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terfposting thread #8 Anonymous 82952

last thread filled up

Anonymous 82955

based and of it epic

Anonymous 82970


Anonymous 82974


any funny ideas for trolling a tranny in my college discord?

Anonymous 82975

I wouldn't since you don't want to be outed as a terf

Anonymous 82982


I don't think I'll ever understand these people.

Anonymous 82983

do you think normies in general buy into the tranny delusion or are they just too scared to say anything?

Anonymous 82986

chiaki plush.png

i have an alt under a fake student name

Anonymous 82990

They act like they don't care, give them a chance to validate their true opinions though and they'll take it

Anonymous 82998

Normies don't really think or care about any abstract issue until it affects them directly, and for most people it won't.

Anonymous 83011


It's not worth it. You risk being discovered and if you do you will be pariahed. That entire community will make you a target and people will go out of their way to torment you as it will increase their social standing in that group. Genuinely keep your power level to yourself and blend in. The collective is a threat not some video game boss for you to beat.

Anonymous 83014

Yes, this is normal female brain behavior /s

Anonymous 83015


Anonymous 83022


Anonymous 83023


Anonymous 83027

More like
>cis: I don’t date trans women because I don’t want to give oral to a limp dick or necrotic axe wound

Anonymous 83051

i love and support terf miku

Anonymous 83140

Pirate vocaloid. It does not run well on Windows 10 tho but on lower versions of Windows it just works.

Anonymous 83146

Breadtuber complaining about a marxist TERF + a link to the original video

Anonymous 83154

Holy shit, why would anyone assume that raising someone else’s kid is the same as having your own? When you do that you’re a step parent, so it’s not even like adoption where both partners fit the same role of adoptive parent.

Anonymous 83160

And how the fuck did the troon get custody of the children over their real mother?

Anonymous 83163


It’s a theoretical scenario invented for the sake of argument. Good god though, it’s bad enough being raised by a single parent. Imagine that in addition to not having a mother, your father is a mentally ill narcissist who views the world through the lens of his deranged fetish. That child would be doomed from the start. Co-parent? Years of therapy, more likely.

Anonymous 83184

Does anyone have that one Tiktok of a troon using his kid to advertise himself to single women?

Anonymous 83195

What do you girls think about a radical feminist conlang to completely avoid being banned from anywhere on the internet? I know it would take a lot of work for it to happen, but after it's popularized, there's no stopping us.

Anonymous 83196

>a theoretical scenario invented for the sake of argument

It's actually some deluded troon with SRS regret bashing a straw woman for reblogs. Suggesting that the writer is interested in or capable of theorycrafting or arguments is incredibly generous of you!

Anonymous 83207

Use VPNs, and proxies. Trannies are mentally ill and will dox at the slightest provocation.

Anonymous 83223

Anonymous 83224


Anonymous 83232


I don't have to tell you things are bad. Women know things are bad, worse than bad, they're crazy. It's like men everywhere are going crazy, so we don't go out anymore. We sit on the internet and slowly the world we're living in is getting smaller. And all we say is please, at least leave us alone on the internet. Let me have my aesthetic moodboards and my k-pop idols and my Sanrio stickers and my yaoi fanfiction and I won't say that prostitution and online dating and porn are killing love - just leave women alone! Well, I'm not going to leave you alone. I WANT YOU TO GET RAD!

I don't want you to protest, I don't want you to riot, I don't want you to write to your congressman because I wouldn't know what to tell you to write. I don't know what to do about the incels and the NEETs and the e-girls and the tradthots and the pickmeishas. All I know is that, first, YOU'VE GOT TO GET RAD. You've got to say I'm an adult human female, god damn it. My life has value!

So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, stick your head out of the window and yell: I'M RAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE!

Anonymous 83242

bumble troons.webm

Anonymous 83243


Hey mom friend here:
Besides vpns and proxies you’re gonna wanna use a burner email that is not attached to any other account or that uses your name. Never cross contaminate vpn servers. Ideally use ToR. Use a crazy strong password that’s different from your burner email. Use two factor that is not associated with your real phone number if you can. If not, only use a password. Use a safe browser like Firefox. Put tape over your webcam (just to be safe). When posting, don’t do anything else to prevent cross contamination. Only do this from an actual computer. If you get any responses, never click on any short links ever (duh). Use Adblock, disable Java, and flash. Delete all metadata from photos and files you upload. DONT USE GOOGLE FOR YOUR BURNER EMAIL.

If you really want to be safe you can google your name and request to be taken off these public background people searches. I’ve done it. It’s not hard, just time consuming. It gets your name, address, DOB etc off the internet.

That’s just a very basic rundown.

Good luck.

Anonymous 83245

Not gonna use it to troll troons specifically but thanks for the info

Anonymous 83247

Send him pics of botched neo vags

Anonymous 83253


Holy mother of based

Anonymous 83254


Anonymous 83255

>saying coercive sex is rape is the "terminology of feminism"

Anonymous 83256


Low-quality edit

Anonymous 83260

That isn't two men in the lower left picture?

Anonymous 83261

The right one definitely has female facial feautures, do not be racist anon

Anonymous 83264

I was asking because I was honestly uncertain. The brow ridge is very pronounced, and the way the hair is styled into a fivehead invokes a sense of male pattern baldness. Their chins are also comparable as far as being "broad" vs "pointy".

Anonymous 83267

Her head seems either intentionally shaved shaved rather than naturally bald to me. I'm not an expert but a lot of black women have faces like hers, and idk the difference feels clear when next to the obvious dude. Her facial features are much softer and her shoulders are way slimmer than the man's

Anonymous 83268

does anyone know any good radfem discord servers? I joined The Mutineers but some people in there are pickme's who allow scrotes. I heard of Pink Moon, but I'm kind of scared of picture verification.

Anonymous 83270

woman can have shaved heads too anon

Anonymous 83284

Did I say they couldn't? The way she styled her hair leaving the rest still present though is heavily emphasizes the front of her cranium which that part of the skull is usually more pronounced in men in general (as has been pointed out by memes in this thread by the "transfemale identifying female" comic). It invokes male pattern baldness.

>I'm not an expert but a lot of black women have faces like hers, and idk the difference feels clear when next to the obvious dude.
That's mostly because of his facial hair, which is specifically a secondary sexual characteristic as opposed to anything else. The woman looks like a clean shaved man to me.

Anonymous 83288


Every day that crystal.cafe archetypes post become more accurate

Pic on topic but contains some #LesbianMeToo from lolcow

Anonymous 83390

can't believe that is true, i'm disguted by those …things

Anonymous 83393



we need more

Anonymous 83416

Pls post the full miku stomping on trans flag

Anonymous 83421


Anonymous 83422


Anonymous 83423

Now this is epic

Anonymous 83424


I think we studied that book in class…Not sure if that's the case for troons

Anonymous 83440

>They hated her because she spoke the truth

Anonymous 83442

Truth is too bright for them to see

They are creatures of darkness wearing in dresses

Anonymous 83446

What a dumb ass take, that disgusting axe wound they call a "vagina" is nothing like the real deal. Face it trannies, real women don't want you because you mock their existence. Real men don't want you because at least for as dumb as they can be, they have enough self respect not to fuck your bloody shitty hole. I really hope all trannies get therapy or join the 46%

Anonymous 83451


Anonymous 83453

Tranny porn exists, I'm pretty sure it's exclusively pre-op though

Anonymous 83454

>Stop spending money to feed yourself when you could be giving it to me so I can afford to mutilate my genitals

Anonymous 83456

A lot of those are awards that are given free to users.

Anonymous 83457

Anonymous 83458

>watching porn

Anonymous 83459

You can know about trends in porn without using it or are you saying all the women who complain about how misogynistic porn is are secretly coomers since they'd have to have seen it to know

Anonymous 83465

>sir and bro are slurs

Anonymous 83507


I'm not sure I did the gender symbols correct but I'm not going to check! I just think doing this anti-troon art is fun!

Anonymous 83508

The male symbol is flipped upside down but otherwise correct. Wouldn't be surprised if it means something in troon runes though

Anonymous 83510

>>83507 omg I love your style

Anonymous 83511

>>83422 nice expresssions

Anonymous 83512

rainbow of fluids.…

Anonymous 83514

Does… does the moid think that's what actual vaginas do?

Anonymous 83517


Anonymous 83521

stop impassable so…

Love this

Anonymous 83525

why though.jpg

I'm so confused at this, like yeah bio vaginas have discharge and blood, but not a "rainbow of fluids" and discharge isn't so heavy it destroys everything you sit on for 8 months straight. I don't understand what this person thinks vaginas are.

Anonymous 83526


>be me
>bouncing baby tgirl
>42 years old, but regress to 3 years old to cope with this transphobic world
>have to go to work as game dev
>3 year olds cant drive
>bus is crowded
>luckily find a seat
>listen to sissy hypno asmr while waiting for stop
>”excuse me”
>what the fuck
>take off headphones
>some old lady is trying to talk to me
>”excuse me young man, my legs aren’t what they used to be, would you mind letting me have your seat”
>young man
>suddenly filled with rage at this hag
>how DARE she
>get up, pull down pampers, revealing my beautiful neovagina
>prepare myself spread eagle on bus seat
>other passengers visible confused, but none dare to stop me
>projectile squirt my lady fluids into evil witch’s eyes
>other passengers let out shrieks of what I assume to be awe as my home brewed mixture of pus, blood, and seminal fluid blind the foul crone
>she falls to the ground in pain
>everyone on bus has been shocked into silence at my great feat
>I did it
>I ended transphobia

Anonymous 83532

You now realize that shitty men "became" women so they could harass real women without consequences.

Anonymous 83534

Ugh. Imagine changing in the locker room and one of these gals skips out of the shower with a snail trail between the legs.

Anonymous 83593

>or are you saying all the women who complain about how misogynistic porn is are secretly coomers since they'd have to have seen it to know
No that's not what I was saying, you don't have to watch porn to know that it's incredibly disgusting in every way.
t. never watched porn and got my brother to stop watching porn as well.

Anonymous 83594


Anonymous 83596


This is the funniest thing I read all day, thank you for posting this masterpiece.

Anonymous 83597

wtf. does he think periods actually leak over bus seats…. jesus

Anonymous 83601



Anonymous 83603


maximum lel

Anonymous 83611

The mileage this is gonna get on /tttt/

Anonymous 83613

It's Art

Anonymous 83624

Here's a deconstruction someone did on that video, https://youtu.be/lfEnVCXe6VI

Anonymous 83625

We turfs should start calling troons who act up in public Karens. They're the ones who use the Karen meme more than anyone to describe women that don't suck their girldicks, it would be funny to throw it back at them.

Anonymous 83626

They'd like it, Karen is a women's name. The male equivalent of Karen would be better

Anonymous 83627

It will just end up as a dumb, forced meme like CHUD probably. Then again just the fact that it's specifically targeted at trannies might ruffle some feathers

Anonymous 83635


>We turfs should start calling troons who act up in public Karens.
I just call them sir and leave it at that. As bad as a Karen can be, they're still women at the end of the day. It's best to remind trannies that they will never be women.

Anonymous 83639

I'm starting to think some of you gyns are more TE than RF

Anonymous 83640

Most people don't read theory. Doesn't usually matter in most cases because fuck trannies but it can be annoying when someone has a dumb take that's only a thing because they don't read

Anonymous 83644

anon I'm pretty sure that greentext was a joke

Anonymous 83645

No it's real I was there

Anonymous 83683


I probably shouldn't be in this thread when eating dinner.

Anonymous 83695

Yeah it happened I was the bus seat

Anonymous 83712


Fuck me forgot to actually spoiler it

Anonymous 83717

>that freaking hairline
At least he went to the right bathroom.

Anonymous 83719

This isn't the first time I've seen a mtf call estrogen 'bimbo juice' like… ew

Anonymous 83720

Gross. Really gives you a glimpse into how these hypersexualized freaks see women.

Anonymous 83721


They use moidcel terminology like this all the time and nobody bats an eye. It's mindboggling.

Anonymous 83722

Trannies are just regular moids using a loophole that allows them to be shitty to women with no consequences.

Anonymous 83724

They're obviously mentally ill, not regular moids. Of course where never going to get solid research into why exactly people troon out / develop gender-dysphoria though. Maybe research into other forms of dysphoria can be extrapolated to troons?

Anonymous 83726

I just meant they see and treat women the same way as regular moids. But yeah, they're fucked in the head. I've heard their brains are all messed up because of the chemicals and plastics in everything. Popular culture also enables it by celebrating them.

Anonymous 83731


You girls forget the actual non mentally-ill TIMs who's goal is to break down, infiltrate,steal positions away, stop organization, and feel speshul in female spaces.

Anonymous 83733

>TIMs who's goal is to break down, infiltrate,steal positions away, stop organization, and feel speshul in female spaces.
That sounds pretty mentally ill to me. Sure, cis moids do the same thing but they don't put on a dress to do it.

Anonymous 83734


Just realized you were probably being ironic… sorry please ignore me I'm autistic.

Anonymous 83738

A scrote

Anonymous 83751

That is a literal troll. That is a creature who lives under a bridge and eats goats.

Anonymous 83781

Please don't put me off goat meat

Anonymous 83799

A miserable little pile of secrets

Anonymous 83802


can you believe it's female… imagine destroying yourself this much, girls…

Anonymous 83917


Anonymous 83939


Anonymous 83940

Thanks, will spam this everywhere

Anonymous 83945

What is wrong with Americans, exactly? Is it cultural or genetic? I would have said cultural but they do carry the genes of witch-hunters, slavedrivers and McCarthyists afterall

Anonymous 83949


Anonymous 83950

>hari nef

generous tbh

Anonymous 83951


Anonymous 83952


Go back !

Anonymous 83954

What does this image mean…

Anonymous 83955

Sorry for enjoying spongebob :(

Anonymous 83956

Nothing wrong with the McCarthyists, considering that they were right to be wary of the red menace, as their bullshit is exactly what led to this troon nonsense happening to begin with, or do you somehow think that cultural marxism (hell, regular marxism as well) was going to not end with troon shit? Communism is nothing but industrialized slavery and serfdom.

Anonymous 83984

Americans can't into middle grounds and see and do everything in extremes, it permeates American culture from every day life to politics. If you keep that in mind the USA will make alot more sense.

Anonymous 83985

Idk I’m an American and the fact that moderates and not being able to reach a middle ground anymore seriously angers me.
Don’t these turds realize that a radical movement will create an even more radical opposition counter movement? Ugh.
Now no one can come to an agreement because the rift is so far apart.
Of course I’m seriously over simplifying this.
But still.

Anonymous 83992


I've always wondered how soviet era USSR commies would've reacted to 21st century western/American communists. Something tells me they wouldn't be pleased

Anonymous 83993

USSR would have gulaged any moid claiming to be a woman and put them in forced labor camps. Rightfully so.

Anonymous 83997


Kind of off topic, but what do you TERFposters think of he/him lesbians?
My initial thoughts are “cringe” but transbians seem to hate them so based?

Anonymous 83998

TERF Miku.png

Here's some fresh OC for you lassies, enjoy!

Anonymous 84002

Your miku is chef kiss it's amazing
I love based miku

Anonymous 84004

i personally don’t mind them as long as they’re aware that pronouns don’t change their biological sex.

Anonymous 84005

there’s no such thing as cultural marxism, go back to /pol/

Anonymous 84006

Marxism isn’t about trannies lmao

Anonymous 84015

>he/him lesbians
what the fuck is that even supposed to mean

Anonymous 84016

retarded man take

Anonymous 84019

lesbians that use he/him pronouns… hello?

Anonymous 84021

NTA but can you please explain as I do not use social media and I assume many of us dont

Anonymous 84022


do what you will with that. i’m not too well-versed in lesbian history but i think the historical context is explained there.

Anonymous 84027

i dont mean to rain on your parade but the ddr was really progressive so the ussr would probably follow after a while. though they might still get the gulag for being succdem kek
t. just passing by

Anonymous 84028

Agreed but there is such a thing as post-modernism was a mistake. That shit was CIA controlled and pushed over because it served American interests. Besides the post-modernists are the shittiest philosophers ever.

It's what created the nu-left that must be killed off. Progressives and trannies are not left, they are liberals. Chop their heads off.

Anonymous 84042


i was inspired by this

Anonymous 84044

Thank u for this great content

Anonymous 84050


Anonymous 84053

I’m in love with your style anon

Anonymous 84055

Love this is, your style is amazing too

Anonymous 84058


Anonymous 84065

>they're holding hands
I love this so much

Anonymous 84066

it's traumatized young women just trying to cope, they'll out grow the pronoun shit when they gain more confidence and stop getting shit on by social media

Anonymous 84071

Anonymous 84075

Holy shit I drew>>83422 and I’m so amazed by this! Your art styles so cool!!

Anonymous 84076

do /pol/tards post here? for some reason i am getting major pol vibes from this post

Anonymous 84099

Yes anon, they do. Some are male (obviously) but there are a few literal feminazis on this board.

Anonymous 84120

real women that are nazis don't exist. debate me if you want. they literally don't. maybe in fucking batshit backwards ukranie or some shit but nowhere else. No such thing. all Nazis are scrotes no exceptions.

Anonymous 84125

This is a weird thing to have a debate about, you technically only need one example to be disproven.

But yes, all of these batshit crazy posters are male.

Anonymous 84128

I feel like it's possible that some rad fem got close to nazis via a common hate of troons and then said fuck it and became one, people are dumb enough that it wouldn't be impossible

Anonymous 84138

radical feminism isn't about hating troons. radical feminist ideology is incompatible with nazi ideology.

Anonymous 84140

Im not saying they’re compatible I’m saying people are retarded enough that there are probably a non-zero amount of female nazis on the site

Anonymous 84141

Feminist Socialism: Femzi

Anonymous 84144


This. I think actual female nazi larpers are severely mentally ill but they definitely exist. Most of the “girl” natsocs online are troons, but real women can be racist too. As elitist as it sounds, sometimes people believe in things that are against their own interest.

Anonymous 84154

>real women that are nazis don't exist
Not like there were entire countries full of them or anything. Purely just a myth.

Anonymous 84162

Genuinely what's the point in transitioning when it's already set in stone that you'll never look like anything but a man

Anonymous 84165

Mental illness, that's what it comes down to.
If you absolutely can't help the feeling that you're born as the wrong gender and are willing to cause permanent harm to your body to make you look vaguely like the opposite sex, you are 100% mentally ill. Anyone who urges them to go through this is a abusing the mentally ill, but the media and government constantly try to twist this view in reverse.
Imagine if instead of treating schizophrenia, the government funded every mailman to act incredibly suspicious around them, drop secret letters, follow them around and the radio would add undertones of paranoid rambling in every channel. That is where we are at with trannies.

Anonymous 84173


Way to tell on himself.

Anonymous 84175

tbh this is way too forgiving a take when it comes to AGPs like that dude. Dysphoria is a mental illness, sure, but it's much more rare than TRAs would have you think. Straight men who transition are not dysphoric, they are fetishists with extreme, escalating tastes who are brainwashed by porn and cheered on by the internet. I would not consider being memed into a fetish and an addiction to validation mental illness, just autism and narcissism.

Anonymous 84177

I agree when it comes to those who use it for their own shittery, same as my view with non-heterosexuals, if it's something you can't help, then you have sympathy and need help, if you're just being a sicko, you can go fuck yourself.

Anonymous 84178


I made a gijinka bio Chan against troon's shitty gijinka

Anonymous 84179


Oh I am laffin.

Anonymous 84181

This is amazing

Anonymous 84183

love ittt i like your style!!

Anonymous 84186

i love how u can tell this entire thread is cis incel men

Anonymous 84187

''cis'' nice baiting

Anonymous 84188

That's not even counting the burden that's placed on normal people. Everyone is expected to entertain these delusions or be ostracized.
For your example, imagine if society decreed that if a schizo proclaimed themselves as God you would have to respect their beliefs and kneel to them or find yourself cancelled? (though I guess that's not too far off from how high a pedestal troons are placed upon).

All of us innocent bystanders don't only have to watch this circus go on as these people are manipulated by the government and media for nefarious purposes, but actively have to partake in the façade as well and encourage their "bravery" to march into our bathrooms which just isn't fair!

Anonymous 84190

> tfw anon never talked to women before

Anonymous 84192

You've clearly never had a professional presence where you're forced to manage these freaks with velvet gloves. I despise everything about them but if you say one thing that could even be misconstrued as insulting it's all over for you and your career.
You have to treat them like royalty and it's so damn tiring, not to mention how stressful it is to be walking on eggshells all the time.

Anonymous 84194

I know you’re here to gawk at the spooky terfs, but I just want to tell you that most of us, especially on radfem tumblr, don’t hate trans people. We’re against the idea of gender because we have either been directly hurt by it or have watched loved ones be hurt by it. In high school and college I watched teenage girls who had the same issues with body dysmorphia that I had try to fix it with extreme surgeries and hormones. In the end, it never made them happy, and over the years, they ended up with worse emotional issues.
TLDR; If you’re young and want to transition, PLEASE think it through. There are people who would encourage your transition because they would benefit financially from it. They don’t actually care about your health.

Anonymous 84195

Le lost libfem has arrived

Anonymous 84197

have you ever thought… maybe this is why we ''terfs'' despise them? because ''basic human decency'' means fucking their girldicks when you're a lesbian, accepting them in bathrooms where they can ogle at and harass women, placing them in female prisons which leads to women getting raped, hearing their awful misogynistic words getting praised and getting rape and death threats if you speak against these? many of us were tras and libfems before. go read some stuff written by radfems and then come back (and no, crystal.cafe doesn't count)

Anonymous 84198

i hop3 5h3y ei3.pn…

more tranny research:
they believe they are in some sort of metaphysical hell.
God. As an atheist I hope they just kill themselves already. Their delusion relies heavily on retarded mind-body duality bs.

Anonymous 84216


Anonymous 84230

I love her so much! top-notch character design, I'll try to draw her asap

Anonymous 84245

can't wait to see your art!!

Anonymous 84256


KEK womb envy is one hell of a drug

Anonymous 84258


Anonymous 84264


You heard it here first ladies! any male who identify as anything other than male can now identify as a lesbian

Anonymous 84274


So how’d you ladies’ Birthing People’s Day go?

Anonymous 84275

Smoked some weed with my mom, I don’t like to talk about drugs but also that’s what happened

Anonymous 84277

You made BIO Chan stunning gg!!! wwouuhh

Anonymous 84278

Made my mom cookies and gave her a mug I bought. She actually mentioned how much she hates troons, specifically biodudes in women’s sports

Anonymous 84284

holy shit, congratz on this amazing creation
im not a fan of mocking the suicide statistic but i cant get over this

Anonymous 84286

>>84284 I didn't think that deep about the suicide rate!! Maybe that was too insensitive!
Thank you so much uhuhu

Anonymous 84287

Ntayrt what about having the bionote detect if the troon who's name has been written has been up to no good like agps, misogyny, abuse, porn addiction etc or if they've been indoctrinated in transitioning bc they've got internalized homophobia or something so it helps the ones who deserve it and punishes the ones who choose to be degenerates

Anonymous 84288

Super cute design regardless btw will definitely draw later :3

Anonymous 84289

Don't worry, joking about male suicide is always funny.

Anonymous 84290

Very true but you know it's harder for people to digest indiscriminately zapping every troon to the shadow realm, vs zapping only the bad ones who deserve it and helping the ones who need it idk supervillain vs superhero vibes

Anonymous 84291

I like the original idea
If she is in a good mood-> salvation
If not byebye

Maybe she can gives 1chance before the 50%

BIO Chan gots mercy

Anonymous 84321

these people.png

Reminder to always mention how male they look/sound in public if possible. The quicker we accelerate trannies to their mentally ill final 42% conclusion the better.

Anonymous 84322


Their mothers will always be better than them, it would be so nice to remind them that they were born from a woman and that, that woman is much better and sane than they are by a long shot.

Anonymous 84329

Picrel is eyeopening. They want to become women out of their own failure/laziness, not just because of the “gender euphoria” of living out their fetish.
We have HSTS and AGP. How about LTT? (Loser to troon)

Anonymous 84339

Literally incel mentality (living as a girl is easy mode uwu).

Anonymous 84346


my friend's idea!! she told me that len is also a target

dont touch the kids

Anonymous 84359

This is so cute also accurate transwomen have a weird obsession with loli and shotas…

Anonymous 84362

Are there any radfem/terf facebook groups?

Anonymous 84371

Simply amazing, praise be unto bio-chan!

Anonymous 84373

Bio-chan just wants the ride to end already, as do I.

Anonymous 84411


That's because there is a literal incel to tranny very real pipeline called Trancel.

btw beware we might have some here lurking. If any tranny lurking reads this hurry up and off yourself sick fuck moid, you are fucked up in the head.

Anonymous 84413


Average run off the mill mentally ill Trannies talking about how they would like to use their sisters as tools for breeding.

Anonymous 84414

reading this makes me feel better about being a woman knowing i can get exactly what i want lmao

Anonymous 84415

lmfao there is a transmaxx (a.k.a incels transitioning to have a better life) instruction. it's 45 pages long and absolute peak matearial

Anonymous 84429


If Soviets took a glance at the modern-day US "left" their gulags would quadruple in size. I don't know why they get blamed for the retardation brought about by western capitalists and western sophistic ideologues. The US "left" is anything but pro-workers' rights except rare exceptions, and it's also anti-Slavic to a degree it would make some Nazis blush. Not that the "right" is in a better state, to make it clear.

As a foreign observer, I honestly wonder why so few Americans seem able to understand how fucked, hypocritical and inconsequential their sociopolitical reality is, the vast majority of US citizens act like the inhabitants of Pompeii who calmly went on with their daily activities as the volcano erupted and spewed lava.

Anonymous 84431

The western "left" is fucked. But it is also dying out slowly rightfully so. They are being societal defined as "progressives" now aka center of left as most, at most and I'm being generous here. Things are changing though this won't remain the case. Everyone hates those fuckers except rich liberal hedonist perverted pedophile fucks that profit from their retardedness. That Jreg meme video maker was right that the center status quo was going to crumble one day when it gets more defined in the minds of more people.

People like that pedo pro-tranny disgusting moid fatfuck Vaush, ContraHons and PhilosophyTube propagate this stupidity you are talking about. It's going to be over one day though, it's being challenged from all sides now. Alternatives that are growing fast are coming up. This liberal fake objectively anti-worker left will be crushed.

Anonymous 84433

> But it is also dying out slowly rightfully so
It seemed to me they were going up in consensus with the younger generations, if the opposite is true as you say, that's really great news and gives me hope for the future

Anonymous 84437

Very telling how OP's picrel is a male gazey coom photo. No woman is sticking her tits and ass out like that just in her day to day life

Anonymous 84448


When TERFposting turns into commie posting yet again.

Anonymous 84449

the pic wtf it has to be a troll

Anonymous 84450

It’s inevitable since rad fem discussion has to eventually explain who’s responsible for trannies politically at which point the pro-trans left comes up and people either go on schizo rants about how Marx personally invented hrt or they talk about how true communists would gulag trannies

Anonymous 84455

What does this even mean lol

Anonymous 84457

kek I want to make the vagcakes

Anonymous 84459


reading this is making me feel sick, very telling that he sees estrogen as this magical happy potion that makes you crave cum. their brains will always be male and fetishistic

Anonymous 84465


Anonymous 84479

Do you think it would be possible to keep other GC subreddits operating like r/FDS? We could even use phrases such as "trans women are women" as dog whistles. That would make some TRA heads go mad.

Anonymous 84485


What's a good response to this?

Anonymous 84486

Male enbies that don't want to be treated as women are free to 40% themselves in peace

Anonymous 84487

There's something so unpleasant about this video.

Anonymous 84488

I feel like the soy boy and the trannie are distinct archetypes but here we see their fusion

Anonymous 84489

why is he so smug about being a freak?
>beautiful valid loved
as opposed to ugly, invalid, and unloved? so much for him not thinking in binary terms

Anonymous 84496

my favorite cope

Anonymous 84498


Anonymous 84499

most of the moids that identify themselves with anime pics like those are actually horrible looking.

Anonymous 84501


yes I'm so jealous of the twink wannabe in the dress who fucks futa loving incels

Anonymous 84504


They are mentally ill, don't talk to trannies you all already know what to do, do that.

Anonymous 84511

when will troons learned failed males aren't women

Anonymous 84522

i find this scary.

Anonymous 84526


More art lmao

Anonymous 84527

trans women are women is not really a dog whistle. aside from that, i don't think fds will survive on much long with how much hatred reddit has for women. imo it survived this long bc they separated themselves from radfems by not being lesbians and promoting makeup

Anonymous 84528

basedddd i love it <3 do you ever post them to terfblr i'd like to reblog

Anonymous 84529


anime soon

Anonymous 84532

I love this anime girl

Anonymous 84539

i love this so much!

Anonymous 84540

You know how a suit is bespoke to its individual person? Yeah, like that.

Though the idiots are too stupid to realize that bespoke is an adjective in all forms, so bepenised isn't real but bespoke penises is.

Anonymous 84560


The trooner-incel rabbit hole goes even deeper.

Anonymous 84572

Kate 1.png

Psycho TIM allows women to be terrorized in their home by other TIM because men always stick up for other men.

Anonymous 84573


Comments where he replies that these women fearing for their safety from an unhinged man are being hysterical. The part that is cut off he mentions that he doesn't care how terrorized these women become, he has a mortgage and they'll pay his rent or else.

Anonymous 84580

typical moid, calls women's legitimate concerns "hysterical" and goes off topic with unimportant details while refusing to address the main and very concerning points

Anonymous 84581

The maoists were right, we need to kill all landlords

Anonymous 84582

Is this a troll?

Bepenised is to have a penis. Like bespectacled is to wear glasses.

Anonymous 84592


I read that as having to wear penis lamokek
Speaking of the bepenised…

Anonymous 84622



Anonymous 84623

small nose?

Anonymous 84627

Are you retarded or a man so you cant tell?

Anonymous 84636

I think she’s cute

Anonymous 84641

I wish TIMs weren’t into the same cutesy stuff I am. I just wanna enjoy cute shit without the association of weirdos who wish they were little girls.

Anonymous 84646

never seen a tranny with an actually good outfit, they try so hard to dress like teenage girls or pull kawaii fashion but they cant. ever.
end of the day they're men and cant coordinate cute fits for shit, you'll always be the true cutesy icon while they look like cheap aliexpress poorly put piece of trash.

Anonymous 84660

same. thigh high socks, skirts, cat ears are so cute. tho now i feel more confident wearing them bc i know that they will never be women and look as cute as me in them lol. we should reclaim those stuff from them, so that they could feel self-conscious and maybe stop

Anonymous 84677

you guys' art is all amazing <3 <3

Anonymous 84749

Small can refer to both how far off the face it comes and how wide it is, I would describe that nose as being small for how far it comes off the face, but very wide and large in that sense.

Anonymous 84750

>If that's a man, that's an incredibly small-shoulder-ed, hairless, baby-faced man.
These exist yes, and "she" looks like one.

Anonymous 84752

>Nitpicking random tribal woman

Anonymous 84754

I was genuinely confused about whether or not that woman was a woman. If being genuinely confused is an act of hostility then I have no way of reaching any common ground with you.

Anonymous 84756


We need to start linking some theory in the op, dunking on the troons is based but learning why we're doing it in the first place is even better

Anonymous 84757

It's pretty obvious she's a woman. I don't think you're a bad person but you are kind of dumb

Anonymous 84758

I agree, with love anon <3

Anonymous 84767

I get being confused but honestly it really shows how we get programmed to recognize women by characteristics of performative femininity, like feminine clothing, haircuts and makeup. It's literally like how they put eyelashes on cartoons so you know it's a girl. It's literally the same logic that makes troons think they can be women if they put on a wig and a dress.

Anonymous 84769

Never been prouder of being an Italian.

Anonymous 84771

Even if she was objectively ugly, what does that have to do with being a woman or not?

Anonymous 84772

This. Many women can be pretty and feminine, but you don’t need to be pretty or feminine to be a woman

Anonymous 84777


found this gem recently

Anonymous 84778

We get it troon, you think you pass because "certain women look like men and it's impossible to tell", now get out

Anonymous 84784

Oh my god

Anonymous 84790

This is classic.

Anonymous 84799


Anonymous 84800

simpsons lgbt tran…


Anonymous 84801

The lesbian domestic abuse thing isn't true that's been debunked

Anonymous 84802

tranny now I'm the…

I believe it. Just postin' memes here

Anonymous 84811

Can you send me the source? I want to read up on it.

Anonymous 84835

himbians are usually afab butches, so no wonder why transbians dislike them

Anonymous 84838

Imagine if someone did the reverse to some gay male community event.

Anonymous 84853


A Welsh town elects a man who uses they/them and twitter reacts

Women are never going to think of XY chromosome men as safe, no matter what pronouns are used or how campy he acts

Anonymous 84854

Not the biggest fan over gender overall but I like lesbians demanding freedom from gender roles without being forced to dent they’re lesbians

Plus the troons seethe because lesbians can now say they’re trans inclusive without ever including a girldick

Anonymous 84859

horrid tranny char…

They make me feel the opposite of safe.
Literally mentally ill men on drugs who are trying to blend in by wearing a different face.

Anonymous 84879


No hope

Anonymous 84891

To be fair, quotas are stupid

Anonymous 84894

You probably also think women’s rights are stupid, huh?

Anonymous 84900


terf miku, traditional because my pc broke

Anonymous 84914

Small brain post
Big brain post

Anonymous 84917

What's so great about quotas?

Anonymous 84931


Just reminded me of this meme.

Anonymous 84932

Men are literal degenerates who are incapable of being good fathers. Doesn't help that they are all pedophiles inside and inherently dangerous to any child they are near. That picture makes no sense whatsoever.

Anonymous 84933

Honestly society in general needs 5% males at the absolute most.

Anonymous 84934

as if society doesn't already hate single mothers lmfao

Anonymous 84936

The Father of the children models how men should be interacted with in general. Unless you plan to completely eliminate or at least severely reduce moids like >>84933 us as woman are never going to be able to convey that nuance.

Anonymous 84937

The only problem with quotas is that they still allow men.

Anonymous 84940

There are men who wouldn't hire women at all if they weren't forced to remember the male hatred for females

Anonymous 84941

You'd rather be the employee of some man who hates you enough he has to legally hire you into a position rather than go somewhere else? You have weird tastes in bosses.

Anonymous 84942

>he has to legally
*he is legally obligated

Anonymous 84943

You need a job to live, and choosing a boss you like is a luxury for a lot of people.

Anonymous 84945

And every woman with said job is a moid without that job and that money. Simple as.

Anonymous 84946


How will TERFs ever recover? T_T

Anonymous 84950

These really were not the best pictures to make their point lol

Anonymous 84958

Some of them almost pass if you don't look too hard but so many of them are JUST tier

Anonymous 84968


Anonymous 84977

love her vacant expression

Anonymous 84981

No, I am a women. I just think jobs should be given to people based on merit. You deserve a job if you’re the best candidate for it.
This is a stupid argument. I was raised by a single mother, and my life would have been measurably worse if I were raised by my father. Kids should be raised in the safest situation available.

Anonymous 84984

To be fair it says "a father" not "the father." If your mom had a stable long term partner who acted as a second parent your life might have been measurably better. I'm not convinced it has to be a moid though.

Anonymous 84989

You are assuming that not a good portion of people, especially men, purposefully drag women down or always pick the male between two equivalent candidates. Your intention is noble and you mean well, but you are either naive and completely unaware of the prejudice that plagues every career that has men, or you are turning a blind eye to it. "Meritocracy" argument only works assuming that employers and interviewers have no bias based on sex, which is not true, for 99% of the world.

Not to say that affirmative action is a good solution to this problem.

Anonymous 84993

so cute

Anonymous 84994

A perfect merit system sounds nice but it has never existed and never will. Getting a job is more about your skills in networking and self-marketing than about how good you actually are.

Anonymous 84999

i've spoken to this guy before, he is a legitimate psycho

Anonymous 85007

>Not to say that affirmative action is a good solution to this problem
I'm not afraid to say that it is.

Anonymous 85008

Women outnumber men in college now, so it's all good.

Anonymous 85027


This. God people who say stuff about “meritocracy” have never met a idiotic nepotism hire b4

We need to stop going off topic or I’ll keep having to post finds from the tranny subreddits that made me peak. This is a threat

Anonymous 85028

Will he 43% himself anytime soon?

Anonymous 85051


Found this and thought it was an interesting way to think about things.

Anonymous 85052

God I am so glad I am nearly flat, I know all women get harassment and leering but I feel like my lack of visual chest was a big part of why I got less of that kind of treatment growing up.

Anonymous 85064

Unrelated, but that pic made me wonder: How true is the claim that a boy growing without a father figure will very likely develop a personality disorder? Never heard the opposite about girls.

Anonymous 85065

I don't know the personality disorder thing specifically, but I think it is true that men in single mother households grow up with more problems. In my opinion it's because kids who are primarily/only raised by their dad are rare and usually the result of the guy being widowed, but single moms usually got abandoned and are in a shittier situation to give their kids stability. Moids turn out worse because they are moids, girls who grow up in bad environments tend to just get self esteem problems.

Anonymous 85071

This summarizes a lot of my thoughts regarding the differences in dysphoria between men and women.

Women (with or without dysphoria, really) want to attain humanity in the eyes of society, which we are denied the moment we're born. Men want to experience a fetish.

Anonymous 85075

This. Only exception for males is when they're gay and want desperately to convince everyone they're not

Anonymous 85077

>Women (with or without dysphoria, really) want to attain humanity in the eyes of society, which we are denied the moment we're born.
>Men want to experience a fetish.
Almost there, I'm pretty sure most of the type of men to do this feel so undervalued and unseen by everyone that they cope by doing this as a form of gaining some level of attention. Women drown in attention that objectifies them, while men feel completely isolated without being cared for by anyone. It's really a grass is always greener situation.

Anonymous 85078

FtM aren't rare.

Anonymous 85079


Anonymous 85081

I think anon meant compared to mtf troons

Anonymous 85084

More recent study.
>The age at initiation has been dropping over the past 25 years, and we have seen a steady increase in the number of FTM such that the incidence now equals that of MTF. Possible reasons for these changes are discussed.

Anonymous 85085

I am the anon who originally used the term "rare" and stand by it in both meanings. when there are only 12.9 of them in a group of 100k people that's going to feel "rare" subjectively and it's also "rare" from an outside POV.
It's incredibly hard to tell in this thread that's what you meant as the default is to assume you are talking about troons in the troon thread. It doesn't help in the last thread anons were confused there were more MtFs than FtMs as well and made the same assumptions you did.

Anonymous 85087

See >>85084
FTM troons have been increasing because their are so many heckin valid enbies that gateway into fully trooning out

Anonymous 85092


Anonymous 85093

i've never seen a cameltoe that looks like this

Anonymous 85094

cameltoe is when a woman's trousers are too tight. why would anyone want to imitate that?

Anonymous 85095

you've never seen a cameltoe with a dick underneath

Anonymous 85096

i really hope so, but he's delusional about his appearance and he has a bunch of equally aggressive twitter tranny friends so probably not.

Anonymous 85097

All of those hons are masking the creepiest faces imaginable meanwhile all the women on the bottom are posed normally and half don't even pass.

Anonymous 85101

i love this. love how you can tell she's so done with this shit

Anonymous 85193

Holy moly I’m not even mad this is just funny

Anonymous 85329


Found this one on tumblr

Anonymous 85338



Are you guys out of touch with current stats? There are more female trans people now. Listen to this interview, the practitioner says it as well and it's good to get an idea of current state of healthcare for kids (fucked). Singal isn't critical enough but it's good.


Anonymous 85379


question to the mikuposters itt - are any of you actually vocaloid/utau fans? just asking because i've seen some people terf miku up just to own the troons while not knowing anything about vocaloid (which i really have nothing against lel). i've just been a huge vocalsynth sperg for about nine years now and i'd love to talk to other transphobiques that have the same interests as me

Anonymous 85392

>i've just been a huge vocalsynth sperg
hello there
I'm not fan of Miku or any other vocaloid persona but still like to listen to them from time to time

Anonymous 85394

Not a huge vocaloid fan, miku is just a staple for weebs at this point, I enjoy some songs and have a few figs she's cute and iconic

Anonymous 85416

I've listened to vocaloid for like 10 years now and I always seem to come back to it. A lot of the vb mascots are really dear to me so it's nice seeing all of them be transphobes. I'm not too good at using the software though

Anonymous 85422

I can honestly believe that going off of zoomer media and such. TiMs may be more obvious on TV and in daily life because of their appearance but when you go into young female-dominated spaces it seems like everyone is trans or some sort of gender special.
It was the case when I was younger in my tumblr circle too. That’s was cringe enough, but now this exploration of gender expression is now a cue to parents to put them on hormones and do irreversible changes.

Anonymous 85431

i lost my friend bc of my terf beliefs and i still check up her social media occasionally. i just saw that she tweeted smt like ''trans inclusive feminism is just feminism''. i wish there was a way to peak her without talking to her directly

Anonymous 85432

You can't awaken everyone, I admire you wanting to peak her but you shouldn't check up on people who have dropped you like that.

Anonymous 85438

thanks i'm just petty i guess kek. we have a common friend tho, so i might try to peak her and hope that my ex-friend won't brainwash her into thinking i'm an evil transphobe bigot first -_-

Anonymous 85439

I also love vocaloid/utau/utaite
I'm into this since 9years old

Anonymous 85449

I wasn't even a "terf" when I first got accused of it. All I said was I didn't like dick and she went off on me. Some people are just deranged.

Anonymous 85452

yeah. tbf my ex friend posted some terfish posts like ''cis lesbians aren't the enemy'' and read some second wave feminism books. she's also a lesbian so i feel like there is some hope for her.

Anonymous 85453

That's the demographic that's most likely to peak. Eventually she's going to encounter an entitled transbian and realize that maybe they're not so different from incels.

Anonymous 85457

Anonymous 85461

I love this song

we should make a vocaloid song anti troon

Anonymous 85466


>we should make a vocaloid song anti troon

Anonymous 85470

let's do itttttttt

Anonymous 85473

omg i would be so for that… i have utau and i mess around in it sometimes but i’m not musically talented at all. i draw stupid pictures sometimes tho so i could do the pv art LMAO… such a fun project idea

Anonymous 85477

>>85473 I used to have VOCALOID and UTAU
I also have fl studio but I'm such a mess at making musics
we can still try! I also draw

we should do a group chat to talk about this project with everyone who want to be involved

Anonymous 85478

yay! i don’t really have anything other than discord (inb4 zoomer), but i don’t use it much bc shit app. i’d definitely start using it more if we had a group chat, though..! anyone here brave enough to post their tag, or is there another platform we could use to do this on?

Anonymous 85483

Another vocafag here, I’ve been lurking this thread for a few threads now, and I’d be down to help with any audio engineer stuff like mixing or even animation under anonymity (which I’m assuming everyone else will be).

It shouldn’t be too hard to make a throwaway discord account, no?

Anonymous 85484

>>85478 I'm down for discord! I have two accounts! I can share my tag and then delete it later, I heard troons lurk sometimes
You are a big help, it would be so perfect with you

Anonymous 85486


Anonymous 85504

I used to not really know what to think about trans people and was overall supportive. Lately I have been noticing that MTF trannies often act exactly like cis men – no matter how they change their appearance or hormones those mannerisms they were raised into are still there.

Anonymous 85522

I'm supportive in the sense that men and women can dress however they want and I'll respect them for it, but like hell am I gonna call a penis female.

Anonymous 85543

Try all they like, male socialization is often the most reliable clock. I wish you a pleasant peak!

Anonymous 85621


Anonymous 85635

terf isabelle.png

I made a terf Isabelle edit

Anonymous 85642

anonettes help, how do i disprove the ''trans activism is the same as gay activism'' narrative, especially the idea that trans people have always existed? i have a gay male friend who thinks like this

Anonymous 85653


I also decided to hop on the train! I drew Bio-chan

Anonymous 85658


Show him this meme and tell him that troon problems are inherently different from LGB problems. Show him screencaps of TiMs harassing lesbians, show him screencaps of that one rape shelter gofundme that got shut down because of "transphobia". Show him this twitter thread (NSFL: https://twitter.com/heke_nig/status/1383631390701281286) that exposes the reality of self-ID men going into women's spaces. Show him examples on how women are being reffered to as "birthers, uterus-havers, bleeders, non-transwomen" when it comes to discussing female issues. (If he uses the argument of "terfs reduce women to genitals" reply that this is just what the definition of women is and that it is neutral. Troons are the ones reducing women to a feeling that is heavely ingrained in mysogynistic stereotypes) Don't mind exposing to him what happened to r/TwoXchromosomes and r/actuallesbians too.
The lolcow thread already has various examples of trans activism going to far. If he is gay you can also show him examples of TiFs calling themselves "faggots" because using slurs are ok if you "identify" as a man now. There's already so many examples, I'm sure you'll find enough things to make him change his mind. Though, the sad reality is that he might simply not care because most men do not care about women's issues. Do not waste your time on him if he repeatedly ignores the problems you are trying to show him. I hope that helps.

Anonymous 85662

Woops looks like the twitter thread got nuked. Here's an archived version but it might take some time to load everything. Have patience: https://web.archive.org/web/20210509020013/https://twitter.com/heke_nig/status/1383631390701281286
If you're impatient go for that link although the videos seem to not play: https://archive.fo/4reaV

It's very NSFW though, do not click if you do not want your day ruined.

Anonymous 85678


here we go again, anons

Anonymous 85680

This is going to become increasingly common as people realise they can do it for clout.

Anonymous 85694


made one lel

Anonymous 85695


Popping in with the reason why I peaked- I used to be very pro trans rights because I was a teenager who experienced a lot of self-loathing about being a woman, so of course I didn't understand it much.

Well, fast forward to when I was in my 20's and went over to a friend's for a dinner get-together. Well, she had (still has after all these years) a tranny roommate named Anjie (or some other stupid spelling of Angie) who seemed really nice. I actually got along pretty well with Anjie and felt I was glad I finally met a tran so I could understand them better. Nothing uncouth happened, though holy shit these people were living in absolute filth. Like, I had to maneuver just to find footing in the living room.

I went home and saw Anjie followed me on Twitter and sent me a "hi" message. Jesus fucking christ, his twitter was PACKED with vile, violent "girldick" porn. And then I saw his ASSHOLE. Photographed plain as day on his pinned tweet. Felt like I had been violated. Well, I had. He knew I would see he followed me, that's why he sent me a message. Fucking ruined me and sent me down a rabbit hole, and now I'm a terf. Fuck these people.

Anonymous 85697

She really can’t go a month without calling attention to herself. Hopefully this will make people realize it’s a mental illness

Anonymous 85699

Kill it with fire

Anonymous 85730

unknown (1).png

Anonymous 85731


Anonymous 85732

As much as I love Bio-chan, this is sincerely the worst art I've seen of her yet. Why the chromatic aberation? It makes it look like a seizure. Why are the eyelasses and the XY the only things not covered in the filter? It's jarring and ugly.

Anonymous 85736

Your style is really cool! I like it!! Bio Chan in a seinen anime!

>>85731 amazing too

Anonymous 85737

>>85732 I would love to see your version of Bio Chan

Anonymous 85740

>you're only allowed to criticize me if you're an artist too
You're brain damaged as well I take it.

Anonymous 85741

No need to be this harsh. I think it would look better without the chromatic aberration as well, but otherwise it's a great picture.

Those are awesome too kek.

Anonymous 85743

I wanted to see what kind of bio Chan you would make, I was just curious. Not implying that you can't be critical


Anonymous 85745

Anon, I understand wanting to critique other people's art but honestly I'm simply happy people are drawing Bio-Chan. She's supposed to be fun for everyone to draw, you can critique but don't be harsh for the sake of being harsh. Anyway I like the art and I think there's nothing wrong with people want to draw the character and share it here

Anonymous 85747

No it’s so cute !!!!!

Anonymous 85748

>but otherwise it's a great picture.

Not really, I would be less angry if the base anatomy wasn't so good proving the artist has something of worth buried underneath all those coping mechanisms she's piled on top of her art. And just to be clear, the more I stare it the more I get a headache, but from what I can make out the shading on the shirt is simultaneously physically impossible and stylistic disgusting. Her spacing of wording was so poorly done instead of the way it has already been shown in the thread here >>85379 she fucked up her character size and spacing so instead of being readable as a a dictionary definition, we get jank like this.

[ noun] adult human

Which makes me believe the artist is ESL. The giant glaring silver line in the middle adds nothing. The idiot has bleed over going
from the hair onto the shirt on the lower right because she didn't manager her layers properly.

I'm now also noticing the weird displaced strokes that I believe are supposed to be hair, but are again above the filter making it pop in the most shadmanesque of fashions.

I would be less harsh if she didn't invoke the reprehensible shadman by her use of chromatic aberation. Which upon further inspection seems to be a way of coping with her glaring flaws.

I'm glad you're happy, I'm not happy with ugly disgusting art.

Anonymous 85750

ugly errors.png

Forgot to attach picture

Anonymous 85753

You're being so bafflingly autistic I'd probably dismiss this as a troll if you hadn't gone through the trouble of redlining the pic yourself. Most of the "flaws" you listed will not be noticed by the average viewer, and you should expect to get shittalked in return if you decide to pick apart art done for fun by amateur artists when critique is not explicitly requested. Your repeated mentions of shadman speak much more about your own pvert familiarity with his works than it does about anon's picture, as he sure as fuck isn't anywhere in my (and probably most other people's) mental bank of associations with the technique you seem to believe he pioneered.

Anonymous 85755

Ask him where all the pre 1900s trans women were.

Anonymous 85757

based anon, let people make art for fun here. The comparision to Shadman's art was espacially moronic.

Anonymous 85758

>Most of the "flaws" you listed will not be noticed by the average viewer,
Multiple people in the thread have already pointed out that the chromatic aberation looks like dogshit, so no, the amateurs in this thread are already aware this lookes like hot trash. While they may not consciously, they'll just do what most people who can't vocalize why art looks like garbage do, say "I don't like it" and never pay it more attention. Just because people can't verbalize why something looks like dogshit doesn't mean they won't notice.
>and you should expect to get shittalked in return if you decide to pick apart art done for fun by amateur artists when critique is not explicitly requested.
At any point have I acted shocked I would get shittalked? Artists who can't take critique do it all the time. It's their choice whether they improve their garbage or not, as they can decide if they want to be the steaming pile of shit that can only output manure or actually improve.
>Your repeated mentions of shadman speak much more about your own pvert familiarity with his works than it does about anon's picture, as he sure as fuck isn't anywhere in my (and probably most other people's) mental bank of associations with the technique you seem to believe he pioneered.
He certainly popularized the damn thing, and it's fucking disgusting. I'm glad you've been so perfectly able to avoid remembering garbage like Shadman, it must be nice either being so new to the internet you don't see him posted, or have such shit memory you don't remember getting exposed to his garbage.

Don't make art like Shadman if you don't want to be put in the same cateogry as Shadman. Simply as for anyone with two braincels to put together and doesn't hide under a disgusting filter.

Anonymous 85760

>While they may not consciously, they'll just do what most people who can't vocalize why art looks like garbage do, say "I don't like it" and never pay it more attention. Just because people can't verbalize why something looks like dogshit doesn't mean they won't notice.

To add onto this, please note the number of miners coping by describing it as being "for fun" i.e. admittedly implicitly it doesn't look good, but it's okay because none of us are taking this sincerely. It's okay if it looks like dogshit, because no one had any standards. Doesn't mean it doesn't look like dogshit, it means that everyone in this thread is okay with it looking like dogshit. The two are not the same.

Anonymous 85761

Stop shitting up the thread with your sperg. Let amateurs post their anti-troon art here because the point of this thread is to make fun of troons.

Anonymous 85762

You can't. I don't mind gays, but both things are mental illnesses that mostly emerge from trauma.

You only show that their intent is different, so it was not as damaging. Gays' demands were a lot tamer, and now they blend into society without disturbing it too much. Trannies would never be able to accomplish this because their intent is different, much more extreme, illogical, and radical. An example of this would be expecting lesbians to fuck trannies. Gays never expected straits to fuck them, and never cried about homophobia when they refused.

Anonymous 85763

Lmao at this actual autist.

Anonymous 85765


Anonymous 85766

How tf is being gay a mental illness?

Anonymous 85768

Absolutely adorable! I want that facts juice she's drinking…

Anonymous 85777


Anonymous 85782

Bio-Chan Laughs at…

New bio-chan art fresh off the presses.

Anonymous 85783


Anyone watched Eurovision yesterday?

Everything felt Americanised, but I am not surprised (USA will have its own "Eurovision" with the same name, only about it's states). They tried showing that they are woke and tried pandering to LGB(T) community.

And of course the pandered only to trannies trannies… And 1 milsecond of rainbow flags during a performance.

- One of the hosts is a troon Nikkie Tutorials who looks bigger than other hosts (even taller and wider than the other man).

- They gave him more unnecessary screentime than anyone else, which is shocking. They forced a man who had "persona" Conchita Wrust (AND he dropped this persona many years ago, just to end up wearing women's corset and a wig for this Eurovision), they had a very short interview.

- Before voting results, they decided to add "WHY ITS OKAY AND VALID TO LOSE UWU" spoken by Nikkie, where he would talk about few random advices that your parents would tell you if you'd lose to someone in a school competition. Was completely unnecessary because it made people feel even more anxious, but they needed to pretend that they actually "care" about mental health.

- Australia (in Eurovision kek) ended up dressing up like a twitter person from 2017, and during her interview she was holding a huge trannie flag on purpose, during voting results too.

Honestly, the only positive thing that happened was that Russia sang a song with references towards domestic abuse, the fact that half of country's families don't have a fathee and the way patriarchy and the country treats women by trying to push them trad-only propoganda. (If you'd want to check the lyrics translation, I recommend checking lyrcistranslate.com, because they put explanation towards small references).

Anonymous 85792

Damn. Looking at picreal I can’t believe I never suspected Nikkie was trans. I did the “oh she’s just tall and plus size” cope for way too long lol

Anonymous 85798

He used his angles very carefully on yt, never showing his full size.

Anonymous 85799

My best friend and I used to always make fun of her because we both thought she was really ugly without makeup and thought she looked like a massive ogre. Somehow neither of us guessed she was trans, we just though she was ugly.

Anonymous 85801

>passing troons don't exist
<don't realize that Nikki is a troon until it's pointed out
Do you gals even TERF?

Anonymous 85803

>a fucking urinal

Anonymous 85806

I don't really like bio-chan's character design, the colors are all over the place and the outfit is tacky and kind of coomer-y.

Anonymous 85808

Wrong, blue and red were made for each other

Anonymous 85813

> I don't mind gays, but both things are mental illnesses that mostly emerge from trauma.

If that were the case, we'd have a massive population of lesbians.

Anonymous 85814

ntayrt, but just stop

Anonymous 85832

are you two retarded or trolls? do you expect a fucking meme about a terf vocaloid be on the level of mona lisa? go to reddit and hang out with neckbeards kek (also i think >>85730 is pretty af but unlike you i won't force my opinions on others and be autistic abt it)

Anonymous 85833

tras jump and say we've always been here, there were people who didnt identify with their agab and lived as another one… can you even win against this logic, i've seen some people even argue that joan d'arc was a trans man kek

Anonymous 85841

its some tranny from v/t threads, they started seething about the board again yesterday

Anonymous 85842

you could see nothing but his face full of cakey makeup and fat kek. a huge catfish, but his voice always sounded too odd.

Anonymous 85847

You are free to use different clothes, even colors
I don't mind evolution of Bio Chan
She is supposed to start a drama between Troons not in here
Anyway feel free to draw her in different ways

Anonymous 85848

I don't get that one. If wearing skirt and crop top with stocking make it coomery well let's not dress her at all.

Anonymous 85850

Yes! I've been a fan since 2012

Anonymous 85855

Can we please stop derailing the thread?

Anonymous 85856

Let people draw shit if they want. We will all improve at a point. That is not the way you talk to other that will help.

Anonymous 85862

Based and terfpilled, radfem separatist island when
This is why it's so important to recognize there are no good trannies. There are trannies who hide their degeneracy better/have some level of discretion, but all of them are coomer scrotes once they think they can get away with it.
I had mtf friends in my tra days and all of them were sex pests. Trying to send nudes, asking for feet pics, trying to get me to rp to "help their dysphoria", etc. Troons are the worst of scrotes imo, their brainrot is just so pervasive.
This is really cute, anon!
Love this, if this was a sticker or something I'd buy it uwu
This isn't an art board, I don't think anyone itt is a pro artist or something. If you wanna sperg about how shitty the art is here, close the tab and go to an art board or something. You come off as a seething scrote or a literal autist (maybe both?) just replying over and over to artists itt with "this is ugly" or shitty "critique". This isn't Drawing 101, we aren't in a critique session, and people are enjoying the stuff posted, so why are you so pressed?

Anonymous 85867


>Based and terfpilled, radfem separatist island when
I hope someone made a terf island in ACNH. I'd visit it.

Anonymous 85879


Anonymous 85886

Anybody else here remember an article about a man who died, I think in Canada, and somebody sold his crossdressing photos at a flea market, then it wound up in a museum? I remember it because he never identified as trans in real life but they changed his name after his death to his fetish name, the photos he took of himself were also clearly sexual, not just crossdressing. Trying to find the article on that again.

Anonymous 85888

Who knows, he might have transsed out if he'd been born today.

Anonymous 85899


This one? https://www.sfmoma.org/exhibition/april-dawn-alison/
I will say it is super irritating that every article I could find on this guy acts as if he was trans and only refers to him as "April," and goes on about his crossdressing like it was some work of art/deep shit and not just another coomer fetish.
>These extraordinary pictures […] explore a wide range of feminine archetypes drawn from advertising, motion pictures, and fetish and pornographic imagery, revealing a rich inner life filled with as much humor as pathos, as much joy as loneliness
Like that's a lot of words to say this dude got his jollies off crossdressing (like many men do). He would just be another ~crossdreamer~ on fetlife CD/tranny groups if he was born a little later lmao.

Anonymous 85907

I'll be honest, I have never been able to tell. But then again I have face blindness so I can't even consistently recognize cousins so I'm probably an outlier.

Anonymous 85909

Yes anon, thank you! This is just so odd. Mainly because this person also didn't have any say in these photos being published after their death at all.

Anonymous 85910


Honestly, passing isn't even that relevant. Because even if a troon passes they are still their birth sex no matter what. If you do find a passing troon online, usually there's filters, makeup, posing and smart camera angles that help. When you see that same passing troon irl there's things they simply cannot hide. (and of course there's manerism too, etc…).
And even if there was a 100% passing toon out there, this troon will still be their birth sex no matter how much they try to tell us otherwise.

Anonymous 85920

I wondered that too, not to be that person but I wouldn’t clock Nickie, tall women exist and neither would I clock Blair in that bridesmaids photo. I only clock them because I know that they’re trans, I don’t go obsessing about how random women look

Anonymous 85921


Every time. Troons will make a career off of picreal type comics that were made 100% seriously but go on an imageboard to critique women’s shitpost images.

Anonymous 85922

>what is being pointed out to me in the lower left?
It's his butt pad.
>I only clock them because I know that they’re trans, I don’t go obsessing about how random women look
Oh no there's no point in going full schizo and trying to find random troons around women

Anonymous 85934

Agree. I wish more people would stop getting themselves bent out of shape for not being able to clock troons since, like you said, they'll always be men. Online troons don't matter but 99% of troons are insta clockable irl, where it actually matters. It's just the smug attitude troons have when they succeed in duping people into thinking they're natal women that bugs me to no end.

Anonymous 85940


Jesus, Blaire looks like a different species to the two women he's standing next two.
>giant head
>giant hands
>awkwardly angled with one leg slightly out/up to stick his hips out and give some sense of curvature
Didn't he get a shitload of surgery? Imagine going through all of that to look like a freak next to any real woman.
>It's just the smug attitude troons have when they succeed in duping people into thinking they're natal women that bugs me to no end.
It's because that's literally part of the agp fetish. The thing is that most (any) of them don't pass next to a "cis" person, even if they get trooned out as kids. Skeletons don't lie. The only way they pass is either by mutilating themselves beyond recognition or manipulation of filters/angles/specific body poses to exaggerate curves. Moreover, maybe 1% of them are actually androgynous enough to "pass", but that will fade quickly as they age (see Jazz Jennings).

Anonymous 85943


Same for Nikkie

Anonymous 85964


Anonymous 85972

>Male socialization is often the most reliable clock

This. Didn't even think somebody was trans until I saw him going on and on about watching literal child porn to "help bust who did it". Typing full out essays about his batman-esque backstory. Sure enough I go look and it's a man.

Anonymous 85986

It doesn’t even need to be anything weird to out themselves. Just their style of writing is enough. Always so self assured over dumb views, ready to pick an argument over anything, self entitled, mentions of violence, etc. Word choice too (e.g. “females”). Women’s speech is shouted over so much in society that troons don’t even consider that they are writing like men. They literally do not know what women’s speech looks like or how it works.

Anonymous 85994


AYRT, even before I peaked, I was noticing differences of socialization even in the emails I would send as opposed to a male colleague.

I don't know if it's just me, but I tend to try and come off more friendly than professional in business emails, plus erasing any sign of "laziness" (eg. "Send from XYZ device" taglines) just so people don't perceive me as "annoying girlboss," and I can do my job in peace. On the other hand, men can get away with writing one-line emails on their phones while most likely in bed.

HSTS tend not to consider that they'll get clocked in ways other than appearance, and that, surprise, there's more to being a woman than pornifying yourself. It's SO easy to clock once you know what to look for.

Anonymous 85996

troonpoints rollercoaster photo makes me kek everytime i see it

Anonymous 86000

hi anons, any recommendations for gender critical science articles/papers? like the ones who debunk brain sex, sex being a spectrum, about dysphoria etc

Anonymous 86002

Writing more than simple oneliners can come off as pandering or insecure.

Young women seem to overcompentsate a lot in my biz, I think we have a tendency to start out feeling a need to pad our messages like a Lisa Simpson speech. But it backfires as it wastes time. Stay short and sweet.

Anonymous 86003


Anonymous 86004


I've actually started doing this lately and I feel a lot better about how I come off in meetings and on paper. Sorry to derail the thread a tiny bit with my mailsperg, but thank you for the reassurance too!

Anonymous 86005

omg thank youuu >.< i'll be reading those

Anonymous 86034


It makes me sad because it reminds me of what was lost. He was such a cute boy and now he’s a freak

Anonymous 86039

I mean he's a closeted gay man who has such a hard time accepting himself he's now calling himself a lesbian. He wasn't happy or well adjusted back then either, just in a different closet.

Anonymous 86047

He's an autogynephile freak, not a gay man.

Anonymous 86055

Anonymous 86126

He will always be Nicholas Parrot.

Anonymous 86130

can someone explain who tf exactly is john money and why is he such a big deal when discussing the term 'gender'? i know he's apparently a pedo who made fucked up experiments but that's it. papers and books are also appreciated!

Anonymous 86131


He's the guy that coined the term "gender" in the first place. Before him there was no such dichotomy between sex and "gender". He is indeed a probable paedo and did the imfamous horrific experiments everyone talks about. This guy is partly the reason why we have current troon theories. He is currently being used as an argument of authority in academics in support of gender theories. It is best to at least research the guy a little bit, that way you know exactly what's up when people mention him.


Anonymous 86210

Anonymous 86351


Anonymous 86352

Samefag, but I found this weirdo on r/femalefashion and of course every post had at least one positive comment. His account is u/gamingmadirocks. So fucking creepy.

Anonymous 86357

Screen Shot 2021-0…

Sometimes people are good.
Also, all his posts have really low upvote percentages, thankfully

Anonymous 86358

Why god, why did you give that creepy moid legs like that and I got flabby sacks of cellulite

Anonymous 86360

This guy was talked about a lot in lolcow's Reddit thread. Please don't make me see him again.

Anonymous 86366

i want to vomit. god men do not look good in crop tops and skirts definitely accentuate their non existent hips.
what even if is that styling choice lmao the colors clash so much omfg

Anonymous 86381

I wonder why mtfs don't really try to unlearn their male socialization. Surely they must realize it clocks them? Not to say that they would be women if they lived according to feminine gender roles or internalized the harmful parts of female socialization, they're obviously still not, but it's interesting to me that they fixate so much on physical appearance over social dynamics. I guess that's very male too.

Anonymous 86382


To be fair they probably do not even realise they're socialised male since they benefit from it.

Anonymous 86384

Holy shit, is that the goblin that masturbates into his shoes?

Anonymous 86385

because being trans is not authentic, it is a fetish, a perversion. simple as.

Anonymous 86391

>You can't jerk off in the mirror to social dynamics.


Also anon was also implying that trannies even have a social life to begin with. They dont. They are mostly internet sick freaks. They absolutely hate it when they have to live in the real world.

Anonymous 86401


Anonymous 86412

they realize, it just doesn't behoove them in any way to concede that this is male-specific behavior. continuing business as usual and instead mocking women for rightfully recognizing that they're psychotically entitled freaks like all men is just how they like it. that way they get to DARVO us on like, 13 different levels.

Anonymous 86415


Anonymous 86446


What >>86382 and >>86391 said, but additionally, I think a lot of them don't want to lose their male socialization. After all, it got them jobs, social dominance, unquestioning handmaidens, the "easy way out" with being able to loudly scream "TRANSPHOBIA" at anything that doesn't go their way.
It's the same thing as seeing some asshole husband make a scene at the grocery store at his wife and kids, just with a sprinkling of harmful degeneracy on top.

Anonymous 86455

Anonymous 86465

What flag is that?

Anonymous 86466

That's the terf flag I think

Anonymous 86475

Can't help but laugh at how they insert themselves.

Anonymous 86476


Anonymous 86481

It's the original suffragette flag, but the gender movement has taken it and made it into the "genderqueer" flag

Anonymous 86484

Oh that makes sense, I got pretty confused when i googled it and only saw genderqueer stuff

Anonymous 86518

Op e-begs for money to "transition into the ethereal living breathing monster high doll I know I am" for hrt they started when he clearly couldn't afford it.

What's with troons getting surgery dates and starting hormones when they make minimum wage and then panic when their $10,000 crowdfund doesn't reach its goal?

Anonymous 86520

*he not they, gotta get over my habit of using they and cut to the chase when it's a troon

Anonymous 86525

why is begging now so normal? it seems like if you're black or trans you can get away with begging for almost anything.

Anonymous 97601


requesting some terf youtubers/bitchutes/e-cishet women to listen to. I remember watching a girl btfo riley dennis.

Any recommendations for someone just getting started?

Anonymous 97605

what's the point of this thread man, can we even change anything? the internet will always be like this, best to keep crystal cafe a corner where we can be safe, dont focus on the trans community just focus on friends and make sure they dont troon out or something

Anonymous 97608

It might not be the worst idea to actually post tips on how to prevent friends from trooning out. It's too risky/difficult to peak most people so there might be more subtle ways to do it

Anonymous 97610

okay because real talk? an old contact of mine in his late 20's has fucking trooned out and I wish I knew what to say, how does his fucking parents let him get away with it he's mentally unstable

Anonymous 98490

I assume they mean specifically prostitution and maybe pornography are like rape.

Anonymous 127171

>i fucking ca nt
were you born after 2003?

Anonymous 127172

You're responding to a 10 month old post.

Anonymous 127178

nta but necroposting is a local culture
necroshitposting, like that anon, on the other hand…

Anonymous 127179


Hatsune Miku is a terf

Anonymous 127184

i love her

Anonymous 127191

Anonymous 127192

i would also like to read more about this. i'm curious where the original statistics come from, being as i imagine it was a fairly limited study. (unless this is something that's been studied throughout the decades in global locations/not just inter-city burgerland and canadia.)

Anonymous 127193

It's pretty interesting. I was raised with my mom calling my stuffed animals 'she' and calling random animals 'she', which was nice because I never defaulted to things without eyelashes or skirts being boys. I easily recognized women, though, even the women in my region of the PNW who frequently had short hair and wore jeans and flannels and big puffy jackets. I could still tell they were women. Meeting an actually androgynous person is pretty rare.

Anonymous 127194

SA random animals without obvious gender dimorphism, that is. Like, at the zoo the zebra or giraffe was a she unless proven otherwise.

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