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Women's Land Anonymous 82626

What would be your job on the women's land? I would be the veterinarian. Dosing sheep with dewormers and curing cow's mastitis.

Anonymous 82627


Anonymous 82635

Cooking. I will make yummy vegan food for everyone.

Anonymous 82636

and I will eat it

Anonymous 82637


i will be the makeup artist :D

Anonymous 82639


If we’re reproducing I can help with midwifery and childcare. If we’re not, I still know first aid and can lift heavy things. I also have a talent for opening jars

Anonymous 82641

I will eat you. I will be the village cannibal.

Anonymous 82643

Shooting moid interlopers

Anonymous 82644

im gonna be leading discussion on theory some days, making clothes from scraps other days, and making lattes whenever needed.

Anonymous 82646


I will be the Women's land jestress


The Completely Unashamed Village Idiot, moisturized, flourishing, in my lane, unbothered, skin is clear, stupid, borderline retarded, drooling on the floor, free, all is well, idiot

Anonymous 82657

I can provide useless trivia on art and art history. I also make a mean omelette.

Anonymous 82660


May I join you?

Anonymous 82675

fucking lmao

Anonymous 82680

I wanna grow our food!

Anonymous 82681

Security. I'd fill nefarious trespassers with lead on request, or in emergencies. <:)

Anonymous 82682

I’ll be the garden hermit

Anonymous 82684

Resident artist, doctor as needed :P

Anonymous 82685

You have those statements reversed.

Anonymous 82686

Depends, is there enough accumulative wealth that a freefloating religious structure as started to emerge and it needs someone to manage it? Is there enough spare resources for a ruling class to form and request artistic pieces to be made for social signaling purposes?

Anonymous 82687

the girl obsessed with collecting roahes

Anonymous 82692

Not remotely. Your mind, rather.

Anonymous 82696

There's only three anons claiming actual jobs in this thread.

Anonymous 82697

Something to do with trade/finance because I'll have the education.
Odd labor jobs as needed because I am also big-ish and strong. Still art in my free time.
Four now.
Where are the tech and math anons?

Anonymous 82703

you understand this is not real and anons are just being funny right?

Anonymous 82707

I'm changing my answer to tax collector and sheriff. Pay up and stay in line, serfs.

Anonymous 82709

As the town psychologist, I diagnose you with autism.

Anonymous 82714

After being denied a loan, tonight I will murder you and devour your flesh for sustenance.

Anonymous 82716

I have no particular skills so I'll do whatever they tell me to do as long as they train me for it.

Anonymous 82721

If we live on the outskirts of the commune, can we have field husbands to work the land and supply children? Obviously he'd be prohibited from ever leaving my farmstead unaccompanied, have to avoid contact with all women and never gather in groups of more than 2 with other field husbands.

Anonymous 82729

Anonymous 82731

Anonymous 82733

Welding and carpentry. Pottery if viable. However, I come with certain drawbacks.
Okay sounds great

Anonymous 82736


Basic everyday chores, canning/pickling food for the winter, setting up our own internet service so we can safely pirate media and vidya.

We'll have to take inspiration from Umoja where we can have and meet boyfriends outside our land. A.k.a keep them all in shacks a few miles away. We can still marry each other and our moids to symbolize love but they can't enter our main hub. If our crops fail and food stores spoil we can raid the single moid slave shack and have human jerky.

Anonymous 82739

We could also keep moids as slaves / pets
Being a traveling moid saleswoman sounds fun

Anonymous 82753

I can carry heavy shit and help with chores. Job tho? Hmmm idk. I'd take training from anyone for anything needed

Anonymous 82755

join >>82719 's private police force to fend off the psycho-cannibals. We should eat moids, not each other, and only in times of need. We can easily replace them with strong moids in the spring if we raid steakhouses in nearby towns.

Anonymous 82764

I can do programming, sysadmin, or software engineering stuff if necessary. Maybe working on software and databases to keep track of supplies and logistics. But also if we're retvrning to commune style living, no computers needed, more realistically I could do manual labor like construction or farming. As long as I can be taken care of in my old age when I can't do physical labor anymore.


Wow, these are a lot of really useful skills anon. Would live in a rurual village with.

Anonymous 82774

I'll write the history of our people

Anonymous 82777

Manual labor shit + driving so I can visit my moid on the low :^)

Anonymous 82792



if time allowed for side tasks, i could sew or write and keep track of any important information. i would also cook and bake!

for my job though, id either take care of the animals, be an apothecary, or the job id love most: planning and designing beautiful architecture for the land. just figuring out what we need, gathering the people and materials needed to create it, etc.

i wish this was real! im bad at maths and i like the idea of an empty land in the past desperate of creativity and beauty. anything i made now id probably have to follow some standards of what others find attractive.

Anonymous 83000

I will help

Anonymous 83562


somethin diferent everyday

Anonymous 83744


Working at a cafe or a bakery seems nice though I have no experience working with them at all.

Anonymous 83752

You better be doing war paint. Make up is not very rad fem.

Anonymous 83753

There will always be room for midwifery and child care in the women's land. Even if only to help the women who must temporarily escape men.

Will you wear the jingle hat I sew you?

That is kinda a shame. I come from a culture that strongly values those who contribute towards the greater good of the collective so to see all these women not playing up their skills and taking pride in their accomplishments is sad.

Anonymous 83754

Ma'am, we are on crystal cafe. If we find one woman without autism here, I would be shocked.

Anonymous 83755

>We could also keep moids as slaves / pets

They can't come in the actual village or else they'll moid up the place. But they can live outside the compound's walls.

Anonymous 84474


OBGYN, midwife, doula

Anonymous 84475


Yes, I'll wear the jingliest hat if it's from you, my dear

Anonymous 84837

I'll be the town's witch doctor-make herbs and potions and surgeries if must. I will curse moids and bring fortune to our members who were oppressed or were brought into the unfortunate events in result to being with a moid.

You made me laugh, anon. Kudos.

Anonymous 84852


I would be the doctor, probably a General Practitioner. I always thought I wanted to be a hospital doctor but I'd be happy being a rural GP as well if I liked the community.

Anonymous 84926

I want to be a sniper or warrior, killing moids who encroach upon the territory.

Anonymous 84930

adding moids ruins the fantasy of a moid-free utopia

Anonymous 85164

Alright ladies, we've theorized, now it's time for action:
-If you said you would be involved in cooking, make a recipe this week (something that can be made with locally grown items).
-If you said something about protecting us/killing men, do five push ups and five squats every other day. If you cannot do a proper push up, start with knee push ups. If you cannot do knee push ups, start with wall push ups.
-Sewing, I want you to repair one piece of material you own. Fix that hole in your pajamas, dog's bed, towel, etc. Before pictures strongly encouraged, but not required.
-First aid gals, research one local herb (for you) that cures/stops coughing, or one that stops bleeding from a cut.
-Construction lasses, find out what kind of wood would be best to grow so that we can harvest them and use them for lumber. Consider growth rates and how long the wood would last once cut.
-Jester, I want jokes. I want a sensible chuckle from at least two members.

It is currently May 17th. Please report back by May 24th with your successes, reports, and photos. Ladies who participate will earn a google link of this week's collected knowledge, and a drawing of our future farm animals.

Anonymous 85167

What does the head of the merchant's guild do?

Anonymous 85184

give out loans with extremely aggressive interest rates

Anonymous 85196

Anonymous 85640

I would enforce the moid curfew (from 12AM to 12AM the next day).

Anonymous 85643

>-If you said something about protecting us/killing men, do five push ups and five squats every other day.
they're… going to need to do a bit more than that…

Anonymous 85669

Probably the same as in real life lol what is this thread?

Anonymous 85725

shipping container…

You gotta start small anon. Next week will include a new list of challenges and increased physical fitness goals.

Because society is infested with men, there is the idea that there should be towns/cities that are purely women. Y chromosome havers not allowed. There are already several in existence, but they are usually very spread out (less than one per state if you're in the USA) and pretty small (less then ten full time women) so not only does conscious raising need to occur, but it is time to transform theory into praxis.


I love it. Looks durable, stable, and able to withstand a variety of elements. They'll be expensive to build at first, so we'll probably end up building one every two-three years while we live in more temporarily homes. I've heard great things about shipping containers as tiny homes and it looks like to buy the shipping container and ship it to the area would be about $3,000-$6,000.

Anonymous 85938


Women's Land Border Patrol (WLBP) officer.
I will take care of the illegal moids and trannoids who want to enter our motherland.

Anonymous 87712


Love this thread lmao. I'd open a plushie shop where I handmake plush toys to fit your needs

You need cute? I got cute. Fluffy? I got fluffy. Sexy? I got you sis, discreet packaging

Anonymous 87717

kek, underrated

Anonymous 87829

thank you brave sister!

I personally would do odd jobs and potentially apprentice under a more skilled, older woman in a useful skill like carpentry or butchery etc

Anonymous 87845


I would be the head of our state and make sure everything works fine.

Anonymous 87847

>sexy plushies
You've got issues, anon.

Anonymous 87848


i would either help with the creation of houses, patrol to kill moids who try to intrude in our space, or help with diplomatic relations to try to expand our land and smuggle women from abusive relationships and help them run away to our land.

Anonymous 87857

Anon, think about full sized plushies of our waifus/husbandos

Anonymous 87858

Valerie Solanas considered moid killers to be elite members of her hypothetical female dominated utopia

So, to everyone who said they'd act as anti-moid officers, you're all queens

Anonymous 87859

Expand your business to resin goods and you got yourself a customer (^_-)

Anonymous 87917

I would probably cook and be a farmer. Perhaps a midwife if we manage to make a cum farm to be able to have babies.

Anonymous 88567

Collector, curator, crafter. Help with designing our exterior or interiors of buildings or fixtures. Backup seamstress and translate books to our (new female only?) mother language in my free time. Aloe plant farmer and distributer! Beekeeper and seasonally make a special honey-milk from my bees and oats or almonds or something.

Anonymous 88579

What kind of an economic system would we have?

Good old fashioned libertarian capitalism is the ideal, but with the wide/uneven distribution of skills and lack of widespread industrialised agriculture, it's probably going to end up with most people living in poverty and some starving to death, while the handful of people who drive the economy flourishing. It'd also make us incredibly susceptible to outside influence.

A planned central economy could work in such a small community, but that kind of predominantly agrarian communism is pretty harsh, and with such a small population there would be no room for personal liberty or changing professions. More worryingly is that a commune central economy requires a bureaucrat class to manage the distribution of goods and labour, then a political class on top to manage the bureaucrats on behalf of the workers.

Maybe something akin to a socialist direct democracy? Agricultural producers are assisted by those with necessary professions for free, and in return produce a cheaper product, with a portion contributed to a central resource stockpile to redistribute to those with skills or circumstances which would leave them hungry. The political machinery is unpaid, voluntary, transparent and public in the form of open documentation, town meetings and forum votes.

Anonymous 88580

As already stated in the thread we have bankers. It's libertarian capitalism.

Anonymous 88584

Alright I'll throw my hat in the ring. First off if this is going to be a thing we would have to settle in a place with a lot of flat land, so our options are as expand as they can be i.e. agriculture, construction etc, my guess would be somewhere in the US and in regards to >>83755 having separate land for moids just begs for either conflict or word getting out I would suggest a structure around them i.e. they have they're own compound within our compound if that makes any sense. For any of those farmer anons I would suggest you look into aquaponics.

Anonymous 88601

>old fashioned libertarian capitalism

No way, though we would be subjected to outside capitalistic forces (I would still have to pay the taxes on the land for example) this would be much more communally socialist. You figure even the biggest women's lands in existence top out at 60 people, so I can't really see us being the exception an getting much bigger than that.

Anonymous 88643

I would do childcare, teaching, or work with food. I work in STEM but I'd much prefer to do things that make me feel like I'm taking care of people.

I can't see anything but a system with pooled resources working out. Small communities that don't want to rely on outsiders can't function with rugged capitalism.

Be my gf

Anonymous 89705

If we have children, I would like to be a teacher or childminder. If not, I would like to train new arrivals to the island. That probably wouldn't happen often so in the meantime, I'd just help where needed harvesting fruit and veggies, ordering building supplies for the builder anons, taking some shifts at our local shop and working at our little hospital's reception area.

It would also be cool to start working on creating a local museum which documents our history. I would probably have to get anons to donate tools, event leaflets, newspapers etc. It would also have an upper level for event spaces and little rooms that artists can rent to showcase their work or use as a quiet workshop.

Anonymous 89707

What kind of things can you train us to do?

Anonymous 89711

Gardening, cooking, laundry, and/or childcare

Anonymous 89732

i'd like to learn woodworking and how to be an electrician

Anonymous 89739

im decent at woodworking so probably that. i cannot measure for my life so will need help with that </3

Anonymous 89742

id be a farmer or gardener of some sorts harvesting our food. its my background since i live in rural USA and its what would bring me the most joy

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