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Ostrich chick take…

Truth or Dare Anonymous 78299

idea stolen from the lolcow thread

if you give someone a prompt you also have to pick truth or dare

nothing sexual please

Anonymous 78301

Watching this thread.
Dont get too scary in the dares please

Anonymous 78302

Ok, I'll go. Truth.

Anonymous 78303

What's the worst thing you've ever said to someone you know in person?

Anonymous 78305

Oh fuck, for my prompt, dare.

Anonymous 78306

show your latest search history


Anonymous 78307

How do you post only search history on firefox? I can get my internet history, but that's not only search.

Anonymous 78308

I'm struggling to think of something. I did call my sister fat once knowing she had always found it difficult to lose weight. She was pretty mean to me when I was growing up so I don't really feel bad about it.


Star Trek, I have seen every episode at least once and read hundreds of fics.

Go to your history and search for "Google" or whatever search engine you normally use.

Anonymous 78309

Screenshot minus i…

Email address has been removed due to being unrelated to the dare.

Anonymous 78310

oh no anon

Anonymous 78311

Honestly I'm trying to speculate for money, but the despair I see and what people will pay to get something is far more deep than anything I could possibly hope to gain financially.

Anonymous 78312

What was your most embarrassing crush?

Anonymous 78314

Truth or dare?

Anonymous 78315


Anonymous 78316

This random guy at work, he wasn't on my team but worked on the same floor, he was divorced and always looked miserable and for some reason I was just really into him. One time he borrowed a phone charger from me and I thought "this is my chance" and tried to hit on him by asking if I'd get anything in return. It didn't go well

Anonymous 78317

Have you ever been glad someone you knew died? Who?


Anonymous 78318

The only people that I have known who have died are my grandparents and two kids I didn't know well, so no. I'm no contact with my parents though, and while I don't want them to die nor do I think I will be glad when they die, I think I will feel a huge sense of relief about it when it happens.

Anonymous 78322

What did he reply to that? lol

Anonymous 78323


He went "well, what do you want?" but not in an unfriendly way, so I kind of just said "uhh, I don't know, make me an offer" and that exchange repeated like 2 more times and then he went for a smoke and we never spoke again kek

Anonymous 78324

You're stupid, when he asked "What do you want?", you were supposed to reply "a date". That's all you needed to do. Only you fucked up that social interaction.

Anonymous 78325

I was gonna, but his coworker appeared behind him (both on the way to smoking) and I got frazzled. We'd never spoken before that, either, so I didn't really have grounds to ask him out, it was just a spur of the moment thing and I couldn't follow up.

Anonymous 78326

[spoiler]I would have made the same mistake honestly. Especially if someone else showed up[\spoiler]

You don't need to know the entirety of someone's backstory to ask them out, anon.

Anonymous 78327

Yeah but you also don't introduce yourself by saying "hi let's go out" in front of a witness when you're unattractive and not likely to succeed.

Anonymous 78328

Based taste

Anonymous 78329

Shoe on head (you can hide your face).


Anonymous 78330

He was also balding and in a band, so really, no…

Anonymous 78337

Sis… good thing things went the way they did then

Anonymous 78360

alors oui.png

which celebrity you dislike that everyone likes ?
( for me: lil peep )

Anonymous 78362

I know

Anonymous 78391


I may be retarded. I don't understand the game at all…

Anonymous 78392

You are supposed to reply to the last person who answered they wanted a Truth/Dare, not the OP.

Anonymous 78431

Screenshot the last 5 messages you got. You can censor any names/locations.


Anonymous 78435

If you were a scrote for a day, what would you do?


Anonymous 78436

I've never really thought about that tbh, I don't think I'd do anything differently. I'd just waste away like I always do. I don't really see any upsides to being a moid that I could take advantage of in a single day.

What would you do if you were a 10/10 for a day?

Anonymous 78437


Lol ok so hear me out:
>step 1: Stay inside all day so I don’t get into any marriage proposals or other hijinks
>step 2: take a year’s worth of selfies/lewds/nudes/solo vids.
>step 3: go to sleep and wake up not hot
>step 4: Open an only fans with a PayPal entirely separate from my dox.
>step 5: Make $ without any of it being attached to my likeness, as I do not look like 10/10 me
>step 6: disappear entirely from the web once all of the catfished photos/videos run dry
>step 7: delete my OF and all of “my” simps kill themselves
>step 8: liquidate PayPal and put it into separate investments
>step 9: lead my normal 6/10 with my OF nest egg for my future children. Never touching it and never speaking of it again

Like a vtuber, but epic

Anonymous 78449

I thought the same thing lmao. It's sad that the only thing we can imagine is making money off simps. For me I was gonna say that it depends on whether or not the 10/10 resembles me at all (aka me without flaws) or is a whole other person. If it's "me without flaws" then I'd be afraid of getting myself into a giant Dakota Rose/Johanna Herrstedt situation where the internet will become obsessed with disproving my fake appearance.

Anonymous 78450

Screenshot at Mar …

(case in point your 10/10 image is an OF/costhot who used to have lolcow/pull threads about how much she shoops)

Anonymous 78451


Anyway if you're a 6/10 then you can do this already. Get out your makeup and SNOW app and chances are low that someone would recognize you, especially if you keep a low profile and don't try to become social media famous with your real face.

Anonymous 78454

nta but im struggling with getting back into work due to anxiety and would like to make some money to help out (luckily my bf supports me but ive been using what i have of savings to help sometimes) i just want to be useful but im so scared of ruining my future selling photos. ive considered shooping myself to hell since so many girls do, but where would i sell or get simps without being noticed?

Anonymous 78460

Find a niche to cater to, the moids will be less demanding if they don't have 3584998 thots to choose from and you can get away with being anonymous by posting on fetish sites rather than utilizing normie social media.

Anonymous 78491

It's a lot more work than it seems. You also have to message simps constantly and make custom content. Their requests will be degrading because they know you need the money.

Anonymous 78523

This, OF is vastly oversaturated. Niche fetish shit is where it's at because you won't have to plaster your body all over normie social media to get noticed and you don't have to give GF experience and be socially available to the moids. But the ideal choice is not to do it at all. Don't do it if you can avoid it. Working 4 hours a day in a random call center work from home job will give you better results and you know you're safe and once you clock out, you're done.

I should really put all of this in the ~sex work~ thread but I don't understand Anons who say working a normie job would be too anxiety inducing and terrible for them but they want to whore out online to abusive moids and obsessive orbiters? I've done both and e-whoring is definitely more work than sitting down for a few hours taking calls and larping as an NPC or stocking shelves at night. I can only imagine that these Anons have either never done sex work or have gotten lucky once with a generous simp and now think they can turn it into stable income. It'll never be stable, it'll never be safe, you're risking life and livelihood, you'll spend more and more time trying to find income until you burn out. Suck it up and get a job. Yeah it'll blow but at least you're not gonna face lifelong consequences because someone saw you working at Walmart. I got out of e-whoring without getting doxed and I don't regret it but it also made me a lot more cautious. If anyone wants legit advice we should move to a different thread

Anonymous 78532

We should really make a thread about this as more and more anons are asking about it.

Anonymous 78533

There are a few so I don't know which one we should really use and I'd rather not have it be in /b/ where any lurking moids can see it.

Anonymous 78535

you can post it on the hidden board

Anonymous 78536

I've said all I have to say for now but if anyone wants to bump the old thread be my guest and I'll respond if I can say something useful!

Anonymous 78543

Anon pls you didn't fulfill your dare!

If anyone else wants to play, don't be shy! Just post either truth or dare

(I volunteer to be dared)

Anonymous 78544

I dare you to get yourself banned from lolcow (doesn't matter the length). Post a screencap of the ban.

Truth for me.

Anonymous 78548

Posted, waiting for my ban as we speak

Sorry Farmers, I respect LC and the Farmhands, but a dare is a dare

Anonymous 78549

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Must be something actually weird, not just an exotic dish like escargot or thousand year eggs

Anonymous 78552

Whale in Japan by accident. It's not good.

Anonymous 78553

Anon that's an exotic dish

Anonymous 78554


Anonymous 78555

What did you do?

Anonymous 78556

Anonymous 78557

Well done anon.

Anonymous 78558

Ok, I once ate a raw sausage when I was young because I couldn't wait for them to cook on the bbq. It did not taste good.

Anonymous 78559

Thank you, the spam wasn't mine though, and I apologize to the Farmhand who had to deal with my disruptive posting and hope the webm made up for it

Anonymous 78560

Sausages aren't even raw, they're smoked/fermented/boiled omg Anon your palate is so innocent. I forgive you

Anonymous 78561

I think I tried eating crayons when I was young if that is better…

Anonymous 78562

Truth or dare?

Anonymous 78563

I was the BAnon but I'll play again if nobody else does; Truth
I'll take it, thank you Anon

Anonymous 78564


Anonymous 78565

What is something you're never told anyone else?

Dare please

Anonymous 78566

Write "crystal cafe" in your hand with lipstick and post here


Anonymous 78567

I rub my skin until it's raw to let it scab over, then I peel off the scab and eat it. The rubbing ensures that the scab will be flat, wide, and very thin. This is my favorite kind of scab. It's similar to the upper layer of my fingernails that peels off sometimes and feels incredibly smooth on my tongue.

Anonymous 78568


I don't have any lipstick so I used an eyebrow powder thing instead.

Anonymous 78570


>ring finger smaller than index
not always the case but this one is easy.
I have got so good at this. I'm like a birdwatcher that can tell instantly whats up but for humans.

Not only that but even tho it looks wide in that pic due to the close up. Skinny wrists of girls are different, they really dont pop out as much since dudes have thicker bones so at a similar weight their bones are more pronounced.

Anonymous 78571

This is some real phrenology tier nitpicking. Cool down.

Anonymous 78572

What are you saying? I'm a moid?

Anonymous 78573

the opposite

Anonymous 78579

someone give me a dare

Anonymous 78580

Post a picture of the last thing you bought online.


Anonymous 78613

When's the last time you showered


Anonymous 78622

I took a bath Wednesday morning. Usually I take a bath most nights with my partner but we’ve been too tired this week.

Anonymous 79208

Truth & bump

Anonymous 79225

OT but I love how birds are fluffy and cute but then all have unevolved dino feet.

Anonymous 93285

Anonymous 93362

Truth :)

Anonymous 93377

What's the cringiest thing you've done in high school?

Anonymous 93381

Chew a flower, spit it and timestamp it.
When was the last time you cried and why?

Anonymous 93383

You also have to volunteer

Anonymous 93385

Okay, dare!

Anonymous 93386

Sorry, this
was meant for
as well.

Anonymous 93442

Oh man. Cried during prom (not the "omg i dont wanna leave highschool" reason).
Today. I was fruastrated at my horrible parents who keep forcing me to be involved with their problems and their narcissistic victim rants and child support stories.

Anonymous 93460

text someone you dislike that you love them screenshot and post it here

Anonymous 93483

Sorry to read that ;-;

Don't you have anything more fun? I barely have anyone who isn't family related to me and I don't want to text message someone from high school I don't care about.

Anonymous 162147

New nona reporting in. Truth.

Anonymous 162149

What is your happiest memory?

I pick truth

Anonymous 162174

Got obsessed and started sort of stalking him and trying to read everything he posted in public spaces. It's all in the past though.

Anonymous 162175

I dare you to eat a teaspoon of the oldest condiment you have in your cupboard

Anonymous 162200


I choose truth.

Anonymous 162214


Anonymous 162224

What's an embarrassing phase you went through?


Anonymous 237309

It's unlikely that you'll see this but I dare you to record a vocaroo where you whistle the opening song of Doraemon.


Anonymous 237339


I choose truth!

Anonymous 237455

Have you ever written something embarrassing on this board?


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