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Anonymous 87875

Unpopular opinion: This woman was a hero.

She saved countless women from being abused or raped by a bunch of degenerate, perverted johns. I don't care how much the media tries to demonize or vilify her. While simultaneously have more sympathy for the Hollywood pedophile machine that continue to abuse children in record numbers.


Anonymous 87879

dangerously based

never forget her first "victim" was a convicted rapist, she is nothing less than a hero and it's insane that they gave her the death penalty meanwhile men who do worse are given life sentences or better

Anonymous 87881


I honestly believe she was raped by those men as she claimed. She probably saw thousands of men through the years and the poorer prostitutes like her who hang around the streets are at the greatest risk of being victimized. Every single one of those monsters deserved what they got.

Anonymous 87887

i love how the media expects you to feel bad for men who were exploiting homeless prostitues on the side of the road. good riddance, nothing of value was lost.

Anonymous 95341

Unironically whomst?

Anonymous 95354


Confession : I kinda had a crush on her as a teenager

Anonymous 95356

Who is this yaar

Anonymous 95386

Aileen Wournos. She was a prostitute in America who murdered several men in self defence, and then got labelled a serial killer in A M E R I C A where they cling to the fact you're able to legally shoot people in self defence.

She was a prostitute but that gave nobody the right to violently assault her. Before the "sex work isnt real work" anons come in to start saying she deserved it: no, this is not the same as an OnlyFans cretin who is whining on Twitter about her buyers being rude. This is a woman who was in a desperate situation and got money the only way she could. And on top of that, those men tried to rape her/kill her. No woman deserve to be raped or killed just because a moid decided that cooming is more important than her life, or that paying $20 for a shag means they can decide to murder her.

It was all self defense and she got the rough end of the stick because she was a prostitute with a substance problem from a poor rundown place in America. She never had a chance at life

Anonymous 95388

That's damn sad but I wonder if those men really tried to rape/kill her?

Anonymous 95393

Be aware that in her area at that time period, prostitutes were just murdered all the time. You could report it to the police but not a single one of them would look for any of them. It was on the women to protect themselves. Even to this day, prostitutes (especially the ones from poorer areas) are just fuckinf killed left right and centre because some weirdo got mad at them. Even if they didn't directly try to kill or rape her, a prostitute will get her head punched off her for accidentally scratching a dude with her fake nails.

The rape can be interpreted two ways. Either they tried to force her in to sex after they had finished a transaction, or they pushed way past what was discussed. For example, if she agreed to sex with a condom on but he decided to tie her down and just do whatever sex act for the session, that's rape

Anonymous 95397

Yeah I can imagine that happening. Wish they'd give shelter to ladies so they don't have to get into that disgusting profession. I don't support 'sex work' it's all bs.

Anonymous 95424


not a hero. Her case was highly publicized and she didn't get the slack some of her male counterparts got but she shouldn't have killed. She killed to rob those men for her lavish gf. She has a sad and touching life story though (like many killers) and I deeply feel for her. What she did was most definitely wrong though. Even if the johns were bad, doesn't give her the right to execute them

Anonymous 95436

I'm not an American, but I'm given to understand that in the USA it is legal to kill people in self defence. If she didn't rob them after she killed them then she might have been viewed differently. But, to my knowledge, she was abiding by that law which states she can kill to protect herself. If a man had been assaulted and he killed the offender it would just be someone protecting themself. But she was a poor prostitute with mental issues and problems with substance abuse.

Also, fuck those guys, murderers and rapists shouldn't get a free pass because she robbed them

Anonymous 95437

>Even if the johns were bad, doesn't give her the right to execute them

I think it does though. It's a social good that benefits all women. If men realize that women's bodies are not for purchase, that they can die for attempting to pay to rape a woman, then they will be more afraid to view women as commodities. It's a brutal solution, but one that men have proven is necessary.

Anonymous 95453

This thread reminded me I still haven't watched Monster.

Anonymous 95459

granted my knowledge on the case only stems from documentaries. but I don't think every john tried to rape her. and she actually didn't always hate being a prostitute as bad as that job is. she preferred living on the outskirts of society and to associate with bikers and
she had used her body as a currency from an early age on. granted that was also due to her illness but she genuinely didn't hate that life. so her case is not a good argument for killing men. I think she was wronged deeply but I still don't think killing is right and I think killing every john is wrong. I understand her anger and hatred but I don't condone her actions. Hell, with her laundry list of trauma I probably would've done the same.
she did bring a gun into the sex service equation and in that moment, she became very much a predator. I wouldn't make her more helpless than she was. but that's just my opinion and I wasn't there

Anonymous 95518

she said every one did try to rape her but not all raped her. one of them did rape her violently, the others, she claimed, only began to try. if true, she did nothing wrong. the abuse she suffered as a child was horrific. what's truly unfortunate is that she had a chance to actually have a decent life if she played her cards right with the old rich guy she married. unfortunately, she was already too damaged by that point.

Anonymous 95523

isnt this that weeb girl that was like loosely associated w micky moon or something? they had a rivalry or something? is the shirt real? if this is the same girl i didn't know she was so based

Anonymous 95529

>but I don't think every john tried to rape her.

Purchased consent is not really consent, so prostitution is just paid rape.

Anonymous 95534

true, but good luck getting florida to give a shit that it's rape either way, now or then.

Anonymous 95537

I've seen a statistic that estimated that prostitutes get raped around 10 times a year. It's really not all that far-fetched that she was acting in self-defense. Who even cares, sex buyers are subhuman trash who fuel the demand for sex trafficking and I'm glad she did what she did.

Anonymous 95758

>>87875 100% a hero

Anonymous 95897

unpopular opinion
men werent running around looking over their shoulder before she was caught
my mom had panic attacks around VW bugs when she was a teenager and was afraid of men approaching her because of the green river killer
if wournos had been killed by serial killer as shes in the highest risk of being murdered, police would barely lift a finger
she reinforces why moids are shit

Anonymous 95906

Exactly. Fucking exactly.

How many serial killers went undetected for YEARS because they specifically targeted prostitutes?
Robert Pikton. The Grim Sleeper. I could go on and on and on, but these motherfuckers wouldn't even investigate the murders/disappearances of vulnerable women like her and when these bastards were caught they always turn out to have 10+ dead women to their name.

Men never see women as people to be afraid of. On top of this, they dont even see some types of women as actual people. Sex toys and that's all. Tell me one reason why shes bad for just this ONE time giving men a reminder that we can fuck them up

Anonymous 96008


If she really was acting in self defense, based. If not, unfortunate but sadly for the greater good.

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