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Happy Holidays! Anonymous Admin 8387

I hope all of you are having wonderful festivities. Post about your celebrations or lack thereof, show off your gifts given or received, and spread the joy!

Anonymous 8388


Merry Christmas from one of my fav yuru yuri episodes!
Hope you all have a great holiday season!

Anonymous 8389


Feliz Navidad
Buon Natale
Merry Kurisumasu

Anonymous 8391

Merry Christmas! I spent the night making love to my boyfriend since our families don't celebrate it.

Anonymous 8392

Merry Christmas everyone! Make sure you have a good one!

Anonymous 8398

My Christmas is gonna be late this year cause everyone works Christmas day or is sick lol. Kinda glad since the last few days have been rough. I just need some quiet.

Everyone else please enjoy your Christmas if you can!

Anonymous 8404

Team "seemingly idyllic big family christmas with the big tree and a huge feast and tons of presents but actually everyone keeps starting shit with each other like fucking children and it's a nightmare" reporting in.

I'd trade in all the gifts in exchange for them acting like adults for just one goddamn night.

Anonymous 8405

I made a lot of food for my parents, made Kinderpunsch and some mulled wine that no one but me is going to drink.
Merry Christmas, everyone.

Anonymous 8407

my sister hasn't talked to my parents in six months and i'm the only kid who came home for the holiday.
i love my mom and dad and i can tell that it's making them so sad. and i love my sister, too, i know she's going through a hard time because of her work and mental health issues right now so i'm trying not to nag her about her decisions, but…it is really rough being stuck in the middle of this. i'm the only person in my family that she'll speak to and so i have to be the middleman who calms both sides down and tries to reassure them without being seen as 'biased' in favor of either party. she's spending christmas alone, which has to be hard, but it's also hard on the parents to feel like they've been essentially disowned by their own child. the atmosphere in the house has been pretty dismal this year.

Anonymous 8409

So I found out one of my family members passed away today, on Christmas. He was old and sick for a long time so I wasn't surprised by the news. He caused my family a lot of grief but I still feel sad over his passing.

Other than that, I had a good Christmas. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!

Anonymous 8413

just leave her alone, if she's disowning them there's probably a reason.

Anonymous 8414

my fiance and i spent our first christmas together. it was pretty nice.

Anonymous 8577


This time of the year is stressful for everyone imo. Too much pression and people to meet. Theres no such a thing as a perfect christmas. Hope you had fun with your party despite the issues.

Anonymous 8673

fuck off. i'm the only one in our family who she's willing to talk to, i'm not just going to 'leave her alone' when I am literally the only person that she has to vent to that knows her full situation. the reason why she's not talking to our parents is because she went to this freudian psychoanalyst who basically told her, 'all your problems in life stem from your early childhood and being deprived of unconditional approval' as if freud's theories weren't debunked decades ago.

Anonymous 8676

dude chill, if she's acting like an idiot why don't you also stop talking to her. no one is obligated to do anything, even family. it sounds more like you are angry that you personally have been chosen as the one she chooses to talk to rather than giving a shit about your parents feelings.

Anonymous 8701

>why don't you stop talking to her also
uh, because I care about her? because she went through a straight-up meltdown this spring after being date-raped by another member of her residency program and developed suicidal ideations to the point where she had a place on the roof of her workplace picked out to throw herself from? because she would call me in tears at times and just beg me to listen to her because she felt like she had no-one else to turn to in her life?
i'm not angry, if anything i'm grateful that she's gotten help since then and things aren't as rocky for her anymore. but i worry that she's isolating herself even further from other people when what she needs the most rn is a support system and sense of community. withdrawing from her is probably one of the worst things I could do to her in her current situation.
i didn't mean to go into this much detail, but your response really annoyed me. you know essentially nothing about my life, my sister, or the relationship that my parents have with her, and you're projecting hard by saying things like 'there's probably a reason' or implying that I don't give a shit about my parent's feelings. If I didn't give a shit, I wouldn't be this stressed out about trying to help them reconcile, which is what both sides have told me that they want. unless you actually have experience as a mediator in this kind of 'disowning', please save your advice for /feels/, where people actually want the input of a total stranger with a severely limited frame of reference.

Anonymous 8706

this thread is meant for nice holiday shit you cunt.

Anonymous 8711

Not even the anon you're responding to, but if anyone's being a cunt it's you, so stop fucking baiting if this supposed to be such a ~*nice holiday thread*~ ffs.

Anonymous 8712

>this thread is meant for nice holiday shit you cunt
>post about your celebrations or lack thereof

go to the wholesome thread if you can't deal with it.

Anonymous 8713

>spread the joy

sorry no one wants to hear about your broken bitch sister.

Anonymous 8714

nta but you know you could always ignore the posts, right? you're looking for reasons to be a petty bitch.

Anonymous 8717

>please save your advice for /feels/, where people actually want the input of a total stranger with a severely limited frame of reference
judgmental cunt, we don't all have a codependent sister such as you to lean on irl

Anonymous Moderator 8723

Please stop derailing.

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