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anastasiz vinneyl_…

can you post in this board if you aren't pro terf/swerf/lolcowposters? Anonymous 79914

not saying such beliefs should be banned but my question/issue is that i feel i can't openly disagree with them (not in their own specific threads just in general ,like when a random anon was shitting my of topic thread with rants about transexuals ) because id be accused of being a man somehow

been here since 2019 i just want a non normie non misogynistic non lookist board to post

Anonymous 79915

As in?
You aren't gonna get banned for not being a terf, but the site's culture is still Trans exclusionary, and radical feminist.

Anonymous 79916

i dont remember it being like this but i might be misremembering

Anonymous 79917

This site has always banned men on sight. You’re not going to get banned for being a tranny lover. You’ll probably just get made fun of or criticized.

Anonymous 79944

>coming to a site whose best feature is that it has no men to push for the inclusion of men
but why

Anonymous 79945

thank you i was curious , to answer as to why it isnt just me being a sjw whiteknight(also agree it is better if this is a cis only board) but also because lolcow and gc posters tend to be overtly lookists, slut shamers ,bodyshamers and etc to cis women

Anonymous 79946


sorry if i dont make sense i am kinda hazy

basically i find them too judgy sometimes(especially cowanons) which isnt what i am looking for in a board where i come to vent

Anonymous 79948

Gcs are usually radfems why would the women who are actively against makeup culture plastic surgery and femininity body shame other women

Anonymous 79949

idk again ask cow where they are gc and lookist,plus i have seen even in gc specific threads women making fun of other women for looking like troons because of the shape of teir face or other features

Anonymous 79950

this site isn’t lolcow. there is some overlap in userbase, but no one is going to ban everyone you dislike. it’s your burden to learn to overcome your own insecurities and manage your emotional response, by and large. there’s a fairly wide range of users and beliefs here.

Anonymous 79952

Of course you don't have to be a terf anon. Just don't invite trannies here like that other anon did, that is against the rules, we don't want males of any gender identity here.
Other than that you do you, if anyone's rude to you screw it, it's an imageboard anyway.

Anonymous 79967

I've seen quite a few posters say they feel uncomfortable with terf opinioms so you're not alone. Just stay out of the terf threads. Personally I wish there was a site just like this without transphobia but I stay for the cozy old web feeling.
But yeah just don't make a fool out of yourself and you'll be fine.

Anonymous 79970


I used to think like you. I'm a radfem now.
While Crystal cafe obviously isn't a radfem or TERF board, radfems and TERFs make up its main user base, from what I can tell. If you don't want to accidentally peak, I suggest you quit frequenting this website.

Anonymous 79971


>like this without transphobia

You can gtfo to twitter. Trannies are going down and it will be permanent. I have my war declared on their moid asses I ain't yielding, no backing down.

Anonymous 79972

you can post as long as you're female, if women talking about their experiences with rapey, perverted moids who try and water down the reality of womanhood to "uwu skirt go spinny" makes you uncomfortable i recommend you migrate to twitter or any other "woke" social media platform

Anonymous 79973

Anonymous 79974

>everyone who disagrees with me is a handmaiden
It's this type of attitude that puts off moderates that would be willing to listen you.

Anonymous 79975

do you think any of us are trying to convince moderates right now

Anonymous 79976


lol who said that we are trying to convince anyone? its a realisation you have to come to yourself. the world isnt nice to women and once you notice that you can try as hard as you want and suck tranny ass but you wont ever go back to thinking like you did before. its not a nice way of thinking, its facing the fact that being a woman just fucking sucks.
if you wanna live life without acknowledging that, i suggest never talking to people again because all men do is further prove it for you every time you actually do interact with one. peaking is coming for you one way or another, whether you want it to do it or not.

Anonymous 79981

Whatever you think fine. Your ideals, religion and so on are a personal matter. Our concern is just if you understood us or not. Capichi?

Anonymous 80049

I feel this way too, I feel like there is this weird political void out there for people who are left leaning and anti-woke, but not so anti-woke that they obsess over or attack certain minorities, mainly transgender people. I used to be kind of terfy when I was living with a transgender woman (I was one of those "doing your hair and painting your nails doesn't make you a woman!" type people) and I just sort of realized I was getting angry ANYTIME my friend reminded me of her existence in any way shape or form, from boiling the kettle to sweeping the floor. I eventually had this outburst at her where I expressed that everything she did was insufferable to me and I didn't know why. The whole time I thought it was just generic housemate hate where you just get really tired of somebody because of constant proximity, but really deep down I knew it was because of how much ownership I felt I had over womanhood because I had to suffer for it, so I was scrutinizing this trans woman over things I would never scrutinize cis women over. I felt insulted because to me, it felt like she was just putting on a costume even though I knew being a trans woman wasn't just a mask she could take off tomorrow and suddenly be the same as a man. I was genuinely angry and disgusted when she did ANYTHING even if it was washing the dishes or whatever. Literally everything about her was unremarkable and inoffensive yet I was still fucking seething. I don't think I've ever been angrier with someone. I even contemplated hitting her which is an otherwise unfathomable action to me.
I don't know, the entire experience was such an out of body fever dream hell and I literally had to go to an older friend of mine for advice. It's a year later and I'm completely over it now and I still live with her and our relationship has mended. We don't go out to dinner anymore because covid but once a week we try to catch one another and go on a walk around town and it's nice. She isn't very interested in me because she has friends she likes more but she's moving out sometime later this year and my best friend is moving in so I'm trying to enjoy our relationship before we become more distant lol. I know it sounds retarded but I'm really grateful she forgives me for the outbursts. She's a nice girl.
At the end of the day I'm glad I experienced these feelings sooner rather than later - it taught me a lot about not only myself but others.

Anonymous 80052


you wokeshitters thinking you are changing anything by crying on an imageboard is laughable. the only thing you are able to do is being insufferable with your incesant whining that you try to shove on everyones face, regardless if it has anything to do with it, that belongs on twitter, the whining general, or tumblr or whatever hole you crawled out of. you're the other side of the coin, and you're irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. you're only destroying your mental health sperging over things outside of your control lol
basically you are /pol/tards. congrats. i hope you grow out of it.

Anonymous 80054

waahhhhh waaahhhhh the world isn't a disney movie
grow up. the world isn't nice for anyone. instead of spending your time doing fun things, talking about fun things, having fun, you rather whine. you think it will make it better for you? for anyone? you're only making it worse for you if you can't stop thinking about bad shit. people get murdered, i could get murdered, someone could throw me into an industrial meat grinder, do you think i think about that all day?
are you 15? did you just realize things aren't the way you want them to be and you're having a bad phase? lol

Anonymous 80055

>attack minorities
>like transgender people
>males who cosplay as women
You are not moderate or anti-woke. You have been successfully brainwashed, or are dealing with your guilt, wtv. Troons are not marginalized minorities being viciously attacked by the meanie terfs. They are violent, jealous, aggressive men who would strip your rights or kill you if you stood between them and what they want. They don't give a shit about you and they can't be arsed to give you 1% of the consideration and tact you want to give them. They don't give you the benefit of the doubt either.
You know why there is that political void you speak of? Because these people do not tolerate any kind of criticism or opposition. If you give them an inch, they will have to take a mile. You are either with them or against them. It is not the evil angry terves enforcing it.
If you or anyone else can't handle the type of discussion that goes on here you are welcome to fuck off to literally any other corner of the internet. Places like these are the only space for us to be candid without being silenced or doxxed, or rape-threatened by ugly men in lipstick.

Anonymous 80056

>you are welcome to fuck off to literally any other corner of the internet
I apologise, maybe I will

Anonymous 80058


Godspeed, enjoy your all-girls PJ parties with your domestic troon.

Anonymous 80061


Anonymous 80062

Yes anon, funny haha. caring about anything, amirite? we could all be murdered tomorrow, let's just watch anime and shitpost lol it's not because i feel personally attacked when other people's opinions are not exactly the same as mine lol i'm just 180+ IQ centrist as demonstrated by my funny maymays.

Anonymous 80063

>Troons are not marginalized minorities being viciously attacked by the meanie terfs. They are violent, jealous, aggressive men who would strip your rights or kill you if you stood between them and what they want
I feel like there's no room for anyone who doesn't think either of these things are true lol. I don't like trannies and I find them to be cringe but I don't get the obsession and fear around them. I can't imagine spending as much of my time thinking about troons as some of the posters here do. Moids are moids whether they wear a dress and cut off their dicks or not, in fact pumping them with estrogen and cutting off their dicks makes them slightly less dangerous at least physically. I don't know how the tranny movement will progress but I don't expect them to take over all of society and abolish women's rights, sorry if that makes me brainwashed.

Anonymous 80064

>I don't get the obsession and fear around them

They commit sex crimes, then change their legal identities to conceal them and obtain access to fresh victims. They co-opt the moderation of internet communities to groom isolated children. Do you not believe these are frightening things?

Anonymous 80066

And? Regular moids do that too. Troons aren't special in that regard. It's not that I don't think it's bad or scary but it's not the only bad or scary thing in the world and I don't know how obsessing over it helps anything other than to erode your mental wellbeing.

Anonymous 80067

I don't get you. What are you trying to say? What exactly do you want? There is no rule on this website that says you have to be a terf to post. There are threads where this issue is discussed, which you can hide if you wish to. What do you want? We are not going to stop. You'll just have to deal with it.

Anonymous 80068

I'm not the OP I'm just shouting my opinions into the void of an imageboard. I don't particularly want anything.

Anonymous 80069

Go back to twitter if the gc spooks you. Any gc discussion there is taboo.
If you don’t understand the hatred of troonery here, why don’t you take a ride through the terf thread?
Troons are particularly bad because they’re socially allowed to indulge in their pedophilia.

Anonymous 80070

You said that "there is no room" for you. That is of course just a load of bullshit, since you are free to voice your opinions and the most that would happen is someone telling you they're stupid. You are moaning about not everyone agreeing with you, when the people you are disagreeing with are consistently banned, doxxed and threatened in almost every other corner of the internet.

Anonymous 80072

I understand it I just find it all kind of pointless. I don't think people shouldn't care about things and I do care about the troon issue, but beyond knowing enough to be informed, stay safe, and warn others, there is no real benefit to regularly consuming upsetting material about what troons are up to. I really think the internet is the worst thing that could happen to humans, everyone can just spend all day filling your brain with the most awful shit imaginable.

If I voiced my opinions on troons I'd get banned in those places too lol

Anonymous 80080

>non misogynistic
troons aren't women.

Anonymous 80081


Salty troon

Anonymous 80098

You're not alone but you have to accept that most people here are far enough into radfem to think that. On the bright side the presence of radfems here keeps trans women out. If they wanna wear a dress and call themselves women fine by me but that doesn't mean cis women should give up every space of our own to let them in. There are things that they fundamentally will never understand because they are not female.

Anonymous 80113

To all the troons reading: the ONLY way women will somewhat tolerate you on this site and irl is if you're insanely misandrist and tear other men down. If not you're basically worthless to us and should GTFO.

Anonymous 80117

Not really. I wouldn't tolerate them ever. What happens when one does is that they out of sexual arousal seek to fit in. It makes them horny to fit in. So no I don't want moids that are psychopathological and paraphilic here.

Anonymous 80119

Speak for yourself. I don't give a shit what they do so long as they don't bother me or act like a creep or asshole.

Anonymous 80120

Some GCs posting here probably aren't women but astroturfing moids that think radfem is somehow a slippery slope back into conservatism because of a shared hatred of trans people. They fail to understand that the underlying reasons are different.

Anonymous 80124

I don't care what their views are I just don't want them here.

Anonymous 80126

>Some GCs posting here probably aren't women but astroturfing moids
NTAYRT but I’ve suspected this as well. I’m a bit of a TERF-poster myself but some of the arguments against troons on here seem very male.

To answer OP, personally I believe the more women (adult human females) on this site, the better.

Anonymous 80127


They will still post here, i mean hell i've seen r9k fags say they LARP as women on CC. It's just way more satisfying to me if they hate themselves for being born male.

Anonymous 80130


i have hobbies and a life beyond recognising that being a woman is just objectively shit. is it not natural to think about bad shit from time to time, like you know, every other person? did you seriously deduce that im some doomer because of one message i sent on an imageboard,? compelling analysis, you should become a psychologist, you absolute brain-goddess.

Anonymous 80134


I’m a lesbian with some TERF-leaning beliefs but I can’t bring myself to associate with a bunch of people who bully literal children for the crime of wearing a dress. When I see shit like this, I can’t help but think these people don’t really want to help, they’re just malicious


Anonymous 80136

>I can’t help but think these people don’t really want to help, they’re just malicious
You don't say

Anonymous 80138

I am glad you have a good relationship with your roommate but you weren't wrong to feel what you were feeling. I had this same feeling of dissonance when I first peaked, being angry at transwomen and not exactly knowing why even when they weren't doing anything wrong.

The thing is, they DO impose just by calling themselves women. You were annoyed because you (rightfully imho) perceived him as a man deciding that he knows what being a woman feels like to the point where he is trying to live as if he is one. It is always motivated at least in some part by misogyny even if he also has crippling dysphoria.

Anonymous 80140

She never insinuated to me that she knows what being a woman feels like. In fact she barely talk/talks about the topic. She just happened to be trans, and I didn't like that. Nowadays I don't really see trans women as my enemy since my true enemy is misogyny, something that is aimed at both me and my friend. In terms of society's hierarchy, we stand beside one another, and when she gets hit, it's with the same weapon aimed at me: https://www.advocate.com/business/2015/06/17/detroit-woman-kicked-out-restaurant-bathroom-looking-man-sues

Anonymous 80142

I didn't need to rationalize it as "omg she's the EXACT same thing as me biologically!!!" but at the end of the day, misogyny doesn't give a fuck if we're the same thing biologically or not; the same social pressures are aimed at both of us regardless. I don't want to sit here and become trapped to a closed loop of dizzying repetitious infighting. I want to know what I'm fighting for with clarity and lucidity, not lose myself to the infinite digital whirl of vapid terminally online rabbit-hole discourse.

Anonymous 80143

Arguments like trans people are ugly always make me suspicious that I'm actually talking with a moid. Moids only hate trans people that can't pass hence the strong fetishization of "traps". The other thing that I find suspect is arguing that anyone who isn't GC is trans. This isn't to say MtFs aren't ever invading a cis only space and these posters are always wrong to call someone out for being trans, but moids that come here love to act like women are a hive mind incapable of independent thought.

Anonymous 80148

Transness only exists because of misogyny. It is literally impossible for a man to know how it feels to be a woman because he isn't one. He likes the stereotypes associated with being a woman, so he calls himself one. A trans "woman" is always imposing some fantasy idea of what being a woman is by the virtue of calling himself a woman. There is simply no way he'd know. Before you go there, no, they were not "born in the wrong body". That is pseudoscientific bullshit.
Name one difference between a trans"woman" and people like Rachel Dolezal.
"Infighting"? With trans males, there is no "in". They are not "in". If they get misdirected misogyny, it is because they actively chose to be perceived that way, through makeup, dress and countless surgeries. Women can experience it even by being trans "men" and not performing (yuck) femininity in any way. And even then, trans males only experience a portion of what we do. They can't be victims of FGM. Abortions doesn't concern them. They don't have to deal with the same medical issues. They did not have an entire field of medicine calling them hysterics because of "uterus humors" and prescribing them corrective rape. The screamed for like 5 seconds and got all the rights we fought for for centuries and then more. All feminism has to be centered arond them. These males maintain the male physical advantages and compete with us in sport, they maintain the same male patterns of violence and are housed in rape shelters with us, they rape and kill women and then they demand to be imprisioned next to their victims. The list goes on and on. There is no such thing as a trans "woman". They are men in cosplay.

Anonymous 80150

Yeah, it's not as bad here as some places, but the hatefulness for trannies absent of explicitly disgusting or toxic behavior other than being cringe as fuck weirds me out. I don't care if some moid wears dresses or cries himself to sleep because wishes he was a girl, I care if he's bullying others because of it or using it as a pass to sexually harass or assault women or children.

Anonymous 80152

I don't think it's broadly true that transwomen and women are "facing the same thing" in terms of misogyny. Unless you want to open that up and say that men are also included as victims of misogyny we need to stand with, because the misogyny trannies face is very much the type that gets directed at moids who perform femininity, rather than women. Even in the cases where a troon passes and can experience female-directed misogyny, it's not the same experience a bio woman has growing up with it. Even if I take a sympathetic look at trans I don't think "misogyny" is the dominant enemy force against them at all.

Anonymous 80160

Except they don't though. They can experience misdirected misogyny, but male supremacy goes far deeper than just stuff like catcalling for reasons that other anons already mentioned. It is physically impossible for a transwoman (a male) to ever experience misogyny to the same extent that females do. That's just a fact.

Anonymous 80161

chill out you high strung harpies, i just thought it was funny seeing both of those images lined up on the front page

Anonymous 80165

>high strung harpies
Careful there moid, your misogyny is showing

Anonymous 80171

You're a coward who is letting their guilt affect their critical thinking skills. Men who call themselves women are not disadvantaged in any way.
>She's a nice girl
He's a mentally ill man and you're a stupid coward.

Anonymous 80173

Mental illness is arguably a disadvantage.

Anonymous 80175

Dude. OP was just wanting to know if she was welcome and if she could post.
I’m GC and radfem but at least take these arguments to the GC radfem boards.
Not every ideological thread on here has to devolve into some gc radfem discussion.

Anonymous 80186

I meant that they are not disadvantaged like women are. They aren’t marginalized for being trans.

Anonymous 80187

I was just going to call her impressionable if meeting one nice trans person is enough to change her beliefs about reality. That works too I guess.

Anonymous 80188

Impressionable, cowardly, and spineless. No matter how “reasonable” or “nice” a troon is, their ideology is not only nonsensical, but misogynistic. Likewise, I don’t care if I happen to meet a “friendly” KKK member.

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