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"Normies" Anonymous 8720

What is the actual definition of a normie? I keep on seeing that term thrown around in a derogatory way. Is it meant to mean someone who isn't very integrated into internet culture? Does it mean someone who isn't a NEET? Is it meant to mean someone who isn't into Japanese culture, or someone who was not abused as a child? for girls does it mean someone who's not a virgin?

I always wonder because irl I've had people that don't believe me when I say I watch anime because I "don't seem/look like the type" and I'm guessing what they're really trying to say is that I appear to be a normie. I've used forums my whole life and I am in a STEM major, but I definitely don't look nerdy I'd say, though I'm aware of J fashion (but don't dress in any subcultures) and sometimes keep up with that drama online. I had a decently fucked childhood. I have severe ADHD, is that "normie" or not? I don't like K pop, i drink a lot and I smoke from time to time, I grew up in forced isolation, idk what else to add.

Point is, I'd like a discussion or a clear definition over what that actually is or if it even exists. Sorry for how stupid this question is, I find it interesting.

Anonymous 8721


An extra bonus I found:

Anonymous 8724


When I think of normie I think:

>upper middle class or rich, sometimes middle class

>never had financial problems
>never gone hungry
>a loving close-knit family
>get everything they want from parents
>have a really good social and sex life
>not well-integrated into internet culture, or only know the very basics

but imo normie does not = bad person

Anonymous 8725

My view of normies is anyone who more or less follows mainstream culture. Before, maybe pre 2010 that would include internet culture/memes, but I think it's safe to say that memes are pretty normie now.

Chads/stacies are the kind of extreme fratboy/sorority girl type of hyper-normie, but normies also encompass normal people who may have STEM interests but aren't totally off the deep end in terms of social ostracism.

I think normies can be of any socio-economic background. There are poor normies and rich weirdos.

I guess, the kind of average, mild people who you would be shocked to know are interested in non-normie things.

Personally, I don't think STEM is a prerequisite for anything, just that it has a larger than average representation of weirdos. Neither do I think mental illness/disorders are a prerequisite either. I've seen some normie autists/spergs as well.

Anonymous 8726

The definition seems to vary from person to person, frankly. That probably isn't the most satisfying answer but that is how I see it. When I browsed /r9k/ years ago I saw people insisting that deodorant, makeup, and self esteem were normie concepts. When you're so far into your depression or myriad of other disorders those innocent things seem evil.

My childhood also wasn't that great; Mom with unchecked borderline personality disorder who would physically and mentally abuse me and estranged me from my father and his side of the family and only became somewhat remorseful of it this past May when he unexpectedly passed away at only 45. Goth in high school in an area where blonde, white and tan still reigns supreme as the beauty standard to this day while I'm just a hapa. My only friends growing up were boys I had known since grade school because we liked the same stuff: anime and video games. Around 2009, I felt pushed out of the nerd and goth scene once I became "pretty". No more braces, acne became manageable, and while my chest is the same size I joke that god was like, "Here, we'll make it so you only gain weight in your ass and thighs."

I went to therapy and I was able to overcome my ptsd. I'm still working things out with mom, I have a boyfriend who loves and supports me and his family is also wonderful, but I suppose by this point I would be considered "normie" because I no longer sport graphic t-shirts that showcase all of my interests and for how I look. That really blows, too. Because as cringy as this may seem, I kind of idolized those very sexy characters (Black Orchid, Mileena, Jessica Rabbit, Minerva Mink) when I was younger and they stood as inspiration for me to one day be both beautiful and intelligent.

When 2009 came, it was also the time when nerd hobbies such as cosplay and gaming were getting gentrified the infamous fake nerd girls. I felt awful when I was at uni and I tried to join the tabletop club only to be given the cold shoulder by everyone, including this really fat girl who I guess held this weird grasp over all the guys there, until I left. I went to this comic shop in Salem in my work attire since I had just been on my way home and once again, cold service and glares from everyone in there including yet another dumpy chick behind he counter. Like god forbid somebody showed up in office attire? There have been more incidents, but you get the idea. That's when I just resorted to ordering comics online.

Its this annoying shit where you feel made to choose yet you're simultaneously told "what you are", which renders any choosing a moot point.

Anonymous 8727

Same anon, but I forget to mention that once you become "successful" and you don't frequent spaces such as /r9k/ or other 'nerd' type areas with a similar outlook those people tend to turn on you. Some even turn on you the moment you get a girlfriend or boyfriend, get a job, or just try to pick yourself up and do better. My boyfriend and I both know this from experience.

I will say that obviously not all normies are bad people. I may not be able to talk with them the same way that I can with my boyfriend or people on imageboards, but they aren't inherently evil.

Anonymous 8728

>Like god forbid somebody showed up in office attire? There have been more incidents, but you get the idea.

This is hilarious and I know exactly how you feel. I would often stop into the local anime shop after work and people would give me the strangest stares. The truth is, as normie as someone may appear, you never really know just how "normie" they are until you get to know them personally, I guess.

Anonymous 8730

Same anon again, but I want to add that I don't have it out for fat girls even if it appears that way. This is just me venting frustrating shit that I've kept pent up from everyone excluding my boyfriend and therapist. Its the reaction I have because all I did was try to purchase something or try to befriend people only to have it thrown in my face over how I look. I dislike that line of thought that some people have where they think that a person is trying to one-up them in some sorts simply because they showed up somewhere well groomed or taken care of. I dislike how when I was growing up all of the media which I consumed showed me that others "like me" (nerds) would be accepting since they experienced adversity, only to see the complete opposite from 2009 and onward. The whole feeling as if I needed to "choose" between gamergate and feminism a few years back also didn't help shit.

tl;dr I grew up sheltered, shits a mess, we're working on it.

Anonymous 8733

I don't know what a normie is supposed to be because the definition isn't always very clear but I'd love to be more like one. They seem way happier somehow.

Anonymous 8735

Some are, some aren't. The most common image we're fed is of blonde, white kids who are rich and are jocks. That they only have friends due to their money and deep down they're miserable due to either neglectful parents or some Varsity Blues kinda shit. In reality, they come in all flavors.

Anonymous 8738


This is my perspective of the term too. Somebody who follows the mainstream and are unaware. As others mentioned, I don't associate them as bad people. The definition seems to vary depending on the community I noticed.

This is relatable.

Anonymous 8744

Okay, see, it's the unaware part I don't totally get. If they go across the internet and engage in it, but don't come across this "normie" definition, they are normies. But what if they become aware of "normies"? Would they still retain their normie status?

Anonymous 8746

NTA, but there are normies who are aware of the term. Some shrug it off and others become irate and set out to be the antithesis in order to prove something to random people online.

Anonymous 8753


"Normie" is a robot-tier term that attempts to minimize the emotional/social/physical problems of people who remember to bathe and have had a boyfriend before. All because someone else wants a special label of victimhood; if one is a normie then it's impossible for their problems to ever be as legitimate as someone who considers themselves not a normie. Normies can't legitimately be interested in certain hobbies or have quirks because that's the non-normie's identity!

It's juvenile in its origins.

Anonymous 8755

Would you prefer the gothic subculture's term: mundanes?

Anonymous 8756

Goths who take themselves too seriously make me laugh haha.

Anonymous 8777

It's hard to define tbh. Normies, as a term, were originally from /r9k/, but now I see them regularly used by common folk AKA what were/are considered normies by /r9k/ around the internet like on Facebook or Twitter.

Anonymous 8790

Normies are people who the user deems as better than themselves, I guess.

Anonymous 8795

IMO a normie is anyone who succeeds in these normie things/has these qualities:

>Many friends

>Good relationship with family
>Loves mainstream entertainment
>Loves mainstream social media
>Isn't crazy for animu and mango
>Only plays video games every now and then
>Has had normie sexual and romantic experiences (had sex in HS, got a GF or BF easily)
>Isn't depressed, or if was ever depressed, it didn't last long
>Doesn't frequent imageboards regularly or doesn't even know about them
>Doesn't have social anxiety
>Doesn't have a heart attack in 5 seconds when the internet provider dies

You're only a normie if you're more than three or four of these things at the same time. There's probably more to add, but I don't remember now.

Anonymous 8799

unnamed (6).gif

Hahaha I had no idea, that reminded me this ^

Anonymous 8802

I miss them having more of a presence on that show.

Anonymous 8804

unnamed (7).gif

Me too, anon. They were hilarious.

Anonymous 8807

I agree with you but I think for their hobbies an tastes, it also depends on how much they love it and what they love. I consider a guy who only likes COD and FIFA more of a normie than someone who likes really obscure JRPGs and dating sims that aren't even translated in something other than English, but they still both like video games. Same thing, GOT is mainstream but I don't think I'll see someone who cosplay from the show and post 10 page long theories of the show or books all the time on their blog as a normie compared to someone who just watches the show and occasionally talks about it with their friends.

Anonymous 8811

>>someone who cosplay from the show and post 10 page long theories of the show or books all the time on their blog
That guy has way too much free time

Anonymous 8812

I mean, it's an exaggeration, but at the same time I knew someone who did exactly that for Attack on Titan when the first season was airing. Shit was weird, but it seemed even weirder at the time because the anime became really mainstream really fast. She deleted her tumblr after getting in fights with other hardcore fans over whether some changes in the last episodes were sexist or not and it seemed to her like it was a matter of life and death.

Anonymous 8818

Not sure I agree with the socio-economic part there. As in, you can't be a normie if you're working class. Now I had a middle class upbringing myself (I mean, I never saw my parents until the late evening and they never got me anything like tutors or dance/art/music lessons so really the only benefit I had was living in a nice house, even if it was in a neighborhood where literally everyone else was at least 60) and since leaving school I've worked part time at a care home. Basically, where I live has three different populations, the middle class who take the train into London every day, the old people who have retired/live in care homes, and the people who work in the care homes. These people are certainly "normie," they have way too many kids, they care more about weekly celebrity gossip than important developments in politics, culture, and science, their speech is crass, they consume trashy media like pop movies and soap operas religiously, etc. Most telling of all is how blown away they were when I told them I don't have a boyfriend, or that I only went clothes shopping a few times a year.

Anonymous 8862

I think people have varying interpretations of the word but you can have "normal" interests without being a normie. Or no interests at all for that matter.

To me, a "normie" is something I grew up around, it denotes a certain kind of small-town mentality and it's really hard to explain but you usually feel it when you talk to someone, even if it's not in person. Like, that person has no capability of understanding others' points of view and seems oblivious to the fact that others' life experiences are different from theirs, they tend to think a lot of things are "weird" in a negative way and will shun people for having any mildly unconventional interests as opposed to their actually being bad/toxic people. They have little depth of thought and usually just go with what they're "supposed" to do in life, aren't very curious and don't like trying too many new things that aren't status symbols, etc. When you talk to a normie you feel like you have to leave out a bunch of things because they either wouldn't understand or would talk about it with their girlfriends over coffee the following morning. They may not be necessarily stupid but they sound as such.

I've plenty of friends who consume "normie" media, dress like "normies", have "normie" interests (well, 4chan's definition of normie anyway) but I wouldn't call them normies simply because they have a certain depth of thought and are accepting of people and opinions different from theirs.

Anonymous 8914

>Normies, as a term, were originally from /r9k/
I thought it was derivated from "normalfag".

Anonymous 8940

I feel like I'm in the middle between normie and non-normie (or whatever u call it, fembot?). I've always been interested in Japanese media and video games, and still have these interests today. I've been using online forums/not mainstream social media ever since I was little and once again, still do today. I'm a kissless virgin, have social anxiety, and have trouble relating to other normies sometimes.
On the other hand tho, I feel like I do have some normie qualities such as a good decently sized friend group, a good social life, parties sometimes, etc. In addition I guess I look pretty normie aswell, because most people don't know that I watch anime or that I'm obsessed with some video games.
Idk where I was going with this but I guess I'm just trying to understand what really makes someone a normie aswell.

Anonymous 8951

Normie is someone who spends their day on Instagram or Facebook, don't understand wtf an imageboard is or how it works, only like mainstream music and TV shows, has had a relatively normal sex life, gets dates relatively easy and never understands dank memes.

Anonymous 8957

First you have to understand that chan culture is very contrarian in nature so you can count on the definition of "normie" being very broad given the context. In simple terms, it could be used to shit on any practice that is conventional. A conventional social life, a conventional upbringing, a convential taste in music, media etc.
When it comes down to certain aspects the term basically means nothing as society's predilections aren't exactly fixed. It's more of a reason to circlejerk over how special they r 4 lieking different things!!1!

I'm about as shut-in virgin NEET as someone on an imageboard could get, but honestly I think anime is trash and for that matter most other geek hobbies and interests are as well. Some people would probably consider me normie for that.

Anonymous 8958


>I'm about as shut-in virgin NEET as someone on an imageboard could get, but honestly I think anime is trash and for that matter most other geek hobbies and interests are as well. Some people would probably consider me normie for that

Please say you're a lesbian and marry me

Anonymous 8960

I'm het, sorry. We can still be friends. ;(

Anonymous 8969

It's ok, I'm used to having my heart broken (': thanks, anon. All the best.

Anonymous 8976


Uhhh… Should I be worried?

Anonymous 8977

You've never been kissed but you've fucked two guys at once?

Anonymous 8980

I lol'd, maybe it was a mistake or possibly not!

Anonymous 8982


Averaging both, I'm just an insecure person who used sex to fill the void of low self-esteem in my teens/early 20s. Only ever slept with one "Chad" who was a frat president, but it was so obvious he was ashamed to have anyone know he was spending time around me. Pretty sure it's a frat thing to fuck loser chicks. Other than that, I've never been considered hot or sexy to get anyone above my league.

I've been in the same relationship for four years now so the sex stuff doesn't even seem relevant to me anymore. But the past still hurts, and it's even more shit that people thought I was 'normal' just because I was having sex. Some of the most troubled people I know are sex addicts.

The sex tape is a bit disconcerting but that's because I'm nervous for you should a scumbag ever get ahold of it. Unless finding a significant other and being more extroverted is important to you, I wouldn't worry.

Anonymous 8984



Anonymous 8985


Oh thank god, a non-stacy, I was losing hope.

Anonymous 8986


Normies in the UK are basically LADbible types to me.

Anonymous 8987



Anonymous 8988


So basically i'm half stacy half fembot kek

As for normies, i think it's a term made up by people who think their interests ar ~very obscure~ and they are ~quirky~ to give people who do more normalised things kind of a title. Basically it's the reverse nerd.

For what i consider people refer to when calling someone a normie:
>goes out constantly/parties
>is well-adjusted
>has healthy circle of friends and family
>likes pop music and listens mostly to whats on the radio
>doesn't play obscure videogames
>is not (severely) socially autistic
>wears whatever is on trend at the moment/always looks good when they go out
>doesn't spend day on the internet but when they do it's mostly facebook/instagram
>takes hygiene, self-care and hair/makeup very seriously

It's basically a term made by badly-adjusted individuals to "degrade" well-adjusted (or normal) individuals so they can feel better kek.

Anonymous 8989


oh fuck
you know, there's nothing botish about being jealous or not wearing make up (beautiful people just don't need it)

Anonymous 8990



Anonymous 9016


I'm OP and I finally did the bingo, I guess I am a Stacy after all

Anonymous 9055


I don't even go to parties.

Anonymous 9057



Anonymous 9165


Can we be friends?

Anonymous 9200


>someone wants to be my friend.
I mean uh- yes?

Anonymous 9204


A little half-n-half, it seems. I do pretty good in my "public life"-like career and social situations most of the time. But "personal life" is a black hole of suck. The people I do let into my "personal life" are always surprised and seem to fade away.

Anonymous 9219

I'm mostly normie now, I'm going to school, I'm in a relationship, I dress well, etc. I went through a pretty bad weeb/nerd phase followed by an edgy phase when I was younger, I ditched most of it but I still frequently visit imageboards and read comics sometimes.

I'm pretty glad I had those phases though for a few reasons
>discovering imageboards, I think they helped me to think a bit more critically, I'm slightly naive
>having knowledge about obscure nerdy things that I can pull up when necessary
>I really love to dance now, nothing professional though, I think doing weeby dances in my room got me started. I'm great at the club.

Those are just a few examples, I know being a nerd affected me in a lot more ways

Anonymous 9229

1515007775889 (2).…

If you have to ask, you definitely aren't Goddess status.

Anonymous 9230

Not her but what is that after all

Anonymous 9244

Not that anon but I assumed that was for people who literally get complimented for being a "goddess" and would be considered pretty with female as well as male admirers.

Anonymous 9282


Anonymous 9296

I'd honestly be friends with most in this thread except for the few borderline Stacies. The 50/50 ones too, I like my friends socially anxious too.

Anonymous 9305

haha this is funny.. just look it up https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Normie

for the people who dont trust links its this
"Normie" refers to people who use popular social media and believes the popular opinion. They don't think for themselves, if something is considered "ok" they'll do it, even if it makes them monsters- they care more about the opinion of the projected "standard" of society than any actual values or beliefs.
"Doesn't this guy know our websites culture? Nah, hes just a normie."

Go on 4chan and stop being a fucking normie…

Anonymous 9306

for the people who 'feel' stop it and start thinking

Anonymous 9334

haha i wish…

Anonymous 9555

Someone who is neurotypical and lives the average life. Just because you felt sad doesn't mean you're not a normie. It's more than that. One thing all normies aren't are virgins.

Anonymous 9574

>>Just because you felt sad doesn't mean you're not a normie
Nowhere in my post did I imply this (or try to, maybe I'm horrible at conveying what I mean).
>>It's more than that
That's not very helpful, care to elaborate?

So what is it about the "Stacy" users that is repulsive enough to you that you wouldn't consider being friends with them? I guess I find it interesting how it's a deal breaker for people. I wouldn't mind being friends with any girl regardless of their "status" as normie or Stacy.

Anonymous 9626

Ever had a guy ask you out? You're a normie.

Anonymous 9651


>So what is it about the "Stacy" users that is repulsive enough to you that you wouldn't consider being friends with them

Bitterness and being intimidated by them

Anonymous 9687

The meme "REEEEEE NORMIES GET OUT" has become so mainstream and overused within internet culture that ironically, only normies still use it.

Anonymous 9720

The term ends up meaning something different to pretty much every person with themselves often as the metric. Some people equate it with liking mainstream media or fashion/culture etc.

On /r9k/ it often comes down to social success so they will reee at anyone who isn't a virgin on account of them being socially integrated enough to have someone sleep with them. This also goes hand in hand with their hate for women since not only did they (as a collective) not sleep with robots but robots also believe that any woman can have sex at any time without any social proofing or difficulty on their part and so they'll always be a "normie" by default.

Anonymous 9746

Because I don't have much in common with them, I'm a shut in.

Anonymous 9747

I didn’t get bingo for either myself. Guess we are normies

Anonymous 9748

I'm a creep, I'm a weirdoooo~


Anonymous 9753

I was stating some random facts about me that I see often thrown around as not "normie". I don't care about whether I'm either, I was interested in the dichotomy between what a normie is vs. a non-normie.
I mean, I got bingo on the Stacy board and it's a whatever to me. I've never had friends, I only go out on the weekends if I want to get drunk, I went through my teen years being called ugly and clumsy, etc.

Being a "Stacy" or fembot doesn't seem to tell you all that much about a person, imo.

Anonymous 9926


The internet has a skewed perception of what well-adjusted social behavior is. On the Internet a "normal" girl sleeps with a jillion men and gets drunk and high at the same time every weekend, but people who have that lifestyle are actually making dysfunctional social choices.

Anonymous 9965

Rofl I'm literally none of these.

Anonymous 9966

Well .. at least you can check the top middle one then!

Anonymous 9967

I'm most of these, but it doesn't make me socially well adjusted in any way

Anonymous 9975

Same, it's bs

Anonymous 9977

It really is, unfortunately. I'm many of these.

Anonymous 9983

Same, it's bullshit, i'm like almost all of these and i am not socially well adjusted at all.
I think that is more like a "good/okay person" bingo, which doesn't automatically make a person well-adjusted.

Anonymous 10020


once i get a nosejob, eyelash extensions, and undereye fillers, will things get better?
>tfw 22 and never been kissed

Anonymous 10029

hope only dies after you're 35. you don't even need all those things. probably. we can discuss that better detailed in /feels/ lol.

Anonymous 10037


Anonymous 10038

I wish I was 120 pounds or under. I'm getting there

Anonymous 10046


Being a kissless virgin at 22 is unusual but I feel like a lot of people would just see it as quirky. I'm 27 and at this point it's just sad.

Anonymous 10047


stacy bingo only applies to my teens and fembot is all about my 20s. the reverse would've prob been better

Anonymous 10069


how did you go from being a stacy to a fembot?

Anonymous 10077



NTAYR, but I can answer that one. I wasn't a true stacy, but I was pretty close to it. There were periods in high school when I'd act all confident and shit - but it was all an act.

I'd actually pierce together aspects of the popular girls and the way they talked/did their makeup/treated boys and applied to my own. Sometimes it failed, sometimes it worked.

But deep inside, I'll always be a fembot. I know it, and I've made peace with it.

>sage bc blogpost

Anonymous 10098

>I'll always be a fembot

Anonymous 10100


I'm comfortable this way, though. When I forced myself to be all stereotypical I was sad and felt even more alone. So I just do my own thing, hang out in imageboards, pet my cat. Things like that.

Anonymous 10105

Artfag high school. You can be whoever you want and if you're good at what you do you get praised. The only downside being that it didn't prepare you for uni or the workplace at all.

Anonymous 10127

you completely missed the point of my post. maybe you should work on your literacy skills instead of frying your brain on imageboards all day.

Anonymous 10142

Anon they're in the sunken place be nice

Anonymous 10153


Jesus christ, dude. English isn't even my first language, I get it, but you don't need to be all worked up. Sorry I posted on your precious little thread, calm down.

Anonymous 10168

>you don't need to be all worked up
the way you read things in your head really says a lot about you. thanks for letting us know you're upset. maybe you should take your own advice and work on your emotional regulation skills instead of getting mad at people on imageboards all day.

you definitely sound like an unstable fembot. please go back to r9k instead of shitting this place up with your blogging.

Anonymous 10835

>taken a guys virginity
Is that really a Stacy thing? I don't think taking a guy's virginity has the same significance as taking a girl's virginity.

Anonymous 10837


kill me

Anonymous 10841


Anonymous 10843

I want to date every socially inept person in this thread, say you're lesbian ;_;

Anonymous 10868

Why, anon? What gave you such a weird preference?

Anonymous 10872

Being one too, it's just more comfortable

Anonymous 11311


I feel like most people would see me as a normie if it weren't for me wearing jfashion
I'm a lesbian :)

Anonymous 11321


>Member of a male hate group

Anonymous 11325

>What is the actual definition of a normie
A well-adjusted individual who doesn't have trouble engaging with society and doesn't have fringe ideologies.

Anonymous 11328


>"doesn't care about clothes" and "dresses modestly for fear of being a slut" in the same line
>"lost virginity" and "never had sex" aren't at the centers
What idiot made this?

Anonymous 11332

A man.

Anonymous 11361



The past four years have been full of Stacy antics I guess, cause before that I would have been pure fembot.

Also, I was really really fat for 80% of my life so I marked that shit

Anonymous 11386

if you had sex and/or a social life you are a normalfag, easy as that

Anonymous 11397


It has many definitions depending on the person,for example:
For /r9k/ it's this >>11325
For /pol/ it's people that engage in hedonistic behavior and have little willpower.
For jews it's slaves

Anonymous 11398

>people that engage in hedonistic behavior and have little willpower.
That's a good way to define it. The American ideal of normalcy is getting married, having a career, and owning a home with a yard with a dog and some kids but that's not the kind of normalcy you ever see people putting down online (it could be because they are teenagers and still thinking about surviving highschool though.)

Anonymous 11404

According to web 2.0 culture.
Not according to any "nerds" who grew up during the 70s and 80s.

Anonymous 11406

>For /pol/ it's people that engage in hedonistic behavior and have little willpower.

If you take anything /pol/ says at face value, it would be. Otherwise they're a cesspit of hypocrites and delusional teenagers.

Anonymous 13972

A normie is anybody who has a social or a love life.

Anonymous 14050

fembot bingo.png

Hoo boy…

Anonymous 14052

>implying you can't be based and make interpersonal connections with others.
Enjoy collecting coupons to fuel your alcoholism

Anonymous 14055

>implying 1k followers is much
1.2-1.4k is pretty average imo

Anonymous 14059


La creatura

Anonymous 14061

At least I have bigger tits than Nasim… ;_;

Anonymous 14064

>Thinking only antisocial NEETs use normies the most
You don't know much do you

Anonymous 14073

alright, what a normie is is quite simple. a neurotypical with a normal social standing. someone who doesn't have aspd, astigmatism and or any other disorders which would make said person awkward in the eyes of neurotypicals.

normie = normal person
robot = autist and or social outcast

Anonymous 14074


Anonymous 14111

Tragic but probably the best thing that happened to the internet lately. At least we have a new loon rl character to discuss.

Anonymous 14112

meant that to
sorry, saged

Anonymous 14171


Anonymous 14174

>no acne ever

i am confusion

Anonymous 14177

My skin isn't perfect, I sometimes get spots on my face, but I've never once had traditional acne (like actual red, pus-filled lumps). "Blackheads" are the closest comparison I can think of.

Anonymous 14459


This is what a normie is to me:
>no mental problems
>good social skills/healthy social life

Anonymous 14475


normies grew up with both their parents
robots grew uo with only one parent
that's as simple as it can get

Anonymous 14481

lmao most robots i know who are dudes have both parents and really manly breadwinning type dads. and in general i feel like most robots tend to have those shitty nuclear family 50s style home lives.

Anonymous 14482

A normie is a sheep. Not merely a person influenced by the zeitgeist as we all are, but one that is DEFINED by it.

Anonymous 16176



Anonymous 16177

normies to me are people who don't spend a lot of time in their own heads. that's the best way I can describe it. people who just exist.

it doesn't make them less intelligent or less interesting, but that's the thing i've noticed the most that differentiates normies from non-normies.

Anonymous 16199

>normies to me are people who don't spend a lot of time in their own heads

What kind of normies do you know? By this definition I've honestly never met a normie. I don't know about "Chads" but even "Stacies" spend time in their heads, have insecurities and whatnot.

Anonymous 16206


Oh man I was so close to getting bingo ;_;

Anonymous 16210

I feel the same except it does make them less interesting. It's like they're less conscious and can't develop a unique personality. The kind of people that only like mainstream stuff.

Anonymous 16238

>By this definition I've honestly never met a normie.
By that definition, I've met a lot of people none of you would call normie but fit this profile.

The majority of non-normies, IME, have been just as vapid, self-centered, and materialistic as the next person. It's just a matter of if their life revolves around mainstream bullshit, or internet-culture bullshit.

Anonymous 20058


Anonymous 20059


Anonymous 20060

Do you just start vomiting from drinking or do you act out?

Anonymous 20062

I just don't like the taste, it feels gross to me.

Anonymous 20063


Anonymous 20064

I try my best to be a normie and as long as people don't know what I'm doing all day, it goes well.

Anonymous 20359

Normie on the streets, weirdo on the boards

Anonymous 30825


anyone that has a decent social/sex life, whose biggest issue is not having someone to immediately speak with about what they had for lunch that day.

Anonymous 30827

More like "anyone who is more socially competent than I am"

Anonymous 30828


Anonymous 30829

oh is that your definition

Anonymous 30834


Anonymous 30901

no bingo.png

Seconding this, this is probably how I'd define it.
If you can sincerely label someone as a weirdo, otaku, weeaboo, nerd, freak, goth, emo, tumblrina, etc. then they're not a normie/mundie.

"Nerd" particularly as in smart and likes a shitton of video games, anime, or other more obscure hobbies but not your reddit-tier normie "nerd" that likes american comic books (mainstream af), collects funko pops, and enjoys TV shows like Big Bang Theory or Doctor Who (also mainstream).

Liking Harry Potter also makes you normie by default, especially if you only watched the films.

>used to be 156 lbs
>can't seem to leave 164 lbs now
At least I joined a new gym, now I just need to start pushing myself more.

No matter what incels say, life is not on ez mode if you are unattractive even if you have bob and vagene. Ez mode is if nothing in life ever went bad for you beyond your own mistakes.

Anonymous 30902


A normie used to mean neurotypical. To me it means just not being an outcast, being able to "fit" somewhere, follow the social expectations and invisible rules normally. If it comes natural to you, I think that means you are a normie.

Anonymous 30904

I really don't see why anyone would list taking a guy's virginity on the Stacy side of that card. This thing was made by a man but that alone doesn't explain it, men usually understand that the popular girls don't dream of being some fumbling doofus' sex surrogate and therapist. And virgin men are usually more aware of that fact rather than less. It also can't be some idealized gf thing, since a lot of the sexual stuff on that side is stuff a virgin guy would find offputting, if not outright terrifying, and a nonvirgin guy wouldn't care if someone who'd done the other sexual things on that card had also slept with a male virgin. What gives?

Anonymous 30905

>Not a total slut

My life is a lie. This is nothing like in my hentai )": At least I have 1 less thing to be jealous about.
Every time I see someone having something I don't have, I call them normies. It's just a buzzword nowadays.

Anonymous 30906

Let's make a better version of that Stacy/Fembot bingo. I'll shoop it together if needed, but I need suggestions.

Here's some ideas:

>considered conventionally attractive
>has been asked for your number by a stranger
>has irl friends you met without the aid of the internet
>has had a romantic relationship
>likes to go to parties
>regularly invited to parties
>likes to go to clubs and bars

>scared of posting selfies
>visit imageboards aside from lolcow and crystal.cafe
>social media is mostly for lurking
>has a husbando/waifu
>has shipped herself with a fictional character
>has obscure interests
>bad at eye contact
>doesn't know how to take a compliment
>doesn't react to phone/doorbell if she doesn't expect someone

Anonymous 30908

Hmm suggestions…
>goes to gym 3+ times a week
>has been sent a dick pic on social media
>(keep the original square about insta followers)
>always get >100 likes on selfies
>can wear loose, frumpy clothing and still look hot
>confident she could make good money off of nudes
>almost always has perfect nails

>afraid of the gym (may work out at home)
>has orbited someone
>feels frumpy even when very well-dressed
>has weird fetishes
>bites nails

Anonymous 30911

Virginity is pretty integral to being an outcast anon. Just because someone's a failed nornalfag who gets only 99 likes on their social media photos doesn't mean they feel welcome in the uncool kids club.

Anonymous 30912

No, wait. I see what you mean. Yeah that shouldn't be there, but still going to gym only 2 times a week shouldn't exempt you from normaldom.

Anonymous 30913

>2 times a week
Did you mean to reply to me..? I'm >>30908
Okay, how about this:
>goes to the gym
>gets likes on selfies
No quantities.

Anonymous 30914

Yeah, maybe that's better. Absolutes help draw contrast between the two, like a Venn Diagram.

Anonymous 30916

Fresh Paint-2019.0…

Green for yes, and yellow for partially. I deleted my instagram, I should have kept it private from the beginning. Lips and eyes, makeup is bad from your skin.

I'm sure there is a definition but assume the anger like "gtfo" is gatekeepinng/hazing because they are trying to push conformity and maintain control. What really confuses me is the way people depict life online. Like a caricature, regular life is different from my experience.

Anonymous 30919


i don't know where I belong

Anonymous 30921

Anonymous 30923


thank you

Anonymous 30925

youre welcome

Anonymous 30926

The normie discussion is so stupid, I can't believe these people take this seriously.

Anonymous 30928

So how do i join a male hate group exactly?

Anonymous 30936

you post on cc

Anonymous 30949

Too many male apologists here though

Anonymous 31011

>What is the actual definition of a normie? I keep on seeing that term thrown around in a derogatory way.
A normie is anyone regardless of class, race, creed, and other forms of identification that indulge themselves and genuinely enjoys the mainstream "top of the surface" culture and ideals however it's completely subjective and loose. The reason it's thrown around in a derogatory fashion ONLY in the niche and alternative culture communities is due to elitism, superiority complex, and the microscopic feeling that the only way a community can truly function is if it's small and tightly knit. Normie is treated more as offensive accusation than an identity, and being accused of one is a test to see if someone fits in or is willing to go all the way to fit in.
>Is it meant to mean someone who isn't very integrated into internet culture?
That use to be the case like almost 20 years ago, but now the mainstream somewhat integrated into the "internet culture."
>Does it mean someone who isn't a NEET? Is it meant to mean someone who isn't into Japanese culture, or someone who was not abused as a child? for girls does it mean someone who's not a virgin?
You don't have to be a NEET to not be a normie. There're numerous "normies" that knows more about Japanese culture from mainstream to obscure that can put any anon from any chan to shame. Abused as a child is a huge indicator that someone might not end up being a normie, but there're way more things ranging from mental health to socioeconomics. Only /r9k/ and incel types includes virginity to the mix.

Perception is reality and prejudice rules all. All I know is that if you're very active and hangout in forum communities and chan/imageboards you're definitely not a normie but however if I were to meet any of you no matter what you're personal status is I wouldn't think for second that you are who you are.

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