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Any other websites like this? Anonymous 80711

Any other websites like crytal cafe, i know there is lolcow.farm but I don't know any other websites….
pic not related.

Anonymous 80715

i know of other slower imageboards but none of them are female only. well, besides choachan but it’s kpop themed so unless you’re really into it(i’m not) it’ll probably be boring to you. there used to be asherah’s garden too but it’s gone now

Anonymous 80716

What happened to asherah’s garden?

Anonymous 80721

i’m not sure if the owner ever put out an official statement but i feel like she just got tired of running it. moids spammed it with shock images of women having sex with dogs and stuff like that, the last time i tried to go on it it wouldn’t even load. someone mentioned an alternative but i don’t remember the name right now. if i find it again i’ll post.

Anonymous 80725

It's so fucked up, we can't have anything :(

Anonymous 80729

Yeah I know, although if a website has a good moderation team, i think it can survive.

Anonymous 80731

i found it: https://grungebunny.wixsite.com/anna-koldings
it’s really dead though. barely any posts.
i hope that ag will come back one day but it seems unlikely, it’s hard for women to have spaces anywhere

Anonymous 81206

i wish it was more active lets boost it

Anonymous 117124

Every time I find a new comfy imageboard focused on otaku culture/VNs/manga, etc. it turns out to be infested with pedos and trannies. Every single time. It ruins the whole board, they don't contribute with anything, it forces you to swim through an ocean of shit "muh c*nny" "poast DLF" "2hu underage armpits!" posts before finding any quality content. Ugh.
I wish they'd leave these hobbies alone. Fuckers.

Anonymous 117150

fujochan.org, an imageboard about BL and exclusively for women, opened two days ago. Most of the boards are for yaoi, but they have one board for off-topic, one for yumejoshi, and one board for radfem topics called /mis/(andry) (although they might either remove it or make it hidden since people have pointed out that many potential fujo users would not like such a board)
They also have a hidden board, but I'll let you figure out what it's for.

Anonymous 117151

Also btw what is DLF? lol (maybe I don't wanna know tho)
And there's Tohnochan, though it's very slow. I only visited two(?) of its boards though, so I don't know how guilty they are of it.

Anonymous 117152

I fucked up typing it, I meant DFC. It meant delicious flat and the rest you can guess. It is what you think it is not adult women with flat chests.

Anonymous 117153

it sucks that woman only spaces have to be private and invite-only to safely exist. i like this site and LC but both get spammed with shock porn too often. at this point i'd take a site that's somewhat apolitical and mostly porn-free but i doubt one publicly exists

Anonymous 117161

like i said, lainchan and 420chan

Anonymous 117162

ayrt, i'll check them out. i haven't looked at 420chan in a decade and only peeked at lainchan once

Anonymous 117180

Lainchan is terrible (in my opinion), the /hum/ board is the worst. An absolute freak moid posts about people from here on there.

Anonymous 117639

not an imageboard but for lesbians there's lchat

Anonymous 117645

In my country's language there are multiple ones but they're not really that good.

Anonymous 118249


there's not really any that copy the exact vibes of this site, but i'll list off the other chans that i know of that don't seem too bad, albeit a bit slow

>kakashi nenpo - kakashi-nenpo.com

>sushichan - sushigirl.us
>dreamchan - dreamch.net
>anon cafe - anon.cafe
>late city - late.city
>comfy chat - comfy.chat

hope you can find what you're looking for anon!

Anonymous 118506

Apparently one of the moids responsible for the raids has been identified.

Anonymous 118507

It's also very slow.

Anonymous 118653

Are there any similar sites that happen to have a large fashion/jfash community? I've been in EGL fashion for a year and tried going to 4chan's /cgl/ in an attempt to find others in the hobby but I feel miserable every time I go there. It's mostly female (?) but everything seems to devolve to infighting

Anonymous 118674

That's just the fashion world in my experience. Newcomers get gatekeeped, style/brand elitism, drama drama drama.

Anonymous 118713

>dreamchan already exists
Fuck, I had that name as a candidate for a hypothetical yumejo imageboard.
Anyway, it looks nice, minus the presence of trannies.

Anonymous 121233

Last I've checked with fujochan they have renewed it and it's much better to use now, I haven't seen any shitty male tier posts there so far since it launched fairly recently and I hope it stays that way. If you have any fujoshi sites similar to that please recommend as well

Anonymous 121242

going to lain gave me a headache, worse headache than 4clover

Anonymous 121286

Yes, I've seen their new design, it doesn't feel like a 2000s chan anymore (for the most part)
Have you any idea why they couldn't restore the old threads though? The yumejo board is empty now except for literally one post

Anonymous 121405

They changed the board software so it deleted everything.

Anonymous 121603

i want to make an image boarded that is nekochan.cafe or something but idk how to get people to come to it

Anonymous 121721


All old threads have been restored! It's still slow, but hopefully it'll pick up.

Anonymous 122002

What for real?? That's pretty cool, thanks!

Anonymous 122011

does anyone know how tf to make an account on pinkpillfeminism.com?

Anonymous 122110

Are there any imageboards that have all of these
>decent activity
>active, competent jannies
>overall chill atmosphere (no gratuitous coomerism or shitflinging, not too hugboxy either)

Anonymous 122111

This site looks amazing, thanks for sharing. <3

Anonymous 122117


Anonymous 122132

Literally standstill slow though

Anonymous 122660

ralee.org but it's a textboard and really, really slow

Anonymous 122694

all those three counter one another, don't know why you would want involved jannies either, since they're usually cancer

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