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indir (2).jpg

turk anons?? Anonymous 80429

ı saw in vocaroo thread that there's turk posters in here. can turkish anons denote themselves in here?

Anonymous 80430

Ein Döner bitte

Anonymous 80431

Ei valitettavasti

Anonymous 80432

indir (3).jpg

Anonymous 80435

i miss eating iskender kebap

Anonymous 80461


Anonymous 80693


I'm the same turkposter from that other thread and I'm still around. Sen ve ben dışında da başka türk olduğunu sanmıyorum.

Anonymous 80788

Sonunda. Bu arada bu siteyi nerden buldun

Anonymous 80794

4chan'de duymuştum.

Anonymous 80833

hayır bende varım

Anonymous 81034

tell erdogan to stop bombing kurdanons

Anonymous 81037

heard about the shit going down just before ramadan, how do you deal with subhuman moids like that turk sisters

Anonymous 81047

When kurds will stop honour killing their daughters for smiling at a man, and killing innocent civvilians because rhey send their daughters to scool maybe then the bbs will be stopped

Anonymous 81104

türkish neet terfs??? amazing. i thought i was the only one

we don't -_- so many türkish moids are cumbrained uggos i pity straight women

de ayrı

Anonymous 81462

i fucking hate this country. my biggest dream is to gtfo

Anonymous 81516

Wich country are you thinking about going to turkanon?

Anonymous Admin 81529

All posts need to be in English.

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