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Anonymous 87480

ITT:Bad habits you have
Me: really judgmental of others

Anonymous 87481

I clip my nails on public transport to assert my presence.

Anonymous 87482


I pick my nose

Anonymous 87494

pick dry chapped lips. bloodied metallic almost makes me stop. almost.

Anonymous 87495

bloodied metallic taste*

Anonymous 87496

>picks at most areas of my areas, especially face
>overthinks to the point of tears
>procrastinates from doing the things I need and want to do
>has a hard time brushing teeth in the morning

I am utterly convinced I have some form of autism. The nice thing is that even though I engage in these habits, I have been able to improve them throughout the years

Anonymous 87564

Eat things I know will make me feel physically and mentally bad but am craving in the morning, and it ruins my entire day. Cannot function while bloated like a blimp.
Along with what others have said, maladaptive daydreaming and picking at skin and ruminating on how things could go wrong to the point that I cry then never even attempt what I was thinking about originally.

Anonymous 87565

doomscrolling and picking my fingers until they bleed. it hurts so bad but i can't stop. it's so easy for people who bite their fingers because they can just apply deterrent, but fingerpicking is so addictive and painful

Anonymous 87567

Cutting people out of my life even if I love them.

Anonymous 87617

I used to have a really bad habit of leaving unfinished cups of black coffee in my room for weeks and having them grow mold. I force myself to take down cups at least once a day now.

A bad habit I'm fighting with now is getting distracted and using my internet browser while watching films/shows on my laptop. I feel like it murders my attention span so I'm only allowing myself to watch stuff on my TV with HDMI cable now.

Anonymous 87619

I pick at my skin, specifically on my right foot, until it's extremely painful and difficult to stand on it I also sometimes eat it. I know this is disgusting.

I'm also incredibly judgemental and I have to actively hold back an impulse to shoot down things that people who are close to me say (best friend, boyfriend, etc.) when they're excited or proud of something.

Anonymous 103350

Endlessly lurking on the internet and day dreaming

Anonymous 103356

taking a lot of naps and not sleeping enough at night

Anonymous 103367

>dancing around the house
>picking at scabs and wounds to see them bleed
>bumping into objects constantly and bruising myself
>eating too much junkfood
>staying up until 4am
>thereby oversleeping

Anonymous 103372

Treating people bad when they're shorter than me. I was bullied as a kid for being tall ;-;.

Anonymous 103414


eating my skin, started with chewing my fingers and have graduated to cutting big pieces of skin of the bottom of my foot to chew on.

I spend half an hour a night cutting of sections of skin and collect a pile on my bedside table and eat it over the course of a night to savor it and prolong how long I can enjoy chewing on it

I don't know what is wrong with me and can't bring this up to anyone for insight.

Anonymous 103426

I love talking to myself. It helps to clarify my thought process.
But when I get busted, it makes me look like a looney.
I don't care that much anyway, people see me as some kind of harmless schizolite and I'm fine with it. I tried to blend in and become normal and it always resulted in failure or severe alienation.

Yeah I spend too much time on imageboards too.

>dancing around the house
that sounds p based tbh, if it makes you feel happy do it, it's harmless and cute

Anonymous 103430

Queen behavior

Anonymous 103431


i think a lot of people here like to pick at their skin and eat them, as an ex-skin eater i would recommend putting vaseline and wrapping it with saran wrap so the area can heal and not have any pickable skin. Hope you all can get better!

Anonymous 103435

>Eat things I know will make me feel physically and mentally bad but am craving in the morning, and it ruins my entire day. Cannot function while bloated like a blimp.
Hiii I'm the same. I have to follow a strict routine when it comes to working out, what's for breakfast, and the things I eat every day. Once a week or so I let myself have what I want for breakfast but even that's too often, I hate throwing the day away being too bloated to function

Anonymous 103454

Watching pointless ASMR videos on Instagram. Mostly mukbangs and ppl crushing gym chalk

Anonymous 103593

> pick at skin, tweeze body hair to procrastinate
> get really political when upset bc it feels more justified to feel anger about injustices in the world than objectively minor things in my life
> get overwhelmed and ignore friends' messages for days
> enable my own unhealthy behaviors (food, perfectionism, etc.) that I know hurt me because it will get me to my goals faster

Anonymous 103604


ok so lately I get these things in my eye. it starts off in the inner corner like normal stuff you wipe out of your eye, but I pull it and it's a really long string. as I pull it keeps getting longer and it's like pulling inches of hair (but mucus) out from under my eyelid.
I googled it and apparently this gets worse the more you do it, but the feeling is just so oddly satisfying to me. so yeah, I'm pulling these long things out of my eye multiple times a day just because I don't want to stop

Anonymous 103607

Wasting my days off work masturbating for hours then sleeping through the best part of the day.

As a positive though I do enjoy farting in elevators.

Anonymous 103622

>maladaptive daydreaming
>snapping at my parents for no reason
Last one is the worst. I always feel like a piece of shit afterwards.

Anonymous 103630


spending hours zoning out online even though I fully know that I will feel like total shit afterwards and the rest of my day/night will be ruined.

Anonymous 106527

Judgmental of others because they judge me before getting to know me
Daydream of a better world

Anonymous 106544

I use amphetamines for studying. I usually use up 10 gram every 4 months (a little dose here and there during the day, not enough to "party" on) and then a break of 1-3 months. I use nothing when I don't have a heavy courseload or during breaks. Fucks with my sleep a lot whenever I start a new dosing period, but god damn if it doesn't focus my ass.

Anonymous 106554

Anonymous 106574

What does it really mean to be judgemental of someone? Thanks

Anonymous 106761

too much internet. fully knowing i'm about to waste several hours doing nothing and doing it anyway. even thought I know that I'll feel brain-dead and awful afterwards.

Anonymous 106762


lmao i posted the exact same thing 19 days ago. case in point.

Anonymous 106790


Apologizing too much, overthinking, smoking/drinking.

What are you afraid of?

>Judgmental of others because they judge me before getting to know me
This also.

For me its assuming things before having satisfactory information to form a honest opinion.

Anonymous 106796

what do you smoke and how much?

Anonymous 106805

Kaneoya Sachiko.jp…

About €150 worth of dank a month in splifs, vape, sometimes cigarettes.

Anonymous 106960

fucking br*ts

Anonymous 106966

Nice try. If i were british i would be using £ instead of €.

Anonymous 107318

I'm lazy and do nothing with my life. I'm also a terrible know-it-all and I hate learning from people in know personally because it makes me feel weak and stupid that they know something I don't.

Anonymous 107461

Being very critical of everything to the point where I become a contrarian, I don’t know what to do and how to stop it. This leads me to feel like people are just stupid or don’t think for themselves which has led me to being very hostile to a few friends.

That and rigid thinking.

Anonymous 107921

I obsessively pick my nose until it bleeds

Anonymous 107928

stop it
get some help

Anonymous 108542


Yes i also partake in dumb bitch juice from time to time. Mostly by daydreaming, wasting time on the internet and masturbating

Anonymous 108545


>reading comments under articles
>reading comments under youtube videos
>reading comments on reddit
>reading comments on instagram

Anonymous 108660

I pour drinks on the carpet and spend way too much on popsockets

Anonymous 108668

i see we have another patrician carpet drink pourer!!

Anonymous 108679

I read the comments on everything, too. I don't even really get upset or annoyed at the dumb shit people say, but it wastes so much of my time.

Anonymous 109143

unnerving how many of these I relate to, have had, or have.
maybe having just sisters, a mother and an aunt in my formative years did something.

Anonymous 111195

What is this thing that you have called, anon? You have googled it, so you must know a name.

My problem is not so much that I have bad habits but that I do not have good habits.

Anonymous 111200

I like sticking random things up my nose to make myself sneeze several times in a row when I'm bored. I need a hobby

Anonymous 111201

I have a really bad temper
I get distracted too easily (I should be studying right now)
I take gas station pills every day

Anonymous 111437

…What are gas station pills?

Anonymous 111447

like legal pills I buy at the gas station
I like to get this one kind that makes me feel a lot more energetic and relaxed around people

Anonymous 111448

the… the boner pills?

Anonymous 111450

lol no they're like shitty uppers

Anonymous 111452

caffeine and B12

Anonymous 111461

i seethe at pickmes a lot more than the men who cause them to be that way. it's bad and i know i shouldn't let myself feel this way, but when they act like this it almost feels like a betrayal. i need to work on it i guess

Anonymous 111464

I taught my cat to play minecraft

Anonymous 111488

I'm the same way. It's like I know pick-mes wouldn't exist if not for men, but it's like your own family is stabbing you in the back to directly benefit your enemy. It hurts in a much deeper and much more isolating way.

Anonymous 112863


Anonymous 113282

i browse cc

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