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Anonymous 8110

planets are fucking wild

Anonymous 8111



Anonymous 8112



Anonymous 8113


that was all, thank you

Anonymous 8118

Do any of you guys get this weird meta feeling looking at them in real time? Like watching saturn or jupiter through a telescope make me feel really weird.

Anonymous 8171

i live on one

Anonymous 8184

yeah bc my FAT ASS is the size of one these days you hons know what i mean lol

Anonymous 8191

Haha I think I know exactly what you mean, sis.

Anonymous 118524

Gas giants are scary as fuck. Imagine sinking into that atmosphere, its gravity pulling the ship like soda up a straw.

Anonymous 118525

i can't hug jupiter :(

Anonymous 118533

But why?

Anonymous 118536

Sometimes I go to the ocean just to look at the waves and remind myself I'm on a planet.

Anonymous 118539

i am too small. even if i was big enough, would the gas of it just move itself out between my giantess hands?

Anonymous 118553

Same. The weird feeling I get is confusion (not at a specific thing but in a general sense) and the feeling that the world isn't real

Anonymous 118557


Always loved this planet. Even before seeing 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Anonymous 118558


Anonymous 118560


It’s moons too

Anonymous 118561


Anonymous 118562


>troll leaves his email contact
Aww. He’s lonely.

Anyway. Saturn’s hexagon is amazing and weird.

Anonymous 118564

Why is it red? WHY IS IT RED? That color seriously confuses me. Is it alien algae or what?

Anonymous 118570

The fact that there are billions of galaxies, each of which has millions to billions of stars, which have an average of handfuls of planets
which leads to countless planets EACH of which are just as comes and interesting as all the big ones we know, like Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, that fucks me up big time

Anonymous 118601

>Spectrographic evidence suggests that the dark, reddish streaks and features on Europa's surface may be rich in salts such as magnesium sulfate, deposited by evaporating water that emerged from within.[79] Sulfuric acid hydrate is another possible explanation for the contaminant observed spectroscopically.[80] In either case, because these materials are colorless or white when pure, some other material must also be present to account for the reddish color, and sulfur compounds are suspected.[81]

>Another hypothesis for the colored regions is that they are composed of abiotic organic compounds collectively called tholins.[82][83][84] The morphology of Europa's impact craters and ridges is suggestive of fluidized material welling up from the fractures where pyrolysis and radiolysis take place. In order to generate colored tholins on Europa there must be a source of materials (carbon, nitrogen, and water) and a source of energy to make the reactions occur.

Anonymous 118714

So Europa’s just a huge muddy pool in the shape of a planet, that’s covered by snow? Yuck.

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