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Dumbass Shit Thread #1 Anonymous 82593

Catch-all thread for all the dumassshit that you don't want to create an extra thread for. Have a plotting raccoon for a start

Anonymous 82594

323612 (1).jpg

I found a lot of funny or ridiculous plotting pictures just now. May post more of them.

In the ashera's garden thread the subject of CP on Imageboards came up. I just wanted to say that I have never seen any in my life and I honestly feel grateful for that. When I browsed lolcow, I saw it mentioned almost everyday for a while but have never seen it myself which is peculiar, only measly eye gore once. Feels good.

Anonymous 82595


i love raccoons, theyre so cute

Anonymous 82596


not "exactly" plotting

Anonymous 82597

images (3).jpeg

the most ridiculous one I found. I can hear this picture

yes they are cuddly rascals

Anonymous 82602


Raccoon-san is late for school

Anonymous 82603

I've never seen any shit like that either even though I've been an imageboard dweller for a long time. Don't want to jinx it though.

Anonymous 84119



Anonymous 84122

Raccoons are ornery and bite you.

Anonymous 84131


Anonymous 84132

He's just embarrassed that he likes older women

Anonymous 84135


ngl I have a thing for human-attracted chauvinistic raccs

Anonymous 84143


Anonymous 84145


Pov: you are cheemsburmger

Anonymous 84147


To the leaf: So what if you can see the darkest side of me?
No one will ever change this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal I have become
Help me believe it's not the real me
Somebody help me tame this animal

Somebody help me through this nightmare
I can't control myself
Somebody wake me from this nightmare
I can't escape this hell

(This animal
This animal
This animal
This animal
This animal
This animal
This animal)

Anonymous 84149

Anonymous 84150

One of my favorite videos ty anon (:

Anonymous 84151


Anonymous 84155



Anonymous 84156


Anonymous 84170


Gazelles got the shitpost potential

Anonymous 84184


Anonymous 84294


No… -rcacoon-kun would nebve r say this plss ;- ;I'm cryingbd and shja king rigthni ow

Anonymous 84301


i like the little flower next to admin's name. berry cute

Anonymous 84353

I like the fact that the disclaimer discouraging race discussion features a track race photo

Anonymous 84355


Anonymous 84356


Anonymous 84381

can you show me the admin's flower

Anonymous 84383


It's here >>39516 next to Admin's name

Anonymous 84384


Anonymous 84391


Anonymous 84561

thinking nok.jpg

I haven't seen the Hot Topic bunny in years wow.

Anonymous 84562

oh wow a lot of kids at my school used to wear that. now i know where it's from. this picture takes me back.

Anonymous 84575

Love it. I was too young for these the first time around but I’d wear the shit out of them if they come back in style

Anonymous 84614

If you saw a girl with a pixie cut wearing combat boots, would you automatically assume she was a lesbian?

Anonymous 84668

nah. I'd be like: Who is she?

Anonymous 84696

I'd figure you're at least gay adjacent

Anonymous 84698

Despite never meeting a gay my age who has shorter than shoulder length hair, yes honestly

Anonymous 84776


does anyone know what anon meant when they said this in relation to the image attached:

>People wouldn't use that image if they knew what this dog went through

because I couldn't find any information on that

Anonymous 84797

Aw no, I really hope that baby wasn’t hurt.

Anonymous 85646


Lady Dimitrescu is such a cool character design. I don't play video games but I highly respect the design and even understand the relentless hornyposting lol.
There is something about this character that feels believable and authentic. She seems self-possessed and mysterious, positively selfish and not like a fantasy or an object to consume. Her physique seems robust and strong, with signs of healthy aging and some proper meat on her body. Toxic beauty trends are undetectable in her design. Her skin is corpse-like, her colour-scheme dark and dirty which illustrates her dark, evil and antagonistic nature. Coupled with that energetic tension in her posture and smile and the ambivalent excited glimmer in her eye* she is thoroughly mysterious and captivating. What a service to complex female character design.

*I don't know how to further describe that glimmer. It's something excited, happy, inviting, lustful and even predatory/dangerous

Anonymous 85650


I thank the Lady D degenerates for giving me cover for my far more degenerate husbandos from that game.

Anonymous 85657


Nice. I raise you my Dwemer-daddy from my previous gamer life

Anonymous 85663


Anonymous 85676


You’re a treasure <3

Anonymous 85688


Anonymous 85690


Anonymous 85691


Anonymous 85754

anyone have the 3D optical illusion gif of a creepy figure leaning out of a frame towards the viewer?

Anonymous 85769

So fucking dumb, but it got a genuine chuckle out of me.

Anonymous 85789


>wake up
>see this
what do?

Anonymous 85790

Take a moment to wonder why the fuck there's a picture of a baby on my cupboard, then go back to snuggling with my beloved pet raccoon.

Anonymous 85793

>boop and give head scratches
If any of y’all lewd this you’re getting the chair

Anonymous 85800

my husband

Anonymous 85802


Anonymous 85829

thank you so much. If anyone asks me what my race is again, this shall answer it

Anonymous 89153


Curse my small town. I want to get into a new hobby like pottery, but there's none here or in the next town over. Kind of also want to try decodening.

Anonymous 89157


This is so sad.

Anonymous 89168

beardless brunette ed sheeran

Anonymous 89190

Anonymous 89192

Ooops I didn't realize I forgot to put pottery classes.

Anonymous 89203


I want him to be my evil history professor

Anonymous 89211

What the- How many Carreyfags are there? Are you the same anon?

Anonymous 89219

they're undergoing seasonal migration, watch for droppings and rogue STDs

Anonymous 89227


Migration? What are we, monarch butterflies?

Anonymous 93401

most rappers only know real music in their shitty little intros

Anonymous 93472

my posts!

Anonymous 93829

kek, so so so true. they're so dramatic. i wore the shit out of happy bunny merch. best jim benton line for sure

Anonymous 93860


It's an abstract kind of feel. Raccoonie-kun…

Anonymous 93906

I hate fujoshits

Anonymous 93914


eat shit FtM tranny

Anonymous 93919

You don't have to be a tranny to hate yaoi and fujos retard

Anonymous 93929


Im sure a site called twitter dot com would fit you better, m*id/ftm/pick me whore

Anonymous 93930


yaoi is the biggest form of pickme'ism in fucking existence coomer

you're fucking jacking it off to gay sex like a pathetic vouyer and self inserting into a fantasy involving anal, if that's not pickme'ism then I don't know what is

Anonymous 93932


>projecting fantasies into real life this hard
tell me how i know you're an amerimutt just like how your men turn into trannies just from watching one cartoon alone

Anonymous 93935

idk I don't date retards
there is still nothing wrong with disliking fujoshit. seethe all you want, it's the truth

Anonymous 93942

i dont understand how drawings (drawn by women) could make anyone this upset

Anonymous 93961

japans internalized misogyny is off the charts

Anonymous 93963

fujos will always be superior
we're the only ones who can accurately perceive and enjoy two men grinding cocks

Anonymous 93965


I agree with the yaoi-hater. This shit is cancerous. The best pairings are het and have a healthy, mutually fulfilling relationship. My masturbating to yaoi you are committing violence agaisnt yourself. Het is wholesome and will build a healthy outlook and a future healthy life in a healthy relationship by instilling correct moral values. Het teaches what healthy relationships look like and train you for a good life. Yaoi turns women into delusional coomers with sick fetishes who hate themselves. Yaoi dehumanizes women.

Anonymous 93966

source on image pls

Anonymous 93970


**By masturbating to
Anyway women should learn to take pleasure from healthy relationships and not coomerist lust-based homosexuality that is hateful and exclusive to women. Yaoi trains their mind to expect and take exclusive pleasure from something that is unrealistic and unattainable for them and sets women up for disappointment in life where they can no longer appreciate heterosexual relationships or the wholesome love of a het couple.
Also Rakushun is the perfect man.
12 Kingdoms, random pixiv fanart.

Anonymous 93975


the biggest casualty is the lesbian fujo

even bi women should take into consideration that there's really nothing appealing about watching men give another anal, or really anything appealing about anal at all or constantly shoving couple dynamics into two dimensional sexual boxes of top and bottom. it's an unhealthy mindset

the yaoi genre is dominated by porn, if it didn't focus on such unhealthy power dynamics it wouldn't be a problem, but it does. the west does gay media a lot better than the east does, at least when it comes to not sexualizing it so much, and yaoi and yuri is where you find the worst power imbalances and the most coomershit in all of gay media. although yuri is still better than yaoi in a lot of regards it has a long way to go

Anonymous 93977


100% agreed. Yaoi is full of disgusting sexual conventions like top/bottom (seme/uke) or that furfag derivative alpha/beta which includes stuff like marking. if yaoi were wholesome and the relationships not inherently sexually violent it might not be as bad, but it is. It instills unrealistic expectations into women and pollutes their thinking. After a woman masturbates to nothing but yaoi for 10 years suddenly she has a hard time appreciating or being aroused by vanilla heterosexual intercourse and her life is ruined. It's the same as when moids overdose on porn and become coomers, then can't get off to any girlfriend because their brain is wired to find arousal only in hardcore fetish porn. Yaoi ruins women.

Embrace wholesome het, read wholesome het. Obtain qt mouse bf.

Anonymous 94000

based. some people will never understand fujos, especially japanese fujos. and that's okay. i'll enjoy my BL in peace

Anonymous 94001

You will never be the gender you want to be.

Anonymous 94003

>Yaoi trains their mind to expect and take exclusive pleasure from something that is unrealistic and unattainable for them
I remember reading yaoi as a teenager and some girls in the comments really said they wanted to have a dick so they can have hot yaoi sex.

Anonymous 94006

took me a second, then I lol'd

Anonymous 94007

what does this mean? im too dumb

Anonymous 94008

well, we're in the dumbass shit thread. and isn't that exactly the issue?
imagine you're a female artist and all you draw is boys being in love and making love to each other. a lot of yaoi stories even have a female character who's written as a mean, catty woman with a hopeless crush on one of the gay guys or don't include any female characters at all. if the fictional worlds you create are missing other women, it just reeks of internalized misogyny.

you're right and I'm glad you said it.

Anonymous 94016

that is true. i genuinely fail to see the problem with there being zero female characters if the story focuses on two men. if i read yuri, i'd want it to be the same, no men. at all. most of the BL i've read these days with female characters are supportive, have personalities or are fujos themselves. i feel like people see BL as the way it was several years ago when it's become much more varied

Anonymous 94019

Right? It's unnatural. It's the same mechanism that makes men troon out–they watch porn and hentai from the perspective of a woman receiving, and soon they want to have a vagina and become the woman because thinking that way is the only way they can get off. So when women look at yaoi they get trained to connect sexual pleasure with HAVING a penis. They don't troon out but the girl version is becoming a femcel fujoshi who can't take pleasure from real sex anymore. If it's not some seme putting his dick in an uke's ass the woman who viewed too much yaoi now can't find it sexually arousing, and your internet porn habits DO transfer to your IRL sexual experiences.

Stop looking at gay porn, ladies. It is not healthy.

Anonymous 94023

I think fujos just need to realize consuming too much of anything in a volume that's highly volatile and often pornographic can lead to pornsickness, can lead to unrealistic expectations of sex, and that's not healthy

Anonymous 94222

imaging thinking this hard over coom
i don't think a man looking at lesbian porn goes " woaghh…i wanna BE that woman "

Anonymous 94290

explain then from whence commeth troons
be coomer
become trooner

Anonymous 94297

I have a mouse bf and I hate all heterosexual romance in fiction. There's no friendship, no ambiguity, no gamble, it's always some dirty self-insert meeting a cutie and going in for the kill. It's just, "do I want to fuck that" arc and then "yes, I will fight to get sum fuk" arc. Chinese cartoons, Hollywood, it's always sickening drivel that made me feel really sad and disgusted about heterosexual relationships until I met real moids and discovered not even the real life is as cynical and miserable as "wholesome" pure vanilla het.

Same-sex friendship with subtle hints>yaoi>yuri>h*tshit.

Also, any delusion you have about straight sex is sure to be shattered when you lose your virginity. That was what was unattainable and crushing to my psyche, they made vaginal sex look like it feels good and makes you cum.

Anonymous 94298

Your bf is a mouse?

Anonymous 94300

Yes, a shy, indoorsy, nerdy, cute, boring kind of man

Anonymous 119048

just saw new dune, it was a masterpiece and I loved every second of it, hopefully they carry on with the second part

Anonymous 119051

>on a /b/ imageboard
>put a catch all thread on it
What the fuck random means? If it's dumb enough to post about it's dumb enough to create a new thread.

Anonymous 119052

I half-agree, because like the fujo above says, hetero romance in media is usually (and that's a lot since a lot of media has it) also portrayed in dumb unrealistic ways that also have a negative impact on straight girls' idea of real relationships. At this point I'm not really sure that either het or BL is better than the other.
But I like you anon. Not even sure if you're still around tho

but there's a Dune thread on /media/ iirc

Anonymous 119119

maybe a stupid questuon, but can I wear a cap with a buzzcut? I really want to try a a buzzcut but I love caps

Anonymous 119123

Sure you can! It's actually recommended to wear hats more often in the sun if you get a buzzcut since there is less hair to protect your scalp.

Anonymous 119244

thanks for answering, getting it done then!

Anonymous 119289

is there a latin america thread in here?

Anonymous 119370

I would check the catalog for you but it's so fucking massive that it slows down my browser a lot, so you'll have to check it yourself.

Anonymous 133296


Anonymous 133479

>on my period
>it's 1 am, can't sleep, got a lot on my mind
>randomly hungry
>go downstairs, make strawberry pancakes with lots of butter and sizzurp
>do some dishes
>watching videos of airplane crashes while enjoying my food
>sleepy now

Anonymous 133480


Honey, wake up. An other femcel edit dropped.

Anonymous 133481


Do what I do and just make a new thread anyway even though its absolutely not enough to justify it

Anonymous 133488

>stacy actresses staring at the camera to lo-fi pop beats

Anonymous 133489

oh wow a bunch of movie clips to quirky girls, very femcel

Anonymous 133495

damn sounds comfy, love strawberry pancakes

Anonymous 133497

I just enjoyed it. Don't bully.

Anonymous 133506


Jesus christ not now.. not ever.. I rather think hating most het relationships and relationship dynamics is more constructive.

The things most women put up with in het relationships, are absolutely vile and I don't want to be 80% of them, and I don't want to BE 80% ofthe women I know either. The things they put up with make me gag.

Hey relationships are just repulsive

There is a think called casually enjoying all kinds of erotica from time to time. It doesn't matter if its yaoi or Yuri or yumejo

Most het sex is just as bad, and most men are extremely degrading when you get to know what they want sexually. Don't even fucking start.

Anonymous 134031

what happened to all the resident (definitely female from what i could tell) schizos that used to be on here? they were pretty cool. they made super interesting and entertaining threads.

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