymous 79112

Bottomline is. Trannies are not intersex. That birth defect is rare AS FUCK.

So anyway hurry up whats the point of the argument here?

Anonymous 79113

Idk anon, maybe try to catch up with the thread before you derail it with your confused posts. The point was anon >>79077 asked for arguments to show TRAs when they try to deny sex is a binary.
Saying "trannies are not intersex" won't do, because they use their wrong definition of intersex exactly to include trannies in it ("I have HRT titties therefore I'm a biological female"). That's why it's important to know the actual definition of sex.

Anonymous 79115

To own them instantly tell em.
Female = that which has a biological womb

There you go. The intersex cases that have happened have happened to women with wombs that do not work (unfertile) and they also have bigger meaty clits. The body and functions of the body are still very female, the specifics in bone anatomy like the difference in sex with the size and shape of the pelvises and other bones and brainsize all is female correlated.

Therefore even with this simple defition they cannot argue with the intersex shit. You just go like yea they were born with a bio womb it just doesnt work so yes they are women too. And then they seethe. Because they dont have counter argument. It aint even hard.

Anonymous 79127

no? de la Chapelle individuals usually have undescended testes and don'thave Müllerian tubes (which form the Fallopian tubes in females). Genitalia are not the only, or even the most important sexual organs.
SRY is by far the most influential gene, but it's not the only one involved.

Anonymous 79133

I was watching this Cut video (guilty pleasure) and jesus, TiFs who go on testosterone have the most shrill and frog-like voices ever. I couldn’t stand hearing them talk. Kek at their heights though, instantly had me clock them.

Anonymous 79136


I know this will sound cringe or whatever but this image is so powerful

Anonymous 79155

Yeah describes Tranny moids perfectly.

Anonymous 79157

the chad lesbian.j…

Anonymous 79160

>tfw in most places can’t talk negatively about trannies without alt right muh slippery slope who think women shouldn’t be allowed to vote chuds trying to chime in

Anonymous 79162


Anonymous 79165


>"Women shouldn't be allowed to vote because they voted FOR trannies!"
Gradually, she began to hate them.

Anonymous 79186

I think that’s just a fuckugly old man that doesn’t care anymore.

Anonymous 79192

Gay guys are likeable because they've accepted the fact that they will get more holes that way but trannies are just incels going for a last resort

Anonymous 79194


Anonymous 79200

>Japan wishes it was a monarchy
Japan is a cosntitutional monarchy.

Anonymous 79201

>the US only has a few decades before collapse anyway.
No realistic chance if that happening. The US will continue ti be the most powerful country in the world at least for the next 100 years.

Anonymous 79203

Thank you anon!

Anonymous 79210

That video is funny. One could get some incel logic out of this but it is because most there look like freaks and that makes the tall normal dudes seem like "chads". They got no real alternative forms of male beauty there and the argentinan dude seems mentally ill as well he literally got clown make up.
This was recorded in San Diego I assume. Too much loonie there.

Anonymous 79216


I recently started using twitter and I notice that this joke is accurate towards most "trans" accounts.

Anonymous 79217

It's not surprising seeing a minor with this kind of bio, but when I look and its someone 20+, I die a little one the inside.

Anonymous 79218

LGB acceptance is about being left alone and being given the same rights as straight people. Accepting gay people is about a lack of action, if you just mind your own business and don't bother them or treat them differently, congrats, you're not a homophobe.
The T however is all about making people bend backwards for them, you gotta call them by this name and by these pronouns, you aren't allowed to talk about periods, or cervical cancer, or pregnancy around them. You gotta accept them into your spaces, even if you don't wanna see cocks in the women's changing rooms. You can't even fucking reject them romantically. If your kid comes out as gay you're supposed to love them for the way they are and let them date who they want, if your kid comes out as trans you're supposed to rush them in to get their body mutilated. People are gonna realize how much more effort trannies demand, and how little they have in common with gay activism someday, I hope.

Anonymous 79222

>would say the practice is anti-revolutionary and bourgeois whim
Identity politics are generally focused on splitting up individuals in many little splinter groups, it's ruining class awareness; it's very much reactionary in the original meaning of the word.

Anonymous 79226


Gay men are on thin ice for me because most of them seem to forget that they're still moids. I roll my eyes every time I see them in women's business or when they bash on women's appearances. It's annoying.

Anonymous 79228

tbh, i remember attending a women's protest and the gay guy i was with was all "ooh this was my first protest was so exciting~" after two hours of listening to women talk about their experiences with sexual assault

Anonymous 79237

I might be in the minority in this general because I had no issues with trannies until the past ten years. If a man wants to dress up and get surgery I don’t fucking care. But now it’s literally impossible to have female only places without them trying to invade.

Anonymous 79245


Funny meme related to what you are saying.

Anonymous 79246

Right now you're not even allowed to question their status as women, if you do you're worse than Hitler and Stalin put together. Watch out, very soon they'll start to criticize the fact that we can get pregnant and they don't and demand reparations on that.

Anonymous 79251

It's that but more than that because we only started to care when TRAs started wanting to get into our physical spaces: sports, jails, bathrooms and so on. WE ARE NOT THE SAME.

Irrationality is taking over in the 1st world and it's pathetic and hilarious in a tragic way at the same time. Is it because the 1st world is decaying quickly as fuck? Because it is in a hopeless crisis free fall until it crashes? I think so. I can't wait until the USA stops being a negative influence on the world at large, this came from there.

Reminder: More than 95.78% of the world human population does not believe in that gender ideology bullshit. You are not alone, they are the delusional ones. I'm accounting for the 4.22% USA-world population ratio. Discount a bit from it because more than half in the US don't believe in gender ideology bullshit either.

Anonymous 79252

That's where I'm at too. I used to be a handmaiden and had the debates with friends and family and such, but nah, it's gone way too far. I don't care if someone wants to have SRS on their own accord just like I don't care if someone gets tattoos, piercings, or implants to feel closer to ~who they really are~. If you want to present as a different gender for the sake of your self-expression then whatever, that's fine and I don't think you should be harassed for it or denied opportunities. And most of the trannies I met back in the day when I was very supportive were like that, the horny troons kept to fetish communities and happily kept their heads down with sissies and cross dressers and the less AGP-y ones lived their little troon lives as stealthily as possible to avoid issues, but then some of them decided that anything less than spreading your legs to them on the spot was literal violence and I noped out. I wouldn't have cared about a shy tranny stumbling into a shared bathroom. But the political landscape around troons has changed SO MUCH.

Anonymous 79255


Anonymous 79257

>List 20 different sexualities and gender orientations

Anonymous 79263

Disturbing and sad…I know these people wanted to be inclusive but this is just too reckless. It's as reckless as hiring a furry to watch kids. You can't play fast and loose with childrens' well being just for the sake of being PC.

Anonymous 79264


Well… I certanly believe that the genderhoarder thing is the closest to "real" since it is most likely what that person has.

Anonymous 79278

discord moment
just say you're nonbinary or whatever one-size-fits-all term and be happy
also lol'd at divider roles. forum signatures for zoomers

Anonymous 79287


>forum signatures for zoomers
oh blimey it is exactly what it is, isn't it? I am now having flashbacks of unreasonably long signatures with text of different colors and full of pictures and gifs that hecked up the page loading.

Anonymous 79301

based bot

Anonymous 79303

Why do they even bother at that point passing is literally impossible even young trans end up looking like plastic surgery abominations there's no way to win

Anonymous 79304


So D'Angelo the trans sus Wallace has made a video criticizing Super Straight
It's so nauseatingly PC it hurts.
Dating a trans person shouldn't be a requirement. Dating a trans person DOESN'T MAKE YOU STRAIGHT.
End of story.

Anonymous 79308

wasnt this the guy people suspect of being a troon?

Anonymous 79309

Yes that's why I called him a "trans sus" .

Anonymous 79310

He flat out associates people who are into Super Straight as being Nazis. LMFAO. How hars trannies have to reach just to attack something that doesn't validate them.

Anonymous 79314

Considering how China and India are overcrowded (quite literally) with bigots I assume this will probably change on the next decades. For better because trannies will remain on their place? Probably. But also worse for women, people on Asia are still in 1800 when it comes to sexism.

Anonymous 79329

I've had to stop watching D'Angelo because of their naive takes ("why do tattoos hurt chances of employment?"), I can't even imagine how bad they are now.
I'd think they'd keep away from this topic because it only makes them more sus.

Anonymous 79336

There was no way to win where they were originally either. Do you think these people just go crazy out of the blue?

Anonymous 79338


/lgbt/ is so funny LOL

I hate this guy’s(girl’s?) videos. They come off as so smug, arrogant, “i’m cool because i don’t smile and talk in a monotone voice.” I hate that psued shit.

Anonymous 79354


Anonymous 79371


>denies objective fact (internally vaginas are even more different and it won't even feel the same to fuck an infected wound trying to close itself by healing-repairing the missing layers of skin to a real hygienic woman vagina)
>gets mad
Why all arguments with trannies end up like this?

Anonymous 79372

All I get from this post is that they have never seen an actual vagina

Anonymous 79374


One only needs to see the end results of literally any axe wound to know that it's not a vagina. Even the "good result" ones are total jokes. (Pic is arguably one of the good results.)

Anonymous 79376

lmao glad this transbian got a dose of reality

Anonymous 79377

oh god theres hair in it
i wish i could opt out of ever seeing transwomen lmao

Anonymous 79383

Any of you read JK Rowling's argument against transgenderism?

Anonymous 79385

This tranny in my friend group also sweats a disgusting amount doing literally nothing, can only imagine how horrifying it is to have a 6' male sweaty monstrous mess caked in runny makeup come to your lesbian meetup and then wait expectantly for the lesbians to fall over themselves to approach him. Good on the admin of the group for removing him.
Most "TERFs" have, I'd imagine?

Anonymous 79386


>immediately perpetuates myth SS is from 4chan
>comments call this out
>replies: "no, the kid's FROM 4chan"

>doesn't want to be predatory transbian
>is the predatory transbian anyway
>not even on hormones

Anonymous 79389

trannypolitical id…

Not even on hormones that would justified, that's a horny lonely awkward man looking for some pussy because nobody loves him and he hates himself.

/lgbt/ is mentally ill and they peak trans me, I already knew that if trannies ever wanted to get into women institutions the whole thing was going to crumble and now society would have a legit material reason to hate them. Now they are doing that and well the response is quite obvious, like what the fuck they expected, they expected that society was going to become all mentally ill as well? Sorry not sorry for being born healthy.

Luckily the world is still in majority at least on a good average of healthy borns, the only way they can have their world is if mental illnesses somehow just become more common in the human animal and the human starts to become less rational and more delusional genetically.

Anyway I gathered this info. Most of them seem to support people like Joe Biden for obvious reasons, they want to keep Big Pharma making bank by being unchallenged and allowing them to sell to kids. The only TIF that posted there was a Nazi. Lots of nazis among them, must be that they are desperate to impress an incel from /pol/ by larping as "trad".

Anonymous 79392

He is now a verified twitter user.
I fucking detest that site.

Anonymous 79393

That music is actually a bop.

Anonymous 79394

Why 'hateful nasty' and not 'nasty hateful'?

Anonymous 79398

Aren't 'nasty' and 'hateful' both opinions?

Anonymous 79401


I somethimes think Chris Chan won't upset me even more. Then I see these things and I realize I'm wrong.

Anonymous 79405

>watching the Geno documentary
>he describes but censors this part
>really want to know wtf Chris is doing but really don't want to search for it

Thanks for posting that. I thought is was absurd that Geno said Chris was spinning the doll like that, yet lo and behold he's spinning the doll.

Anonymous 79406

Who is recording this? Why is it online? Where is the eyebleach?

Anonymous 79415

My eyes…. I'm actually surprised at how good it looks. x.o

I really need eye bleach now though..

Anonymous 79416

>Not even on hormones that would justified
No, it's not. He just didn't even put in the bare minimum and expected not to be the predatory transbian.

Anonymous 79418

Forgive by ignorance but how does that work?? How deep does a trans vagina go? How is that hole even… made… it hurts thinking about it yeesh

Anonymous 79421

It is obviously impossible. They are straight up lying. The alternative is them fucking a dude who is…not so superstraight, and prefers to say "he didn't know" instead of admitting he's attracted to a tranny.

Anonymous 79424

>>79085 i believe her instagram is still active

Anonymous 79425

He is mentally ill (the fact that he's Aspergers and a tranny is not even the worse, that's because his mother is an extremely wicked person and his father wasn't very good either), but he's also one of the world's greatest attention whores. He did it because he's a exhibitionist too.

Anonymous 79436


Some trannies seem to think that if they try to pass or they pass that makes them women.

No thats not how it works, you either are born one or you are not. Blame physical science and the motions of the universe. That's just how it is. If you don't like this condition of existence you can off yourself.

Blaire White will 45% himself like the rest.

Anonymous 79471

lmao when he starts fucking spinning it

Anonymous 79482


Eww this is the tranny who lives with a fucking pedophile.

He had the fucking audacity to post stuff like this while living with a man who diddled himself to children. Also an avid tweeter of UwU loli animu girls in sexual situations.

Anonymous 79485

So he just admitted there was no transphobic content so he had to make some happen so he could misrepresent it? And now he's complaining that there is transphobic content…

Anonymous 79488

I think he's a better person than he was when he first transitioned for sure, because the second he started passing he started insisting that female privilege is a thing just because people would hold the door open for him LMAO.

He's still a bit cringe for having zero self respect and going after (imo) super low hanging fruit but he's at least somewhat entertaining.

Anonymous 79497

Yeah, I'm sure he "baited" a lot of evil terves. This whole "cohabitation with a pedophile" thing is definitely just clever bait so the evil terves can link yet another tranny to MAP trash.

Anonymous 79506


>taint skin goes directly into canal

Anonymous 79508


Anonymous 79509

We can achieve all her videos. Use a YouTube Downloader program.

Anonymous 79510

Whoa whoa you can't just go assuming people's sexualities like that, liking the same sex doesn't make you gay, you can identify with any orientation you feel like you are inside…

(No I'm not serious)

Anonymous 79515


I made a pastebin: https://pastebin.com/i6spTafD

With organizations like the ACLU, Stonewall, ILGA etc. pressuring governments to give kids puberty blockers, you can expect to see this shit to be pushed harder and harder in the mainstream media. I want to give you some weapons to shoot down these arguments.

Remember pic related is what they actually want.

Anonymous 79519

what the fuck is wrong with people? Choose which puberty???? what the actual fuck???? i'm never having kids and this will be part of the reason why. the fact that this is being pushed and starting to be normalized. god.

Anonymous 79533


Anonymous 79539

I think feminism should become much more rad at this point. Much, much more. A tranny is in a sport, we all collectively monvilize to boycott the event, we bodyguard each other in bathrooms due to trannies, we protest outside jails that allow trannies and get the prisioners to radicalize as well. If american we get a glock pistol for self defense. We aint asking anymore, the state does not have our backs we act like our own state.

Society is becoming irrational.
Revolution is coming. We wont stop until businesses are forced to give us Motherly Leave checks for the hard work we put into society but that gets paid like shit in return and whats worse it gets moided with trannies. We ought to have feminist standards we will stick to from now on.

Anonymous 79540

Have them if you see fit. I notice trannies absolutely hate our ability to reproduce. Ironic because they were born due to a woman getting preg, which makes me think the obvious they are suicidal and hate existance just because it doesnt work out like their irrational delusion tells them it should work.

OP pic explains it all.

Anonymous 79553

anime clothing.png

Did he custom make those underwear?

Anonymous 79557

This is disturbing but I hate the dishonest reporting almost as much as the pedo lmao. He wasn't a "youtube star" by any metric, he only had a thousand or so subs when the news broke and hadn't uploaded a video since 2018.

There are plenty of high profile TIM pedos we don't need to pretend a literal who was this famous guy.

Anonymous 79561

Anonymous 79565

Female privilege is a thing. That's why trannies are trying so desperately to replicate it.

Anonymous 79567

Sure maybe if you're going from a super faggy gay guy to a straight woman it might seem like you gained privilege but not in general.

Even for Blaire the only reason he has a career at all is because he was born a male.

Anonymous 79568

No, it is not a thing. And actually, there are much more girls identifying as trans than men nowadays.

Anonymous 79571

Dick or gtfo moid.

Anonymous 79579

I've never met a single female tranny in my life but I've met lots of male trannies. I'm pretty sure statistics say the same, the majority of trannies are males.
Not a moid, there are inherent advantages to being born female just like there are inherent advantages to being born male. Trannies are males who want the advantages of being female.

Anonymous 79580

>Trannies are males who want the advantages of being female.
Not quite. Trannies are males who want the advantage of being surrounded by women. See: male prisoners who suddenly identify as female, are moved to a female prison, then rape them. They don’t want to be women; they want to take advantage of us.

Anonymous 79581

I agree when it comes to fetishist trannies but I disagree when it comes to trannies like Blair White who made the female privilege comment. Blair White seeks out men, not women, and he seeks the advantage/privilege of female beauty so that he can have better access to high quality men and the wealth/security that high quality men bring. There are a lot of trannies out there like him, maybe not as much as the fetishists but still enough that I've met a few IRL.

Anonymous 79582

Ah yes the female privilege of being paid less being the victim more never getting justice and getting killed as a baby for the crime of being born to be a woman

Anonymous 79583

That's the same argument that males make about why male privilege doesn't exist, "ah yes the male privilege to get drafted, be seen as disposable, etc." Disadvantages do not cancel advantages.

Anonymous 79584


female trannies TiMs are just less common, they are manlet girls, girls with the aspect of a omega manlet. It's rare when somebody wants to be that I guess besides women are just less socially inept than moids so there is no need.

Tranny males happen because of the whole incel cope we explained, its an incel cope with loneliness and sexual frustration OR its a hyper gay guy that spent 50k on surgeries and thinks "trying", "tricking people" and "liking rugged men" makes him a woman. Lol.

Anonymous 79585

Rich men who go for trannies that look like passable blow-up dolls know exactly what they're getting. They're closeted so settle for chasing with something they can present with. Some of them even have a transformation kink or get a thrill out of paying someone to mangle their body on their command. Those kinds will always be a side piece no matter how hard they perform their femininity. It's not unheard of to hear about these dudes even sponsoring their operations.

Anonymous 79586

Yeah that kind of trannies you are talking about there have the most plastic aspect and definitely anyone with a good enough observation can see the fakeness. Skeleton cannot be changed tho so they end up like:

Maybe that kind are the ones who make all those "do ur x or y pass" threads at the /mentalillness/ board in 4moids. None of em know that to any good observer no tranny can ever be 1:1. What is fore sure though is that, that kind of tranny moids are the ones who are the most "trad" and /pol/tard. Or they try hard af to be conservatives or some shit. They are misogynistic for other reasons than those of regular incel tranny majority.

Pro tip: look at their hands. Moids more often have longer ring fingers than their index finger. There is a lot of little anatomical tricks like that but you just have to know about them. No need for x-rays or looking at the moid naked to tell.

Anonymous 79587

The one that I know flat out admitted to me he doesn't even consider himself a tranny but just gets better deals with sugar daddies as a bimbo than he did when he presented as male. I really think that's what a lot of them after, even somewhat including the fetishist freaks who don't pass at all. They see onlyfans or instagram models who make a lot of money off of their feminine beauty and think they'll be able to do that if they become more feminine.

Anonymous 79588

All of them have a "grass is greener" problem they developed. Because in this reality nobody chooses how they look or their sex at least not consciously, the consciousness comes after being born after all of that was already defined by biological motions for you.

All trannies absolutely HATE this fact, they hate how nature fundamentally works lol. They are never going to win, it's such a retarded struggle. No wonder why they are anti-social, nihilistic and anti-natalist then. Irrational deep hatred of the human condition.

Maybe society does need to cull out the irrational loonies that live on their heads 24/7, cull them off when they are born to share society with us, they do not help. They are broken humans, defective. It does harm to them, it does harm to us. Nobody wins.

Anonymous 79589

We live in a patriarchy it backfiring on men ie 'so unfair that we get drafted' is literally because men are seen as stronger what's a female privilege? Getting free drinks yeah epic thanks

Anonymous 79590

I'm very happy that I don't ever have to worry about dying in some dumb war while males do. For right now it doesn't really matter because there is no draft, but it was definitely a privilege for the women who managed to avoid Vietnam or WW2 and it'll be a privilege for us if another big war happens and males get drafted

Anonymous 79595

I actually have gender dysphoria over being a woman and if given the choice would 100% have preferred to been born a man. The problem is I wasn’t and nothing will change that. I could spend a bunch of money and years trying to look male but I would be a cheap imitation at best. It sucks but I will never be male and no amount of trying to censor those around me will change that.

Anonymous 79600

>Also I definitely think gender dysphoria in women is rooted in some level of internalized misogyny or trauma.
The same is probably true for men except with misandry. They are self-hating for being male and associate male sexuality with violence/assault.

Anonymous 79601

Men made the laws keeping women out of the military and draft. Women literally had to campaign to be allowed to join the military (and construction work, and factory work, and mining, and all the other work scrotes act like they haven't worked overtime to keep us out of). I suppose you'll still argue not dying in war was an advantage, but to really believe that constitutes a widespread, gender-spanning privilege, you have to pretend literally every female experience of war has been that of the 60s US housewife you're clearly imagining, and not the reality for the vast majority of human history, which has mostly been "men who don't think I have an interior life have made decisions that will get me raped and/or murdered again." If you really are a woman, I hope for the love of god you'll read a book sometime soon because none of this constitutes critical thought, it's just the tonguebath men give themselves when they experience cognitive dissonance. The Unwomanly Face of War is a good start.

Anonymous 79603

The males who die the most horrific deaths possible by the millions didn't create those laws or start those wars. The concept of privilege coming from cartoon villains sitting around a table writing laws is dumb, it comes from real life circumstance. In pretty much any time wartime scenario I would choose to stay female.

Anonymous 79606

>I'm pretty sure statistics say the same
I don't know why you'd be "sure" when all it takes is googling.
MTFs used to be the majority, now they're 50/50. There has been a massive increase of girls transing.
90% of the new underaged transes are girls. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5841333/#b28-ahmt-9-031

There are very little advantages to being female. Both through natural reasons and society-imposed roles being a female mostly sucks. Not going to war is not a "privilege", they only don't send us to war because we'd fuck everything up with our weak bodies.
Male trannies have an idealized incel version of females as sexual objects who have everything handed to them, giving them vagina envy. Female trannies want to escape the same female gender roles that male trannies enforce.

Anonymous 79608

Bruh, if you think women haven't also died the most horrific deaths possible by the millions, in and out of wartime, you should not be speaking about the history of war.

And you're the one bringing concepts of cartoon villainy in here. If you're implying I'm painting men that way, like they're all sitting around a table calculating how best to fuck over women, let me be clear: that's not how I think misogyny works. I think most of the time, it boils down to the facts of how sex and reproduction work, and the fact that men are bigger and stronger than women, and that absent anything else, they can and do generally use these truths to make sure we do what they want. It'd be easier if it were more cartoonish – then there'd be someone to overthrow. But it's not. Most men just take advantage of most women when they can.

And no, the men who make up the shit-kicking peasantry of whatever era typically haven't had much of a say in who they're meant to be stabbing. That proverbial dude's life sucked. Not saying it didn't. I am literally not arguing that every serf was actually living high off the patriarchal hog: I think it sucked to be him. But across time and space, culture has virtually always allowed the male peasant more rights than his wife. Can it still suck to be him? Sure. Does it suck more to be his wife? Absolutely. He has a far greater chance of property rights, inheritance rights, and positions of status within the community. His religion has not made him the source of sin for all mankind. He is perfectly within his rights to vent his frustrations over his shit lot in life by beating and raping his wife. If there's a modern currency system, he controls the family's money. I agree that privilege comes from real life circumstance – that's why I know that in nearly every era of human history, including our own, the real lives of most human beings made it real fucking clear that it was better to be a man than a woman.

And yeah, that carries over to war. Are you exclusively picturing war as like, the Civil War or something, as learned in a fourth grade classroom here? Do you understand that women weren't all the Manassas battlefield picnickers or whatever the fuck? Or Vietnam wives, thousands of miles away from the fighting? Those are the exception as far as female experiences of war. For the vast majority of human history, war has meant mass rape, torture, and murder for women. Women weren't all sequestered somewhere safely – "rape and pillage" is a phrase for a reason. The Geneva Conventions? Very recent! Cicero arguing that women are property and thus kidnapping, raping, and enslaving them is a normal and dandy reason for war? Really fucking ancient! And Christ, even when it comes to modern wars, that's the case. Sure, wives in Virginia were okay in 1942. Women in Nanking weren't. That's the norm when it comes to women and war, from the Trojan Women to Boko Haram.

Anonymous 79633

This tbh. A lot of TIMs are unabashed misogynists/incels, but there are a few that transitioned (or resisted detransitioning/desisting) out of male guilt, and often were abused by men themselves and didn't want to feel like they were a part of "the violent sex". It's not as common, at least not in modern TRA circles, but I know a few personally that are really great people but didn't desist from identifying as transwomen for years because the guilt associated with being male held them back.

Anonymous 79644

>if you think women haven't also died the most horrific deaths possible by the millions, in and out of wartime, you should not be speaking about the history of war
I never said that. Just that WAY more males die during war than women. If you disagree with that just stop. Whether its medieval Europe or Vietnam, males are always the first line of defense and you have to slaughter an army of them just to get to the women. That doesn't mean women don't also suffer horrible fates, its just that your chance of suffering a horrible fate as a male in war is like 99% while for women its significantly less. I don't know why war has taken up so much of this discussion, I barely mentioned it and said it was dumb that males use it to try to erase the concept of male privilege.

Anonymous 79645

>weak bodies

that’s a little harsh, eh? and you don’t need muscles to fight wars anymore. just a trigger finger. the real reason is probably more like, female soldiers will end up
being raped by the opposing side anyway. and it’s better to minimize the amount of women coming into contact with men that are given orders to terminate at all costs.

i mean, there have been female soldiers since the beginning of time, and many successful ones as well. it’s not like they can’t fight.

and, lastly, female bodies have as many pros and cons as male bodies. it’s really a toss up which way you’re gonna suffer.

Anonymous 79646

I assumed that anon was being hyperbolic when she used that phrasing, but female soldiers (at least in the US) are more likely to be raped by their own side than any enemy.

I honestly would prefer more bans on women in the military because the men there are worse than civilian men, they legitimately have nothing on their minds but murder and rape and women shouldn't be subjected to that. It seems like every week we hear about a new private who got gangraped and/or murdered, and sure sexual abuse between male combatants is also insanely high but men need to work that out among themselves and leave us out of their insane urges.

Anonymous 79647


yeah, my point still stands. the fewer women there are around violent, loosely controlled men, the better.

Anonymous 79705

The point is that this is not a "privilege". If men fail to protect us in such a situation, we'll end up raped and murdered and without power to do anything about it. I'd like to see one of these AGP "girlies" in a war situation.

Anonymous 79706

Gullien and Johnso…

Sorry for the derail, but reading this made me think of Vanessa Guillen and Lavena Johnson's case.

Anonymous 79707

No shes right because Soldiers carry heavy weight on their backpacks for like 12 hours or more.

Anonymous 79708

But arguably a woman can definetly be a sailor or pilot effectively enough. As long as there isnt a lot of carrying heavy objects.

Infantry would be the worst military job for them. In YPJ Rojava they make them snipers because it's less risky than being in the frontlines of a war thats were all the death happens, when people are pushing for an objective.

Anonymous 79710

Honestly /tttt/ is a shithole but the trannies there are still leagues above the cancerous ones on Reddit or Twitter. The way Reddit trannies have created a dictatorship over any sub relating to lesbians is insane.

Anonymous 79712

should have ended at
>/lgbshit/ is a shithole

All trannies are shit, unless they legit gtfo to a psych ward that won't scam them with cope pills which only extends the suffering. They need therapy a therapy of how just accept objective existence. Tricking the delusional with a placebo is fucked up.

Anonymous 79715


that feel.
i had a brief tranner phase in middle school before digesting the pinkpill and realizing i wasn't "gender dysphoric", but hated the patriarchial standards for femininity and masculinity. it seems very unfair (it still does) so i wanted to "cheat the game" by becoming a boy instead. didn't happen, thankfully.

Anonymous 79716

It's because of how much mainstream media bombards you dumb information of "hey depressed kid how about attemtping a sex change (we know its impossibel but who gives a fuck right? yolo!)". There is such thing as cultural transgenderism nowadays, people that were not born delusional but made delusional due to lack of friends growing up so they seek communities to relate to, problem is they go with the worst bad influences ever. One can get into crime, do fucked up shit like robbing people but at least they are not chopping a part of themselves off or becoming infertile on propose like a retard.

femininity, masculinity doesn't matter. Be a rugged hard worker if you prefer it that way, be pretty if you prefer it that way just don't go the deep end as to deny your objective reality.

Anonymous 79717

On the subject on trannies (read: men on HRT in women's clothing) in women's sport: I don't understand why this is a problem. Isn't it really simple?
They're on hormones. They're doping. Doping is illegal in every sport. They should be relegated to men's divisions, and then disqualified for doping.
Explain where my take is wrong, please.
If you agree, please share this idea with your friends.

Anonymous 79721

Because in retarded liberal democracies they care more about the abstract feelings a stupid irrational insane individual has toward society.
Than physical objetive reality. So we women boycott their retarded competitions because ironically moids make us women oppressed abd unhappy again all for the sake of a batshit insane loon moid.

I think its clear they dont give a flying fuck about us. We need an actual revolutionary af feminist to take power, she would get extremely popular really quick. Not even for dumb liberal democratic participation but to organize legit armed protests about this issue. No more fucking around, you have to become the change you want to see in the world time to pull the plug on trannies forever. Until their blockers get blocked, all they use = banned. The corporations involved = purged. The businessmen = jailed. Follow the money. Crush their economy.

Anonymous 79765

Yay! I’m instantly subscribing again!
:D may she continue doing God’s work lol.

Anonymous 79769


Hey this might be really old news (not might be, it IS old news)
But did anyone ever get the chance to see that clip that was surfacing around on Twitter of Tiffany “New York” Pollard going off on a rant against another woman where she accused her of being a man and said “transphobic” things to her.
The whole “scandal” was retarded and the Twitter snowflakes went off for nothing, because the woman New York was insulting wasn’t even a man, she was a biological woman.
But I just use this clip as catharsis porn whenever I watch it, I envision myself as New York talking and then I imagine myself saying the same things she said to a tranny in real life.
(If time stamp doesn’t work start at 3:40)

Anonymous 79771

meh bread and circus. We need to legit mobilize politically as TERFs, form feminism's and women's sake. It's time to be radical. We need more public speakers that represent us, we need harder protests, we need our own hegemony. We need to think like revolutionaries in an up hill battle.

New King Critical videos:



Anonymous 79772


Trans visibility day should be today, April Fools.

Anonymous 79790

>Just that WAY more males die during war than women
I looked up statistics to be sure, but this is untrue. It looks like in any given war, civilian casualties are about 90% of the casualties. Because of this, the European Union’s European Security Strategy report that women and girls die more often due to wars than men and boys.

Anonymous 79792

Look up the population pyramid of Russia after WW2, there is a massive surplus in women's population, same for most Eastern Euro countries

Anonymous 79794


Fight for what you believe in, fight for reason.
Be Terfy, be terfy.

Anonymous 79796

I am too lazy to look this up, but it's possible this is more the case for modern war than older wars in the 20th century? I think there are a lot less battles and direct conflicts in war so not as many soldiers die, but civilians are still getting bombed.

Anonymous 79797

Going off what other anons have said, I think a lot of women experience gender dysphoria from being sexualized at such a young age. I remember I had grown men making comments on my body as early as 12, this made me hate my breasts and desire to be male to escape it.

Anonymous 79798

god that's so fucking based, I respect her so much
up until I graduated highschool I very much wanted a mastectomy so I wouldn't have to worry about anyone looking at my chest. the feelings dissipated very quickly once I left that environment but it's crazy what the wrong place and people can to do you

Anonymous 79799

Why are so many trannies so grossly overweight? Is it related to their hormones or something like this?

Anonymous 79800

A lot of both estrogen and testosterone can cause weight gain, namely when they fluctuate, so there are a variety of factors. Most fat trans folks that I've seen though were already fat pre-transition.

Anonymous 79804

Also I probably qualify as “trans” to most of Twitter and Reddit given I have severe gender dysphoria, wish I were born male, and plan on getting a mastectomy, although this is more due to personal health reasons because breast cancer risk but it is also to feel more comfortable in my body. That being said I do not consider myself trans because I think the whole movement is regressive bullshit.

Anonymous 79808

How will having two huge scars on your chest make you feel more comfortable?

Anonymous 79810

That's horrible, anon? Why would you do that?

Anonymous 79812

She said it was for health reasons, breast cancer runs in my family too I don't like thinking about how I'd feel if I got a mastectomy because what if I'd be happier… cringe learning to live in your body as it is is hard but radfems have made it so much easier for me, no longer anorexic stopped wearing makeup shaved my hair and for like the first time in 6 years I stopped wearing bras 24/7 there's no wrong way to be a woman you just gotta be female <3

Anonymous 79813

I don’t mind having scars I already have one on my back from surgery when I was a child. I also have rather large breasts so when I get older they are likely to sag and the thought of this stresses me out. I do not expect anyone to necessarily respect my decision because it is the equivalent of getting a boob job for vanity reasons but in reverse but that is alright. In addition as already mentioned there is a high risk of breast cancer in my family as my mother passed away from it so I may have had to get one anyway.

Anonymous 79830

It's fine anon you have a valid reason no one is going to judge you for not wanting to get cancer

Anonymous 79839


Anonymous 79844

I should have trusted the spoiler. There needs to be spoiler for spoilers, two layers deep to protect from this.

Anonymous 79845

Nta, but I often think about having a mastectomy done too just because they get in the way and they feel unnecessary.

Anonymous 79846

Why do I want to eat those…

Anonymous 79847

I think Gender Dysphoria is a real mental illness, not that all trans have it a lot are trenders and if a grown consenting adult wants to modify their body to help deal with it that’s on them. However I think once you start denying reality shit has gone to far and that the fact that it’s become so widespread is insane.

Anonymous 79848

mmm, popcorn.

Anonymous 79849

Pretty much have the same opinions, though tbh I don't think genital surgery is a good idea for most people and I do have some moral issues with letting it be easily accessible to do this. Other than that I don't care what anyone does to their bodies even if it's not the best thing for them, but reality doesn't change for them

Anonymous 79862


They look like scrambled egg. God damn just kill trannies with fire, we need legal euthanasia for some trannies. Jeeeeez.

The fuck they expected it's a wound, the good thing is them getting Neo-Vaginas (SRS as they call it in /lgbshit/) is often the tipping point for many of them as it is what ends up killing them to finally leave the rest of society continuing in peace because:
>0 Feelings of pleasure, it's a ruined penis
>100% more feelings of pain, it's a deep wound trying to heal itself that needs to be maintained open
>It's nonsensical anatomically, looks sus no moid with at least a little bit of standards will want to introduce his healthy penis in that thing, it must feel grotesque inside even I don't want to even imagine.

When did things get so wrong.
America and its consequences have gone too far. They literally made Franken-Monsters out of incel moids and some autistic women. All because a boy who got a botched circumcision was experimented on. It's all the fault of circumcision, ban circumcision, ban trannies and their blockers.

Anonymous 79871


This is the first thing that showed up when I logged into twitter. It's all about MTFs too, I'm going to scream

Anonymous 79877


Why are they so obsessed with recruiting people?????? Can anyone explain this to me?

Anonymous 79878

I also wanted one when I was a teenager. I was a tomboy and then suddenly developed breasts much earlier than my peers, and big. Probably ticked all the boxes dor GD, I'm just so very glad no one was encouraging parents to give kids hormones and puberty blockers back then.
But if you have a high genetic cancer risk then that's a very reasonable justification for it anon, be safe.

Anonymous 79882

Cluster B personality disorders.

Anonymous 79884

Whatever you think of trans people I certainly assume there's a massive overlap between being trans and Cluster B.

Anonymous 79885

Because they are crazy / mentally ill. Why do you think they have this cultist mentality of every tranny is beautiful and all that garbage. They keep lying to themselves, they force society to lie or else they cancel them. They are in American politics too. It's a sign that America has become absolutely irreparably retarded. Thats what.

Armed Revolution before it is too late.

Anonymous 79887

Their conservativeness is why they think there's female privilege. If they were female, they could be "girly" or love other men w/o repercussions. They never stop to think about how the system telling them this might be the problem, and not them.

I can respect it if they were more honest with themselves like the guy you mentioned. Let (grown) men bimbofy themselves for other men and keep biology and sane people out of it. I've known guys like that. Nutty, but they usually stayed in their own lane.


I think so, too. Most of us don't live in societies or exposed to people where women aren't seen as an obstacle, competition, burden, or annoyance. At best, she's treated like a baby-making decoration and must "act like a man" to succeed. I'm fortunate for my upbringing, but the world outside of it had a nasty contrast I had to struggle against.

>That doesn't mean women don't also suffer horrible fates, its just that your chance of suffering a horrible fate as a male in war is like 99% while for women its significantly less.
Yeah rape and enslavement totally isn't bad. All those survivors of war were totally like "yeah I was brutally raped but at least I didn't die. ^_^" /s Go do your fucking homework before you try to do gymnastics on this topic. Men are everyone's worst enemy and what women endure via war is often underreported due to the survivor's shame and the """victor""" trying to maintain their image.

Anonymous 79901

And the fact that they focus it on MTFs, like apparently having a vagina must protect all the FTMs from covid or something by this logic

Anonymous 79903

Kek it's because men are more likely to die from COVID than women.
Even after they cope, dilate, get a neo-vagina, years of taking HRT, and training their voice they will still always be men. Hilarious.

Anonymous 79918

I've been saying this to a friend, but I want to know your take: Do you think the rise of HRT and SRS scales with the fall of the opioid crisis?

Pharma milked the opioid shit until too many people died and the government started caring (about their image). I noticed the HRT shit being pushed harder and harder with lower bars of access as it became harder and harder to get opioids.

More civilians are dying because the larger militaries have gamified their war strategies. Since men are often out in the field at rendezvous points, the side with jets and drones target "essential areas" that are often hospitals and schools where lots of women and children work. They'll label them as terrorist bases, but they know exactly what the fuck they're doing.

Anonymous 79927

Niles Satyr.jpg

>Real pussy sheds egg
>Fake pussy sheds scrambled eggs

Anonymous 79930

Anonymous 79932

This moid interviewed Blanchard:

33:00 Around there Blanchard raises a good point about the internet and the consequences of the Anglosphere (english speaking culture promoting its stupidity on the internet and other dumb autists adopting it).

We must destroy or transform the political anglosphere. It's consequences have been terrible for the world.

Anonymous 79961

The more shit I see, the more tiring it gets. I didn't realize how bad this tranny shit has gotten (along with idpol in general).

I for one welcome the collapse of civilization so we can return to monke and have real problems to deal with.

Anonymous 79963

do they really think you can just schedual puberty at any point in life? can you go through puberty at 90?

Anonymous 79964

Even Blanchard disagrees with puberty blockers he thinks trannies are psychopathological aka mentally ill. And also children aren't rational agents.

Anonymous 79983

You can't tbh besides hormonal stuff has been proven to actually objectively shorten the life span of a human being. Besides that…

All that would happen is that they would age like men who where castrated in antiquity something around there. Cutting the balls of a moid during childhood would produce a similar end result, heck maybe even more effective than blockers to castrate them but American society considers that unethical and blockers ethical because they are loons. I consider both unethical.

Anonymous 80033

Americans and their "culture" are the enemy of mankind

Anonymous 80034


Anonymous 80044

This is glorious.

Anonymous 80045


I hate moids. To think that there are moids that may think like this even without swallowing the tranny pill JUST.
Imagine telling your boyfriend you were just assaulted and deep down he's raging with jealousy. JUST.

Anonymous 80050

I am glad that he understands that he will never be a real woman. He is still 18, he can still grow.
As for wanting to get raped, he never said anything like that.

Anonymous 80051

The commenters are telling him he is trans, it is only a question of time until he troons out. I don't care if he is "just 18", he "incidentally" only listed absolute fucked up traumatic things that could ruin a person's life (and throwed in trying on dresses to soften up all the porn-induced violent fantasies). I hope he gets assaulted by a big gay dude.

Anonymous 80053

He's pretty cringe and I don't want to defend him but nothing he lists is violent. The closest it gets is the fear of violence in one or two of them.

Anonymous 80057

he is just a coomer

Anonymous 80059

>He's only 18
>The commenters are telling him he is trans, it is only a question of time until he troons out.

Well, he's still pretty young to think clearly and after barrage of """support""" ideas about transition will fill his mind despite what he feels about it.

Why do people even do shit like that, i honestly can't comprehend why all this movement is so supported by general population.

Anonymous 80060

>growing up being made fun of in school
>being afraid to walk home alone
>having to deal with creeps and pervs
>constantly put behind becuse of your gender

These are all anything except normal experiences a human being should have. This piece of shit moid also mentioned being worried about getting pregnant, which wouldn't happen with appropriate birth control and abortion which this moid probably opposes since he's religious.
I don't feel sorry for this moid. I genuinely hope he experiences all the things he listed there (except pregnancy because he literally can't, I hope he dies inside because of that).

Anonymous 80065


Anonymous 80071


Anonymous 80073

Yeah he deserves nothing less. Another loonie in a city packed with them.

What became of American culture has been irrational for a long time. Just burn it down, not worth "saving" it. Burn it and start another one from scratch.

Anonymous 80082

>a troon and a bugchaser

the slippery slope is supposed to be a logical fallacy, not a roadmap!

Anonymous 80083


already happening and of course the only place it's discussed is fucking 4chan where half the plebs are coombrains who don't care and find it to be fap fuel and the other half are either using it as an axe to grind against leftists in general or as schadenfreude because women somehow ask for this to happen.

Anonymous 80084

Won't happen. Marxism failed in America because the vast majority Americans still believed they are all just temporarily inconvenienced future millionaires.

So, American Marxists had to turn to culture wars to make headway and from there we get the garbage that is woke culture, critical theory and all the crap we're dealing with now.

It's spreading out across the West because all the other Marxists have caught on that Cultural Marxism "works" as an inroads into politics and power.

Anonymous 80085

>just realized trannies are just white men
lol u wat m80

Anonymous 80087


Anonymous 80088

Normies only pay attention to what the media and social media tells them to pay attention to.

The media doesn't care about women, only about what their buttbuddies in the establishment tell them to care about and right now troons and troon rights are held above women and womens' rights.

Anonymous 80089

>Fuck, at this point might as well call Joan of Arc trans too
don't give (((them))) ideas.

Anonymous 80090

>robots can be our allies
I mean you can try, but a lot of them just plain hate women.

Anonymous 80092

>LGB acceptance is about being left alone and being given the same rights as straight people. Accepting gay people is about a lack of action, if you just mind your own business and don't bother them or treat them differently, congrats, you're not a homophobe.

>you will bake the cake

>you will host the weddings
>you will take the pictures
>you will let them parade half naked down your streets
>you will do it or else we will ruin your life

Anonymous 80093

There's also the fact that it's literally an open wound, so there must stink all the time too.

Honestly, IMHO, any surgeon who does this should have their license taken away. It cannot be healthy for an individual.

Anonymous 80094

>Explain where my take is wrong, please.
Is estrogen a Performance Enhancing Drug?

MtF troons would get popped for doping because they're taking testosterone and maybe human growth hormone, both of which artificially enhance their performance.

FtM block their testosterone and take estrogen which would reduce their muscle mass to female levels (in theory).

Anonymous 80095

>This is fair
They don't care for fairness or equality.

It's all about feelings and equity in [current year]

Anonymous 80114

Do any of you think that we need a party? Like to start to make our own defined form of feminism, 4th wave or something. Also having a website aiming to influence politics, get seats and if the democratic process is not possible to have a platform to go revolutionary in?

Our own websites, our own networking, etc?

All that would be incredibly useful.

Anonymous 80115

ok moron
Look up local women's groups

Anonymous 80116

When I say it's the anglosphere is the anglosphere. If a loonie dude is in power and happens to be jewish is not because he is jewish but because anglo loonie politics allowed him to. The billionares are there controlling because you do nothing, not because of the race. If they were all the purest of white (who cares lol) and still did the same shit it would still be a problem.

Anonymous 80121

Anonymous 80129

not safe for life. i thought that he'd cum in the sink, thanking my lucky stars he didn't.
why couldn't he at least fucking do it in a stall? moid depravity knows no bounds

Anonymous 80149

Does anyone have more pictures of what troons look like without filters or editing?

Anonymous 80158


>tfw lesbian
>not a sjw
>not a feminist (activist)
>not even gendercrit
>still get called a terf for refusing tranny dick
Why the fuck can't trannies process that normal people might not want to fuck them?

Anonymous 80159

Because they're moids

Anonymous 80168


It's time for you to radicalize. It will get worse if you do nothing.

Anonymous 80191

Is this thread on autosage?

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