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Anonymous 8223

Good afternoon, welcome to the cafe! Please relax and enjoy your stay. Today's recommendation is peppermint tea, and we have a variety of assorted finger sandwiches and scones for afternoon tea. What would you like to order, young miss?

Anonymous 8225

I want the macaroni and cheese.

Anonymous 8227


1 full tea set with jasmine milk tea.

Anonymous 8230


One cinnamon roll and a milky tea.

Anonymous 8231


Our home cheese sauce is made from white cheddar and we hand-pull the noodles ourselves in-house! Please enjoy this cheesy labor of love, young miss.

Here is your jasmine milk tea, young miss. We use only loose-leaf tea and organic milk from grass-fed cows.

If there is anything else we can do to serve you, do not hesitate to let us know.

Anonymous 8232

meido maek food.jp…

Please enjoy your cinnamon roll fresh from the oven and our home-made strawberry jam for your milk tea. This sweet delight will surely warm you up on this brisk winter afternoon, young miss.

We sincerely apologize for the wait, our orders are prepared with love because we make everything from scratch!

Anonymous 8233

you're cute, op. I love you.

Anonymous 8234


Thank you for your kind comment young miss. At Cafe /b/eaucoup we always strive to create a magical customer service environment for our esteemed clientele.

Anonymous 8235


Pardon me, but is this a cat cafe?

Anonymous 8236


Indeed, we have a special seating area for guests who request to dine with cats! Our cats have hypoallergenic fur to accommodate everyone's needs and they are all rescues who are available for adoption upon request. We also have other dining areas with dogs, dragons, and spiders.

Anonymous 8239


I'll…take the, ehm, peppermint tea, I guess.
Are you having a nice day, waitress-chan?

Anonymous 8240


Here is your peppermint tea young miss, made with real fresh cut peppermint leaves from our tea garden. I am having a wonderful day, thank you very much for asking! Every day spent serving homemade food and beverages to my good friends at Cafe /b/eaucoup is a good day. How is your day, young miss?

Anonymous 8241


Thank you <3 Nom nom, so tasty and cheddary!

Anonymous 8242


Thank you so much! I'm having a nice day so far and this visit has just made it a bit better.
Again, thank you, waitress-chan! Please know that your efforts are appreciated and please have a good day you too!

Anonymous 8244

trustworthy fellow…


I would like a cup of goyim blood, thank you.

Anonymous 8247


Thank you young miss, I will send your compliments to the chef! Are you ready for dessert? Our recommendation today is the lavender icecream, it has a delicate herbal flavor and aroma.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Cafe /b/eaucoup is open 24/7, please come again and enjoyee your time here. <3

Sir that is not on the menu. Our waitresses need their blood to be alive and thus cannot accommodate your request.

Anonymous 8248

trustworthy fellow…

You makhsheyfe!

Then go kidnap an unbaptized child born from Christian parents and bring it to me!(YOU CANT SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 8250


Ahhhhh my baby!! Someone help!

Anonymous 8253


Kidnapping is illegal on the astral plane where Cafe /b/eaucoup is located, sir. Please return >>8250's baby at haste or I will report you to the astral police.

If you persist in disrupting the cafe I will have to kindly ask you to leave, so please settle down and I will heat you up a kosher corndog in the microwave.

Anonymous 8256


Aaah I'm so happy!! Milk for the kitties and a milk tea for me please.

Anonymous 8257


One milk tea for you coming right up, young miss! Here at Cafe /b/eaucoup we serve whole milk full of nutrients from our well-loved Jersey cows who have plenty of acreage to graze in. The cafe cats love it, and so do our customers. We also have soy and almond milk for those who prefer to drink them.

Anonymous 8258

do u have anything LCHF

im trying to wash my weight

Anonymous 8262


Ah! Miss, do you work here? I received a complaint about a kidnapping. Is everything alright?

Anonymous 8272


Could I get a cappucino with soymilk while I study for my last exam of the year?

Anonymous 8276


What a cute thread, here's a tip for you girls~

Anonymous 8281


I had to look up what that was but we can whip you up something for sure, young miss! How about creamy salmon soup from salmon that have been fished responsibly and aren't farm raised? We get them naturally from the salmon pocket dimension.

Sorry you trouble you ma'am, the problem seems to have resolved itself. The FBI got him. Would you like a caffè mocha on the house? It's the perfect seasonal drink for the winter solstice!

Of course young miss, and please take advantage of our free wi-fi. (The network ID is Cafe/b/FreeWifi and the password is password123.)

Thank you for the yens young miss, our waitresses appreciate your kindness!

Anonymous 8285

Cafe Mew Mew.jpeg

I'll have a chai tea and a scone with jam please!

Anonymous 8291

>Sorry you trouble you ma'am, the problem seems to have resolved itself. The FBI got him. Would you like a caffè mocha on the house? It's the perfect seasonal drink for the winter solstice!

That's so kind of you! Between you and me, your coffee is my favorite. They route all the problems in the area to me just so I can stop by here afterwards.

Anonymous 8293

hey can I get a uhhhhhhhh borger with a side of boneless pizza

Anonymous 8295


i'd like strawberry cream cake! and some black tea~

Anonymous 8301


Excuse me, dear waitresses, could I get a deep matcha latte and a nice red velvet cookie?

Count Strah- err Count Stradley 8823


A cup of your best… bloodwort tea, and a room with no windows or walls to fling oneself from for myself and my dear Tatyana.

Anonymous 9943


Here is your tea and scone young miss, with fresh strawberries. You may be thinking "Fresh strawberries, at this time of year? How is that possible?" Let me assure you that Cafe /b/eaucoup has a strawberry field in the pocket dimension where it is always late spring.

Your service is appreciated, ma'am. Stop by any time, we have a year-round discount for our ladies in blue. Here's your coffee on the house!

Here you are young miss, excellent choice. Black tea is the perfect pick-me-up this time of day.

Your order is ready young miss, please enjoy. Our freshly-milled matcha is the highest quality you'll find in these parts.

Please allow me to escort you to our rooftop to satisfy your flinging needs. Your tea is piping hot and ready for consumption, and let me assure other customers that it has been prepared with separate amenities from our regular kitchen utensils. We are happy to serve you good Count, but please keep in mind that ingested bloodwort can cause vomiting and loss of consciousness. <3

Anonymous 10010


rushes into cafe with the boys and remodels the building right before you with the speed of lightning

Welcome to Good Burger home of the Good burger. May I take your order?

Anonymous 10013

unnamed (17).gif

H-hello. Can I get a チーズバーガー?

Anonymous 10027


Of course, fam, here you are. I called him up and let him know he's yours now. He may look sassy, but I assure you he's got a heart of pure golden mustard. Enjoy!

Anonymous 10954

2 shots.jpg

Um, hello.
Are you still open?
Can i have uhhhh… two shots of vodka please?

Anonymous 10955

I'd like onion rings and a large soda :3c

Anonymous 11021


gib tendie

Anonymous 11022

that man is so fat he's got belly titties


Anonymous 11032


I think those are his second titties resting on his first fupa

Anonymous 11048

I have so much to learn…

Anonymous 11079

I would like to order an organic, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, locally sourced paleo vegan chick'n almond panini.

And that'll be takeaway with 100% recyclable packaging, thank you.

Anonymous 11100

Just a tea please. Anything that isn't chai will do today, need something for my throat. Keep the change too, alright? I hate to carry less than dollars.

Anonymous 11119


One serving of tendies coming right up! We kindly ask you to take them to-go please, as this is an establishment for ladies.

Here's your order with a complimentary fresh salad from our own cafe gardens. Our packaging is 100% compostable with seeds embedded in the papermache pulp, please bury it and watch it grow.

Anonymous 11333

>Here's your order with a complimentary fresh salad from our own cafe gardens. Our packaging is 100% compostable with seeds embedded in the papermache pulp, please bury it and watch it grow.
Hmm $54.90? Sweet, what a bargain!

Anonymous 11352

unnamed (18).gif

Could I get a quick Botox injection with my latte?

Anonymous 12705



Anonymous 13020


something that can get me close to my bf real quick pls

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