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Anonymous 84492

Post attractive languages

Anonymous 84493


Anonymous 84495


questionable taste anon

Anonymous 84500

As a former weeb, Japanese is still the most attractive language for me.

Anonymous 84505

i love how russian sounds and it turns me on. the men of russia on the other hand??? no ty

Anonymous 84506

As discussed with a friend of mine who studies Arabic, we had a discussion about this and we decided these three languages sounded the most melodic and pretty:

Anonymous 84531

American English

Anonymous 84534

ancient sanskrit

Anonymous 84538

Japanese sounds good but its not melodic.

Arabic yes.
I would say its italian, arabic, russian, french sometimes, londoner english sometimes.

Anonymous 84543

Japanese is the best but German is yummy too

Anonymous 84545


Anonymous 84546

Italian does it for me
>tfw no Italian gf to ride horses in the vineyard with behind our husbands backs

Anonymous 84568

i like japanese, german, italian
and a bit of french

Anonymous 84587

Definitely Spanish

Anonymous 84650

any language that has guttural sounds is out.

Anonymous 84661

German is pretty! Maybe I think so because I listened to a lot of German music growing up. It's a nice language

Anonymous 84704


Es gibt echt Deutsch-Simps? Wow, das ist mir neu, aber gefällt mir. Ich kann gerne Käse-Omelett in eure Ohren flüstern oder Sauerkraut

Anonymous 84724

Stop I can only get so wet

Anonymous 84974

I find Arabic, specifically Maghrebi arabic (Moroccan, Algerian, Tunisian) masculine.

Anonymous 85043

maybe when those natives speak english so they sounds more dangerous than they are

Anonymous 85059

Czjebshzke spshzgbzshgzy

Anonymous 85063

Londoner English is the sexiest one lets be real: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_m4GYzFh0E

Japanese has a sweetspot for me too because my husbandos speak it.

Russian is pretty.
Italian because it sounds singy, Spanish sometimes can be nice, French sometimes can be nice.

Koreans yell a lot, sounds amazing in kpop obviously but irl spoken it is loud. Chinese can sound fine when spoken slower very very few people can make Chinese sound good but those that do, do make it sound beautiful besides their accents vary a lot because China is huge.

Anonymous 85157

So … Swiss isn't a language. But I like German. My boyfriend is German, so maybe I am biased. The way he speaks German sounds masculine and deep.

Anonymous 85165


it's a dialect per definition but these type of dialects are so strong, it's definitely it's own distinct little language thing. You can call it Swiss German or any of the following: Schwiizerdütsch, Schwyzerdütsch, Schwiizertüütsch, Schwizertitsch. I'm sure they have a thousand dialects on their own, too.

This topic is exciting tbh. Dialects are so fascinating

Anonymous 85166

Being a strong dialect doesn't make it it's own language, if it made it it's own language, it would be called as such. Now, the boundaries for what is or isn't a language are 100% artificial, but the difference between German and Swiss German aren't to the point a German could not understand anything whatsoever someone was talking about in Swiss German.

Anonymous 85169


yeah people are never hyperbolic and refer to dialects as their own language when they can be (near-)incomprehensible to native speakers to the point subtitles are needed on shared tv …

Anonymous 85174

>Londoner English
Normie take. If the English accent is not entirely incomprehensible, I do not want it.

Anonymous 85176

Hot take but English accents are ugly and fake

Anonymous 85177


Anonymous 85181

Ya they sound fake and put on. Every English person I've let has over exaggerated their accent to an unbearably degree. It's a clitty killer

Anonymous 85190

Get back to working on your commissions

Anonymous 85195

London English accents make my skin crawl.
they sound like pompous arrogant assholes

Anonymous 85207

I don't wanna choose I guess. I fuck with all the languages

Anonymous 85322

¿Español un buen idioma?
Me estás jodiendo… ¿No?

Anonymous 85326

thoughts on Latin?
im trying to learn it and i find it cool

Anonymous 85377

latin is a useless language that has been a waste of time for me, aside from it helping me to learn russian and a bit of russian grammer with all the cases
most of the roots from latin you already have internalized probably if you are a native english speaker
its alright to use for catholic prayers
the vast majority of old latin poetry is pretty bad

Anonymous 87442

German is my all time fav tho only because of how rough and masculine it sounds. I also think it's a very satisfying language to speak.
Spanish and English on the other hand are just languages I know so yea

Anonymous 87639


Anonymous 88257

Finnish <3

Anonymous 88260

German is a very clear language which allows the speaker to distinct in a more precise manner. It is however flawed when it comes to writing lyrics for a song. Often times it does not flow with melodies. Well, unless it's agressive punk rock for example. Many germans hate german vocals. It's great for porn though. In der Tat, junge Magd.

Anonymous 88282

>Scouse English

God I wish I had a Scouse accent…

Anonymous 91289


Anonymous 93329

Anonymous 93335

I love all languages honestly. Even if they don’t sound attractive, they look beautiful written.

Anonymous 93388


Anonymous 93393


>the vast majority of old latin poetry is pretty bad
A-anon, p-please…

Anonymous 94410

why not

Anonymous 94412

>I speak English thus I've basically learned Latin already
Why are angloids like this?

Anonymous 95427

W czasach, kiedy Natura monstrualne płody
Rodziła co dzień ze swej potęgi ogniowej,
Chciałbym wtedy przebywać przy olbrzymce młodej,
niby piękny lubieżny kot u stóp królowej.
Lubiłbym patrzeć na jej ciało, gdy rozkwita
Wraz z duszą, olbrzymiejąc w straszliwych igrzyskach,
Zgadywać , czy posępna namiętność w niej skryta,
Po jej oczu zamgleniach wilgotnych i błyskach.
Zabłąkać się pośród jej kształtów niesłychanych
Albo czołgać się po jej ogromnych kolanach,
A czasem w lecie, kiedy w słońc niezdrowym lśnieniu
Rozciąga się zmęczona i w zieleni nurza,
W beztroski sen pogrążyć się w piersi jej cieniu,
Niby wioska spokojna u góry podnóża.

Anonymous 95469

Spoken french is very ugly because it's filled to the brim with slang. If people understood it they wouldn't think it's nice. They sound mentally retarded. Imagine a redneck speaking to you.

Out of the languages I know, I think any version of polite japanese is the prettiest.

Anonymous 95598


Also Scottish English

Anonymous 95800

Depending on the nationality, Spanish is the one I find the most attractive. Italian is close

Anonymous 95867


Same tbh

Anonymous 221278

Russian (Slavic languages in general)
Québec French
Irish and Scottish English

Anonymous 221310

quebec french LMFAOOOOOO. Youve never been there have you anon

Anonymous 221312


German obviously. Hearing someone speak German turns me on even if it's a girl :3

Anonymous 221314


are you maghrebi?

Anonymous 221315

I speak German and that necklace is on my wishlist. blush

Anonymous 221316

Do you mind giving me the link?

Anonymous 221329

I think tagalog is beautiful but I might be biased

Anonymous 221353

European Portuguese. The other varieties sound silly.

Anonymous 221369

German can be nice to listen to, depending on the speaker.
I heard a woman speaking German before with the softest tone, it sounded so calming to me. People like Drachenlord speak a very harsh German
This anon doesn't know what they're talking about. Anglofags always have to come for the French for no good reason

Anonymous 221438

Not everyone that expresses a dislike of French is Anglo.

Anonymous 221468

But what they said, even if it were true, would apply the same to Anglophones. What language has speakers who don't use slang? That doesn't make the entire language ugly.

Anonymous 221475


I'm probably biased because of all the old HK films I used to watch but I love Cantonese

Anonymous 221575

I think German and Hungarian are both very beautiful. Probably because I'm into musicals.

Anonymous 221629

I literally speak French. I wasn't born there but my dad is from there.

But french slang is particularly stupid sounding. I'm not sure how to describe it, it just sounds retarded. It's a mixture of word choice + pronunciation/tone.
Sure it might not make the whole language ugly, but point is if a random french person spoke to you, you wouldn't think their mentally challenged sounding slang was attractive. And most young people speak like that regularly.

Anonymous 221650

>Sure it might not make the whole language ugly
Alors, tu aurais dû dire ça, pas
>Spoken french is very ugly because it's filled to the brim with slang.

Anonymous 221655

I actually like how the french language sounds, but I’m just tired of every time someone says something negative about France/French language, they get accused of being Anglo, as if only English people don’t like them. Also In my experience French people tend to be very critical of other countries, and languages, but get pissy when they get criticised even a little bit. They can dish it out but can’t take it.

Anonymous Moderator 221711

Removing all the posts I deem to be derail/infighting. Do not post further about race/ethnicity/nationality (including stereotypes & preferences) or you will be banned for 7 days.

Anonymous 221712


Im such a sucker for Chow Yun-Fat its not even funny.

Anonymous 221717

Privet! A lot of anons here like the way Russian sounds so if you want to hear some Russian I can speak it for you. I recorded a little something for you!

Anonymous 221723


Anonymous 221726

А чё, нельзя? Хочу и подмигиваю

Anonymous Moderator 221727

Talk only in English, thanks.

Anonymous 221730

I used to post on Dvach, that's true

Anonymous 221732

What about vocaroos? Can they be I foreign languages?

Anonymous 221733

This is not the thread for it. Just add each other somewhere and talk privately.

Anonymous 221736

You could use this thread >>>/media/442

Anonymous 222176

Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian, German, Polish, Czech & Slovak.

Anonymous 256837

Toutes les langues se transforment en argot si l'on descend assez bas dans les classes de la société.
Je vois mal comment,par exemple, l'anglais pourri par ses 'fr' 'bro' 'like' 'mate' peut être supérieur au français sur ce point.

Anonymous 256838

I love when speak my native language with an accent

Anonymous 256849



Anonymous 256853



Anonymous 256937



Anonymous 256966



Anonymous 263898

Normie American take. The American accent is the most put on of all the English speaking countries.

Anonymous 263994

Icelandic, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese are the most beautiful languages I have ever heard. I can't stand Korean and Spanish though

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