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ausfag general /afg/ Anonymous 83646

This thread is for Australia specific moid hating and general chat.
What’s the latest?
What’s on your mind anon?

Anonymous 83647



Anonymous 83648


I miss him so much, girls

Anonymous 83649


>hotdog bun

that's a paddlin

Anonymous 83650


We all do matette

Anonymous 83651


Why did he do heroin? Why must all our friends travel this dark path of steroid use and cologne abuse?

Anonymous 83652

>Finish weighted lunges
>Feel like a sexual beast
God I love working glutes

Anonymous 83653


>heavy workout
>harsh training
>walk home half dead
>rest as well as possible
>wake up next day with insatiable lust
w-why does this happen every time

Anonymous 83654

>still fat
>the meal replacement shakes - they do nothing

I blame the patriarchy

Anonymous 83655

>I blame the patriarchy
Based as fuck, and big if true!

Anonymous 83656

how to lose weight…

don't buy b*lk nutrients next time

Anonymous 83657


the pure-product ones have fluoride in them, i'm open to other brands

Anonymous 83658

>wake up next day with insatiable lust
That's the test boost mah negress

Anonymous 83659

>b*lk chang has entered the chat

Anonymous 83660


>asuka themed Rei

Anonymous 83661

some asian chick stole my boyfriend, slut.

Anonymous 83662


Off to train
Send ki please

Anonymous 83663

He truly will never stop gals…. why the fuck does she do it…

Anonymous 83664

I don't understand anything in this thread

Anonymous 83665


Fuck off kakarot, I'm training too

Anonymous 83666

Hey girly, first day?

Anonymous 83667

I want a boyfwendu

Anonymous 83668


>Have to stop training to put bolognese sauce on
Why do I always leave gym too late?

Anonymous 83669

nevermind, I'll just have oats for dinner
eezy peezy

Anonymous 83670

Goin for 50 OHP x5
Can taste that 1pl8 incoming

Anonymous 83672

How do you know pure product has fluoride? I thought they have to put stuff like that on the label

Anonymous 83676

says so on the nutritional pannel/website, the bulk nutrients shakes don't have any tho.

tbh i'd prefer the pure-product shakes - they are more filling and a good 30% cheaper when on sale

Anonymous 83678


Rate my dinner girls

Anonymous 83679

Never post here again until you go gym
This is your last reply

Anonymous 83680

you'll never get a man cooking like that

>mfw: no veggie salt on the veggies

Anonymous 83685


That's me done for tonight love
But not before I remind them

Anonymous 83687

bejiita kneels 900…

Anonymous 83730

Morning ladies

Anonymous 83735

Morning, c-cunt…

Sorry I'm not Aus… can I still post here? I was hoping the big dick energy ITT would rub off on me.

Anonymous 83736

Boy I sure do love Nanette :^)

Anonymous 83761


Rest day… FINALLY.
I'm so fatigued… I'm covered in bruises too

Anonymous 83762

rest day.png

Anonymous 83763


top kek

Anonymous 83780


>Latest posts

Anonymous 83782


go gym

Anonymous 83783


I'm not GC you dyke

Anonymous 83784

[Judas] Chuunibyou…

when are you going gym next?

Anonymous 83786

Tonight, chest and arm.
Rest day on Sunday

Anonymous 83787

[VCB-Studio] Suzum…

>chest and arms
Nice breh
You're gonna kill it

Anonymous 83789


Cheers luv

Anonymous 83794

I'm British and hopefully moving to Melbourne in a few months. Melbourne has a nice selection of bubble tea shops.

Anonymous 83796


Melbourne should be fine but I assure you that the rest of Australia is quite full, packed to the rafters, absolutely choccas.

Anonymous 83797


Why would any sane person move to Melbourne?
I regret moving here 1000% and can't wait to fuck back off to Queensland or even Tassie. Shit, I'd even take Darwin over this place.

Anonymous 83815

>I would take darwin
Darwin is a comfy place when it comes to the people besides the half caste abos robbing you and belligerent drunk full bloods asking for money but you really do not want to be in darwin every service is dog shit if you need mental health help.

Avoid that shit hole but the people can be good to talk to very down to earth.

Anonymous 83823

It’s for work, I don’t have a choice about location.

Anonymous 83878

history of austral…

Ausanons, is this true?

Anonymous 83953


Anonymous 84069

Yeah, limeys really do carry a purse.

Anonymous 84962

In the country it's true. But 90% of the country lives like the image on the left sadly

Anonymous 100134

Anyone else /Checking the fuck in/?

Anonymous 100135

Hey sis, I'm checking in.
Anyway I overate like way too much on Monday and Thursday. We're talking 1700 cals here. Hopefully all the new fat goes right to my ass

Anonymous 100136

Oh nooo :(
Anyway, went for a run today, then watched the diving. Good shit.

Anonymous 100141

tags - NTR, bulma,…

Cannot BELIEVE this is still up.
Based Ausfriends

Anonymous 100584

checking in

Anonymous 101386

Hi hello

Anonymous 109155

checking in

Anonymous 109163

> snags aren’t in a slice of white bread

Anonymous 109185

kmarts opening back up has created such havoc

Anonymous 109324

now that Nsw is open again I'm going hiking with my friends. what are you doing to celebrate?

Anonymous 109326


For me? It's the gym.
Boxing is fun

Anonymous 109328

Do you do boxing competitions or do you just box for fun?

Anonymous 109329


No competition right now.
I was jabbing this kid in the face over and over last night, and just enjoying how fun it is. Don't worry, it was only gentle training.

Anonymous 109330

That doesn't sound very nice of you. Did they stand a chance at all or did you just pummel this random kid?

Anonymous 109331

Said random kid was struggling with timing of punches, so I merely gave some relatively painless lessons on how less is more. A few light jabs to the face from me is much better than getting pummelled by some of the killers in the gym.

Anonymous 109334

i thought your juice was a glass of spaghetti

Anonymous 109336

laser tag

Anonymous 109337


Anonymous 117387


Merry Christmas girls!

Anonymous 117401

Wow it’s weird you girls are on the 25th already because of being located in Australia. Wack.

Anonymous 130602

Checking in…

Anonymous 130613

Please stay safe from China, Australia and diversify your exports ! Much love, 🇸🇪

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