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Anonymous 87661

schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop schlop

Anonymous 87688

Based and schlop pilled

Anonymous 87691


lem lem lem

Anonymous 87693


Sip sip sip sip sip sip

Anonymous 87804


ENOUGH! No more drinky until you pay me

Anonymous 87816


Quick guys, she spilled the bottle, GET FREE WATER

Anonymous 87817

is that cum water

Anonymous 88020


water connoisseur cobra says sss sss sss

Anonymous 88040


>water connoiseur cobra says sss sss sss

Anonymous 88041

i kek'd

Anonymous 88061


sip sip sip

Anonymous 88191

I fucking hate flies

Anonymous 88216


that's a shame because one drowned in your soup

Anonymous 88221

Anonymous 88224

aaaaaaaa fuck youuuuu

Anonymous 88241

Good thread

Anonymous 88294



Anonymous 88317


Anonymous 88467

the harmless fly drinking water I posted ITT got deleted and I got banned? are the mods/users here okay? goodbye and make sure to delete this you triggered weenies bzzzzzz

Anonymous 88481


Anonymous 88569

>scrotechan shitpost

Anonymous 88570

>letting moids take fun things away from you

Anonymous 88573

I hated this meme on scrotechan as much as I hate it here. Can’t stop thinking how the doggo will start playing with the refreshing ice cold water until he’s dripping, then flip the bowl over, so that the liquid glacial frost gets to your toes too, and then walk over and push his wet hide against your legs and look up, seeking for approval that I always give anyways… christ I miss that old pal. Stop posting this meme.

Anonymous 88585


Mods are balls (lol) to the wall crazy lately. I posted a thread, granted I knew it'd be controversial, and they deleted it even though I've been here since CC's inception. Not sure why the moderation has shifted to be so anal so suddenly.

Anonymous 88586

this poor gecko, this house looks filthy??

Anonymous 88587


I'm guessing it's not owned by anyone

Anonymous 88638

Anon, i said i hated flies but I didn’t report you. It was a cute picture.
Choke on balls, jannies.

Anonymous 143883


Anonymous 143904

I love them. I hope they made it, they are so tiny.

Anonymous 144317

How are kittens real

Anonymous 144343

No u >:(

Anonymous 144402


What a cute dog.

Anonymous 144745

how adorable

Anonymous 144930

it’s fascinating to look at

Anonymous 144973

There's something about watching an animal drink water that pleases me to no end.

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