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Fight Club Anonymous 81120

A thread to fight and "debate" all sorts of topics. The only banned topics are raceb8 (because I don't want to see it) and trannyshit (because there's already a thread for that).

Have fun!

Anonymous 81124

OK I’ll start. Women are better off in a female separatist society, such as in a town where no men are permitted.

Anonymous 81135


nobody here will argue with that anon

Anonymous 81144

I'll give it a shot.
I think this would be true if women actually would be satisfied living like that. I think that the majority of women want to live around men more than they do women.
My close friend who had had a bunch of awful relationships got burned really badly by her most recent ex. So I told her something along the lines of
>why don't you focus on your relationships with friends and family to give you happiness rather than all these piece of shit men?
and she agreed and told me she would do that. But a few weeks later she is going on a bunch of tinder dates in search of a new bf and finds one pretty quickly. I asked her why she went on all these dates so soon and she said that men fulfill an emotional need for her that friends and family can't provide.
When I first met my roommates they were shit talking men a lot. So I said something like
>women are a million times more fun to be around than men
but then all of a sudden they disagreed with me. They told me they preferred to hang out with men, because men give them more attention and put more effort into entertaining them.
Safety-wise yeah women would be much better off in a female separatist society but most women probably wouldn't want to live in that society and would be unhappy if they were living there. It strikes me as hypocritical when the women I know irl talk about how awful men are but keep on willingly building their lives around them.

Anonymous 81150


Jalapenos are technically fruits and I love them on pizza.

Anonymous 81166


I dislike this line of "but technically it's a fruit".

There isn't a botanic definition for vegetable, it's a purely culinary term. In the western world tomato, jalapenos, bell peppers, zucchini etc. etc. are vegetables even if biologically speaking they are fruits. By saying "fruit doesn't belong on pizza" you are making a culinary statement not a scientific one.

That being said sweet + savory/salty are great and pineapple definitely belongs on pizza.

Anonymous 81175

So you're saying that you actually prefer the company of other women, but most of your friends don't agree?

Anonymous 81180

Women who do not get abortions when the father is abusive are weak and disgusting. Women are the gate keepers of reproduction and allowing an inferior man to reproduce is a stain on all of us.

Anonymous 81181

Yeah I wish my mom aborted me too

Anonymous 81182

Yeah female separtatism basically only works for women who are lesbian or at least bisexual, maybe asexual too. Most straight girls can't seem to live without moids.

Anonymous 81183

Just to add to this; I have a super attractive stacy friend who has been in relationships w scrotes her entire life. But ever since she turned 17-18 she's been in a relationship with a woman and that's actually the longest relationship she's had so far. I asked her who she preferred to date and she said women. I asked her if she would date a man again if he had all the qualities she wanted in a relationship and she said very adamantly that she'd still choose a woman… even if the relationship had negative sides.
I think some of the things you mentioned about emotional fullfilment, attention and effort are valid but i wonder how much of that has to do with the differences in friendships and dating rather than just women vs men if that makes any sense.
You probably chat with your partner every day and maybe meet multiple times a week but with friends (if you're lucky) you probably meet them at school every day at best and maybe a few times every month at worst. You're probably going to feel the most lonely just after your first breakup. I mean i haven't felt lonely for most of my life because i've always had female friends, but the closeness that comes with a partner can't really be compared.
But men take this to a whole different leve. Men can have pets, friends, close family and friends and still go "tfw no gf". It's insane how great lengths they'll go just to get a girlfriend, some have even murdered because of it. I think everything you mentioned is 10X more extreme in a male.
And between male and female friends i think i'll always choose female as long as they're kind. There's something very unsettling and draining about being around most men.

Most women seem to be at least a little bisexual tbqh

Anonymous 81189

>Most straight girls can't seem to live without moids.
I think that's just how they've been trained to be honest. They've become addicted to male attention but if they had support and healing, I know they could get over it.

Anonymous 81190

Why do you think your friend isn't just… gay?

Anonymous 81191

Are you talking about allowing a child to be born into an abusive household or do you mean that there is something genetically wrong with an abuser that will carry on in the child?

Anonymous 81192

>Most women seem to be at least a little bisexual tbqh
Sadly for most of them it stops at "a little." Maybe they could be taught.

I'd like to think so but it might just be my wishful thinking.

Anonymous 81193

Because she's attracted to both genders? She just says that female company is more satisfying than male company. Even just platonically speaking.

Anonymous 81194

Across her entire life doesn't mean a lot if she quit moids at 17, actual lesbians have taken longer than that. That's like a couple years max of teenage dating before she settled with a girl. I'll take your word for it if she claims she's still sexually attracted to them though.

Anonymous 81203

>That's like a couple years max of teenage dating before she settled with a girl.
She's "dated" boys even before she was a teenager, i think she's had quite a bit of experience as she's always been social and a party girl. She's 20 now with close to 9 years of experience with everything from casual dates to long term relationships.

Anonymous 81257

Fair, and that could be like 'bi lesbian' territory but if someone dates moids for a few years in their teens, finds it unsatisfactory, and then tries dating a woman and is like oh this is much better this is what I want from now on - that's not an uncommon thing for lesbians.

Anonymous 81261

Yeah I have only one friend who agrees with me. The friend who agrees with me and myself both are het but have low sex drives and the rest are more standard sex drive het/bi women.

Anonymous 81393

>She's "dated" boys before she was a teenager
That's either grooming (if she was with older moids) or playing pretend, I wouldn't call that experience. Even teenage dating isn't very consequential no matter how much of it you do. You sound kind of young though.

Anonymous 81395

Both, but mostly the second. I read all these stories where there's warning signs before she's pregnant and then the boyfriend/husband starts beating them like a month into the pregnancy and they still go through with birthing the kid. Like, why would you want to reward such aggressive and no impulse control genes?

Anonymous 81451

I'd be hesitant to say going through with a pregnancy is a reward for the father, especially if she leaves him and I would also not consider violence inherently genetic. Multiple of my friends have never met their bio dad because the mom left due to violence or other problems.

Sins of the father and all that, I am very glad those friends of mine are alive and in my life even if their bio dad is a shitty person.

Anonymous 81497

Neo-Liberalism is the worst thing that happened to humanity besides Islam.

Anonymous 81498

Anonymous 81504

Nickelback aren't that much worse than any other band. Hating them is a circlejerk normies have with one another because it's a socially acceptable thing to dislike. Would I listen to them? No, but they're no worse than anything else.

Anonymous 81512

>"J.K. Rowling? President Donald Trump? COVID-19? What are you talking about anon? You must have been dreaming. Anyway listen to this new song I just heard, Rockstar."

Anonymous 81513

Are you sure you're not just comphet?

Anonymous 81524

I had lots of LGBT friends growing up so plenty of opportunities to be sexual with women but it's never appealed to me. I just think women are better to be around in an emotional sense.

Anonymous 81530

Well, in some sense (for the het majority) you're the ideal template for if separatism is going to take off. People should try to learn from you.

Anonymous 81536


Dating beta boys > dating alpha boys

Anonymous 81539

Depends on the kind. And if you are an Alpha Female yourself. It's all about the relationship dynamic and the look standards personally you both got.

I can see it working.

Anonymous 81540

Why would you date an undesireable male?
What qualities does your supposed "beta male" have?

Anonymous 81544

NTA but generally when I think of a "beta male" it's someone who is less aggressive, more outwardly affectionate and open about what he's feeling, etc. Basically a sensitive guy who isn't misogynistic. I would describe my boyfriend of several years (who I never plan on leaving) in this way.

Anonymous 81547

"beta" how she is using the word does not mean an inside ugly and outside ugly incel.

Anonymous 81553

lesbian separatists are fucking annoying


Anonymous 81555

Non-lesbian separatists are more annoying

Anonymous 81556

Like febfems/straight women who separate? IDK they're annoying too, they both have a holier-than-thou attitude lol. They're like vegans x100 except they blame you for being raped when you aren't around.

Anonymous 81563


Bisexual separatists are the master sex because they still have a reproductive mechanism. They can have moid sex slaves for when they want to make new generations and rule Matriarchaly.

Anonymous 81576


Basado y rosadapíldora

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