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What's a popular thing you hate? 80192

What's a popular thing that everyone else seems to love but you absolutely can't stand?
This could be a TV series, movie, celebrity, book series, social media influencer (Youtubers, Instagrammers, Twitter person), social media artist (Deviantart, Art Station, Pixiv, Instagram), creator, meme, etc. Really any popular thing that you just can't help but hate.

What's a popular thing you hate? 80193


Anonymous 80194

Berserk. I just don't get it. He goes around killing hundreds of guys without breaking a sweat, none of the fights have any suspense or intrigue whatsoever.

Anonymous 80195

League of Legends, Dark Souls 3 because the older ones are better, I find every MMO this days boring as hell.

Anonymous 80198


Anonymous 80201

which show is this anon?

Anonymous 80202

Lots of people hate this but social media. I could just never get into it whenever I tried it.

Anonymous 80205


It’s better you don’t know anon

Anonymous 80207


Lol, isn't this site we're talking through technically a form of social media?
But yeah I get what you mean. Social media has retarded this generation tenfold. I believe it should be classified as an addictive disorder under the DSM-5.

Anonymous 80208

I deleted my FB and am much happier now. Though I do kinda miss MySpace tho
Eh, I think that because we’re anonymous it’s not social media in a general sense. While technically, sure. But because we’re all anonymous and social media has ties to your identity I think it now is something similar but different

Anonymous 80209

Not really, image boards are more like old style forums located on individual sites. Before social media, the internet was almost completely anon. Sometimes people would have a geocities or whatever all about their interests but there were seldom pictures or identifying info. Image boards are from that era where the focus was not on you but discussing common topics.

Social media is it's own thing though things like Facebook groups are forum-like. The focus of social media is you are sharing things about you and pictures of you and your life under your real name. When MySpace launched, using your real name online was such a new thing that lots of kids used a fake last name (that's why Jeffree Star is has Star as his last name and not his real one) or just a completely fake name.

Things like anon instagram accounts sharing pictures on a theme are more recent. Tumblr is a bit unusual that it is somewhere between old forums and social media.

If someone made a thread here about themselves with their name, pictures and what they were up to it would be really weird.

Anonymous 80212

every popular thing

Anonymous 80214

I assume it's Donnie Darko

Anonymous 80215

What I find funnier than that is that the "main series" has only a pilot, but the "spin off" already has 4 episodes. Really makes me giggle.

Almost as funny as the selling of Deltarune merchandise when Deltarune is currently a demo and nothing else.

Anonymous 80223

I thought so too but it seems to be some youtuber.

Anonymous 80228

Never really liked star wars or the matrix

Anonymous 80230

wish i possessed this ignorance

Anonymous 80231

Anonymous 80239

i fucking despise british men, all british men

Anonymous 80250

the fate series
it’s a youtuber called corpse husband

Anonymous 80261


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Tarantino movies
Superhero movies
The Godfather

Anonymous 80262

Damn anon. That's deep. Can I ask, did you personally have a bad experience with one that rubbed you the wrong way that led you to hold this sentiment about British men?

Anonymous 80318

Amen to that. I hate how people fawn over their accents. That and Australians, South Africans and New Zealanders. Some people date them just because of their accent.

Anonymous 80319

I wanted to read the deep mechanisms of English Socialism, not some gay fanfic about finding love and sex in a dictatoriship

Anonymous 80398

I hate action movies and fall asleep whenever there's any action scene in a movie that lasts longer than 3 minutes.
Everyone says "this movie is boring but the fights are so cool!", or whatever. The action scenes are always the fucking worst. I don't care how "cool" they are.

Anonymous 80404

i see an action scene my brain just zones out like cool. lots of movement and colors. when will they recap and verbally explain what happened, rendering this scene totally pointless

Anonymous 80407

Then I’ll bet you hate the John Wick films. They shouldn’t be considered actual movies, they’re more like video game play through. You’re just spending the 2 hours watching it to watch only a man go around killing and beating up a bunch of people. No story, no explanation, anything

Anonymous 80437

his thirst trap voice makes me vomit
and yet this lard is pleading for his fans "not to sexualize him" lmao

Anonymous 80439

>thirst trap voice
i don't think he can help that. like i think he has gerd and its eroding his voicebox or something

Anonymous 80440

genshin impact
boku no hero academia
kimetsu no yaiba
all youtuber shit ( minus some vtuber stuff but even then i only watch clips )

Anonymous 80443

Lmao you're entirely fucking right. I don't really enjoy action movies, but I do actually enjoy John Wick 2+3 and The Raid from a choreography perspective. Also the Peter Serafinowicz scene in John Wick 2 is extremely amusing to me. The one where him and John speak in euphemisms about everything. "Ahh, the finest cutlery my good sir!"
I'm so glad you brought up the videogame thing because that has always been my view on these movies. They are shockingly videogamey. The sequence at the end of 3 where John and Charon have to return to Winston's safe room in order to restock is ripped straight out of some sort of shooter. The action sequence with Halle Berry has several shots where the camera pulls over her shoulder as though it's a game. It's a cool novelty to me, but I really hope the next movie doesn't continue this. It makes for really unengaging camerawork.

Anonymous 80447

Peepeepie, tarantino films, COD, nihilism, Joe Rogan, comedians.

Anonymous 80450

Literally almost every western cartoon. Like regular show, gumball, steven universe, all the other stuff. I mean I know why I don't like it, I just don't know why this stuff is so popular with adults. Like people in their 30s putting their harry potter house in their twitter bio, or guys buying star wars merch into age 40.

Anonymous 80452

Genshin Impact. Play a lot of gacha kusoges in general, but Genshin just sucks and I don't understand why people are losing their minds over it.
Superhero movies. To be fair I don't like watching movies in general, but superhero movies annoy me to no end.

Anonymous 80455

Any kink and BDSM
Western tv series

Anonymous 80456

Yeah but he's exaggerating it, obviously. Teenage girls love a tragic backstory when it leads to something they find sexy.

Anonymous 80489


The Beatles.
I just don't get the hype behind them.
The Rolling Stones was a band just like the Beatles, with many more better songs and a band that withstood the sands of time and never broke apart, yet they hardly get as much recognition as the Beatles do. It's so lame.
The Beatles don't even have that many good songs, many of their songs sound childish in my opinion. (We all live in a yellow submarine, I mean come on, really?)
Not to mention they broke up over the most pettiest drama, and in all honesty, none of the guys in that band were attractive. At all.

Anonymous 80499

The Beatles have a small number of 10/10 songs but a lot of junk ones too. I guess the appeal of them is the perfect simplicity of the songs. Compared to the Rolling Stones, Beatles songs feel more quiet, and like a warm embrace. The Stones are more energetic and edgier. I like both.

As for unpopular opinions, Rubber Soul is the Beatles best album.

Anonymous 80501

People who are into basic beginner anime. I don't have any problems with the shows themselves but I just cannot stand people who only watch that stuff and nothing else.

Anonymous 80502

I prefer the Rolling Stones too.
The Beatles are more popular because they are more accessible and normie-friendly.
The Beatles have boyband looks by 50s/60s standards (even if you don't like those), sing pop songs about love and hippie shit and are very strongly tied to Boomer youth culture so listening to them makes the boomers nostalgic about lsd and vietnam protest-larping or whatever.
The Stones are more rock-oriented and songs are about the darker side of drugs, sex, addiction, etc. and the members didn't have the boyish good looks of the Beatles.

Anonymous 80525


Jeans. They are so ugly and uncomfortable(touching your skin everywhere all day), and they make everyone look the same. I wish people wore normal old-fashioned pants and suitpants and skirts and dresses.

Anonymous 80526

For me it's always the wellbeing of the other characters that keeps me engaged. I was totally convinced Puck was going to be smushed at some point so I was consistently terrified for him.

Anonymous 80537

huh, I actually like jeans. They're comfy to me, while I'm not really into skirts

Anonymous 80542

>Dark Souls 3
It has the best OST out of the three though

Anonymous 80565


have always hated jeans regardless of the cut, denim just is not comfortable and it sucks that denim jeans are The Pants to wear, I wish more people wore those floofy graphic design pants

Anonymous 80566

They are so slobby looking, and if you have wide hips and small waist, impossible to wear comfortably.

Anonymous 80600

bitcoin, crypto in general

Anonymous 80700


Overhyped music with a disgusting, disgusting fanbase

Anonymous 80703

I don't get NFTs
I mean people are literally out there spending thousands of dollars on jpegs. It's one of those things that makes you wonder how humanity ever made it this far if our stupidity runs that deep.

Anonymous 80708

i like some of her songs but i hate her whole edgy schtick. even if i dislike her fashion sense i do enjoy her take on body-shaming.

Anonymous 80807

Fishing in games. It's boring in real life, it's even more boring in games and I don't understand it's so well liked. I know it's not obligatory in most games but I don't understand the obsession with it or why out of pretty much any sport or mini game or whatever fishing has to always be the go-to choice.

Anonymous 80813


Sufjan Stevens

Anonymous 80836

I feel this, I have a friend who plays FFXIV obsessively, I took a look at their character once and out of all the non-combat crafting/gathering jobs, the ONLY one that was levelled at all was fishing. Don't get it. I even enjoy it a little bit IRL but the part I like isn't existent in video game fishing.

Anonymous 80859

Midrise and high rise jeans.

You're jelis u can't wear low rise jeans.

Anonymous 80881


i really fucking hate tik tok

Anonymous 80885

what does the video have to do with your post? don't tell me you can upload full nudity to tiktok, also who is that so I can obsess over not looking like her

Anonymous 80896

I also hate sakimichan's art but knowing that she's scamming retarded coomers out of their money makes me respect her honestly.

Anonymous 80899

You aren't technically allowed to, but it's like Snapchat. If you don't get reported a ton, nothing will happen.

Anonymous 80904


porn and anything sexual in general

Anonymous 80905

I mean normal money is just pieces of paper and hunks of metal, it's all stupid

Anonymous 80928

Pfff. That's easy. Got a chalennge for you:
name something you genuinly like but most people hate.

Anonymous 80931

light mode

Anonymous 81005

Regular porn is disgusting but hentai is based.

Anonymous 81008


Anonymous 81030

black licorice

Anonymous 81031


Anonymous 81036

whenever I see an anime girl joker I can't help but think of that retarded radfem pedo on twitter

Anonymous 81038

Anonymous 81042

idk who that is, its just nanami from idolmaster as joka

Anonymous 81056

the lesbian incel girl? i think she's based

Anonymous 81545


Drag Queen culture and the LGBT community (not individually, collectively)

Anonymous 81546

This is the pre-tranny pipeline of Homosexual Transexuals. Blanchard was right.

Anonymous 81551

Who the hell is Blanchard?

Anonymous 81552

oh no
at first I rolled my eyes but a lot of drag queens do identify as trans in some capacity

Anonymous 81568

Lurk moar.

Anonymous 81574


I rarely feel strongly about anything but I despise this movie. Both of the main characters are selfish assholes who cheat and treat their partners like shit for the sake of "true love." The worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life

Anonymous 81580


Anonymous 81582

Damn you mean Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling cheat on each other, or on other partners? I am confused (this is coming from someone who has never seen the movie before).

Anonymous 81600

her face is so… ugly
im surprised even below average looking girls have this much confidence

Anonymous 81601

Below average face isn't as bad if you have good proportions

Anonymous 81603

>ugly girls aren't allowed to have any confidence!!11!!
Thanks for your opinion.

Anonymous 81608

Lolcows have to go back.

Anonymous 81617

they cheat and treat their partners like shit so that they can be together. its like a 12 yearold wrote the script for this movie. their relationship isnt even healthy. they put their hands on each other when they fight and just solve their issues with sex. its fucking stupid

Anonymous 81619

because you're similarly ailing of the mind, or your her lol hi nicole

Anonymous 81620

>its like a 12 yearold wrote the script
A 12 year old would write a pure Disney love story, not this crap, but I get what you mean.

Anonymous 81636

What's with the mean girls in this thread being sassy instead of answering you? Go back to lolcow kek. Anyway Blanchard refers to Ray Blanchard. He coined the term autogynephilia.

Anonymous 81646

>why this stuff is so popular with adults
I have better question for you: why do people like to listen to made up stories? Literally almost every movie, series, book with plot.
Imo adults watch kids show and buy toy cuz:
1 - many people never really grow up, they just learn how to pretend how to be adult well
2 - going back to lost childhood
3 - jokes that kids won't understand but adult will so it isn't so tiring to watch it with yuor kids
Personally I still can enjoy Gumball for example (but only older episodes) even if I'm almost in my mid 20. I love those hidden jokes. They are so unexpected and unfitting to show for children and that makes them even funnier

Anonymous 81658

I don't really get why it's considered childish or weird to enjoy things just because they're marketed at kids/teens. What's "appropriate" or not for an adult seems really arbitrary.

Anonymous 81661

Enjoying things is soy. The only emotion you are allowed to have is cynicism.

Gumball was the second coming of Spongebob. The entire Final Fantasy parody was pure kino.

Anonymous 81667

I don't like many of the Ghibli movies.

Many of them are children's movies actually aimed at children so obviously they are not meant for me. If you mention you didn't enjoy one of them you will hear things like 'you just don't understand how deep the story is' or 'you are not sophisticated enough'. Why do people get so weirdly defensive over childrens movies?

Anonymous 81668

That's weird that people react like that. I think they are nice but they are not very deep or sophisticated. To me they're just enjoyable fairy tale stories with pretty art and animation. Not liking them isn't any weirder than not liking Disney movies.

Anonymous 81674

a pseudoscientist

its fitting to mention him in regards to drag queens tho

Anonymous 81679

I like a lot of them but for me I don't really care for Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. I appreciate what Miyazaki and Ghibli did with them but they are so fucking long and the stories just don't interest me. I like their more mellow movies like Totoro, Whisper of the Heart and Ponyo.

Anonymous 81680

I like them because I like Japan but I agree they are not deep and some are just not good. Most of them are not worth more than one watch.

Anonymous 81692

i miss ten seconds…

Anonymous 81700

im still so mad over this

she has the perfect body and she's traumatizing kids on tiktok with it, id be so happy if i looked anything like that

Anonymous 81701

Why is this so cringe

Anonymous 81703

Kids already have easy access to pornography (which is also bad)

Anonymous 81704

She's dancing nude on a major social media platform almost oblivious to what she's doing. I think the cringe part is that she seems like a normie girl who should know better rather than an e-girl or pornstar who knows what she's doing.

Anonymous 81708

Idk, her face is at best a 5 and she has an average to somewhat flat ass. Breast shape isn't perky enough for me, but ik done will fight me over that.

Anonymous 81710

She's not perfect but you're definitely underestimating how attractive she is for reasons I don't understand

Anonymous 81711

nta, she definitely has ideal proportions but I think what throws me off is how unsexy that dance is. It would be embarrassing enough with clothes on, but doing it naked like that it's hard to admire her figure when all I can feel is second hand embarrasment.

Anonymous 81714

Whenever someone is gonna ask me what the word "butterface" means, I'm gonna pull up this video and show it to them.

Anonymous 81718

It's just weird for someone relatively attractive to be posted and then for people to talk up how ugly she is. Like I have a low level of dislike just from the dance but even if I outright hated her I wouldn't say she's unattractive

Anonymous 81721

>this much nitpicking over obviously attractive people
Is this lolcow? Why would you even point this out?

Anonymous 81722

You see the same thing from incels with men, it probably happens because they've created insane standards for themselves and that spills over to their ability to appraise the attractiveness of their own sex

Anonymous 81729

But she isn't ""obviously"" attractive. I'd understand this if we talked about say belle delphine or some other stacy though. I guess people just base it off on the people they interact with on a daily basis.

Anonymous 81730

Why does it matter whether she's "obviously" attractive or not? I don't understand why you'd feel the need to pick apart random girls' appearances like moids/lolcows do. Just call tiktok culture a blight on society (which it obviously is) be done with it.

Anonymous 81731

>Why does it matter whether she's "obviously" attractive or not?
Not only was i talking to the anon before you but i'm shallow and judgmental and so used to seeing genuinely cute girls. I wouldn't even call myself a lolcow/user.

I guess an unpopular opinion i have is that i don't really want to see much variation among celebrities. I want them all to look as similar and perfect as possible to each other, kind of like in east Asian media. This goes for both the facial structure and body types.

Anonymous 81732

>like moids/lolcows
A lot of girls and women behave like moids. A part of me still refuses to accept this reality. That more women than I thought are this superficial and hateful and thrive off bashing other women. Worst thing is, over the years spent on the internet I've more or less turned into one of them.

Anonymous 81733

Dw, those women bash men's looks just as much

Anonymous 81734

My unpopular opinion is that men are mostly worse than women because of hormones/greater strength. Everyone has the potential to be nasty within them it's just human, it's just that moid biology encourages them to be more evil than ours does.

Anonymous 81735

>I guess people just base it off on the people they interact with on a daily basis
Yes, because those are the average people by which we measure "above average" and "below average."
That's because they're str8/bihet and have internalized male standards as their own and feel the need to pressure other women into conforming to them. Which just solidifies the expectations and makes them raise even faster.

And the escalation of standards for women is just counterproductive imo. The higher standards get, the higher the quantity of women who are subhuman. If a model is the new average then 80-90% of women are ugly now which is absurd.
To what end, shallow-chans?

Anonymous 81737


I'm capable of spouting some mean shit on the internet from time to time but petty appearance bashing is a line I could never cross or even wrap my head around and I will mercilessly judge anyone who does this. It should have no place on sites like cc, honestly. I don't care if you "only do it to people who deserve it" aka lolcow mentality, if you're posting on a Mongolian basket weaving forum your target is never even going to read it, literally ALL you're accomplishing is making presumably innocent parties feel like shit and enforcing the exact same mindset you despise moids for. You can do better than this.

Anonymous 81741

based beyond belief

Anonymous 81744

Women are just as jealous and petty as men if not more so. It is part of the human experience. To me it is normal to feel these things but what you do about those feelings is what makes the difference. And I can't speak for moids but I think women are better at understanding these feelings are just feelings and making an effort to let their actions reflect something different.

Anonymous 81752


>>81737 Good post.

Vehement appearance-bashing is just nasty and suspicious. I get that shit-talking can be fun and a relief sometimes but man, some people are weird and intense about appearances. The time, place and intensity is always super off. Sounds like incels.

People are means unto themselves.
I'm not so full of myself that I dictate what completes another person or what they need. I don't look at granny at the supermarket and go OMG HURR WHAT A HAGGARD PUNCHABLE TRANNY-LOOKING MUG WITH PANCAKE TITS HURR FROTH ~screeches about nasolabial folds and tranny features and chokes on my mouth-froth and keels over~ …so why would I scrutinize every other woman I see online in such a way? It does not make sense. It's boring and miserable.

Anonymous 81763


It's not even the fact that she's not conventionally attractive. It's the fact that she looks like a doppelganger of Nora Dershlit from iCarly.
Also her face gives off annoying 13 year old white girl vibes. Like she would be one of THOSE girls. The ones that make stupid faces and say the word "potato" a lot because she thinks it makes her seem quirky and random.
Also she's probably someone who would take pictures of themselves doing a double chin face and then post a selfie of it on social media because they think it makes them different than the other girls.

Anonymous 81764

Anon, chill.

Anonymous 81765

>It's not even the fact that she's not conventionally attractive. It's the fact that she looks like …
GIMME THE FAX. None of this is fact. All of this is opinion. The video is cringe. You don't care for her appearance. You could just leave it at that.

Anonymous 81766

You're all getting way too worked up about this. Seethe and pilate

Anonymous 81767


Thank you I will.

Nitpicking is boring and it's time anons say it. End of

Anonymous 81768

You're just upset you got called out, go back to lolcow

Anonymous 81770

I don't really care that moids are worse than women when it comes to this. It's because I kind of expect it of them. But when I come across women who are being nasty towards other women, I'm more disappointed about it even though it's definitely unfair of me to hold women to a higher standard.

Anonymous 81771

Uh hello, based department?

Anonymous 81780

Why did everyone just forget that it collects tons of your data? Seems like people mostly stopped caring after Trump didn't go through with banning it. Also tinfoil but Tiktok seems like the perfect farm for deepfake training data with all those front-facing camera videos which is another reason I don't like it.

Anonymous 81781

Gatekeeping is good, actually. Sometimes the criteria for gatekeeping can be unfair, but gatekeeping itself is rarely a negative thing and it's what allows us to have nice things - be it standards in education, sexual orientation labels, groups with a common culture like goths, fun fashion like lolita, etc.
People who dislike gatekeeping are just normie casuals or entitled lazies.

Anonymous 81807

Everyone gatekeeps, even in social circles that complain about gatekeeping you can still be excluded for violating certain group norms. people just call things gatekeeping when they don't like the reason why someone is being gatekept. Also normies seem to specifically not like gatekeeping based on things like literacy and competence

Anonymous 81848

Eh, I’m actually not sure about gate keeping. My inner nice girl hates it but people need to draw the line somewhere between the ingroup and the outgroup.

Anonymous 81961

HOW DO YOU GET THIS BODY? I want to get close to this. Anyone know her weight/height and body fat %?

Anonymous 82011

How the hell are we going to know that. She seems kinda tallish, she shaved well and probably exercises daily but not very hard. It's mostly genetics.

Anonymous 82023

not to sound like a coomer scrote, but this is aellagirl, a pretty well known cam girl. her mfc page says shes 5'8, but take any weight measurements people give with a grain of fucking salt

Anonymous 82078

gotta hit the genetic jackpot first

Anonymous 82080

She has a reddit AMA what the fuck lol

Anonymous 82087

She's a weird fucking libertarian drug addict anon, it's not something to aspire to. Fundie Christian family, her and all her sisters are camwhores, she took LSD every day for like a year and doesn't believe in tax or social services. Just one more internet martyr.

Yeah she has an insane body, but that is a combination of genetics and taking care of it.

Anonymous 82088

Yeah she seemed like a complete mess, feel a little bad for her not gonna lie, goes to show what an overly repressive upbringing can do to someone I guess

Anonymous 82093


>Fundie Christian family
Every time. The kids either rebel and turn crazy or become just like their parents and perpetuate the cycle of abuse.

Anonymous 82094

Plenty of Catholic and Orthodox families are happy tbh. It's the Satan worshipping fascist moids that larp as Christians so they can get virgin pussy that you should worry about.

Anonymous 82095

A lot of those families are not completely insane and disconnected from the real world. Fundies are the ones that try to totally shelter their kids from literally everything

Anonymous 82096

She is very pretty and seems smart judging by her Twitter feed (despite being a libertarian. I wonder what compelled her to whore herself out. I remember seeing her complain about not being able to find a husband and refusing to accept her camwhoring could have anything to do with it. Would have been so extremely easy to land a decent, financially stable guy with her attributes. "Sex work" really is a scam.

Anonymous 82097

She has made much more money than any husband would likely have given her, and she aspires to more than just having a husband. I'm YMMV on how smart she is (clearly she is intelligent, but I don't know how to evaluate a lot of her drives/opinions/logic/whatever because they're so different from mine) but I don't disagree with her not wanting to tie herself down into some shitty rich man's marriage and that's it lmao.

Anonymous 82128

But she does want to tie herself down anon. She said it herself. Men also like being rich, how come you don't see them prostituting themselves to that end as often? She may have made a lot of money, but something was also taken from her and she can't have it back. I just find it a bit sad that girls are convinced to ignore these consequences before they turn to "sex work".

Anonymous 83344

I broke up with jeans because my thighs are too thick for any of them to be comfortable. If I have to wear pants I go for men's pants and not jeans. Bigger pockets and they fit better.

Anonymous 83360

Why all the milk alternatives? They cost money and don't even taste so good!
And normal milk is so refreshing and lovely, full of goodness!

Anonymous 83363

Yes, it is so repetitive and childish to me, and it seems like a personality (duh youtuber), and I don't think it's funny to call women you don't know 'thots' or to be a weeaboo and think that's cool. im angry1!!

Anonymous 83425



Anonymous 83434

Two words: lactose intolerance.

Anonymous 83437

>seems smart
bruh… I remember her tweeting about how men cheating on women is ok

Anonymous 83473

she has such a great body but her face is so fucking bad

Anonymous 83474

Fall. I fucking hate fall (and winter too with a much more burning passion but that's less popular). Like wow omg everything is dying, the sky is gray, and now there's mud everywhere. It's nice for like 2 weeks and then I'm sick of it. Fall and winter are just six months of me waiting for spring.

Anonymous 83480

This post was brought to you by the milk lobby.

Anonymous 83481

ha ha ha.gif

Anonymous 83506

Only really applies in weeb/nerdy girl communities but yaoi/BL. It makes me cringe, I don't get the appeal at all.

Anonymous 83706


Everything about traps. From their unfunny repetitive memes to people that fetishize them. They're just drawn boobless girls labelled as boys or slapped with a dick on.

Anonymous 83715


Yeah, same. I wish traps/femboys/etc. weren't auto seen as a fetish. It's dumb that femininity is so demonized and considered "sexual" even if there's nothing sexual about it.

I mean, nobody views butch women or tomboys as a "fetish". Nobody looks twice at a woman wearing pants. Why can't dudes wear skirts and shit?

I'm speaking as a woman that really likes femininty – normalize this shit for dudes without it having to be sexual, so I can see it (would probably cut down on the # of trannies too).

Anonymous 83716

>I mean, nobody views butch women or tomboys as a "fetish".
My sweet summer child, you severely underestimate moids.

Anonymous 83718

>I mean, nobody views butch women or tomboys as a "fetish". Nobody looks twice at a woman wearing pants. Why can't dudes wear skirts and shit?
Because the inherent narrative of flow of feminism from the suffragists onward was that woman wanted to be "equal" with men. With the unstated assumption being that men were superior to women. Thus with each gain forward by women to match men in equality, they were taking steps from an inferior to a superior position relatively. Flip this narrative onto the moid side. Moid's, by feminism's inherent narrative structure, are presupposed to be in a position of superiority, and the best they can be offered by the breaking down of gender roles are "inferior" things. Make-up? Who cares, moids are more concerned with how they measures up physically and mentally not looks. Dresses? Men have a hard time remembering to switch underwear, you really think there are dozens of guys who just really want to try accessorizing, but can't? Even if they exist they are already low status so there's no benefit to be made in normalizing the behavior. More freedom for emotional displays? Men shun each others feelings as a form of shit testing and gatekeeping for activities, even if that weren't the case, moids are naturally less empathetic and are thus inherently less in touch with their emotions, they don't benefit from this movement.

You won't see a normalization of moids donning feminine roles until the inherent narrative structure of feminism runs out, or there becomes real concrete gains to be made by donning this behavior. For example, you could normalize men in dresses if women collectively attempted to put selective reproductive pressure on only men who look good in dresses, the problem with this tactic is that you would in the end only replace one societal structure for another because moids are stupid and only respond to incentives for status gains. Thus, looking not feminine would be so under desired no men would pursue it.

>(would probably cut down on the # of trannies too).

You say this as the number of "tomboys" that now identify as "enbies" and "transmen" explode in proportion. The breaking down of gender roles encourages this behavior, not defuse it.

Anonymous 83725


Maybe I should have said, *explicitly a fetish? From my experience, women can use labels associated with men without it being seen as "weird", but if a man tries to call himself a "femboy" or a "princess" then people's minds tend to zoom towards sissy hypno/"teehee i'm actually a boy x3" stuff.

>You say this as the number of "tomboys" that now identify as "enbies" and "transmen" explode in proportion.
I actually forgot about those. But being a man is (currently) safer than being a woman, so I think that also lends to women wanting to escape their womanhood, rather than them just assuming masculine interests = boy.

Doubly so since a LOT of those enbies and Aidens are active in fandom which is…very hostile to women, now. Moreso than before. E.g. you get called a "mlm fetishzier uwu" if you have gay ships. It's easier to just escape that by labeling yourself a guy.

Anonymous 83727

Most of the FtMs I know are into Yaoi and most people I know that are into Yaoi are women which makes sense considering it's literally made to cater to women as opposed to gay men (this isn't me shitting on Yaoi for being "problematic")

Anonymous 83728


This. Plus the idea of them having a penis can be perceived as more sexual and lewd with the whole "the dick makes it better/cuter". Can't look at traps without thinking that they are just horny soft bois or anime girls with a surprising spicy twist for coomer moids.

Anonymous 83740


Meme waifus like Smug Wendy's, Bowsette, Corona-chan and Lady Dimitrescu. It's really annoying to see ass, titties and lewd girls being shoved into your face even when browsing on your feed.

Anonymous 83741

Femininity is considered inferior and masculinity is considered superior. Women trying to be masculine are at worst seen as "not knowing their place" (as inferior) but it's acknowledged as them trying to access the "better" position.

For moids they have been socialized since birth to see anything feminine as degrading and making them lesser. So the only reason for a moid to want to embrace the female role is that he's a coomer who gets off on degrading himself. That's really all it is.

Anonymous 83748

weebs be like.png

Anonymous 83832


Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. All I see are big titty dragon girls along with some gross pedophilia content here and there but most people seem to love and adore this anime because of its wholesomeness. It's one of those animes that would've been better if it didn't have fanservice. I find Kanna pretty cute but disappointed and disgusted that she's been lewded within the series. Riko's weird, Lucoa is a creep and Iruru is horrendous.

Anonymous 84396


The mind of a trap/femboy loving coomer moid that can't get themselves a girl or is bored/scared of girls. So they go for a special waifu (male) to fill that empty void.

Yeah moids should definitely get out of their basements.



Anonymous 84410

Björn Andrésen (12…

Based. Even tho their cuteness does not last forever but that is good when you get bored of cuteness they start becoming handsome anyway.


Anonymous 85038

Pewdiepie is cool, chill and I like his humor but I couldn't stand Markiplier or Jacksepticeye. They feel kinda forced.

Anonymous 85066

>fandom which is…very hostile to women, now
Don’t forget the widespread hate for ”fandom mom”s, that is, women over 25 involved in fandom.

Anonymous 85707


Anonymous 85708

This isn't solely about women. The 30-year-old boomer meme exists explicitly concerning men too. Maybe adults that should ponder why they are hanging out with children.

Anonymous 85709

*maybe adults that old

Anonymous 85945


I don’t HATE him but his long hair is grotesque and he has a punchable face

Anonymous 85946

I feel the same. He needs to go back to short hair.

Anonymous 85953

I feel like he’s trying to pull off a Cali surfer vibe but it is NOT working

Anonymous 85959



Anonymous 86013

this was your fault

Anonymous 86030


I don't like movies and serieses (especially Netflix and other streaming services) in general. If any, I enjoy really old ass movies without any voice acting and/or monochrome imagery. They actors really have to give their best to communicate their character's emotions and there aren't much distractions from the plot in the form of action effects and stuff like this. Acting and story is my main attraction, not some mindless shift in scenery. Metropolis for example.

Anonymous 86031


>I mean, nobody views butch women or tomboys as a "fetish".
Oh boy. Should we tell her?

Anonymous 86036

Never seen his videos but all these people making "react" or "commentary"
videos are just leeches.


And it seems like anytime anybody criticizes it online they get swarmed by fans who can't handle other opinions.

Anonymous 86040

Has the least dramatic fights ever where he just slashes through thousands of enemies unchallenged.
You can close your eyes and pick a battle shonen at random and you will probably find something with better storytelling.
Still though RIP, it's sad that his work is left unfinished, I feel for him and his fans

Anonymous 86042

>criticizes it
Criticize it how? If it's to complain about something like the rape, now's hardly the time to bring that up while Berserk fans mourn.

Anonymous 86043

tomboys also get seen as a fetish, but not nearly as much as femboys. the word femboy is literally seen as a fetish term to most people, whereas tomboy isnt as much. i think thats what op meant ^__^

Anonymous 86053

The femboy look needs to be cultivated, whereas the tomboy doesn't. The first fades away with age, whereas the second doesn't. Hence why one is more of a fetish than the other.

Anonymous 86063



Anonymous 86074

and your pic is unrelated, right?

Anonymous 86075

Tarantino really is just overglorified splatter with an occasional dumb soundtrack, I don't get why people love it so much. The dude is also apparently an abusive asshole (and has a foot fetish which i personally find disgusting)

Anonymous 86077

And his dialogue is too long. Some many people these days (epecially on reddit) seem to mistake something being long as it being good.

Anonymous 86079

True, also 90% of that dialogue is completely needless and usually leads nowhere, it's just barely pretending to be deep. If you cut off the unnecessary talking and gore scenes you'd have 20 minutes movies i think

Anonymous 86080

*good soundtrack

Anonymous 86082

Anyway I will now list the posters I agree with to save time

Anonymous 86085

I like the Beatles but I prefer the Stones too. One thing I always thought was weird is that I never heard the Beatles on the radio but I would always hear Get Off My Cloud, Satisfaction, Honky Tonk Women etc. on the classic rock stations.

Anonymous 86086

>foot fetish
Why are there so many more men with this fetish than women?

Anonymous 86094


Men are more degenerate, next question.

Anonymous 86323

shitty and fucking…

I've hated this show for so many fucking years and now is the place where I feel comfortable enough to vent. I absolutely loathe this sad excuse of an anime and I see not one smidgen of appeal in it.
And the fact that no matter who you try discussing this anime with and try defending your reasons for hating this anime, the diehard idiot fans will immediately brush off any form of criticism you can give to this show by yelling at you, insulting you, then excuse this show from any form of criticism because "DuRR it'S SAtirE! IT's a cOMedy! YOu jUst doN'T GeT THE HUuuUuumoR."

Never before have I hated fictional characters as much as the ones in this anime. Yes, every story needs to have a character who is immensely unlikeable, but PSG goes so far that it simply isn't funny. In this case, that honor of being the most hateable character in all of fiction goes to Panty. She is practically the embodiment of unlikeable characters. She is cancer. She is a sex-crazed whore who isn't even funny. She stands out as the most hateable, and that's saying something because every character in this show is so unlikeable.

Anonymous 86324

Sheesh. So this is how troon admirer closet gay males are made.

Anonymous 86326

I can understand not liking the show but I can’t understand being this seething mad about it though lmao

Anonymous 86331

Isn't this show almost 10 years old?

Anonymous 86337

Last time I checked this is a hate thread, and there is no written limitation that moderates how angry you're allowed to sound.

Anonymous 86338


As someone that hates and avoid ecchi and female focus harem anime I can see where you're coming from though I still end up watching PASWG because of it's cartoonish art style while trying to mind off the vulgarness. I can agree with you that Panty is by far the worst character is this anime by being a hypersexual bitch. Stocking is better and haha that ending though. Be glad that there will never be a second season leaving off as a plot twist cliffhanger.

Anonymous 86339

And it's absolutely shameful how American zoomers place this piece of anime shit on a pedestal when it's a show meant to typecast the very country they live in.

Anonymous 86340

I feel like an explanation would be amusing whereas right now she just says she hates it without giving one. I don't actually care that she's mad I'm just very curious as to why

Anonymous 86342

Its a cosplay anime

Anonymous 86345

I don't see what one has to do with the other…?

Anonymous 86346

shitty and fucking…

Anonymous 86348

That person sounds awesome

Anonymous 86349

What's a cosplay anime?

Anonymous 86350

Panty and Stocking

Anonymous 86355

I don’t mean an example. I mean what is the definition of a “cosplay anime”? What does that even mean?

Anonymous 86356

It means an anime people only like because cosplay girls wear it

Anonymous 86359

Ahh I see. Now that makes sense. And it’s very true. Coomers just want to see scantily clad Panty and Stocking cosplay and it’s disgusting.

Anonymous 89310


Great a new meme/internet waifu has appeared. Now people are talking about and sexualizing Samsung Sam. So disgusting and hate their horny fanboys.

Anonymous 89411


My tinfoil is that she was inspired by the doomer girl meme. Wojak is already a mainstream (and dead) meme.

Anonymous 89412

I hate her Dorito chin so much.

Anonymous 89414

do people really think dorito chins look good? it's so weird that people actually get surgeries to botch their really nice jawlines for this

Anonymous 89415


>do people really think dorito chins look good?
Unfortunately, yes. They do.

Anonymous 89416

that looks so fucking bad though. like obviously girl in picture is delusional but do people actually give good feedback to this?

Anonymous 89420

>Always anal
>Don't need weird diapers

Anonymous 89422

men don't feel anything from anal past the spincter, so again, an L
if it's such a win to not wear "weird diapers", why aren't men bragging about fucking peri or post menopausal women?

Anonymous 89425


Fake ivy on walls is the new mandala tapestry, you won’t change my mind
It doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t need to. All online male opinions are about “owning the foids” above all else, duh?

Anonymous 89426


that looks like such crap. whenever i see most of these, especially the cheap fabric florals or leaves, i just think of all the dander and dust they must harbor all over your room.

am i the only person that hates macrame wall hangers and plant hangers?

Anonymous 89428

>that normalization of anal sex, especially violent anal sex
I'm fucking sick of those fucking """femboys"""/"traps" as a fetish, for so many reasons, but this is one that is overlooked the most. Not to mention that it's often shotacon and nobody notices or cares. Or the fact that they don't even have masculine voices, they're always voiced by women. It's literally just a teenage girl with a dick and no tits. What's so special about that? Where is the "boy"?
But I think they're into it for slightly different reasons.
>you get called a "mlm fetishzier uwu" if you have gay ships
To be fair, in many cases yaoi fangirls can get rabid, obsessed, and very annoying, to the point that they harass real people. Not that all fujos are like that, though. On that note, I don't precisely hate yaoi (although most of it is trash), but I certainly dislike fujos.
based, its fandom is the absolute worst in anime (except the old pre-anime fandom, perhaps), and the series itself is utter crap that's all style over substance.
>Lucoa is a creep
Oh boy, I absolutely despise that shit character so much that she's the sole reason why I've always stayed the fuck away from that series. Her name is so retarded. The concept of turning an indigenous Mexican god into an extremely sexualized anime girl with cowtits is just so… cringe.
I also loathe visual novels that turn historical figures, most of them men, into CUTE AND LEWD!! teen girls with giant breasts and lolishit. And any other kind of anthropomorphization like turning war ships and shit into the same crap you've seen a 1000 times before too. Nuke anime so it can start over, please.

Anonymous 89429

Male version when??

Anonymous 89430

the mangaka of that actually used to draw shota, that disgusted even me more with the series when I was watching it. it would've been half decent if they cut out the disgusting lesbian undertones between two literal children, making Kanna's friend imitate orgasms and nosebleeds, and Lucoa and the boy character. It's obvious the author is an extremely gross coomer and the latter half the series has that monstrosity whose body is 50% tits, even if I were still watching weebshit, no thank you

I've had bad experiences with fujos. As a reformed fujo myself like all my weebshit recovery I started pinpointing flaws in the genre and couldn't stop. One of the most disgusting, repugnant people I ever met was a rabid yaoi fangirl who claimed that yaoi was her pipeline into reading shotacon, and it's hard for me to dissociate the genre and fujos from that, I know they all aren't but I think there is a lot of gay fetishization. Western media also has way too much creepy gay shipping fandom for characters who aren't gay.

With that ugly ass dorito chin? No thanks

Anonymous 89431

Haha you silly anon

I don't blame it on people individually, I blame it on the whole culture and system that enforces certain beauty standards so that plastic surgeons and the music/fashion/acting industry can profit off people's insecurities.
That and pantyhose fetish (imagine the smell… fucking disgusting).
I like jeans, especially boot-cut because they look cool. But I hate tight/skinny jeans like you have no idea. How the fuck are people supposed to put that shit on? What if you're in a hurry? Not to mention, of course, how sexualized they are. It's the one type of jeans that all women seem to wear.

Anonymous 89442

so true bestie
i do really enjoy the art style and character designs, but it was impossible for me to genuinely enjoy the show. the fans will dicksuck it so hard but…. everything but the girl chars are bland as fuck

Anonymous 89470


No need to. There's Connor from Detroit: Become Human who's a lot better than that waifubait mascot.

Anonymous 89480

Social media in general.
Being asked if I have an instagram, twitter, or facebook only to be looked at like a crazy person that I don't use any of them. Not that I think I'm a better person than them for not using them. I am just a more private person and don't like broadcasting daily life shit to the internet.
Anonymously would be more acceptable I suppose.

Anonymous 89482


ANON, I'm seriously going to throw up. I can't do this anymore. Wtf is he doing. Anyway I can't believe Noel, him, and Michael were all in the same room together.

Anonymous 89484

>don't like broadcasting daily life shit to the internet. Anonymously would be more acceptable I suppose.
I understand completely. I hate the idea of having posts connected to an account. Not that I would or have posted controversial stuff on social media, but it's just more freeing on IBs.

Anonymous 89487

>connected to an account
And basically everywhere needs some kind of account now to do anything. It's maddening.

Anonymous 89513

normally long hair makes every male look better but why does he look so horrible? i've never seen it have this effect on a man. maybe it's too long? he looks like he has aged 10 years just with the hair

Anonymous 89520

He looks like an employee at Guitar Center that's about to ask me if I'm there shopping for my boyfriend.

Anonymous 89712

Bananas. I just hate the way they smell/taste, the texture is gross, just ugh. Please wait until I'm out of the room to eat one.

Anonymous 89714

Only time I’ll accept bananas are when they are frozen and mixed into something else (so no banana smell or texture)

Anonymous 89718

Gacha games and especially genshin impact

Anonymous 89787


I really don't like how 1/3 our of lives will be spent sleeping.

Anonymous 90090

I can't get into podcasts. I barely find any related to what I'm interested in or with people who I enjoy listening to. A lot of the ones people recommend sound overproduced with too many ads or they have some lore behind them which forces me to listen to all the 500 episodes from the start which I don't have time to.

Anonymous 90103

Streamers. I don't understand it at all. Like, I understand youtubers, tiktokers and stuff like that because it's usually stuff that usually lasts 15-20min max. With streamers it's usually a braindead guy or girl with no charisma talking or playing a vidya for 8 hours.
Zoomer's ironic humor. Most people on internet seem to find that type of content funny, but I hate it. I can't stand the memes and vignettes, but I especially can't stand the musicians who make shitty music with this "ironic" style. The same goes for those that try to make abstract memes that makes no sense but people pretend they understand and it's funny.
David Bowie

Anonymous 90104

I'm Afraid of Americans is a bop, though

Anonymous 90105

>The same goes for those that try to make abstract memes that makes no sense but people pretend they understand and it's funny.
Fucking hell same here. It’s just the “lol random exks dee” shit that the “quirky” types were into 10 years ago but scrotes aren’t ready to hear that.

Anonymous 90108

You guys are just getting old, sorry.

Anonymous 90111

Good to know there are others who don't enjoy it. My friends are great but they sometimes get annoyting with that.
I'm just 23, I'm not old.

Anonymous 90113

23 is old on the Internet now.

Anonymous 90126

that's literally one of his worst songs, anon. he's majorly overrated

Anonymous 90146

he's overrated, it's one of his worst songs, it's still a bop

Anonymous 90148

i agree, no one is a femboy outside of NSFW stuff but tomboy is very common to be when you're a young girl

Anonymous 90237


What an awful, awkward thing to ask another person.
>WiLL YoU bE iN mY TiK tOc?

Anonymous 90242

Yaoi appropriation.

Anonymous 90246


Oh my God.
Oh my God.

Anonymous 90267

Oh god. My sister make a tiktok of my boyfriend and I being cute without my permission and I had to awkwardly ask her to delete it. I felt bad. But we are both pretty open about being against having our faces posted online for big companies to cash in on our privacy. I put a decent amount of effort keeping it off and don't like it when other people don't respect it. sorry for privacy sperg but it irks me

Anonymous 90269


>Jawbone tower

Anonymous 90272


>do people actually give good feedback to this
Probably not, unless they're also delusional. I can't tell which country that picture is from but I've seen screencaps from the Korean and Chinese internet where they make fun of or pity girls who think such uncanny valley faces are attractive.
Perhaps an unnatural dorito chin is the Asian equivalent of overfilled Instagram lips. Some people are into it, others think it looks weird.

Anonymous 90275

still want my jaw shaved down
not as extreme as to get a dorito jaw bc that looks ridiculous

Anonymous 90286

Big lips like that are retarded. I can't stand what Instagram has done to people. Like what the fuck is that? They look painful

Anonymous 90398


Anonymous 90401


Anonymous 90449

thanks I hate it

Anonymous 90452

based and much better
we need more bara

Anonymous 90481


Better than Dorito chin waifubait

Anonymous 90482

Make him hairy and he'd be chef's kiss perfect.

Anonymous 90535


I hate Katherine Ryan. There is nothing I abhor quite as much as comedians who aren't funny. Idk who let her out of Canada to come terrorise us in Ireland and the UK but she can fuck right off back to Newfoundland with her shite jokes and annoying voice.

All she has going for her are the same 5 generic jokes about being a woman. The Misfitz impersonation of Amy Schumer is just like Kathy here

Anonymous 90559

The only reason why "boys make better girls" is because men allow them to be fake. They're practically expected to spend hours at the beauty salon weekly, spend tons of money on makeup and plastic surgery and it's okay because muh gender dysphoria but women are expected to be extremely low maintenance while being perfect all over. The only point they really have is that they'll be less likely to cheat with your friends and that's only because your friends probably don't like traps, nevermind the fact most femboys are constant attention whores trying to fuck everything that walks the second people turn their back

Anonymous 90821


this low effort youtuber who depressed teens chosen to worship

Anonymous 90829

body positivity movement when really its just enabling fat people to stay fat / get fatter like that just makes me sad… so not okay

Anonymous 90843

Take off the makeup, take off the padding. They dont even come close to a girl in her natural state. Not a single troon can outdo a woman

Anonymous 90854

>pic rel
Teenage nerd girls never change, huh?

Anonymous 90871

yeah, so weird that they released two semi-related series within a month of each other… it was confusing.

All though to be fair, the spin-off was executed better and seemed more conducive toward episodic releases – it just felt like a more complete idea.

Anonymous 90872

did you watch the ending? you might find it cathartic.

Anonymous 93432

didn't he turn out to be an obese man?


rarely do people enjoy the taste of alcohol specifically, that's why there are five million and three different types of drinks meant to obscure the taste. i don't know what to make of people who enjoy the taste of beer though, they're just totally fucked in the head. why can't you deal with people who drink on occasion? not all people are annoying when drunk, or are the same type of drunk.

Anonymous 93451

If you mean general worship of media degradation, I agree.
If you mean proper philosophical nihilism, no. It's actually the most anti-normie mode of thought.

Anonymous 93453

Always thought Miyazaki's movies were all rehashed. You enjoy the first two you watch but then you realize they're all the same. And not the "same" as in you just want more of that, the "same" as in you feel like you're just watching something that feels cheap and mass-produced.

Anonymous 93454


Anonymous 93463

>nobody is pleasant to be around when drunk.
disagree, some drunks are pretty pleasant and fun. yeah, obviously they're impaired, they're using a substance to become impaired or partially impaired, that's the whole point.

Anonymous 93479

I hate all social media, this isn't a controversial view at all, esp for zoomers, but I HATE seeing people being happy with friends, I literally seethe and lie down on the floor. Also wtf is it with TikTok and hand spasming to mumble rap over infographics like "how to clean your tongue". What?


Just join a cult or religion that's against alcohol, your man will be there

Anonymous 96358

Haven't read the thread so might be echoing what others said, but all those white just-out-of-high-school guys who play minecraft and pretend they want to fuck each other are just so… uninteresting. You could take jsut about any white guy that isn't politically controversial, make him play minecraft and make dumb jokes and twitter teenagers will just love him.

Anonymous 96363


- Hollywood movies
- Superhero anything
- Influencers
- Streamers
- TikTok
- Hideo Kojima
- Nintendo
- Battle royales
- Final Fantasy
- Nasuverse
- Bordermemes
- Dragon Quest (especially the OSTs)
- Zelda (especially BOTW)
- Pokemon
- Xenoblade
- Totoro
- Nintendo
- Nintendo
- Mario Kart
- Bandwagon shounenshit such as SAO, SNK, BNHA
- Isekai
- Idolshit
- YouTube documentaries where some manchild reads you a Wikipedia article and interviews his uncle when you could just read the articles and research by yourself in 1/3 the time
- Nintendo

Anonymous 96458

that stupid gayass game thats the fresh new hip trend with zoomers, funkin nights something fnf, hate it not only because its everywhere but also tarnishes the history of newgrounds, it's as if the fandom never played pico's revenge

Anonymous 96690


Of course, this is something that is not popular in the real world for obvious reasons, but I still do not understand the appeal of bara art, or guys IRL who have those types of bodies.
Some of them are just too intimidating, and even some resemble me of ugly men I had the misfortune to met IRL.

Anonymous 96691

>resemble me
Ok, dumb ESL error; meant 'reminds me.'

Anonymous 96692

Is your first language Spanish?

Anonymous 96693


Very spooky of you, but yes.

Anonymous 96698

I just have a good inner detector of Spanish speakers on the internet, nothing to be spooked of :^)

Anonymous 96804

Things I hate that everyone else never shuts up about:
>television, netflix, etc.
>video games
>K dramas and K pop
>funko pops and other consoomer hunks of plastic
>designer handbags
>apple products
>new cellphones in general (mine is at least 5 years old)
>stupid gadgets like smart-TVs, amazon alexa (wtf its creepy as shit), fit watches, any voice-enabled gadget, "smart" things that should not be like toasters and fridges
>social media
>vtubers, youtube, twitch, etc
>those contemporary books that are just brown people whining about being brown
>chick lit (it is vapid, low IQ, and a disgrace to the dignity of our gender)
>anything about celebrities
>big label music, top 40, etc
>fashion fads
>fitness studios that play the music so fucking loud you go deaf
>those disgusting sugar-bomb coffee milkshakes that make me throw up
>mexican food (it is DISGUSTING)
>coffee fads and coffee snobs, but especially anything involving "cold brew" or "nitro"
>nu-software like windows 10 that is bloated, invasive, totalitarian, buggy, rushed GARBAGE
>any dog that isn't a golden, husky, sheeb, german sheperd, aussie, or similar breed. pitbulls and those ugly rat looking toy dogs and those mop things that are always terrified and pissing the floor are awful
>wireless earbuds

Anonymous 96805

My gun sits more comfortably in high rise jeans.

Anonymous 96806

Men should be thicc
Can I get a case with him on it for my galaxy? holy fuck I'm a brandconsoomer now. I love him.
skinny men NO

Anonymous 97745

>>96804 ooh noo you need to change your style every six months or you're basic, define your personality with your outwards appearance so we can judge you quicker!
But I really want to know why you hate mexican food, that seems random.

hot and badass?? i need a gunslinging american gf

Anyways, what I (hypocritically) dislike are male weeaboos.
They're often sexist, obnoxious, have an misunderstood intellect complex, and their 'waifus' are like 13 year olds. Calling themselves lolicons like no boy you're a nonce go to prison. What's worse, about 60% of male weebs like coomshit, and it's a minority that doesn't watch it. Source is taking computer science, it's pure infested with weeaboos.

Female weebs are fine though, I only watch tasteful yuri and fantasy anime.

Anonymous 97751

the romanticized culture surrounding billionaires – and billionaire-worshipers in general tbh. i hate how redditors and other incel types worship fuckheads like elon musk (pos moid who ditched his ex wife after having 4 kids w her), zuckerberg (ugli asf), and bezos (wife beater vibes - too rich). they make literal youtube edits for them as if they are smth to "stan".

Anonymous 97752

He's disgusting. That fake voice is so bad and yet so many normies fall for that shit. Also he seems like the groomer type.

Anonymous 97765

Male weebs hate women for not being anime girls. They are so removed from reality. The ones on imageboards I mean.

Anonymous 97766

How rap basically infiltrated everything. Most rock has to be mixed with rap now, pop had to be mixed with rap, every single club you could possibly go to is just annoying loud cardi b to the point where you can barely socialize without screaming. Like is your personality that fucking dull that you rely on too-loud club music to socialize just so you can say that you go out or something?

Fake everything too, photoshopped every thing, literally every single girl on TikTok using five filters and tons of makeup just to post a three second video, moids not knowing the difference and wondering why women don't look like that irl, the sheer amount of plastic surgery and injections nowadays to the point where airports are full of women flying back from plastic surgeries and every single plastic surgery place around me is booked up like crazy. Everything is so artificial and gross and it's not fair to people with naturally nice genetics since a natural curvy hourglass figure isn't as extreme as someone who's had three BBLs and breast implants

People who buy as babies then refuse to act like a good owner during the animals puppy or kittenhood. Like at least just adopt an old pet if you want something calming and just low maintenance

Weird arguments on the internet where people will just randomly turn on the person who's right, or the "they're just trolls" excuse or "it's just a joke"

White knights who refuse to let their waifus be accountable for their actions (shoe0nheads, Billie Eilishs, belle delphines, etc)

Push up bras or the sheer amount of girls who stuffed and wore push up bras all throughout high school

People who keep having kids with no plans on how to raise it, or even worse people who say that their parents are abusive but allow their children to live with people they call abusive

Filters again - I'm so tired of every girl I work with completely transforming how they look via Snapchat filter then bragging about how many simps they get online despite not a single one of these dudes seeing their below average Becky face and fridge body outside of the damn filter. Like angles were one thing but now you can't even see your own face outside of a filter?

Anonymous 97823

There should be a tiktok hate thread

Anonymous 97827

>Everything is so artificial and gross and it's not fair to people with naturally nice genetics since a natural curvy hourglass figure isn't as extreme as someone who's had three BBLs and breast implants
>it's not fair to people with naturally nice genetics
As if genetics were fair in the first place.

Anonymous 97829

NTA, but there is a difference between a look that is rare but natural and a look that's fabricated because it just doesn't exist in nature.

Anonymous 97837

Yes, and the difference is "natural" vs "un-natural" and neither are "fair" so fair should never even enter the conversation.

Anonymous 97847

it's not fair in terms of people just don't understand natural features anymore. This could also apply to people who work out to get a certain body type just to be belittled because no matter how much you squat and eat protein your ass will never measure up to nicki minaj

Anonymous 97849

Yes, it's also not fair that some women are born with better skin then others, some have larger breasts than others, some are born with deformities. Fairness was never in the equation to start, so it's a stupid fucking argument to bring up.

Anonymous 97870

This tbh, they need everyone around them pigeonholed into a 'dere' archetype for their comfort, and are annoyed they're not the special main character that everyone wants to meet

Anonymous 97903

When you're compared to things that don't exist, fairness absolutely enters the equation.

Anonymous 97920

Then unfairness also enters in the equation when compared to things that do exist, such as varying genetics.

Anonymous 97949

>criticizes how accepted fake, artificial and plastic beauties are
>calls her co-workers fridge-bodied average Beckys

Does anyone else think this sounds contradictory? OP, are you salty that ugly people dare to change their appearance to match impossible beauty standards because you're already conventionally attractive and you don't want competition? I don't get it, someone please explain this.

Anonymous 97987

Average Beckie's contribute to beauty standards too. If the internet is just full of filtered women that's the issue. On top of that everyone knows ig models and stuff are fake outside of coomers, when average women Photoshop, get filters and be fake then young girls start standing around wondering why they don't look like everyone else

Anonymous 97988

yeah that's clearly not the issue. the problem comes when people start disparaging them for being "fridge bodied" while also complaining about the fact that they're likely upset about their figures and want to feel prettier. it's an impossible position to be in then. i wonder why these girls are filtering themselves to death when other girls are calling them fridge bodied for having apparently admittedly normal body types.

Anonymous 97992

Hm, it honestly never crossed my mind that naturally attractive people would feel annoyed by ordinary people trying to attain beauty.

Exactly. I was actually nodding in agreement to her opinion about how beauty nowadays is fake and unattainable without paying someone to cut up your body and thought she was criticizing shallow, fleeting beauty trends exacerbated by social media. But then I read the last paragraph and was like, "wait…" Can she really not see the hypocrisy here?

Anonymous 98277

this. the "dere" archetypes are sooooo bad it's secondhand embarrassing to like anime because of that cancerous shit. humans do not act like that. it retards the entire medium and everyone who watches it to reduce all of humanity into a handful of archetypes.

luckily i dont watch harem shit so i dont get too much of it. seriously why is harem even a genre. i dont' even like reverse harem. wtf do moids see in this? you have one sexless beta moid with a 2 inch cock who cums in 2 strokes thinking he NEEDS 8 girlfriends at once. male entitlement and delusion. even shit like ancient emperors having 1,000 harem girls is like, what the fuck. you cant even fuck that many women. and all those women have to give up their entire lives with no hope of having a romance or a family or any other life, just to sit around being an unused fuckdoll so some only-child-symptom spoiled rich kid can gloat about having hundreds and hundreds of female sex slaves locked up in his palace. it's a marvel there were not more peasant revolts. i mean, 1000 harem girls. they could all ban together and form a militia and kill every moid in the palace. that shit is just sick.

Anonymous 98321

>humans do not act like that
Not defending it but no shit, it's art. There isn't a single piece of entertainment or art based on reality over media/literary tropes and devices.

Anonymous 98440


You don't vidya?

Anonymous 99571

I hate this new emerging trend of para-social relationships. It seems like that in a decade or so a relatively big part of society will have their entite desires for romantic/sexual/personal relationship be satisfied. And other parts of society deeply influenced by this.

Anonymous 99589

I feel like the whole wave of "alternative" relationships has to do with the fact regular romantic relationships are shamed for being basic and boring and it seems like both males and females get shamed for being straight (only in certain communities but still don't @ me on this, not saying it's common or anything) so people feel the need to be gender neutral and in a relationship with a woman who dresses and acts like a woman but identifies as a man just because. That's just my take on it, if "basic" things didn't have such a stigma in alternative subcultures and communities I feel like we wouldn't have a weird wave of gen zers in BDSM relationships with ze zim and zer

Anonymous 99599

i think it's less that people are internalizing shame and more that they actively want clout. they want to feel special and get attention. i think this is a different motivator than feeling shame.

Anonymous 99628

I grew up with CTR so Mario Kart feels like driving on ice in space

I only listed a handful of N*ntendo exclusives whose quality I wouldn't even be aware of if I didn't own several of their horrid consoles, and a handful of trashy popular games with godawful writing and/or extremely repetitive gameplay. Is that really all that there is to vidya?

Anonymous 99829

>lists a bunch of attractive features that a lot of women don't have
>rates her as only slightly above average
I don't even know what to say to this.

Anonymous 99839

her body is bangin, she's an 8/10 at least

Anonymous 100006

You said don't @ me on this, but I think you probably spent too much time on the internet and have a wrong perception of what normal people are like. None of my friends, family or people I know are like what you described.

Or hey, maybe you live in California in a very very liberal neighbourhood or something.

Anonymous 161277

WFHIT Live Square.…

tiktokers who think they're famous enough to call themselves celebrities picrel

Anonymous 161324

Youtube Video Essays
99% of J-Vloggers
Weverse. I've been trying to watch BTS lives there recently since it seems they've been moving from Vlive to there but it's just a terrible, shit app.
Hating on black comedy, or literally anything that happens to misalign with someone else's uneducated, small world view.

Anonymous 161335

it's a shame. she's kind of funny and would be actually funny if she wasn't riding this weird line between being edgy AND trannypandering/enbypandering

Anonymous 161352

all of her videos follow the same format and make the same point

[generic, stereotype]
[witty retort]
[generic stereotype defends point]
[edgy dunk]

rinse repeat

Anonymous 161386

shipping, or romance in media in general. i’ve never cared, which i think is weird, i’m not asexual or anything. romance is just boring to me

Anonymous 161574

Harry Styles & Timothee Chalamet idfk.
The only thing that came to mind is anime.

Anonymous 161788

shipping is so creepy to me. i really hate it.

Anonymous 161790


Anonymous 161796

All current autotuned rap and pop music. Tiktok is drowning in it. It is such intolerable trash. I can't think of anything that sounds more like the end of times. Just apocalyptic. It is the PUREST sound of earth's demise to me. It's the sound of society collapsing and Dollar Generals and QuickLoans popping up all over your town while everything else just rots. It reminds me of inevitably over sexualized children.. everything reduced to some kind if pornography online, meanwhile dating apps? Fck relationships now. Can you imagine growing up as a kid now??

The men and women who perform cheap rap inspired pop and other sleazy recycled crap are such low tier humans to me.

Also beards. I fucking hate beards!

Anonymous 161821

people who love anything popular right now on any streaming platform from the States, care to waste a breath on anything in the mainstream media or news networks, and those that enjoy going to a concert just to film the entire thing.. Also I hate games that moids love like Factorio, League, and other gay ones I cannot immediately remember

Anonymous 161830

The normalisation of carrds and "DNI" lists.

Anonymous 161835


Same, this shit is so retarded. Besides the fact that it is nothing but shallow virtue signalling (no racist or whatever is going to read your carrd and then be like "oh no, they have racists on their DNI list, better not talk to them then") it also perfectly fits into the larger social media echo chamber mentality where everyone with even slightly different views is immediately to be blocked and cast out of your sight forever.

I even see this on Neocities where some people just use their website as glorified DNI list. It honestly saddens me that these people have nothing else to their lives, no personality or interests they would like to share with the world beyond a set of pronouns and a generic list of people they don't want to talk to.
This apparent lack of anything even resembling a personality seems especially common in younger people who grew up with social media like Twitter or TikTok. I am pretty sure the fact that these platforms force everything you want to share into an extremely narrow limit of characters or video seconds (combined with the way social media algorithms work, characterising users into various personality-based clusters) is to blame for zoomers building their personal identities around shallow bullshit labels and pronouns.

Social media is unironically the worst thing that happened to humanity in the last two decades and you cannot convince me otherwise.

Anonymous 161930


This reminds me. I remember how on tumblr aesthetic blogs didn't have a name that precisely defined their aesthetic. Blogs would just sort of be related based on the vibe and other related terms. I think people were more creative when aesthetics weren't strictly defined. I remember the first aesthetics that started being defined were cottagecore, goblincore and kidcore. Out of a sudden every space (tumblr or deviantart especially) started with people adopting them almost instantly as if it was a fashion fad. At first I thought it's nice because it helps people classify "vibes" but on the long run I feel like it just makes people uncreative and gives them an easy to digest "vibe". I also hate how everything is treated like an aesthetic now. Remember liminal spaces? Those legitimately interest me, but now I see people do stuff like "the backrooms aesthetic" which literally do not fit into the idea of a backroom or the whole point of liminal spaces.. ugh… Honestly, simply looking through tiktok and its populous you can see how these chronically online people treat aesthetics. It's a literal replacement for people's personalities. I like the "animecore" aesthetic because it is nostalgic but when I see the community (both on tiktok or tumblr) that repost the 'animecore' aesthetic it's just full of stupid virtue signalling, DNI lists and overall.. Literally walking on a minefield… plus people have a weird hyperfixation on lolicon and shotacon (don't get me wrong it's a legitimate issue, but I find people hyperfixating on these topics weird too. Like I don't want to see people virtue signalling over how collecting anime figures makes you a lolicon.). Like why shove your opinions on literally every issue if you're just an aesthetic blog/account? NOTHING IS FUN!!! I remember back in 2014 "cottagecore" tumblr blogs that weren't even called "cottagecore" and anystuff like that and each blog still felt personal and unique :( it wasn't all just people rebloging each other and no new content. Some people created their own gifs etc etc. Also why are they using the "core" suffix? Doesn't it mean "hardcore"? shouldn't it be used in music? i've never got an answer for this. Why are aesthetics "hardcore"? I also remember "traumacore" before it was called "traumacore" and as much as I can be critical of that aesthetic I find that before it got a name people were more genuine in their venting, but now it's very easy: just slap some sad sanrio character and scribble over a neckbeard's caveroom and you good.

Anonymous 161940

Traumacore is so cringe imo, you can't look at these images and tumblr pages and tell me they aren't romanticizing abuse. No offense to these girls who like it, suffered trauma and use it to cope, but why? It's like everyone wants to suffer nowadays to look cool or badass or something when having ptsd and csa trauma is horrible, just because your dad didn't get you tendies doesn't mean you've been "litcherally abused".

Anonymous 161969

Agreed tbh. But what i meant was that before traumacore got comodified into a well defined aesthetic i feel like people were more genuine in their venting. Not saying that i support it though.

Anonymous 162247

tiktok/major social media
pronouns and everything like >>161830's
idk i guess i just hate everything

Anonymous 226248

it tastes awful and it just makes me dizzy and tired and it burns my insides

Anonymous 226250


Do people count? Because I think he's kind of annoying. I don't why exactly, I just find him annoying.

Anonymous 226253


Pretty much any anime. Naruto, My Hero Academia, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, One Punch Man, Dragon Ball, Berserk, fucking all of it. I just hate it all, and I feel like I would hate it less if all if anime fans weren't so fucking autistic.
Any gaming YouTuber that attention-whores the fuck out of their content. PewdiePie, Markiplier, etc. It feels like I'm watching them more than the damn games now.
>calling women "Karen"
Omfg, everyone who calls people "Karen" when they're mad need to permanently shut the fuck up with some gorilla glue on their lips.
>tiktok videos where a robotic voice narrates the video
More content creators need to normalize shutting the fuck up and letting the video happen already. If nothing needs to be said, don't say anything and let the vid work.
>boys vs. girls memes
these memes don't need to happen, we all already know that the human female is superior to males.
>reused jokes in YouTube comment sections.
Holy God damn, it's like I'm watching literal bots have a conversation because of how fake and old all these jokes are.
>valley girl/valley guy accent
Ew, it's like I'm hearing them more than ever now that the internet is popularized. The accent isn't cute.
>men wearing dresses to be socially defiant
These men need to have boiling watermelon juice splashed all over them. Men in dresses look fugly as shit, because men in general are fugly and dresses are rarely designed to fit their body shapes.
>Tarantino movies
The only one I watched was Kill Bill. So far, that's the only Tarantino movie that matters to me.

Anonymous 226255

I agree on Tarantino, I hate all his films. I think it's because I like a lot of the stuff he uses as inspiration but he just falls short on everything.

Anonymous 226297

The chipmunk voices & child voices in music constantly played over tiktok videos. It sounds God awful. Why is music so shit now? That is not something you can listen to for very long

Anonymous 226305


These 2 bombarding my tiktok feed managed to keep me off the app longer than anything else so far.
Them playing chess is fine but then they start up with the screaming and running around and just generally acting like a couple of 8 year olds who aren't allowed near the energy drinks.
I want to slam the backs of their heads into a tree, especially the shorter one of the two.
The fact that there's scrotes who find their behavior appealing just makes it all that much worse.

Anonymous 226308

What's with the text to speech thing people find so amusing? In my country, there's a major bank used it in a couple of their ads and I was so confused until I realized they were pulling a "how you do fellow kids".

Anonymous 226323

Rap and hip-hop, as well as the hip-hopification of regular pop music

Anonymous 226325


Anonymous 226339

Link to an example please, are you sure they're not just coked up half the time?

Anonymous 226340

This. It's really bad now. Really bad. I just want to go back to rock and metal and lyrics that don't sound like they were rolled out of bat guano

Anonymous 226349

I can't find it but just look up whatever video they're baking a cake in. I only saw the part where they run around and one of them screams "NOT FAIR NOT FAIR NOT FAIR" in a tiktok clip but it made me homicidal. from what I understand they act like that the full length of the video.

Anonymous 226366

casual sex
i don't wanna catch a bug and i consider sex to be a huge emotional investment. i wouldn't have sex with anyone i don't love

Anonymous 226371


Everyone seems to love this show but I found it so boring.

Anonymous 226375

From my understanding is that the appeal of it is that it accurately portrays what working in a kitchen setting is like.
I doubt that's the case and even if it were that's not a good selling point.

Anonymous 226710

Marvel movies. Sure, there are all these different characters, but the essential plot always feels the same whenever I watch any of them.

Anonymous 226713

ever since the boys i can't take superheroes seriously ever again

Anonymous 226765


I'm sure he can be funny and entertaining but as someone who has never watched him and doesn't care to, it's just exhausting and annoying seeing posts about him everywhere all the time and everyone acting like he's the best damn thing on the internet.

Anonymous 226768

This show is spectacular Jesus, what else do you hate though anon? It is impossible to hate this show.

Anonymous 226769

Same for me, all superheros. I guess i can tolerate batman, but the rest of it is just stupid as hell. I absolutely cannot get it. I would take something more set in reality like The Bear over men in tights with powers. It's so overdone.

Anonymous 226784

So agreeable. I dont want to hold a persons hand unless I know them well enough. No way their mouth or genitals. I dont know the other persons nasty habits, I dont want cooties. I gotta know

Anonymous 226785

I only see posts about him on Tumblr and sometimes on Twitter tbh

Anonymous 226814

I see you don't visit lolcow.

Anonymous 226820

i like him. i've known him since his tf2 days. i guess it's mostly a nostalgia thing

Anonymous 226926

I don't. It makes me feel like I'm in a groupchat with my mom and her friends gossiping.

Anonymous 226959

i hate everything popular. i get tired of being disappointed whenever i try something out of curiosity that gets "hyped" up and it sucks or is extremely underwhelming.

Anonymous 228538

pedro pascal, I think hes very average looking at best. I would walk past him on the street without giving him a second glance.

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