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Dip Thread Anonymous 79061

Been getting into dips recently. Wondering if theres any experts out there with their DIPloma that can share their wisdom with me.
Love a good guac, french onion is ok. Can't get behind hummus. All these dips seem super basic to me though.
Looking for that god tier weird stuff I've never heard of.
Usually eating crackers with the dip if that matters.

Anonymous 79065

Spinach dip
Eggplant dip bABa gONOUSH I think it’s called. This is god tier tip with pita bread
Also try eggplant olive oil dip idk the exact name but that’s also good
And creamy artichoke dip is good too

Anonymous 79067

I dip saltines in peanut butter. They will crumble though so you have to just kind of skim the top of the peanut butter with the cracker. If you dip it in too much there's too much resistance.

Anonymous 79069

noooo eggplant dip god tier?
cant usually stand eggplant, hopefully if i try it in dip form i can come to truly appreciate it
do you buy them pre made or make them yourself? got a good recipe if the latter?
wouldnt have ever thought of any of these myself, creamy artichoke sounds top tier already

im so dumb, i love dipping celery in pb
never occurred to me to use it as a dip for other stuff

Anonymous 79082


Buffalo chik dip is my personal favorite. It’s savory and cheesy, as well as spicy and dipable. Pre corona I used to go to a lot of boozy potlucks and someone would always bring it. I’d get an entire bowl of the stuff and maybe one chip to use as a spoon. Good times.
As far as other dips, you can’t go wrong with a queso or cheese based dip. For a lighter choice, mango salsas are more interesting than a plain tomato salsa and not as weird as they sound.

Anonymous 79084


This stuff is amazing when you slow cook it in the crockpot. My other favorite drip is roasted red pepper hummus.

Anonymous 79086

Nice thread! Vegan anon here. I want to share some of my favorite simple dip recipes with you.

"Nacho cheese" dip
- Boil some peeled yellow potatoes and carrots. Roughly 2x more potatoes than carrots. Let it cool.
- Blend carrots and potatoes with some fluid from a can of jalapenos.
- Add nutritional yeast and spices. I like salt, onion powder and some paprika flakes!
- Enjoy with nachos or anything really. It has a pretty neutral and yummy flavor.

Hummus soysauce dip
- Mix hummus, crushed garlic and soysauce to taste.
- Nice with summer rolls, bell peppers and cucumbers!

Cajun yoghurt dip
- Grab some of your favorite yoghurt. I prefer some thicker high-protein type for this recipe!
- Toss in around a tablespoon of cajun spice, cayenne pepper, salt and the juice of half a lemon. Mix.
- Enjoy with anything that would taste good with a fresher, cooling but slightly spicy dip. I like it with rice cakes cracked into little "chips"

Yoghurt mixed with lemon juice, salt and literally any spices always makes for an extremely tasty dip.

Anonymous 79088

I never thought of adding soy sauce to hummus, gotta try that soon!

Anonymous 79117

Black Bean or Chili Cheese dips are some of my go to comfort food.

Protip, a restaurant quality bean recipe dip will probably use lard. It sounds kinda gross if you haven't cooked with it before but it's instrumental to a good creamy dip and a lot of mexican food in general.

Anonymous 79125


thank you! these are great. maybe you will like this recipe!

Anonymous 79126

well it doesn't taste like eggplant at all, more like creamy artichoke dip in a way. the other ingredients really hide the eggplant flavour. here's an easy recipe: https://cookieandkate.com/epic-baba-ganoush-recipe/
you can also buy it at authentic mediterranean food places that make it from scratch.

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